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Get Ready for President Hillary on Tonight's Stossel!

Watch Fox Business Network at 9 p.m. for a repeat of an hour-length libertarian critique of the Democratic nominee, including Matt Welch talking about Clinton's terrible free speech record.


Tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox Business Network, television host and Reason.com columnist John Stossel is airing a repeat of his June 24 program exploring all things statist about presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. As I wrote in my original tease for the show, Stossel

was kind enough to ask me to come on for a segment and talk about the presumptive Democratic nominee's long and terrible record on all things free speech. The Stossel team unearthed some truly gruesome video clips to help make the point as well.

You can read about our putative Censor in Chief in my March cover story, and in a couple of follow-ups: "Tech/Gaming Journalist: 'I think' Hillary Clinton's 'war on video games' was 'well-intentioned,'" and "Why Are the Newspapers That Condemn Donald Trump's Free-Speech Rants Endorsing Hillary Clinton?"

And here's a lil' clip from my appearance:

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  1. Stossel is a boner. That is all.

    1. Not only are boners always a welcome sight, they are highly respected signs of virility, so I agree with you.

      1. The mustache is hawt also.

  2. Here we see Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch showing how long he can hold his breath in John Stossel’s new underwater studio at Fox Business Network in New York.


    2. He might have just tasted some mustache wax.

  3. The lesson to be learned from the magnitude of the support she’s getting from the electorate is that, evidently, Americans tend not to care about fundamental liberties anymore.

    1. My take is that most of my countrymen, whomever they support, are stupid. The evidence just flows around me like an ocean daily.

      1. Progressive asshat acquaintance: “Those damned right-wing hatemongers want to silence free-thinking liberals. FREE SPEECH FOR ALL!!!! A1 REPRESENT!”

        Me: “I think the Second Amendment is also very important to the health of our society.”

        Progressive asshat acquaintance: “That sort of hateful right-wing bullshit should be a crime to speak.”

        Me: *Approaches brick wall, violently smashes head into it repeatedly.*

        1. Yeah. “The 2A is DIFFERENT than all the other Bill of Rights amendments!”

          “Uh, no it isn’t. It’s THE SAME THING.”

          “Nuh uh! Cause icky AR471 with the thingy that sticks up plus not needed for hunting and…WELL TRAINED MILITIA which means the Army so only cops and the army!111!”

          This is why I just stopped talking about guns with anyone except people I’ve gone to the range with before….

    2. It helps to remember that 49% of people have below-average intelligence. Contrary to what poll numbers indicate.

    3. Or how evil a candidate may be.

  4. exploring all things statist about presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

    You can save a lot of words by just saying “talkin’ ’bout Hillary.” Cause statist IS all with her.


    1. “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the design of ambition.”

      Fuck Clinton and her authoritarian evil.

    2. If you want to see what a Hillary presidency will be like, just show a marathon of the ‘Hunfer Games’ films, but edit Hillary in place of Donald Sutherland.

  5. When I was a senior in High School, we had to write a letter to an elected official as part of my Government class. If you wrote a letter to a local politician, our small town paper would publish it.

    Not wanting any of that, I wrote my letter to then-POS George W. Bush. I told him the road to hell is paved with good intentions, referencing his no child left behind bunk. If I’d been thinking, I’d have written one to Clinton, instead, about her video game bullshit. Well-intentioned, my ass.

    I’m probably on a list somewhere. Good times

    1. If you’re not on some government list somewhere, you are probably doing something wrong

    2. I’m probably on a list somewhere.

      Heh. Just completed some financial paperwork yesterday at our house to ensure my family’s taken care of given my [exceptionally-highly-likely] imminent demise. (they were nice enough to come to my place since I was in EXTREME pain that the doctors promised would follow the completion of radiation – they were right)

      We were talking about IRS audits and how they choose “randomly” for certain things, and that we’d better do X JUST in case we were audited. I noted, “….as one clearly identified as an enemy of the state, we’d better do X since we’ll get audited for sure.”

      The financial guys laughed uncomfortably, then noted that, they, too were likely on a list…..and we had a nice little chat. Our polotics are amazingly aligned. Probably why we liked them so much to trust them with basically ALL my money (except my YUGE insurance policy for Mrs. Almanian).

      OH – and they both said they’d vote for me for President, which is great.

      Almanian for President – 2016
      I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

      They could be reasonoids….I invited them to join the party.

      1. I hope you beat that fucking disease, even if the odds aren’t in your favor.

      2. I’d vote for you, Almanian.

        And kudos to you for taking steps to take care of Mrs. Almanian. As an aspiring financial advisor, that’s commendable behavior.

        1. Oh, yeah – she’ll have way more once I die than we ever had when we were alive. She’ll be very, very well off. She deserves it.

      3. I’ll vote for you in exchange for making me Lord High Executioner, so I can punish the progtards. i the interest of smaller government, you’re welcome to eliminate three smaller cabinet level offices and only give me ten percent of their budgets. I van get rid of a lot of progtards on a small federal budget. Maybe some kind of a trade to save small animals in favor of putting frogs to sleep or something.

    3. Hillary Clinton never had good intentions. She is only self serving and power hungry.

  6. I love it when Hillary breaks into her Mars Attacks shrill screech.

    Ack ack ack, ACK ACK!

    1. Here’s footage of a young man being thrown into Hillary Clinton back in 1983:


    2. She’s definitely joined the list of “people I LITERALLY cannot listen to any more, and turn the channel or hit mute if they’re on the TEEVEE or radidio…”

      Sean Hannity
      That piece of shit fucking President of ours
      Schmuck Schumer

      some others

      1. + 1-877-Kars-for-Kids
        + The beta dude with those obnoxious gotcha ads for Chevy

        I am sure there are others

        1. + The Bacardi ad where the hipsters are partying in the house that is being moved.

  7. Matt Welch to the defense of the bitch he supports. Lovely.

    No thanks.

    1. He is known as being a big fan.

      1. Known? You can *see* it plain as day; Welch really has packed on the pounds these days. And I don’t think it’s that mythical, “The camera adds 10 lbs.,” nonsense, either.

  8. I’m surprised…well, not really surprised, more disappointed…that Hillary’s anti-gaming offensives, and in particular the infamous “Hot Coffee” controversy has barely been mentioned even by outlets that aren’t favorably disposed towards Clinton. Indefensibly heavy-handed moral policing that was based on what could only be either lies or a willful ignorance of the subject matter. Personally, I remember it as a major turning point in my feelings towards government and authority. It made me think, “If these people could be so obviously, completely, demonstrably wrong about something it doesn’t take very much effort to understand, what else are they just making shit up about?”

    1. For me, it was when I got my first check from my first “real” job. And then watched the lady in line in front of me at the grocery store, who drove a nicer car and ate a lot more steak and mushrooms than I, paid for everything with food stamps.

      I never, ever forgot that.

      “I pay THIS in taxes so that fucking BITCH can eat steak and drive a new car that I paid for while I work my fucking ass off and eat shitty bologna???!!! FUCK THIS!”

      1. I used to work the checkout on food stamp day. Holy shit it was grocery carts packed sky-high with steak and lobster as far as the eye could see.

        1. I know some chicks that are on every kind of welfare or GA they can get their hands on. Their priorities are going to concerts and fucking dirtbags that don’t have jobs and sponge off of them.

          When I ask them why they don’t focus on building some kind of career, and/or dumping the parasitic losers they’re fucking, they just look at me cluelessly.

          Fuck the poor.

  9. It’s not too late for Hillary to become president of cell block 666 in the federal graybar hotel.

    She has done so much shit that somebody should be able to convict her of something.

    Or so I continue to hope.

  10. 30,000 emails deleted = obstruction of justice

    Even a moron like Comey can’t excuse that away

    1. Don’t look now but he already did.

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