New Hampshire

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Inside PorcFest, the country's largest libertarian and anarchist gathering


For the past week, hundreds of libertarians, anarchists, and otherwise fans of little-to-no government have been camped out in rural New Hampshire, celebrating freedom and strategizing about social change. The gathering, known as the Porcupine Freedom Festival—PorcFest for short—is sponsored by the Free State Project (the organization trying to provoke a mass movement of libertarians to the "Live Free or Die" state) and attracts guests from around the country, along with a handful of liberty lovers from overseas. As the Associated Press explains, "guns are indeed allowed freely at PorcFest" and "marijuana is freely smoked too." The event "offers a glimpse into the kind of libertarian paradise Free State Project leaders hope to one day create statewide."

What would such a paradise look like? Let me show you! Here are a few dozen photos that capture the come-as-you-are, big tent, backwoods, fun-loving, freedom-worshiping aesthetic that is PorcFest.



Kyle Walker

Matt Welch/Twitter







Kristin Tate/Twitter










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  1. But did they get a permit?

  2. For the past week, libertarians, anarchists, and other fans of limited government

    I don’t mean to be a splitter, but I don’t think those two go together.

    1. you’re right. tweaked a bit now

      1. On a Sunday?!?! Go drink, ignore the commentariat!

      2. Just dropping the “other” would have worked.

    2. Anarchists are really just in favor of competitive, polycentric government. And government =/= state.

      1. That, throwing bombs, murder and communism. It says a lot that Lenin threw them out of the communist party after anarchist and communist had been synonyms for a full century. Not one single anarchist claimed to be anything resembling a libertarian before 1971. Surplus anarchists were rolled under the flap of out tent like fragmentation grenades.

        1. Again, this guy is starting to sound saner than many of the regulars.

  3. ENB, what kind of beer is that?

    This is going to be fun.

      1. Hat tip to you, ma’am.

      2. I like a good amber. I’ll have to look for the 606.

  4. No nudity? I am disappointed.

    1. They do look like an adorable bunch, though.

  5. Not to be a party pooper as I’m sure it’s legitimately a blast to go to PorcFest, but it would be great if libertarians (forget the anarchists, that’s just stupid) could have gatherings that don’t make us look like a bunch of goddamned hippies in an election year when all we need to do is avoid looking like weirdos to do better than we ever have.

    1. I, for one, reject attempts to tell me how to libertarian.

    2. I hear you and, sure, it would be kinda nice if all the libertarians scrubbed up for the election year to help put the least-scary-face-forward, but it ain’t gonna happen.

      1. This wasn’t a gathering of the Libertarian Party, and even if it was would you prefer that everyone was a huge khaki-wearing dork that applauds Brent Bozell like the weirdos that attend CPAC? It is not like PorcFest is a hedonistic, goat sacrificing orgy. Gosh.

        1. “It is not like PorcFest is a hedonistic, goat sacrificing orgy. Gosh.”

          *rips up plane ticket to New Hampshire*

        2. It is not like PorcFest is a hedonistic, goat sacrificing orgy.

          But there were guns. That has to be worse.

        3. Dockers and Lacoste wearing libertarian. Armani wearing Democrat. Grateful Dead wearing Republican. I know which one I think is the biggest asshole.

          1. Dockers and Lacoste wearing libertarian.

            *glances down at outfit chosen for today*

            Hey, fuck you!

            1. nice pants

              1. Well, I’m not going to wear my Bill’s for just puttering around on a Sunday.

        4. huge khaki-wearing dork that applauds Brent Bozell like the weirdos that attend CPAC

          So the only two options are hula hoops or khakis? Never have you disgusted me more.

      2. “I hear you and, sure, it would be kinda nice if all the libertarians scrubbed up for the election year to help put the least-scary-face-forward, but it ain’t gonna happen.”

        True that.

        See: the now-notorious thong-walk Libertarian Party convention. Or was it a g-string?…

    3. I was there in my 3 piece suit and Burberry Loafers, but nobody seemed to care.

      1. Gilmore cared.

        1. Obviously totally inappropriate. A country gentlemen should have a tweed hacking jacket, and a well-worn pair of brown church’s brogues

          1. You have way too much fashion sense to be straight.

            1. not all British equestrians are gay, that’s just a stereotype

    4. Well, if we have to lie about this sort of thing – then how are we any different from the other parties.

      Anyway, while I’m not a fan of (godddamned!) hippies, hippies are more tolerable than the ‘well-dressed’ multitudes that attend the major party conventions and cheer on the fascists.

    5. it would be great if libertarians (forget the anarchists, that’s just stupid) could have gatherings that don’t make us look like a bunch of goddamned hippies in an election year when all we need to do is avoid looking like weirdos to do better than we ever have.

      I generally agree. my comment below was sort of referencing that.

      Still = you can’t have freedom without hippies. they also have the best drugs.

    6. Walk around Austin or Portland OR sometime, and then ask yourself: are all these weird looking people going to identify more with the optics of PorcFest, or with the optics of a bunch of uber square looking people?

      If we get even 2% of the vote this election, that would be a helluva improvement.

      That, and damned if I’m gonna look less like a hippie just to please someone else.

      1. Having been to Austin numerous times, I can attest that the weirdos there in no way identify as anything other than pure statist/socialist (just ask Uber). Not sure if the same applies to Portlandia, but I’m guessing we aren’t winning there anytime soon no matter how “counter-cultural” we are there, either.

        Still, was just a suggestion and didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. Apologies all around.

        Console yourselves with the knowledge that I’m just a square.

        1. PorcFest is not a gathering of libertarians, or a gathering of the Libertarian Party, it’s an outdoor camping event for liberty-minded people, one that claims to be family friendly.

        2. Dunno, I look like one of those weirdos, and yet anarchist =/= statist.

          The Uber vote went 9% anti-Uber, 8% pro-Uber, 83% didn’t show up. And that doesn’t even count those like me who aren’t registered to vote. Hardly anyone voted for the damned thing, and yet the regulations still stand.

    7. (forget the anarchists, that’s just stupid)


  6. Nice try, but we all know this can’t really be libertopia. It has roads.

    1. And a registration booth. WTF?

    2. ROADZ!?! Somalia! Piratez! FSM and his noodley appendage!

  7. Uh Oh:….._Virginia)

    Catalpa was an 18th-century plantation

    The Culpeper Minutemen organized on 17 July 1775 under a large oak tree at “Clayton’s old field” on the Catalpa estate.

    1. Dammit:

      The District Committee of Safety determined that the militia was to meet under a large oak tree in “Clayton’s old field” on the Catalpa estate


      He built Beneventum Plantation House about 1750

      1. The Culpeper minutemen fought for the patriot side in the first year of the American Revolution . . .

        So, does that mean they fought for the British?

        Also, is there some *point* to these links or are you just pulling up random shit?

        1. I mean they were slave-owners.

          1. We *they*? Because nothing you point to provides any evidence of that.

  8. Put some bigger pictures in the post, next time. And lots more of them.

    1. Agreed. Tits or gtfo!

  9. Pros: ENB, beer, mountains.

    Cons: No actual porcupines or unicorns. People. Crappy music.

    1. Yeah, the only thing worse than showing up for a protest is showing up for a political rally, but sandwiched somewhere in between is showing up for an anything-fest.

      1. Someone isn’t going to Lebowski Fest this year.

      2. Hempfest. 200,000 people getting baked in a three-mile waterfront part in Seattle. Last time, I saw a dude wearing only overalls and a smile playing the accordion. Getting freaking into it, just rocking out with his bad accordion-playing self.

        I win!

        /might be biased

  10. The Free State Project has 20,000 signed up to move to New Hampshire, with 1,954 already there, and 2,615 “in-state friends”. Seems like they are making good progress. I wonder how many of the remaining 18,000 still plan to move?

      1. I have no desire to move to New Hampshire.

    1. I signed up for the FSP and my wife and I will be moving as soon as the youngest finishes high school. We can’t wait, but are stuck in California due to shared custody of kids from previous marriage.

      1. It will be a nice change over having unwashed Masses coming up from the hell they created to make a new one here.

  11. Welcome to Libertopia
    We got fun and games
    You can get anything you want
    If you have the cash or are willing to build it yourself

    Cause we’re the people that you need
    To help and keep you free
    Good things come in threes
    Mexicans, pot and sodomy

  12. A buddy phoned up the other day and asked about what i thought about gary johnson and the libertarian party, and i sort of passed on the subject and just said, “look i’m small “l”, which means i’m not terribly concerned with the idea of a Libertarian “Party” in the first place… but…. that said, I said it seems to be a perennial gripe of people in my position that we’re either find ourselves cringing at candidates/representatives who either

    – a) represent the “batshit fringe” – e.g. President Transgender Wavy Gravy and his VP, Nihilist Prepper Bazooka-collector From Getoffmylandia.
    – b) some milquetoast, diluted-pap simulacra of libertarian thinking which inconsistently vacillates between naive-idealism and weak-utilitarianism in attempts to ‘move people closer’ to preferred positions

    I then said johnson is obviously closer to the latter. He asked if i’d have been happier with Batshit Crazy McAfee and I shrugged and said I’d have preferred Rand to run on the LP ticket.

    more on topic –

    1- i see no reason that there can’t be “porcfest” every day in Libertopia. It should be the norm of a free society rather than some special event.

    2 – Naomi Brockwell is still hot; but “Fox producer”? I suppose that means bitcoin stuff isn’t a full-time career?

    3 – I enjoy hippies in small doses (*pun intended)

    1. Don’t presume to tell other libertarians “what to do” or even provide suggestions.

      Immense butthurt will immediately ensue.

      See: comment thread above.

      1. Don’t presume to tell other libertarians “what to do” or even provide suggestions.

        The libertarian paradox

      2. Don’t presume to tell other libertarians “what to do” or even provide suggestions.

        i see your point there re: this thread, but not so much re: my comment

        1. Fair enough.

          Wasn’t criticizing your categorization at all. In fact, I think that it explains the LP’s current spectrum of choices (with Supreme Vermin on one end and Gary Johnson on the other) pretty nicely.

          Seems that most of us want somebody in between these two poles (if, they actually exist?). Sometimes I doubt that they do on a national level.

  13. So I saw that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld gushing over Obama and Hillary. Erm so how is that supposed to convince people to vote LP? Are there waves of NeverTrumpers, Bernie Bots and anyone-but-Hillary-types that lurve Obama and Hillary but might not want to vote for her for some reason? Does that really sound like the kind of person that wants to up-end the status quo and claim to be the adults in the room?

  14. Should have picked something that doesn’t rhyme with Dorkfest. I oughta go to one of these sometime anyway.

    1. Wouldn’t Gillespie claim that being called a dork is some hipster libertarian moment? Apparently it is also slang for a certain body part…

      By the way what happened to him? Has he got that Huffpo position?

    2. Swive-fest, a celebration of the Restoration.

    3. I wouldn’t mind visiting New Hampshire sometime.

      1. I visit if often on the way to Maine.

        1. “it”

        2. Nice, I know it’s beautiful country up there

          1. *narrows eyes*

            You think I bought 20 acres in Jefferson to have guests, much less neighbors?

            1. Don’t worry. I always go where the people aren’t:)

              1. Well, if you bring beer, that’s another story.

                Jus’ sayin’

                1. Of course:)

    4. When will it be the dork’s time? We all know nerds is cool now; eventually, it has to be the era of the dorks, doesn’t it?

    5. Ouch. Well played.

  15. Also how does claiming to be a “moderate centrist” and “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” actually work? Isn’t Republican fiscal conservatism on of their “extremist” positions?

    1. I think fiscally conservative and socially liberal is dumbing it down for the masses and also avoiding outright saying limited government.

      1. Also a way to avoid promising to end the welfare state or abolish any government program.

        However it is a really a reactionary appeal to a romanticized non-existent 1960s-1970s past. The idea being that libertarianism is a combination of Republican fiscal policies and Democratic social policies.

        1. Exactly, it’s also an attempt to appeal to everybody.

          1. The LP are a bunch of lying politicos who try to promise everything to everyone too! Libertarian moment!

            Also isn’t the whole “big government is bad but we can’t get rid of it due to political expediency” something that libertarians have been attacking the GOP for the past 60 years for?

            Also are libertarians either claiming they won’t cut off the free shit just for political reasons (which means they will be attacked for being liars with a sinister agenda and will be attacked if they try to do it) or do they not want to do it which makes them scarcely different from the Republicans?

            1. I think the goal should be shrinking government but the reality of politics means it is going to have to be done incrementally. These guys that say they want to cut it 40% or 50% the first year may have the right idea but they’ll never get elected to cut it even 1%. I don’t know what the magic number is but I would think 5% to 10% a year should be politically doable. That’s overall. You could have higher in one area and lower in another. But even 5% a year would be an improvement over status quo. Especially if you can do it on a consistent basis.

  16. Also it looks like Brexit could be Jeremy Corbyn’s downfall too…

    1. One good turn deserves another.

  17. Australian newspaper wants religious – and all other – male circumcisions on minors to be illegal

    “But isn’t it enough that children are born into a religion?

    “Should they be physically altered without their consent in the name of that religion?…

    “….if non-therapeutic circumcision is so frowned upon that it is banned in public hospitals, then why do we allow it in private hospitals and clinics?…

    “It should be up to the child if they want to comply with religious customs. If at age 18, or perhaps 16, a boy wants to be circumcised, then the procedure can take place.

    “Otherwise, without the patient’s consent or a medical requirement, this ancient ritual has no place in modern Australia.”

    1. Now they don’t allow access!

      They cut me off!

    2. Do the aborigines practice circumcision?

    3. Good.

  18. Goddamn does Chuck Schumer need to have an opinion and legislative proposal for every single little thing that happens in life? Who will rid us of this man’s “public service”?

    Anyway… Jeffrey Tucker and Naomi Brockwell? I’ll be in my bunk.

    1. AND?

      i can see someone being into one or the other.. But being into *both*? that’s disgusting and unnatural.

      1. disgusting and unnatural


  19. Better keep any TRUMP 2016 stickers away from Tucker.

  20. Does it make me a bad libertarian that I’d rather shoot myself in the face with an unlicensed, unregistered shotgun than go to this sort of event, or just a general prick?

    1. Why can’t it be both? :-p

    2. or just a general prick

      I thought pricks were to be expected at a porcupine-themed festival?

  21. Yeah, a bunch of dirty hippies is not a great way to sell libertarianism.

    1. Please. be fair. these are dirty hippies with guns.

    2. The future of free-market industrial capitalism is secure!

  22. “Keep Calm and Porcfest On”??? So now libertarians LOVE wartime propoganda? Libertarians for the Ministry of Information, I guess.

    (how are you not on this, Winston?)

    1. Libertarians love the BBC and the Ministry of Truth (inspired by Orwell’s work at the MOI)?

  23. OT: My favorite hysteria so far. Courtesy of The Guardian.
    The unhappy English have delivered a body blow to the West, and to the ideals of international cooperation, liberal order and open societies to which England has in the past contributed so much.

    1. The UK’s previous idea of “international cooperation” was “join us or we will blockade you and sink your ships”.

    2. Jesus Christ, it’s a vote to leave the EU, not smashing Constantinople in 1204!

      GET A GRIP!

  24. Maybe I’ll get a change to go next year. I should’ve done it when I lived in vermont.

  25. Hippies with guns stereotype completely smashed. Oh, and what do you people have against plaid? My friends would feel out of place.

  26. I envy ENB that the hula hooping hippies were apparently enough of a novelty that she felt the need to photograph them. Spend enough time around them and you begin to realize that they are just as formulaic as suits at Starbucks.

    1. I agree with you. They’re both very arousing.

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  28. Thanks for the article and pics Elizabeth!

  29. Many thanks Elizabeth. This is the closest I’ve seen to Haight Ashbury since Austin Texas. Austin was pretty much given over to Merry Pranksters by the time I arrived. Very uplifting.

  30. Am I the only one boggled by the irony of rejecting fiat currency, but accepting bitcoin?

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