Zero Tolerance

School Calls Cops, Cops Call Child Services on Boy Who Made Harmless 'Brownies' Remark

Political correctness in the classroom leads to insane disciplinary policies.


Gunold Brunbauer / Dreamstime

This might be the most absurd case of a school mishandling a disciplinary issue yet: an elementary school in Collingswood, New Jersey, called the police because a nine-year-old male student allegedly made a racist remark. As a result, the state's child services division has opened a wholly unnecessary investigation into the boy's parents.

It isn't cleared what he actually said—the school, William P. Tatem Elementary, has not returned my request for comment. But a local news story suggests that he did not use the word "brownies" to refer to persons of color. He was actually referring to the chocolate baked good, according to his parents. Given that he made the statement during a class party—it was the last day of school—this explanation makes sense. (His last name sounds Hispanic, if that matters.)

In either case, the school had absolutely no reason to involve the police. Administrators should be perfectly capable of dealing with this sort of thing on their own. His teacher, or principal, could have asked the boy and his accuser about the incident and rendered some verdict. They could have punished him, if punishment was called for.

Instead, a young boy was interrogated by an officer about a harmless comment he made while in school.

It's just never necessary to involve the police in perfectly routine, non-violent, non-criminal disputes between children. The school's decision to do so is indefensible.

But according to, these kinds of automatic appeals to police authority are common:

The incident, which has sparked outrage among some parents, was one of several in the last month when Collingswood police have been called to look into school incidents that parents think hardly merit criminal investigation.

Superintendent Scott Oswald estimated that on some occasions over the last month, officers may have been called to as many as five incidents per day in the district of 1,875 students.

This has created concern among parents in the 14,000-resident borough, who have phoned their elected officials, met with Mayor James Maley, blasted social-media message boards, and even launched a petition calling on the Camden County Prosecutor's Office to "stop mandated criminal investigation of elementary school students."

It gets worse. is also reporting that "the incident had been referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency." I will be following up with this agency, the police, and the school.

The school turned a non-issue into a police issues, and the cops turned a police issue into a child services issue. All because school officials think it's a police officer's job to tell students to behave themselves, rather than the students' teachers. Truly, it's incidents like these that confirm the suspicions of many Americans (and many Donald Trump supporters) that their country is too politically correct.

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  1. This calls for a Yankee version of Brexit.

    1. Yankit?

      1. Texit.

        1. New Jexit.

        2. I’m hoping for PAdios, at least for those of us in the western part of Pennsyltucky.

        3. Sounds good to me! As I understand Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico have agreed in principal with Texas that if the US starts to fail, they will unite in a South Central Union. (And a very powerful union at that, controlling 1/3rd of the WORLD’s oil REFINING capacity. And, with the oil in that region, they would be one of the world’s top oil producers as well as the single greatest oil refiner.

      2. If New England as a bloc decides to secede, I think “Yankit” will just have to be term.

        1. Go home and yankit.

    2. With Brexit combined with a possible Trump presidential victory, honestly, the hope for a renewal of the spirit of American Secession has never been brighter.

    3. Can we do Brexit in reverse?

      Like, take a vote on launching New Jersey to sea and disowning them?

    4. The version of Brexit I favor for the US is to round up all the progtards and put them on a boat. The boat takes them to Antarctica. The end.

    5. Good suggestion! See, for example, Does British vote prefigure a true revolution? at

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  2. Mo gov, mo problems.

  3. Zero Intelligence strikes again.

    Whoever involved the cops should find flaming bags of shit on their doorstep for the next 20 years.

    1. It was procedure.

      All it takes is an accusation. A kid saying “I love squishing brownies”, gets reported as having said “I love squishing black people.” and the teacher is required to report it to the anti-bullying coordinators at the school. If they decide it’s a threat, they are required to call the cops. They also have to file their own report with DCF in certain circumstances. If they don’t do these things, the school can get reported to DCF, so they take the safe course. Better to pass the buck and let the people who have immunity deal with the mess. One can always blame a communications breakdown if the public gets pissed. And the cops’ hands are often tied; can’t show bias if you have no discretion, right?

      The bad things are due to the process, and nobody can be blamed; they followed procedure.

      1. My mom was an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. She told me that by retirement she had learned to never, ever let any disciplinary action leave the classroom. As soon as a kid gets referred to the office or counselor it generates paperwork and a time consuming process that could involve committees, principals, administrators and parents. And that was before the police had become a permanent presence on campuses.

        It was a source of pride for her that she never sent kids out of the classroom for punishment. I assume if she was still teaching she’d be fired for not following procedure. Or rather, on permanent, paid leave courtesy of the union. Firing a teacher, what am I thinking?

        1. The real problem isn’t who’s doing the disciplining, its that there’s really no concept of ‘informal’ discipline anymore.

          That your mother took it on herself to informally discipline kids is great, at the school a friend of mine works they explicitly say that the teacher’s shouldn’t have to handle the disruptions so tell the teachers to send them to the principle – but in both cases its handled (mostly) informally and the principle has the info she needs to decide if it needs to be escalated.

          even school cops would do informal discipline because it was often more trouble to fill out the paperwork rather than just confiscate the joints and clear the kids out of the bleachers – nowadays that paperwork is how they stack their metrics and its needed to be competitive for promotion.

          In the old days, you’d get yelled at by the teacher and if that wasn’t enough, you got sent to the Asst Principal (and your parents were notified) and if *that* wasn’t enough, officer Not-So-Friendly would be there to take you home. And when none of that was enough – that’s when you ended up in juvie (but it still wasn’t enough to get CPS involved).

      2. Someone wrote that process. Someone approved it. Someone decided not to repeal it. Even if it’s the process, there are plenty of people at fault that should be fired.

        1. I yearn for the day when committees, like the ones you know made this procedure, aren’t machines for dissipating responsibility.

          As in:

          “Well, the whole committee approved the new policy. Are you going to fire them all?”


      3. Yup, it’s the banality of evil.

      4. Well shit, as long as procedures were followed…

      5. Its funny. In the military we have procedures. They are often written years earlier and under commanding officers long retired.

        Yeeeeet, each CO that takes command is supposed to review those procedures and either accept them as-is, cancel them, or issue changes and then he signs off on them. All of them. And is held responsible for what those procedures require.

        So you’d think that whoever ordered that procedure written (or whoever is in that chair now) could and should be held responsible, *solely* responsible, for the harm those procedures cause. Even when others may get a pass for following orders, the guy who gives fucked up orders won’t.

      6. f they decide it’s a threat, they are required to call the cops.

        “I was only following orders.” I get what you’re saying, but that doesn’t absolve them of their actions. Even you note that at some point, there is a choice in this chain of fuckwafflery to not make things even worse. The school administration chose to do this.

        As Adam noted, people are involved regardless of procedure.

    2. Jesus, if they’re that quick to see a comment about brownies as a racist remark, they’re going to think that the KKK is after them. Flaming bags of dog poo are the new cross burnings. There have been cutbacks.

    3. No, they should spend the next 20 years wondering how they’re going to get the whipping scars off their backs.

  4. Every single adult involved in this should be fired.

    Out of a cannon.

    Into the sun.

    1. On acid.

    2. Not after they enact common-sense cannon control. Where are you going to get a cannon if they’re banned, smart guy?

      1. I’d suggest the black market, but I’m not sure if that’s racist or not.

        The market of color, perhaps?

        1. *colour* you America-centric fascist!

    3. Shit! Now Preet Bharara is going to subpoena a bunch of people!!!! Have you learned nothing?!? Our plot depended on stealth!

      1. I said nothing about woodchippers, or about sending them to Hell.

    4. Then nuke the sun from orbit just to be sure.

    5. A new use for Fallout 4’s Junk Mortar! Step aside Marcy Long, we got new ammo!

      1. No no Marcy, don’t *go* anywhere – you’re still going in the canon. Just gonna get these guys first.

  5. The school is teaching this boy what authority means. This will be good for him in the long run. Assuming he survives.

    1. ^This. The most important things I learned in public school were the arbitrary and capricious nature of authority and the dangers of unaccountable bureaucrats.

    2. The correct response to school district bullshit is to mercilessly sue the school district and everyone involved until a judgement or settlement is received. Because progtards made it this way.

      1. This.

        You fight back against the system the weapons it uses against you.

  6. It isn’t cleared what he actually said?

    “Burn the brownies! Burn them all!”

    1. I bet he said something like “I hate brownies”.

      Logically, since we know everyone loves brownies, he could only have been talking about brown people.

      1. “These brownies will go straight to my thighs”

        1. Excellent.

      2. “These brownies are making me thirsty”

        1. “These brownies are only three fifths as tasty as these blondies.”

      3. “Logically, since we know everyone loves brownies, he could only have been talking about brown people.”

        That’s actually solid logic there…

    2. “A brownie took my dad’s job.”

      1. “Can I eat this brownie hanging from a tree?”

      2. How about, “Boy, these brownies have really gone to pot!”?

        Could get a lot more government agencies involved then.

      3. It was oatmeal cookies with my dad.

  7. True story: I got kicked out of the cub scouts for eating brownies.

    1. Any nuts involved?

    2. What was her name?


  9. I bet cops love it. Better to deal with a scared kid than drug dealers, even though there’s no assets to forfeit.

  10. (His last name sounds Hispanic, if that matters.)


    1. Local radio says the father is Brazilian (if that matters).

      1. So he has a fat ass and flabby thighs?

        1. Nah, just a wax job.

    2. His last name sounds Hispanic, if that matters

      Holee sheee-it, way to go, Robby the Racist.

      He was probably a white-Hispanic, though, and everyone knows those are the worst kind.

      1. He was probably a white-Hispanic, though, and everyone knows those are the worst kind.

        Yeah, they’re lucky they caught this little racist shit before he started hunting black kids for sport.

    3. That is what public schools are always trying to do. Get that parent thesis out of the child.

  11. So what crime were the cops investigating? Cops always talk about how they’re too busy dealing with baddies to investigate low level crime like home burglaries and car thefts, so are we to assume that this brownie crack was somehow evidence of a major felony?

    1. Oh it’s easy to fuck with a scared little boy.

      Solving real crime is hard.

  12. New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

    What does this agency do? Can they declare this child no longer… permanent?

    1. No nono, you misunderstand.

      Part of their mission is to ensure that people are properly infantilized so they grow into physical adults but remain permanently children seeking the guidance and control of big daddy/mommy government for their entire lives.

      So it is to protect the child into always remaining a child

  13. “This has created concern among parents in the 14,000-resident borough, who have phoned their elected officials, met with Mayor James Maley, blasted social-media message boards, and even launched a petition calling on the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office to “stop mandated criminal investigation of elementary school students.”

    This, and incidents like it, are a perfect opportunity for Libertarian Party local chapters to get behind.

  14. The school turned a non-issue into a police issues, and the cops turned a police issue into a child services issue

    Why? Because they can. Because these agencies need to make people believe they’re necessary. they make work wherever they can find it, and if they can’t find it they’ll invent it out of thin air.

  15. “The buck stops in somebody else’s office. Please close the door quietly behind you.”

  16. The increased police involvement follows a May 25 meeting among the Collingswood Police Department, school officials, and representatives from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, where school officials and police both said they were told to report to police any incidents that could be considered criminal, including what Police Chief Kevin Carey called anything “as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally.”

    The police and schools were also advised that they should report “just about every incident” to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, Carey said.

    Told by who? Advised by who? I can’t tell if it was the mayor or the district attorney or the school board who initiated this increased police involvement.

    1. I can’t tell if it was the mayor or the district attorney or the school board who initiated this increased police involvement.

      If you have no idea, then the PR people have done their job well.

      1. Grown ups tattling is just another one of those things we all do together.

    2. If the school folks and the police were both “told”, that just leaves the prosecutor’s office to do the telling. Why the hell are they even getting involved in this? Maybe they are just underworked and need to drum up some business.

      1. “drum up some business.”

        I think this is it. Job security. Not sure about other states, but it seems (by my observation only) that if you call for an ambulance here in Florida, it is SOP to send an ambulance AND a fire truck. But the budgets have been trimmed to the bone.

        1. I never see an ambulance without the accompanying fire truck and two police cars

      2. The Camden County prosecutor’s office certainly has no reason to be underworked. Camden has the highest crime in NJ. There were over 20 murders in the county in the first few months of the year.

    3. “….any incidents that could be considered criminal, including what Police Chief Kevin Carey called anything “as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally.””

      A police chief who thinks name-calling incidents might be criminal.

    4. Lawyers, duh

    5. Told by who? Advised by who? I can’t tell if it was the mayor or the district attorney or the school board who initiated this increased police involvement.

      It’s hard to say. All those professions tend to attract authoritarian sociopaths, so it could be any one of them.

    6. They were told by the prosecutor’s office. has a less weasely article that says the school board was “directed by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office earlier this spring to report all incidents to the Collingswood Police Department to have them investigate ”…..eport.html

      hehe, they even have “school incidents overblown” in the URL of the article.

  17. Superintendent Scott Oswald estimated that on some occasions over the last month, officers may have been called to as many as five incidents per day in the district of 1,875 students.

    My high school had more students than this, and I don’t think we saw cops five times during my whole 3 years there.
    What kind of pants-wetters have to call the cops this often?

    1. my whole 3 years there.


      1. /dropout

        1. /Never completed 9th grade

      2. I don’t get it.

      3. Wait, I got it now. Background: I come from one of those ancient generations where high school was grades 10-12. Three years, in most cases.

        1. ah. the implication in normal circs would be “graduated early”

          *tho the dropout possibility never occurred to me.

          i knew 3-4 kids who did graduate early. social-retards. don’t know where they are now.

          1. They’re probably wasting their lives running a high tech start-up or something like that.

            1. Not really. Most of the nerdy-young-savants from my school never amounted to anything AFAIK. The one billionaire was a dork, but not particularly academically gifted.

      4. It was only during my time in high school that they changed the groupings from junior high being 7th-9th grades and high school 10th-12, to junior high being 6th-8th and high school being 9th-12th.

        Has to do with smaller enrollments, and one of the junior high schools being right next to the high school, ultimately being merged with the high school and going from three junior high schools to just two.

        I don’t know how many elementary schools the district is down to.

    2. What kind of cop says “I’ll be right over” and not “Why are you wasting my time with this nonsense, take care of it yourself”?

      1. Hourly??

      2. All of them?

      3. A sociopathic one with a fully engorged authority boner over the prospect of making a little kid wet himself in fear?

      4. The kind who gets a choice between that & doing real work, like parking tickets.

  18. We had better get all of these freak’n cops out of these schools. This was always unecessary and extremely dangerous.

    And if you are “cop” and you are one of these silly-assed “resource officers”, you need to go get a life. YOU are a huge part of the problem. Get the HELL out of my schools. If someone needs arrested,we know what to do.

    1. The kind who doesn’t want to do anything difficult or dangerous

  19. “I don’t like M.”

    “Some M are blue! He has a bias against Hindus!”

  20. Politically “correct” somehow implies that there’s something right about this disease that’s swept the nation. Can we stop using it? In its place I’d like to nominate “politically retarded”.

    1. Social retardation? Arrested development? Childish?

  21. Why would the cops even respond? They must have caught all the rapists and murderers in town if they have time for this.

    1. Not exactly, but they had fulfilled their monthly quota for speeding and jaywalking tickets. Plus, the school was about half way between the donut shop and police HQ AND there was only two hours left in their shift, so why the hell not stop there on the way back from Dunkin?

      Getting a few chuckles over scaring the crap out of some little kid is a lot more fun than going back to the precinct and having to waste time with some stupid paperwork, amirite?

  22. “an elementary school in Collingswood, New Jersey, called the police because a nine-year-old male student allegedly made a racist remark.”

    Are racist remarks a crime in New Jersey?

  23. Is that the kid in there in the picture? He looks like a ginger. Lock him up. DOWN WITH GINGERS.

    1. When did calling redheads “ginger” come into vogue in the US?

      It was purely a british thing – along with the joke that they “have no souls” and “should be oppressed” etc. – when i first came across it in the early 2000s. It was a popular joke with british comics to suggest that gingers were a dangerous alien species

      I’m guessing it was spread in the US via some stupid sitcom.

      1. I’m guessing it was spread in the US via some stupid sitcom.

        I assumed it had sprung forth from Irish immigration and beating someone like a red-headed stepchild.

        1. I assumed it had sprung forth from Irish immigration

          “”Patrick O’Sullivan, head of the Irish Diaspora Research Unit, says he has never come across a link. “””

          If Patty O’Shoolyhan says Nuh Uh, I’m with him.

          1. Well, I know for certain that ‘beating a redheaded stepchild’ predates myself (~40 yrs.) in the States. And if the fucking O’ Toole didn’t find a link, it’s because they didn’t leave it lying in front of his local pub.

          2. RELEVANT!

            From the day the Republican party came into power the South has been treated like a red-headed stepchild.
            The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) 29 Jun. 1910.

      2. South Park is hardly some stupid sitcom.

        1. Really?

          The people i’ve heard making references to anti-gingerism strike me as too dull and utterly unhip to have picked it up via South Park, but then you never know.

          1. Well, there was also this. (Possible NSFW, I forget.)

            1. Jesus, her music fell of a fucking cliff didn’t it.

                1. I suspect she was only tolerable because the people who made her first record (switch, diplo) made awesome beats.

                  when producers lost interest in her, her lack of talent probably became more apparent.

        2. It is THE stupid sitcom. DAMMIT!

      3. South Park, if I’m not mistaken.

  24. “In either case, the school had absolutely no reason to involve the police.”

    Evidence that at least one SJW has majored in education, graduated, and found employment in a New Jersey school.

  25. Is it clear that he was insulting a brown person? Maybe he just doesn’t like a gal in uniform.

    1. Or goblins.

  26. In fairness to the school, coming in to class with a large covered tray your mom prepared and announcing you brought “brownies” for everyone is clearly racist.

    What he should have said was, “I brought pastries of color for everyone who wants one.”

    Alternatively, he could have called them “Warm climate-evolved dessert squares,” and that would have been okay as well.

    Bonus points to him if the pastries of color were gluten-free, peanut-allergy-safe, and his mom only used organic baking ingredients.

    Even better — if the tray was made from earth-friendly, recyclable bamboo fibers, he probably would have ended up with a good citizenship award instead of in the principal’s office.

    1. If the brownies are gluten free, organic, and nut safe, I’d rather have the bamboo tray. Thanks.

    2. if the tray was made from earth-friendly, recyclable bamboo fibers

      … then someone committed cultural appropriation.

  27. called the police because a nine-year-old male student allegedly made a racist remark.

    Has the US Government banned the original cut of The Bad News Bears yet?

    1. As with Blazing Saddles, I don’t think that movie could be made today.

    2. There was no original cut of The Bad News Bears, that was just a fevered dream of your addled, cis-racist mind!

  28. “DO SOMETHING!!!”

    See? Something was done. That’ll teach the little rascal.

  29. His last name sounds Hispanic, if that matters.

    It doesn’t.

  30. And even if the kid was sing “brownies” as a racist remark toward brown people, how the fuck is that the police’s problem? Jesus titty-fucking Christ, someone needs to run every person in this story except for the kid through a fucking woodchipper. Fuck fuckity fuck…

    1. As a great man once said, “Heckuva job, Brownie!”

  31. It isn’t cleared what he actually said?the school, William P. Tatem Elementary, has not returned my request for comment.

    Typo alert: I believe that should be “clear,” Rico, not “cleared.” But don’t hold your breath waiting for them to get back to you.

    Also, there is a children’s book about a mythical little people called The Brownies.

    1. a mythical little people

      Yeah, like we needed more coded racism up in here.

    2. Dog whistle!

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  33. “These brownies taste like [n-word] shit!”

    Nope, still wouldn’t rise to the level of police involvement. Exactly what criminal statute were they claiming was violated, anyway?

    1. Note: I’m not claiming that is what was said, just that the worst case scenario still doesn’t justify calling the cops. Unless he chewed a brownie into a rough gun shape, of course. Then it’s school lockdown time, obviously.

  34. The educators are trying to earn brownie points by falling all over themselves with political correctness. They’re full of it, brownies, that is.

  35. They need to lay off this kid. There’s nothing wrong with a delicious tray of fudge niggers, erm, brownies!

  36. I once had delusions of becoming a teacher – even got the degree and certification. Never got closer to full-time teaching than tutoring and subbing. This incident is Reason # I’velongsincelostcount that I have absolutely no regrets for having dodged that bullet. Hell, this also reinforces my decision not to have kids. With any luck, I will never, ever have to deal directly with public school bullshit – other than paying property taxes and voting against school levies.

  37. SUE the school or the teacher. The anti bullying procedure didn’t apply here because there was no bullying. I wouldn’t even settle if I was this kid’s dad. I would instruct my lawyer to take into account my kid’s loss of future income. Being labeled a racist in America is like being accused of being a witch in the days of yore.

    What are cops doing in elementary schools? Get them out of all schools. If a kid is making trouble, kick them out of class and tell his parents he can’t come back unless he behaves.

    What’s that? Restorative justice? Something about Charter schools being bad because they get to pick and choose the students? Well ok, keep schools Orwellian.

  38. So if I’m understanding this right…

    Educational institution gets an accusation of a misconstrued statement from a 9-year-old student: Call the cops, this is too big for our local disciplinary system to handle!

    Educational institution gets an accusation of a rape/sexual assault from an adult student: Don’t worry, we’ll handle it internally – no need for police involvement, due process, rule of law…

    Perhaps Reason can begin posting these two types of stories side-by-side just to underscore the hilarity?

  39. ” we will take your kids away unless you properly indoctrinate them at home”

    Pressuring families by threatening to kidnap their kids.

    It takes a totalitarian Village.

  40. The young man’s dad is Brazilian. So, obviously he is an anti Hispanic Anglo, right?

    The school officials, et al, are NUTS!

  41. So speech is now under the purview of Child Welfare agencies now?

  42. Maybe he didn’t like the brownies mix?

  43. It’s only rational. No one wants to be singled out as the person who did not follow procedure or who “missed” a warning sign, as though this kid would return the next day with his dad’s AR and waste the whole class. That is the sort of catastrophic prognostications on which these policies and procedures are based. So everyone just follows protocol, kicks it to the police and then to Childrens Protective Services [if not, “why didn’t you report…”] and it reaches a level of outrage that you read it on Drudge first thing in the morning and then further analysis on HIt and Run. Everyone is just covering their ass and afraid of being accused of not intervening.

    It’s only rational…and follows to its logical extreme.

  44. This is ridiculous. It’s not like he bit the brownies into the shape of a gun or something.

  45. Once a zero tolerance policy is in place, school officials go into CYA mode. The zero tolerance ethos governs jailers as well as students. Therefore people in authority will not take any risks. They will cover their behinds no matter what. For teachers and school administrators, risks of not reporting far outweigh risks of referring the matter to police.

    So we consider the police and their role. Police have a responsibility to decide how to use their time. During a brief phone call, they can decide whether to respond to a call for help from a school administrator. If I call the local police station to say, “My puppy just peed on my carpet,” the dispatcher will say, “Thanks for calling, but you’ll have to take care of that one yourself.” Police can exercise the same option for calls about trouble at school. They do not need to involve themselves. They do not have the same CYA incentives that school officials do. They can decline to send someone out for a visit. (Continued)

  46. … We have criticized schools for years about their willingness to call the police, but criticism has not changed their behavior. They continue to do it, even after parents object. If schools refuse to change their policies and practices, communities should see if they can persuade local police departments to change _their_ policies and practices. Police officers may want to get involved because it’s an opportunity to exercise their authority, but the public relations costs are high. If they recognize how high, they may decide the school visit is not worth it.

  47. If the police told the school to call them for such trivial reasons, that town needs a new police chief. If they didn’t, the school needs a new principal.

  48. One glaringly obvious problem here is the fact that kids have been systematically stripped of their rights by the do-gooders said to be their greatest defenders, i.e. the so-called “children’s rights” campaigners. For those of us who once insisted upon the (genuine) rights of children some thirty years ago but whose recommendations were excluded from Libertarian policy, we now inhabit a society in which kids are seen as the property of the state and public schools as their “loco” parentis who make profound choices on their behalf but to their very great detriment. Kids have no voice and have far fewer rights than even twenty years ago. They’re completely marginalized and without a modicum of influence over their own existence.

  49. the amazing thing is that in all these stories, not one officer decides to beat the idiot person who started this whole nonsense with their nightstick until they apologize.

  50. If they were fudge brownies, they should have been forced back across the border. #MakeBrowniesCakeAgain

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  52. “Yeah, sorry ma’am– you’re just going to have to talk your way out of this hostage situation because we just got another call and some kid at a school said the word ‘brownie’ in a suspicious context and we’ve gotta look into it. But don’t worry! *tosses book* Here’s a pocket ‘crisis negotiation reference’ if you get stuck. Good luck!”

    Seriously though, this boy and the pop-tart kid should be friends – they have a common enemy: stupid people.

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