America Celebrates Fourth of July, FBI Interviews Hillary Clinton, ISIS Attack in Baghdad Kills 125: A.M. Links


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    The United States celebrates Independence Day.

  • The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton as part of its probe into her use of a personal e-mail server. Donald Trump says sources tell him Clinton won't face charges.
  • A suicide truck bomber killed at least 125 in Baghdad in an attack for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility. A suicide bomber near a U.S. diplomatic site in Saudi Arabia injured two security guards while killing himself.
  • One person is dead and two are injured after a brawl in a North Carolina country club.
  • A second alligator was involved in the attack at a Disney resort in Florida that killed a toddler, said the boy's father.
  • The Marlins beat the Braves 5 to 2 at Fort Bragg, in the first major league game ever played on an active U.S. military base.

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  1. Krayewski! I should have known.

    1. It’s the eastern European work ethic.

      1. Remember the Polish plumber!

      2. It’s the fact that Reason is based in Califoreigner where the Independence Day holiday is celebrated May 5 rather than July 4.

        1. I thought they celebrated it on May 1st

          1. Not all of us, not all

        2. America’s birthday is second only to Jesus’s and anyone who comments here today is unpatriotic.

          1. No comment.

          2. Well, I am a Canuck, so…

            1. America’s hat is NOT exempt.

              1. Well then, a tip of the hat to you, my good sir.

              2. This back-talk from Canada’s Diaper shall not be tolerated

                1. Diaper!? We are Canada’s name-brand, two-sizes-too-big muscle shirt.

              3. We prefer to see ourselves as America’s tuque.

    2. Hello.

      STOP DOING THAT! I thought it was a holiday.

      Happy 4th my American…I want to say friends…but I’ll hold off for now.

      1. They don’t celebrate Canada Day in Quebec, do they?

        1. Depends on the part.

          They celebrate a fake holiday on June 24 where they gather to hope one day they will all be one and independent.

          1. It’s a Catholic holiday, although the Nordics celebrate it as Midsummer.

            I wouldn’t mind 18 hours of daylight.

            1. Daylight sucks.

          2. Please present yourself to your nearest d?panneur and buy une grosse Mol to be re-educated properly.

      2. I’m not your friend, buddy!

        1. I’m not you buddy, guy!

    3. There’s a post about baseball? Baseball – a sport so stupid that it strains the vast descriptive capabilities of the English language.

      1. You been talking about that queen of yours, again, Bob?

      2. I played baseball till I was 12. Stopped watching it on TEEVEE not much later. Have not cared about it one whit since. Oh, sure, it’s nice if Los Tigres win the odd World Series every few decades so Bubba can “burn a bad one” whilst perched upon an overturned, burning police vehicle to show the rest of the world Detroit’s still got it, but….

        That still seems about right to me. Play till 12, give up all interest shortly thereafter. Anything else is men being toddlers.

      3. But, but… George Will and Ken Burns, and Kevin Costner – twice!

        The more ballplayers get paid the less relevant they are to me.

  2. A second alligator was involved in the attack at a Disney resort in Florida that killed a toddler, said the boy’s father.

    Sounds like a trademark opportunity.

    1. It’s a conspiracy! The single gator theory just isn’t plausible.

      1. That kid was a future Hitler and the gator was from the future.

        *adjusts tinfoil hat*

    2. If he’s asserting without proof there was a second attacker, doesn’t that make the father himself an allegator?

      1. BACK and to the left! BACK and to the left!

      2. Nope, I’m not taking notice of this comment.

  3. Donald Trump says sources tell him Clinton won’t face charges.

    Those sources said so in under 140 characters.

    1. It’s good to be queen.

    2. Sadly, I believe that Trump’s sources are correct. First female President who is arguably also a traitor. History made again!

      1. Some of us have been saying all along that when you look at the long string of scandals and downright criminal behavior the Clintons have weaseled their way out of why would you have any faith that this is the one they can’t weasel out of? And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of examples of government officials having a different set of rules than us mundanes.

      2. This one is such a safe bet that his own guess is as good a source as any.

    3. There’s a surprise.

    4. Let the sweeping it all under the rug commence.

    5. I mean, it’s not like that’s shocking info. You could have come up to me in 2004 and explained the whole situation that would happen and asked “will she face charges?” and I’d have said hell no.

    1. “The quality of the experience of being in Boulder, part of it has to do with being able to go to this meadow and it isn’t just littered with human beings,” said Steve Pomerance

      Tell us more about how you feel about your fellow man.

      1. From the same article:

        “We don’t need one more job in Boulder,” Mr. Pomerance said. “We don’t need to grow anymore. Go somewhere else where they need you.”

        My god, that is some elitist, misanthropic bullshit right there.

        Why doesn’t he just eat some 12-gauge buckshot if human presence is so terrible for his precious city?

        1. They hate Trump so much because they are fighting over the same ideological ground.

        2. He’s one of the few GOOD humans. Gosh

        3. I’ve spent a pretty good part of my life in the most proggy parts of the Northeast, and… it’s Pomerances all the way down. I lived in Burlington during Bernie’s tenure (and close family friends were part of his inner circle,) and it was hard to avoid noticing how it went from a fairly livable small city to a city with an extraordinarily serious housing problem. The rationale was ‘smart growth,’ but the reality was a windfall for property owners (who tend to be powerful in local politics,) and impossible rents for everyone else. A side-effect was the expansion of the dependent class- you could be poor and on section 8 there, or well-off there, but you were in trouble if you were neither, or if you wanted to transition from one to the other.

          1. I’ve lived around Amherst/Northampton Mass off and on quite a bit too. I’m in Amherst now. It’s a similar story. When I moved back to Amherst six years ago, after a brief interlude in Brooklyn, I was surprised to find that I wound up paying almost as much per square foot here as I did there (and I was in a fairly nice part of Brooklyn) for substantially worse housing stock. Well- try to build housing around here. A few new units just went up in Amherst, for the first time I can remember in decades, but they are small luxury apartments, and very expensive- it’s hard to see how getting past the regulatory hurdles involved would be worth it for anything else.

            1. I sometimes think that people on the right are a bit too sanguine about the difficulty of being poor in the US. Yes, in many respects the poor are richer than the middle class was fifty years ago, but having been pretty poor when I was younger… well, cheap electronics are not the most important things to the actually poor. The cost of essentials, and especially the cost of essentials near economic opportunity is what maters. Being able to pay your rent is what matters.

              The progs, on the other hand, talk as if they are champions of the poor, but the truth is that they don’t want to live near them (for reasons that are actually kind of understandable,) and are at least able to sometimes make money (though they are also sometimes priced out of, if they are late to the party) in real-estate markets that seem to me explicitly designed to keep out the undesirables.

              At the very least, I am no longer very interested in what people claim to intend. If you want something that obviously leads to certain consequences, I’m going to assume that’s what you want, and ignore what you say about your intentions.

        4. “We don’t need to grow anymore. Go somewhere else where they need you.”

          This is how communities die.

      2. Steve Pomerance, a former city councilman who moved here from Connecticut in the 1960s.

        “It’s not fair that other people are doing what I did!”

        1. To be fair, his stance is pretty fucking common.

          1. Just a variation on the old joke:

            Q: What’s the difference between a developer and an environmentalist?

            A: The developer wants to build a cabin in the woods. An environmentalist already has a cabin in the woods.

          2. To be fair, his stance is pretty fucking common.

            Yes, a wide stance like that just invites a kick to the groin.

        2. Who said anything about “fair”? He likes the place he lives and doesn’t want it changed. Why is that making you all so butthurt?

      3. Boulder is filled with the most progtarded, narcissistic, assholes I’ve ever met. And, I mean filled with.
        Did you know that it’s illegal to smoke outside in city limits?

        1. I have friends as left-wing as they come and even they make fun of Boulder. The town motto really should be, “Diversity, please…but only in Longmont or Lafayette.”

  4. The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton as part of its probe into her use of a personal e-mail server.

    She’s just a small town country lawyer. She don’t know nothing about big city mail server security technology.

    1. B-KAW!

      1. The prosecution roosts.

        1. *slow clap*

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    1. I am holding out for $75 an hour, you cheap bastard.

  6. The Marlins beat the Braves 5 to 2 at Fort Bragg, in the first major league game ever played on an active U.S. military base.

    Will Miami be brave enough to brag about it?

    1. So much military fellating.

      1. Sometimes (often) America is intolerable.

  7. “The United States celebrates Independence Day.”

    Amexit Day!

    Thank God for the Declaration of Independence. Sent the progressives of the day into full bedwetting mode, and freedom has been scaring the shit out of them ever since.

    America, fuck yeah!

    Let’s celebrate our freedom by grilling meat, getting drunk, talking shit about our leaders, and blowing stuff up. Best idea for a holiday–ever.

    P.S. Special thanks to Krayewski for throwing us a bone to chew on for Independence Day. Merry Christmas, Ed.

    1. “The United States celebrates Independence Day.”

      AmUSexit Day!

    1. deserves a WHOOP WHOOP

    2. “Thank you sir for your service. Sez here you gots mentals illness? Could you be so kind and do the common sense thing and hand in your gun? The 2A doesn’t say what you think it does and we need to keep sanity. American bald eagle fuck yeah!”

      1. 15 years of war boner,fuck yeah!!!

  8. The FBI is investigating whether anyone in Clinton’s operation … mishandled classified information on the server.

    “But one thing’s sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody’s responsible.”

    1. We all know what Plan 10 from Not Outer Space is.

    2. “The FBI is investigating whether anyone in Clinton’s operation … mishandled classified information on the server.”

      They hired Peter Sellers specifically for this “investigation”.

  9. SugarFree works for the New York Times: Proud to Live in a Town Called Dildo

    An hour’s drive from the town of Come By Chance, past Spread Eagle Island, there is a large green traffic sign that often functions as its very own destination: “Dildo,” the sign proclaims, with an arrow pointing straight ahead.

    The idyllic fishing village of Dildo, Newfoundland, is home to about 1,200 people, most of whom refer to themselves quite proudly as Dildoians. Where did the town get its name? The locals, eager to dispel misguided notions about sex toys, offer a variety of theories ? a 16th-century Spanish sailor, maybe, or an archaic term for an oblong piece of nautical gear.

    1. There’s a village in Austria called Fucking. I’ve been there.

      In Austria, when you leave a town, the speed limit goes back up. To show the end of the lower speed limit, they… have a sign with the name of the town with a slash through it.

      1. Here’s a village that figured out how to solve the sign-theft problem that plagues such places.

        1. “We thought, ‘Let’s put in a ton and a half of stone and see them try and take that away in the back of a Ford Fiesta’.”

    2. Maybe the founders were really just a bunch of knobs.

    3. In KY there is a town called Beaverlick. If you head west out of Beaverlick on Beaver Rd, you’ll come to Big Bone Lick State Park. Something for everyone.

      1. Nuh uh! What about asexuals? They were just born that way! Bigot!


      2. That gives new meaning to Beaver Ruin Road in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

    1. Martha Stewart was persecuted for less.

      1. It’s good to be the Crown Princess.

      2. Well maybe she should have had the good sense to marry a future US president if she wanted to lie to the gubbermint enthusiastically, hmm? Martha has no one to blame but herself.

      3. “Prosecuted” for less.

        She was “persecuted” for that one time she wore white shoes to church after Labor Day. LOL! The very idea!

    2. “This shows, in my opinion, a skewed sense of security. The Clinton people would dispose of the secretary’s schedule in the same manner as if it were classified yet those same safeguards were not in place with regard to email communications.”

      “A skewed sense of security”, eh?

      Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

      1. Hey, as long as her ass is securely covered, what more should the American people expect?

  10. Near Russia’s border with the Baltics, soldiers on both sides are practicing for war

    n the two years since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, the tiny Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have taken an oversize role in facing down Russia’s challenge to the West. The Kremlin has been building up its military along its border with the former Soviet satellites. Western allies of the Baltics, worried that the region is vulnerable, have responded by pouring tanks, warplanes and soldiers into an area slightly larger than Florida. They will commit thousands more troops to the three countries and Poland at a summit starting Friday.

    1. “area slightly larger than Florida”

      Jealous much?

      1. “Lithuania Man” doesn’t have quite the same pizazz.

        1. The phrase you’re looking for is “Lithuanian wedding”.

  11. Cibulkov? v. Radwa?ska is amazing.

    1. All three hours of it.

  12. “The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton as part of its probe into her use of a personal e-mail server. Donald Trump says sources tell him Clinton won’t face charges.”

    I wish we lived in a world where Hillary facing charges was possible, but short of an Edward Snowden type whistle blower, there was never any real chance that Hillary would face charges.

    Even if the people who might be Hillary’s subordinates in five months had the balls to go after her now, there’s Obama to consider. Hell, impeachment may not even be a real option. There are a couple of months between the election and when Obama leaves office. After Hillary wins or loses, Obama can and will pardon her on his way out the door.

    1. The Dems can’t run her if she’s charged. She’s already struggling to find support from anyone outside the Clinton Machine, and this would ruin her for swing voters. The only possible outcomes are BHO conspiring against her after publicly endorsing her or the fedgov lackeys that owe their careers to his shit judgment following orders and cut her loose regardless of her guilt, after which the SJW-laden MSM runs interference and shrieks about Donald Trump’s twitter account and gun control for another four months.

      I leave it to the judicious reader to determine which outcome is more likely.

  13. The best we can hope for is that Hillary’s unethical behavior will cost her the White House, and that’s all that’s really matters anyway. The email server and whether what she did was illegal isn’t even the worst of it. Have I mentioned around here that she accepted money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State?

    “Hillary Clinton Oversaw US Arms Deals to Clinton Foundation Donors”

    “In all, governments and corporations involved in the arms deals approved by Clinton’s State Department have delivered between $54 million and $141 million to the Clinton Foundation as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to the Clinton family, according to foundation and State Department records.”

    —-Mother Jones

    If I could get Gary Johnson to do anything, I’d get him start pressuring Clinton to give back the money she accepted from Saudi Arabia and other countries. That Mother Jones article was from a year ago. She continues to accept money from foreign governments. It’s unconscionable. She’s disqualified herself.

    1. And the media won’t go after her, because goodthinking vulva.

      1. goodthinking vulva

        Nice band name.

      2. Goodthinking Vulva used to perform at Michfest.

      3. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was wrongthink vulva, and had to be destroyed.

    2. “It’s unconscionable”

      Yes, and yet idiots will line up around the block to vote for the worst person to run for prez since…ever.

        1. Wallace is a runner-up. He was bad but not as bad as Clinton.

    3. Good luck getting Gary Johnson to do anything that would take votes away from Clinton.

      “I don’t think there’s been criminal intent on Hillary Clinton’s part, so I don’t see an indictment,” the former New Mexico governor told CNN on Sunday morning. “I’m not a stone thrower when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her emails and her server.” [Then you’re a fucking pathetic presidential candidate, GayJay, and your veep pick is even worse.]

        1. I don’t blame GJ for playing pattycake with HRC. I think he has taken the lesson of Rick Lazio’s attempt to get tough with the Hildebeast during their 2000 senatorial debate. Conventional wisdom since has been, “don’t be mean to the girl.”

          Trump is a boor to everyone, so it doesn’t affect his followers. It would seem to preclude his attracting a plurality.

          60+% of the electorate thinks the country is on the “wrong track.” How can the incumbent party be leading in the Pres race?


        2. If I was fishing for votes in her private lake, I’d be doing the same thing. Criticizing her would shut down any interest in hearing what else you had to say, because “Trump”.

          He doesn’t have to pander to his base on CNN. He has to pander to the people that will get him a vote above 5% to make the LP a bit more relevant in the future. It sucks, but politics have to be aimed at the lowest common denominator, and the philosophical underpinnings of core principles just cannot be taught that early in the game.

      1. I’m not sure there was criminal intent specific to setting up her own email server either.

        I do think she’s a crook, and I think accepting money from foreign governments while Secretary of State is evidence of that.

        I don’t need a jury or a judge or a trial or a prosecutor or a Libertarian nominee or a law to tell me that Hillary Clinton is a crook.

        She accepted money from foreign governments according to Clinton Foundation documents, and that’s all the evidence I need.

        If being Secretary of State doesn’t mean that you can’t accept money from foreign governments then it doesn’t mean anything.

        Hillary is a crook by her own admission, as far as I’m concerned, and we should stop sitting around waiting for the FBI or the Justice Department to indict her. Hillary is a crook even if she isn’t indicted. Hillary is a crook even if she’s indicted, prosecuted, tried, and exonerated.

        Why pretend otherwise?

        Hillary Clinton accepted money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

        P.S. Hillary Clinton accepted money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

    4. Honestly, I’m torn. On the one hand, Hillary becoming president at this point would not say good things about the state of the rule of law in the US. On the other…. if Hillary were removed from the race what would we wind up with? Trump v Sanders? The thing I keep reminding myself of is that we’ve survived some pretty terrible Presidents, and some pretty terrible political times.

      1. From a libertarian perspective, I’m not sure seeing Hillary removed from running would be in our best interests either.

        The best thing that can happen for libertarians, I think, is for Hillary to be beaten in the general election because Americans think she’s a crook. Trump ends up a wildly unpopular President, so bad that when he runs for the nomination for reelection, it permanently splits the Republican Party in two–a populist side and a libertarian side.

        Having an executive who’s effectively powerless because he’s so unpopular isn’t necessarily the worst thing that can happen from a libertarian perspective. From best to worst, I’d rank the possibilities like this:

        1) A President who is both wildly popular and libertarian
        2) A President who is wildly unpopular and libertarian
        3) A President who is wildly unpopular and authoritarian
        4) A President who is both wildly popular and authoritarian

        Trump would rank a #3.

        Hillary doesn’t even get on the scale–because she disqualified herself by accepting money from foreign governments both while she was Secretary of State and, now, while she’s running for President.

        1. I guess if you’re angling for an actually effectual libertarian moment that might be a reasonable ranking. I’m afraid I’m not anymore. I’m not sure I’d call myself a libertarian at this point, though I have called myself one in the past, and I certainly lean that way.

          I once shocked a young woman I was talking politics with by saying “if the perfect is the enemy of the good, the good is often the enemy of the acceptable.” This was more than ten years ago, and she was quite young- I wonder if she’d understand better what I meant now than then.

          I may be being something of a nervous Nellie, but I worry that we may be headed toward some really unpalatable outcomes. My problem with your list is that it ignores the fact that a President can be wildly popular in some quarters, while being wildly unpopular in others. We’ve certainly seen this with the current President, and I think we are likely to see it more and more frequently.

          1. There’s an ideological part of me that would like to see the Right finally split along its very clear fracture lines, just to give me a team to cheer for. I’m not on the Left- it seems monolithic at this point- so I suppose I am, by default, on the Right. On the other hand I have no more in common with Mike Huckabee, say, than I have in common with Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders.

            The problem is that the Left needs a counterweight, and the only thing I think can restrain them is the fear of political losses, especially in the increasingly and overly powerful office of the Presidency. As a practical matter I want the Right and the Left deadlocked enough that neither can drag the country toward some Utopian vision- I am deeply skeptical of all Utopias, even of my own Utopian ideals. Acton had it right, a long time ago, and the power needed to achieve Utopia is more than enough power to corrupt absolutely, even if men were wise enough that they could achieve Utopia if not corrupt.

            1. It is in the nature of American politics to swing between poles. We elect some people, find them disgusting, and then elect some other people that we eventually find disgusting.

              As a general rule power grows, largely by learning to shield itself from scrutiny and the electoral process, just as a single living organism learns to defend itself against predation. Natural selection is not solely the province of individual organisms. Look at Army Ants, who create enormously complex “anthills,” full of passages and chambers, with their own bodies. I know I am sounding a bit crazy here, but I have a point that I think is important- natural selection applies to human social structures as well, including (and specially) bureaucracies.

              1. But humans are exceptional, and we can throw things over in a way a barnacle cannot, at least in a generation. It’s never easy though.

                I think Trump is an unreasonable reaction to something that deserves a reaction. I worry that an unpopular Trump presidency would lead to so much more of what people should, and will, inevitably react to that the eventual reaction will be convulsive, and tremendously damaging.

                1. Reasonable “best case” election result: The D’s crook or the R’s poltroon get in with a surprisingly low plurality, due to a record Libertarian showing and defections by Sandernistas to the Greens. Whichever half of The Duopoly loses the White House wins the Congress, but no landslide. Maybe the Reps keep the House and the Dems retake the Senate. We get four years of sweet, sweet gridlock.

  14. “One person is dead and two are injured after a brawl in a North Carolina country club.”

    There sure is a lot of info missing from that story.

    1. Holidays are the best time to gather at parties with friends and family and assault one another.

    2. When, when, WHEN will we finally have the political courage to stand up to the Golf Lobby and start a national dialogue on common-sense Country Club Control?

      Ban assault clubs! (I don’t have any idea what they are, but they sure sound scary!) Mandatory psych exams for club members! Terrorists on the No-Fly list should be banned from golf courses!

  15. “You had close to a hundred people here. You had alcohol involved, which is always a recipe for disaster when you have that many people and alcohol involved,” said Captain Eric Pope with the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office.

    I know! I just hate it when every bar I visit and every wedding I attend erupts in gunfire and death.

    1. Gotta love those in-laws going after each other.

      1. A friend of mine and much of her immediate family were jailed after a brawl erupted between the party of the bride and the party of the groom at _her_ wedding reception, once. Good times. Short marriage.

          1. The best part of it is that she was both smoking hot and probably physically initiated things, which would not have been entirely (or at all) out of character for her. She was certainly responsible for escalating them (the reception was literally at a bar that was open for other trade at the time.) I saw her mug shots, and she was cute as a very bedraggled button in them.

            She was more a close friend of a close friend than a friend, so I only saw her at intervals, and she was always attached to someone when I did. That might have been lucky for me, though it’s also possible that I was not enough of a lunatic for her anyway (which is remarkable, as anyone who knew me in my twenties could tell you.)

  16. Today is the day rich white male slave owners dashed the possibility of America being part of the greatest force for good ever created,the European Union. Progs have a sad.

  17. Dad, son fight FAA over gun-firing, flame-throwing drones…

  18. The Marlins beat the Braves 5 to 2 at Fort Bragg, in the first major league game ever played on an active U.S. military base.

    Wait, they played at Ft. Bragg? Ft. Bragg?

    I’ve known soldiers who deployed to the nastiest shitholes in the world and they still tell me that Ft. Bragg is, and I quote, “the worst place on planet Earth.” No one remembers what the town is called in its original Somali, but today, we call it “Fayetteville.”

    1. Where even the stds are airborne.

  19. Good morning, America. How are you?
    Say, don’t you know me? I’m your native son
    I’m the train they call the City of New Orleans
    And I’ll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done

    That’s all I got, celebrating early. Have a great day, you Rat Fink bastards. Now hold my beer while I play with explosives.

  20. Brexit: Which Kind of Dependence Now?
    by Sheldon Richman, June 29, 2016

    Is Brexit a move toward British independence? Some Leave and Remain partisans may believe so, differing only over whether that’s good or bad.

    But, as usual, things are more complicated. We should hope that, in one respect, Britain’s exit from the EU will create a kind of dependence that did not exist while it was still a member of the union.

    To see how, one must take note of the original (classical) liberal case for competing political jurisdictions rather than one unified authority: competition tends to generate liberty and prosperity by lowering the cost of “exit” ? that is, of voting with one’s feet to relocate from more-onerous to less-onerous jurisdictions.

    1. “voting with one’s feet to relocate from more-onerous to less-onerous jurisdictions.”

      The Bain of progs everywhere

      1. I love how once they’ve totally ruined a place, they flee from it and go on to do the same to some other place that was perfectly fine before they arrived.

    2. I dont understand how Richman consistently formulates decent arguments from correct premises and then arrives at the wrong conclusion.

      1. Richman’s gonna Richman, yo

      2. Suthen, that’s what makes Richman so ‘special’. For me, anyway.

  21. Despite what they say, I don’t hate you. I just love responsibly. Happy 4th, America!

  22. Jim Hightower, a reliable prog, actually applauded the “Brexit” vote in his latest column, as a…

    democratic shout of anger at the steady usurpation of the people’s sovereignty and well-being, fostered by …the… architects of corporate plutocracy

    Interesting to see a different take on Brexit from the left (although I’d like to see him apply that logic to DC as well as Brussels), but I’m linking this because of this great term he invented:

    The laboring class was first assaulted by Margaret Thatcher’s laissez-fairyland policies 30 years ago

    1. That actually made me laugh.

      1. Thatcher was a well-known Europhile.


    2. I thought lazy-fairyland was a gay ghetto.

      1. OK, that did make me laugh.

    3. YAF conservatives were calling libertarians lazy fairies back in 1969.

      See Jerome Tucille’s It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand.


    Cory Booker for dem VP?

    good god

    1. Make America Newark again.

      1. Clinton/Booker: Putting America Back to Newark

    2. That was my backup call (my first was one of the Castro bros from Texas)

      My pick for Trump was Newt

  24. Well folks it is clearly a slow day. Ribs are going on the grill and I am spending the rest of the day casting bullets; 38’s, 45’s and some very nice 30 cal flat noses.

    1. Enjoy!

      I smoked some ribs this week-end.

      My own rub and all that but used a nice BBQ sauce. I find, though I make my own, bought ones are really good.

      1. Sweet Baby Rays makes a goid BBQ sauce

        1. Sacrilege

    2. Casting and cooking? Do the lead fumes add a little sweetness? 🙂

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  26. Sizzling rainbow debris wafting through tendrils of nighttime dreaming, fat-sparking meats murmuring and seeping on beds of black bars, and acres and counties of country singers knitting warbled notes between strums and beats… all of this fantasy of faith marches to ghosts wandering old blue skies winding through cloud canyons of winds whistling through golden precipices since left to gather torn bluejeans, dim beginnings, and the tossed and flitting debris of ancient reverie. The poetry of the dusty epistle of eagles danced to and lauded under the drunken ignorance and strobe of goddamn slaves.

    1. Amen, AC.
      Happy Independence Day.

      1. Peace and forever unchained, brother.

  27. Letter: Not an unlimited right to bear arms

    I’ve got bad news for the GOP and the NRA. We are already violating the right of the people to keep and bear arms. If you live near an airport, try buying a Stinger missile. Or if you are Donald Trump, don’t plan on being allowed to buy a nuclear missile if you lose the election. Both missiles qualify as “arms.”

    Everyone agrees these are common sense limits.

    My next example of a “violation” of the Second Amendment is really embarrassing. Waterfowl hunters are required to modify their shotguns so that the magazine is limited to two shells, presumably to limit duck kills. I find it ironic that we can limit the magazine of a gun designed to kill ducks but have no limit on guns designed to kill people.

    Assault weapons are commonly used for the rapid killing of people. If we can protect ducks, why not people who are so frequently our children?

    Will Finlayson


    1. His heartfelt and not at all stupid letter has convinced me to run my Colt AR-15 through a metal shredder.

      For the children.

    2. Draper



    3. I got in an argument on HuffPo with a commenter who claimed that I was wrong about automatic weapons being illegal, because of the existence of bump-fire weapons, which he claimed could shoot 600 rounds/minute. Um, how many mag changes is that?

      1. The thing I really don’t get about all of this is… I’m not really a gun guy. I did grow up around firearms (when I was 13 or so we had a rifles and hard liquor corner of the kitchen, which featured a couple of generally loaded rifles leaned against the wall over a bottle of Jim Beam and a bottle of Gordon’s- not sure that was actually wise as my little sister was five at the time, but she knew not to touch the rifles.) And I have killed deer.

        I haven’t touched a firearm in decades, and I don’t really understand the minutiae of them the way hobbyists and real hunters do. That said- how can people who feel so passionately about a subject know so little about it? Every article I read these days is full of things even I recognize as glaring errors. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be if you’re really a rifle guy.

        1. Agreed – I haven’t touched a gun since the Boy Scouts, and with 30 seconds of Googling I think I’m still better informed about technical aspects of guns that most gun-control advocates. I have also occasionally thought to myself that if these falsehoods are obvious to me, it must really be annoying to actual gun users.

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  29. “america celebrating its independence is like a big fat guy celebrating the jeans that used to fit him”

    –Pax Dickinson

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