Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Toronto Pride, Obama Praises Clinton, Gingrich for VP? P.M. Links


  • Newt Gingrich
    Gary Coronado / ZUMA Press / Newscom

    A University of Northern Colorado professor recorded his meeting with a university official after students made bias complaints about him.

  • President Obama says "there's never been a man or woman more qualified to be president" than Hillary Clinton.
  • A Black Lives Matter group briefly shut down the Toronto Pride march.
  • Rand Paul criticized James Comey's recommendation that Clinton not face charges relating to the email scandal.
  • Nate Silver says he is happy to have been wrong about Donald Trump's chances.
  • "Internships Are Not a Privilege" claimsNew York Times op-ed writer.
  • Speculation is growing that Trump will pick Newt Gingrich to be his VP.

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  1. Nate Silver says he is happy to have been wrong about Donald Trump’s chances.

    Not sad, then?

    1. Glad!

    2. Hello.

      “President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.”

      Now we have proof he’s a liar. Who fucking says that? Oh right. A guy who believed ‘police behaved stupidly’ in the Skippy affair, Trayvon coulda looked like one of his imaginary sons, drew a red line and threatened to throw the UK to the back of the queue.

      What a leader.

      1. I’m very convinced at this point, that if Obama says anything, it’s very likely that the opposite is true.

        1. Hillary = the least qualified to be president? That does sound a lot more likely.

          1. I would say that that the kid cleaning toilets at the local Taco Bell might be be less qualified. OTOH, that kid never actively took part in destabilizing the middle east. Or compromised national security in order to avoid oversight.

            Seriously Hillary Clinton is into negative qualifications.

            1. That’s not remotely fair.

              Obama was manifestly unqualified to become President. He had no real experience of any sort, other than campaigning and making speeches.

              But Hillary? She was part of the President’s team of advisers during the 90’s. She has been a Senator who actually was involved in a few things of a legislative nature. She was Secretary of State….

              That’s a pretty decent list for “I wanna be the President”.

              Sure, she doesn’t have “was commander of the army in an important war” on the resume. That used to be the big qualification. Well, that or at least having a good war story. That and being a Governor were the two biggies. She doesn’t have that either. But Secretary of State, Senator, Senior Presidential Adviser, worked on the McGovern campaign, was on staff for the Nixon impeachment….

              I don’t think you can claim “most qualified ever” with a straight face, but she is certainly just as qualified as anyone else holding the office has been, at least by the normal political standards.

              Now, she also has some uniquely disqualifying items in her CV. But that’s a different topic…

              1. Except her involvement in the 90’s consisted of Hillarycare. So she was probably more responsible for the Republican Revolution, and the Republican takeover of congress than Newt Gingrich and his contract with America.

                And after that, she was a Senator who didn’t really put forward any bills, but she was a vocal proponent of going to war with Irq. Then as Secretary of State, She had the Russian reset, and she just just got us into one fucked-up situation after another.

                She has the Sidam touch. (It’s the reverse Midas touch.) Everything she touches goes to shit.

              2. To be fair, the qualifications for being President are, citizen and 35+. Period.

                Now, HRC has experience in manipulating government and media to her purposes. There does not appear to be much else there. Thus may very well be the most corrupt candidate in our history. So, ya, I’ll take the cashier at my neighborhood Circle K over her on qualifications.

              3. Well, that or at least having a good war story.

                She has a GREAT war story …

                See: Bosnian Snipers, presidential ashtray catapults, travel office firing squads, etc.

      2. Who fucking says that?

        Well, Nick said it earlier today.

        1. Now that I see Obama said it, I am more inclined to think that Nick’s comment was an echo of that, and therefore closer to sarcasm than sincerity.

      3. “President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.”

        My cat, however, is far more qualified to be president.

        1. Mine shits in a box and expects me to be happy about cleaning it up, so he’s already got the entitlement down.

        2. Journalist: Whiskers what will you do about ISIS
          Whiskers: Meow
          Journalist: Any thoughts on Brexit?
          Whiskers: Meow?
          Journalist: I have these panties…
          Whiskers: Meeee-owwww!

      4. “Now that we have proof she’s a liar… ”
        I agree, that is an important attribute in a proto president

      5. Obama thought he was qualified to be president, so consider the source.

      6. He’s basically telling Democrats they fucked up in 2008.

      7. Notice he’s including himself in the category of people less qualified than Her Royal Clintonness. For once he’s got something right — he didn’t deserve to win in 2008.

  2. Speculation is growing that Trump will pick Newt Gingrich to be his VP.

    To the moon!

    1. And the death penalty for drug dealers! In MD, that’s anyone with more than 1/10 oz of weed. Nukalar Newt!

        1. Trump’s hair tried to get on the wrong head?

  3. Rand Paul criticized James Comey’s recommendation that Clinton not face charges relating to the email scandal.

    Womens rea FTW.

    1. Your comment was bad and you should feel bad.

        1. You are too stretched out.

          1. Dead from the waist down.

          2. It’s like a guinea pig falling down a stairwell.

  4. Game off! Why the decline of street hockey is a crisis for our kids

    It’s not just street hockey that’s disappearing from Canadian streets. It’s kids, too.

    One reason played out last autumn on Esgore Drive, a wealthy but otherwise typical street in suburban north Toronto. …

    But Esgore Drive is precisely where a bylaw officer threatened to ticket a group of children for playing ball hockey.

    This kind of thing happens all the time in Canada. In 2010, a 10-year-old and his friend were threatened with a ticket for playing hockey in the street in Calgary. In 2014, more than 500 people signed a petition against a Montreal-area bylaw after a father was fined for playing hockey outside with his son.

    1. Toronto is determined to drive hockey players away.

    2. I guess raising a generation that couldn’t defeat the Nazis is the official goal in both our countries.

    3. Sorta OT: I had dinner with a higher-upper in minor hockey in Quebec. He was telling me how the Francophones and non-Francophones are always (politely) arguing about players. The Quebecers feel there are too many “ethnics” and need to add more French players – even if they suck. He was telling the problem is the majority of inscriptions are non-Francophones. French kids aren’t enlisting in great numbers. But that doesn’t stop them from getting all prejudicial.

      In Ontario, you just don’t hear that kind of talk.

      1. What do they consider “ethnic”? Eastern Europeans?

        1. English speakers.a

        2. Anyone not with a French name.

          Yes, they do still exist.

          It’s byfar the most insular province.

          1. “the most insular province”

            Not Prince Edward ISLAND?

      2. The Nordiques are going to le suck.

        1. Bettman doesn’t want to move another team to Canada if he can avoid it.

          1. Second team in Toronto at best.

            Quebec City doesn’t have enough corporate sponsors. It’s shitty because obviously there’s support for hockey pretty much everywhere in Canada – it’s just that corporate backing is necessary. Just because you will come doesn’t mean it’s viable as a business.

            1. “Just because you will come doesn’t mean it’s viable as a business.”


              Also, why Rufus’ whore house failed.

  5. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    Did he steal that from Nick Gillespie or did Gillespie steal that from him?

    1. Barry’s been saying it for a while. It’s up there with “most transparent administration in history.”

      1. So Gillespie is parroting Obama bullcrap. Why am I not the least bit surprised?

        1. Unresolved psychological trauma from your youth, maybe?

    2. They both stole it from Gary Johnson!

  6. Robotic rectum may improve prostate exams

    Although there are plastic models used to train doctors and nurses to perform prostate exams, they are not realistic, and finding volunteers for training can be difficult because of the nature of the exam.

    Doctors in England have created a robotic rectum, pairing it with 3D imaging software, to give young doctors and nurses experience performing the exams — which are based entirely on a doctor feeling the prostate with a fingertip — and could make doctors better and exams more effective

    1. Didn’t someone already post a sexbot story in the AM links?

      1. Rectum, hell! Damn near killed em!

    2. Does it come with hair on it? Asking for a friend.

      1. Why do you want a used sexbot?

      2. +1 can of coke

    3. +++finding volunteers for training can be difficult because of the nature of the exam+++

      I bet “rectal exam practice volunteers” is an interesting bunch.

      1. My friend is a doc and he tells me his friend missed this lab and had to make it up later. On the professor. And he had to do it multiple times, so the prof felt sure he was doing it right. Actually quote:
        “No, no, you have to do a full 360 swipe. I only felt you go 3/4th of the way around.”

      2. I have family and friends who are hairdressers and in dentistry. Students in those industries often practice on friends and family or prisoners.

        I imagine the “rectal exam practice volunteers” come from a similar set?

      3. We just cruised the halls of the VA Medical Center. After the shit they’ve been through, volunteering for an ‘educational’ rectal exam is a piece of cake.

    4. Robobutt. Might have to change my Handle.

  7. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    By his standards, that might actually be true. Either that, or Bubba met with Obama’s teleprompter.

    1. I would rather be ruled by some random asshole from the closest prison if I must be ruled by criminals who are just bad at crime.

      1. I would probably rather have a random jailbird too, but bad at crime? The Clinton Crime Family have amassed hundreds of millions and committed but never been punished for rape, statutory rape, graft, corruption, maybe even treason. That’s pretty successful.

        1. I guess you don’t have to hide if you’re that successful, but she is a horrible liar. Or maybe just doesn’t give a shit.

          1. Why should she give a shit? She got caught dead to rights and the government itself is saying “What difference, at this point, does it make?”.

        2. IDK, I would expect some fallout ahead, right?

          At least, it seems like bad things always happen to cronies and extortionists when their clientele finds out that the FBI, hackers of any given nationality, and pretty much anyone else under the sun could be has been looking through your emails. Not that anybody’s gonna wake up with a severed horses head in their bed, but it seems like the sort of thing that would make it hard to do business reasonably with the clients you’ve got, let alone attract new ones.

    2. Well, George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, the Adamses, and Eisenhower were all whitecisheteropatriarchiez!!!!, so clearly they weren’t qualified.

      1. Someone needs to remind me one more time exactly what her greatest and most noteworthy accomplishment in life is, besides being sort of married to Bill Clinton, and getting elected to the senate, which many doofuses have pulled off.

        1. There was, um, the kinetic military action in Libya….you know, the one that Obama recently described as the worst mistake of his presidency…Also, she apparently traveled to more countries than any SoS ever, which is apparently supposed to impress people.

          Oooh, I know! She and her husband accumulated a fortune of over $100 million over the past 15 years, despite receiving a government salary of a measly few hundred grand a year during that period.

          1. “She apparently traveled to more countries than any SoS ever”

            Yeah, when you’re soliciting bribes from foreign governments, that’s the sort of thing that really needs to be handled in person.

            1. “Yeah, when you’re soliciting bribes from foreign governments, that’s the sort of thing that really needs to be handled in person on a private server.


        2. Getting away with scandalous and criminal behavior.

        3. Check out

          1. She was the first First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree!

          2. Among a group of administration officials urging Obama in 2011 to help Libyan rebels overthrow longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, over objections from Defense Secretary Roberts Gates and others.

            Wait, is this site for or against?

      2. Someone should hook a generator up to George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, the Adamses, and Eisenhower’s corpses, because the spinning that statement is causing could end the search for clean renewable energy.

    3. She is 35, a natural born US citizen, and has live here for at least 14 years.

      Yep. Technically no one has ever been more qualified than her.

      But I am just as qualified.

      1. I’m Time Magazine’s Man of the Year 2006!

    4. So Obama is less qualified than Hillary, in his opinion? Why did he run against her?

      1. No, when she ran against him she hadn’t added ‘served in the Administration of the most awesomest President EVER!’ to her resume yet.

  8. Kale eating contest to gather professional eaters in Buffalo

    “For the first time in human history, the world’s greatest eaters will test themselves against the ALMIGHTY KALE?the leafy green vegetable that has captured the hearts and minds of both the culinary set and those for whom their body is a temple,” they wrote. “This battle of man vs woman vs kale promises to be the healthiest eating contest in the history of the world.”

    *joins ISIS*

    1. Aloha snackbar! +72 extra virgin olive oils

      1. Nobody needs 72 extra virgin olive oils when children are starving in this country.

        1. Seriously. And extra virgin? Surely a normal level of virginity is sufficient.

          1. Not for certain muslims. Some of the extreme forms of (female) genital mutilation are designed to ensure virginity.

            1. Yeah, but then you have to pick up the pieces first.

    2. i’m sure the European Fecal Standards and Measurements office will be following this one closely as well.

      1. To make sure the maximum allowable number of minicourics in the kale is not exceeded.

    3. I make the best kale chips, you don’t even know. The secret is a shit ton of salt and oil.

      1. I bet you have a purdy green smile

      2. Anything to make them…not tase like kale!

        1. Don’t kale me, bro!

    4. I hope they have thyroid tests as qualification for the contest? Kale (and other brassicas) can mess with the thyroid.

    5. Kale is peasant food.

    6. The worst part about this is having to go to Buffalo.

  9. You know, I was going to take the night off from drinking, but I think I’ll just go call an uber and get shithammered instead.

    1. This comment works for every occasion.

  10. “I would just like the professor to be educated about what trans is and how what he said is not okay because as someone who truly identifies as a transwomen I was very offended and hurt by this,” the student wrote.

    Another world beater.

    1. Identifies as “a transwomen”? Plural? I’m not trying to be a cisnumerary shitlord, but that’s a new one on me.

      1. cisnumerary shitlord, FTW!

        1. Transfinite numbers for the win.

  11. Zombie bats?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Could BATS be used to stop the Zika virus? New York town is luring the flying animals to kill mosquitoes in desperate bid to prevent outbreak

    The flying animals, natural mosquito predators, can eat up to 1,000 of the disease-spreading insects in an hour.

    They are hailed as a chemical-free approach to pest control.

    1. New York town recent rabies outbreak is mystery to locals. – hot local Anchor

      1. Less than 0.5% of bats carry rabies. You are more likely to catch rabies from a prog than from a bat.

    2. And how did the Zika mosquitoes get to New York?

      1. They flew, duh!

        1. And boy are there arms tired

      2. The swallows brought them?

        1. Of course we are French. Why else do you think we have these ridiculous accents?

        2. A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound mosquito!

      3. Or New York mosquitos bit a human with Zika who traveled there recently.

    3. I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue when NYC tries to take Austin’s bats.

    4. I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue when NYC tries to take Austin’s bats.

    5. I can only imagine the hilarity that will ensue when NYC tries to take Austin’s bats.

  12. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    She’s not even a Constitutional Law scholar!

    1. But she is better at corruption than anyone, ever, and also promised to put Obama on SCOTUS.

  13. A Black Lives Matter group briefly shut down the Toronto Pride march.

    I pointed out at another site that cops have historically been antagonistic to gays, too, and immediately the cop fellating began.

  14. Nate Silver blew 2012 bad. He sad Obama would increase his share of vote in Kentucky!

    1. Is that it? If that was his only failing, that’d be impressive (it wasn’t but I digress).

      Overall, Silver actually underestimated Obama’s national margin of victory. But he was closer than raw polling aggregates indicated.

      1. People made a big deal about him getting x states right, but that isnt the point. The margin in each state is the point. Everyone knew Romney was going to win KY, but by how much?

        Silver did really bad in a number of Romney dominating states.

  15. Speculation is growing that Trump will pick Newt Gingrich to be his VP.

    Lee Kwan Yew was unavailable.

  16. Nukalar Newt Grimgrinch. Holy fuck, it’s not enough that we go back a few decades to get our politicians. Hillary, Newt. Let’s start digging up dead people. How about Kennedy? Could he win?

    1. This is Gen X’s revenge. I expect Jeb! will be the 2020 Republican candidate.

      1. How is Gen X responsible for any of this? You know why we were called Gen X? Because we were preceded by a huge demographic (the Boomers), and followed by a huge demographic (Millennials), and our paltry numbers weren’t enough to effect much.

        1. Gen X is responsible for John Cusack’s popularity. Assholes…

          1. The Hell you say! Better Off Dead is one of the great movies of all time.

            1. I have no defense of his part in Con Air.

              1. Grosse Point Blank was pretty damn good too.

              2. Everybody involved in Con-Air was doing it for a paycheck. I can’t fault anybody for that.

                1. As a wise man once said, “I’ve never seen that film, which I hear is horrible, but I’ve seen the house it bought, and it is terrific.”

        2. Its ALL our fault. That’s what the Boomers and our ingrate kids have been selling us for years.

          1. We are the middle children of history.

    2. Let’s face it, the mouldering corpse of Joe Kennedy would be a better president than anyone running.

      1. Yeah, at least he had the balls to go on a very dangerous mission.

    3. Kennedy would shut up Clinton’s pick in the debate.

      And would wear dreamcatcher earrings to the debate, to boot.

      1. That having been said, I’d vote for Kmele first.

    4. Look, let’s be honest. If there’s anyone on the GOP side who could make Trump look personally appealing it would have to be a real slimeball, government dinosaur, and all-around unlikeable cretin like Newt Gingrich.

      1. Very true.

    5. hey as bad as Hilary and Trump are, it’s not like they ever killed anyone by driving off a bridge and not reporting the ‘accident’ until the next morning

      1. Somehow, me and a friend ended up discussing Ted Kennedy in the context of this election and his position that Trump is unfit to be President. So I asked “After killing Kopecne, do you think Ted Kennedy was unfit to be President?” His response, “Its complicated.”

    1. This must bother you a lot since you already posted the exact same link this morning. You’re just gonna have to accept that Catholic priests need love too, Eddie.

      1. You raise some good points, but on the other hand your mother is ugly.

        1. Only on the inside, Eddie.

        2. Mother Angelica was ugly, too.

      2. Speaking of needing love, this is just sad.…..mannequin/

    2. And the first amendment takes another blow.

      Ninth too, just for good measure.

    3. Just don’t operate in California. Put a banner on the the site saying “accessing this site from California is unauthorized.”

    4. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t prefer to use a site dedicated to same sex romance.

      1. Because that wouldn’t have gotten them (their lawyers, really) half a million dollars

    5. Wait, they can openly discriminate on the basis of religion, but not on the basis of sexual orientation?

      Anyway, can’t they just find lesbian matches for the gay men, and still technically be compliant with the law? Especially if they’re advertising Biblically correct matchmaking.

  17. Regarding BLM disrupting the Toronto (gay) Pride March:

    The organization issued a list of demands, including better representation of black gay individuals in Pride Toronto staffing and hiring and a commitment to continued space, funding and logistical support for black gay youth.

    So, a typical Jackson/Sharpton shakedown.

    Most controversially, the group demanded all police floats and booths be banned from Pride marches and parades.

    Yeah, cops used to be the traditional enemies of the gays. I’ve never understood why gay people have embraced them so enthusiastically.

    1. I blame the Village People.

      1. Y…M…C…I forget the other letter. ‘U’ is it?

        1. Rufus, I bet you didn’t know that it stands for Young Macho Canadians A, eh?

    2. Because the left needs enforcers.

    3. I’ve never understood why gay people have embraced them so enthusiastically.

      My guess? Daddy issues.

    4. I’ve never understood why gay people have embraced them so enthusiastically.

      They’re chubby chasers?


    5. Uniforms, Tonio.
      Though, uniformed UPS guys are much hotter anyway. But that just me.

      1. Yeah, the uniform thing makes it even sicker since nazis, homocaust, etc.

        1. At least in the early days, there were quite a few gay Nazi leaders, most prominently Ernst Roehm.

    6. It’s part of the Faustian bargain with bigger-government-is-its-own-reward political correctness.

    7. I’ve never understood why gay people have embraced them so enthusiastically.

      Reciprocity? There are a lot of gay cops.

    8. The mustaches.

    9. Once you have the law on your side, you tend to cozy up to its agents.

    10. Pensions

    11. I assume the Tom of Finland art just twisted up their minds.

  18. How about Kennedy? Could he win?

    Maybe as a Republican.

    1. Kennedy running as Democrat: youthful, wise, inspirational, Camelot, etc.

      Kennedy running as Republican: old rich oppressive white pill-popping philanderer

      1. So, Ted is the republican?

  19. So the key point about the Colorado university isn’t that the conversation was recorded, that’s just the way the evidence of misconduct was gathered. Here is the actual misconduct:

    “In the recording of that meeting, Parks warns the professor that if he expresses his opinion about transgender identity in class, it could be perceived as discrimination under Title IX and Title VII. Parks also mentions how such discussion could possibly result in investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    “”It’s not ideal, it’s not perfect, it doesn’t fit into what you like to do,” Parks says, asking the professor to avoid discussion of the topic. “But if we go back there again, we have another discussion, and a student perceives it that you’re again saying a personal opinion, I’ve got three investigators, and you and I are wasting a ton of time, and they have to talk to every student in your class. So if the topic’s worth that, it’s your call.””

  20. Reporter Mark Knoller on Twitter:“In the past, WH has said the presidential seal isn’t displayed at campaign events. Nothing looks more presidential.”

    NOBODY is supposed to ever stand in front of that seal and speak except for the president himself. Just another long-standing American tradition he’s shitting all over, just like everything else he can.

    1. let we forget his campaign in ’08 when he spoke in front of a faux presidential seal…ohh and doric columns.

    2. Banana republic tin pot devoid of any sense of propriety and no class whatsoever.

  21. Matt Damon: Actor Says He Wants Australian-Style Gun Ban in United States

    “You guys did it here in one fell swoop and I wish that could happen in my country,” Damon said during a press run for “Jason Bourne.” Australia signed the National Firearms Agreement in 1996.

    1. / ignores fact that only 1/3rd of their guns were actually turned in

      God do you idiots know anything?

      Oh right… MATT DAMON!…… MATT DAMON!….

    2. I would say that taking property from peaceful people is “inherently paternalistic”, no?

    3. Except that Matty will make sure he and his family always have private security guards armed to the teeth wherever they go. Must feel good to be a privileged Hollywood prog.

    4. I’m sure he’ll stop making movies with rampant gunplay, to maintain intellectual consistency. What’s that you say, there’s another Bourne movie coming out? *faints*

    5. Uses fucking guns all over his new movie.

      Sick of the hypocrisy.

  22. “A Black Lives Matter group briefly shut down the Toronto Pride march.”

    If by briefly you mean “forcing the event to come to a standstill for 30 minutes.”

    This is a case of gay rights – specifically, rights possessed by gays though not limited to gays – and the right in question is peaceable assembly. The BLM people violated that right.

    This can’t be the same BLM which put up useful databases on police discipline procedures, can it?

    Probably different people.

    1. The cops would have arrested a myriad of other groups that did the same thing. But the fact that this race baiting, grievance mongering sympathy huckster organization is on the rise, they’re too afraid to arrest them. Fuck black lives matter and every one of it’s members. Fuck em all, in a big pile of fuck.

    2. Seems like some splinter groups have adopted terrorist tactics.

  23. Bikini: July 5 Marks 70th Anniversary of Swimsuit Design’s Debut in Paris

    The bikini was designed by Louis R?ard, who debuted the style at Piscine Molitor on July 5, 1946. The suit was named after the Bikini Atoll, the location of a U.S. atomic bomb test a few days earlier.

    1. I blame Louis Reard for this. Stupid French asshole.

      1. What’s the opposite of a boner? Because i have one now.

        1. A soft-on?

          1. Soft-off. Duh.

          2. Soft-off. Duh.

          3. Soft-off. Duh.

            1. Damn twenty dollar tablet

        2. I believe it’s called a retraction.

          1. An innie?

        3. Limp-dick

      2. Poor tattoo artist…

      3. Note to self: never, ever, click on a CJ link. *pukes up something that looks like Comey/Clinton sex scene

      4. I heard Louis Reard is dead.

        1. Take a walk on the wild side.

      5. “All bodies are bikini bodies”—– Trigglypuff

      6. Is that the house were she sexually assaulted her sister/cousin/whatever?

        1. Feminists can’t rape because rape is about institutional and social power which feminists don’t have. Why does that line of reasoning sound so familiar?

  24. A Black Lives Matter group briefly shut down the Toronto Pride march.


    1. I hope hope those gay Canadians apologized for their gay Canadian privilege.

      1. They forgot not to be white. We’re trying to evolve here and move forward. Stop the hate!

      2. Of course they apologized. They’re Canadian. They’re ALWAYS apologizing.

        1. I apologize for this comment.

  25. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    Normally you need to win office BEFORE you can get away with openly criminal behavior.

    1. Hillary was just getting a head start. See, she really is the most qualified ever.

    2. It proves she’s experienced.

      1. Sheldon?

  26. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    Why did the president stick to the traditional binary categories?

    1. Obviously a racist bigot xenophobe or something like that.

      1. Well he’s black. And according to some, a Muslim. Therefore he’s incapable of racism, bigotry and xenomorphism.

        1. “it’s a bug hunt.”

  27. The advice that I am going to be giving friends, and family.
    1. It’s going to e a close race between Hitlery, and Dump. Dump is going to concede.
    2. Do not put a political bumper sticker on your car or a sign on your front lawn. The is going be violence.
    3. Save some money, and save some money not in a bank account.
    4. Arm yourself even if it’s only a knife, or club.

    1. Arrrrrrrrr?

  28. Air Force One: Donald Trump Criticizes Use of Presidential Aircraft for Hillary Clinton Campaign Event

    “Taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail by President Obama and Crooked Hillary,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. The White House said all regulations were followed.

    1. She ought to go campaign on some Trump property. He should offer her a good deal (a fabulous deal).

    2. Or at least they didn’t intentionally not follow them, so it’s pretty much the same thing now.

  29. Here’s an interesting hypothetical: What if a “fundamentalist” preacher and his followers “briefly” (30 minutes) stopped a gay-rights parade?

    1. The intertoobz will burn.

    2. Is the fundamentalist preacher black or white?

    3. You’d make five tedious posts in response to yourself about it, asking why he’s not being venerated as a great American hero?

      1. Your handle is very apt.

        1. (I should have broken that 5-word sentence into five posts)

          1. But … wouldn’t that be tedious?

    4. We’d all have to roll saving throws against your whining?

      1. Physician, heal thyself.

  30. Sheridan, Indiana: Driver in July 4th Parade Displays ‘Lying African’ Barack Obama Float

    Don Christy, a 73-year-old Sheridan resident, claimed ownership of the float, which contained a figure of President Obama inside a toilet. The parade was organized by The Sheridan Lions Club.

    1. Don Christy, 73, Sheridan, told The Indianapolis Star he drove the golf cart in the parade. He said he didn’t fill out an entry form. He said he lined up with other floats at the high school parking lot and was waved along when the parade started.

      “I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican,” Christy said. “I’m a patriot.”

      Now, unlike the 22-yr.-old gender-queer flag-burner, this AFAIK, was novel and required at least modicum of planning and forethought. Not to mention all the ‘Fuck You Sheridan’ it appears to have garnered on social media.

      1. Art is supposed to be challenging and transgressive. Until it’s challenging and transgressive toward the wrong people.

        1. Art is supposed to be challenging and transgressive.

          Says who?

          1. The purpose of art actually is, in many cases, to make you feel quite uncomfortable. Or at least to go to that place that’s already of discomfort inside of you and tap into that. – Michael Moore

            Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. – Banksy

            IDK, if Ted S. agrees, I don’t know that I do. Regardless, there are artists who claim to believe what he says, do so authoritatively, and in an ideologically inconsistent manner in the way Ted S. portrays it.

            1. I don’t necessarily agree. It’s just that the sort of people who would agree are the type to get their knickers in a twist when something like this lampooning Obama is done.

              You’re supposed to transgress against and challenge the white middle class, and especially flyover country.

          2. Trans* people. Duh.

  31. I’m over 35, more than 14 years a resident, but am not natural-born (no, you goobs- dad was in the Air Force, London). So, despite your clear protestations, I can’t run.

    However, I did lose my Secret clearance while being investigated for an SSCI clearance for lying about smoking pot. So, you know, I’m at least as trustworthy as the Hilary. Right? RIGHT?!?!?

    1. You are more trustworthy whatever that means nowadays =D

    2. Hillary never did the pot. And she’s never lied. You can’t be president if you’re shooting up the pot 5 times a day and lying about it. Look at what it did to Johnson. That’s your brain on the pot. Any more questions? Drugs are bad, mmkay?

      1. +1 bag of Cheetos in every pot

    3. I like pointing out to progs that federal gun background checks exclude those who habitually use illegal drugs… you know, like Federally Illegal Marijuana… ?

  32. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    In a way he’s right. There is no one qualified to fill that monstrous office. Or more simply, Hilary is the personification of power for it’s own sake, making her perfect for the office. It’s a question of whether or not the glass half full of poison or half empty sort of thing. Pick one.

    Nobody for President 2016

    1. Nobody has my vote.

  33. Most Canadians were likely unaware of Black Lives Matter Toronto’s activities before the Pride protest, Pone said. But he cautioned that the group may want to temper its actions in the future, because over time, people may tire of such disruptions.

    basically, the spin by the writer is “We celebrate BLM whenever they do this random shit, because we hope it will make them go away when we praise them and congratulate them on their “Awareness Raising”.

    “but if they do it again, we’ll point out the obvious”

    1. That was some nice gaysplainin’

    2. because over time, people may tire of such disruptions.

      One of the earliest examples of this was the (now) infamous Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle that was shut down by BLM. The confusion and navel gazing on the left it caused was epic.

      1. Hey- what is Martin O’Malley? Chopped liver?

        1. yes.

    3. I guess the Canadians have forgotten their ancestors’ maxim:

      “Once you have paid him the Dane-geld, you never get rid of the Dane.”

  34. For the record, I cannot stand the sound of Gingrich’s voice. Assuming the rumors are true, what is Trump thinking? He’s appeal is mostly because he’s new and thinks outside the box — so he’s going to pick a former speaker of the house? And Gingrich at that? Oh, and did I mention that I can’t even stand the sound of his voice?

    1. He needs “someone who knows how Washington works”, and someone who has a clear record of success against the Clintons. Newt Gingrich or a random trashy woman from the bad parts of DC are the only people who meet those qualifications.

      1. I’ve got FANTASTIC advice for Trump: let the convention pick his VP.

    2. He was set up to lose to Hillary. It’s pretty obvious. Nothing shall stop the Queen from her coronation. =D

      1. +1 stalking horse

      2. The queen is dead! Long live the queen!

    3. He’s thinking that having a natural-born whip as his veep will bring a large part of the GOP establishment to heel.

      Newt is a smart, loudmouthed attack dog who can play bad cop, which is what the_donald needs when he transitions to big-tent good cop for the general.

    4. Newt is politically savvy, very smart, and articulate.

      He appeases the GOP people who want someone who’s got genuine Bona Fides as a partisan ‘doer’.

      Trump’s blustery, all-over-the-map rhetoric suggests nearly zero concern with policy.

      Newt is a policy wonk.

      Newt basically fills in lots of gaps that Trump has as a candidate without getting in his way. I’ve been saying he’s a perfect match for trump for months.

      1. Yeah, I get that, but I just think he’d do better by picking someone more original. I don’t see him pulling in many independents with Gingrich. As I said above, I think he should make a big deal of “asking” the convention delegates to pick his VP. I can see a lot of plusses from that tack.

        1. just think he’d do better by picking someone more original.

          Like who? The Insane Clown Posse?

        2. Ooh, and they settle on Rand Paul as a comprise, and Trump has an “accident”.
          I like this plan, but should we be discussing it where Preet can overhear?

          1. I’ve heard word that Preet is okay with this.

  35. “President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.”

    Has Obama ever heard of a guy named Richard Nixon? He served in the House. He served in the Senate. Her served as Vice President. And then he was elected twice to the Presidency. Say what you will, but Hillary ain’t THAT qualified.

    1. And Nixon, for all his faults, was not found to be immune to the enforcement of laws against him.

      1. Despite his protestations to the contrary.

  36. over time, people may tire of such disruptions.

    Just the racists.

    1. Damn. “Not no gay shit, NON-A-DAT!”

      1. “Intersectionality” is a one-way street as soon as their interests fail to align.

  37. This is the sign of an interesting article

    This commentary begins a series of posts about times when the multiple layers collectively failed to prevent nuclear plant accidents.

    1. Tell us more, sugarfree!

  38. “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president”

    Which is why I dropped out when I, who as I’ve said in this very sentence is less qualified than her, ran for president against her.

    1. I’m assuming Obama is using the word ‘qualified’ in a highly nuanced way.

      I think he’s insinuating that she’s one of the most experienced people to run for president, and would include himself in that.

  39. You have to admit, it is a fitting date. On The 4th of July we celebrate Justice and and Equality for all. And on the 5th of July we have the director of the FBI admitting that the concept of equality under the law is farce.

    Who wants wave around a bunch of tiny American flags over this one?

    1. I have been waving The Jolly Rodger for years. I am done with The Stars and Stripes.

        1. There are better pirate rock bands out there, I would have gone with some Alestorm:

          Or A Pirate I Was Meant to Be:

          1. Check my name you bleeding cunt. =D

          2. You know Alestorm does the song in Shit Pyrate’s handle, right?

            1. Oh, so that’s where I know them from.

              If you expect some sort of act of contrition, well then, yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

  40. We support Hillary Clinton, which is why we’re disappointed that Comey didn’t just say the FBI won’t indict. Why did he have to give a long commentary about how shady the whole thing was? And now allow us to use the media watch-word “unfortunate” that Diane Reynolds brilliantly pointed out last week:

    Some Democrats will grumble privately ? they already are ? about Comey’s commentary, even as they publicly celebrate the announcement that Clinton is effectively in the clear. Some Republicans will assert, without justification, that it shows Comey somehow taking a dive for Clinton; it took no time for Donald Trump to tweet that the outcome represented further proof that “the system is rigged.”

    Actually, it showed evidence of a system under stress ? a presumptive nominee facing criminal jeopardy; an investigation conducted under the tense deadline of an impending election; an inevitable cloud of partisan distrust made even darker by the unfortunate tarmac meeting last week between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    1. an investigation conducted under the tense deadline of an impending election

      Which started in 2013. Maybe if her lawyers hadn’t insisted on sorting and deleting all of her “personal” emails first, it would have gone faster.

      1. Exactly this. We’re technically already under the tense deadline of the 2020 elections.

      2. Or the Dems could have nominated someone else.

    2. That editorial was mostly “on the one hand X, and on the other hand Y”

      It ends up praising comey for his political independence

      Comey proved his independence during the George W. Bush administration when, as deputy attorney general, he headed off White House officials’ hospital room efforts to convince then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to reauthorize a domestic surveillance program. On Tuesday morning, Comey proved the point again. He is no team player, which in this setting is no criticism ? it is a high compliment.

      1. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the editorial position that not bringing charges “was the correct choice”.

        1. Yeah, that part is sort of a given.

          I was just saying that your gloss on it seemed to suggest they were additionally miffed by his lambasting her “careless behavior”, when it seems it was actually cheering it as “balance”.

          1. No you’re right. They seemed to believe that Comey’s editorializing was “helpful to the electorate” as kind of explainer. Which confuses me even more. Let’s not indict her, but let’s point out all the crimes she committed.

  41. Argument Over Hummus Turns into Gunfight

    I expect there to be an editorial suggesting that “these people are not muslims! because real muslims are peace-lovers”

    1. Fornshell said “it all went downhill” June 9 after Laghaoui ate too much of his father’s hummus. Laghaoui’s brother called 911 and Laghaoui can be heard making threats, Fornshell said.

      The acridity of hummus farts makes Laghaoui’s family’s actions justified, in my opinion.


    2. Over the last 15 or so years, it seems like all manner of white people are experts on what it is to be a Muslim, and they seem to know more than someone who’s literally spent a lifetime as an Islamic Scholar with published works.

      1. all manner of white people

        Sean King is shdh

    3. Can we get 71-Hour Ahmed to come in and handle this?

    4. TIL you can get high off of chic peas.

      1. religion of peas

  42. Yesterday, my truck wouldn’t start while I was driving indepence pass. Its done this a few times, if it’s warm it wI’ll crank and turn over, then die when I try to give it gas. So while letting it cool off (my only solution so far) I filled up with my two gallon jug.
    Those infernal contraptions on the new ones with the spring and air breathing tube. The spring wouldn’t compress correctly, and it took about 10 minutes to get a gallon and a half into my tank.
    Was that something the EPA madated?

    1. Amazon has you covered.

      1. Life saver. God those things are a pain.

    2. Sounds like a brother could use a compression check.

      1. That is my fear. I was hoping it was just a filthy carb. Cleaned that last night best I could while still on the truck.

    3. Couple of things:
      If one of your sensors is out, many vehicles switch to default settings which are for sea-level, which Independence Pass sure ain’t.
      Second, does it happen to be an older Ford? Because, that is exactly what happens to older Fords when something goes out. I can’t remember what it is, now. If you reply that yes, is an older Ford, I’ll look it up.
      It’s a computer thingy mounted above the driver’s side front fender. Costs like $20. Used to carry around a spare for my ’79 Bronco. Think the ignition system had similar issues all the way into the 90’s.

      1. Old toyota 2f motor. I just redid the timing on it, but should have run a compression test. I set the carb for 5000 ft, thinking most of my driving is in Boulder county. I should probably switch that to 7 or 8k.

        1. Yeah run the compression test, but by “redid the timing” do you mean that, among other things, you changed the timing belt? I’d double check that. Just being off by a single tooth can make the engine hard to start.

          1. Yeah, I will pull the cover off tonight and make sure I’m aligned.

    4. Also could be a dying fuel pump (at least if it’s electric) — my truck acted the same as yours on Floyd Hill. A tankful of cold gas helped, but the pump died completely a few weeks later. If you truck’s pump is electric, borrow a fuel pressure gauge from your local auto parts store.

      1. That was replaced last summer, my last one would leak of I was facing downhill. I’ll make sure that’s up to snuff.
        Good call, that never even crossed my mind. Doh.

    1. Hold on. I think I have a hankie around here.

      I swear it’s just for wiping my eyes, and nothing else. (Bunch’a preverts hanging out around here.)

      1. just for wiping my eyes

        Careful where you aim that thing.

    2. I think denying gun rights to people who are under indictment is FLAGRANTLY UNAMERICAN and it actually surprises local proggy people when I tell them that for the purposes of the gun laws, they are guilty until proven innocent.

  43. “President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.”

    Can we get a FOIA request on all correspondence between the FBI and the White House regarding the investigation into Hillary’s email server?

    There are three things that can be counted on absolutely: death, taxes, and government bureaucrats writing CYA memos when they’ve been pressured by superiors to do something out of the ordinary.

    It’s the equivalent of Monica not washing her blue dress. There’s a CYA memo out there somewhere, and it’s covered in the White House’s DNA.

    1. I in no way jizzed in that women’s vagina. I jizzed on her dress. Therefore I did not cheat on my wife, and my wife did not cheat on my Foundation by whoring me out to the highest bidder.

  44. I cannot think of a better way to distract from Clintons’ own ethical dilemmas than by picking Gingrich as VP.

  45. RE: A Black Lives Matter group briefly shut down the Toronto Pride march.

    There’s nothing like showing your toleration by not tolerating other people’s opinions.
    Thank God for fascism.

  46. RE: Nate Silver says he is happy to have been wrong about Donald Trump’s chances.

    So are a lot of other fascists.

  47. RE: A University of Northern Colorado professor recorded his meeting with a university official after students made bias complaints about him.

    What a shock and disappointment this professor turned out to be.
    Doesn’t he know that political correctness is the new censorship?
    Doesn’t he know political correctness is the new and improved form of oppression?
    Doesn’t he know his students are as sensitive and vulnerable as a new born kitten?
    This professor needs to marched right to gulag and re-educated by our benevolent and kind thought police.
    You would’ve thought this professor, of all people, would recognize the evils of open discussion, employing logic, and using common sense in his lectures which are all the anathema of all closed minded people.
    After all, Amerikan colleges and universities have bot been the place for open discussion, experimentation, and free expression for decades and should not be if we are all to live in a true socialist paradise.
    His flogging cannot start fast enough.

  48. More Trump-related violence:

    A 68-year-old Vietnam veteran was beaten Sunday afternoon at a Jacksonville gas station after telling a clerk of the food store that he was going to vote for Donald Trump, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

    Charlie Daniels said he got into a profanity-laced dispute with a man who, once they were both outside near the gas pumps, pushed Daniels, punched him in the face and kicked him several times.…..-for-trump

    1. All vets over 50 who aren’t felons or convicted of violent crime should automatically be granted national concealed carry permits and be issued sidearms.

      1. I’ll take a standard issue 1911.

  49. Yes, I heard some pretty vile things about Trump being yelled by the local youth as I walked through the park Saturday. I’m sure it was just coincidence that they started yelling this stuff as a white guy strolled by.
    I’m afraid Shit Pyrate may be right, there’s going to be violence this year.

      1. Nah, Aurora. Dell Mar Circle (Peoria and 6th). Let’s just say that the locals tend to have more melanin than I.

        1. Maybe you shouldn’t wear your trump shirt everywhere?
          That is bonkers though. I like how they assume you support him.

          1. Yeah, I felt distinctly threatened, so I didn’t go up and ask them if they’d heard the Good Word about Johnson Welds.

            1. “You talking about my johnson?!”

              I would have walked away, quickly.

    1. Mock me all you like. It’s going to start with a little vandalism from both sides, and then the Shit Hawks are coming.

      1. “You know what a shit rope is, bubbs? It’s a rope covered in shit that criminals try to hold on to.”

        1. You smell like my daddies ciggaretts. =)

            1. “These taste funny!”
              *throws pit brownies*


    Libertarian moment?

    1. Police say when they asked O’Meara to take a preliminary breathalyzer test, he responded “that he would take a preliminary go [expletive] yourself test.”

      I like this guy.
      Also, the fireworks laws in this country are stupid. I can’t buy fireworks in CO, but if I drive up to WY, I can buy whatever I want with an out of state ID. At the same time, a resident of WY can’t but fireworks in WY, but with his WY ID, he can but whatever he wants in CO.

      1. It’s for your own good, I know that much.

  51. President Obama says “there’s never been a man or woman more qualified to be president” than Hillary Clinton.

    Dear Leader has endorsed Heil Hitlary.
    Dear Leader has never made a mistake during his rule.
    That’s all you need to know.
    Now everyone knows who to vote for.

  52. . . . you and I are wasting a ton of time, and they have to talk to every student in your class. So if the topic’s worth that, it’s your call.”

    Clearly the only appropriate response to that would be to reply ”Oh, of course I’d never waste the time of someone as important and critical to the university as you and your ‘investigators’ and so I will comply”So, if I continue then *you* have to waste time ‘investigating’ but it comes with no actual cost to *me*? Yeah – the topic’s worth it, in my call.’

  53. Grover Cleveland clearly had the best resume of a non-incumbent the second time he ran for president.

    1. Actually, that should be the second time he won.

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