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Trump on Dallas Shootout and Police Shootings: Breakdown in Law and Order, 'Senseless, Tragic Deaths'

Clinton to address criminal justice reform tonight



Donald Trump reacted to the shooting of a dozen police officers in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest, first on Twitter, referring to the "horrors we are all watching take place in our country" and then on Facebook, where he elaborated about what the "horrors" were—the Dallas shooting and the "senseless, tragic deaths" of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, who were both shot by police in the last week.

Trump called last night's shooting a "horrific execution-style shooting" and "an attack on our country."

"It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe," Trump declared. President Obama similarly described the attack as "calculated."

Trump continued:

We must restore law and order. We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.

The senseless, tragic deaths of two motorists in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done.

This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims' families, and we pray for our brave police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day.

Our nation has become too divided. Too many Americans feel like they've lost hope. Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn't the American Dream we all want for our children.

This is a time, perhaps more than ever, for strong leadership, love and compassion. We will pull through these tragedies.

Aston Sterling was not a motorist; he was shot and killed next to a car. As far as flubs go, it's a benign one.

Hillary Clinton released a much shorter statement on Facebook, just one line: "I mourn for the officers shot while doing their sacred duty to protect peaceful protesters, for their families, and all who serve with them." She cancelled a joint appearance with Vice President Joe Biden in Scranton, but remains scheduled to speak in Philadelphia this evening, where she announced yesterday she would address criminal justice reform.

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  1. Now that’s presidential! I await GayJay’s inevitable stupid and divisive statement.

    1. A yuuge tragedy. Pout your lips.

      Meanwhile Obama the whore is fumbling for words to frame this as a rich white guy scapegoat somehow. Then guns are bad, then doublespeak on racial tensions while fanning the flames, then global warming, then more rich white bashing, guns are bad.

      What a complete fraud dipshit. POS on an unimaginable scale.

      1. When he first heard the news, he probably locked himself alone in the Oval Office, put on his favorite war dashiki, and started ululating.

        1. Aloha snackbar!

          1. Block INSANE Yomomma!


  2. “It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe,” Trump declared.

    Cops don’t keep us safe. They mop up the mess after something happens. But they don’t make any effort to keep anyone safe except their fellow cops and the political class. Peasants like us are mere servants who will be immediately executed if we fail to obey.

    1. Janitors with guns. I like it.

      1. No kidding. If I worked in a school, i’d be armed too.

    2. Yes, they do that, mop up the mess and that is pretty much the extent of their “public service”, but what they mainly do is enforce the will of our overseers. I have no idea where this idea that the cops keep us safe comes from. That being said, I certainly condemn the assassination of those cops in Dallas. It is invariably the innocent who bear the brunt of suffering during times of social turmoil.

      1. “Keeping us safe” is a second order thing. In theory, the existence of an armed police force cuts down on the number of criminal incidents that might happen. So while the actual police themselves don’t prevent crime, the existence of the force supposedly does.

        It’s the same with the military.

      2. The cops certainly abuse their power and are pretty scary to me.

        That said, folks should take heed about condemning the cops and law and order. I would rather risk some out of control cops then letting the protesters and youths run wild.

        Remember there are a lot of destitute folks out there that will rob and kill you in a second.

        I guess the take away is that no one can be trusted and you better arm yourselves.

    3. You obviously know nothing about the daily job duties of police.

  3. Ugh. I dread saying it, but Trump’s statement is more thoughtful than Clinton’s.

    1. Clinton’s statement has a grammar hiccup, too.

      1. There’s also the part about Clinton addressing criminal justice reform while being a person that has no respect for and directly aids in undermining the criminal justice system.

    2. We all know trump will be a disaster too but at least he is human. Clinton is a god damn fembot. A fembot that looks like julia childs had sex with maude and then shrank.

      She is so heinous.

      And you know she could give a sh*t about this stuff. The only thing that courses through her brain is a mechanical program to win at all costs.
      You know she has discussed how to kill her adversaries at least a few times in her strategy meetings.

      1. A fembot that looks like julia childs had sex with maude and then shrank.

        Nice one.

        And you know she could give a sh*t about this stuff.

        I’m sure she cares a lot about how she can politicize the tragedy to push her agenda, specifically gun control. E.g. “This is why only cops and military personnel should be allowed to have ‘assault weapons’ derpity derpty dumb…”

        1. Yeah those founding fathers were dumbasses anyway.

  4. That’s pretty classy, reasonable, and evenhanded, which makes it the most shocking thing Trump has said all year.

    1. He did hire a new campaign manager. It sounds like a well wordsmithed statement.

    2. the_donald is nothing if not classy. So classy. You know what I’m talking about.

      1. He’s gonna be so classy, you’re gonna be tired of being classy. Pout em.

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    1. So… no woodchippers?

      1. Doesn’t look like it, and I notice straffinrun is back commenting so it’s all good.

    2. “Straffinrun was an accidental casualty.” Brilliant? Or unintentional?

      Straffinrun also posted about this on a thread last night.

      Appreciate you backing up one of your fellow commenters (but don’t let it get out – it will ruin our libertarian reputation).

    3. So what he’s saying is… reporting trolls as spam works?

      1. do not abuse the report spam button.


    4. Deploying urban warriors outfitted with improved surveillance capabilities, heavier armor, and larger teams aiming automatic weaponry with greater impunity should nicely fix the disconnect here. One can only imagine the governing possibilities for growing the violent nature of the American state.

      One can also fucking dream that intelligent minds working within the sphere of total power hold the acuity to perceive the dangerous tip toward another style of America were the state to fully step into totalitarianism over bureaucratic fear.

      1. One can also dream that the comment I just fucking posted was placed in the proper thread.

        1. It kinda fits if you think about it more in the “digital urban warriors” sense of denying free speech via banhammer.

        2. AC, that comment is appropriate on approximately 75% of the threads today.

      2. AC
        You just painted a perfect picture of Boston.

        Boston strong! so strong we let the cops shut down our lives and force us too be prisoners in our own homes. Boston strong!

        That was a good example of why americans will simply lay down when the gun grab starts.

        Perhaps not appropriate to this thread either.

    5. It’s good to hear.

      I wonder how many of our perennial stalkers are using the spam reporting system against regular commenters.

      1. Wait, if we are all Tulpa – we are reporting ourselves?!

        1. The cycle of abuse continues.

          1. As do the masturbation euphemisms.

            1. My thoughts and prayers are with us all.

              1. *narrows gaze* … at self!

                1. If you have to squint to see it…

                2. When you stare into the narrowed gaze long enough, the gaze narrows at you.

                  1. Well, its common knowledge that you’ll go blind . . .

    6. In recent months there has been a massive wave of new spam on the site and we have deployed some new tools to try to fight back.

      Registration was supposed to keep us safe. It didn’t keep us safe as I predicted it wouldn’t. All it did was give them a database with which to come around later to confiscate our thoughts.

  6. I’m looking forward to the part in Hillary’s speech where she says that nobody should be above the law, and we should always look at the merits of each case, without regard to the person’s position or stature.

  7. We must restore law and order.

    It is kind of hard to ask for order when the Director of the FBI just said this week we would no longer be using the rule of law (I am paraphrasing him).

    1. That’s exactly why he said it.

  8. She cancelled a joint appearance with Vice President Joe Biden in Scranton

    Best news I’ve had all week, thanks Krayewski.

  9. That was possibly the sanest and generally evenhanded thing I have ever heard from the Trumpenator. There is an extra dollop of pandering in there but on the whole, not awful. Which is better than I expect from anyone running for president these days.

    1. The lack of blatant copsuck (more like lip service) is pretty commendable in this instance.

  10. “All that stuff about “keeping the peace” – it’s rubbish, lads. Coppers do what they’re told by the men in charge. It’s always like that. What’ll you do when the new captain comes in, eh? And who’re you doing this for? The people? They attacked the other Houses, and what’s the Night Watch ever done to hurt them?”

    “Nothing,” said Vimes.

    “There you are, then.”

    “I mean the Watch did nothing, and that’s what hurt them,” said Vimes.

    “What could you do, then? Arrest Winder?”

    Vimes felt he was building a bridge of matchsticks over a yawning abyss, and now he could feel the chilly winds below him. He’d arrested Vetinari, back in the future. Admittedly the man had walked free, after what passed for the due process of law, but the City Watch had bee- was going to be big enough and strong enough and well-connected enough to actually arrest the ruler of the city. How had they ever got to that stage? How had he even dreamed that a bunch of coppers could slam the cell door on the boss? Well, perhaps it had started here. Lance-Constable Vimes was watching him intently. “Of course we can’t,” he said, “but we ought to be able to. Maybe one day we will. If we can’t then the law isn’t the law, it’s just a way of keeping people down.”

    1. The Night Watch books are among my all-time faves. Maybe time for a re-listen, because the guy who reads them for Audible is brilliant.

  11. Wow, that’s some impressive restraint. Now, how many hours until he says something stupid?

    1. you mean seconds?

  12. Oh no he di’ent…..nt-matter/

    1. “There is no contradiction between us supporting law enforcement, making sure they have the equipment they need, making sure they’re collective bargaining rights are recognized, making sure they’re adequately staffed, making sure that they are respected, making sure that their families are supported. And also saying that there are problems across our criminal justice system. There are biases, some conscious and unconscious that have to be rooted out.”

      So he isn’t going to address any of the *real* problems – you know, police departments having military equipment (“equipment they need”), cops insulated from accountability (“collective bargaining rights”), overpolicing (“adequately staffed”), etc.

      No, we keep all that, we just make them into SJWs on top of all the existing problems.

  13. Well someone needs to address civil asset forfeiture that is nothing more than theft by our law enforcement that effects the poorer communities because they can’t afford lawyers to fight it. Why don’t our police have to follow the law.

  14. Watching the morning news I could not help but be in awe of what 8 years of Hope and Change have done for race relations in America.

    1. So now we’ve had a black Democratic politician who exploits racial discord for his own purposes. What fresh hell will those innovative leftists come up with next?

      1. A white woman who commits felonies only to have the FBI director say “it’s ok because she didn’t mean it” and dons a super fake black accent every time she’s around black people?

        Because if there’s one thing black people love, it’s when white people are let off the hook for obvious crimes.

        1. I don’t think Hillary’s worried about their vote.

          1. Yeah, who else are they gonna vote for? Trump? The guy who wants to “put ya’ll back in chainz?”

            No wait, that was Romney, and IT IS KNOWN that Trump is 1,000,000,000 times more bigoty and hatey than Romney was. Trump’ll probably round them all up, commission NASA to build a big ass rocket, and shoot them into the center of the sun.

            1. Until we figure this thing out, anyway.

    2. /sings kumbaya on platform of dead bodies

  15. Fuck off, Drumpf. The 2nd amendment is around for one major reason. So that an armed citizenry can more easily overthrow a fascist government by killing cops and soldiers in its employ. Duh.

    1. Please don’t feed the troll.

      1. He finally did it. He finally convinced me to install Reasonable.

        1. Unfortunately I sometimes peek and regret it anyway. Reasonalble really needs a way to hide the trolls and their victims.

        2. I’m pretty frustrated because my workplace recently did something to its internet security that blocks all Chrome extensions from the chrome store (and also makes Firefox virtually unusable so I can’t use fascr either). It sucks having to sift through all the trolling (and there’s so much more lately) to find any real discussion.

          1. Make friends with an IT person.

  16. I think everyone here knows where I stand on Trump, but I have to say that’s a pretty darn good statement from Trump. Much better than his reaction to Orlando.

    1. it is also better than anything your typical Republican ever seems to say after these events. Other than Paul or Amish, I guarantee you any other Republican in Trump’s position would have put on the big Thin Blue Line mask and gone on about the cops never mentioning the other incidents.

    2. New campaign manager. Also, someone else is probably running his twitter account.

  17. Once again Trumps after event speech is better and more presidential than Obama’s or hillary’s

    1. Once again? Huh?

      His response was, yes, remarkably selfless, evenhanded, civil and a tad hopeful. Which means it is completely unlike every other response he’s given after every other tragedy that’s occurred over the past year which were blustery, self-congratulatory, cynical, apocalyptic and/or reactionary.

    2. Trump’s response to Orlando was awful. When a mass shooting occurs, whose thinks an appropriate first thing to say is thanking people for congratulating them on being right? That’s incredibly tone-deaf, self-centered, and classless.

  18. As someone said above, that statement is about as sane, reasonable and even handed as you can get. I honestly can’t think of what else there is to say about this issue.

    So, could someone please explain how it is that Trump is an imbecile, a racist and crazy? Why would someone who is any of that say something like this?

    1. “So, could someone please explain how it is that Trump is an imbecile, a racist and crazy? Why would someone who is any of that say something like this?”

      New handlers?

      1. If he were a racist crazy, why would he listen to the handlers or even hire reasonable handlers in the first place?

        1. No one with an IQ over 90 really thinks he’s a racist crackpot. That’s just the little lie people tell themselves so they can justify casting a ballot for Barfwoman.

          1. You would think so, but it is amazing the things people will convince themselves of.

        2. “If he were a racist crazy, why would he listen to the handlers or even hire reasonable handlers in the first place?”

          Because he wants to win the white house [some joke about only a crazy person wanting the job]. I guess this all could hinge on how someone defines “crazy”. But I don’t think anyone is arguing he sits in a padded room eating his own feces.

          (I don’t think he’s racist, crazy, or an imbecile, by the way, I just don’t think it’d be hard to argue in bad faith that he’s all of them)

          1. He is nothing like that. it is pretty damned remarkable that we have gotten to the point that a slightly right of center populist candidate could be considered a fascist menace by all right thinking people, Our political, media and intellectual classes have gone barking mad. There is just no other way to explain their reaction to Trump. It is utterly irrational. But they are such an insular tribe that once they get an idea in their head and the big Congress of baboons decides that showing your disdain is a necessary social signal for the members of the group, there is no reasoning with them. They just start eating the furniture.

            1. I enjoyed the Slate “Trumpcast” interview with professor Stanley Payne, that host really sounded depressed when an expert said really the protesters are the closest things to fascists here, not Trump.

              1. Someone who works for Slate’s entire sense of self worth is based on the idea that they are fighting against the dark night of fascism. Part of what goes on on both sides in this country is that people build themselves up by building up their enemies. If you really believe that Bush is as bad as Hitler or that Obama is a communist Manchurian candidate sent forth by 60s radicals to destroy the nation, then you are a pretty damned important person engaging in an important cause when you fight them. If you see Obama and Bush as just bad politicians with stupid ideas, then you are just another political hack fighting the good fight for the cause. If you have a good sense of self worth, that doesn’t bother you because you don’t need for your politics to give you your sense of self worth and you can have some perspective on things. If you don’t or if you have grown up being told that your politics is what determines your self worth, then believing your enemies are just well meaning but mistaken politicians is devastating. They must evil and bent on doing real harm or you are nothing.

            2. They believe themselves to be centrists, therefore even someone slightly to the right is some crazed right-wing extremist nutjob. It’s a point of view problem.

        3. If he were a crazy racist, we’d have heard about it BEFORE this election cycle. He’d be infamous before running as “that crazy racist billionaire”.

          Blue Tribe is, as always, looking for any way to discredit Red Tribe, even MORE than usual since they’re trying to coronation an unlikable criminal. The only way they know how to discredit others is with accusations of being stupid, fascist, racist, sexist, or homophobic. Trump seems to not care about LGBT people, so they can’t use that.

          But Trump DOES admittedly have a tendency for saying incendiary things and shoving his foot in his mouth, so Blue Tribe has an easy time trying to twist that into things that are stupid, fascist, racist, or sexist.

          Trump stumbles over a line, that’s twisted into proof of sexism because it CLEARLY was a reference to periods and not the common phrase “blood coming out of their eyes.”

          Trump has people raise their hands for pledge = Nazi Salute.

          Trump posts an image about Hillary being corrupt that includes a six-pointed star = Antisemitism. Who cares if the man’s daughter, who he fawns over constantly, is an Orthodox Jew??

          Basically the Blue Tribe is going into overdrive to try to paint Trump as the things they ALWAYS paint Red Tribesmen as, and they have a bit of an advantage because Trump is less careful in speaking then typical politicians. But if any of these allegations had any merit, we’d have known Trump was a racist/sexist/Nazi BEFORE the Blue Tribe started smearing him as such…

          1. All true. Every time they do it, that dog hunts less well. And really doesn’t hunt well when there are serious issues facing the country. It worked in 2012 because the real effects of Obamacare hadn’t hit, ISIS hadn’t arisen, Russia was still behaving and people were for the most part fat dumb and happy even though the economy wasn’t that great. None of that is true anymore. And that affects their ability to get people to vote on social signaling how not racist they are.

            You are right Trump is in many ways an easier target than other Republicans. He is in some ways a harder target. Other Republicans always react defensively to this shit and as always end up looking like they have something to hide. It is like Romney with his “binders of women”. What he should have said was “that is ridiculous” and just moved on. By being defensive, it just made people think there was something to it. In that sense, Trump’s fuck you attitude actually helps him with all of that.

    2. Dunno, maybe he’s done with the ‘Springtime for Hitler’ routine and is running for real now.

      1. If he does, then he will win going away. People hate Hillary and are looking for an excuse not to vote for her. All he has to do is look reasonable and nothing like his more deranged critics have claimed he is and Hillary is finished.

        1. People also hate Trump more than any measured response to a single incident will change.

          1. They hate Trump because the media has convinced them he is a racist crazy. When they finally see that he is not and is reasonable, they won’t hate him so much. Some will. For some people hating Trump is an emotional issue. But most people are not like that. Must people just go with the flow and generally believe whatever the conventional wisdom is. Those people’s opinion will change.

            1. I think you’re severely overestimating, but time will tell.

              1. Everyone said he wouldn’t win the nomination. That he would flame out. And he just kept winning. It is not even so much that he has to win people over. As much as anything, he has to appear just reasonable enough that people on the left who loath Hillary, and there are a lot of them, decide he isn’t bad enough to make them show up to vote or not vote third party.

                Outside of her family and the people she will give jobs to in her administration, Hillary has one single argument for her election; you can’t let Trump be President. That is it. And hey, it might work. But Trump won’t have to do a lot to keep it from working. Not saying he will, but it won’t take much.

            2. When they finally see that he is not and is reasonable…

              Assuming the MSM even bothers covering what he said here. My prediction: you won’t see or hear anything about Trump’s response to this on CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, or any other “right thinking” news organization. And based on the outrageous shit he’s said before, people will just assume that whatever he said was batshit crazy, even though they’ll never hear it.

              It’s a bit of a catch 22. He gets lots of free media by saying batshit crazy stuff, but when he tries to be sane and reasonable: *crickets*.

              1. He seems to have a genius for dominating the media conversation. So, I don’t think the media has the power to stop him from appearing reasonable if that is what he decides to do.

            3. “When they finally see that he is not and is reasonable”

              There lies the trick. How do you convince people reliant on the MSM that this is the case??

              1. The same way Reagan did, the debates. And if you are old enough to remember, Reagan was called much worse things by the media and the Republican establishment than even Trump has been called. They honestly seemed to think he was going to start World War III. And he got up and did the debate and people realized he was nothing like that and the entire election turned. Reagan was behind the entire election up until the debates.

                I am not saying that is going to happen here. Trump may step on it. Who knows. But, he certainly will have the opportunity to do the same thing Reagan did.

      2. It was just yesterday he was ranting about protecting non-existent articles of the Constitution and threatening to torpedo the re-election campaigns of Senators that aren’t running for re-election. A single competently-written press release which I would bet money he had no active participation in writing does not outweigh everything else he’s done and said, don’t even start with this buillshit.

        1. So when he does something you don’t like, it is totally reflective of who he is. When he does something you can’t complain about, it is the result of his handlers and he had nothing to do with it.

          Confirmation bias much? Basically you are going to rant and rave and bitch about how crazy he is no matter what he does. Sorry but that says everything about you and nothing about Trump. Yeah, don’t even start with this shit. We get it.

          1. Anyone can write/hire people to write what amounts to tepid boilerplate about the need for law and order and unity. There’s no substance here. You’re cherry-picking the one single example in recent memory of him not completely shitting the bed and going “See? What is anybody worried about?”

            This does nothing at all to assuage my concerns about his previous promises to gut constitutional protections and govern like an authoritarian cronyist, but you want people to ignore all of that over a single bland and inoffensive statement.

            1. This does nothing at all to assuage my concerns about his previous promises to gut constitutional protections

              And those concerns are based on what? That he doesn’t like the NY Time v. Sullivan standard for libel? You know the one that was judicially created in the early 60s and which the Republic seemed to do fine without for nearly 200 years before that?

              That he plans to enforce the immigration laws? As opposed to our current President who claims the right to not enforce or selectively enforce any law he sees fit?

              I understand why you would not support Trump. He is not a Libertarian. He is not for open borders or free trade in all circumstances. Those are all perfectly reasonable disagreements with him and reasons not to support hm. But the idea that he is some kind of American Mussolini and some new threat to the constitutional order or even that he is the same threat that our current President is, is absurd. There is nothing in what he has said or done that supports that. And saying there is is just hysteria on the speaker’s part.

              1. Are you moving out of the “Trump else Hillary” camp or are you rationalizing your position in it?

                1. It is Trump or else Hillary. That is what it is. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about who Trump is. And he is not some American fascist menace. He is a centrist populist. And there are valid reasons why someone would not like a centrist populist. There are not, however, any valid reasons that I can see why someone would think Trump is some kind of great menace to the country.

                  Hillary in contrast is a menace. She is a criminal and has never once been held accountable for her criminal activity. If your delicate feelings and principles are such that you can’t bring yourself to vote for a centrist populist when doing so would do the most to save the country from Hillary, I don’t know what to tell you other than you are making a mistake.

                  1. Yes, as of right now Hillary is a known and Trump is an unknown in terms of actual political performance. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a buffoon. He is, there’s no getting around that. I’m not willing to vote for a buffoon because otherwise evil.

                    It just seems to me that you’ve settled on Trump because he’s become your party’s choice. And now your conscience is just rationalizing your choice. I suggest that it’s overall healthier to just accept that you’re voting for Trump else Hillary and not try to make excuses. Just accept the guy is a giant douche and leave it at that.

                    1. No. I settled on Trump because I like the guy. More than anything I am a nationalist. And all of the Democratic Party and a good chunk of the Republican party are internationalist assholes who don’t give a shit about the country. They care more about their ideology and their own sense of importance than they do about the country.

                      I wish there were a better nationalist candidate. I wish Rubio hadn’t turned out to be such a sell out piece of shit. I wish Cruz hadn’t turned out to be such a charmless bible thumping dork. I wish Paul would have had more charisma and spark and been able to attract a better following. But, sadly, it didn’t work out that way. And Trump ended up being the guy. Is he my favorite guy? No. But as they say, you go to war with the army you have. And he is what fate dealt us.

                    2. Sparky,

                      One other thing I like about Trump is that he is an unknown. The last two Presidents have both been ideologue do gooders. Bush is a born again reformed drunk who really thought his job as President was to make the world a better place. Obama is in many ways the secular leftist version of Bush. And both of them fucked up because they put their ideology and grand hopes above reality. I am tired of ideology. I don’t think a strict ideological conservative would make a good President. We need someone who is a bit more pragmatic and open to doing whatever is in the interests of the country. Is that guy Trump? I don’t know. I hope he is. And he might be. Sadly, he is the only candidate that I could see who even might be.

                    3. Fair enough.

        2. You are right, he is likely still bonkers, but this is markedly different than anything I have seen out of his campaign to date. Please don’t confuse a slight wane in my normal level of pessimism as an endorsement of Trump.

          1. Right, the only people who are going to really be impressed are the folks who have gone Full Trumptard. The rest of us are more or less thinking “Huh, something not batshit crazy for once.”

            1. And of course it means nothing because only evidence that supports your pre existing opinion is valid. Only the stupid people who can’t see the genius in clever terms like Trumptard will be impressed.

              I am not the ultimate arbiter of intelligence, but I feel like I am on firm ground in saying that any group that thinks terms like “Trumpkin” or “Trumptard” is funny or clever is not in the “intelligent” camp.

              1. Here. Apply that your anus, it might help with the butthurt.

                I think you doth protest too much. i wasn’t even responding to you, and wasn’t even saying anything terribly nasty about Trump or Trumptards, just that most people who aren’t already in the tank for The Great Pumpkin aren’t going to be swayed by a single sane comment. Maybe if he keeps it up, who knows, but for now I think most normal people’s reaction is “Huh, not bad…” not “OMGZ, HE’S SO DREEMIE ‘N’ PRESIDENTSHUL!11!11!!!!!1!!!” *sploosh*

  19. The “motorist” term has always struck me as odd. Back in the Rodney King days, one might have been forgiven for thinking that “Motorist” was the guy’s first name – every mention of him was “Motorist Rodney King”. I guess that somehow sounds less weird than “Car Driver Rodney King”.

    As I see it, the main problem that led to the Dallas shootings isn’t racism, although racism is a factor. The real problem is the lack of accountability. If were better at holding bad cops accountable for egregious misconduct, I think the Dallas cops would still be alive.

    1. The lack of accountability is the real problem. That being said, we should not kid ourselves about the nature of the people who did this and the rest of the hard left black nationalist movement in this country. There is no appeasing them. They used the police problems as an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway. We could fix our cop problem and that would solve the problem we have with them, though it would hopefully give people less of a reason to join them.

      1. Trump and his campaign should really push this accountability line, it works. Just take “No one is too big to jail” from Hillary and run with it.

        1. That is a very good point. I think “no one should be above the law, including the police” is a pretty good message. What is Hillary going to say to that?

      2. I disagree with you there.

        People, the worst people, ALWAYS need SOMETHING to rationalize their actions and convince themselves that the horrible things they are doing are NOT horrible. Without the low-hanging fruit of police brutality for them to justify their shooting, they PROBABLY would have found some other justification, but WITH that justification, they would have had DIFFERENT targets.

        Thus, those police offers would likely have still been alive had their been no problem with the police, though someone ELSE would probably have been dead.

        1. Yes, they always need something. And for that reason they always find something. If what you were saying were true, there would be a way to appease these people and there never is. It doesn’t matter how much you give them, they will always find a new excuse because as you say they always need something.

    2. As I see it, the main problem that led to the Dallas shootings isn’t racism, although racism is a factor. The real problem is the lack of accountability. If were better at holding bad cops accountable for egregious misconduct, I think the Dallas cops would still be alive.

      An explanation that falls apart completely given that the target was Dallas. On the other hand, if the goal was to say “fuck you for trying to do a better job” then you couldn’t pick a better target.

      1. I don’t think the explanation falls apart.

        Psychopaths who do these things don’t research into which police department is “better” than others. They just target the “other side” wherever they happen to be or whomever they are. It is the sort of sick mentality that justifies the killing of babies because they belong to the wrong group. The Dallas PD was an easy target for this guy precisely because they were so engaged with the community, putting themselves “out there”.

        That said, I don’t think “accountability” for police officers would have really stopped this guy or mitigated the danger. Willing to open fire on the “enemy” that’s surrounded by peaceful civilians is supremely psychotic behavior. He would have found another reason to go on a murderous rampage.

        1. … you don’t think the explanation falls apart, yet you give 2 good paragraphs explaining exactly why it falls apart?

    3. They should start referring to them as “motoring enthusiast”

      Either evoke the image of a mustachioed, scarf and goggles wearing man driving his Stanley Steam Car.

      1. Shooting that guy would clearly be an outrage!

    4. I blame Night Ranger.

  20. I mourn for the officers shot while doing their sacred duty

    What… the… fuck… with… this… word… choice?

    I’m pretty sure that whatever you think that word means, police don’t do that.

    1. She is a “wonderful public servant”, so she naturally takes government work very seriously…You might even say it’s her religion

    2. Well, when the government is your God then serving it is a sacred duty.

    3. From the discussion yesterday, Webster’s 1913 dictionary gives the following definition of civilian:

      One whose pursuits are those of civil life, not military or clerical.

      We thought they didn’t consider themselves “civilians” because they saw themselves as akin to the military. Who knew it was actually the clerisy instead?

  21. Burlington police stop solo patrols after Dallas attack

    Please keep the families of all of those killed and injured in recent days in your thoughts and prayers and thank you in advance for trading some response time to less important calls for a modicum of peace of mind for your police officers.

    1. thank you in advance for trading some response time to less important calls for a modicum of peace of mind for your police officers.

      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU
      *deep breath*
      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU
      FUCK YOU

      1. Also, there’s like three black people in the state of Vermont. I’m pretty sure it’s not a hotbed of black nationalist crazies?

        1. Residents, sure, but what about D-Money and his pals who regularly travel from Boston to Maine to sell drugs and impregnate white girls?

          1. And who are known motorists?

    2. Please keep the families of all of those killed and injured in recent days in your thoughts and prayers

      Does that include the ones killed by the police?

      trading some response time to less important calls for a modicum of peace of mind for your police officers.

      Because the priority is officer, not citizen subject, safety.

  22. It’s a better response to an atrocity than I can recall ever hearing from Obama

  23. Congratulations Obama, you finally have your legacy. This is the day you’ve been dreaming of since you and Frank Marshall Davis were reading The Communist Manifesto together.

  24. ‘on Facebook, where he elaborated about what the “horrors” were?the Dallas shooting and the “senseless, tragic deaths” of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, who were both shot by police in the last week.’

    Someone’s narrative just cracked…

  25. Obama and BLM are the doctors who rush to the sick person’s bedside and say, “we have to bleed the patient!”

    And then they accuse anyone who suggests that this won’t solve the problem with being pro-sickness.

  26. Apparently, Trump has given his Twitter and Facebook account logins to his handlers. That’s an improvement over five weeks ago… if they can come up with original artwork instead of stealing it from shady message boards, his campaign would start looking as competent as one for a state senator.

    But don’t worry guys, I’m sure at his next campaign event he’s going to encourage his supporters to vote against Republican Senators who haven’t yet endorsed his greatness and who also aren’t running for reelection this year.

    1. Because the measure of man is his nerd like knowledge of the Senate.

      Bring back Robert Byrd for President.

      1. ::Whoosh::

        1. So knowing who is up for election in the Senate is not a “nerd like knowledge of the Senate”? It is in my book. You tell me who is up for re-election in the Senate. name even ten of them without going to Google. I sure as hell couldn’t.

          There is no “woosh” about it, except my point going right over your head apparently.

          1. I mean, the really important thing a President should know is how to make the best, yugest, most tremendous deals, not what’s in the Constitution or how the government he wants to run works.

            And if you think an important part of negotiating is taking five minutes to bone up on who the people you are negotiating with are and what they have at stake in the transaction, well, that’s just you being a nerdy loser who loses. Sad!

            1. No. That makes you the nerd who does the leg work for the person who makes the decisions. The President doesn’t have to personally know who is up for re-election. His staff has to know that.

              There is a place for nerdy losers.

  27. Clinton to address criminal justice reform tonight

    By admitting “intent”?

    1. Is Alanis Morrisette the opening act?

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