Reason Wins Record 7 Southern California Journalism Awards

From Star Wars to Donald Trump, alternative medicine boondoggles to drug war casualties, enjoy our prize-winning journalism from 2015


I'm happy to announce that the Reason Foundation's journalism division last night brought home a record-for-us seven first-place trophies at the 58th annual Southern California Journalism Awards, which honors publications and work emanating between San Ysidro and Santa Barbara, as administered by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club. The seven winners, culled from an also-record-for-us 19 nominations, were the following:

Best Television/Film Documentary Under 25 Minutes: Todd Krainin, for "The Alternative Medicine Racket: How the Feds Fund Quacks." Here is what the judges said: "An absolute flood of interesting information presented in an intellectual but easily digestible short documentary. I could have easily watched a full-length documentary produced by Krainin on this subject—or any subject. Fantastic work."

So fantastic that Krainin's doc won another trophy, for Best Science/Health/Technology Reporting across all platforms and media types. The judges in that category said: "There are benefits to some established practices that fall under the 'Alternative Medicine' category, but this detailed report shows the dangers of relying on unscientific methods to confirm preconceived biases. That attitude actually diminishes any positives and ultimately damages." Watch and learn:

Another cross-platform winner was "Star Wars Libertarian Special," by Austin Bragg, Meredith Bragg and Andrew Heaton, for Best Humor/Satire Writing. "A witty and satirical mashup of blockbuster movie and contemporary events," one judge wrote. "It made me think, and it also made me laugh out loud several times—which is really the point of humor." Enjoy:

Joining our videographers on the cross-platform podium was Damon Root, for Best Political/Government Reporting, with his "Trump vs. the Constitution: The misguided attack on birthright citizenship." Judges: "A clear, comprehensive and essential in-depth look at the U.S. birthright citizenship topic, that ultimately demonstrates the flawed rhetoric of Donald Trump and many Republicans on the subject."

You may enjoy the judges' citation for our Best Magazine Entertainment Review/Criticism/Column, won by Glenn Garvin, for his "The Unbearable Awfulness of Campaign Lit: We read seven 2016 presidential wannabes' books so you don't have to." To wit: "Often sidelined in political debate by their unique mix of policy perspectives, libertarians are perhaps uniquely situated to offer the kind of commentary that access-driven journalists too often eschew. Garvin offers a fine example with a piece that is as accessible to readers as it is demanding of its subjects, pulling no punches for politicians of any persuasion."

Often sidelined??? No, we'll take it. Here's another print winner, Greg Beato, for Best Magazine Commentary. Winning entry: "Cameras in the Court: Will allowing recording devices unleash the Supremes' inner Judge Judys?" The judge's opinion ran long:

Greg Beato takes first place for advocating that the U.S. Supreme Court adopt transparency and inclusiveness over pomp and cronyism to bring cameras and TV broadcasting into the courtroom. His "Cameras in the Court" column starts with an easy-to-read, engaging commentary on a 1935 Supreme Court building designed to express as much majesty and unimpeachable authority as $3 million worth of marble could buy. Beato then fast-forwards to the Supreme Court's present adherence to longheld procedures, which he terms increasingly at odds with contemporary standards expectations of government openness. Along the way he includes a variety of viewpoints from several Justices, all adding to the substance of the story. The verdict: A winning Commentary, and our compliments go to the plaintiff.

Last but not least is Best Television/Film Investigative Story: Anthony L. Fisher, for "The Disposable Life of a 20 Year-Old Confidential Informant." The piece, about the mysterious death of a college kid named Andrew Sadek who had been coerced by cops to be a drug informant, was later covered by 60 Minutes, which in turn led to congressional calls for informant reform. The judges called Fisher's work "Well written, well put together. Raised good questions throughout. Kept the audiences interested and engaged." Take a look:

Reason also picked up three second-place finishes at the awards, for:

Public Service News or Feature (any platform): Robert W. Poole, Jr., for "Who's Going to Pay for New Highways? Our Interstates are wearing out. Here's what we need to do to fix them."

Political/Government Reporting (any platform): Timothy P. Carney, for "The Crony Capitalism Litmus Test: The Ex-Im Bank won't survive 2015—if the GOP is serious about free market principles."

Magazine Commentary: Veronique de Rugy, for "Big Data, Big Business, and Big Government: How bureaucrats are keeping people in the dark about the Export-Import Bank."

And we won three bronzes as well:

Public Service News or Feature: Elizabeth Nolan Brown, for "The War on Sex Trafficking Is the New War on Drugs: And the results will be just as disastrous, for 'perpetrators' and 'victims' alike."

Television/Film News Feature: Zach Weissmueller, for "Detained for 19 Days: Immigration Checkpoint Refusal Gone Wrong."

Television/Film Entertainment News or Feature: Paul Detrick and Alex Manning, for "The Star Wars Economy is Bigger Than You Think."

None of this work and recognition would happen without your generous support, whether via direct support of the Reason Foundation, the 501(c)3 nonprofit that publishes all of our journalism (donate at this link!), or your subscription, or just by reading along at home. So thank you! 

NEXT: What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for U.S. Abortion Access

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  1. Congrats. And you did it without taking GILMORE’s fashion advice.

    1. They did? I assumed they scour the comments, looking for crumbs of GILMORE’s wisdom!

    2. without taking GILMORE’s fashion advice.

      You think? 🙂

    3. Reason also won the Best Hair Award. Not sure why they didn’t mention that.

  2. I really thought I was going to win first prize in the Journalistic Commenter category for my series on Internet Behavior and Comparative Nazism. Who won that, anyway? That guy that writes the little smut stories in the comments here?

    Anyway, congratulations, Reason. I figured you were probably popular with the People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

    1. Southern California, Fist. You do know that San Diego is a well known hotbed of GOP politics, right?

      1. They why did they not recognize my anti-squat, pro-white girl pancake ass work? Explain that.

        1. Ass to grass or nothing. That’s my motto.

  3. RE: Reason Wins Record 7 Southern California Journalism Awards
    From Star Wars to Donald Trump, alternative medicine boondoggles to drug war casualties, enjoy our prize-winning journalism from 2015

    Reason journalists should never get any award.
    They are part of the capitalist pigs’ conspiracy to make our beloved socialist slave state into a free country complete with free markets, financial independence, peace, prosperity and privacy.
    They should all hang their heads in shame.

  4. Reason Wins Record 7 Southern California Journalism Awards

    Reason, the prettiest girl in the whole wide room. Certainly in the top three, depending on the street.

      1. nice “walking down the street”/driving music. i have boxes full of those BBE instrumental comps.

      2. Nice share, Paul.

        *pours a little out for the five-foot assassin*

        1. Everyone loves a guy when he’s dead, but seriously – did you buy his solo album? I doubt it.

          I think “when rappers get old” would make an interesting plot for a TV melodrama. My personal favorite journeyman, Kool Keith, has a great talk here about his career and the ups and downs and ‘how shit goes’. I think that’s shot near Fordham U.

  5. or just by reading along at home. So thank you!

    I am glad that my time and effort have proved fruitful.

  6. We’re there cocktails at this event?

    1. wasn’t his nickname “the rifleman” or something?

      1. That was Chuck Connors.

        1. If i recall he was one of the highest-percentage 3 point shooters of his era.

        2. Seriously though – note the bone-structure similarities?


  7. WHY CAN’T YOU PEOPLE SAY ANYTHING NICE TO REASON? They’re aces, which is more than I can say for any of you ignorants.

    1. Todd Krainin is well aware of my appreciation for both his work and his existence.

      1. Thanks for the kind words, Crusty. You’re my second favorite C.J. of all time. Right after the one on BAYWATCH.

    2. You can’t spend Reason without Arse on!

    3. So Reason pays for one kidney transplant and now you’re an unabashed shill? WE NEED BETTER $HILLS

  8. Hey, congratulations to Reason!

  9. Nice. I thought maybe Reason Mag was banned by now in Commiefornia.

    Does anyone know if the site, is a crazy tabloid thing or maybe like the Onion, or a conspiracy site like WND or Prison Planet? Because this shit is too crazy to be real.

    New European super state

    1. Here’s the Wiki entry. Do with it as you will. However, it is a newspaper of some longevity:

      The Daily Express was founded in 1900 by Sir Arthur Pearson, with the first issue appearing on 24 April 1900.[5] Pearson, who had lost his sight to glaucoma in 1913,[6] sold the title to the future Lord Beaverbrook in 1916.[7] It was one of the first papers to place news instead of advertisements on its front page[7] along with carrying gossip, sports, and women’s features. It was also the first newspaper in Britain to have a crossword puzzle

      1. I just wanted to know the reputation of it now. We all know how these rags can change over time. Mostly for the worse.

        1. The Express group lost an unusually large number of high-profile libel cases in 2008?2009; it was forced to pay damages to people involved in the Madeleine McCann case (see below), a member of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, footballer Marco Materazzi, and sports agent Willie McKay. The string of losses led the media commentator Roy Greenslade to conclude that Express Newspapers (which also publishes the Star titles) paid out more in libel damages over that period than any other newspaper group.

          Based on the Wikipedia article I would rate them “not the most reliable source”…

          1. I suspected as much. I got there from Drudge, who’s headlines are very often misleading. But after I clicked on the link and read a little of it, I got the feeling that it was so much bullshit. I’m not saying it is, I haven’t bothered fact checking it, but typically when it smells like bullshit, it is. Sounds like something you would read on WND.

    2. Don’t know about the site, but some of the commenters are conspiracy buffs. One of them just approvingly referred to David Icke as credible.

      1. Yeah, like I just commented above, and I didn’t read the comments, the article itself reminds me of WND. In fact, I’d be shocked if they haven’t linked that yet.

    3. If this happens it means Angela Merkel would have accomplished what the Kaiser and Hitler failed to do.

    4. lolwat? Ridiculous.

  10. Top Gear USA has been canceled. Good thing, too. I watched one episode and it was average. It was obvious what the attraction and power of Top Gear prime was.

    1. The current UK version of TG is not doing well either. Apparently Chris Evans – no, not Captain America Evans – is pissing everyone off and not even LeBlanc and Sabine together are charming enough to make up for it.

      1. its a fucking disaster and i hope it doesn’t take down Chris Harris’ career because he’s the best ‘Automotive-Wit’ in the UK at the moment.

        i think they should scrap every vestige of the old top-gear and just do a new show with new people and stop trying to reheat old formulas.

        take a new cast of *fresh* people, and build a show around the personalities. Dont try and shoehorn new personalities into an old framework.

        1. CH has done a bunch of interesting things post /Drive, Pre-“topper gear”, but here are three.
          1 2 3

        2. Watched an episode of the new Top Gear the other night. Wasn’t bad but something just didn’t click. They need to try and differentiate themselves from the old show.

          1. thats what i’m saying. there’s gold in them thar hills re: “automotive tv”; its just you cant constantly milk the same old formula forever.

      2. not even LeBlanc and Sabine together are charming enough to make up for it.

        Yeah, that duo can be pretty strong. But LeBlanc still feels a little ill at ease with his role. As they work out the characters, they might be able to save it. I’d close in around Harris, LeBlanc and Schmitz. And scrap the over-faked disastrous outcome stuff. It was sometimes distracting with the old crew, but they had an easy and funny rapport that made it OK. This crew definitely doesn’t feel like old friends, so it comes off really lame.

        But not nearly as lame as Top Gear USA. Wow, what a dud. Although Tanner Faust is good. He’d be a nice addition to the real Top Gear…. if it lasts long enough.

        Top Gear needs to focus on who their current talent really is. Sabine’s best moment ever was the extemporaneous “I could beat that time in a van!” Pitting her against LeBlanc in real races with real handicaps could provide gold, because I don’t think she allows herself to lose – even if it is stupid. And she’s a world-class smack-talker. And Matt needs to be Everyman. If he’s trying to play the knowledgeable car wonk it comes off like Top Gear USA.

  11. Meh. Call me when they win the big one. The Northern California awards.

    Fine, fine. Congrats.


    2. Italy rolling – should be a very good QF.

      1. Yes indeed. They found their rhythm.

        Not so much with England though. Ugh.

        1. No kidding. I wouldn’t have minded seeing England do well but Iceland is such a great story. I read today that Iceland’s coach had to take vacation leave from his part-time dentist position.

          1. It’s crazy. I think France should put an end to such a great story though. Right? Not that they’re unbeatable.

            1. France had a lot of trouble with Southern Ireland.

          2. Not their head coach, Lars Lagerb?ck. Must be one of the assistants.

            1. Just re-checked story, it’s Heimir Hallgrimsson who, according to BBC & Wikipedia, is now the joint manager (so from Colorado I guess) and will become sole manager after the Euros.

        2. And Germany haven’t been vintage Germany since Lahm retired from international football.

          1. I agree Ted. I made this point last night, Lahm’s wicked good wing play has left Germany a little “off”.

            1. I was surprised to hear the ESPN announcers talking up Kimmich during the Germany-Slovakia game, since I thought he was the weak link in Bayern’s defense.

        3. Just at the tail end of the England match – my god they stink.

          1. You say that as though it were a bad thing.

  12. Artificial Intelligence is… trying not to laugh… a tool of the Patriarcy.

    Artificial intelligence may be one of the hottest things in tech today, but the homogeneity of its developers may be resulting in technology with certain biases.

    Melinda Gates patiently waited for her husband to finish extolling the virtues of machines that can solve problems scientists haven’t programmed them to know. Then it was her turn.

    “The thing I want to say to everybody in the room is: We ought to care about women being in computer science,” she said. “You want women participating in all of these things because you want a diverse environment creating AI and tech tools and everything we’re going to use.” She noted that just 17 percent of computer-science graduates today are women, down from a peak of 37 percent.

    1. I like Bill’s ‘I have 40 billion dollars and am not a politician, why am I still married to this nutburger and not swimming in young ‘tang?’ look in that picture.

      1. Maybe naming his company Microsoft had a secondary reason.

      2. 79 billion, according to a graphic in this month’s magazine.

        Of course, that was pre-Brexit.

        1. That’s after giving away 60 billion years back. Strong entry from the uber-nerd.

    2. Wasn’t she his secretary or something?

      1. She took dictation.

    3. Kind of ironic. A woman complaining about the lack of women creating AI using the language of the unintelligent.

    4. What annoys me is that these broads marry rich dudes and think their opinions matter as a result. And the spineless putzes like Gates sit there and take it.

      1. Slow down, she waited for her husband finished before she spoke.

  13. These are all from 2015? Jeez, what have you done for me lately, Reason.

  14. Who could have predicted this?

    1. Imagine that.

      “Hey, I’m tired of this rebel shit, let’s go home and raise goats. We’re not accomplishing anything here.”

      “But what about all these missiles the Americans gave us to rebel better with?”

      “Eh, somebody will be willing to buy them I imagine.”

    2. Read that this morning. The NYT’s is at pains to stress that using Jordanian intelligence to run guns to Syrians is completely normal for the CIA and federal government and thus the failure is in no way the fault of the Obama administration which was super cautious before it made the grave decision to get involved.

      And, of course, these anti-Assad militias being armed were making great progress, the best progress, progress you wouldn’t believe before the Russians got involved and put them on the defensive.

      1. And when ISIS kill the US ambassador to Jordan, Hillary will find a cat video to blame it on or something.

  15. Blumenthal made ridiculous amount of money through his connections to the Clinton’s through non-profits which profited greatly from Libya:

    LA Times attacks Republicans for using Benghazi commission to gain info on Blumenthal.

  16. Life? I bet she didn’t figure on that.…..ity-house/

    1. She thought she had it in the bag.

    2. Still though life without parole for the mistake a 20 year-old made is quite harsh.

      1. I watch a lot of crime shows like Forensic Files and 48 Hours and comparably speaking, I’ve seem some way more hardcore murderers get a lot less. Not excusing her but just sayin’. How’s that different from a doctor doing a partial birth abortion.

      2. Agree.

  17. Congrats Reason, I guess all the Trump articles were just to play the odds? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  18. Congrats on the bronze ENB!

  19. Someone lost that loving feeling.…..ome-nr.cnn

    1. You don’t have time to think. If you think, you’re dead.

  20. Perhaps I should start reading the articles instead of just skipping down to the snarky posts.

    JK, Reason writers! Congratulations and smooches!

    1. Like they would want to be kissed or even touched by a commentator.

  21. Congrats to everyone!

  22. Of course the name of West Virginia’s governor is Earl Ray. Of course it is!

  23. Congratulations to everyone, and double to Anthony. His story was one of the best I read all year, and may actually change something.

    1. That was certainly one of the most infuriating stories of the year. I hope you’re right.

      1. It was so thoroughly sick. Had the police actually made an effort to find his killer, it would have merely been criminally unacceptable. His life was completely disposable to them. I think that’s what puts it over the top, even for drug warriors.

  24. Black bodies, black bodies, black bodies.

    Now the thing is, though, all of us in here getting money ? that alone isn’t gonna stop this. Alright, now dedicating our lives, dedicating our lives to getting money just to give it right back for someone’s brand on our body when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies.

    our entertainment like oil ? black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit..

    Someone here pointed out that some writer has been using this “black bodies/our bodies” term in his writings; I guess it’s taking hold somewhere.

    1. Imma guess this is Ta-Nehisi Coates.

      1. That was the writer named before, but this speech was given by actor Jesse Williams at the BET awards. I guess it’s possible Coates wrote the speech.

        1. The big news is that Justin Timberlake tweeted about the speech, and then people were mean to Justin on Twitter. He is an appropriating asshole.

            1. That is so offensive. Why must white people always be vanilla?

              1. Because nobody likes white chocolate?

                1. I propose blueberry for the new stereotypical white person flavor

    2. He says some half-decent things on police violence, but he’s firmly in the “stay off my side” camp.

      Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.

      Uh, yeah. ‘Cause that’s what’s happening. No way could that ever happen to whitey.

      we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us

      Aaaand …. the subtext of racism transforms to overt racism. I am not usually one of those “I can’t watch this actor because of his politics” people. But I don’t think I’ll be able to see the character as anything more than a flaming racist – all because of who the actor presented himself as in that one speech.

      Not to Godwin the thing, but he’s not an inch away from a grand wizard. I may be a bit touchy on the subject, having spent 15 years in an interracial relationship. But fuck this guy in the neck, not only for the vile nature of what he has to say, but also for the glowing reception he gets from the people present and the press. Screw every one of you applauding him for disappointing me so deeply. I know the nature of man is tribal and impure, but damn, people are way too easily seduced by their evil nature.

      1. “Of course whites cause all the problems blacks have! Just look at how well black-run cities, and black-run nations do! Oh, wait…”

  25. So Al Qaida’s English magazine Inspire has a long article about the Orlando scumbag. They praise the body count and the fact that he held out for a long time. They said that future terrorists should target Anglo-Saxons instead of minorities since the former make up the ruling class. They were also annoyed by the fact that the US media tried to attribute the attack to homophobia than to jihad.

    The thing is overflowing with “English as she is spoke” gibberish. It’s an amusing if macabre read.

    1. The executer specifically chose a homosexual nightclub, and even though the killing of such people
      is the most binding duty and closer to human nature, but better than this is to avoid targeting areas
      where minorities are found. This is in order not to deviate the essence of the operation and letting
      it be termed as a small issue as the American media is trying to portray in the case of Mateen. The
      Western media focused on the testimony by Mateen’s father who said that his son hates homosexuals
      and that terrorist ideas had no place in his motives. The media reiterated this, saying that Umar saw
      some homosexuals kissing each other and that such a scene offended him. The media tried to portray
      the operation motives to be against a particular group of people in order to turn the American public
      away from the real motives of the operation.

      But remember- this had nothing to do with Islam!

    2. Well, I’m “Inspired”.

  26. A blizzard of laurels warbling through the dappled notable fissures of mind and verdant vistas.

    1. lots of German in flyover country, I blame Trump

      1. Pacific islanders in Utah? Dafuq?

        1. Football. Mormons get them to play for their college teams

      2. Ich kann ein wenig Deutsch sprechen, aber nicht sehr viel und nicht sehr gut.

        1. Gut gesagt.

    2. A lot of menacing ‘Indics’.

      1. Turns out it’s just the indicia of other, unknown cultures.

      2. In dicks.

  27. “I’m happy to announce that the Reason Foundation’s journalism division last night brought home a record-for-us seven first-place trophies at the 58th annual Southern California Journalism Awards, which honors publications and work emanating between San Ysidro and Santa Barbara,…”

    Congrats, but would you care to tell us how this might be advancing any sort of libertarian values? That, rather than journalism awards, is the reason I write checks.

  28. I followed up on all the articles and videos I missed. The awards were deserved. Well done!

    Off topic, but you guys can watch a prog defend his political hit piece poorly over at Ars Technica. Tech covered in the story: none. I guess they wanna be Gizmodo or something now.

    Anyone who speaks out against it is feeling the iron fist up the ass by the proggies that have infested the place.

  29. More OT:
    Oakland greenies and useful idiots hope that if the coal doesn’t ship through Oakland, why, the world will be saved! Or maybe the UIs will get props from other UIs for signalling:

    “Hundreds pack Oakland City Hall for coal ban vote”
    “The proposed ban, co-sponsored by Mayor Libby Schaaf and Councilman Dan Kalb, would prohibit anyone from transporting, handling, or storing large amounts of coal or petroleum coke in Oakland, on the grounds that these fossil fuels pollute the air and pose serious risks to workers and nearby residents.”…..328358.php

    As opposed to the actual risks of being out of a job rather than imaginary risks of inhaling 20Kg of coal dust.
    I’m sure the Port of Stockton is avidly watching the results…

    1. Coal is *bad*, OK? That’s why Gaia put it underground.

    2. What the hell is wrong with California? Does getting too much sun rot the brain?

    1. “Reportedly the FBI is also vetting Mrs Clinton.

      Very good. VERY good.
      I continue to hope that in checking the news one afternoon, I find the headline:
      “Hillary Clinton Indicted”
      I should have found it already, but it seems to have gone missing somehow.

      1. If it happens, it’ll be a siren on Drudge.

      2. And hey, Derpetologist and I hope you can make it on Sunday. I am sending invites out tomorrow.

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