Climate Change

Civil Rights, Shivil Rights: Dems Wanna Shut Down Free Speech Rights of Climate Dissenters

They've made it an official plank of the party platform


Sane voices of all political persuasions were horrified by Trump's threat to use anti-trust laws to go after The Washington Post publisher Jeff Bezos for disseminating

Climate Change
John Englart (Takver) via Scandinavian / CC BY-SA

"wrong" stories about him. The conservative website RedState, for example, exclaimed that Trump was putting the "mental" in temperamental.

But about 20 Democratic attorney generals launched a campaign to go after Exxon Mobil and other "corporate polluters" for allegedly disseminating "false" information about global warming and what does the Democratic Party do, I ask in my column at The Week this morning? Mock the campaign? No. Denounce it? Nope. Tell them to knock it off? Of course not.

It makes this assault on the First Amendment an official plank in its platform, giving this jihad a new lease on life just as it was faltering. Last month, the party pledged to use the "Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change."

The fact of the matter is that had Donald Trump had not arrived on the scene with his direct assault on civil liberties, this election would have been about left's Gestapo-lite tactics to suppress its ideological opponents, especially on climate change.

Even if he loses, which, god willing, he will [thanks to him] this election will have been a huge missed opportunity to expose and moderate the agenda of the left. As things are shaping up in this awful campaign, regardless of what happens in November, free speech rights are in for a fight of their life in this country.

 Go here to read the whole thing.

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  1. attorney generals


    1. c’mon Hugh, nobody really says “attorneys general” anyway.

      1. Not even attorneys general?

      2. Attorneys generally do

    2. “Attorney generals” would be two or more generals who are attorneys.

      “Attorneys general” means two or more attorneys who have quasi-military powers as head of heavily armed “law enforcement” organizations.

    3. You are upset about that and are ok with “shivil rights”?

      [Pulls out shiv, strokes it gently, and whispers to it “you have rights.”]

  2. OK that gives me an idea for a web site…. This should be fun!

    1. I can just see the first articles:

      I’m being hunted by the Christian Taliban!

      Boooshh did it first!

    1. Is it a wide-body jet?

      1. Big ole jet airliner. Don’t carry me too far away!

        1. Wouldn’t be flying Fatty Air if they hadn’t gotten carried away with the canapes.

          1. Finally, an airline with good food.

            1. Not necessarily – is any restaurant more popular with obese people than Golden Corral?

              1. Good point. Buffets in general seem to attract the bulky.

                1. They enjoy a challenge.

      2. The first will be constructed to accomodate Hillary and her VP candidate, Triggly Puff, on their campaign tour.

        1. Hillary is running with a gender fluid POG? [swoon]

          1. … do I wanna know what “POG” means?

            1. In this case it must mean ‘PIG OFF GROUND’.

            2. Person Of Girth

              1. Goddammit, why? Why does that exist?

                1. Because “fatass” is too honest.

              2. Pussy Occluded by Gut?

              3. Person Of Girth

                Please tell me this isn’t a real thing now. I’ll continue referring to them as worthless fat fucks. Fuck them, if they don’t like it they should maybe try walking their fat asses around the block once in a while and maybe putting the fork down. Worthless fat fucks…

          2. Gender fluid Personnel Other than Grunt?

            That’s weird, the grunts I know live their lives in a never-ending game of gay chicken…

          3. You know, the fact that the Person Of Girth (POG) acronym can be left without any further amplification causes me considerable unease.

  3. One of the problems is that the left rarely goes after free speech in the same blatant way that Trump did. Here the attorneys general couch at as an investigation into corporate fraud. On college campuses, it is a crusade against hate.

    It’s all about the presentation.

    1. I agree that the left is much better at marketing their attempts to suppress liberty.

      Sadly the slogan “we want corporations to have the right to lie” just doesn’t sound very catchy.

      1. How about “We want to hold corporations to the same standards as the Executive branch”?

        1. Would sure help with our record-keeping requirements.

          I’m for it!

    2. One of the problems is that the left rarely goes after free speech in the same blatant way that Trump did.

      I don’t recall Trump going after free speech in any material way, much less blatantly, but he says a lot of shit, so who knows? I do recall a few articles (including one or two here) that blatantly misrepresented what he said about reforming defamation laws.

      Now, the left has been very blatant in their attacks on free speech, IMO.

      1. I was just referring to Ms. Dalmia’s opening sentence. I didn’t perform due diligence to check her accuracy which I probably should have.

        And, I agree the left is pretty blatant, BUT, it is couched in what appears to be reasonable rhetoric.

        1. it is couched in what appears to be reasonable rhetoric.

          And is presented in the most flattering, reasonable sounding way by their media sycophants.

          E.g. “They’re not attacking free speech, they’re fighting fraud!”

  4. I think technically it’s “schmivil” rights.

    1. THIS!!!^^

      1. I’ll take some of that schmotch

      2. “Up next on Shmloo’s the Schmloss…”

  5. Sounds like 20 Democratic attorney generals [sic] don’t have enough work to keep them busy. I’ve got windows to wash and a cat box that needs cleaning, shitbirds.

    1. Sounds like SOMEONE needs to be re-educated. Perhaps in a camp, where you can concentrate on your work…

      1. You know who else… eh, never mind.

        1. President Roosevelt, for Japanese US Citizens of Japanese descent?

        2. The British in South Africa during the Boer Wars?

  6. You’re concerned about free speech, Shikha? For crying out loud, we have a Constitutional Scholar in the White House unilaterally imposing death sentences on American citizens for suspected treason, claiming that this is consistent with due process, and not being laughed out of office!

    1. What’re the chances the POTUS (PBUH) just added you to his murder drone list?

      1. I’m sure if you could see the secret list they have constructed, anyone who has ever posted on this site is on the watch list. If not, don’t worry, Hillary is about 1000x more paranoid than Obama, so it’s coming soon enough.

        1. Well, Ima die soon enough anyway. Hey, maybe I’ll go out WITH A “BANG”!!!


          1. something something wood something chippers something…

        2. Yeah, I just assume I’m being monitored. This is why I only watch the classiest of porn on the interwebs.

  7. Even if he loses, which, god willing, he will…

    So the Democrats are now officially running against the First and Second Amendments. Clinton is certainly not a big fan of the Fourth. The Ninth and Tenth have been dead to them since the Wilson Administration.

    But let’s hope she wins because… Signalling or something.

    1. I admit I didn’t see the “Blame Trump” angle coming, although I should have. I don’t agree with sheeky that there would be any appreciable difference if the R’s had nominated someone else.

      1. Trump is more likely to beat Clinton, if he really wants to, because he’s confrontational with her and the media cannot control or shame him. Any of the other candidates would have been timid as a mouse and apologized every time the media fired up the outrage machine.

        1. Also, if anyone beleives that the leftist media would have not used the exact same tactics against any GOP candidate, they’re naive. They would and it doesn’t matter if the other person said anything controversial or not. The left will find a way to label anyone as racist, no matter what.

          1. Let us not forget Mitt Romney, arch-conservative governor of Massachusetts.

            1. I think you mean Mitt “war on womyn/ wants to put y’all back in chains” Romney. Isn’t that the correct way to refer to him?

          2. I’m still not over Seamus the Dog on the roof of Romney’s car.

            1. That poor dog, he probably almost died of joy having his entire body surrounded by smells going 60mph

              1. I believe he was experiencing projectile diarrhea at the time. For some reason, libs think that it would be better for all if he did inside the car.

    2. You’d also have to say she’s OK with at least the occasional violation of the fifth (see Anwar al-Awlaki).

  8. I’d like for Trump to go after Amazon on anti-trust grounds. Amazon is going after their smaller competitors by lobbying for sales tax legislation.

    1. What competitors?

  9. The situation really makes me sad. Both parties are assaulting the Constitution. For a good speechwriter and a charismatic speaker, there’s an opportunity for an epic two-minute verbal siege detailing all the anti-freedom positions of Trump and Clinton.

    All Trump’s Republican opponents stuck to “he’s mean and he had some bankruptcies!”
    Clinton’s Democratic opponents stuck to “she once french kissed a corporation!”
    And the LP ticket seems content to stick with “he’s mean and racist” and “she’s awesome, but such an insider”.

  10. Dems Wanna Shut Down Free Speech Rights of Climate Dissenters


    1. Dems Teams Wanna Shut Down Free Speech Rights of Climate Dissenters

      1. True, but the left is way more aggressive about it.

  11. My wife, son and his girlfriend are running around yelling up and downstairs “do you have X!” for this Pokemon Go thing. My wife evidently caught something rare, and was excoriated all morning by #1 son for not informing him that this rare bird was,,,,here, or available or whatever.

    Like I need more evidence that the country would rot from within, rather than being overrun by some outside force. I still can hardly make my new phone….do anything.

    Oh, what a world, what a world….!!!

    *dissolves into floor in a cloud of smoke*

    1. So basically you’re just mad that all you’ve caught are a bunch of Pidgeys?

      1. These masturbation euphemisms are getting pretty abstract.

        1. You’re thinking of Jigglypuff

      2. I know what all those words mean in English (except “Pidgeys”…??), and, yet, when you string them together like that, they are meaningless.

        I never had Angry Birds, either. THAT’s how old I am.

        Anyone for a round of Pong??

        1. I mean shit, I’m 26, a gamer, and I never had any interest in having Angry Birds either. No accounting for taste I guess.

      3. A Z-Pak should clear that right up.

    2. Time to round up and destroy those phones. This Pokemon menace will send your kids to hell. There should be a law…

    3. “#1 son”

      Wait, as in “first born” or “he’s the best of my sons.”

      If latter, that’s some pretty…honest parenting you got going on, which I am all for.

      1. He’s my only son. Also my best.

        Mostly, it does expose my age and TV viewing habits of my youth, as Tundra notes….

        1. what’s a “Charlie Chan?”

    4. Kids running (especially the ones doing it outside) prolly ain’t a bad thing.

      1. And being more proficient than their parents at stuff isn’t either. Even stuff you think is weird.

        I just showed my son how to throw a cast net the other day. Three throws in, he’s better than me*. I feel a mix of frustration and pride.

        *He can also throw a better spiral with a football and do stuff with an iPad that appears to be actual magic.

        1. I hate cast nets. Only immigrants use cast nets.

    5. Pokemon Go

      They were talking about that shit on the radio this morning. I’ve never been happier to not know what the fuck people are talking about.

  12. Once again, Comic Sans rears its ugly head.

    Also, doesn’t that particular sign look kind of ‘shopped?

    1. I thought the one woman’s sign said “Slave The Earth”. Which seemed about right.

      1. Rather, “Slave the PLANET”…..

        /extreme short-term memory issues

        1. You could probably sell a few of those to the same general demographic who puts the “T-Rex eating your stick family” stickers OK their cars.

    2. Are you looking at the pixels?

  13. I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, c’mon what could possibly go wrong? Its not like this tactic could come back and take a huge bite out of the left’s ass.

    1. With asses as big as Herself’s and Lena Dunham’s….oh yeah. A BIG bite is what’s gonna be required….

    2. No, it probably won’t, more’s the pity.

    3. OT but my comment reminded me of something funny.

      My grandfather was an oil man. He had a fossilized fish mounted on a board in his office. It was a species that shows up in formations with no oil. If one shows up in the core samples you know you just pissed away a huge investment.

      The plaque had the name of the fish species on it; Assbitus Giganticus.

      1. That’s badass. I want an Assbitus fossil.

    4. So does that mean Al Gore and Mr. Hockey Stick Mann get to share a cell? They both made a fuck ton of money making climate predictions that have failed to materialize, and are completely unapologetic about it.

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    1. Go on….

  15. It’s a religion, not science. Someone needs to be the Keeper of the Faith.

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