Trump in Scotland: Would Put UK at 'Front of Line' for Trade Deal, Support Scottish Independence

Says the British "took their country back," just like Americans will


Jane Barlow/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Donald Trump appeared in Scotland a day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, for the re-opening of the golf resort. Most of his initial comments, fifteen minutes worth, were about his properties, but the presumptive Republican presidential nominee then took questions from the press, which were mostly about the Brexit vote.

"I felt that that was going to happen," Trump said of the success of the Leave campaign, but noted that he told people "not to listen to him." He said he saw "parallels" between the Leave vote in the United Kingdom and his popularity in the U.S., saying the British wanted to "take their country back," just like Americans. "It's an amazing process to watch," he said of the referendum.

He said it wasn't clear how Brexit would turn out for the U.K., but that he believed in the long-term it will be a benefit even if there's some short-term pain. "If the pound goes down they're going to do more business," Trump suggested. "Let's see what the impact of that is. I think you'll see a lot of activity," noting tourism like that to his golf course would increase on a weak pound.  He suggested judging the consequences of the decision five years from now or later. Asked whether he was travelling with his foreign policy advisors, Trump said he was not but that he had spoken with them. "There's nothing to talk about," he said.

He declined to claim that his comments about Brexit influenced the vote, pointing out the criticism of his ego that would trigger, but suggested President Obama's comments in favor of the U.K. remaining with the E.U. may have led to its demise. "If he had not said it," Trump declared, "I think your result might've been different." Asked about Hillary Clinton's support for Remain, Trump said it was port of a long history of Clinton misreading the mood around the world.

"He's constantly dictating to the world what it should do, the world doesn't listen to him," Trump said of Obama, "but he's constantly dictating to other countries, so it doesn't stop at the water's edge for him." A reporter had asked Trump whether he was breaking the American political taboo of not taking politics past the water's edge.

"I don't think he should've done it," Trump said of Obama's Remain pitch. "It's not his country, it's not his part of the world." Asked about the possibility of Scotland voting to leave the United Kingdom—since the country overwhelmingly voted in favor of staying in the EU—Trump eventually said it would be "up to the people of Scotland."

Trump also insisted the United Kingdom would be at the "front of the line" for a trade deal after it left the EU. Obama had warned the British they would be at the "back of the queue" if they left the EU. Trump suggested Obama had said that because he did not think Leave would win.

"I think David Cameron is a good man, but he didn't get the mood of the country," Trump said of the outgoing British prime minister. Trump also claimed that Cameron was "negotiating" to meet with him, but that "right now he probably doesn't want to meet with anybody." Cameron announced this morning he would be resigning in favor of a pro-Leave Conservative.

Questioned about the wisdom of taking a day off to visit his golf course in Scotland, Trump insisted he was there to support his children, who worked on the renovations of the resort. Trump was also asked about the promotion of his brand that comes along with his campaign. "If I wanted to do good for my brand," Trump insisted, "I wouldn't have done this," pointing out to severed business relationships like the one with Macy's over his comments last June about illegal immigrants. "Once you're in politics you'll have 55 for you, 45 against," Trump observed. "For my brand this was not a good thing."

One reporter asked why, then, Trump has been to so many of his properties while on the campaign trail. "Number one, I have the best properties, and you don't get to see that otherwise," he answered. "Why show you somebody else's properties? Number one, they're not very good." He also insisted he'd "love to give everything for nothing" but that federal election laws required his campaign to pay his companies for the use of their property and services.

Trump's first response to Brexit was a tweet claiming the crowd in Scotland was "going wild over the vote" was excoriated by the Twiterrati because Scotland voted for Remain by a 24 percent margin.

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  1. That picture is awfully suggestive, isn’t it?

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    1. Proportionally, it’s rather short and squat, isn’t it?

      1. Some ladies like a choad, i’m told.

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    4. That picture is awfully suggestive, isn’t it?

      Trump is the master of persuasion!

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    6. It’s Trump’s new Scottish casino.

  2. …but noted that he told people “not to listen to him.”

    Did Trump’s people learn from Romney’s mistake, when he criticized the Limeys for their Olympics prep?

    1. Next, Trump is going to say that now England can deport all those people with bad teeth.

    1. As a queer Muslim, Sonj Basha has not always felt comfortable living in Seattle. Even on Capitol Hill, the city’s center of LGBTQ life, Basha has found little diversity ? not only racially but in terms of gender identity.

      Basha, who uses the pronoun “they,” identifies as neither a woman nor a man, butch nor femme, to use terms popular in the lesbian scene the 28-year-old once frequented.

      1. Is this pronoun shit happening elsewhere in the world? Or is it just crazy people here. English is one of the least inherently gendered languages in the world. Are people in Spain arguing about why some words are feminine and some are masculine? I mean the answer is obviously the patriarchy, but this shit is just getting tiresome.

        1. That’s what xi said!!

        2. This is straight up “first world problems” distilled to its essence. We worry about what pronouns to use so as not to offend and meanwhile people in Syria, Libya and Iraq are wondering when the next warlord is gonna try to kill their family for laughs.

          I honestly believe stupid ass shit like this* contributes to the hatred Muslim fundies have for us. It’s just part of our decadence to them, to have the free time to navel-gaze over what pronouns to use.

          *Stuff like this and the combo Shell gas station/Church’s Fried Chicken/Chinese Donut Shop/Tattoo Studio I drove by a couple days ago.

          1. Eh, in this case, I think they’d hate us more because we haven’t and won’t stone this blasphemous adulterer to death. They’re old-school like that.

          2. “Shell gas station/Church’s Fried Chicken/Chinese Donut Shop/Tattoo Studio”

            Where is this? I must go.

      2. I know have the perfect Jezebel troll profile. Every post can begin with “as a Muslim Lesbian…”. They will bow down and worship at the feet of my troll creation.

        1. You should do that here as well. I would enjoy.

        2. “as a Muslim Lesbian…”

          Should be: “as a self identified Muslim Lesbian”

      3. She’s a lesbian but continues to be a Muslim, which isn’t exactly the most gay/female friendly religion out there. And she doesn’t identify as either a man or women which means she doesn’t identify with 99.99999% of people on this planet. Maybe she should try another planet.

        1. she doesn’t identify with 99.99999% of people on this planet

          They is “queer” – which at this point is just argle-bargle for “I’m different! Pay attention to me!”

    2. I was wondering what happened to the androgynous pharaoh guy from the Stargate movie.

      1. Hahaha spot on

    3. Yes, Seattle did find a gay/queer female Muslim caricature.


  3. Fucking brilliant. Don’t like the guy’s politics but what a perfect move – free campaign media, free advertising for his golf course. I bet he would have just stayed inside if Stay won.

    1. Why would he have stayed inside if the vote was different? He’d get ‘free advertising’ and asked his thoughts on the vote either way.

      1. You may be right. Maybe his new campaign manager had his story prepared for wither scenario.

  4. This is just more evidence of Trump’s incipient Nazism.

    Saying intemperent things about people taking charge of there own country and that it’s their decision to make?
    Only a dictator says such things.

    A true democratic leader, as Obama is in every sense of the word, knows what’s best for the people of every country on earth, has no problem telling them exactly what that is and issues thinly veiled threats if they fail to listen to their bettors.

    1. Obama should go to the back of the queue and stay silent the next time he thinks opening his mouth will sway a foreign election the way he wants it to go.

      Is it racist to tell a (half) black man he should go to the back of the queue?

      1. He’s also half-Irish which makes it more than appropriate.

        1. Personally, I blame his Irish side for all of his faults. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a bit French as well.

          1. He’s not French because he doesn’t understand defeat. Even if he is defeated legally, he sneaks around the laws to get what he wants.

            Huh, maybe he’s part Jewish.


            1. You know who else was part Jewish?

              1. You know who else was part Jewish?


              2. Lenny Kravitz?

              3. Jimi Hendrix?

                1. Rod Carew?

              4. Sammy Davis, Jr?

              5. Harrison Ford’s a quarter Jewish – not too shabby!

        2. Does that mean he’s an Irish jig?

          1. You reely didn’t write that, did you?

            Barry O’Bama has some Irish heritage, but more English, along with Welsh, French, German and Swiss. He’s a frelling EU all by himself, on his mother’s side.

          2. Where’s Swiss when we need a *narrowed gaze*?

      2. nigrish, please

      3. As long as it’s not the back of the bus, you’re good.

        1. You mean it would have been his Selma moment?*

          *(“Selma moment” is a registered trademark of the DNC plantation)

      4. Only a true racist thinks that a (half) black man should stfu when he obviously has so much wisdom to impart on the benighted. As painful as it is to say, Trump is right that Obama’s attempt to nudge white Englishmen into voting for their best interests was counterproductive. We all underestimated the latent racism of those people that led them to reflexively vote against the wisdom of a black man even at their own personal expense.

        1. It’s racists all the way down

          1. All the turtles I have known were racist.

            1. You bet your sweet ass I am.

        2. Wait, are they still going by “Englishmen? I heard on some Limey YouTube video the other day, a worker referred to as “your craftsperson.

          We are not too far away from:
          Fee, fie, fo, fum
          I smell the blood of an Englishper-son

          1. No, sloopy, it still works if Jack self-identifies as male. It just so happens the giant is committing a microaggression by assuming that Jack does.

      5. Is it racist to tell a (half) black man he should go to the back of the queue?

        Yes. Actually it’s racist to tell a black man anything. IT IS KNOWN.

      6. A half-black man should be told to go to the middle of the queue.

      7. Is it racist to tell a (half) black man he should go to the back of the queue?

        Yes; but it’s not racist to tell him he should go to the back of the cue.

      8. Well, American’s use the word ‘line’, not queue. So bring back sloopy.

        1. Depends if it’s straight or back-and-forth with all those poles and lines. We technically refer to that second sort of non-linear line as a queue too.

    2. Speaking of Brexit and German National Socialism, here’s a riddle:
      How many EU member countries were NOT collaborators or conquered by Nazis in the 40s?

  5. I wonder if Scotland wishes they had voted for independence from the UK so they could have stayed in the EU.

    1. Well, they could go at it again, now, couldn’t they?

      But they won’t. Their whooooooooole history is one of infighting and crabs in a basket and always being under someone’s foot. It’s not in their DNA to be truly independent. Except for those who escape to the US or Australia and started over. But the ones that stay home? They LIKE to have someone rule over them. I haz a sad, as one of Scottish descent 🙁

      1. Seems the good ones – like our ancestors – got the hell out.

      2. Yup, my ancestors got the hell out long ago. From both Scotland and Ireland.

        1. One reason “No” won the referendum on Scottish independence was the idea that, had Scotland been released from sasanach bondage, it would have to re-apply to the EU, and, that given the mix of assets and liabilities it would take with it, Alba might not get into the club! That would have been fun, especially once the North Sea oil money stops coming in. Half of that oil has already been pumped, and unless technical improvements effectively stretches the reserve, as fracking has in North America, they won’t be able to depend on it much longer.

      3. Thank god for Scotland. Otherwise the US would be the pussiest nation on earth. Congratulations Scotland, you are the world’s Mississippi. People can shake their heads, “man, we are pussies, but where not that big of pussies..”

      4. I tried that crabs in a basket experiment. It turns out that if you add one of those coconut crabs or a Tasmanian giant crab, it climbs out of the basket with no problems. The smaller ones that try to hold it back don’t fare so well.

    2. I think the Scottish economy requires their continued interdependence with England. The failure of their independence vote was largely due to the realization of the large economic hit they would take. They would be fools to think the Continentals would offer more favorable deals than England.

  6. If the Scots secede from the UK, I wonder whether they’ll try to become a free country, or restore the Jacobite monarchy.


    1. There are still Stuart descendants around?

      1. Hate to reply to myself, but apparently the Duke of Bavaria is the heir presumptive to a Jacobite throne.

    2. I’m a Stuart descendant (only up through James IV, though), can I be the new King of Scots?

      Honestly, I think that an independent Scotland would follow a commonwealth/dominion model (as even Canada does to this day) if they retained the monarchy, considering Elizabeth II their monarch as well but having an independent government.

      Keep in mind that the House of Windsor is descended from James VI/I, just not from the later Stuart monarchs. The line in Bavaria is noted as that which continues if James II’s line continued (via James III, Bonnie Prince Charles, etc) instead of being redirected to their cousin Sophia’s line (married into Prussia). Interestingly, since Diana Spencer was descended from Charles II via one of his bastard sons ??James II succeeded his brother because of the lack of legitimate heirs, not the lack of any male heirs ??either William or Harry on the throne would actually be a sort of restoration.

  7. “Number one, I have the best properties, and you don’t get to see that otherwise,” he answered. “Why show you somebody else’s properties? Number one, they’re not very good.”

    Who is Number 1?

    1. Who. Does. Number. 2. Work. For?!

    2. Who is Number 1?

      Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    3. You are number six.

      1. I am number four.

      2. I am not a number, I am a free man!

  8. I’m not telling.

  9. RE: Trump in Scotland: Would Put UK at ‘Front of Line’ for Trade Deal, Support Scottish Independence

    I am so proud of Trump the Grump going across the ocean and telling other people on how to run their lives.
    I can hardly wait until he becomes dictator for life so he can tell us how to run our meaningless lives.
    Won’t life be wonderful?

    1. Wah wah waaaaaah!

      I love the smell of butt hurt in the morning!

      It smells like…Victory!

    2. …you know he did pretty much the exact opposite right?

      Sorry, its just hard to tell sarcasm.

  10. Trump talks a lot, but really knows nothing about how our government, economies or foreign affairs works. It too k 9 years for the US to pass a trade agreement with Panama and we don’t compete with each other in any way. Our relationship with Britain is much more complex. Even our dysfunctional, useless Congress could work out and pass an agreement in that same time frame, that’s a decade away.

    As to Trump getting excited about Scotland splitting, that’s just him hoping that his newly opened Scottish golf course would get better treatment if they did. He cares as much about the Scots as he does about bringing jobs back for American workers while having his brand name products produced in Asia and South America.

    1. BTW, the intellectual giant now holding The American Mercury sez Gary Johnson is a shill for “Wall Street and Zionist Extremism” but The Don is The Man. (I googled americanmercury and there it was). I checked CPUSA and they are endorsing the Dems, the way the Dems backed the Soviets back in the day. Jill Stein, of the Econazi Party, is also a Wall Street Zionist. Why does this remind me of the “stock exchange jewry” denounced in old NSDAP agitprop? I could not find a declarative statement on Tea, Prohi or Constatooshun candidates and do not know if they too are Wall Street Zionists.

  11. Trump’s first response to Brexit was a tweet claiming the crowd in Scotland was “going wild over the vote” was excoriated by the Twiterrati because Scotland voted for Remain by a 24 percent margin.

    Just maybe a crowd that showed up for Trump was a slightly biased selection from Scotland? I wouldn’t expect the Remainders to be too eager to attend a Trump event.

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