UK Votes to Leave EU

Brexit wins historic vote



The BBC, ITV, and Sky News have all called the Brexit vote in favor of leaving the European Union. The "Leave" side leads by nearly a million votes with about 85 percent of districts reporting.

Bookmakers had been favoring Remain by 3 to 1 before voting started. The markets did not appear to have anticipated Leave either, with severe downward corrections to the sterling (which hit 30-year lows) beginning with the first results announcements at the beginning of the night.

More than 80 Conservative members of Parliament who backed the "Leave" campaign signed a letter urging Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who supported "Remain" and was re-elected as prime minister last year in part on a promise to hold a referendum, to remain as prime minister. ITV's Allegra Stratton reported that Cameron would make a "dignfiied exit" that would not be "immediate."

In the wake of the call, supporters of "Remain," who spent much of the campaign warning British voters of the negative economic consequences of leaving the European Union—some imposed by the EU itself—blamed voters for voting "emotionally," as Labor member of Parliament Keith Vaz put it.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a pro-Leave Conservative member of Parliament, argued that the "Leave" campaign was about returning sovereignty to the people of the United Kingdom, which the Parliament is supposed to return in full to the people every time a new parliament is elected.

Rees-Mogg also did not rule out the possibility of a new general election being triggered by the Brexit vote. The British government is expected to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which governs how member states of the EU leave the organization. Some pro-Leave campaigners insist that's not necessary, as the referendum was a rejection of the treaty, which governs the EU, as a whole.

Eurocrats in Brussels are expected to make the process of leaving the EU difficult for the UK. Rees Mogg suggested that if that happened the EU wouldn't be a club anyone would want to belong to in the first place and would more resemble a Mafia.

The first minister of Scotland, which held a referendum about remaining in the U.K. in 2014, has suggested that Scotland could hold another referendum about the U.K. if the U.K. decided to leave the EU. Scotland broke in favor of the "Remain" side, setting up the possibility that while the United Kingdom voted the EU out it could keep a foot in Great Britain. "It's clear that Scotland sees its future as part of the EU," she said after the vote. 62 percent of Scottish voters chose 'Remain.' Sinn Fein in Northern Irleand, which went 55 percent in favor of Remain, may also call for a referendum about remaining with the U.K.

Howard Dean declared on Twitter that "the sun has finally set" over the British Empire. Joining the European Free Trade Association, made up of four Western European nations, is another option for the U.K. 

Another possibility is that at some point in the near future, after some amount of negotiation between the British government and the EU, another referendum is held to "approve" the exit negotiations.

For their part, BBC analysts have described the drops in the markets as the world coming down around them. Pro-Leave Conservative member of Parliament Andrea Leadsom minimized the movement in the markets. "Markets are volatile," she noted, suggesting the intense fearmongering by the Remain side could've contributed to that volatility and insisting that the fundamentals of the British economy remains strong. "We need calm," she explained to the BBC anchors.
"fundamentals in our economy remains very strong."

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  1. There’s hope for this crazy little planet yet.

    1. If Texas and Utah start getting a little more fidgety, then yes. A true reset was never going to come from gradually stripping the feds of power via the national ballot box. The entrenched interests are too entrenched, the ratchet effect is too far along for a substantial rollback.

      Any meaningful course correction will have to be a sudden and extreme claim of sovereignty, just like Brexit. We won’t have a civil war because, perversely, the states that will want to secede have more military and economic might than the ‘remain’ contingent.

      1. More smaller countries are a part of the paradigm shift that is needed. It may not be necessary to reclaiming freedom but it is necessary to making it happen anytime soon.

        1. .We already have this. They are called States. Each state is its own sovereign. Over throwing the federal government would be easy. The States get together and form a new charter and revoke the now dead Constitution. The Constitutions is dead. It is a dead letter. We all know that. What we are doing now is just….well velocity I suppose. How non-military armed agents does the feds have? A few thousand DEA agents? There is nothing the the Fed could do if the States chose to ignore it. How many o people would be willing to come die in Idaho to make us “stay?”

          1. Until the states actually do that, they’re ‘sovereignty’ is a dying letter.

            Interestingly, Canada is more federalist than America.

          2. The vast majority of people in every states want to stay in the US though. Are you suggesting that the state governments would ignore their populations?

            1. Citation please. I live in Idaho. We hate every thing east of Montana, south of Flagstaff, and west of Bend.

              1. This guy knows how to spell and pronounce Coeur d’Alene.

                I always knew you were trouble.

                1. Boise with an “s” or a “z”? I need confirmation.

                  1. That’s the way. You’ve got to really work your way up to Puyallup. And at Sequim… we’re just fucking with you. On purpose.

                  2. If you are an Idaho native, you use the “S”, ferriners and outsiders use the “Z”. It’s how we tell you apart.

              2. Used to live in Idaho (Silver Valley) so be honest, you also hate the entire swath of Montana from Missoula to Bozeman.

                And while you’re at it don’t forget to mention that south Idaho also hates north Idaho, and vice versa.

          3. Each state is it’s own sovereign, that’s cute. Thanks for the lulz.

        2. Balkanization isn’t the answer. Small independent countries have to waste a relatively large share of GDP on defense, coining money, etc.

          The US became a world power and the wealthiest country in human history largely because it is so friggin big. Federalism is the answer.

          1. That paradigm is obsolete, and America is wasting tons of money on its ‘defense’. That was a time of protectionism and thankfully most countries are moving away from that.

            Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Monaco…all small. All successful. May the world of tomorrow be one of microstates.

            1. Other than Switz. all those countries became wealthy by serving as marketplaces and banking/tax havens for the surrounding regions, rather than actually producing anything themselves. If Malaysia and Indonesia were broken up into Singapore-sized countries, none of them would be nothing special.

              Switzerland also profits greatly from being a small neutral country surrounded by countries that produce things and transfer wealth into its banks. If all of Europe were neutral Switzerland-sized countries with banking privacy, none of them would be particularly wealthy.

              Protectionism goes back and forth. Right now it’s on the rise again. The advantage of the US is that there is a constitutional bar against protectionism between the states.

              1. The advantage of the US is that there is a constitutional bar against protectionism between the states.

                That’s true, initially… until SCOTUS figured out there’s nothing The Commerce Clause doesn’t cover. That bar has been rather perverted in the last 100 years or so.

              2. 1) this isn’t a manufacturing country anymore. It is a waiter, bartender, financialization nation.

                2) The constitution is dead. Despite the fact it is dead, we still don’t have to sorry about protectionism.

                1. “1) this isn’t a manufacturing country anymore. ”

                  Only clowns who don’t know they’re wrong by every single metric used to measure this actually say this stupid shit.

                  1. Seriously. The US manufactures more shit today than it ever did. It just does it with a hell of a lot less people. I work in a manufacturing plant that is relatively labor intensive (high tech) but still most of our production depends on CNC machinery, some of which requires skilled labor but others are just button pushers who follow a process.

              3. “all those countries became wealthy by serving as marketplaces and banking/tax havens for the surrounding regions”

                Wrong. They all became wealthy by being free. The rest followed.

            2. Switzerland is not a microstate or particularly small.

          2. Federalism is the answer. But we have to get rid of this US Federal monster. It is accountable to no one and no law.

            1. The US constitution is a marvel, but we’ve let it get tortured and ignored. If we somehow started over, how could we avoid the same mistakes and stick to the constitution this time?

              1. Robot dystopia.

                We need to build a Cyberjudge to take place of a Supreme Court. He’ll be coded to impartially judge each case based on constitutionality and nothing else. No emotions, no activism, no humans with alternate agendas.

                That’s the thing about the Constitution. As long as we’re relying on biased humans to enforce it, then it’s just a piece of paper that cannot do anything of note. To make a constitution that matters, we’d need it to be The Future where we are capable of building robots to singlemindedly enforce the constitution.

              2. One simple thing I think. No discrimination based on income and/or wealth and/or purchase price. You can’t predict what society will look like 200+ years from now, so address the fundamental enabler of the leviathan federal government.

                If there’s a tax, whether it be income or property or sales, it’s the same rate for everyone, and there are no “thresholds”. If there’s a public benefit, like free health care or housing subsidies, then everyone is eligible for it without means testing.

                We’ve gotten into this mess largely because the true cost of government is hidden from the majority of the voting public. If a voter making $40K actually felt the bite of every new federal program or department he’d be voting a lot differently.

                Let the states do whatever the hell they want to do, and we can return to the original vision of “laboratories of democracy” that let people vote with their feet. But if the feds are prohibited from robbing Peter to pay Paul then the scope of government would be constrained to the intent of the 10th amendment.

          3. Let banks coin the money, no need for the government to get involved.

          4. Federalism is the wrong answer, because what starts out as a defense, free movement, and free trade organization invariably deteriorates into a centralized, national state. (Money should never be in the hands of state or national governments at all.)

            Small independent states can agree to free trade, free movement, and joint defense; there is no need to create a permanent federal superstructure to make this happen.

      2. EU has a process for members to leave. US does not.

        1. Indeed, it’s like Cytotoxic has never heard of The USA’s Civil War.

          1. That is the process. Win a war and you get to leave.

            1. If a state actually declared independence, do you think the Feds would invade?

              Very unlikely. They’d just cut off highway funds etc and SS for the old folks and the state would soon change its mind. It would be an economic war.

              1. If one state declared its independence, would other states follow? If so, how quickly?

              2. Except states could easily fund those things if weren’t paying taxes to make Virginia counties Loudon, Falls Church and Fairfax the wealthiest in the nation. To Social Security crack addicts you could even pitch it as ‘saving’ SS from being poorly ran by the Federal Government.

                Non of this matters though. If States started to secede markets would tank and the Federal Government would probably implode on it’s own anyway.

          2. The thing is, it will happen again one way or another. There is no way to avoid another Civil War, it’s just a question of how it ends up playing out. Will it be an armed conflict, an economic war, or something in between?

            The one constant argument that’s been going on since the founding of this country is the argument between Federal Power and States Rights. If you think that’s going away, or won’t end in another war of one form or another, you just haven’t been paying attention.

            That being said, it would have been nice if the Constitution had included an exit clause that didn’t require war. Why a peaceful mechanism for States to leave the Union wasn’t included is a mystery to me. Say what you will about the EU, but they seem to have managed to get at least that bit right. Perhaps because of the very lessons learned in the Civil War.

        2. The US process is a Constitutional convention. The States get together and re-write the thing to say whatever it is they want it to say, up to and including secession.

          1. Not to say that that is desired, or even likely, just to note that such an eventuality is entirely within the bounds of the Constitution.

      3. There is no issue like slavery to motivate people to fight and die in a war to prevent another state from seceding either.

        1. The economy was a big motivator for the civil war, on both sides.

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  2. Yes, UK-an!

  3. I had it for stay by a huge margin. I’m accustomed to voters acting small-c conservatively on these matters and voting for status quo when it comes down to pulling the lever. This is surprising. Good for Britain. And to those suggesting that their motivation is xenophobia: it’s not xenophobic to recognize that integration on an economic level cannot be achieved through welfare, subsidization, or charity. And the economic level is the only level worth considering, because economic integration means a migrant has a stake in society.

  4. Long term, this is good for everyone but Brussels.

    1. Short term, it’s bad for a bunch of British bureaucrats who just* lost a cushy job.

      *however long the transition takes

    2. I think France will get screwed more long term than Brussels. Germany produces things people want. France has to do everything in its power to prevent their people from buying non-french stuff.

  5. Now, which domino will be the next to fall?

    1. Jenga? Hopefully?

    2. Germany. Followed by France after the Germans invade.

      1. Not germany. they’ve been the prime beneficiary, and if the EU restructures in the wake of others leaving, it will probably be around germany as the prime sponsor.

    3. The Netherlands perhaps.

    4. Denmark suggests their own referendum within 12 months

  6. Britain: “It’s supposed to be a Union, not a suicide pact.”

    1. EU: “At least we still have Greece.”

  7. I really thought the limeys were too cowardly to stand on their own. I am glad to be very wrong. So I take it that CNN and Brussels bureaucrats are already in full pants shitting mode? I am willing to bet Sugarfree’s insulin that Rotherham voted to leave.

    1. Rotherham became another Labour stronghold to choose Brexit with a landslide 68%

      Per the Mirror

      1. Great. More Sugarfree. Thanks for the update asshole.

    2. Well, the commentators last night on Sky News looked like someone had shot their dogs, so yes…full pants shitting mode.

      I just hope the Brits are ready for the coming recession.

      (NOTE: The recession is coming because the global elitists are going to make damn sure it happens…..reward your friends and punish your enemies, and anyone who threatens the cushy elitist lifestyle is an enemy)

      1. George Osborne (pro-EU Tory chancellor of the exchequer) basically claimed (right after the results came in) that he would do just that: impose a whole bunch cuts to public services while raising taxes on everyone just for the sake of punishing the British people for their “mistake”.

        Suffice it to say he has forfeited his chance of being the next PM.

    3. Apparently, the British still vaguely recall what it meant to be an Empire. Frankly, I’m not that surprised they left the EU. I was always a little astonished they choose to join it in the first place given their history of place in this world.

  8. Eurocrats in Brussels are expected to make the process of leaving the EU difficult for the UK.

    The EU can always make war against the UK and kill half of the male population of fighting age as it is generally accepted by a few ‘libertarans’ that the issue of secessions are solved through ruthless violence.

    1. Well. they could if they had an army.

      1. The EU’s aspirations in that direction, which apparently just came out this week, may have significantly contributed to pushing “Leave” over the top.

        1. The leak this week hinting that the queen favors Brexit didn’t hurt either. She’s seen a lot over her lifetime, and while publicly apolitical, she’s a keen observer.

          Plus I’m pretty sure the media manipulated the polls to make Remain seem more popular than it was.

          1. Lets be honest, virtually all media is essentially the opinion of the overlords. Why do you think so many billionaires buy newspapers that are literally losing money and will always lose money from here on out?

            Even here at Reason I’d say there’s influence and opinion pandering. Perhaps I just agree with them more than, say, CNN. This is why I read many sources, because it filters out some of the noise and bias inherent in the media.

            That’s just how the media works, and furthermore it’s pretty much how it’s always been. There was never some mythical ‘heyday’ of the news where it was unbiased and true. Take any Media history class and you can see examples of this shit since the Printing Press was invented.

            This is one really good reason to not believe polls these days (along with their now proven inaccuracy), and this goes doubly so for polls from the biggest publications. For some reason, the huge lies fly whereas the small ones get picked apart endlessly.

      2. Well, they kind of did. It just voted to leave.

    2. ” it is generally accepted by a few ‘libertarans’ that the issue of secessions are solved through ruthless violence.”

      Only if the state-to-be is an illegitimate criminal slaver organization that initiated the violence in the first place.

      1. A slave state isn’t in the best position to complain about the initiation of force.

      2. That describes both sides.

        1. Stop lying.

  9. This is how a Moment is done, Reason.

    Take notes.

    I also notice that 2016 is a mos def a year of piss poor prognostication. Very few TOP. MEN. soothsayers have gotten anything right.

    1. “a year of piss poor prognostication”

      Yepper. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

      1. I read how well you are doing, Almanian, and keep on keeping on. I really hope your positive prognosis stays the course. Feel free to mail if you so desire.

    2. “Very few TOP. MEN. soothsayers have gotten anything right.”

      They were calling the Brexit vote correctly a week and a half ago or so.

      1. citation needed

        1. This poll got it exactly right:…..erves.html

          1. I am waiting for the rest of, “They”, as opposed to *one* poll. Stopped clock, sunshine on a dog’s arse, etc.

            My statement of, “Very few….” still stands, and almost *ALL* the conventional wisdom was Bremain would emerge victorious. I’m sure Labour has you on speed dial to solicit your sagely, Temple of Delphic, prescience, yes?

      2. Who is “they”, exactly, Little Man Canuckistan? Here in Euro-landia, *NOBODY* knew for sure what was going to happen, and almost *ALL* news outlets were predicting Remain would eventually triumph. Polling has been a piss poor leading indicator here.

        1. They = the polls. They had it about right a couple weeks ago.

          1. I figured you sleaze back here, you little vermiform. No, they didn’t. **I WAS HERE, DIPSHIT** IN EUROPE! Still am. Polls consistently were neck and neck with Bremain almost always given the slight edge, even up the the vote.

            Put up these poll from two weeks ago (language doesn’t matter, polyglot here), Canuckistani cancre sore.

  10. “It’s clear that Scotland sees its future as part of the EU,” she said after the vote. 62 percent of Scottish voters chose ‘Remain.’ Sinn Fein in Northern Irleand, which went 55 percent in favor of Remain, may also call for a referendum about remaining with the U.K

    I can’t imagine anyone would cheer harder for this development than the subjects of England.

    1. Didn’t they just have a vote about staying in the UK, and pussied out?

      1. Because the UK gives them more money than it takes. Ironically, at this point, the English probably want Scottish secession more than the Scottish do.

        1. Hence giving them the option, and praying they take the bait.

          1. May one improvement beget another.

  11. Haha. Fuck you, EU. Fuck you, Brussells.

    Now – will England et al start cleaning up their house from the damage already inflicted, or do they just go down the tubes at a slower pace than before?

    Be interesting to watch.

    1. We will be keeping an eye on it. I truly hope that non-EU countries take note that joining the EU is primarily a Suicide Pact, and not joining doesn’t mean, “No Fraternizing.” Or, in this case, “Fraternising…”

      1. Norway for the win.

      2. The EU should have restricted itself to countries with roughly the same GDP. Let’s say a country could not join if it’s GDP was less than half that of the highest GDP.

  12. I think the female anchor on CNN right now got her necklace from the Kennedy Dream Catcher Collection.

    1. Points lost for providing no link.

  13. No probably, they just passed the vote threshold to leave.

    1. Probably because they could weasel out of it with a second vote or some other BS.

      1. I can imagine there could be some major foot dragging implementing the result.

      2. It’s not actually legally binding, right? So they could simply ignore if they wanted to?

        1. They could, but I can’t imagine any government surviving such an act.

          1. Why not? The Limeys don’t have any guns, what are they gonna do about it?

            1. Call Warty?

        2. This is where it gets sticky. Cameron promised during the previous election that he would follow the results of the referendum.

          Now Cameron is likely to either resign or call for new parliamentary elections (or both). Whoever replaces him would not be personally bound by Cameron’s promise.

          The internationalist elites don’t play fair, never have, never will.

          1. Except that the most likely candidates for PM after Cameron will probably be a pro-Brexit politician like Boris Johnson.

          2. Boom. THAT’S how you prognosticate.

  14. Amazing result and all the sweeter for being unexpected.


    1. I was pretty sure they were going to stay.

      Appropriate music:

      1. And you are still certain that Clinton, Inc., is going to be president?

        1. Yes.

        2. Yup, or at least not Trump. The US polls have generally been very accurate. No one campaigns with 1.3 million dollars.

  16. There’s soooo much wailing and gnashing of teeth across the progosphere and all their comment sections. It is glorious.

    1. It’s funny because a lot of hard lefties really don’t like the EU and its ‘neoliberal austerity’.

    2. Twitter has been fantastically salty as well. The prog chumps are baffled that the UK stood up for themselves and found a backbone.

      Finally some good news!

  17. The Pound is getting pounded.

      1. I have stuff in my basket right now. Drive that puppy into the ground!

        1. Massive Easter eggs for some, tiny Union Jacks for everyone else!

    1. Be prepared to buy. It will get oversold.

  18. I’m generally pro freedom-of-movement, but given that Britain is a severely overcrowded island, I can’t say I blame the folks who voted for leaving. The fallout for the UK will be interesting. Scotland seems certain to pull out, but what about Northern Ireland? Will they declare independence as well, or just merge with Ireland? It will be interesting to see if Ireland ultimately benefits from the fallout, as the only remaining EU country with English as it’s dominant language.

    1. The Gibraltar situation could get interesting too. Gibraltar wants to stay in EU but also doesn’t want to merge with Spain.

    2. Britain is not crowded they have tons of space.

      Freedom of movement is one of the most important principles out there-but it’s outweighed by the dangers of EU transnationalism.

  19. Nigel Farage makes a speech celebrating that the UK has voted to leave the EU “without a single bullet being fired.”

    Twitter erupts with umbrage that he would say such a thing barely a week after an MP was shot. What was the connection between the shooting and voting leave? Who knows.…..99211.html

    1. Similarly the proggies managed to dominate all of Europe without a single Blitzkrieg

    2. The connection is that shrieking about supposed moral failings is all the Left has left.

  20. Amanpour keeps trying to pass off Remain’s 48% as a “50-50 split.”

    1. The vote shouldn’t count anyway, since it was raining in London.

    2. 52-48 for Remain would’ve been a mandate and yuuge victory for the EU

      1. Hell, 51.1% for Obama in 2012 is a mandate to push through his entire agenda via executive order, and anybody who gets in the way is an obstructionist.

  21. Stay Calm And Exit EU.

      1. “Don’t worry, loves! The Cavalry’s here!

  22. Spain is gearing up for a similar referendum. EU could become the Big East Conference of geopolitics.

    1. Isn’t unemployment through the roof in Spain right now?

      1. Getting better, but it’s still pretty bad.

        1. So either Spain exits EU, or Catalonia exits Spain?

  23. World just got freer.

  24. My Facederp feed is a lovely parade of tears and idiocy. My favorite? A guy welcoming Remain refugees to Canada – outside butthurtness not being yet being legitimate cause for asylum (we’ll let Justin The First get on that), Canada is not a EU member either.

    And here’s a lovely tune to celebrate the greatest English (though Wales came through) triumph since…oh, probably the Armada (After 18th Century starts, most British victories use Scots, various Germans, Sikhs, Gurkhas, Australians, Canadians…).

    1. Another reason to be glad I quit facebook. Frankly, I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal either way. Also, I don’t really care all that much because it doesn’t impact my life in any meaningful way.

  25. Not only should Scotland leave and do its own thing, but maybe London too. They are really every bit as much a distinct entity.

  26. Edward Snowden ?@Snowden 16h16 hours ago

    No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.


    1. Well, it goes to show that seeing one giant, bureaucratic, uncountable superstate does not in fact lead people to question giant, bureaucratic, unaccountable superstates in general.

    2. Maybe he’s talking about those wanting to remain? We can hope.

  27. I am baffled by the sell-offs in equities even in places like India that Brexit has instigated. “Oh noes Britain has left a club of countries with shrinking importance to the world economy-sell!”

  28. I am baffled by the sell-offs in equities even in places like India that Brexit has instigated. “Oh noes Britain has left a club of countries with shrinking importance to the world economy-sell!”

  29. On the bright side, the price of oil is falling a lot. This whole reaction might just take a lot of froth out of the frothy markets. Prick some bubbles.

    1. Someone tell Florida Man it’s time to fill up the air boat.

      1. He doesn’t get out of jail until Tuesday.

        1. Too bad. Florida Woman has already cleaned out his shit and bailed.

          1. Florida Kids are left yet again in the hands of Bible thumping child services.

    2. I didn’t think it could fall much more.

  30. Apparently there are a few beef eaters left in John Bull land. I’m pleasantly shocked.

  31. Seen on Twitter.

    Paige ?@PaigeKnorr 4h4 hours ago
    It’s like Canada is the concerned child watching her aging mother and weirdo big brother descend into chaos, unsure who to worry over first

    1. This is so perfectly Canadian. Mr Trudeau, I think we found the next Senate appointment.

      1. That is pretty choice.. is the Concerned Child a certain 13 year old brat who posts here via Aging Mommy’s desktop?

        1. Oh shit, Groovus laying smack in downward direction.

          1. I’m glad he’s back. I started posting way after his first stint, but I heard so much about him in his absence, he became a legend. I’m glad I can witness the man behind the tales, and by Jove, they hardly do him justice.


            1. Likewise!

              Zdrastvuy, Gospodin Doctor!

        2. …in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, and a page boy haircut.

  32. I can’t even imagine this country being part of some “North American Union” which includes Mexico and Canada. Why would we need to do that?

    To think, there are millions of people living in the greatest nation on the face of earth who are desperate for it to adapt policies from failed states around the world.

    1. Some idiots think NAFTA is too much involvement. We really are living amongst the brain dead.

  33. If Scotland holds another referendum on leaving the UK to join the EU, politically, that would be like if California, Massachusetts, California, and New York all left the United States.

    If Scotland leaves the UK for the EU, England may become the most politically conservative country in the developed world. Without Scotland and its support, Labour might not win another majority in Parliament in our lifetimes.

    1. Now now, you know what they say bout libertarians and optimism.

    2. Dare to dream, baby.

    3. You said California twice.

      1. Twice the desire to see it go! Duh

      2. Thanks to the dead vote, CA always counts twice.

    4. I may be wrong on this, but I don’t think Scotland constitutes most of the major economic powerhouses of the U.K.

  34. So despite the number economic and political considerations, all my SJW roomie can say is it’s because they are “anti-immigrant”…..

    Not trying to take a side, just explaining all sides: when I start talking about the economic and political advantages and disadvantages of the EU, and structural problems in the EU, all I get a blank stare.

    Yeah it’s probably easier to just say racism rather than understand an issue. So lazy

    1. That’s true, but I’m pretty sure that anti-immigrant sentiment played no small part of the Leave victory, or, for that matter, the rise of far-right parties across the continent.

      1. I think it’s a little more complicated than that. Most government regulations tend to be fairly easy to not notice unless you’re the p[erson that has to deal with the paperwork. Immigration is much more noticeable and harder to ignore, and notice that there’s no real way for individual countries in the EU to set their own policies on issues like immigration.

  35. Also seen on Twitter.

  36. Buy something made in the UK today.

    1. Imperial Glory for some, miniature Throne of Skulls for others!

      1. The Emperor protects.

  37. WTF is the Howard Dean quote even supposed to mean?

    1. its a reference to the saying “the sun never sets on the british empire

      that stopped being true shortly after WWII.

      1. i.e. Howard Dean provides a retarded quip.

      2. Technically not true, what with Pitcairn, the Falklands, and the UK itself.

        1. “The Pitcairn Islands have a population of a few dozen people, the descendants of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty. The islands became notorious in 2004 when a third of the adult male population, including the mayor, were convicted of child sexual abuse.”

          Britain at its best!

        2. The meaning of the phrase was not intended to be a literal reference to daylight hours so much as Britain’s influence on every continent on earth.

    2. Britain has been around for over a thousand years and survived much much worse than this. The apocalyptic language around this is simply hilarious.

      1. Sure about that? Before the EU Brits were starving in their rain-soaked mud huts with no heat or indoor plumbing. Have you forgotten?

  38. And Cameron announced that he will be resigning in the next few months.

  39. Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Does this verbiage seem familiar?

    The new politics of the new left, opening up across Europe from Portugal to Greece, is in Britain represented by Jeremy Corbyn. It represents fairness and decency and a belief that the future is not something to be feared.
    It aims to lift us all up from the bottom ? through investment in public services and infrastructure ? rather to than lift a few of us up from the top. And it represents the real change that was asked for by those Britons who voted for Brexit.

    1. Not every person is a ‘lifter’, of course. If money is to be infused into the economy it needs to go to those who create value add. Spending on the ‘poor’ or bailing out the ‘rich’ doesn’t to it. I’m no economist but I do have common sense.

      If there is to be any “economic stimulus”, it needs to get money to those who will add value to the investment.

      Why is this so hard.

      1. You mean one gives raises to the best performers?

        Racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobe!!

  40. Great news. Now who’s next?

    1. Baba O’Riley, of course.

      1. We’re all wasted!

  41. Central committee is very upset!

    1. 5-year-plan ruined!

  42. Donald Trump invited to address Parliament.

    1. I have to hand it to him. What a brilliant move to “happen” to be in Scotland today. Free U.S. media coverage and free advertising for his golf club.

  43. The British lion has roared loudly. Congratulations to Great Britain on rejecting negative interest rates, thousands of unnecessary regulations and subsidising the retirement plans of the Eurocrats. I hope this gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

  44. “Splitters!”

  45. If you want to witness live action pants shitting-watch the BBC, it is quite entertaining to see the elites in shock.

    1. I bet everyone they know voted to stay.

      1. Yes indeed. All of the major UK media outlets were strongly Bremain, it’s a pleasure to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

        1. With any luck, schadenfreude will become an English word the way hose-scheissen is again becoming a National Socialist custom.

  46. blamed voters for voting “emotionally,” as Labor member of Parliament Keith Vaz put it

    Socialists accusing people of voting “emotionally”? Are they that self-unaware?

    1. Yes. Yes they are…

  47. Who told you so? That’s right: I did bitches!

    I have to admit though to being a little stunned that they actually have honest elections in Britain. When can we get honest elections here in America, without left wing scumbags voting illegally in multiple jurisdictions and manufacturing tens of thousands of fraudulent votes?

    1. I too was shocked that an election went the way I might have voted. The solution to vote fraud is verifiable voting. You cast a ballot and–instead of an “I vomited” sticker, you receive a hashtag or QR code you can use to check how your vote was actually counted. You do this all the time to check that the bank isn’t pilfering your savings, and it’s still secret, right?

  48. “..Eurocrats in Brussels are expected to make the process of leaving the EU difficult for the UK…”

    Would any bureaucrat do otherwise? I mean, these are the creatures who fine people for advertising goods in the ‘wrong’ units; they’re not about to give up the opportunity to mess with other people easily.

  49. Oh my god. The pants-shitting at the Washington Post is legendary.

    1. Gee, I haz a sad.

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  51. I agree that this should be a wake up call. I think it’s telling though that Scotland Gibraltar, and North Ireland voted to stay (the last divided between Catholic and Protestant regions). What I take this to mean is that Britain should not leave, if strict reforms are met.

    If they are met then, have another referendum on Scottish independence, and a non binding vote on the future of North Ireland.

    Also USA and Canad should leave NATO.

  52. The proggies here on the other side of the pond are going apeshit over this because they fear its a sign that Trump will win. And how dare anyone reject a supranational organization made up of over-educated elites who know what’s best for them?

  53. Look at the even brighter side. Once half the population of the Ottoman Empire has moved into Europe as missionaries for the Prophet and refugees from Islam, British immigration will be able to pick and choose which marielito rafts and soggy inntertube passengers to allow in and which to pipe back through the Chunnel.

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