Another Terrorist Attack in Turkey

Ataturk airport attacked



Three suicide bombers have killed at least 28 people and injured 60 more in two separate explosions at the Ataturk international airport in Istanbul, according to the Istanbul governor. According to the Turkish justice minister, at least one of the suicide bombers opened fire on travelers at the airport before blowing himself up.

The airport has been reportedly locked down, and flights in and out have been cancelled. Turkish president Recep Erdogan, previously the long-time prime minister, met with the prime minister and other government officials but has not made a statement yet.

There have been a number of terrorist attacks in Turkey, beginning with the bombing of a peace rally in Ankara, the country's capital, last October, for which the government blamed the Islamic State (ISIS), which operates in neighboring Syria and Iraq but which did not claim responsibility. Most of the attacks have been in Ankara or Istanbul, the country's largest city, and have been claimed by ISIS or the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PPK).

Donald Trump and the Brussels Airport, which was the target of a terrorist attack in late March, were among those who reacted on Twitter. Trump called the incident "so sad," saying the country had to "do everything possible to keep this horrible terrorism outside the United States." The Brussels Airport wished victims, relatives, and airport staff strength and courage.

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  1. When will the killing by these fundie Lutheran nutjobs stop?

    1. My money’s on the Mormons. Utah isn’t enough,

      1. Scientologists.

        After all, Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

        1. I bet it was the goddamn nihilists.

          1. Well, they don’t seem to put much value on their lives.

            1. I see you don’t understand nihilism at all.

              1. I heard that one of the bombers shouted “No-one-in-particular Ackbar!” before exploding.

          2. Say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

          3. Well, these men *are* cowards.

        2. Tom Cruise does his own stunts not want to come out of the closet. NTTAWWT.


    2. Religiously motivated terrorism will end when Ted Cruz stops saying mean things about transwomen in the ladies’ room.

      1. Why is Ted Cruz in the ladies’ room?

        1. Ted Cruz – Pervert Police

          1. That’d be a helluva show.

            1. Fat Huckabee is always huffing and puffing to try to catch up with his hyper partner Ted.

              “When are we gonna stop for lunch, Ted?”

              “On the seventh day! Now quit whining and give me that dress. I am going undercover.”


              1. Coffee meet keyboard.

      2. What in the blue blazes is Ted Cruz doing in the powder room?

        1. To get to the other side?
          Same as in town: $5?


        1. She’s such a much better person than everyone!

    3. Is the Neutrals? You can’t trust them, it is known.

        1. With enemies you know where they stand but with neutrals? Who knows! It sickens me.

      1. What makes a man turn neutral? Power, lust for gold? Or maybe they were just born with a heart full of neutrality.

      2. It is known


    5. Da Jooos put the Amish up to it.

  2. So, are these attacks having the desired effect?

    1. Confusion and fear? I’d wager so.

      1. Sheesh, *those* can be obtained without killing innocent people. 8-(

        1. Yep. Just look at our current crop of major-party presidential candidates.

  3. You have a better chance getting struck by lightning. These attacks are so rare, so few and far between, that it’s not even worth trying to stop.

    1. How is that different than murder as a whole?

      1. That’s a good point. I think the distinction between the two is that a murder investigation is reactionary while anti terror tactics are preemptive and far more intrusive in the public’s day to day life.

        1. Probably this^

          These attacks usually result in the death of the perpetrators. You might be able to catch and prosecute some of the planners if it’s not a lone wolf attack.

          Although OTOH maybe perpetual war and an increased police state is the ultimate solution… a final solution, if you will.

          1. You know who else….hey now?!

    2. Then how could governments redirect the public’s money into the hands of a few powerful people who strip you of your privacy, freedom of movement, and the ability to defend yourself?

      Geez, get with the program.

      1. You’re right – using the pretense of fighting terrorism is the one and only way Top Men can grab additional power.

        If we put a stop to this, then it’s libertopia all around.

        1. It certainly would be a step in the right direction. But your snark has been noted.

    3. That was a standard response during the Bush years, now it’s “Ommagerd, weez needs us a 30 round clip common sense assault magazine thing that goes up loophole ban for ze gaze!!!”

      1. Actually that sound pretty cool- where can I get one of those?

    4. You have a better chance getting struck by lightning. These attacks are so rare, so few and far between, that it’s not even worth trying to stop.

      There have been about 20,000 Islamic terror attacks since 2001. Have 20,000 people been hit by lightning in that period? I doubt it.

      But this argument by statistics is ridiculous. Lightning has no intention. It is not a political movement supported by millions. The statistical chance of a Russian being injured or killed by a Bolshevik was also near zero in 1916, but that changed a year later.

      1. These attacks are so rare, so few and far between, that it’s not even worth trying to stop.

        It seems to me that this statement was not meant literally. “Redacted” might want to clarify for us.


        Would you like to offer evidence for these claims of yours:

        A) There have been about 20,000 Islamic terror attacks since 2001.

        B) [Islamic terror attacks] is a political movement supported by millions.

        1. I was simply getting the Standard Disclaimer out of the way.

          I’m not saying I agree with the rampant expansion of the national security sector; it’s just folly to pretend that terrorism is something that we should just throw up our hands about. “Oh well. Just one of those things, darn the luck.”

          1. Oh, that [Redacted]. I thought the Heather Wade [Redacted]. Or are they the same?

          1. Yeah, I was going to say… you probably get to millions supporting terror attacks just in the occupied territories of the west bank and Gaza. Definitely if you add in the greater “Palestine” and the Palestinian diaspora. And that’s likely small potatoes when you look to places like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya…. Yeah, there’s a plenty big pool to pull from to get to “millions”.

          2. Charles Easterly, he answered with proof of “these claims of his”.Turns out they weren’t just his, eh?

          3. There are greater than 1 Billion Muslims on this planet. In multiple studies, greater than 10% (and that’s the minimum figure, a few studies have greater than 20%) of Muslims approve of Terrorism to spread the Dar el Islam and create a Caliphate. If only 0.2% of Muslims support terrorism and are involved in any material way in terrorism, that is multiple millions. 1 Billion Divided 100 = 10 Million, then Divide by 5 to get 0.2% = 2 Million.

          4. I appreciate the fact that you offered a resource supporting your statements, Papya. In the interim between my asking for evidence and your post I had closed out of H&R.

            The definition of “terror attack” used by your source, TROP, is quite different from the way the term is commonly used (in the rather rare cases that it is defined at all). Their definition seems a misnomer to me, and I think TROP would be better served by using something along the lines of “religious based violence” since they include in their “counter” violent acts perpetrated in the name of Islam which have nothing to do with political motivations. This doesn’t take away from TROP’s goals, in my opinion, and in a sense gives more weight to what they seem to be trying to get across to their readers.

            The second point you made (” … supported by millions”) would seem to be supported by math alone – see “spqr2008’s comment at 8:39AM, below.

  4. The Brussels Airport wished victims, relatives, and airport staff strength and courage.

    Fuck you, Brussels Airport, I guess. You just got equated with Donald Trump.

  5. Help me understand this conflict. There are Kurds, ISIS, and Turkey. Turkey kills Kurds. ISIS kills Kurds. So ISIS blows up the airport? Does Turkey also kills ISIS? Who blew who up and why? Aren’t they all the same kind of religion of peace?

    I’m just confused. The bloodshed is tragic but if terrorism is about sending a message this is clear as mud.

    1. A priest, a rabbi and a baptist minister walk into a bar…

      1. Followed soon after by a Muslim. The bar blows up.

        1. Progs blame the priest, rabbi, and minister

          1. You forgot it was a gay bar.

    2. My immediate reaction was that this was rather lazy. Instead of blowing up a bunch of muslims (Turkey’s muslim demographic is like 90+% IIRC), go to the international airport where you will get a higher percentage of infidels. They didn’t even go to the trouble of leaving the country.

    3. I don’t understand it either, but I’m sure we can all agree that this is Trump’s fault!

      1. Specifically, it was Trump flapping his arms at a California rally last month that caused this.

        1. *Damn* him! Doesn’t he realize flapping simply *infuriates* suicide bombers?

          Oh, wait. You meant he was signaling them to attack an airport, didn’t you?

          1. I thought it was the “butterfly effect”?!

          2. No, I was talking about the Butterfly Effect.

            1. Nobody ever suspects the butterfly.

    4. Kurds who occupy Southeast Turkey and Northwest Iraq and who have long been oppressed by both countries long to unite and create there own country. Something Turkey of course will not allow and have long fought against including refusing to even recognize their Kurdish population. The largest religious group in Turkey is Sunni Muslim, same as ISIS. ISIS would no doubt like to bring those Muslims into their new Sunni Caliphate. Furthermore the Turkish government is traditional secular which makes them apostates to ISIS and makes ISIS a threat to Turkey. Also, ISIS like to rape and torture Kurdish women for fun. Short version: Muslims are assholes.

      1. Thank you. It seems obvious but even Islam is at war with Islam.

        1. I wonder how many Western Muslims, in their secret heart of hearts, roundly applaud efforts to stem the tide of Muslim migrants into the West.

          1. I’m guessing a lot

          2. There are pro-Trump Muslims. No doubt many who would never admit it publicly.

          3. I’m guessing quite a few came here (or their parents came here) to get away from the assholes over there. So, yeah.

            1. No doubt. The trouble is, 1) it’s hard to sort out the good ones, and 2) even the good ones can change their minds, or have kids or grandkids who go bad.

    5. mmmm, turkey kurds

      1. *Stands to applaud*

      2. Now I want some poutine.

      3. No whey.

        1. *narrows gaze*

          You people are wearing me out.

    6. “Aren’t they all the same kind of religion of peace?”

      No. The Wahhabis, ISIS included, take a more libertarian approach, in that they hate all the people that mostly agree with them even more than people in complete or near-complete disagreement.

    7. You touch on the subject that has me baffled as well. Not only as to the tactics, but as to why it works.

      In Iraq we saw resistance groups blowing up markets and such, killing lots of Iraqis… which undermined the support of the sitting government? Huh? You blow up my sister while she’s shopping for yogurt and I’m going to end up supporting you? How does that work?

      So in Turkey they have an ostensibly secular government that has been listing heavily toward Islamist lately…. so we blow up the airport? Huh? And this gets the Turkish people behind the new caliphate how, exactly?

      I really, really don’t understand human psychology. Not even a little bit.

      1. It’s a mob kind of mentality. They show they can hurt you and those close to you, so you had better support them, or else.

  6. Is Innocence of Muslims II out already? I thought they were waiting for Oscar season.

    1. No, but the Benghazi report is …

    2. I see the yokels are our in full force dwelling on the fact that this was done by Muslims. However, not all terrorist acts are done by Muslims. But, all terrorist acts are done by people. So we should be lamenting about the evil nature of man and about how we are just a terrible species with no redeeming qualities.

      1. What?

        You think Greek Eastern Orthodox bombed the airport?

        1. I told everyone before; Da Jooos put the Amish up to it.

      2. You can’t hug your family with nuclear arms.

        1. Hulk smash!

  7. “The Brussels Airport wished victims, relatives, and airport staff strength and courage.”

    I’d like to hear more from the Airport.

    1. It says it would like you to please park in the designated zones only….oh, and do visit the duty free shops!

      1. And don’t leave your luggage unattended.

  8. This is the direct result of our bombing campaign in Syria and Libya. We don’t have to let them in but for Allah’s sake stop bombing them!

  9. Whenever I hear “Ataturk” I think of “atta boy.” “Ataturk, who’s a good Turk, who?”

    1. It takes a thousand “Ataturks” to overcome just one “You dumbass turban cowboy!”.

  10. It was the L-tryptophanatics.

  11. They need to outlaw bombs to prevent bomb violence!

    1. You can’t do that, Bowser needs all the help he can get defending his castles.

      1. You’ll never defeat Dodongo without them.

        1. And what will Mr. ‘Erman do?



    1. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure you forgot a letter CIS Shitlord.

      1. Forgive me.

        It’s so damn hard to keep up with.

        Plus Bourbon.

  13. Trump called the incident “so sad,” saying the country had to “do everything possible to keep this horrible terrorism outside the United States.”

    I’ll never understand comments like this. Sure, you can keep certain people out of the country. You could probably even screen for things like “radical speech/ thoughts” even though it would go against the freedom of thought we have in America, but so be it, you could still probably find a few bad apples here and there.

    However, you’re not going to solve “terrorism” when it’s based primarily on making radical political changes through violent means. Unless you can censure speech, freedom of thought, and things like the Internet, you’re ostensibly always going to have a “terrorism problem.” Then you’d have to confiscate the means by which people commit terrorism; the guns, bombs, other weapons, etc.

    The irony is that most terrorism is carried out to make some larger point about society, typically involving a widespread campaign of fear and hatred, causing the intended targets to feel unsafe, vulnerable, insecure, etc. Then the reaction is something overblown — like invading/bombing entire countries — and you’re back at square one.

    Just get the incompetent government to do its job. Follow the dots. Use *legal* surveillance when necessary. Apply good old-fashioned detective work. If it can’t get the job done, clean house and hire new people.

    1. See: Israeli Airport counter-terrorism measures.

  14. This is exactly why I’ve been saying we should gtfo and stfo. There are no fucking good guys over there. They are all fucking sociopaths.


    1. They are all fucking sociopaths.

      Because of the inbreeding?

      1. That, ignorance, and lack of air conditioning.

        1. No beer.

      2. Because of the inbreeding?

        That and the lack of booze. Never trust anybody that doesn’t drink.

        1. Because of the inbreeding?

          That and the lack of booze.

          That describes Utah to a T.

      3. No, because of the worthless horrible religion.

    2. The Kurds are good guys (sans the PKK).

      The Yezidis are good guys. They are completely harmless.

      Zoroastrians in that area are good guys.

      1. Unfortunately none of those three groups are capable of running the shitshow over there. Not enough of them.

        1. Well, from what I’ve heard years of ethnic cleansing tends to have that effect.

    3. This is exactly why I’ve been saying we should gtfo and stfo. There are no fucking good guys over there. They are all fucking sociopaths.

      And who was the most right? Pat Buchanan.

      1. I get a little bored with his sky is perpetually falling and his everything is about tribalism schtick but I will often read him because there is no doubt the dude knows history, particularly US Presidential History. He is not without the occasional insight even if he comes to the wrong conclusion.

        1. Buchanan may know history, but he’s also a huge fan of cherry picking quotes and facts that don’t actually line up with history. Just saying.

  15. congress needs to act on this immediately!

  16. Let’s import some Turkish cops on H-1B visas. They’ll do the job American cops won’t.

    1. Last thing we need is more dancing cops.

    2. What are you going with that nightstick?

      1. Is that a nightstick in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

    3. ‘You ever been in a Turkish prison’?

      1. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

    1. Do we know if the cop actually survived that? Looked like a huge blast.

      1. I hope so. Ballsy fucker like that, he deserves to end the day with beef perfectly cooked, cold alcohol and a hot woman.

        1. Definitely. He’s the actual cop leaping away from an explosion in all those action movies.

        2. What we also know:

          That guy will never settle for a single shot “he’s down” shooting ever again in life. He approached the human bomb to check on him and I suppose saw him trying to detonate the vest and boogied out of there. Next chance he (or presumably anyone else in the area) gets, they just keep shooting until they are shooting at hamburger. Then shoot the hamburger twice more, just to be sure.

      2. Not sure. There were other reports of a cop who tackled a suicide bomber and prevented him from reaching his target. He instead blew them both up.

        The security forces at the airport appear to have performed heroically to use an understatement.

    2. I hope the cop gets a medal or something. Brass balls when it counted.

    3. Nice coke bottle camera.

      1. Heh. Perfect description.

    4. TRIGGER WARNING:,Graphic content

      Watching a terrorist, and only a terrorist, getting disemboweled by his own suicide vest is a treat.

      1. Sure, but some are a bit squeamish when it comes to such things. Especially when, in this case, you can see the guy’s arm fly off to the side at the end.

        1. It’s a shame he didn’t feel it.

          1. I spent years waking up in the middle of the night, feeling haunted by the people I helped kill in Iraq – and they were Iranian RGC and Jaish al-Mahdi scumbags.

            I will never be used to people dying….I can’t even hunt ducks anymore.

      2. Suicide bombers get one thing right.

  17. Now, now, we can’t blame religion for this. Turkey just needs to be more tolerant, inclusive, and diverse, and stuff like this won’t happen.

    1. Edrogan is Turkey’s Trump. Wait, I though he was hated because he was too Islamist?

      1. Clearly this was an epiphenomenon of Trump and the Christian Right.

    2. I’m sure the bombers were gay men turned to self loathing by Evangelical Christians.

  18. Dems want to take their idiotic sit-in nationwide.
    You just know Pajama Boy will be involved.

    1. Pajama Party!

  19. Alright now. This terrorist attack in Turkey occurred because of {Pick one}:

    1. The failure of the U.S. Congress to pass common-sense gun control laws.

    2. The Confederate flag.

    3. Fox News

    4. Extreme political rhetoric from Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly

    5. Brexit

    1. Er, like, all of the above? Duh.

      Rachel ‘Rhodesian Scolar’ Maddow.

      1. Not enough smug smirking in your post.

    2. It’s because of free trade, you dummy

    3. Climate change justice!

    4. I blame fundy Christians for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes. Such a climate of hate leads to suicide bombings across the world.



      1. Told ya Da Jooos were behind it.

  20. Turkey has a workplace violence problem.

  21. The Religion of Pieces strikes again. Goddamn rightwing, redneck, xtian fundamentalists!

  22. Is hillary still trying to overthrow assad? Founding ahrar al sham? Stop letting al nusra and ahrar al sham give isis space from assad… #JihadiHillary

  23. Al Qaida to would be lone wolf terrorists

    “Don’t kill minorities, because then it becomes a hate crime and American’s left might inadvertently awaken and see the truth”

    You know how immensely retarded liberals are in this country? They actually believe Donald Trump and “anti Muslim” rhetoric is a recruiting tool for the terrorists – when in reality, ISIS is astute enough exploit such a notion, rather than any actual “Isalmophobia” to their advantage.

    So when they blow up parts of San Francisco, they’ll tweet out some baiting posts like “We have beaten Donald Trump’s walls” and the left will gnash their teeth and cry out “When will Donald Trump and the NRA understand the consequences of their rhetoric”. Like clockwork.

    Is ISIS releasing San Francisco because its gay friendly? Are they maybe hoping to nudge some homophobic malcontent to their bidding for them? There might be some shadowy figure in that sanctuary city which the feds may have released back into gen pop after a prison stay? No no no, these are just right wing lies. Islamophobia and homophobia are the SAME!

    There might be people in SF who are already dead.

    1. Um… uh… *raises finger to make point, puts it down again*… huh?

      1. He says the illiberals are playing right into the bad guys’ hands. Useful idiots.

    2. “Don’t kill minorities, because then it becomes a hate crime and American’s left might inadvertently awaken and see the truth”

      It’s only a hate crime if you can lay it at the feet of people who believe in freedom.

  24. Is this in response to the Israel-Turkey agreement, assuming the terrorists had knowledge that the announcement was going to happen today?

    1. Another example of capitalistic failure!

    2. I’m not an economist or a finance expert. But I have to wonder just how badly out of bent debt-financing has rendered our economies. I’m probably talking out of my ass, and I’m a few drinks in, but bear with me. Economies are structured on definite time-horizons, right? You borrow money to finance a startup or to expand your business with the expectation that you will make enough money to pay back the loan and realize a tidy profit. Or you borrow money to finance a pricey purchase that you want to enjoy now with the expectation that you’ll pay it back in the future. So at the same time businesses and government are borrowing extensively with the expectation that future consumers will help pay off those loans, consumers are borrowing extensively with the expectation that they’ll forego future purchases to pay back the money. And this says nothing of the explicit promises governments have made their employees in pensions and other bennies which they cannot possibly hope to make. This seems like a mess from an Austrian perspective.

      1. If you keep running downhill you’ll be fine; as long as you keep running faster and faster you won’t fall.

        1. And then you run out of hill.

      2. That is why countries that don’t reproduce at full replacement want immigrants.

        1. Interestingly enough, this was the original objection to abortion in the 19th century. We can’t let white women have abortions, because that means the white man will eventually become a minority.

          1. Which is why Sanger took the eugenics approach to abortion and birth control. It was to control the population of undesirables (which at the time also included Irish and Germans, my grandfather and great uncle changed our last name to stop it sounding so German in the 20s when they enlisted in the Army).

    3. Tittered at the “next story” link at the end of the article: Naked in the national interest. How long before one of our local idiots gets the same idea?

  25. OT: Holy shit, Mike Hihn really lost it in that abortion thread; it’s pretty entertaining.

    1. I will make you really lose it



    2. OT also.

      HazelMeade gave John and RC Dean (both TEAM RED! shills) the business on Trump’s protectionist assholery in the evening links.

      Rc Dean and John shit from the same TEAM RED! asshole.

      1. If only you took your plugging duties more seriously?

    3. I don’t even know why people bother trying to reason with him. Even the most mild rebukes sends him into a rage spiral of bolded words, link-backs, and parenthetical poasting tics. I love when he shows up because it’s so damn easy to instantly devolve his responses into his boilerplate spluttering.

      1. What thread was this?

        1. ENB’s abortion thread from yesterday. Well, Monday.

          1. Ah.

            Went and looked. Not sure why anyone doesn’t block him w/ FASCR or similar. He never changes his shtick. Some people who are annoying might be worth keeping whitelisted for the occasional laugh (e.g. Tony), but Hihn? its just a broken record.

  26. There’s an abortion thread? On reason? Really? And Hihn lost it? Wow, this is really a day to put down in the history books.

    1. Train wrecks happen (nearly) every day; but do you look away? 🙂

      1. Yeah, I admit I popped over to look. Who was the new guy who kept comparing about nobody standing up for him when he was being bullied? Hihn sock?

        1. Not sure who you’re talking about, but wouldn’t surprise me if it’s either a Hihn sock or someone trolling Hihn.

          1. Yeah, I can’t remember, but I’ve seen a few people complaining about “bullies” and it all started at the same time.
            Makes me go “hmmm”.
            I’d say they’re all Hihn, but that can’t be, since I’ve been assured that we’re all Tulpa.

            1. I am Tulpa.

          2. Hihn has never “socked”. He’s too proud of his libertarian website and his repository of ‘angry letters to editors’ which demonstrates his legacy of activism on behalf of you ungrateful bullies.

            1. Yeah, I didn’t really think Hihn was the sock type, I just find it strange that this “bully” thing has sprang up or of multiple sources on H&R

              1. I think that’s more of a “Crazy Mary” thing. (kizone kaprow or whatever)

                1. “A Mary Stack of Tulpas”

        2. I glanced at it when it was posted and filed it away as another deep dish thread and moved on. Went back to it now and marveled at the absolute corpsefucking Hihn did on that thread. I had to quit before I had to explain my belly laughing to the wife.

          1. He’s really good at corpsefucking threads.

    2. Abortion threads bring out the real police state jizz lovers.

      They’re good for that.

      The state has no business in personal reproductive decisions. Show me an Aborto-Freak and I will show you someone who wants to imprison the forlorn and innocent.

      1. Tell me more about Bratfart.

        1. I can only wade into that cesspool of idiocy about once a week. I’m sure they’re going ballistic over this terror attack.

          Now I hate Islam as much as they do. But I hate all religion (but Islam the most by far).

          But unlike the real wingnuts I am glad Obama killed bin Laden. They hate the idea of Obama as terrorist killer more than they do the terrorists.

          1. In a cosmic sense? Sure.

            In a practical sense? The guy managed to live another decade. Hiding out, sure, but still drawing breath. So we finally put the lead in his diet he so desperately deserved. Okay, great. Thanks, I guess? Shame about all the innocents he dronemurdered.

            1. Shame about all the innocents he dronemurdered.

              Yes it is. But full blowback began with the Iraq War.

              1. Well… hooray, I guess.

              2. BUT DA BOOSH WORSE

                I hope you understand how rich it is for you to call John and RC Dean partisan shills.

                1. Ron Paul called the blowback, not me.

                  I’m not mad at Bush for killing these assholes – I hate him for wasting $2 trillion doing it.

                  Droning is cheap.

                  1. Dude, in the eight years Obama has been president, not once have you criticized his numerous anti-liberty policies. Nobody buys your shtick.

                    1. Dude, in the eight years Obama has been president, not once have you criticized his numerous anti-liberty policies. Nobody buys your shtick.

                      He should let Snowden and Manning go free.

                      He is good on pot but not good enough. I hate the mandate in Obamacare but like the marketplace.

                      Obama is a great social liberal and free trader but too much into the surveillance state began by Bush.

                      That is about it.

                    2. Carnivore goes down the memory hole. BOOOOOOOOSH!

                  2. So according to you turd burglar killing innocent people is okay as long as it’s done on the cheap.
                    Got it.

                    1. The buttplug is not as bad as you guys make him out to be. I think he has some good instincts, but in the end he is still a TEAM BLUE shill. Not much better than the TEAM RED yokels. Both have bought hook, line, and sinker into the election kayfabe. Guys, Trump and Hillary are friends. They are just putting on a show.

                    2. I am no Team Blue shill unless me being a secularist, free-trade, free market classic liberal makes me one.

                      If so, then I am Team Blue all the way.

                    3. At least Team Red shills pay their bets.

                    4. Obama has been absolute shit on pot. Just like he was shit on gay marriage. And closing Gitmo. And transparency. And not muderdroning American citizens without due process.

                      You are a demfag of the highest order.

                    5. Guys, Trump and Hillary are friends. They are just putting on a show.

                      True, and false. They are in a fight to the death over a very huge pie. They both agree that the pie is for plundering, and they’ll continue their take either way, but the winner gets the extra portion for being in charge of whacking up the pie. That’s worth a lot. Probably a half-billion in the Clintons case.

      2. The state has no business.

      3. “The state has no business in personal reproductive decisions.”

        But they do, which is why they can use my money to fund abortions.

        The state don’t have no business in my decision to get a tattoo or end my own life by hanging. But….. they do.

  27. You can never prevent them. One way to counter this without invasive restrictions upon liberty is to actually use the tools of liberty to draw them out:
    – free speech + free religion + self defense + planting false flags from within = honeypot

    It would take a lot of training and/or just guts, and purposely becoming a target is beyond what I’d be willing to do, but that is the method I see possible as an alternative response to the total clamp down police state that always ensues.

    1. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot safer now that TSA fondles me.That has to have stopped some terrorists.

      1. I rather enjoy it. I always go for the opt out (“I’ll take the free massage”) and I don’t mind some dude touching my junk. He is always the one that is uncomfortable.

        1. If I identify as a woman, can I get a female assist next time? I, for one, welcome our new transgendered future!

    2. Any evidence of this method being effective against another murderous ideology?

      1. Well we won’t know unless we try won’t we?

        Or would you rather have a police state and attempt a minority report style thought crime system?

        1. Self defense and free speech. There’s a reason why people with murderous intent around the world hate these two things.

        2. I guess those are the only two options.

      2. The last time there was this murderous an ideology, it got the shit nuked out of it. Is that being suggested here?

    1. PBUP.

    2. Why aren’t they in burkas?

  28. How did these guys get past the Turkish equivalent of TSA?


    1. They attacked the entrance to the security screening. Or is that what you’re saying?

  29. Imagine how awful these attacks would have been if one of the bombers had recited a poem critical of Erodogan Attajerk. Merkel would be there in full gear to bring him to justice.

  30. So, the loss of two legendary coaches today, i assume some combination of Trump and global warming is to blame?

  31. I read this with a quivering lower lip to lend it the gravitas it deserves. It’s now ok to be racist in the UK says the author. And no, he doesn’t mean it’s racism when you call a white person racist for being a Brexiter.

    1. Anyone who disagrees with me about anything is racist

      1. That can’t be right.

      2. Safe assumption.

      3. Everyone is a racist. Only a racist would disagree with that.

        1. What about Ray Cyst?

          1. Ray is the exception that makes the rule.

        2. I have it on good authority (Salon) that the reason some people don’t like the European Union is because they are racists.

          There are no other reasons to think that maybe the European Union has problems

          1. 3) The EU Promotes a Bloated Bureaucracy A study released by the organization Open Europe in August 2008 found that the EU employs an “army” of bureaucrats, and that the actual number of individuals required to run the EU is close to 170,000 ? more than 7 times the 23,000 figure sometimes cited by the Commission.

            Being off by an order of 7 in 2008. Would love to see what that is now.

            And how can your mercs survive on less than 142k a year?

    2. Yeah, I keep hearing about all of these sudden post-brexit racist attacks. I would bet 99% either are completely made up or were perpetuated by some leftest possibly against themself as a sort of false flag see I told you so bullshit

  32. You know, historically, the Wahhabis were a bunch of Saudi Arabian shitbags whose chief interest was slaughtering other Muslims for being insufficiently pure (world domination to follow after that). The very first time around (Saudi Arabia as we know it is basically their third Re… attempt at this), they pissed off (not to mention plundered/murdered) enough people that the Ottomans had Muhammad Ali utterly ruin their shit, and that was that for about a hundred years.

    Here’s hoping the Turks haven’t lost the golden touch. Though unfortunately Muhammad Ali is not available at this time.

  33. Ataturk ended the Caliphate and Sharia law and Westernized and secularized Turkey over the objections of the Imams, much as Reza Shah did in Iran. Ataturk pointed out that Turkey was a powerful nation long before Islam and didn’t need that Arab-centered religion to be great. He also played off the Soviets and the Brits against each other to steal a chunk of Iraq and wanted Mosul as well. No wonder the Mohammedans don’t like the guy.

    “I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men.”

    1. Too bad Turkey and much of the rest of the Muslim world has been going backwards for decades now.

  34. Keep hearing about how these were lone wolf terrorists. Doesn’t compute..

    1. Keep hearing about how these were lone wolf terrorists

      In Turkey?

      uh, no. Its not some “random upset people” a la San Berdoo, Orlando. They’ve got like multiple competing terror-groups conducting attacks every month. The Kurdish ones tend to try and avoid mass-casualties, and blows up police stations/trucks, but not always. ISIS seems more interested in trying to kill Westerners. I think the airport attack probably is more likely to be them, but who knows.

      1. “random upset people”

        Benghazi was just a bunch of guys who happened to be walking by the consulate, carrying rocket launchers and such (as boys do), and suddenly remembered that video which got them all angry and whatnot.

    1. I love happy endings.

    1. The brainless elites vs. the mindless masses.

    2. Trump is pretty mindless, though. Really, this election is just like every other election: libertarians vs. everyone else.

      1. I mean, it’s one thing to criticize free-trade agreements for being crony-craptastic. It’s quite another to advocate for mercantilism, trade wars, and other economic dipshittery as replacements.

      2. The worst part? In four years we’re going to be pining for the days when our candidates were merely execrable, unlikable assholes rather than serious fucking horror shows.

    3. I think the whole “oversimplified narrative” stories are appealing for people who don’t actually pay attention to intl affairs.

      For many, the last time they heard/thought about the EU, it was re: the Greek debt problems (~2011)… and THEN, the outrage was that the EU were forcing all the debt-ridden countries into horrifying Austerity??!

      How dare the ECB impose their bureaucratic formulae on independent countries!

      Now, the same people are frothing that the UK is tearing apart this wonderful union which does nothing but make everyone More Together and Unified and Worldly and how can you NOT love the EU??

      people have the attention-spans of goldfish.

      Also- many of the “Elites” were predicting the demise of the EU since before the constitutional crisis back in 2005. See links in my above post. The idea that “elites” were all Pro-EU is nonsense.

      The Anti-EU case has been old-news for most people in Europe for many years now. Its only in the US that we think this shit is about Trumpism and reaction to refugees, etc. As though no one thought about this stuff until *yesterday*. They just want to pretend its not about their flawed bureaucracy, epic mismanagement, the giant fiscal time-bomb… and instead point fingers at “Racist Right Wingers” . Its easier for the media to circulate.

  35. I just needed a place to see if I could copy a link https://youtu.be/AkDycke-u6M
    It will either work out or won’t, that’s why it’s a test.

    1. I know it’s weird, but I can’t figure out how to make open open in browser instead of YouTube app. I’d guess alcohol and marijuana are at least partly to blame.

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