5 Cops Killed in Dallas, Senate Passes GMO-Labeling Mandate, Digital Data Can Be Stored in DNA: A.M. Links


  • https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601851/microsoft-reports-a-big-leap-forward-for-dna-data-storage/

    A sniper opened fire during a police-brutality protest last night in Dallas, killing five police officers and wounding six others before he was killed in a standoff with police. Dallas police say the shooter was not affiliated with protesters. President Obama called the shootings "a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement."

  • Originally, police suspected a man named Mark Hughes, the brother of the rally's organizer, of being the shooter because he had been walking around with a (legally permitted) rifle. 
  • American spending on prisons has outpaced spending on education by threefold since the 1980s. 
  • The Senate voted Thursday to require food labels to state whether a product contains genetically modified ingredients. It's expected to pass the House of Representatives as well. 
  • Oakland police made 282 arrests for "sex trafficking," with 70 percent of these arrests women who were selling sex. 
  • "Treat rape like any other crime," writes Megan McArdle. "In the long run, the 'I believe women' standard is not only bad for people who are accused (most of whom are men), but also bad for rape victims (most of whom are women)." 
  • Most of us just know not to look at porn while at work, but the government had to pass a law to deal with what one lawmaker called the "pervasive problem" of federal employees watching porn on government computers. 
  • Trans men—i.e., people born biologically female who identify as male—can now join one of the nation's oldest fraternities, Chi Phi. 
  • DNA is the new external hard drive.

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  1. President Obama called the shootings “a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement.”

    Crisitunity, all around.

    1. That clearly only gun confiscation/bans can handle!

      1. Things I don’t get:
        1. How come we have a gnat’s ass precision understanding of the number of casualties from 9-11 but can’t agree on 11-12 cops.
        2. How can a person claim guns are the problem when it is people who use them.
        3. Why does bringing race into this always seem to happen even when discussing the larger issue would be more beneficial.
        4. Why don’t people in the position of police chief understand what triangulate means? Can’t triangulate with two.

    2. Hello.

      1. Oh, and Gr?? Gott, to you, Rufus.

  2. The top and bottom 20 metal words are shown in the table below, along with their “Metalness”.

    A data scientist analyses metal lyrics.

    1. Nice work if you can get it.

      “Turn down your research, professor!” “Screw you man, I’m a scientist!”

    2. That list burns my demon sword to ashes.

    3. Speaking of, this has been my jam lately.

      1. Isn’t “Ordained in Bile” the name of the second chapter of your memoir?

        1. Well, I am an ordained minister, after all.

          1. That explains why God no longer answers the prayers of men.

    4. “Attorney” is way more metal than he says. Has he never seen Metalocalypse?

      1. Lars would have a sad if this had come out 15 years ago. He and James love attorneys.

      2. Whats ams yous talkings about, Warty?

        Yous means dis guy?

    5. #12 is “sword”

      But are we talking about “sword” here, or the European “English as a second language” metal version “sWord”??

      1. The wife does that, kills me every time.

  3. The Senate voted Thursday to require food labels to state whether a product contains genetically modified ingredients

    So you’re telling me people will have more of a reason to stand for a long time in front the section of the store I want to grab something from?

    1. We’re not really reading the label, we just like to signal how socially conscious we are while making you wait.

  4. “Treat rape like any other crime,” writes Megan McArdle. “In the long run, the ‘I believe women’ standard is not only bad for people who are accused (most of whom are men), but also bad for rape victims (most of whom are women).”

    Yeah, that’s going to be embraced.

    1. That’s a feature, not a bug, for the activists promoting it.

    2. Jezebel just nominated Megan to be an honorary man. i.e. A non-person.

    3. Aren’t men, statistically, the overwhelming victims of rape (thank you prison industrial complex)? I thought I read that somewhere.

  5. God fucking damn shooters. You fucking ruined every police reform that might even have possibly been coming. Now all we’re going to get is MORE “blue lives matter” bills and MORE people being shot and nothing’s going to fucking happen and the narrative is going to be “the cops were scared, it’s justifiable”.

    I’m fucking pissed.

    1. I think we should wait until #BlackLivesMatter has had time to investigate the incident before we pass any judgement.

    2. Exactly. Killing innocent cops is not the way to go. Now they will run with the ‘war on cops’ angle. This is bad.

      1. We have no idea what happened before the shooting started.

        1. Yeh, I’m assuming he just went off. Never assume.

        2. You gotta look at the totality of the circs, bro.

          1. Aw, dammit. I forgot that one. And his retard acronym.

            1. OLYMPIC weighlifting, no t powerlifting

              1. And surfing and Morgan Fairchild.

                1. smooches

      2. Do they have an ID on the shooter, yet? I could see this being a false flag operation – Waco biker gangs come to mind. Yes, this is totally unfiltered tinfoil nuttery.

        1. Mr. Lizard hasn’t commented yet.

          *strokes chin, squints*

          1. An angry gun owner who was egged on to do this by someone in a chat room. That someone happened to be the same persuasive government agent that encouraged the Newtown shooter, and the Charleston shooter but not the Pulse night club. The last was good old FBI botch up.

            1. My tin foil hat is being spruced up at the local haberdashery and I still think there’s merit to this comment.

        2. We can’t release the name of the shooter. It’s in his union contract.

          1. the vast majoity of people love shooters

        3. Yes, this is totally unfiltered tinfoil nuttery.

          Think about all the other shit going on that nobody is talking about right now…

          /heads over to restaurant supply store for more tinfoil.

          1. Tonio can help with that – he’s my foil….supplier.

            *frantically patches foil pakol*

            1. Don’t worry, bro, I got you covered. Get it? COvered…

          2. Be sure to buy the heavy-duty stuff – you’ll need that.

            1. You guys are amateurs.

              Aluminum foil is nearly worthless. Copper mesh connected to a proper ground or GTFO.

              It’s how I line all my suits and hats.

                1. Or big-ass antenna

        4. The police chief reported that he hated white people and targeted white cops, so I’m thinking he was probably a Trump supporter who self-radicalized by reading the Bell Curve.

          1. I’m guessing he’s a Texas Ex, too, by his tactics.

          2. The police chief actually came out and said that he hates white people? That’s pretty ballsy.

            1. The murderer was apparently speaking with the negotiator for a while before they blew up him with the robobomb. I don’t think he used the word hate; mad at white people, mad about BLM, wanted to kill white officers was the gist of it.

              1. mad about BLM

                A dangerous anti-government nut then.

              2. Never mind. *sigh, kicks stone*

                1. I larfed Free Market.

              3. I don’t think it matters particularly whether he used the word ‘hate’ or not. Not only because it doesn’t matter ethically, but because his actions spoke loudly of the concept.

                1. Au contraire. Imagine how catastrophic the night would’ve been had this been a hate crime rather than the relatively more civil mad-at crime.

                  I wonder if the shooter looks more like BHO’s would-be son than Trayvon did.

                  1. the relatively more civil mad-at crime

                    Ha! Yes indeed, that would be a catastrophe. We’d need dozens of new laws to make it all of a sudden illegal to kill cops and hate them while you do it.

                2. How can you say it doesn’t matter, they might want to charge them with a hate crime.

        5. Do they have an ID on the shooter, yet?

          5 total, one dead.

      3. There are no innocent cops. Fuck them. They want to act like an occupying army? We’ll treat them like an occupying army.
        5 dead? Good start. Seriously, fuck the police.

        1. …slowly backs away from Denver to hide in Littleton.

        2. Yes, because people deserve to die for actions of other, somewhat related people. Like Muslims, or Christians, or white people, or CEOs, or meat eaters, or blood diamond owners, or veterans, or NRA members, or democrats, or Internet commenters

          1. No, they deserve to die for presuming they can take away my rights, cover for thier corrupt fellows , and act, again, like an occupying army. You all remember that our forefathers fought a war against exactly these kinds of thugs?

    3. Yep. It’s as if they WANT cops dressed and armed like paratroopers – with itchy trigger fingers. Well, that’s what we’ll get.

      1. Shit. Double Shit.

        I wish all the Geardos and Tacticoolios would just go try to join the 82nd.

        1. The 82nd probably has fairly high fitness standards, so that is a no-go.

        2. They have far higher standards. If a Soldier had committed any of the recent shootings even on an enemy combatant, he would be facing a long haul in military prison.

    4. While I condemn and blame the shooters for the their horrific actions this is the type of shit that happens when the system, politicians and the media fan the flames of racism and the perception, real or imagined, that the system has failed them.

      1. Oh, I agree. But the end result of that is going to ruin every reform that might possibly have been coming and it’s going to result in more dead people thanks to scared cops with itchy trigger fingers.

        1. #BlackLivesMatter did a pretty good job of derailing any reforms long before this “violent protest”

          1. because meaningful reform was right around the corner before BLM turned up? give me a break. when they released their actual reform recommendations recently they were surprisingly good and targeted unions, etc. libertarians who are tired of police murdering children & pets, destroying our communities & families, stealing on behalf of the state should be looking to ally themselves with activists instead of sniping at them on the damned internet.

            1. Wasn’t there a video interview with a BLM honcho on this very site suggesting that very thing? I may be misremembering, but I got the impression the guy wasn’t much into such an alliance.

      2. The New York Post had this as it’s front page.

        1. There you go. Completely irresponsible.

        2. Don’t drag race into it. If the cops had just done what they were told they wouldn’t have been shot.

          1. They made a series of furtive movements.

        3. CIVIL WAR

          Srsly, NYP? Srsly?

          1. Totally violating their tradition of calm and reasonable headlines!


            1. Did you see the headline for the poop-bag attacker? “Diarrhea of a Madman”

              1. That is beautiful.

              2. Jealous are we?

                1. So jealous.

                  1. Or the new book out, Under the Grandstands by Seymour Butts.

                    How about the nature magazine, Yellow River edited by I. P. Freely?

      3. this is the type of shit that happens when the system, politicians and the media fan the flames of racism and the perception, real or imagined, that the system has failed them.

        I think it kind of matters that the system has actually failed. It’s not a “perception” problem.

        1. It’s not a failure of the system when the system does what it’s designed to do: work to keep the peons demoralized, scared, and in place.

        2. The perception being fanned has always been focused on racism, and not on police misconduct.

          The wheels have come completely off the Police Reform discussion, now.

      4. So, Hillary’s VP pick is the real race to watch, you mean?

    5. Quite possibly. But it is also possible that this incident will trigger a national conversation that may go in a different direction than the one you predict.

      The timing of this was terrible, of course, coming on the heels of the Castile shooting which was looking like the perfect storm in terms of documentation and lack of actual threat.

      1. You have no idea what happened here. I say we let the process play out like it supposed to. Give the shooters a few weeks to get their stories straight and then interview them.

        1. Even as parody, that speak is annoying as heck!

          1. Yeah, I’m not going to be able to keep it up. Even making fun of bootlickers is tiring.

            1. #FunmakingLivesMatter

            2. I was hoping someone would have the energy to at least make a concerted effort, good work.

              I think the only thing you missed was asking probing questions about their background. Did they have a history of confrontations with “civilians”?

        2. This guy doesn’t want to fall into the narrative hole. How dare you!

      2. the Castile shooting which was looking like the perfect storm in terms of documentation and lack of actual threat.

        Look at the optimist over here! We’ve seen many such storms before and none of them resulted in any positive change.

        1. Fuck you all, I’ll be in my trailer sulking.


            1. I do hope that’s the name of a whorehouse in Australia.

            2. My family homesteaded and had a root cellar/spud cellar. You can sill go see it today.

              1. Is it along 285? I drive that a lot.

                1. Weld County

      3. Tonio, you’re spot on.

        This going to be turn away from increasing the threshold for use of force by cops. It’s going to become a stupid race thing.

        Everyone – police unions, BLM, white supremacists, anti-Second Amendment people, will get their piece out of it, and will railroad whatever good could possibly come out of it.

        It’s like Rahm Emmanuel’s motto in action: Never let a crisis go to waste.

    6. To be fair, that’s what was going to happen anyway.

      1. A round of protestor retraining should take care of it.

        1. [manages to clap weakly through tears of anger and frustration]

    7. Yeah, this sucks. You almost want to think that it’s a false flag or something.

      From what I heard from a press conference the Dallas police just had, it sounds like the shooter was a black racist who wanted to kill white cops and start a race war or something along those lines.

      1. Bullets were discharged, people were expired.

        1. veteran involved shooting

      2. How does one remain an optimist amidst things like this?

      3. Does this mean race wars are no longer my fault?

  6. “Brett was last seen on Sunday chugging champagne with two midgets.”

    New York hedge fund manager sacked after ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ style Hamptons party (with dwarves)

    1. Unfortunately, I was on the beach in FL with my wife and kids. No midgets other than the two year old and the crawler.

      1. Dammit!

    2. Brett L has been suspiciously absent lately…

    3. Hey, if you are going to be fired….it might as well be for a fun reason, right?

      1. Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you I gotta plead ingnorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frouned upon, you know, cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices and I tell you peope do that all the time.

        1. Well, I hear justice does require mens rea….

    4. Were they dwarfs or midgets? I think there’s a difference.

        1. So, they were from Middle Earth and greedy for gold?

          1. Illegal immigrants, you say? I suspected as much.

        2. Laughs, not laves.

    5. Sounds like my single days 10 years ago. Not a lot of little people, but they showed up from time to time

    6. Maybe they were filming a continuation to the “Dorf Goes…” series. “Dorf Goes Partying” or something. I’d watch that.

  7. Andrew McCarthy: The War on Cops Comes to Dallas

    Did Black Lives Matter participate in this pre-planned mass-murder operation? We don’t yet know who executed this attack, and we must wait for details, which should be forthcoming soon enough. But to suggest that lethal attacks on the police are not made more likely by the hateful anti-cop climate stoked by Black Lives Matter ? with the indulgence and often the encouragement of government officials and opinion elites ? is to be detached from reality.

    1. Was David French unable to write that because he was masturbating due to the recent shootings by police?

    2. we must wait for details

      But I’m going to speculate anyway.

    3. Yo, fuck Andrew McCarthy.

      1. NRO’s weakness: Copcocksucking.

      2. -1 Weekend at Bernie’s

    4. From a different linked article:

      Attorney General Kamala Harris said the shootings in Dallas were “a grave reminder of the dangers our law enforcement officers face each day in service of their communities.”

      Oh, and the civilians who got shot in St. Paul or Baton Rouge, were those grave reminders of what citizens face each day when they interact with law enforcement? This is the fucking problem. Those guys weren’t heroes. They just showed up to work and got shot, just like the teachers at Sandy Hook and the movie store clerks at the shooting in Aurora. Quit telling them that their line of work is particularly dangerous.

      1. Yo, fuck Kamala Harris.

        1. Not even with Winston’s mom’s dick.

          1. Oh, she’s totally doable – if you can duct tape her from talking during.

            1. Would – definitely a hate fuck, though.

      2. Yeah, if we’re going to measure work fatalities as a metric for heroics, then we need some parades and awards or something for garbage collectors, the TRUE HEROES of our country!!

        1. Of course, the parades and awards for garbage collectors will be dwarfed by the immense status and deferential respect shown to fishermen, ~TRULY~ the most heroic of American castes.

        2. Liquor store clerks, and taxi cab drivers are much more dangerous lines of work. The #1 cause of death for our Heroes In Blue?, is traffic accidents. The taxi driver put in about as many miles in a day, and occasionally gets shot/robbed by his passenger. Most are probably forbidden from carrying a firearm. A liquor store clerk is statistically a hell of a lot more likely to be shot “on duty”. I grow weary of the police and their fanboi’s eternal piss & moan about how inherently dangerous it is to be the states strong arm and extortion racket.

    5. “Did pro-life groups participate in this pre-planned mass-murder operation? We don’t know yet who executed this attack, and we must wait for details, which should be forthcoming soon enough. But to suggest that lethal attacks on Planned Parenthood are not made more likely by the hateful anti-abortion climate stoked by Pro-Life organizations- with the indulgence and often the encouragement of conservatives- is to be detached from reality.”

      Look- if reporting and protesting the injustices of an organization is to be complicit in violent reactions, then we are all complicit anytime we have something critical to say. Because for every cause, there is a wacko out there who thinks it is their mission to react with carnage.

  8. Oakland police made 282 arrests for “sex trafficking,” with 70 percent of these arrests women who were selling sex.

    From what I understand of California, they should probably be focusing on addressing the car trafficking issue.

    1. *slap!*

      I hope things are, um, quieter in your neck of the woods.

      1. *slap!*

        Thanks mate, life is getting back to normal. Hope all is well in Rich-world

        1. *Slap*

          (Pretends nothing is awkward)

          1. *** awkwardly *slap!*s straffinrun ***

          2. **Who’s the new guy?**

            1. There’s a story. Will he tell it?

              1. No story. Just a mix up. Or so I’m told…

                1. Goddammit, you can’t just tease us like this.

                  1. Got mistaken for spam by their antispammer. Happy? I taste like spam. There I said it.

                    1. No, I am not happy. Spam is treyf.

                    2. That’ll teach you to stop posting those online job offers.

                    3. Go to Hawaii, they love the spam.

            2. I can confirm that straffinrun was a casualty of an anti-spam tool gone wrong on our end. We are trying to do more to battle the recent waves of comment spam attacks and he was an unintended casualty. His comments have been restored. This is hopefully not going to happen again, but if anybody experiences a similar problem please email webmaster@reason.com or abuse@reason.com. Thanks.

              1. His explanation was funnier, Mike.

              2. Oh my goodness! Straffinrun has been turned by the webmaster. Watch what you say around him, as he can no longer be trusted.

              3. Why couldn’t it have been Hihn? *shits then giggles

              4. I reported Mike’s response as spam.

                Also everything Staffinrun has said to date.

                1. Hey!

                  1. ^Spam

              5. abuse@reason.com ?

                Is that anything like self_abuse@reason.com ?

                Inquiring Crusties want to know.

                1. I reported Warty and STEVE SMITH, but nobody seems interesting in stopping them.


                  2. You can’t stop Warty. He can’t even stop himself.

  9. DNA is the new external hard drive.

    RNA is a zip drive.

    1. You know else had an external drive packed full of DNA?…

      1. Peter North?

        1. +1 SQL injection

      2. Celeste Guap?

  10. Trans men?i.e., people born biologically female who identify as male?can now join one of the nation’s oldest fraternities, Chi Phi.

    Smart choice, transbro.

    1. Ya know, the entire time of my fraternity years no one ever spoke like that. That is a surfer thing, I do not understand how it became associated with fraternities. We did however use the refrain “Don’t call it a frat, you don’t call your country a cunt do you?”.

  11. Trans men?i.e., people born biologically female who identify as male?can now join one of the nation’s oldest fraternities, Chi Phi.

    However, Sippa Kuppa Kum still excludes them.

  12. Trans men?i.e., people born biologically female who identify as male?can now join one of the nation’s oldest fraternities, Chi Phi.

    But if they’re trans, will they be automatically guilty of rape due to their participation in the rape factory known as a fraternity?

    1. And remember that phalloplasty is expensive (and therefore rare) and the results are neither realistic nor particularly functional. So the majority of those transbros will still have original factory equipment in the crotch area. How the fuck do you do an elephant walk with someone like that?

      1. How the fuck do you do an elephant walk with someone like that?

        Curiosity killed the commenter’s google search history.

      2. Have you ever heard the expression “hanging tang”?

        1. Seems more like a tapir than an elephant to me.

      3. Strapon.

      4. Be the last elephant?

  13. Wall Street hot shot ‘trashes’ $20M Hamptons home

    Hedge funder Brett Barna threw a wild “Wolf of Wall Street”-style Hamptons party ? awash with Champagne, scores of bikini-clad women and costumed gun-toting midgets ? and allegedly trashed a $20 million mansion.

    Barna, a portfolio manager at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management, hosted the all-day “#Sprayathon” pool party on Sunday, where 1,000 people doused themselves in bubbly as rapper Ace Hood performed.

    The owner, who asked to not be named, told us, “Brett came to me dropping Louis Bacon’s name and saying he was a big deal with the Robin Hood Foundation. He said there would be 50 people at the event and it was for animal rescue. But the only animals there were the people, a thousand of them. They drowned themselves in Champagne, they had midgets they threw in the pool, they broke into the house, trashed the furniture, art was stolen, we found used condoms. So many people were there that the concrete around the pool crumbled and fell into the water. It was like ‘Jersey Shore’ meets a frat party. We are preparing a massive lawsuit .?.?. We’re waiting to serve him. Brett was last seen on Sunday chugging Champagne with two midgets.” Wild social media posts show partygoers dousing themselves in booze and dancing wildly.

    1. What is it with these losers and needing to throw parties?

      1. Someone is a party pooper.

        1. You can’t pin this on me. I was south of DC the entire time.

        2. I prefer the term BUZZ KILL thank you very much and if you don’t mind.

    2. costumed gun-toting midgets


  14. THE FIX WAS IN!!!

    During the weekend’s Australian election TV coverage, people wondered why Laurie Oakes (a well-known Canberra journo who appeared on the Nine Network’s coverage) was changing his tie so often.

    Turns out that Oakes had found out about a site that was taking bets on the colour of his tie for election night, so he wore one for every option the bookies offered odds on (yellow, blue, black, green, red or any other colour)

    As a result, everyone who placed a bet got a payout.

    1. Hi IFH – still no government?

      1. Hey RavNat, how have you been?

        Yes, it’s just like Somalia without a Federal Government.

        Looks like Turnbull will form government, either with the support of cross-benchers or possibly even with the magic 76 seats to form majority government. The real fun now is the Senate, because counting could take until next month. Hope the libertarian senator gets back in, but it’s still too early to tell. We do know that some of our favourite morons are in: Jacqui Lambie and Pauline Hanson

        1. the libertarian senator

          OZ as bad as US.

        2. I was trying to figure out if Leyonhjelm was going to get back in but the maths defeated by intellect. From what I could make out, it didn’t look good.

          1. He has 0.3 of a quota, so it really comes down to preferences, which as you well know is complex in Senate elections. His party had a few candidates, and one is in the same position in Queensland (I believe her hobbies include being the singer in a band called The Whisky Protocol, so let us hope she succeeds)

            1. Thanks.


              Damn Aussies…

              BTW IFH, I have not seen Josh send out the IPA news lately, do you know if he is still in charge down there or what?

    2. “Laurie” is a man’s name in Australia? An adult man’s name?

      1. Yep. It’s a diminutive of Laurence, but can be a standalone name. It can in turn be shortened to Loz or Lozza. There might be girls called Laurie, but I cannot recall ever meeting or hearing of one.

  15. Trans men?i.e., people born biologically female who identify as male?can now join one of the nation’s oldest fraternities, Chi Phi.

    That’s going to make having pledges do the naked elephant walk… problematic.

    1. You’ll have to, ah, put a thumb up instead of holding I guess.

      1. I thought that was what the elephant walk was.

        1. Bless your heart, Zeb.

        2. Thumb up the b-hole of the guy in front of you, holding the peen of the guy behind you. All of the fratties i knew in college claimed it happened at other frats but somehow never at theirs.

          1. What I was thinking of was one thumb up the butt of the guy in front, one in your mouth. Form a circle and run around. Whoever breaks the circle has to switch thumbs.

          2. That’s gayer than a Prius.

          3. lol, i have honestly never heard of it happening. I will say this though, fraternities are extremely competitive and especially so with other houses. Thats why they beat the all men’s average and in grades. We used to say all sorts of crap about the houses we didnt like (at my school, there was a clear dividing line between half the houses, old row with their rich kids and new row with a bunch of drunks).

            1. That’s exactly the sort of response i’d expect from the dude who had to eat the soggy biscuit.

              1. * bitch slaps X
                GET MY BEER!

            2. The only frats I recall in college were competitive in partying and date-rate and not much else.

              1. Sorry to hear you picked a poor school. We WERE good at throwing parties, where we invited tons of people, who didn’t pay for any food/drinks, and trashed where we live, and didn’t help clean it up. But we did that because it was fun. The majority of houses i have ever dealt with were just a bunch of guys who shared common interests and shared rent. More rapes happen in dorms and by non fraternity members BY FAR. Athletes had a much higher incidence of abuse than fraternities.

                So if you are interested in protecting women on campus (The fraternities and Sororities were the organizers of “Take Back the Night” at my school) and achieving better results academically and supporting local charities (ours was and adult literacy program, honestly it was very cool) then support the greek system.

                As for date-rate, well, everyone does that.

                1. To be fair, I got the hell off campus after freshman year and never looked back. And frats were not a big thing at my school anyway. So I probably didn’t get the whole picture.

            3. Thats why they beat the all men’s average and in grades.

              You beat the average when 50% of the average don’t complete a degree in 6 yrs…

              That is impressive!

          4. Grab the junk of the guy in front of you, while being grabbed from behind.

            Start walking around and swaying.

            First guy who gets a boner loses.

    2. Not to mention Soggy Biscuit.

  16. Kremlin says NATO talk of Russian threat absurd, short-sighted

    The Kremlin said on Friday it regarded NATO’s suggestion that Russia posed a threat as absurd, saying it hoped that common sense would prevail at the military alliance’s summit in Warsaw.

    The Kremlin spoke out after U.S. President Barack Obama urged NATO leaders to stand firm against a resurgent Russia over its 2014 seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea.

    Friday’s summit is expected to formally agree to deploy four battalions in the Baltic states and eastern Poland, a move the alliance says is meant to deter possible Russian aggression.

    “It is absurd to talk about any threat coming from Russia at a time when dozens of people are dying in the center of Europe and when hundreds of people are dying in the Middle East daily,” Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, told reporters.

    You know who else thought a Russian threat was absurd…

    1. The Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire, like a dozen times?

    2. Does NATO serve any useful purpose in the 21st century other than existing to possibly start WWIII?

      1. Propping up America’s bloated military budget?

      2. When Obama’s gone and the Ocean’s rise, Ukraine might have some Atlantic beachfront property available.

      3. Having us take over the expense of Europe’s “defense”?

    3. We’ve only invaded and annex portions of two countries in the last decade. How could that be perceived as a threat?

    4. NATO holding a summit in Warsaw.

      Nothin’ like pissing on the grave of an enemy, am I right??

  17. State Department reopens internal probe of Clinton emails

    The State Department started its review in January after declaring 22 emails from Clinton’s private server to be “top secret.” The investigation was halted after the FBI began investigating Clinton’s so-called “homebrew” email setup last April. On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said there would be no indictments resulting from the FBI probe.

    “Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Department intends to conduct its internal review,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. “Our goal will be to be as transparent as possible about our results, while complying with our various legal obligations.”

    Kirby set no deadline for the investigation’s completion.

    1. Yeah, I saw that and had a brief moment of hope before reality set in. The DoS can only write her up. I guess if they uncovered any evidence of criminal wrongdoing they could refer…oh, who the fuck am I kidding? The republic is dead.

    2. “Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Department intends to conduct its internal review,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

      And waste another $7M of taxpayer money!

      /Elijah Cummings

    3. It used to be the case that a Clinton was internally probing others.

      Now it’s a Clinton, albeit a different one, getting internally probed.

      1. *ralph*

  18. …but the government had to pass a law to deal with what one lawmaker called the “pervasive problem” of federal employees watching porn on government computers.

    Does that mean regulators can’t view on government computers the increasing bureaucracy on which they get off?

    1. “Yeah, uh, I’m here to fix Form X-2687/B274.”


      1. “My joy stick need a couple of hard drives.”

      2. Trying to picture our IT guys in this scenario…..*shudders*

    2. Friend was on a project that included a filter on an agencies web service. Government employees actually complained and got the filters removed.

      1. Filters can interfere with research or investigative work but other than that, I can’t imagine having a leg to stand on.

        1. Tripod dude- It’s not stable if it don’t have three legs…

  19. Dallas Police ‘Ambush’: 12 Officers Shot, 5 Killed During Protest

    A suspect who was killed by police after snipers shot 12 Dallas officers, five fatally, “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.

    The city’s downtown was in lockdown Friday after the violence, which happened during a protest over the deadly police shootings of black men elsewhere in the country this week.

    1. Well, that’s certainly going to help things.

      1. I can feel race relations improving and cops getting freindlier already.

    2. “He’s dead, so I’ll use my Magical Police Powers to read his mind and explain his motivation.”

      1. Weel, anything rather than admit that police officer somewhere might have done something wrong, right?

    3. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. They got their perfect storm. This will overshadow the Castile shooting, which was the best hope for change.

    4. Dallas Strong!

  20. Today is National Chocolate with Almonds Day! Have fun celebrating, but remember, safety first.

    1. +1 Ow My Eye!

    2. *quietly drops plan to behave recklessly*

    3. Chocolate with almonds is good as long as it’s milk chocolate and not dark chocolate, which I think we can all agree is disgusting and should be banned.

      1. Heretic!

        1. Deep dish? *ducks*

      2. Fuck your idea, Eugene. Anything under 70% cacao is for infants and the mentally feeble.

        1. Dog murderer.

        2. Dark Chocolate (no sexual innuendo!) is preferred – hazelnuts or almonds only make it better.

          1. *** rising intonation ***

            What about chili peppers?

            1. eww…

            2. Dark with coffee or citrus bits or peppermint/mint.

              1. I hate to agree with a Canadian, but Rufus is correct.

            3. Finally!! Someone who understands true Aztec MANLY CHOCOLATE.

            4. Cayenne in dark chocolate is nearly orgasmic.

              Dark unsweetened chocolate as an ingredient in fiery chili is world class as well.

              1. I’ve been putting chocolate in my chili for years…my friends thought I was crazy when I told them. (Yes, I am crazy, but my cooking has nothing to do with that)

          2. Sea salt and dark chocolate. mmmm.

      3. Milk chocolate? Like what kids drink?

        1. Milk Chocolate. A very white looking but still tan, yet much sexier, version of a Mexican.

          The sexiest man alive, must be like 20 inches down there

      4. I’m bi-chocolate.

      5. This is getting ridiculous.

        My go-to dessert the last few years has been a couple squares of dark chocolate with roasted almonds. Delish. (though lately it’s been pecans toasted with butter and sea salt, but that coupled with dark chocolate can be too addictive)

      6. Milk chocolate is for CHILDREN!!

        REAL AZTEC MEN eat only chocolate served hot, only lightly sweetened with honey, and mixed with the hottest of chili peppers!!

      7. Fuck off with that shit. Milk chocolate is for the weak.

      8. Everyone but me is wrong.

  21. No word on the three suspects in custody, must mean that they’re white teabaggers being protected by the patriarchy.

    1. The union is helping them prepare their statements before allowing them to be interviewed.

  22. Psychiatric Treatment Ordered For Man Allegedly Seen Dancing Naked On Times Square TKTS Booth

    Finally, the man did indeed jump off the ledge of the discount tickets booth at 47th Street and Broadway, just missing the air bag that had been set up for him. It was the equivalent of a three-story fall. After he hit the sidewalk, it took another 15 minutes and at least six paramedics to hold him down and strap him to the gurney.

    “Krit is a good man who had a really bad day”

    OK, let’s compromise. Require Hillary to undergo psychiatric treatment for her “extreme carelessness” problem.

  23. Sigh. Looks like the War on Cops has two sides to it now. I think this morning was the first time I ever thought, “I’m glad my kids are white.” That’s not a thought that makes me proud or happy.

    1. If you were smart you’d paint em green, Easier to blend in

      1. I don’t want them killed by the Mouse when they get mistaken for your cousins the alligator. I’m a Florida Man now.

        1. Brett,

          You can’t be a true Florida Man just yet – it takes several years of having your brain baked by the lovely sunshine to reach 100% Florida Man. I’m still only 68% myself…

      2. That’s appropriating lizardperson culture.

        1. We don’t mind, and the SJWs hate us anyways. That whole eaten kid thing at the mouse compound was bad optics to say the least

          1. It was certainly troublesome, problematic even.

    2. I get it. I’m glad my kid is upper-middle class and less likely to interact with cops.

    3. If you could only make them Asian, you’d be set for life!

  24. American spending on prisons has outpaced spending on education by threefold since the 1980s.

    Hey, resource officers! Leave them kids alone!

  25. I see the two teams who got the easiest groups and bracket rode into the Euro finals.

    France playing Germany in the semis noted.

    1. Is this some kind of WWII reenactment?

      1. Nope, just a masturbation euphemism.

      2. I’m….not….sure.

        /narrows gaze.

        1. OK, I lol’d.

      3. Dunno, are the French planning on moving all of their defenders to one side and counting on the pitch being rougher on the other side?

    2. Didn’t see the game but, from the live feed I was following, Germany should have wrapped it up in the first 30 mins?

      1. Not really. They had pressure, the French soaked it up and made use of their chances.

        1. Ah, thanks.

          Apparently Lazio’s new coach resigned this morning after two days on the job. And Pep wowed the crowd at his first press conference.

          1. Ah, Italy. Playing in the Rome area is notoriously….erm, weird and difficult.

            Well, with Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte and Ranieri (am I missing someone), the EPL will be colorful.

      2. safe sex is always good when meeting up with foreigners

        1. Trump condoms – the wall against foreign invaders!

  26. US job market rebounds with June hiring surge of 287,000

    Employers shook off two months of weak hiring by adding 287,000 jobs in June, a robust pace that suggests a resilient U.S. economy recovering from a slump early in the year.

    The hiring spurt marked a sharp improvement from May’s dismal showing, when just 11,000 jobs were added. A modest 144,000 jobs had been added in April.

    The unemployment rate rose in June to 4.9 percent from 4.7 percent as more Americans began seeking jobs ? a sign of growing confidence ? and some didn’t find them.

    1. ZH sez:

      Curiously, while the Establishment survey was a blowout, according to the Household Survey, the number of unemployed actually soared by 347K to 7.783MM which meant that the unemployment rate jumped from 4.7% to 4.9%, while the number of employed rose by just 37K, indicating a substantial divergence between the Household and Establishment Surveys.

      The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons, or involuntary part-time workers, decreased by 587,000 to 5.8 million in June, offsetting an increase in May. These individuals, who would have preferred full-time employment, were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job.

      1. It’s almost as if young people get out of school in May and start working or looking for work.

        1. unemployment estimates are seasonally adjusted

          school graduation, crop harvest, and Christmas are not surprises to statisticians

          1. Yet they seem surprised by both in the quotes.

  27. If the shooter is interviewed by Police and tells them he didn’t “intend” to kill anyone, do you think no “reasonable” prosecutor would try to indict for murder?

    /practicing my new Hillary/Comey defense strategy.
    (Note: I am aware the shooter is now dead).

    1. He didn’t “intend” to die.

    2. Some possible accomplices are in custody. I’m sure they or their lawyers are saying something like that.

    3. Nice one, Tom. Um, no, I don’t think that defense strategy would work, somehow. (good name btw, how is Middle earrth?)

    4. “Note: I am aware the shooter is now dead”

      Wait, that GUARANTEES he won’t be indicted!! I just found a loophole through every single law, guys!!

    5. It’s hard to be interviewed when you’ve been blown up by the police, literally.

  28. Dallas cops say that one of the sniping suspects, during a standoff with police, “was upset about black lives matter. He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. He was upset at white people. People stated he wanted to kill people especially white officers. That we will eventually find the IEDs.”

    Then the cops blew the guy up. I mean with a bomb.

    1. Quote from the police chief: “We don’t feel much support most days, let’s not make today most days”

  29. Still nothing on one more chance to keep that hag from skating?

    “State Department reopens Clinton emails probe”
    “WASHINGTON (AP) ? The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.”

    1. Don’t go there, Sevo; it’s a trap. Repeat after me: nothing will happen, nothing will happen…

      1. Oh, something will happen. They just have to figure out which subordinate will take the fall.

  30. I really like how Mark Hughes’ brother advised to deal with and deescalate the situation with his brothers’ photo. I like that he stated plainly on the TV footage that his brother was exercising his Second Amendment right.

    1. Weren’t you in Montreal last week or something?

      1. Yes! Had less time than we originally expected due to 1 hour wait at the border, but enjoyed it very much. Massive traffic clusterfuck (you predicted) on Autoroute 10 going into the city; took an hour following police detours through downtown before we got to our AirBnB on Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed the “strong dollar” position when patronising decent restaurants and ate inordinately like a pig.

        Highlight: these boners were blowing obnoxious air horns at the old port when we walked down there, annoying as hell. I talked to a food truck vendor down at Vieux Port where we had lunch – MTL smoked meat sandwich. I asked him what’s up with the horns, and he was like “fucking ANNOYING assholes” and expressed a desire to get a BB gun to shoot the demonstrators — apparently they’ve been demonstrating for over a month now according to him and fucking with his business. I told him the demonstrators made me want to patronise Vieux Port even more.

        We want to go back for Labor Day I think. You wanna get a beer next time I’m up there?

        1. For the record, a strike/walkout is one thing, but when independent merchants renting space are harmed by obnoxious shit like that, I really grinds my gears. The way the strikers are conducting themselves is completely cunty. FWIW I only heard a single “solidarity” honk from a passing motorist during the 90 minutes we were there. *shrug*

          If you’re in the seacoast NH area and want to shoot guns, let me know.

          1. Hit me up for that beer; though I think I have a wedding that week-end. Just let me know.

            Quebec is France light with all its bull shit ‘manifestations’ (strikes). They seem to think this is a product of a vibrant democracy. It’s the opposite in my view.

            Which is why I fucking loathe going into the city. They’re everywhere blocking streets. A few businesses actually closed their doors because of the student protests that retardedly garnered too much international attention.

            1. Quebec is France light

              Haha, I don’t doubt this and already got a taste. Alas the tourist lustre hasn’t worn off yet.

    1. Whew. It’s a wash, then.

      1. Only if there’s enough time.

        1. God bless tabbed browsers.

    2. Thats bullshit… What stopped me from getting the flu was staying home surfin the web rather than interacting with other humans with those germ buckets known as children.

  31. Just heard on NPR:

    “Everyone knows that police run towards danger while everyone else runs away.”

    The radio talkers also separate the cops from ‘civilians’.

    1. This is known.

    2. No, fuck you, NPR, not everyone believes that.

      There is already a lot of suspicion about OPD’s handling of the Pulse nightclub shooting; I don’t think that will turn out well for the police. Of course that will be buried by a compliant, cop-sucking media and be overshadowed by DALLAS ERMAGARD WAR ON COPZ!!1!

    3. “Everyone knows that police run towards danger while everyone else runs away.”

      Well, they waddle towards danger, anyway. Then they stand outside of where the danger is until it’s over.

    4. They run towards danger when the danger is to other cops.

      1. Or when the danger is a dog minding its own business.

    5. Some police run toward danger and then get called away so other more highly trained police can spend hours trying to come up with a solution to a fairly obvious problem.

    6. *thinks back to Boston marathon bombing*

  32. Tyga Slams Police Brutality & Donald Trump Following The Deaths Of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile

    The rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to express his outrage over the deaths of these two men, who were shot and killed by cops within one day of each other.

    T-Raww posted a powerful picture of himself on the status-sharing site, holding his hands up to reveal the words “don’t shoot” on them (above).

    The artist also slammed law enforcement officials and Donald Trump, saying the violence and the killings will only get worse if the reality star wins the presidential election in November.

    1. “The artist also slammed law enforcement officials and Donald Trump, saying the violence and the killings will only get worse if the reality star wins the presidential election in November.”

      Whereas if the cop-backing, historically unsympathetic to black victims of police brutality Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election in November, the killings will magically disappear because… Blue Tribe??

      1. As far as I know, Donald Trump has never used the term “superpredators”

  33. DNA is the new external hard drive.

    On a very related note, The Dervish House is an excellent novel.

  34. Gold prices all over the place in overnight trading.


    1. A $40 swing over 3 days is “all over the place?”

      1. Sharp drop followed by immediate buying spike. I’m assuming the jobs report triggered a drop but not sure what’s providing the price support this morning. It recovered almost instantaneously.

        1. Every drop in bond yields is more cash earning low-to-negative income.

          “Bad gold, bad gold, whatchoo gonna do,
          Whatchoo gonna do when money comes for you!”

          Ask the Shriek-tard about that $600/oz gold…

          I had a great “hunch play” betting the ponies a couple weeks ago. The horse’s name was “Paid Up Subscriber”- and the dam was named “Shriek”! I think it paid $14.60…

    2. Still up this year. Silver is rising nicely.

      1. Silver’s doing great. I’ve been expecting a drop from profit-taking but based on the sharp recovery this morning I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

        1. I just buy half, one, five ounce physicals.

          1. You have to pay HST on the physicals up there?

            1. If it’s “bullion-grade” phyzz, no. Doesn’t matter, really: there’s a fair retail premium on small amounts. I buy Maples – for the gold, there’s a $40 to $60 CDN premium per coin unless you’re buying in bulk. Fortunately, if you need/want to liquidate, the premium remains.


      /shriek since 2013

  35. My guess: the Puerto Rican Nationalists are once again up to no good.

    1. Seeing how the attack was planned ahead of time and coordinated by people who look like they had a degree of weapons training, I doubt it. More than likely it was done by Serbian separatists.

  36. I have to say, so far the Dallas police response seems pretty good. There was no wild panic shooting during the incident and they have been sounding pretty reasonable in the statements they have made.
    I’m pretty curious about the explosive thing used to get the shooter. Using the bomb robot to deploy explosives seems like a novel idea.

    1. There was no wild panic shooting during the incident …

      Hmmmm…. [dons tinfoil headgear]

    2. Dallas is one of the poster children for decent big-city policing. They don’t shoot many people, they have (or recently had) a DA who created a review team to free people who might previously have been wrongfully convicted. Its really too bad that these guys went there and shot straight.

      1. ^THIS^

    3. Seems like if you can send a robot to blow them up, it could just as easily tranq them. Especially in a case where you need them alive to find their co-conspirators.

  37. Hey – this shooting reminds me…

    Did they ever find Noor Salman – the Orlando shooter’s missing wife? Or is that whole thing down the memory hole?

    1. The last Google News pop on her name is Jun 17th. So, “Yawn. Old News. Fake Scandal.”

    2. Totally memory-holed.

    3. Future news:

      “The perpetrator of this horrible tragedy has been determined to be Noor Salman, the wife of the infamous Orlando shooter who went missing years ago.”

      1. I am already outraged.

        1. Let’s not be Islamophobic.

    4. Jesus.

      They talked to her and let her go since they determined she had nothing to do with the shooting. That idiotic meme was based on AG Lynch saying she personally didn’t know where Ms. Salman was because some idiotic reporter thought that was a relevant question. Why would the Attorney General personally keep track of a person who isn’t even a person of interest in a case?

      1. I don’t blame the AG for not knowing. But I think the FBI would need more than just her word that she wasn’t involved. The fact that the FBI lost track of her is a big fucking deal. And given the FBI’s sorry track record on these things highly suspect.

        1. Didn’t she drive him there? Or drive him around to case locales? Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I thought that’s what happened.

          1. I thought she knew he was planning it and helped him case the joint. That story went down the memory hole really fast. The media are just irredeemable scumbags. The made no effort to get to the bottom of what happened or hold law enforcement accountable for explaining things. Once it turned out the guy was a Muslim, it was all about how can we make this look like something that it wasn’t. Lets talk about how he might have been gay and totally ignore the possibility that he might have had co-conspirators.

  38. American spending on prisons has outpaced spending on education by threefold since the 1980s.

    Hey at least the prisons have something to show for it. Millions of lives ruined, some small portion of whom actually deserve it, and enrollment has never been higher!

    1. There was a show on Vermont public television back in the 1980s and 90s called The Editors at one point hosted by Keith Morrison. It was a show that gathered a panel of experts to discuss various issues confronting Canada and the United States while comparing the two countries. Howard Dean was a semi-regular guest. Anyway, there was a fellow – I forget his name – who talked of America’s ‘Prison Complex’ and explained way back then it was on such a trajectory. I meant to buy the book but my memory ‘eess no good no more, senor frog’s.’

      1. Vermont public television

        I can only imagine.

        1. There would be four of them and they’d sometimes literally compare notes. It was actually pretty informing.

        2. Public television and Vermont were both a lot less ridiculous in the 80s.

    2. Yeah, that sounds nothing like what schools do.

  39. Mischa Barton: Actress Criticized for Bikini Photo Used in Tribute to Alton Sterling

    In the Instagram post, which was later deleted, Barton wrote about police brutality next to a picture of herself in a bikini holding a wine glass. Sterling was fatally shot by police Tuesday.

    1. Fatty Arbuckle spins in his giant grave.

    2. If you’re gonna social signal, you need to read the protocols.

    3. Was she wasted?

    4. She was super hot back when she was young and skinny.

      1. Google Mischa Barton O.C.


        What a waste.

  40. Here’s what I want to know — and haven’t seen addressed — is what were the two POS St. Anthony cops doing pulling over a motorist in Falcon Heights? The two cities aren’t adjoining. Did I miss the announcement that cops now have universal jurisdiction?

    Michael Brown mad a stupid mistake that got him killed. Trayvon Martin made a stupid mistake that got him killed. The guy in Falcon Heights was murdered. Just think about it. If the guy was planning to shoot the cop, would he have announced that he had a concealed carry permit and that he was armed?

    1. Falcon Heights has no police force, they contract out services to St. Anthony PD.

      But, yes, exactly. There’s no thug narrative to attach to Castile. He worked at a Montessori school. He had his family in the car. He was just plain murdered by a panicky idiot.

      1. Don’t worry, though. The panicky idiot will get through this. He’ll be back on the force in no time, keeping the streets safe from Montessori teachers with broken taillights.

        1. I mean, I know it’s just a pie-in-the-sky idea that he be put in jail for murder, but can we–at a minimum–fire the asshole?

          1. Y U HAT HEROSE IN BLUE

          2. I mean, I know it’s just a pie-in-the-sky idea that he be put in jail for murder, but can we–at a minimum–fire the asshole?

            Exactly! Even within the system/narrative he’s still a fuck up. Suspend without pay? How about a psych eval. and a nice, fat letter in his employment record to guarantee he’ll never be in a situation where he has to investigate a not-shiny objects with a handgun?

            Receiving none of the above, would not surprise me though.

            1. Charge him with murder, let him plea to something minor but include an agreement in the plea bargain that he will never work in law enforcement again.

              1. Nope- 5 yrs “gen-pop”- and everybody knows he murdered a black dude.

          3. Sadly he would probably be hired in another town. #BarneyFifeonlyneedsonebullet

      2. Knowing both cities and the surrounding areas pretty well, my guess this is more of a cultural thing than a race thing. St Anthony has crime and Falcon Heights doesn’t. (the former is very close to North Minneapolis which is probably the most crime-ridden part of the state, the latter almost looks like a small town and is family-oriented. It has a pioneer museum and the MN fairgrounds. ) His instincts were probably based on experiences in the former and he was too stupid to override them.

      3. And a community loses a father and an educator.

        But let’s console the cowardly cop. I wonder who is more useful to the community?

      4. I’ve see a story that there was an armed robbery in that neighborhood two days earlier, where the suspect resembled Castille, which is the real reason that the cop pulled the car over, had called for back up and was trigger happy. Not that Castille was the robber, but that is the reason that for the encounter, not a broken taillight, and that is also why the cop was so scared to begin with.

    2. Cops in MN can pull people over outside of their jurisdiction. If you go down American Blvd past the Ikea there are often cops lined up in the Ikea parking ramp from multiple jurisdictions outside of Bloomington (Edina ALWAYS has cops there) waiting to pull people over since it’s such a good speed trap.

  41. Joe Walsh: Former Illinois Congressman Says ‘Watch Out Obama’ Following Shooting of Dallas Officers

    “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you,” Walsh said in a now-deleted tweet. He later tweeted that he “wasn’t calling for violence.”

    Autoplay video

    1. What a dumb bastard

    2. Idiot.

      The real Joe Walsh would just do a line and drive his Maserati to blow off steam.

      1. +1 Life’s been good to him so far

    3. You know who else was from Illinois?

      1. Illinois Nazis?

      2. Deep-dish pizza makers?

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

        2. And me. I’m a southerner though, near St. Louis. *narrows gaze at the northerners

      3. Block Insane Yo Mamma?

    4. He later tweeted that he “wasn’t calling for violence.”

      “Just trying to get on Trump’s short list for VP.”

    5. I have a limo
      Ride in the back
      I lock the doors
      In case I’m attacked

      1. +Life’s been good so far

      2. Joe’s slowed down.

        And every Saturday
        we work in the yard
        Pick up the dog poop
        Hope that it’s hard (bark bark)

    6. Real Americans. Blah. Isn’t that a Palinism?

      1. Goddammit. *refreshes browser*

  42. Dallas police say the shooter was not affiliated with protesters.

    You know who else hid their criminal activities by surrounding themselves with progressives?

      1. And people say I’m a party pooper.

      2. OMG, criminal activities require intent. Sexist much?

    1. Warren G. Harding’s administration?

  43. The ‘Kidbutz’ of Topanga Canyon

    Meet the Topanga Family, as their neighbors call them. They are the vanguard of communal living and child rearing, contemporary-style, where a dusty, off-the-grid farm in the middle of nowhere gives way to a sprawling $2 million house with endless views and vaulted ceilings, a Viking kitchen and multiple terraces, 20 minutes from Santa Monica

    Back in my day hippies were dirty and crunchy!

  44. Metropolitan Nashville Police Department: Agency Decommissions Officer After Police Shooting Comments

    Anthony Venable was decommissioned for writing, “Yeah. I would have done 5,” on Facebook, referencing the fatal shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota, the department said.

    1. But surely he’ll be reinstated in a few weeks once the dust settles and the cop union rep can get the fix in.

  45. NZ couple find head on Fiji beach


    In recent weeks a number of parcels containing body parts have washed up in Fiji, beginning with two pairs of human feet.

    Police believe the body parts belong to a Russian couple missing from their farm on Fiji’s main island since June.


    1. Two pairs of feet should suffice for any decent Christian man.

    2. Beachcomber: “Look – a conch shell! If you hold it to your ear, you can hear the ocean!”

      Conch shell Severed head: “Call a medic, fuckwit!”

  46. When the police shoot people with impunity on a fairly regular basis this is what you get. People will refrain from violence when there’s an alternative. When violence is the only perceived choice, someone will commit it.

    Police reform is finished in this country for the time being and that’s going to get more people, and more cops, killed.

    It’s a shame because people were coming around.

    1. This!m There isn’t an alternative. Tort law is the last vestige from outright murder. The ballot box doen’t work. SCOTUS is an entity serving the elite. Don’t worry libertarians, no on is going to ask you to give up any of your comfort lest you stand for something.

      Oh, and since there is no rule of law, how the fuck does a lawyer counsel clients. Say you have a client who come in with a breach of contract against Clinton, inc. How do you tell him that maybe there is no recourse because clinton inc., is untouchable?

      I hope pigs start to fear people as much as people fear them. They fucking earned.

    2. I am not sure I buy that. We have a real problem with the cops in this country. That said, I am not convinced the people who did this would not have done the exact same thing even if we didn’t. The people who did this are leftist assholes. And leftist assholes do not need an excuse to start killing people.

  47. some local news:

    Grand Rapids doughnut shop blames homeless for business closing

    A pointed statement from a business that’s closed due to an “increasing amount of homeless and disadvantaged people” is getting some passionate reaction.

    Propaganda Doughnuts posted to Facebook ? then apparently removed ? an explanation for why it has closed after two years operating on South Division Avenue. A screen shot is being shared on social media:

    “It was too much to ask our customers to accept being harassed and approached by panhandlers. Customers were also having to walk past intoxicated and passed out people on the sidewalks and in the doorways.

    “This area is no longer acceptable for customers who just want to stop in and get some great doughnuts and coffee.”

    That area is teeming with homeless people because there are a number of shelters nearby.

    1. Or did the shelters open there because that’s where the homeless population was?

      1. We’ll have none of your logic here, young man

      2. As far back as I remember, that area has always been where the homeless congregated. Of course back in the 70s/80s the property was dirt cheap because it was the most crime-ridden area of Grand Rapids.

        Back when I was a suburban kid, driving down Division Ave was always a little adventure: prostitutes, drug dealers, and cops were always in abundance.

        1. Cops in abundance? Sounds like an ideal location for a donut shop.

          1. Not when the donuts in question are $5 each, unless they are day-old, when they went down to $2.50

  48. U.S. Women’s Soccer Players Renew Their Fight for Equal Pay

    The campaign, in the short term, will be sartorial: the players plan to wear T-shirts with the hashtag slogan “Equal Play Equal Pay” at media availabilities ahead of their game against South Africa in Chicago on Saturday. But the players union is also creating temporary tattoos with the same phrase that the players plan to wear on the field during their send-off matches. Midfielder Megan Rapinoe said on Thursday that the players would use their well-subscribed social media platforms to amplify the equal-pay message.

    The initiative is a sudden, public escalation of the simmering feud between the players and the federation that broke into view earlier this year when the federation sued the union representing the team to enforce its collective bargaining agreement. Five prominent players responded in March by filing a complaint on behalf of the team with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing U.S. Soccer of wage discrimination.

    “We would prefer not to have to deal with this,” Rapinoe said of ratcheting up the equal-pay fight a few weeks before the team’s Olympic opener on Aug 3. “But we’re not going to shy away from it, either.”

    1. Sudden, public escalation of a simmering feud? Menstruate much?

      “Crusty, we are lazy and will not read the link, so can you please share a photo of the ladies wearing their shirts?”

    2. So… Equal pay per game, as a % of the stadium box and TV revenue?

      1. Not only that, they’re nowhere near the skill level of men. Beat men teams (and it doesn’t have to be the USMNT) on a REGULAR basis and get back to us.

        1. It is entertainment. Attract the same TV audiences and paying crowds as the men and get back to us. I have no problem with women tennis players getting equal pay. Sarena Williams would be lucky to take a game off a top 100 men’s player but people are just as or more willing to pay to see her play. But, the same is not true of women’s soccer players.

        2. The USWNT played the USMNT U17 team (so 16-17 year olds) in the run-up to the World Cup last year and lost 8-2. There’s an incredibly enormous gap in skill level between men’s and women’s soccer.

          1. Australia’s women’s team lost 7-0 to an under-15 boys team.


      2. Sure, just like the Fight for a Living Wage, Relative to Local Cost of Living and Profitability of the Industry in Question and Adjusted for Inflation $15!

    3. So, not quite principled enough to not work until their demands are met.

  49. Researchers Locate The Real Blackadder Namesakes in World War I Records

    Researchers from Forces War Records went through six million military records to locate the stories of the soldiers who share the names of the fictional characters. All of the men they found served in the trenches, just like their namesakes.

    Captain Robert John Blackadder was born in January 1884 in Dundee, Scotland. He graduated in Scots law from University College in Dundee. He worked as an accountant before enlisting. He served as a rifleman in the Queen’s Westminster Rifles, working his way up to Captain in the North Scottish Royal Garrison Artillery.

    He fought in the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and received the Military Cross in 1918 for his “conspicuous gallantry”. After the war, he moved to Sussex, where he died at the age of 84.

    1. +1 cunning plan

    2. Did they find Baldrick yet?


  50. Elizabeth Holmes: Theranos Founder Banned From Owning or Operating a Lab for 2 Years

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also revoked the Newark, Calif., lab’s certification, Theranos said in a statement Thursday. An unspecified fine was also levied.

    1. The company… can no longer receive Medicare and Medicaid payments, among other sanctions.

      That’s the kill-shot there. It’s over.

  51. via Drudge:

    ‘Black Power group’ claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come

    The Black Power Political Organisation wrote on its Facebook account that it was behind the attack and that ‘more assassinations are coming’.

    The message – posted in the aftermath of the shootings – said: “?#?BlackPower?! ?#?BlackKnights?! Sniper Assassins Take Down Five Police Officers! And More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper Rifle And Join Our Thousands Of Sniper Assassins Worldwide In The Fight Against Oppression!”

    1. Congratulations, you instantly set police reform opportunities back three decades.

    2. Black Power Political Organisation

      With a name like that, you’d think the police thought it up and started a honeypot Facebook page.

      1. OK, that’s the commonwealth spelling of “organization.” Is it editorial policy to change spellings of US organizations to commonwealth spelling? Because I are suspicious.

        1. Oops, should have RTFA. The screenshot of the FB page shows normal US spelling. The Mirror changed the spelling.

          1. The Mirror changed the spelling.

            Which I believe, is stupid, since it’s a proper noun and not simply the word in regular usage.

    3. Organisation

      Or it’s one of the Queen’s infiltrators.

    4. That tweet looks ridiculous. And like there are maybe 3 people in it. “No seriously. Like we have THOUSANDS of snipers!”

      1. Now, now, AW, I’m sure there are any number of FBI informants who have joined up.

        1. I’d be shocked if anyone on the page WASN’T an FBI plant, including the creator of it. The government has been using all the other classic dystopias as instruction manuals, why not The Man Who Was Thursday?

    5. It is a single tweet. Maybe it is legit but color me skeptical. Clearly the people who did this were black power nuts. But that fact doesn’t mean they are connected to anyone else or part of some larger national plot. It may mean that but it will take more than a single tweet to convince me of that.

  52. I fear for our 2nd amendment rights. And for anyone who does anything a Dallas cop considers vaguely confrontational for the next few days. This shit’s all just going to get worse.

    1. If you weren’t already in fear of losing RKBA then you weren’t paying attention.

      1. We are, at most, one SCOTUS appointment away from losing even the minimal-to-illusory RKBA in the Heller decision.

  53. Michelle Carter: Athlete Qualifies to Compete in Women’s Shot Put for Rio Olympics

    Carter qualified for her third Olympics after placing first in the Thursday U.S. Track and Field Olympic trials with her best throw reaching 64.27 feet. She placed fifth in the London Olympic finals.

  54. The Senate voted Thursday to require food labels to state whether a product contains genetically modified ingredients. It’s expected to pass the House of Representatives as well.

    At the very moment of passage of this law, the world will have NEVER been a better place than it will have been at that moment. Tell yourself that.

  55. Joey Badass: Rapper Says US Government Is Trying to ‘Start a Civil War’ in Wake of Police Shootings

    “I believe they are simply trying to start a civil war within the USA amongst black & white,” the rapper wrote on Instagram Wednesday in a post that referenced the killing of Alton Sterling.

    Note: This was posted before Dallas

    1. Helter Skelter!

    2. Joey Badass? Is he a 12-year-old? What an infantile name.

  56. Anyone else seeing reports that the shooter that was killed was not connected to the two snipers and their getaway driver (presumed to be the female as far as I can tell)?

    1. Different people decided to shoot up Dallas Police at the same time?

      1. I’ve just seen passing reference. Doesn’t seem very credible to me either.

    2. I’m in the “wait ‘n’ see mode”.

      (narratives have to be made, evidence suppressed, and the anti-gun zealots have to rampage)

      Since it was black-on-white (I’m supposing here) violence I bet this is swept into the memory-hole. Or, oddly enough, the reason that Republicans finally cave over gun control.

    3. Four Day Rule, SF. Always remember it.

      1. I know, I know. I doubt the rumor that the snipers used a Mercedes as a getaway car holds up either.

      2. Business days or calendar days?

        1. Calendar. The news cycle never sleeps. It’s as certain as the menstrual cycle.

  57. Sidenote from yesterday’s Comey questioning.

    From Derpbook (no real link – and obviously not getting any play):

    Gerry Connolly: FBI Director James Comey Testifies to Congressman He Is No Longer a Registered Republican

    Connolly, D-Va., asked Comey during a congressional hearing Thursday if he was a Republican. Comey said he was a registered with the GOP “for most of my adult life, not registered anymore.”

    1. Meh. Probably good to drop any party affiliation in that position, unless one has aspirations to higher office – which Comey does not seem to have.

    2. So James Comey is #NEVERTRUMP. I wonder if that played any role in his recent gold medal at the mental gymnastics.

  58. If this doesn’t get both parties to unite on gun control, nothing will. After all, armed agents of the state are sacred and can do no wrong. So this killing must have been caused by media reports of police murdering innocent people, or by black people who are mad about friends and family getting murdered by the police, or by the weapons themselves which possess magical powers that cause people to kill cops. But one thing is for sure. It ain’t the fault of the cops. No siree. Anyone who says otherwise is an active participant in the War on Cops.

    This will not end well.

    1. Spot on.

      I think we’re on for a major anti-Second Amendment onslaught.

      There is no Scalia at the SCOTUS anymore, and we will have a leftist president who will appoint anti-2A judges from the SCOTUS down to the lower courts. It’s not looking good.

  59. Saint Paul Public Schools: District Releases Statement Following Fatal Police Shooting of Philando Castile

    “Kids loved him. He was smart, over-qualified,” a co-worker said of Castile in the school district’s statement. Castile worked in Nutrition Services for the district after graduating from high school.

  60. What White America Fails to See

    You will never understand the helplessness we feel in watching these events unfold, violently, time and again, as shaky images tell a story more sobering than your eyes are willing to believe: that black life can mean so little. That Alton B. Sterling and Philando Castile, black men whose deaths were captured on film this past week, could be gone as we watch, as a police officer fires a gun. That the police are part of an undeclared war against blackness.

    You can never admit that this is true. In fact, you deem the idea so preposterous and insulting that you call the black people who believe it racists themselves. In that case the best-armed man will always win.

    You say that black folks kill each other every day without a mumbling word while we thunderously protest a few cops, usually but not always white, who shoot to death black people who you deem to be mostly “thugs.”

    *renounces whiteness*

    1. *stocks up on shoeshine*

      (wears racist hood of shame)

      1. +1 knowing shit from shinola

  61. I give these shooters an 8 out-of-10 in technique, but only a 6-out-of-10 in difficulty. Cliven Bundy gets a 5 and 5, respectively.

    Don’t sound so glum, libertarians. More guns mean less fascist tyranny by cops. These kill whitey shooters have only shown us the way.

    1. Fuck off, AmSoc.

    2. No one feed the troll, please.

  62. American spending on prisons has outpaced spending on education by threefold since the 1980s

    Not to defend prison spending, but comparing the rate of growth of a small thing to a big thing isn’t a highly meaningful comparison. Education started at $258B and doubled; prison spending started at $17B and quadrupled. The article cries woe-is-us, if only we were taking that money to education instead! (well, it’s Reuters, so it doesn’t cry, but it implies)

    We’ve already thrown up a 107% increase in the stated period and education has gotten worse. Well, taking the same pool of money and increasing both equally just makes it 120% for education and prisons, it doesn’t let you triple it or something.

    1. That just says we spend too much on both.

  63. Prison expansion mirrors the successive impounding of a nation’s consciousness.

    Incarcerated minds thrive where roses bloom.

  64. someone posted this Twitter Video on last night’s thread about the Dallas shooting.

    Warning: Graphic video. Officer shot, maybe killed. Luckily the resolution is low enough that there is no gore.

    Any thoughts on the weapon used? or general impressions?

  65. You fucking ruined every police reform that might even have possibly been coming. Now all we’re going to get is MORE “blue lives matter” bills and MORE people being shot and nothing’s going to fucking happen and the narrative is going to be “the cops were scared, it’s justifiable”

    Please, this is just stupid. The pigs already murder with impunity. I say 5 down a few thousand to go. Some stupid Kumbya libertarian shit isn’t going to to work. Tort law isn’t working. The courts are providing pigs with legal cover. There is a mindset that pigs are legally untouchable. I say it is good for these fucking pigs to fear for their life every once in a while.

    And the pigs already have a list of special rights. All those “blue lives matter bills” are going to do is further prove there are two sets of law and maybe the sheep will finally get pissed.

    Pigs are the enforcement army of the elite. Fuck em.

    1. The pigs already murder with impunity.

      Sure, Troy, we see things that way, but the rest of society not so much. They’ve bought in to the narrative about heroes in blue forming a thin blue line against violent thugs.

    2. I say it is good for these fucking pigs to fear for their life every once in a while.

      Resist your emotions. Modern states only harden and become far more tactical and dangerous when confronted with violence. Attacks emanating from the yawning concrete spaces of scary citizens fertilize tyranny. Nothing good can from murder since the state already owns that patent.

      1. Pretty much. Fighting back will only accelerate the race to tyranny. But we are on that path regardless.

        1. But we are on that path regardless.

          Absolutely and tragically.

          1. Those who excel in virtue have the best right of all to rebel, but then they are of all men the least inclined to do so.

            -Some smartass Greek.

      2. AC has the comment of the week, right there.

    3. You don’t see how this kind of talk could be just a tad bit counterproductive?

      Fuck off with that noise asshole, this has caused more damage to the cause of police reform than anything else could have.

    4. I don’t like cops anymore than the rest of you. That said, I don’t want to live in a world with no cops. We have to have cops. And the solution to police violence is to punish the police guilty of it not to shoot a bunch of poor bastards on watch at a protest. What the fuck did those guys do?

      If the assholes who did this had gone and taken revenge on some cop who had murdered someone and got away with it, I might have some sympathy for them. But just ambush and murder a few cops standing around at a protest? Fuck them. Hunt down the people responsible for this like the animals they are.

      1. Being that a condition of being a police officer is to look the other way, lie, fill out false reports, commit perjury, and otherwise do whatever it takes to prevent criminal cops from seeing justice, as far as I am concerned every single cop is an accomplice in murder by the police. Every. Single. One. Because no cop would ever turn in one of their brothers for murder. Not a one. It is the cops who are the animals, not the brave citizens who euthanized them.

        1. There is nothing brave about ambushing a bunch of people standing around not expecting harm. There is no good that will come out of this. Once you start a cycle of violence it only gets worse. Moreover, you think it is great to kill cops, fine. The cops will rationally just stop showing up to work. Then where will you be? Lets have a society with no law and order whatsoever. Good luck with that. I don’t care how well armed you are, that is not a place you want to live.

          1. The cops will rationally just stop showing up to work.

            Some cops will go to work so they can commit bridge murders.

          2. Ummm, you’re responding to a post from a commenter with “sarcasm” in their handle. Who frequently posts sarcastic comments.

          3. It was brave in that they had to know they would be caught or killed.

            I agree that no good will come of it though. It will only accelerate the race to tyranny.

            But I will never shed a tear for a dead cop.

            As far as cops failing to show up to work, that isn’t going to happen. They will simple become even more aggressive and dangerous and trigger happy, blithely shooting those they supposedly serve and protect, with no rules of engagement or consequences.

            I see a cycle of violence in the future, and it isn’t going to be pretty. Makes me glad I live in a town without a police force to fear.

            1. Sorry, but not every cop is bad and even if they are they don’t deserve to be shot. There is no defending this. And trying to just makes anyone who objects to the bad things cops do look bad.

          4. The cops will rationally just stop showing up to work.

            So, you’re implying that if someone shoots a bunch of TSA thugs, they’ll rationally stop showing up for work too, and we can regain some of our civil liberties?

            1. I am not implying it. I am saying it. I saw this in Iraq. You want to keep us from building a police department, just start following the cops home after work and shooting them. Suddenly, no one wants to be a cop or show up to work if they are. If people started randomly shooting TSA agents, TSA agents would decide flipping burgers or living on the dole wasn’t such a bad option.

              1. If people started shooting Border Patrol agents, would they stop showing up to work and violating our civil rights?

                If people started shooting NSA agents, would they stop showing up to work and violating our civil rights?

                I could go on.

                You trust the police. I don’t. I’d much rather they get replaced with private security officers. Them finding different jobs is a feature, not a bug.

                That being said, murdering police isn’t likely to turn out well for our civil liberties. Or for random traffic stops.

                1. No it won’t, because chances are they won’t murder enough to get people to stop showing up to work. Instead they will murder just enough to make the ones who remain that much more paranoid and violent.

                  Going around and randomly shooting cops is absolutely the dumbest thing anyone could do if their concern is stopping police brutality.

          5. So you believe Chris Kyle was a coward too?

            1. Chris Kyle wore a uniform and was in a war zone. Had Kyle hide among civilians not wearing a uniform and just murdered people, he would have been a coward.

              Stop it people. Seriously. This is disgraceful.

              1. My point is, don’t call them cowards. Its unhelpful. It was immoral, horrible, and dangerous to the cause we believe in. It isn’t necessarily the cause they believe in. But it isn’t cowardly to engage your armed enemy with guns from range and height. Any more than its cowardly to drone-strike a wedding. Horrible, not right, immoral. Not cowardly.

      2. Well, this is the problem with letting it become systemic. Baton Rouge, suburban St. Paul, Corey Maye in Mississippi, that poor kid in California who got beaten to death. Freddie Gray in Baltimore (which may or may not belong on the list). And not one of them got jail time. AND, they all got to keep their jobs. We can’t even fire cops after a shooting incident and say they were mentally unable to perform under pressure. That’s a problem. Its an obvious injustice and it always goes one way. How would you deal with a group of people you perceived to be imminently violent to your family and friends, who are above consequences of injuring or killing them? Cops are cops. They want it that way. This is the downside of the blue wall.

        1. You nailed the main problem-lack of consequences. If people feel violence is the only recourse there will be violence.

        2. You are right Brett. We have got to do something about cops getting away with murder. You have no argument from me about that. And I completely understand and have been saying for years that if we didn’t, people would eventually get tired of it and things like this would start happening.

          That, however, doesn’t make it a good thing or something I want to see happen or will ever endorse.

      3. I don’t like cops anymore than the rest of you. That said, I don’t want to live in a world with no cops. We have to have cops.

        So you’re saying that we have to have enforcers for the ruling class, people that are the moral equivalent of mafia enforcers?

        Not seeing the “have to have” thing. Or the “we” thing for that matter.

        People need protection from those who would violate their liberties. Trusting cops with the job isn’t turning out nearly as well as you’d think, especially if you’re black.

        1. I am fairly young, reasonably fit, well armed and reasonably violent. You want to get rid of cops and allow people to take the law into their own hands, it probably wouldn’t work out that badly for me. it would, however, work out very badly for a lot of other people.

          I am not an anarchist. We need a rule of law and we need to have a way to adjudicate disputes and do justice that is systematic and doesn’t leave it to the mob. I wake up every day and live in a nice place where I don’t fear for my life or face the prospect of having to shoot someone. That is a really good thing. Get rid of the police and the rule of law and that won’t be true anymore.

          1. It looks like people are losing their damn minds here. This nonsense just plays into the hands of those who have no problem with police misconduct. It’s dangerously stupid.

            1. You are right.

          2. I wake up every day and live in a nice place where I don’t fear for my life or face the prospect of having to shoot someone. That is a really good thing. Get rid of the police and the rule of law and that won’t be true anymore.

            Can you understand the perspective of someone who is black and lives in an inner city and wakes up every day knowing that the police might shoot them during a random traffic stop?

            I really can’t improve on Bastiat’s preemptive reply:

            “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

            ? Fr?d?ric Bastiat, The Law

            1. One reason why the 2A is morally imperative for minorities in this country.

              I wish they would see it that way.

            2. I know plenty of people who live in those areas. And while they are afraid of the cops, they are a hell of a lot more afraid of the criminals who live in those neighborhoods. Last weekend, someone was murdered every two hours in Chicago. That wasn’t cops that were doing that. That was criminals. You seem to labor under this delusion thta cops are the only people out there you don’t want to meet. Sorry, but there are people out there that are worse than any cop you have ever met and would happily come and kill you, your family and take everything you own if they could. If you want to have to deal with those people on your own, well that is great if you are like me and well armed and fit enough to do so. It isn’t so great for people who are not and for people who are unlucky enough to let the predators get the drop on them even if you are.

              At some point, you need to get some perspective. Yeah, the cops are a problem, but things could be a hell of a lot worse with out them.

              1. but things could be a hell of a lot worse with out them.

                …Historically this is an inaccurate statement with little evidence.

                1. .Historically this is an inaccurate statement with little evidence.

                  And that is just complete fucking horseshit. I can’t understand how anyone with an IQ above 20 could be so ignorant that they think times are better when government and law breaks down.

                  That statement is so stupid that you have to just stand in awe of its stupidity. It is just fucking epic. You may have hit peak derp.

                  1. First, take your meds John. Second, lets review some history:
                    1. “Police” is a very new concept:

                    It was not until the 1830s that the idea of a centralized municipal police department first emerged in the United States. In 1838, the city of Boston established the first American police force

                    and my personal favorite:

                    The genesis of the modern police organization in the South is the “Slave Patrol” (Platt 1982).

                    2. Throughout the history of humanity it has been governments and their enforcement agents that have committed the most murders/thefts/rapes etc. See WAR, but even without war, See Knights in the early medieval period, the Pratorian guard in the Roman period, and countless other examples. These could be considered the “photo-police” as they were tasked with enforcing the will of the governing body.

                    My IQ is far above 20 thankfully, an interesting insult to be sure.

                    …be so ignorant that they think times are better when government and law breaks down.

                    Can’t find anywhere where I said this. I am not an AnCap, never have been, have argued vehemently with them right here on this very board many times. But I am no so ignorant that I can’t CLEARLY see where the problems arise. Perhaps you should take a moment to do a little research and find some perspective before blowing your stack.

            3. Can you understand the perspective of someone who is black and lives in an inner city and wakes up every day knowing that the police might shoot them during a random traffic stop?

              You do realize that Heather McDonald can easily trot out hundreds of black people if full support of the police in their neighborhoods?

          3. You want to get rid of cops and allow people to take the law into their own hands,

            But what we have is cops who take the law into their own hands. If somebody is going to do it, do we want it to be people who are immunized from consequence?

            1. No RC. we have a case were some cops take the law into their own hands. Cops are not out killing people by the hundreds every day. Every day there are millions of times cops do the right thing. We have a problem but lets not pretend it is bigger than it is. We don’t live in a generally lawless society, yet.

              More importantly, if you think mob violence and vigilante justice is preferable to what we have now, then you have just lost your mind or are utterly ignorant of what rule by vigilante actually looks like. I don’t know what to you other than that.

      4. “We have to have cops”

        I don’t disagree that killing police is bad, but I don’t know about this statement here. Private detective agencies were a common thing, and an effective means at tracking down criminals and stolen goods for a LONG while, and Americans routinely hired them instead of going to the police because the Private Eyes would actually get things done.

        Then they got a bad rep with Unions and their political allies, since the private agents were often hired to protect private property and persons from violent strikers. The government wouldn’t have any of that, though, and horrified at the thought of people relying on each other and not the state to protect property and catch criminals, they formed the FBI as a public competitor to drive the private agencies out of business.

        The private eyes largely had a better record than police, though, as they were bound to the law like any other citizen. The most violent any private agency got was a clash with unions and the Pinkertons, which resulted in all of three dead people.

        1. At some point there were still cops and courts that would hold those detective accountable to the law. I don’t think we only need cops. You are right, private detective agencies can work well. But ultimately, we need some cops because someone has to be above those agencies and able to hold them to the standard of the law.

    5. The pigs already murder with impunity.

      You are right. And now it is only going to get worse.

      1. Yup. This is the worst possible thing that could have happened. And I don’t buy for a minute that the people who did this give a fuck about cops or the people who are victimized by them. They are just assholes who want to kill people and burn shit down. They don’t want to fix anything. They did this because they want things to get worse.

        1. So you’re saying this might be an inside job?

          1. No. I am saying the people who did this are asshole leftist revolutionaries. They did this because they want a revolution not because they want something done about police brutality. They don’t care about brutality. They love brutality. They just want to be the ones administering it.

            1. They are just assholes who want to kill people and burn shit down

              I meant they sound a lot like cops.

              1. Get back to me when cops mow down 11 people standing around on a street corner. We have a problem with police violence in this country. But not all violence is the same.

                1. I agree with you, John. No forgiving what those murderers did. I used to drive a yellow Cadillac Sedan deVille when I lived in Denver. Cops would pull up next to me all the time and look in the window. They’d see me and just drive away. When I was giving my black friend a ride, they’d pull up, look in the window and then I’d get followed for blocks. The whole thing is fucked up.

                  1. It is totally fucked up. We have to do something about the police in this country. We have got to cut down on the number of laws and the number of interactions and excuses for police to fuck with people. We have got to cut down on the number of cops and use the ones we have to enforce actual laws and protect the public instead of roaming around shaking people down for tax revenue.

                    That being said, we cannot defend or justify murdering people. All that does is tell the cops and their defenders it is okay for them to do the same thing. That never ends well for anyone.

                    1. I was once mugged in a park at gun point by two white junkies. Saw a couple of squad cars with their lights on down the street, so I went down there to tell them what happened. The cops were already in the process of handcuffing some young black guys when I told them what happened. “Was it these guys”, the cop asked. I said “No, like I already told you. They were white.” He told me to take another look at the brothers being cuffed. Couldn’t believe that these cops would be so brazen about flouting the law. There is going to be some payback coming and I don’t see anyway to avoid it. “You want justice?” “No, we want revenge!”.

                  2. I used to drive a yellow Cadillac Sedan deVille

                    I’m going to victim blame here because, yellow.

                    White interior? I hope it had a white interior, because that would look sweet.

                    1. Maroon. The VW fastback I also had at the time was creme. Driving those on alternating days was a trip.

                    2. Glad Reason got ya fixed up, straffin. Welcome back under your proper alias.

        2. They don’t want to fix anything. They did this because they want things to get worse.


  66. At a press conference from Warsaw, Poland, Friday morning, President Obama called the attack “vicious, calculated and despicable.”

    “I believe I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified over these events,” Obama said.

    I think he’s presuming a lot. Some of the family and relatives of the black citizens murdered recently by police might not hold LEOs in quite as high a regard as Obama does.

  67. I have a coworker who has a cop for a husband and I am currently listening to her effectively blaming the cop shooting from yesterday on the dead Falcon Heights educator. It’s the most incoherent shit I’ve ever heard, but she’s just so sure of herself. The best I can make out is that the woman who took the video didn’t film everything and that’s why these evil gun owners think they are justified in killing innocent cops! She is sure that something happened off the video “and just you wait, it will come out and we’ll find out what really happened”. I just want to yell at her to shut the fuck up, unfortunately the calm, rational ones in the workplace have to take the higher ground and just not say anything.

    1. Slip her the business card for a battered women’s shelter. Chances are she’d benefit.

      1. +1 I walked into a door frame.

    2. The population in this country on both sides has gotten so irrational and stupid, I am not sure we are capable of responding to this event with anything other than the most insane, counterproductive and stupid thing possible. I am not sure what that will be, but I think it is a pretty good bet that between people like your coworker and the retards in the BLM movement and its sympathizers, society will find it.

      1. BLM/FOP wars ravage societal liberty since neither organization has any fucking clue that their charters are self-serving deceit mills.

        1. “self-serving deceit mill”, now that is an elegant, accurate phrase.

          1. Stealing that.

      2. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to recognize police misconduct AND be able to sympathize when innocent police are killed. But apparently I’m supposed to pick just one side and dance on the corpses of the other.

        1. Once you get a cycle of violence started, it is very hard to stop. Usually it only stops after a very long time when people just get tired of dying. We are not there yet, but God help us we are getting there. The people who are excusing this need to realize that that is just telling the other side it is okay to do the same thing. Don’t forget, there is a racial element here. How long before some white supremacist nut mows down a dozen or so BLM protestors in “revenge” for this? Won’t that be fabulous. We don’t want to go down this road.

    3. I say you tell her calmly and rationally to shut the fuck up.

      1. Female co-worker, so the risk is too great. Also, even if he did she’d probably report this to her cop husband and Lappie would start getting a lot of traffic tickets, etc.

        1. Just nod, agree, look at watch and say “oops, late for meeting”.

  68. “I believe I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified over these events,” Obama said.

    Why would BHO be “horrified” after he and the MSM spent the past seven years playing the racial blame game? Wasn’t whipping up a BLM-esque movement and politically mobilizing black rage the entire point of the fraudulent Martin & Brown reporting?

  69. What a bunch of fucking pansies libertarians are. These shooters have shown us the way. An armed citizenry that shoots it out with cops is the only legitimate reaction to the emails that HRC typed out to Sidney Blumenthal about Benghazi. She should have seen this coming.

    1. Boring idiot troll is boring and idiotic.

      1. I don’t seriously argue– like the majority of posters here– that the reason the 2nd amendment exists is so that citizens can shoot at the police and the military to overthrow the government. That’s kind of where I’m going.

        1. Boring idiot troll builds strawman, masturbates furiously.

        2. You could have put a period after the word “argue” and stopped writing, and been right for once.

          Soooo close.

        3. that the reason the 2nd amendment exists is so that citizens can shoot at the police and the military to overthrow the government. That’s kind of where I’m going.

          What part of “necessary for the security of a free state” do you not understand? The 2nd Amendment literally says why protects the individual right to bear arms right in the amendment itself.

          1. The 2nd amendment exists so police and the military can protect the government from the tyranny of individuals, duhh.

    2. Because someone shooting cops at a BLM protest where people are protesting cops murdering civilians — clearly everyone there is outraged about emails from the person they are going to vote for en masse.

      A D- for your trolling.

    3. That reminds me.

      Thank you, Bryan.

      1. BOOM! Vanished.

  70. Preemptive strike. Self-defense. No indictment.

  71. Why are Black people who shoot cops responsible for the inevitable blowback that we’ll see from law enforcement, While Cliven Bundy’s supporters, who point guns at cops, not responsible for the same blowback?

    1. Boring idiot troll goes for logical fallacy trifecta, trips over own pants, cries.

      1. AmSoc should see a proctologist to get his head examined.

      2. My thoughts and prayers are NOT with him.

  72. My attitude from across the big drink is this.

    1. So you’re not banned? Was it all a dream?

    2. ^possible informant, guys. Ix-nay on the ot-play.

      1. Mike explains upthread. It wasn’t the eet-Pray you thought.

  73. Scott Adams had an interesting take on the FBI’s decision regarding Hillary.

    I don’t agree with his conclusion at all (and I suspect he’s just playing devil’s advocate) but still interesting

    1. Yeah, his conclusion was weird.

      Comey IMHO should have stuck to the rule of law and recommended an indictment. Things would have played out one or another. The Democrats would have found another candidate who voters would have been evaluated against Trump.

      It wasn’t Comey’s job to think about anything else but the investigation and its logical conclusions, and nothing beyond it. He’s not deserving of the hagiography that Scott Adams is portraying.

      1. That’s my thinking too. No one forced the Democrats to support such a corrupt and incompetent bitch for president. If she got indicted and there was only Trump left, that’s on them, not the FBI.

        That said, I share his optimism that the majority of the country won’t vote for her.

        1. That said, I share his optimism that the majority of the country won’t vote for her.

          I am resigned to a Hillary presidency.

          Trump has a big mouth with a poor filter, and I’m waiting for him to call her a b**** or c*** on stage. I have a sense it’s bound to happen. He’s obnoxious enough already, and if tongue slips, that will be the last nail in the coffin.

          Romney’s 47% comment will pale in comparison.

          1. Trump has a big mouth with a poor filter, and I’m waiting for him to call her a b**** or c*** on stage. I have a sense it’s bound to happen. He’s obnoxious enough already, and if tongue slips, that will be the last nail in the coffin.

            What do you want to bet it never happens? I guarantee you it won’t. I don’t understand why you and Hazel Meade and several other people seem to have this almost pathological need to believe that Trump is something other than what he is, which is a fairly ordinary politician who was clever enough to figure out people hated Washington and politicians and capitalize on it.

            1. a fairly ordinary politician

              That is far from clear. I’d hesitate to call him a politician at all and who really knows how he’d act in office or what his policies would be?

              1. I’d hesitate to call him a politician at all

                And peoiple say I am a shill for Trump. Jesus Zeb, I like the guy but lets not get out of hand here.

                And his priorities are obvious. He is going to enforce immigration law, he is going to call the dogs off business and curtail the regulatory state and he is going work out whatever he can with Congress to get taxes and spending down. It is not that hard to figure out. People just don’t like it but can’t argue why it is a bad thing so they pretend it doesn’t exist.

                I don’t know how else to deal with people like you Zeb. We must just live in different universes and are communicating through some strange cosmic wormhold, because I don’t see anything that supports the kind of pants shitting that goes on about Trump.

        2. And its not like the Democrats couldnt pick someone else at their convention.

          The election process hasnt even started yet, the candidates havent been finalized.

          1. ^This.

            Biden vs. Kasich/Rubio/Bush could possibly still happen.

      2. The Democrats would have found another candidate who voters would have been evaluated against Trump.


        His argument is complete bullshit.

        1. I don’t think the Democrats would have gotten rid of Hillary if she had been indicted. I know that sounds nuts but I think it is true.

          1. God, you’re probably right.

    2. He should’ve stopped short of; “Comey is a hero.”

      He’s got several facts wrong, or is ignoring them, but is generally making a point right up until he concluded with that.

      1. How does he get the idea that Hillary will have any sort of ‘credibility’ with the ~60% of the population that will not vote for her.

        Comey killed any credibility that Hillary has with anyone not completely in the democrat bag.

    3. “For example, I think laws regarding abortion are most credible when they are agreeable to the majority of women, no matter what the majority of men think. Imagine an abortion-related law that was acceptable to 90% of men but only 10% of women. It wouldn’t be credible. Nor should it be.”

      You know what’s also not credible? The idea that this is an issue which pits women as a class against men as a class.

      The divisions in the country over abortion apply to both men *and* women. No, you don’t have most men on one side and most women on the other, that’s a pro-choice misandric fantasy.

      1. Ham and eggs – the chicken is committed, but the pig is invested.

        That read differently to me, Eddie, and I think that’s because we’re all speaking different languages. At the moment, let’s call what you’re speaking Empathy, and Detached for what Adams is speaking.

        On a purely physical basis, women have skin in the game when it comes to abortion. While, much like the chicken, men have every reason to be super interested in how this turns out, they are not as invested as the woman.

        I hope to goodness we aren’t going to have to vehemently fight about whether men are just as physically invested in childbearing as women. Sweet Christ, do I hope.

        So, when one is speaking Detached, this seems perfectly reasonable. Women have more skin in the game. Of course. Ergo…. naturally any decision supported by 90% of men and only 10% of women with skin in the game looks suspicious. It looks a lot like people writing checks they expect others to cash. Adams also suggests, to my reading, that perhaps that is exactly the questions we should be asking ourselves, across many subjects and more often. Does this look fishy? Are we asking others to finance our druthers, metaphorically or otherwise?

        1. I hope to goodness we aren’t going to have to vehemently fight about whether men are just as physically invested in childbearing as women. Sweet Christ, do I hope.

          Economically invested, on the other hand, ….

        2. It is nonsense to say men are not invested in a child the way women are. Maybe a hundred years ago when a man could run off and avoid responsibility. But today? They are more invested in some ways.

          1. On a purely physical basis is what she said. Men may be invested to a similar degree, but not in the same way.

            1. But an equally significant way. Men are just as upset as women when their wives miscarry. And there are plenty of examples of men wanting to keep the child and the woman getting an abortion over their objection.

              Not only are men just as invested, they have no rights or say in the matter. But, that is a truth that just can’t be uttered for whatever reason.

    4. He makes a very valid point. And the people to blame for all of this more so than Comey is Hillary and her supporters. if Hillary were anything but an utter shameless immoral piece of shit, she never would have done this in the first place or would have at least had the decency to step aside once it came to light. If the Democrats were anything but a lawless piece of shit party, they would refuse to nominate her after this. It is only because Hillary and the Democratic party are such immoral lawless pieces of shit that Comey was put into the position of effectively having to choose the President for the country.

      I understand the reasons why he didn’t want to do that. And the blame for that ultimately falls on Hillary and her supporters, especially those in the leadership of the Democratic party and in the media. How the fuck is that woman still allowed in public life? It is just pathetic.

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