McConnell Won't Say Whether Donald Trump is Qualified To Be President, Spain Elections Lead to Second Hung Parliament in Six Months, Chile Beats Argentina: A.M. Links



    Some media outlets are pushing poll results that show a huge lead for Hillary Clinton but look different when Gary Johnson is included. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) won't say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president, while Rolling Stone used Brexit to imply people shouldn't vote for Jill Stein.

  • "Anti-fascists" in California are "proud" that their counterprotest at a white nationalist rally sparked violence.
  • The minister of environment in Somalia was killed in an attack on a hotel, for which Al-Shabaab took credit.
  • Elections in Spain yielded a hung parliament for the second time in six months.
  • Ten children and adults were injured in a rollercoaster accident in Scotland.
  • Researchers in China say ancient insects would wear the exoskeletons of other bugs to disguise themselves.
  • Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick for the first time in his career as Argentina fell to Chile in the Copa America final.

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  1. Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick for the first time in his career as Argentina fell to Chile in the Copa America final.

    Go sports!

    1. Hello.

      “Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick for the first time in his career as Argentina fell to Chile in the Copa America final.”

      Messi is the new Baggio.

      What a brutal game that was.

      1. Wait, the Copa is over? Good. Now the real tournament in Europe can begin.

        1. Wasn’t the European tournament canceled due to Brexit?

      2. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a player look quite so broken as Messi did after he missed that penalty.

        Messi and about 7 of his teammates “retired” from international football, not because of the game last night but because of how fucked up the Argentinian FA is.

        1. Yeh. Nuts.

          But nothing beats Baresi and Baggio in 1994.

          Argentina was blessed with one of the best players of his generation and they did nothing but hound the guy for not winning. He’s the all-time leading scorer for his country. They never really built the team around him. There was no magic man to service him the ball. Same with Higuain – if there was no Messi, Higuain would also face severe criticism.

          1. Messi should punch the ball into the goal with his fist and spike his opponents water supply.

      3. As I was schadenfreudening, I imagined Maradona doing a couple lines and penning some withering tweets about Messi. He might want to go into hiding for a while.

    2. You want to see a good argument for immigration, watch the Germany-Slovakia match from last night.

      Germany is not just a bigger country, they clearly have a lot more variety of people to choose from. Meanwhile everyone on the Slovakian team looked … Slovakian. Short and slow. It was like watching the Germans play a junior league.

      Immigration…gives your country more kinds of people. And that’s, overall, quite good.

      1. Cytotoxic approves this message.

      2. Unlimited immigration from third world shitholes good, because soccer. Um, okay….

        1. Take a penalty kick against that straw man while you’re at it.

          1. It is a pretty silly argument, you have to admit.

            1. This is the same commentariat that said a woman who did not consent to her boyfriend’s buddies jumping in while she’s having sex with her boyfriend was a slut who deserved a train.

              Really, tell us more about silly arguments.

              1. What? Who the fuck said that?

                  1. Rico reported that she was a victim of sexual assault. It’s okay if you missed that – out of two articles on the issue, that was just a throw-away one liner. Couldn’t let it get in the way of the outrage about all this false rape hysteria going on.

                1. No shit! The whole commentariat said that?

                  Fuckers. I wish they’d stop putting words in my comments.

                  1. So, “stop broadbrushing, there are exceptions” is an argument that makes me a raging asshole, but is a fine counter – fine, perfectly logical, nothing wrong with it – for everyone else.

                    I’m commentariat too. But thankfully, now my argument is irrelevant because… reasons. And we can all comfortably get back on with our bitching about those leftists who can’t see their own biases.

                    1. Collectivization is good, as long as it doesn’t happen to me. I’m an individual, unlike those brown people. Or women. Or gays. Or leftists… or any one else that I don’t like.

                  2. No kidding. If I recall, I was arguing that there didn’t seem to be enough to justify a rape conviction.

                    Of course “can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she didn’t consent” is exactly the same as “she deserved to be gangraped”.

              2. HoD-


                She was a slut who willingly consented to pulling a train- and only asked them to stop when someone smacked her ass- and they stopped!

                Then she cried “rape”…

          2. It’s not a straw man if you actually make that argument. Try again.

          3. You should refresh your understanding of the term “straw man” and, while you’re at it, seriously rethink your argument. Not saying that immigration is good or bad, just saying that arguing in favor of liberal immigration policies from the perspective that having a greater variety of people in your country is inherently good begs the question. And, of course, arguing for immigration as a way to improve the quality of your sports teams is just a little bit retarded, you must admit.

            1. “The black is the better ath-a-lete.”

      3. I guess those women in Cologne were just taking one for the team?

        1. Chasing down and raping white women is good training.

          1. The ME apparently does do well in some team sports.

        2. Not just one.

        3. Middle eastern countries don’t supply a lot of European soccer players.

          1. But they produce some of the most talented All-Star welfare recipients.

      4. Of all the arguments about why Tiger Woods was so good, back when he was, I never heard any announcer suggest “hybrid vigor”.

        1. I was going with “practiced since his age was in the single digits”.

          1. That is probably the real reason, but doesn’t mean genetics shouldn’t be considered.

            For most professional athletes, it is a combo of hard work and good genes. One alone isnt enough, in most cases.

        2. I don’t even think Woods used hybrids. Although as wild as his long irons have become, he may want to make the switch.

      5. Not only that, but look at the diversity of men who were sexually assaulting women walking home from bars in Cologne after watching the game! That kind of shit only happens with all that wonderful immigration.

        1. Oh, wait. There is no diversity in those men. They are all very uniform in appearance, religion, philosophy and national origin.

          1. That not true hater. Their,ranks included Syrians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Palestinians, Yemenis and Egyptians. A very diverse lot.

            1. They are all very uniform in appearance, religion, philosophy and national origin.

              There, happy?

        2. look at the diversity of men who were sexually assaulting women

          The gays were in on it, too?

          1. Well, there may have been Afghans in the crowds…

      6. In all seriousness, you’re talking about a country with a pool of 80 million versus a hockey nation of, what, 3 million? Not the best example. Plus, Hamsik could break the German line-up I reckon.

        1. Also, US soccer blows.

          1. Top 4 finish. Ahead of Brazil and Uruguay.

          2. You’d think with 320 million people we could find 20 that don’t suck.

            Hell, we can’t even win that baseball classic thingy.

            1. Make it a 162 game season, and we would win it every time.

          3. The USA’s best male athletes don’t play soccer, they play football, basketball, and baseball.

      7. Immigration…gives your country more kinds of people. And that’s, overall, quite good.

        Because what every advanced economy needs is a vast underclass of IQ 80 third worlders to reliably vote left spice things up a bit.

        1. Wow, I think this is it for me and Reason comments. I have less time in my new lab anyway…

          1. Hey, we’re not ALL shitty people!

            1. Yeah! Some of the commenters are Lizards.

              1. SSHHHHH!!!!

                *adjusts foil homburg*

                1. Welcome back, Switzy! Good vacation?

                  1. Very. And my work in Zurich was…interesting.

            2. “And some commenters, I assume, are good people. “

              1. “And some commenters, I assume, are good people. “

                Stop that slander! You’ll ruin our reputation.

            3. Some of us find those blinders you’re so fond of to be quite a nuisance.

          2. Be sure to change your undies first.

          3. Medical Physics Guy|6.27.16 @ 9:28AM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

            Wow, I think this is it for me and Reason comments. I have less time in my new lab anyway…

            Don’t worry about it. You’ve just angered the people who are afraid to compete for jobs with people with that they think have an 80IQ.

            When you’ve angered people that dumb, have you really angered anyone at all?

            1. Legally, yes. Metaphysicall

              1. Damn. Metaphysically? I leave it up to the philosophers.

              2. Damn. Metaphysically? I leave it up to the philosophers.

                1. What the hell, squirrels?

                  1. You have angered Our Rodent Overlords. Report for liquidation.

      8. Uhh Slovakia made it to the semi-finals or whatever the equivalent name is in the 2010 world cup

        1. I believe they also beat Germany in a friendly 3-1 a couple of months back.

          1. Germany have been hot and cold lately. They better kick it up a notch, soon.

            1. I see holes in their game that Italy or Spain can easily exploit. They ain’t Slovakia.

            2. But, they did lose (as you know) Lahm and Klose while The Steiger is in his twilight years and Ozil not exactly in top form, which can explain the inconsistency – by German standards.

              Lahm’s wing play is key I feel.

              1. Yep, they are really missing Lahm.

      9. Uhhhh, the United States is one of the largest countries in the world, and is also by far the most diverse country in the world, and we struggle to beat teams like Slovakia (forget about competing with teams like Germany).

      10. Germany is good because they have an incredible academy system. Using your logic the USMNT should be the most dominant team in the world.

  2. Researchers in China say ancient insects would wear the exoskeletons of other bugs to disguise themselves.

    Are you sure that wasnt to disgust themselves?

    1. +1 Men in Black

    2. Paging Buffalo Bill…

      1. It puts the lotion on its carapace…

        1. “I’ll hurt your aphid, mister!”

          1. “I’d rub my cloaca on me!”

            Did anyone notice that Buffalo Bill played Buffalo Bill in the season opener of ‘Ray Donovan’?

  3. Lionel Messi missed a penalty kick for the first time in his career

    First Trump, then Brexit, now THIS?

    1. At least Fist of Etiquette didn’t miss the first comment. He’s our rock.

      1. Rock of Glibraltar.

        1. You all over the piece of his…rock?

  4. Researchers in China say ancient insects would wear the exoskeletons of other bugs to disguise themselves.

    To get elected.

    1. “To get elected.” Is that like the new version of “between the sheets?”

      1. That could catch on in quite a number of capitals.

  5. Elections in Spain yielded a hung parliament for the second time in six months.

    “They said you was hung!”
    “And they was right!”

    1. Making a crass joke like that first thing in the morning, and on the internet no less?

    2. ‘Pardon me while I whip this out.”

      1. Excuse me while I correct your quote.

        1. Damn,little bastard just shot me in the ass.

    3. Don’t the Spanish know how to compromise? Just divvy up the spoilsministries & get on w it.

  6. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) won’t say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president

    He’s a natural born citizen of at least thirty five years age who’se lived at least the past fourteen years in this country.

    The constitutional qualifications are satisfied. whether he’d do a good job or not is a different matter.

    1. who’se lived at least the past fourteen years in this country.

      hmmmm….I worked in Switzerland in 1991. Does that mean I wasn’t eligible to run for president in 2004 (the year I turned 35)?

      1. No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

        Depends on the readong of “fourteen years a resident”. The contiguous nature of that residency is only implied.

        1. Think they meant in bitch years.

          1. “Twelve years a slave”?

        2. Yeah, I guess I had 34 years of residency.

        3. “a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, ”

          No one alive today qualifies.

          1. You fail logic.

            (a natural born citizen) OR (a citizen at the time of the adoption of this Constitution)

            While clause 2 will always be false now, clause 1 is true for millions of people, thus the whole ‘OR’ed statement is true for them.

      2. Of course not you smelly foreigner!

  7. “Anti-fascists” in California are “proud” that their counterprotest at a white nationalist rally sparked violence.

    That’s despicable. They still use air-quotes?

    1. Well, they’re really just fascists, so…

    2. They have abandoned any pretense of non-violence. I’ve been seeing derpbook defenses of vandalism as long as the victim was engaging in hate speech.

      1. It wasn’t just that they were proud of the violence. They were outraged that the police tried to protect the white supremacists.

        Well, by “they” I mean at least that one chick they interviewed.

    3. BAM could be described in a lot of worse ways than anti-fascist. Curious the media chose not to do so.

      1. a group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)

        Their very name indicates willingness to engage in violence. RICO prosecutions, anyone? Bharaha? Anyone?

        1. [Yes, I know that as AUSA for SDNY that California is out of his balliwick.]

          1. But does he know it?

  8. Ten children and adults were injured in a rollercoaster accident in Scotland.

    Obviously due to the Brexit.

    1. Was it called the Sterling Streaker?

    2. I won’t be at all surprised if someone seriously tries to make that argument.

  9. Man marries smartphone at Las Vegas chapel

    “At first it was like what?” said The Little Las Vegas Chapel owner Michael Kelly. “And then I was like… Alright let’s do it.

    “We don’t really have many people that marry inanimate objects.”

    It all went down at The Little Vegas Chapel on May 20 when Aaron Chervenak drove all the way from Los
    Angeles to marry the love of his life, his smart phone.

    Kelly tells us Chervenak simply wanted to send a message to society.

    “People are so connected to their phones and they live with them all the time,” said Kelly. “They’re with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cell phone. They wake up with their cell phone, sometimes it’s the first thing that they check.”

    1. How siri.

      1. Swiss bating, but no show so.

        *Narrows gaze at self*

          1. Too late. And I like what I saw.

            *Swizzles nipples*

            1. Guy spent to much time watching “Her”. Revoke his Netflix account and he’ll be OK.

    2. I saw that movie. Joaquin Phoenix was great in it. He should’ve gotten an Oscar nomination.

    3. OK, snowconez, I wuz rong. You people told me this would happen if government started recognizing gay marriages, and here we are.

      1. You broke it, you buy it!

        1. Wait til he sees the early termination fee to get out of that contract!

    4. Chervenak simply wanted to send a message to society.

      Facebook and Twitter, DUH!

    5. You know what else people carry all day, sleep with, and would be very worried about losing…

    6. If people can marry inanimate objects now, I’ll marry a fictional character.
      Should I marry Daenerys for the boobs and dragons?
      Or should I marry Sansa for the Iron Throne? Because I want…everything.

      1. Marry both, because polygamists deserve equal protection too.

      2. Jessica Rabbit for you.


        1. just so long as you’re smart enough to stay away from Sam and his deadly penis.

      3. I think Dr. Krieger already beat yo to it.

      4. Should I marry Daenerys for the boobs and dragons?

        I said “NO” already, Chip.

  10. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) won’t say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president…

    Fortunately no one cares what he thinks.

    1. Rand Paul seems to…

        1. Some sort of trout who once made a really long speech about male bees, I think.

        2. A legacy libertarian that hung up his spurs several years ago. Some say on a dark night, in Kentucky, when the moon is full and the wind is silent, you can faintly hear a politician standing behind his libertarian principles instead of watering them down.

          1. instead of watering them down.

            The warm gush of liquid you’re feeling on your principles is the blood of tyrants, promise.

            1. Uh, no. He just wet himself.

  11. Rolling Stone used Brexit to imply people shouldn’t vote for Jill Stein.

    It occurs to me we could solve Venezuela’s toilet paper issues cheaper by just giving everyone in the country subscriptions to Rolling Stone.

    1. That would be too dignified for that rag.

    2. RS writers aren’t accustomed to serving a useful function. They’d snap under the pressure.

  12. while Rolling Stone used Brexit to imply people shouldn’t vote for Jill Stein.

    This sentence exists in several decades at the same time.

    1. Please, every liberal publication, run an article saying not to vote for Jill Stein. Highlight her positions in the article if you can. The “Streisand effect” will swiftly kneecap Hillary’s chances.

      1. I have several proggie friends who are firmly in the “rape culture”, “capitalism is slavery”, “socialize everything” camp. I try to point them to Jill Stein as a better representative of their ideas. They uniformly have no idea who I’m talking about. At least one had no idea this go-around, even though I pointed her at Stein during the last election.

        “Team” trumps everything with human beings. Most libertarians are weird in that way – which is how we ended up here. It explains the “herding cats” nature of libertarian politics. Proggies are kinda the opposite in every way. Social signaling and team are paramount for them. They won’t be able to see the green party unless they are part of the team. So unless team D unilaterally disbands, this ain’t happening. They cannot see themselves in the mirror at all. They will always be for team blue, no matter what. If Hillary and Obama can be their proud standard bearers, with all of their ties to Wall Street, they cannot be moved.

  13. Ronald McDonald gunned down at NC Sonic restaurant

    A man named Ronald McDonald, 36, was shot during an argument at a Sonic restaurant Thursday evening in Lumberton, North Carolina.

    McDonald, who is the husband of one of the restaurant’s managers, argued with Telvin Drummond, 24, an employee at Sonic.

    Both men shot at each other. McDonald was struck by gun fire and is being treated for injuries that are believed to not be life threatening.

    1. “OK, folks, excitement’s over. But half-price milkshakes for everyone!”

    2. So, that gunfight, did it make sonic booms?

    3. Manager: “Okay, who let this clown in here?”

    4. The Hamburglar.was taken in for questioning.

    5. A man named Ronald McDonald, 36, was shot during an argument at a Sonic restaurant Thursday evening

      Looks like Ronald was trying to instigate a turf war.

      1. NC is turning into the next Florida. You heard it here first.

      2. *narrows gaze at Rich, Tonio, Libertarian, Adans and Free…*

        1. I’ve achieved my narrowed gaze quota for the week.

    6. They were probably arguing about the best way to cultivate mass.

      1. The Katamari method.

        It starts out slow, but once it gets going…

    7. Any news about catching The Grimace?

  14. McConnell (R-Ky.) won’t say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president

    Mitch apparently considers himself unqualified to say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president.

  15. “Ten children and adults were injured in a rollercoaster accident in Scotland.”

    For voting to remain?

    /Suspiciously narrows gaze.

    1. Too slow.

      1. I know!

  16. We Must Stop Hillary Clinton At All Costs. That Means We Must Stop Trump. #FreeTheDelegates

    What is most probable and more obvious each day is that with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. There is too much on the line for us to let that happen. The Supreme Court decisions this past week prove it. But to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President, Republicans must stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. Trump as the nominee makes it vastly more likely that Hillary Clinton will become President.

    No amount of calls for rallying to Trump’s banner will help him. The Republican Party is already the smaller of the two major political parties. Even if I and all the Republicans who oppose him should suddenly support him, it would not be enough. His negatives are over 70%. He hovers around 30% in the polls. His fundraising is, politely, anemic. He is prone to gaffes of extraordinary size. He has no campaign apparatus to turn people out in November and his campaign surrogates have no compelling message to convert the undecided to supporters. His loudest existing supporters are seemingly working over time to turn off undecided voters and drive them into the arms of Hillary Clinton.

    1. One of the chief problems for the Republicans is that distrust and disapproval of Hillary Clinton is already baked into the polling. We all know she is corrupt. We all know the scandals. What more can be added to what we already know about Hillary Clinton pales in comparison to what the public has yet to learn about Donald Trump.

      “The devil you know ….”

      Lots of folks are saying stuff to the effect that “Trump might do the wrong thing, but you *know* Hillary will — so I’m voting Trump”.

    2. Based solely on my own personal experience, which is of course limited and allegorical, I know of no one who has decided to vote for Hillary as a result of not liking Trump. I know people who were going to vote Hillary regardless, and I know people who were never going to vote for either one, but nobody who was undecided and then got turned off by Trump in such a way that they now favor Clinton.

      Actually, I know quite a few people who see the election as the American Brexit. A Trump presidency will serve as both a “protest vote”–a big fuck you to the Progressive establishment–and a means of diminishing the Progressive left’s power. And just like the Brexit vote, the media consistently shills for their preferred candidate and underestimates the Trump supporters.

      1. Trump won’t make anyone ‘favor’ Hillary, but he will make some people hold their nose.

        Conversely, that is the only reason Trump will get more than 30%; Hillary stink.

        It will come down to which one pisses off more undecideds enough to make them go vote for the other one.

  17. Doug Powers

    Record homicides in Chicago, registered Dem Muslim kills dozens at gay Orlando club, and this is the Left response

    Twitter Pic of Gay Pride banner: Republican Hate Kills

      1. It wasn’t me!!!! I was overseas!

    1. I have no choice but to believe that was photo shopped. No, I won’t be convinced.

      1. That was my thought, too. Either that or from some older event that had nothing to do with recent events. I just don’t want to believe that so many people can be so blatantly idiotic.

        1. Life is made easier when you put an imaginary /sarc over those type of things.

      2. I’ve been seeing that motto in some of the danker regions of the progosphere, so I wouldn’t surprised if its real.

    2. Omar Mateen, like Kim Davis when she was elected, isn’t a true Democrat. It is known.

      1. Clarence Thomas isn’t black. Counterprotesters are proud of their violence.

        Rearranging reality itself means never having to be wrong.

    3. I did see a “Gays Against Guns” banner. I was wondering if there was, or even could be, a “Gays For Guns” contingent. I’d love to see Tom Palmer and the Pink Pistols start some shit to march with that.

  18. The $100 Trillion Bond Market’s Got Bigger Concerns Than Brexit

    While the Brexit vote roiled financial markets and caused a surge in haven demand, Major says investors in the $100 trillion bond market need to look at deeper structural problems plaguing the world: demographics, the explosion of debt globally and the disparity in wealth between the rich and poor.

    Low rates are also a natural consequence of too much government borrowing after the financial crisis. While it gave economies a much-needed boost, the debt burden robbed many countries of their spending power, which could have supported growth over the next decade. This month, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned the world economy is slipping into a self-fulfilling “low-growth trap.”

    And without a pickup in growth, there’s every reason to believe that investors will continue to seek out the safety of government bonds.

    1. So the bond market now has their patsy. And the net casualty will be people that want to break up bureaucracies and,out,of,control government debt.

      Fuck, even when there’s a win against big government, it somehow turns into a loss.

      1. Krugabe approves

    2. What happens when every currency is in a race to the bottom? I think we’re going to find out.

    3. While it gave economies a much-needed boost,

      It did?

    4. Low rates are also a natural consequence of too much government borrowing after the financial crisis.

      Wouldn’t too much borrowing make rates go up?

  19. . Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) won’t say whether he thinks Donald Trump is qualified to be president

    He is a natural-born citizen, a permanent resident of the United States for the past fourteen years, and he is at least thirty-five years old, so he is qualified. I did not know there was a Constitutional requirement that states that party bosses and smug media types have to deem a person to be “qualified” before they become president.

    1. Is it his turn? Has he been campaigning for this moment since his husband was elected into office decades ago? Did he sit out this presidency eight years ago and bide his time when some younger upstart pulled the race card and jumped into line just ahead of him? No? THEN HE’S NOT QUALIFIED.


    a mapping project that aimed to explore some of the nationally extensive data about small area characteristics and conditions in the US. The outcome of this was a “geodemographic classification”, which is categorical summary representing the average characteristics of a small area geography.

    The basic geodemographic method is to create measures for multiple aspects of population and built environments, then using a data mining technique, assemble areas into groups that are most similar. These classes are sometimes split or joined to form a hierarchy, and once created will typically be described using text, graphs, pictures and maps.

    The interactive map is here. Very cool.

  21. Had to ride into work with someone this morning who decided to torture me the whole way by listening to Morning Joke on MSNBC (on XM). My god, how do people watch that?

    Anyways, even they’re a bit worried. Spent time talking about how horrible things are going for Trump yet he’s tied with Hillary in swing states. I shudder at the thought of him being elected, but how on earth have the Democrats fucked up this badly. They should’ve thrown Hillary under the bus months ago and convinced Biden, or anyone, to run.

    1. There is a way to fix that, tell the driver that you hear a noise coming from the right rear tire and when they pull over to look at it, jump into the drivers seat and drive off leaving them behind, then change the radio channel or even better turn it off

  22. The talk about being qualified to be president makes me laugh. It’s code for ‘we don’t like this guy.’ Trump may not have the personality to be president, but he’s just as qualified as Hillary and more so than Obama. A junior senator and former community organizer, and then some bitch who has failed upwards throughout her life. Hillary – she’s a genius who failed the bar exam and who is only where she is because she somehow latched onto Bill.

    1. Well, see, that’s a thing. What definition of qualified are you using?

      My local Little League recently had their All-Star games. One of the board of directors was a bit upset about it. In theory, see, the All-Star players are picked by the coaches and the board of directors in an open vote. This year voting took place in secret, unannounced, with unknown voters, and the decision was passed down as fait accompli. Nine kids on the team, and one of them had only one working arm, but made up for that by having a father with lots of unscrupulous friends. The kid rode the bench with a cast for every game – in a roster spot that an able-bodied kid was kept out of.

      That’s the definition of “qualified” they’re using.


      Mark Cuban Sounds Off on Donald Trump: ‘It’s Rare That You See Someone Get Stupider’…..-stupider/

      The Idiocracy is upon us.

      1. It’s Rare That You See Someone Get Stupider’

        Pay your bet yet, assbott?

      2. Glad to see you were able to get out of the garage.

      3. Yet we see shreek get stupider every day.

        Pay your bet, fuckstain.

      4. And people should listen to Cuban because…?

      5. ‘It’s Rare That You See Someone Get Stupider’

        At least we have you

        1. Wow, the Peanut Gallery is especially hostile today!

          It must be Trumps’s falling poll numbers.

          1. It is the plunging gold price, Jeb’s nomination and the 8% approval of O!Care!

            1. It’s cause nobody likes a welsher. It’s practically worse than being a snitch.

              1. Huh, weird. That was for PB up top.

                1. What have you got against the Welsh?

          2. Pay your bet, fucktard.

          3. There’s people here that like Trump?

            1. I don’t know that many here actually like Trump, so much as believe that he is marginally better than Hillary.

              1. I like Trump, I’m not voting for anyone yet, but He makes me laugh, While Hil dog makes me nervous. /feels

  23. “Anti-fascists” in California are “proud” that their counterprotest at a white nationalist rally sparked violence.

    But it was good violence.

    1. I feel like we are only a hair away from the left justifying violence from SJW’s protesting inane shit like the dangerous cultural appropriation of taco Tuesdays in their college cafeteria.

      1. The smugness of that woman in front of the microphones as she justified the violence was just………I dunno. I hate the way lefties keep prodding me to support things I detest. First it was Trump, and now it’s Nazis!

        1. Philadelphia, Libby, Philadelphia. When these soi disant anti-fascists join forces with that poor peoples’ group to protest Wall Street it’s going to be a really fun time. But I think the Philly protests will use up a lot of the momentum of the movement, and perhaps leave their leadership incarcerated, so perhaps Cleveland will be less rioty than if that convention were held first.

    2. Right wing revolutions are violent, left wing revolutions aren’t according to Cenk.

      1. That guy is a true progressive Young Turk idiot.

        He even his the smirk of someone who probably knows they’re retarded but doesn’t care.

        1. has

        2. It’s really too bad because when he was going hard at Hillary, he actually made sense.

          1. It’s staggering as it is dangerous the way they reinterpret history. This is why they have to be challenged at every turn. If not, up will be down and down will be up.

            1. This is why they have to be challenged at every turn. If not, up will be down and down will be up.

              That’s what’s so exhausting about fighting the left. They never stop pushing the bounds of reality and retardation. A thoughtful person bent on stopping them can find himself fatigued in no time at all since it takes about a paragraph of well-articulated reason to unpack one sentence of unfiltered stupidity.

        3. “…of someone who probably knows they’re retarded but doesn’t care.”

          Sometimes I find goddam poetry in these comments………

    1. Hillary was at the forefront of the gay rights movement.

      1. In the White House bedrooms?

        1. She was at the forefront. Bill was at the back door.

      2. She fought for all civil rights all of her life. Even when she was making rape victims cry.

      3. She finally came out in favor of gay marriages all the way back in the dark ages of 2013. Only 9 years after that flaming liberal Dick Cheney.

    2. +1 Gomer Pyle

      + another 1 due to Gomer being gay

    3. Supporting gay rights is apparently worth four whole blocks of walking for Clinton.

  24. “Anti-fascists” in California are “proud” that their counterprotest at a white nationalist rally sparked violence.

    The “counterprotest” didn’t “spark” violence, it was built with violence.

    1. Yes, they initiated the violence. Don’t look for honesty from the media, though.

      1. Its funny how the most distant association with the right wing makes something right-wing, but the most overt expressions of intentions and motivations by the left-wing is just irrelevant, leaving everyone puzzled as to what could possibly have happened.

  25. Long weekend.

    Friday afternoon my dad called to tell me that my mom was in emergency, having fainted two times at home. They were preparing to leave on vacation when my dad found her in the living room, trying to get onto the sofa. She was slurring her words and acting very disorientated. That seemed to clear up and they (what the hell, dad!) continued to pack. He moves the suitcases into the car. When he gets back from that, he found her passed out, face planted on the front porch. Split lip, busted glasses. Unresponsive for two-three minutes before she could talk.

    He gets her to ER – which is this rinky-dink “hospital” in a small, small town. CAT scan shows nothing. My parents are waiting around now.

    Dad calls me again: She just has a foam at the mouth seizure. Being taken by ambulance to Grand Rapids, a 75 mile drive.

    I contact my brothers, one who is a doctor. He is saying stroke, which is my suspicion too.

    Long story short: Two nights at the hospital with a MRI, EEG, and a spinal fluid draw (? I think) – MRI shows some thickening of the dura, but nothing that would cause issues. No sign of stroke. The doctors have no idea what happened to her. She is due for another MRI in a month, and is discharged with some anti-seizure medication.

    1. Ouch… the ones where they can’t identify the cause are the worst….

    2. I hope your mother pulls through well. Good luck.

    3. Good luck.

    4. Wishing the best for her and the rest of you.

      But, the fact that even the small local hospital has a CAT scanner should give you comfort.

    5. That would freak me out. Had a parent very sick while I was overseas and couldn’t doing anything. Hope she gets well soon.

      1. Yeah I was pacing around in my office, completely ignoring my email and the project I was working on. After a few minutes of that I went to my boss’s office and told him why I’m taking off. I was planning to storm up north to be there for them, but once I heard she was being transferred I instead went home and waited… with a very stiff gin ‘n’ tonic in hand.

        1. Don’t know your age, but as I near 50, I dread messages or phone calls at odd times precisely for that reason.

    6. My sympathies.

    7. That is tough, H. Hang in there. Not knowing is bad, but still better than a stroke.

    8. Damn, that’s scary. Good luck to her.

    9. Very frightening. When I was 13 or so my parents and I went to the symphony (my childhood was…weird) and just before intermission my father passes out and start jerking around. Scary as shit and he slowly started coming to. He spent the night in the hospital and the best they could guess was that he had gotten dehydrated and that combined with his naturally very low BP and heart rate to cause a scary episode. It had been a cold but dry day and he had been working in the yard all day.

      Never happened again until a year ago or so he was on a flight. He came to just as the pilot announced they were making a medical emergency landing in Amarillo (flight was to Dallas) and he said no, please, continue on to Dallas – my doctor will meet the plane. Doctor is my sister who lives there, but whatever, it counts. Dehydration again, as best as anybody can tell.

    10. Best wishes

  26. The question is less whether Trump is quLifid to be President (hell, was Obumbles?), but is Shrillary qalified to be out of prison.

  27. The pound was down to $1.32 this morning. Wishing I had the money to take a trip to England. Last time I went I think it was around $1.75.

    1. Ow. The last time I was in the UK it was $1.55/?

    2. Time to buy some records from the UK!

  28. Wonkblog: Brexit is a reminder that some things just shouldn’t be decided by the people

    They also tend to make legislating in the future much harder, by casting policies as constitutional changes that are hard to dislodge. And, Bell argues, they undermine the legitimacy of legislators by suggesting that real democracy can only come directly from the people instead.

    In a world where all kinds of decisions that should be made by legislators are made by referendums instead, we get, well, California ? a state where ballot initiatives rule what happens to individual bonds and bag taxes and even proposed buildings. Back in 1978, California voters generously decided in a ballot measure to cap their own property taxes in a way ? amending the state constitution ? that has hobbled ever since California’s ability to generate revenue and create reasonable housing policy.

    Last year’s Supreme Court decision upholding gay marriage also underscored another drawback of referendums: Give people a chance at the ballot box, and they may also trample minority rights.

    1. The question of “Should we be ruled by an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy in another country” should not be put to the people, the answer should automatically be “NO!”.

    2. “”and they may also trample minority rights.”” of EU politicians and bureaucrat

    3. It’s amazing how for a side that believes itself to be rational and nuanced, progressives have a macabre predictable response to everything. In economics, all roads lead to hire taxes as a solution and where voting results don’t go there way, blame stupid people.

      That’s it. That’s their entire outlook. They’re just masters at stretching those two takes to absurd levels.

      1. They worship mob rule, except when they don’t.

    4. “The people have spoken, the bastards!”


      Well, Virginia *Is* For Lovers!

    2. They do appear to be fairly well armored from the picture. I don’t think they manufacture those here, but could be wrong. If the USA were giving surplus vehicles to the UN, wouldn’t the UN be responsible for repainting?

    3. Probably heading down to the border to help bring more terrorists and other “OTMs” into the country.

  29. ‘I have this weird addiction’: Nebraska pervert arrested for hiding under car and ‘touching woman’s foot’ as she got in

    Police arrested Johnson but he denied touching the woman, saying: ‘I was hiding under the vehicle simply for the visual.’

    ‘I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior,’ he told the Lincoln Journal Star. ‘I don’t know why.’

    This is the third time he has been accused of hiding under cars and touching women.

    1. How does he avoid getting run over when the cars start moving?

      1. “Avoid”?! That’s part of the thrill!

      2. That was my first thought. Give it time – this problem will turn out to be self-correcting.

      3. Because he only picks on women driving jacked-up trucks? Of course that invokes a whole other tier of possible danger…

  30. Inside Silicon Valley’s Robot Pizzeria

    Zume, a new startup in Mountain View, is trying to make a more profitable pizza through robotics

    People and robots working together!

    1. Should have named it “Gort”

      1. “Try our Klaatu barada nikto thin crust today!”

        1. Or our white “Klaatu margherita nikto” pizza!

          1. If that happens, I’m looking forward to it being a plot point on Ash vs The Evil Dead.

    2. SJW Twitter was frothing at the mouth this weekend over this. Apparently referring to a pizza making robot with feminine pronouns is misogyny and sexism now.

  31. EU tries to make all the disappointed “Stay” Brits feel better – by banning high-powered appliances such as kettles and toasters.…..exit-vote/

    1. The EU is mental.

    2. Didnt they have regs for curves of bananas? lol

      1. They did, but I think it’s been repealed. They do ban bottled water packaging from claiming it cures dehydration.

        1. It lacks the electrolytes that plants crave.

        2. “repealed” ISWYDT

    3. Commissioners admitted they need to take a “diplomatic” approach when choosing which items to regulate due to the “sensitivity surrounding certain products”.

      El?bieta Bie?kowska, the single market commissioner, confirmed in 2014 that kettles had been identified by the scheme’s early studies as having “considerable energy saving potential.”

      For those of you who think that the SJW’s pose no real threat, let this be a reminder of the type of career they pursue with vigor.

    4. Incidentally, banning high energy kettles doesn’t save energy, it actually wastes more:

      1) As a kettle is being heated, it’s also losing heat to the surrounding air. The rate at which the heat is flowing out is roughly proportional to the difference between the kettle’s temp and the temp of the surrounding air.

      2) The lower the rate at which the kettle is being heated, the slower the climb of temperature to the desired temp.

      3) This means the kettle spends a longer amount of time leaking heat into the surrounding air.

      4) Thus a larger amount of heat is lost to the environment than would have been if the kettle were heated quickly.

      5) The amount of heat needed to take the kettle to the desired temp is fixed, based on the differentce between ambient temperature and the final temperature of the water.

      Thus, the energy put into the kettle during the heating process is the amount of heat used to heat the water (fixed) + the amount of heat lost into the environment (higher with low power kettles)

      Thus with a low power kettle you actually are wasting more energy.

      Exhibit ZZQWR in the case claiming that greens fuck up the environment while making humans’ lives more difficult.

      1. I think the ideal solution is for the peasantry to collect their hot liquids from the local EU soup kitchen.

      2. Science is just a Leavetine plot.

        1. What you did there, I see it.

      3. “Exhibit ZZQWR”

        We using the base 36 number system now??

        Well, if we’ve gone up to past 300 million, I suppose we actually need that system to represent the number in a reasonable fashion

    5. I love how they actually outright state they delayed implementing these because they knew the British would be more likely to vote leave if they’d tried this at the same time as the referendum.

    6. The plans have been ready for many months, but were shelved for fear of undermining the referendum campaign if they were perceived as an assault on the British staples of tea and toast.

      “We’re not petty nanny-state totalitarians I swear, at least not until after you’ve voted to stay.”

  32. To a deluxe apartment in the sky?

    Is the middle class moving up?

    Here’s what he found. There was a gradual and broad-based shift of Americans from poorer to richer status. Productivity gains have translated into higher living standards more than is generally believed.

    The most spectacular change involved the explosion of the upper middle class (incomes from $100,000 to $349,999). It grew from 12.9 percent of Americans in 1979 to 29.4 percent in 2014 ? from 1 in 8 U.S. households to more than 1 in 4. The rich ($350,000 in income or more) went from 0.1 percent of households to 1.8 percent in 2014. If these two groups are combined, nearly one-third of Americans have incomes exceeding $100,000. (Note: All these thresholds apply to three-person households; income levels are adjusted for differences in household size.)

    Meanwhile, the poorer segments of the population declined. The poor and near-poor (less than $29,999 of income) dropped from 24.3 percent of the population in 1979 to 19.8 percent in 2014. The lower middle class ($30,000 to $49,999) fell from 23.9 percent to 17.1 percent, and the middle class ($50,000 to $99,999) decreased from 38.8 percent to 32 percent.

    1. My first question – is that $100K threshold adjusted for inflation?

      1. And also for location? Our household income is solidly in the middle of the given range, yet we are not even close to being “upper” middle class living just outside of NYC.

        1. Yes and No (to UCS and WTF), IIRC.

          1. I wonder what effect changes in demographics have on those numbers. Kids staying with their parents into their twenties could eliminate a bunch of low income households.

        2. A friend of mine had a remote job in NYC. He traveled there one week per month.

          They offered him an 8% raise to move to NYC permanently. He laughed at them.

        3. I’m not sure adjusting for location is legit.

          One of the things you are buying with your income is location and all the amenities, opportunities, and whatnot that location provides that you, I presume, value.

    2. But, I have it on good authority that 1%ers have all of the moneys and they do nothing but use it to light cigars and build forts from it.

      1. Something like 54% of households are in the top 1% of income for at least 1 year of their lives.

        But very few stay there for multiple consecutive years.

        1. It was 56% in the top 10%.

          Only 12% make the top 1%.

          1. And its for age 25-60.

            56% will spend at least 1 year in top 10% and 54% will spend at least 1 year earning less than poverty level.

  33. I’ve been listening to Jobriath, the first openly gay rock star (at least according to Wikipedia).

    1. Unless his material is about that, I really don’t think it matters.

      1. I suppose it made a difference in 1973.

      2. I’ve carefully considered the matter for .2 seconds, and decided I have no fucks to give about anything but his talent.

        And not that talent, because it won’t be me fucking him.

    2. I had never heard of this guy. He died in 1983, so it’s possible that he was indeed (from Wikipedia) the first openly gay rock musician to be signed to a major record label, and one of the first internationally famous musicians to die of AIDS.

      1. Elton John?

      2. Something Awful mentioned him in an article many years ago titled The Worst Rock Stars Ever.

  34. Just realized that the Bank of England is being led by a guy named Carney. Perfect.

  35. Dogs on ‘shrooms look remarkably like people on ‘shrooms.

    No, I’m not saying that when you’re on ‘shrooms, dogs look like people–although that may be true.

    I’m saying that when your dog has ingested magic mushrooms, he looks like people after they’ve ingested magic mushrooms.

    It’s hard to describe. See for yourself:

    1. Have you ever, like, looked at your paws, dog? I mean, really, like… looked at them?

      1. That’s more of an LSD thing than a shroom thing. Err, at least that’s what I read on the internet.

    2. Tail down, not wagging. Usually this is indicative of a bad or uncertain mood.

  36. Regarding the brexit….i have seen two talking points emerge:

    1. Google searches jumped to see what the consequences were

    Ok. But that doesn’t tell me raw numbers. A lot of searches could actually be very little. Also it doesn’t take into account that some of those searches may have been remain folks who had it in the bag and have an oh crap moment.

    2. The 3 million person petition.

    This could be made up of mainly remain folks who are mad it didnt go their way.

    1. I have a Brit friend who was a pantshitting Remainer. After they lost, he put this up on his FB. I asked him what the hell? Thought you were against the Brexit?! His response was he was looking for the bright side. Wild, considering that little spiel was made before the vote.

      1. That was impressive the way he rattled things off. Tell you what, if the Italians – who are the most committed to the EU – start to turn on it…ouch.

        1. There is a great deal of discontent in Italy. They may soon turn too.

          1. Yup.

      2. Jesus, even Italy has better political shows than the U.S.

        Civil discussion, no yelling, and lots of facts.

        1. Facts? Who needs facts when we’ve got Bill O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow?

    2. Oh, this is definitely the “stay” folks having a tantrum and trying to shame the “leave” voters. They are cherry-picking and trying to make the “leave” voters look stupid and feel guilty. RC predicted last week that there would be lots of foot-dragging, do-overs and other shenanigans.

      1. I was somewhat surprised that there are Eurocrats howling for an immediate ejection of the UK, until someone pointed out that a messy and painful departure for the UK would make other countries hesitant to leave.

      2. If at first you don’t succeed vote, vote again. That’s what they’lll attempt. When you get the result you want tell the losers the people have spoken.

        It’s as predictable as the sunrise.

        1. Hey, Greasonable. Need a call on this one. I’m guessing I was first.

      3. Well, I think the age gap exacerbates this a bit.

        People in the Remain camp are much more active with social media, more likely to share and create memes, etc. I don’t have polling, just the fact that they are young. Like, Twitter is going mostly Remain, and yeah that shit has problems with who it shows and doesn’t show sometimes, but I think this does all still speak to a larger point: The Remain people are in an echo chamber. The media is pro-Remain. And young people, who interact with social media so goddamn much (in my later 20s now, I am about to get back on Facebook for the first time in 5 years. Fucking dragging my feet on it, hate social media) get a big impression that Remain is all there is- plus, they are quickly sharing with each other ANYTHING that makes remain look bad and boosts their own ego.

        The Remain side is currently hanging in an echo chamber that keeps reinforcing the idea that the Leavers are bitter, old, stupid, racists. And the social media hive mind amplifies that a hell of a lot louder than somber reflection that says, “Oh, god, how are we so out of touch and how do we correct that?

        1. While Twitter does skew young, that’s not the same as saying young people skew Twitter users. Twitter has its own echo chamber of users that are young but at the same time aren’t representative of young people in general.

          1. So, what you’re telling me is that Twitter is young progs specifically? Thanks, good filter to read it with.

            Is there any social media platform not dominated by progs? I’m not looking for a libertarian or conservative one- but just one where I don’t encounter those retard politicss all the time (and before you say Facebook… guys, I live in SoCal now. I can make some guesses about people I meet and their politics).

            1. Reddit and individual specialty forums in general.

    3. 2. The 3 million person petition.

      This could be made up of mainly remain folks who are mad it didnt go their way.

      Evidence is it’s mostly trolls, a lot of non-UK people and bot entries.

      1. Democracy means immediately holding a new vote after losing. You win and it’s settled law.

      2. I. P. Freely and Mike Hunt strongly object to you questioning their character.

        1. Peter Ian Staker may be more appropriate, in this case.

          1. P.I. Staker? Piss taker? C’mon!

    4. The 3 million petition is bullshit. I saw a link, clicked on it, then realized that I, an American in California, could vote on it. There were no good controls on foreign signature- the Brits should chuck the whole thing, but they won’t because it gives the Top Men an excuse to do what they want to do anyway.

  37. Fake monks? Buddhist leaders warn NYC tourists to be wary

    Men in orange robes claiming to be Buddhist monks are approaching visitors to some of the city’s most popular attractions, handing them shiny medallions and offering greetings of peace. They then hit them up for donations to help them build a temple in Thailand, and are persistent if their demands are refused.

    “The problem seems to be increasing,” said the Rev. TK Nakagaki, president of the Buddhist Council of New York, a group that represents nearly two dozen Buddhist temples. “They are very aggressive and hostile if you don’t give them money.”

    “Every monk who is a monk, punch a monk who isn’t a monk.”

    1. #NotAllBuddhists

    2. Wat a disaster.

  38. I can?t resist putting in this paragraph by Christopher Monckton:

    “Indeed, No-way and Nixerland having already voted down the EU, Brexit may well be swiftly followed by Frexit, Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakuum, Latviaticum and Byebyegium. At this rate, soon the only country still participating in the European tyranny-by-clerk will be Remainia.” 🙂

  39. The efforts to undermine the Brexit vote are getting downright disturbing. I think the worse part is how openly and comfortably they feel talking about in the media- with no pushback of course, because the media supports the idea.

    Let’s be honest: If Remain had won, yeah, there may be another referendum in a decade or whatever. But the media wouldn’t be hellbent on finding Remain voters who seem uninformed or stupid. People’s motives for staying in the EU wouldn’t be questioned in the same way they are when people vote to leave the EU. And people wouldn’t be openly scheming about how to get around the vote if Remain had won.

    The inability of the Remain side to accept defeat and move on gracefully will do more to damage that island than Leaving will. Basically, a huge chunk of the population and most of the media/political class are showing that they actually don’t believe in government that is responsive and accountable to their voters- that’s just window dressing to get what they want. Once again, I am sure the elite can’t see any of this- they didn’t see Brexit coming, after all- but they are heading down a road that ends with them down on their knees staring up at a guillotine blade.

    Basically, Christ, progs suck, and holy god in heaven are elites utterly unable to comprehend or credit viewpoints other than their own.

    1. Here’s a scenario: The EU disintegrates. War follows. Possible?

      1. If you believe the EU is why Europe has been so relatively peaceful since WWII, maybe. But luckily the theory that centralization of political power leads to peace is bullocks.

        1. I believe Europe has been relatively peaceful since WWII because they had a common foe in the Soviets.

          Somehow, despite their fall, the soviets still won.

      2. I don’t think that’s likely at all in Europe. The middle east and central Asia are far more unstable and likely to go full blown.

        1. Though I wouldn’t rule out some instability caused by left engineered population replacement.

          1. There could be a pogrom if we go into a global depression. But war between the European states is highly unlikely at this point.

            1. War between states in general is not very likely. Much less so in Europe.

      3. Possible, but I think any war with be Intranational instead of international. It would be Spain sending troops in to keep the Basque country, etc.

        But the EU kind of put the world in this position. Whenever democratic polity’s, like the Irish in 2007 with Lisbon, tried to pump the breaks on the European project, they were told to sit down, shut up, and listen to their betters. So, now the EU has a gun held to the world’s head- “Keep our stupid, bureaucratic asses in power- or destroy us, but know that we have gotten so far down the path of integration and so on- against the wishes of the people any amount of the time, but whatever- that any change will be painful. In fact, we will work to make it extra painful, because how DARE these peons.”

        I’m sorry, but there is something immensely frustrating about the elites not listening, doing whatever the hell they want, putting the word in this position- and then acting like the people who are telling the elites to stop this bullshit are the problem. Fuck you, EU- you could have integrated a hell of a lot less, your people wanted it, but you wanted nice houses in Brussels and the thrill of stamping your boot on a plebes face.

      4. With what? We are getting back to where the cops in one country could arrest the army of their neighbor, without much hassle.

      5. I think the EU continuing is more likely to lead to war, myself.

    2. Is it too much to ask that marginal voters who leaned Brexit but couldn’t admit it to themselves are pushed into supporting the vote by such heavy-handed elitism?

  40. Also, hey, for those not in the weeds on British politics with this (I’ve been glued to various live feeds): Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, is currently experiences a political coup. Members of his shadow cabinet are dropping like flies, and of his main front bench team it looks like 15 or 16 out of 30 have resigned.

    Corbyn, of course, refuses to go, and the scary thing is that his activists+British BernTards (BynTards?) that got him in power will likely keep him there- they have the party memberships bought and paid for and have the organizational muscle to take over a party conference.

    Still, the Labour Party in parliament may run out of people to fill the shadow cabinent, and Corbyn loyalists are talking of deselecting people who resign (which I understand it, deselection is the equivalent of being primaried. Like, normally, your an MP, you go to your local party and stick in a petition and cuz your an MP they rubberstamp it and you get to run for that party in that district again. But with deselection, you actually have to run against someone in the selection process, and the thought is with the parties activists mobilized people could get turfed). So, now more UK Labour party (always seemed an awkward fit, never got why the Blairites didn’t just take over the Lib Dems other than the brand of Labour is better than the brand of Lib Dems)

    1. Corbyn was pro-Brexit, albeit tepidly, right? Is this in response to that?

      1. Basically. The argument is that he didn’t campaign for Brexit hard enough, and there are a lot of internal party documents etc. swirling around, claiming that he “sabotaged” the Remain campaign. Sabotaging a globalist project is obviously a huge sin, although it all seems to be based around him not making enough campaign stops, etc.

        Corbyn didn’t support the EU for most of his political career- its not an org old school socialists have loved. His line during the vote was, “Remain and reform.” And all of this makes him an awkward figure in a Remain dominated, London dominated Labour party. Which, why they think they should be pressing the Remain button when their heartland in the north of England went Leave heavily is a good idea I have no idea, but I don’t run the UK Labour party.

        Also, the internal Labour polling seems to show a Corbyn led Labour party loses a snap election, which makes sense, because its like if Bernie Sanders were the head of your party and had to look like a competent executive.

    1. So does every crime story come with a recap of notorious crime stories in the community?

      “In Chicago, site of the Valentine’s Day Massacre, a man was shot…”

  41. “The minister of environment in Somalia was killed in an attack on a hotel, for which Al-Shabaab took credit.”

    You can’t fool me!! Somalia doesn’t HAVE a government.

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