200+ Killed in Baghdad Terror Attack, Wave of Suicide Bombers in Saudi Arabia

ISIS suspected



More than 200 people were killed in a suicide bombing in a shopping mall in a Shia area of Baghdad for which the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility. The prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, called for three days of mourning, while facing protesters at his house and of his convoy who blamed lapses by the government for allowing such large amounts of explosives into residential neighborhoods.

ISIS promised more terrorist attacks on the West during Ramadan, but most of the attacks connected to them in the last month have come in majority Muslim countries like Bangladesh and Turkey. The Orlando shooting, in which 49 people were killed and where the shooter called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS, is the only major terrorist attack in the West during Ramadan, while more than 500 people have been killed in terrorist attacks and attacks on military targets attributed to ISIS or its adherents, with hundreds more killed by terror groups affiliating with ISIS, like Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

The end of Ramadan saw a suicide bomber detonating himself near the Saudi security office of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, one of the holiest sites in Islam, after suicide bombers blew themselves up near a Shiite mosque in Qatif as well as near a U.S. consulate and a mosque in Jeddah. Analysts say the attacks represent a challenge by ISIS to Saudi Arabia's authority as guardian of Islam's holy cities of Mecca and Medina. There have been a number of ISIS attacks in the country in the last year.

Saudi authorities identified the Jeddah attacker as a Pakistani national who had been living in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. Pakistan said it would investigate the claim. A Saudi security spokesperson said the attackers intentions were "still unclear" since there was a mosque, local security forces, and a U.S. consulate in the vicinity of the bomber, whose vest only partially detonated.

Four security officers were killed in the attacks across Saudi Arabia. There were no claims of responsibility but authorities say the attacks bore the "hallmarks" of ISIS.

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  1. Saudi Arabia gets hit by a wave of Sunni Islamist attacks. Let this be a lesson for states that sponsor and export terrorists and their ideology. Blowback has never been more blowbacky.

      1. And for the lazy, here’s how Saudi Arabia reacted to one of the worst terror attacks on their soil:

        Saudi King Khaled however, did not react to the upheaval by cracking down on religious puritans in general, but by giving the ulama and religious conservatives more power over the next decade. He is thought to have believed that “the solution to the religious upheaval was simple — more religion.” First, photographs of women in newspapers were banned, then women on television. Cinemas and music shops were shut down. School curriculum was changed to provide many more hours of religious studies, eliminating classes on subjects like non-Islamic history. Gender segregation was extended “to the humblest coffee shop”. The religious police became

        1. Khaled was a bit of pig-ignorant savage, after all.


      2. I’d argue it was kicked off even further back, back when the Saudis first decided to train Bedouin warriors and indoctrinate them in Wahhabi ideals.

        Wahhabi terrorists have always been funded by someone to fight someone else and they ALWAYS turn against their funders.

      3. Simple explanation is it was kicked off with oil giving the dwindling and toothless Islamists power to bring back the caliphate. The relatively peaceful Middle East was a brief break from the norm where the backwards culture missed the industrial revolution while stoning people and found themselves forgotten by the world.

    1. The Saudis really aught to have learned this a CENTURY ago. They formed the Ikhwan by indoctrinating Bedouin raiders in Wahhabism to fight the Ottomans and THAT experiment ended in the Ikhwan turning against the Saudis and attacking. Literally every time someone combines Weapons, Military hit-and-run style training, and Wahhabism the resulting fanatical warriors ALWAYS turn against their creators!!

      Whether it’s the Saudis a century ago forcing Wahhabi doctrines on skilled raiders, or the US giving weapons and training to Afghan Wahhabis to fight the Russians, this combination ALWAYS backfires and no one EVER learns from it and thinks “Hey, maybe we should STOP giving weapons to Wahhabis.”

      1. or the US giving weapons and training to Afghan Wahhabis

        Let’s not get our Wahhabis and our Deobandis confused. Though, they’ve always been happy to work with one another in the region.

  2. The end of Ramadan saw a suicide bomber detonating himself near the Saudi security office of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, one of the holiest sites in Islam, after suicide bombers blew themselves up near a Shiite mosque in Qatif as well as near a U.S. consulate and a mosque in Jeddah

    I guess the silver lining might be the many ISIS members killing themselves.

    1. When it comes to terrorism, I admit I usually just read the headlines. But seriously, what are these attacks supposed to accomplish?

      1. I’m not sure if they know. They’re just angry and they like to blow stuff up, including themselves apparently.

        1. Or…perhaps they want to demoralize the civilian population in “enemy” countries (“enemy” = don’t like ISIS for some reason)?

          1. To get right down to what I personally believe. I think that all of this is blowback from the West fucking around in the ME for 60 years. I think they feel threatened by westernization, something they feel is threatening their culture and is out of their control. I think if we had stayed the fuck out of that part of the world, we wouldn’t have this problem. The various factions of Islam would just be continuing to engage in tribal warfare, like they’ve been doing for a thousand years or more, and they would completely ignore us since we wouldn’t matter to them.

            1. I would very much like that to be true – and certainly announcing a policy of “we’ll leave anyone alone who leaves us alone” would be a useful experiment to test that.

              My fear would be that (a) whatever we do now will be regarded as part of an evil infidel plot, or else as yielding to their pressure, and (b) they define intervention to include dirty Web sites and the works of J. S. Mill.

              1. I don’t believe at this point, just leaving them alone will result in them leaving us alone. It takes a long time to undo 60 years of animosity. But I still believe we should leave them alone and just try as best as possible to keep them from doing any damage here.

                1. How about we leave and leave them alone. Then if they fuck with us they get a drone or a nuc. Wash, rinse, repeat until their neighbors get them under control. We don’t need oil from the ME, and we don’t need sand. So what are we fighting for?

              2. Yep. They also wouldn’t be too happy about kids adopting Western style fashions or music, even if we weren’t aggressively marketing it over there.

            2. Sixty? More like 100. Ever since the Allies first struck a devil’s bargain with the locals to open a front against the Turks.

                1. Should we go back to the gates of Vienna? Or 1492?

                  1. It all started with the 1st Ghazwa in 623, if you think about it.

              1. If only the Ottomans were imperially oppressing them with our blessing, the Arabs would love us!


            3. I say we go back to the initial conquests and slave raids of Muhammadans when they conquered the Levant followed by North Africa and Spain. If we’re going to start some kind of “who started this shitshow contest”, they win the prize.

            4. My general take is that this is just another variation on the Muslim Civil/Holy War that kicked off when Big Mo died. Sunnis v Shias.

            5. Jesus Christ, you have an unprovable hypothesis. You obviously think Muslims are animals incapable of having their own desires. They just react to whatever the west does. Okay, why don’t we get blown up by Vietnamese, Koreans, Germans, Italians, Japanese, etc.?

              1. Maybe the Vietnamese etc aren’t animals incapable of having their own desires.

        2. Have we considered the possibility that if your faith is strong enough, you simply blow up?

      2. Well, according to the Wahhabis, it’s an attempt to disrupt the status quo in the decadent middle east nations which have allowed too much western influence. This in turn will cause a popular religious backlash (and revolution) which will inexorably lead to a Caliphate being formed in the Middle East.

        Whether this tactic will be effective is a good question.

        However, I would argue that it’s been more effective than we’re willing to admit. They almost toppled Egypt, they’re in the process of toppling Syria, they toppled Libya with the help of the U.S., they kind of sort of already toppled Iran in 1979, Iraq is up for grabs the second we fully disengage, Afghanistan had been toppled and may topple again the instant we disengage etc.

        1. “they kind of sort of already toppled Iran in 1979”

          Militant Shia are a far cry from Wahhabis.

          1. Well, I’m not going to soap box it up because I’m not much of an expert here, but they seem to be a kind of Wahhabi-lite.

            Here’s how I see the Iranian regime: They’re what happens to a fairly strict (dare I say ‘extreme’) version of Islam when they’re given a legitimate country and recognized state. They become concerned with their place in the world and they dial down the crazy.

            This idea of mine conveniently lines up with my position on ISIS: Give them a country, recognize their state, then they have the spectre of having war-war declared on them if they get out of line.

            1. That makes sense, but we seem to be dead set on scattering them all around so that we never really know where they are. Having most of them in one place definitely makes the most sense. They also then get caught up in running their own country and things like that, so all of their attention can’t be dedicated to attacking the West, and they will, like you said, be aware of the fact that we know where to strike if they start anything.

              1. Give them a country?

                Various flavors of Muslim religious nutter are already running two I can think of off the top of my head. It just seems to make them even angrier. I can’t imagine why we should give them more countries to turn into shitholes.

            2. Give them a country

              We have a country to give them? And of course, with their world conquest intentions (though not capabilities), we can be confident that they’ll be too busy in their newly-given home to continue fucking around with all the other shithole countries in the region. Right.

              1. We have a country to give them?

                No, we just stop trying to keep them from taking Syria.

                e can be confident that they’ll be too busy in their newly-given home to continue fucking around with all the other shithole countries in the region.

                See Libya in the 80s.

                1. “Give them a country”

                  Give them Britain. The limeys deserve that for quitting the holiest of holies, the EU.

          2. I also concede that even a brief reading of the whole interfaith thing on the Islam side, one becomes abundantly aware than none of them get along with any other.

        2. Yeah, it’s all about the west encroaching on their culture. I can completely understand how they feel. The same as any culture would feel when a culture that feels completely alien to them starts encroaching on them. We decided that ME countries want western culture and political structure and when we found out they really don’t want it after all, we just upped the game until we got to where we are now, basically occupying 2 countries and having just completely destabilized 2 more. The ME is not going to just suddenly adopt western culture no matter what we do. If they ever decide that’s what they want, then it’s their own job to get that done. The harder we try will just make more of them hate the entire idea of the West.

      3. The babies are sad that they’re losing ground in Iraq, so they have to murder a bunch of families celebrating Ramadan and the end of the school year.

      4. I think their intent is to weed out the gullible and stupid, anyone willing to strap a bomb to themselves for some self exalted leader.

      5. “Today’s terrorism is not the product of a traditional history of anarchism, nihilism, or fanaticism. It is instead the contemporary partner of globalization.”

        -Jean Baudrillard

      6. Two things

        1. To show the ineffectiveness of the government. This is intended to weaken their enemies, make them feel afraid, alone, and isolated, and to embolden sympathizers to act.

        2. To strike at their greatest ideological enemy – people who are *aaaaaalmost but not quite like they are*.

        The Judean People’s Front vs The People’s Front of Judea IRL.

        1. Which one are we?

  3. The Orlando shooting, in which 49 people were killed and where the shooter called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS, is the only major terrorist attack in the West during Ramadan…

    Mass shooting, Krayewski. Please. They don’t choose to blow us up over here. Thanks a lot, NRA!

    1. Has ISIS gotten around to taking credit for that one yet?

      1. Yes, they took credit for it the same or next day.

    2. Explosives are an expression white privilege.

  4. This only happened because white Americans have too many guns. I expect the NYT article saying just that in 3…2…1…

  5. “The Orlando shooting, in which 49 people were killed and where the shooter called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS, is the only major terrorist attack in the West during Ramadan”

    Liar. Lynch said we have absolutely no idea why he shot up that club, and we will never know. Stop spreading your Islamophobic lies!

  6. The only ideology more dangerous than extremist Islam is radical Bombisism.

    1. Statism is pretty fucking scary. Blowing yourself up for a cause at least demonstrates conviction, sacrifice, and on one level a rigid belief in equality. Marching people into a meat grinder because, “Well, if you don’t do it, someone else will.” is mindlessly fucking brutal.

    2. Radical Bambiism is a dangerous scourge.

  7. Was it Muslim terrorists? I don’t want to jump to any conclusions.

    1. Yes – they were radicalized by DoD drones as they were escaping Assad bombing in Damascus. Also the Russians radicalized another group in Chechnya which went on to do the Istanbul airport bombings. Though not originally very pious, the terrorists discovered radical Islam provided a convenient justification for revenge.

    2. It could have been some teabaggers from Alabama or one of those other racist states. We can’t be sure yet, can’t rule out anything.

      1. It was the result of a video.

    3. Do you have a Jump To Conclusions door mat?

      1. In my office space.

  8. Saudi authorities identified the Jeddah attacker as a Pakistani national who had been living in Saudi Arabia for 12 years.

    This is what happens when you take on refugees, Saudi Arabia!

  9. Shopping mall, huh.

    That’s some workplace violence.

    RIP to the victims. Awful.

  10. From the beginning, ISIS has had no real allies.

    ISIS split with Al Qaeda, generally, and bin Laden, specifically, over its enthusiasm for targeting other Muslims.

    ISIS is at war with everyone and everything that isn’t ISIS.

    That’s unsustainable, what evolution calls a maladaptation–an adaptation that means an organism cannot thrive because the adaptation’s presence is more harmful than helpful. Communism was like that because it couldn’t thrive despite its own essence either, but it was a less cumbersome maladaptation than ISIS. Communism could grow to a larger scale before failing because of itself than ISIS ever can.

  11. ISIS is a revolutionary movement that cannot make common cause with anything that isn’t ISIS. There’s only one way for such a movement to perpetuate itself–it desperately needs invaders to revolt against. ISIS needed the American invasion of Iraq to come to prominence, it needed Iran, Hezbollah, and others to solidify its position, and to thrive, ISIS desperately needs more invaders to come after it–from Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and ideally the United States.

    The only thing we could do to ensure ISIS’ precarious existence and help them thrive despite their inherently self-defeating characteristics is to invade Syria. It’s such a stupid thing to do, I’m not sure either Hillary or Trump will be able to resist the temptation. The rest of the world outside of Syria, Iran, China, and Russia may soon come begging us to do the stupidest thing possible, too, but doing stupid things is stupid even when stupidity becomes the consensus.

    1. Plenty of assholes have taken territory. I don’t think the thumb up the ass plan has ever worked to defeat them.

      1. Thumb up the ass isn’t the solution, but throwing kerosene on the fire isn’t about to put it out either–and these guys need invaders not only to thrive but also to survive.

        Just don’t send in U.S. troops on the ground.

        Engage them through proxies when possible. Find new and better proxies if necessary.

        Go Hamburg/Dresden on their asses if necessary, . . .


        . . . but don’t send in U.S. ground troops. That will only make things worse.

  12. RE: 200+ Killed in Baghdad Terror Attack, Wave of Suicide Bombers in Saudi Arabia
    ISIS suspected

    We must forgive these unfortunate bombers because they were not repressed enough in their theocracy.
    They didn’t have the all the advantages the North Koreans, Cubans, etc had in true repression.
    Had these bombers lived in a true socialist slave state, they probably would have stilled killed people, but at least it would be for a better cause, ie. advancing The Glorious People’s Revolution.
    Someday these misguided and under-informed people will wake up to all the wonderful blessings socialism has to offer and kill in a more righteous cause.
    I recommend we all buy dozens of copies of Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto written by Saint Karl Marx, may his name be blessed, so these true warriors of oppression can sacrifice their lives, and more importantly, other people’s lives, to make this planet a one world government run by over-educated, clueless, power hungry sociopaths that will dedicate their lives to our misery, oppression and suffering.
    We can only hope.

  13. A Statist purge of Mullahs followed by increased terrorism towards the Saudi Monarchy, and increased terrorism against the West as Islamist Radicals are deflected against fighting their own state.

  14. Well Reason shut ole straffinrun down. Not sure why, but that’s fine. Take care y’all and keep up the fight.

    1. Uh, before leaving for exile, did you send them an email asking why?

      1. Nothing racist or sexist. Maybe I’ll send an email to ask why, but it’s their site and I’ll respect their decision.

        1. If you do, I would like to know – I don’t remember anything particularly heinous about you that would get you shut down over several other consistent (and actual) trolls.

        2. WTF, Reason, explain yourselves. Promoting free speech got uncomfortable?

  15. Ok, here’s a serious question: How do these guys keep recruiting suicide bombers to go and blow up other Muslims at the mall or on their way to the mosque?

    I can see how you can recruit a soldier for a “suicide mission” to go and take out a bunker that will save his fellow soldiers. Or how Japan could convince a bunch of kids to fly their planes into a warship.

    But going to the fresh market and blowing yourself up along with a couple-dozen shoppers… WTF? How do you psyche yourself up for that as a great and glorious end? Saving the world by killing a bunch of moms who share your belief system as they buy dried beans and spices? Exactly how does this send the infidel fleeing in terror before you?

    1. Pretty sure they’re attacking Shia, which is basically equivalent to attacking pagans in their view.

    2. I think there are some commonalities with any cult, where you condition people to buy into certain things. Anybody else remember Heaven’s Gate? 39 of them were persuaded to commit suicide so they could join with an alien spaceship that was supposedly hiding in Hale-Bopp’s trail. Those guys could have been conditioned to do anything.

      I suspect an integral part of it may have to do with depriving guys of female companionship, as well. Once a lot of guys give up on any future prospect of that (for whatever reason), I suspect it’s a lot easier to get them to go that final mile.

      Young guys without female companionship and few prospects have always been suckers for lost causes. That’s why cults recruit at colleges, where they’re likely to find guys who are failing in school and can’t get laid. That’s why young guys are easy pickins for skinhead gangs, the crips and bloods, and all kinds of other loser activities. That’s why the Nation of Islam recruits in prisons.

      There’s a different process that wealthy kids from liberal backgrounds go through, where they identify with and want to be part of the holy underclass, as well, but in places like Libya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and elsewhere in the Middle East, I don’t think that’s as much of an issue as it is in Silicon Valley or the wealthy suburbs of Boston and Seattle.

  16. Chickens something something home something something roost.
    We should’ve wiped that shitty little Kingdom of Sand, Salafism, and Sheep Sodomy off the face of the planet on September 12th.

  17. . . . blamed lapses by the government for allowing . . .

    Wow, its amazing how fast these guys got Westernized!

    Instead of, I don’t know, paying attention when your neighbor starts bringing in shit and dealing with that as a local group they decided to let the government choose which areas it wishes to protect and which it doesn’t care about.

  18. Muslims killing muslims, imagine that.

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