U.K. Votes to Ditch European Union, ACLU Sues Philly Over DNC Rules, RIP Mike Flynn: A.M. Links


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  1. Anti-Brexit Prime Minster David Cameron announced that he is stepping down.

    Take his cricket ball and go home.


        1. Excellent

    2. I just shed a tear of joy for half of my people. I totally didn’t see it coming.

      1. I wish I could but Britain is such a derpy, politically correct place I’m left unmoved.

        1. Baby steps.

          1. That’s my hope too.

          2. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

        2. Hopefully, this is the beginning of an at least partial retreat from madness.

          1. Are you suggesting they went fulltard because of the EU? Not sure about that. Look at some of the stupidity Scotland Yard does with Twitter. How is that the EU’s fault?

            To me, they’re all the same.

            1. No, not because of the EU. That was a symptom, not a cause.

            2. I see it more as a sign that most British might not really like all of the insanity and may mean to start rolling it back. Time will tell.

              1. You libertarians and your optimism and love of artisanal mayo!

    3. Hello.

      Dave’s swan song:


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  2. Good Morning, Everyone! What wonderful news to wake up to.

    1. I listened to the BBC on the way in to work this morning. They are shocked that politicians and political journalists were out of touch with everyday British people.

      1. I thought it was the other way around.

      2. I happened to turn on the BBC last night just as they announced that they were calling it. Everyone sounded kind of depressed. At least it shut them up about guns in the US for a while.

      3. If polling data was accurate (+4% stay) but the votes tallied +4% leave, then nearly 90% of the undecided (11% of total polled) would have needed to vote leave. I’m thinking that the press was in the bag for “stay,” and many of the undecided were actually in the “leave” camp already but afraid to publicly admit it.

        1. The map makes it clear. It was a London vs everyone else issue.

          Except the Scots.

          1. It turns out that the very rich and the very poor wanted to stay. Everyone else was leave.

            1. It turns out that the very rich and the very poor wanted to stay. Everyone else was leave.

              It appears the leave coalition was a welfare state (Scotland), Muslims and clever sillies (Londonistan) and pensioners (retirees in Spain).

              1. Sorry, the Remain coalition.

        2. It’s also pretty clear that the prediction markets were rigged.

        3. Most of the polls had it pretty close.

  3. ISIS is not raping children in Iowa.


    1. ISIS is not raping children in Iowa.

      Iowa, Idaho, what the hell’s the difference?

      1. +1 Otter pre-med and law.


        1. I’ll bet they don’t even do the sex in those places.

          1. or just pro-creative sex only, not real sex sex?

            1. Midwestern farm girls are VERY pro-creative sex, in my experience.

              1. Farm girls, or sheep with a wig?

                1. There’s a difference?


      3. They wonder why people in flyover country hate the coasts.. I also get, Iowa? what state is that in? or you mean OHIO?

        But yes, people thinking Iowa is the “potato place” is common as well

        1. the “potato place”

          Nice band name.

          1. “potato place” is what shrike calls his butthole.

            1. Elaborate and elucidate please master…

        2. I think that’s just regular old ignorance more than coastal elitism. It amazes me how many people don’t know what states there are and where (at least approximately) they are on a map.

          1. True, but in the present case ENB didn’t have to know where Idaho was on a map; she simply had to retype, or even copy-and-paste, the name of the state in the link she provided.

    2. They’re not from Syria. All that stuff about them being from Syria is just a bunch of racist, bigoted hooey… They’re from Iraq and Sudan.

      Not knowing the difference between Iraq, Sudan and Syria is about as stupid and racist as not knowing the difference between Iowa and Idaho.

      1. They’re not from Syria. All that stuff about them being from Syria is just a bunch of racist, bigoted hooey… They’re from Iraq and Sudan.

        Exactly. Completely different fucked-up Islamic countries.

        1. Well, the Iraqi’s and Sudanese use Islam to fuel the fire of their tribal political struggles and the Syrians are using Islam to….oh, shit.

  4. Men are more likely to pass on using condoms when their partner is hot.

    To be filed under: things they really didn’t need a study to prove.

    1. C’mon, like you wouldn’t have volunteered to participate in that study.

  5. “Of course you’ll have the good taste not to mention that I spoke to you” department: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has a private little [gay] Pride event in the governor’s mansion; invites supporters and well-connected gays, excludes press.

    While GayRVA’s Editor Brad Kutner was invited to the event as an individual, he was asked to leave his camera at the gate (top image) and to refrain from recording or covering the event.

    1. The Well-Connected Gays would be an excellent name for a band.

    2. So you could say that McAuliffe likes to part on the down low?

    3. I hate Terry McAuliffe, what a fucking used car salesman. If the world was just he would have been indicted along time ago and would be currently flipping burgers at a fucking burger king.

  6. I didn’t know the Brexit result until this morning. Yesterday I thought Remain would win and I was reminded of the phrase “chained to a corpse”.

    Happy to see the UK has gone the other way.

    1. When the Remain argument resorts to puppies, it signals a certain lack of respect for the voters

      See also: calling Brexiters thick hate-filled racist

      1. Progs in USA already comparing this to Germany in the 1930’s.

        1. Wtf? Why? How? It makes no effen sense to say that on any grounds.

          1. Progs, Rufus, progs. Of course it makes no sense. But they has a feelz.

            1. I know progs and not you. But fuck. I need some details…never mind.

          2. You answered your own question!

        2. Because voluntarily and peacefully ending an association between nations is exactly like annexing Austria and invading Poland.

        3. I haven’t seen any of that (yet), but to look at the mainstream news, you’d think that Britain had gone full-on Mad Max, as opposed to the markets merely having a bad day because of the impending rearrangement of some trade deals.

      2. Of course Brexit had Elizabeth Hurley – Pic

        1. This makes me happy.

          1. This makes me happy fappy.

      3. Wow, that’s bad. Get’s their message across in the worst way possible for making it look serious.

    2. Well, Obama did tell the Brits they should remain, in his usual obnoxious and condescending manner, so we maybe should have known.

      1. The magic of Obama’s dick waving goes limp once again.

        Has that guy gone anywhere where he’s said one thing should be done and the opposite happens?

        And his wife is some piece of work:


        It’s amazing and Gavin makes a good point. They get up there and bust our chops but I’ve never heard them address where the real problems are: The broken families in the black community.

        1. He’s like the GM giving the vote of confidence to the head coach on the hot seat.

        2. Yeah her father’s day rant was a tad bit ridiculous. She made the case that it’s rare for a wife not to be beaten and/or abused by her husband, among other stupid tropes.

    1. left the other one, I mean, *us* hanging?

    2. …just bit it off?

    3. buried it in the back yard in anticipation of the coming winter?

    4. …performed unauthorized surgery to remove the rest of your comment, as well?

    5. was like someone else who was involved in unauthorized surgeries?

      1. Kermit Gosnell?

      2. Lorena Bobbitt

    6. should have said “you know who else had just one ball?”

      1. Lance Armstrong?

      2. Reilly?

      3. Cinderella?

      4. The Secret Policeman?

  7. The Spanish cardinal who was arrested on hate-speech charges for his homily has been cleared.

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition to give up so easily.

    1. Apparently a bunch of fascist nannies – I mean “civil society groups” filed criminal complaints, but the magistrate dismissed them for lack of evidence.

      1. Lack of a crime would have been a better ruling.

  8. The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union.

    Is this story over now, can we finally brexhale?

    1. First domino to fall?

      1. Even before the vote, there was talk of Frexit.

      2. Now’s the chance for Cannuckistan and Oz to make a break for it.

      3. We can hope!

    2. Can the U.S. say later-o to NATO?

  9. A new Missouri law signed Wednesday by Gov. Jay Nixon will expand the state’s sex trafficking laws to ban ads for commercial sex acts on websites, apps and other places in an effort to help crack down on predators.

    Good luck enforcing that.

    1. It isn’t about enforcing it, it is about being able to claim they caught and jailed all those dangerous sex traffickers during election time, and then showing how sex trafficking is on the rise so they need more funding to fight it when the budget is being written.

  10. The Spanish cardinal who was arrested on hate-speech charges for his homily has been cleared.

    Just goes to show, sometimes you’re the Inquisitor, sometimes the inquisitee.

    1. NO ONE EXPECTS … Oh, bugger …

  11. “ISIS is not raping children in Iowa.”

    But they are using their bones to bake bread, right?

    1. Only giants do that. And weirdos.
      Related: http://www.troynovant.com/Fran…..Bread.html

    1. Nope. Just broke.

    2. They seem to not understand how Trump works. No way in hell is he going to quite when the odds are so close to him taking the presidency. He may not have been serious when he started, but he damn well is serious now.

  12. Fresh off a win against Cleveland over its restrictive rules for Republican National Convention protesters

    Uh, the cavs won and while the reffing may have been bad, i don’t think it was one-sided.

  13. Salutations, everyone. I’ve been away for awhile – enjoying ‘temporary retirement’ – and must say I haven’t missed the derpiness of the world though I have missed the witty repartay you are all so excellent with.

    I wake up today to see Derpbook collectively soiling itself over Brexit. I really don’t get it. Can anyone fill me in?

    1. Can anyone fill me in?

      It’s literally the start of the next holocaust.

    2. The US media has been hammering on the idea that the Brexit was some sort of up or down vote on Trump. The UK leaving is seen as a pro-Trump portent.

      1. Because Trump is running for Prime minister of the U.K.? What?

        1. Haven’t you been getting that idea? Pretty much every outlet put Reason ties Trump into every Brexit story.

          1. every outlet [but] Reason

            Somebody doesn’t read Robby’s Hair’s twitter feed

            1. Twitter is where brains go to die.

              1. Twitter, to me, is a few pithy tweets surrounded by a sea of garbage. Much like Youtube comments.

        2. It was explained to me on derpbook that the BREXIT was exactly the same thing as “build a wall.”

          1. And the rise of the disaffect middle class.

          2. Some of the sentiment driving the vote is similar. Lots of Brits don’t like all of the Poles coming to take their jobs.

          3. Well, okay then, I guess.

        3. The only reason progtardians can see that anybody would ever be pro-Brexit is because they are horrible, racist, fascists.

          The only reason progtardians can see that anybody would ever be pro-Trump is they are horrible, racist, fascists.

          Therefore pro-Trump = pro-Brexit. That’s it. That’s the whole chain of “logic”. Don’t over think it.

      2. Maybe the US media should not have put Trump’s face on the screen for 23 out of 24 hours of the day for months on end? They doth protest too much.

      3. The funny thing is, Brexit is the one thing Trump admitted to not knowing anything about.

        1. Honestly, I assumed he wanted to signal being pro-Brexit, while contrasting himself with Obama’s insulting, ham-fisted intrusion into the Brexit affair.

          1. He did.

    3. This is single most important and defining moment in British History. There is nothing, nothing at all, in the entire history of the Britain that is more important…

      1. Don’t forget, the British have never sailed into uncharted waters like these before!

    4. The British people grew a pair – cronies and leftists hardest hit.

    5. I don’t know why North Americans are so emotionally invested in the EU. Like usual, they tend to romanticize things. Once again, they can’t seem to make a distinction between ‘what ought to be’ and ‘what is’. And what the EU has become is a technocratic monstrosity passing obscene laws that trample on civil liberties. Plus you get bull shit scenarios where a country (e.g. Germany) decides to do something stupid (e.g. take in not a modest amount of refugee/migrants but millions) and demand other countries do the same or else…and then threaten to hold back an EU goodie. This is how you ruffle feathers.

      1. The EU is in some ways the “new” UN. Since the actual UN goes around raping the locals fucking things up “peacekeeping” so unsuccessfully, the EU serves as an example of internationalism done “right”. They’ve got bureaucrats! They’ve got decision-making bodies! There is not presently that much violence!

        Never mind that if you examine it closely, the EU is a raw deal for anyone not “privileged” in Europe, and it’s basically “UN for white people”.

        1. Romano Prodi and Donald Tusk have both been saying how this is a wake-up call for the EU, and how it might not be serving all its people. Unfortunately of course for any reform-minded country in the EU, their biggest reform ally has just decided to leave, and there are plenty of countries, Eurocrats and politicians in their way

          1. Prediction: There will be a second vote, and if they don’t get it right, a third one.

            1. RC covered that yesterday on the PM Links. Also: interminable bureaucratic delay. But the fact that Cameron is quitting does give me a bit of hope.

          2. It’s gonna take some wild waking up because the whole idea of a ‘civilized entity run by experts’ is German at its progressive roots and the French and Italians – the originals and biggest economies – jumped on that wagon. I fear it’s a habit that will be hard to kick. I don’t see how they’re gonna discover an individualist bent. Recall that the idea of liberty as conceived in the Anglo-American model was rejected by German philosophers, progressives and politicians. Less so in France and Italy where at least you can find some economists, writers and philosophers who talk about liberty along our way but the German model prevailed I reckon. We’ll see. It may be a good thing – or not.

            1. So where does the Austrian school of economics fit in?

              1. Good question but I guess – as essentially anarchists – they have a small role but who knows? Maybe it finds a voice in a place, say, like Italy where there’s a bit of an anarchist streak behind the conservatism? Just a guess. Maybe stretching too.

            2. Excellent observation, Rufus. Thanks.

            3. France had Bastiat and de Molinari, at least.

              1. Italy had Galiani, Pareto, Pagano (and de Molinari who was at least of Italo heirtage! I thought he was Belgian though?).

          3. Although it’s a small example, RoHS comes to mind. The ban on lead solder, in particular, seems like such an inconsequential thing but it’s making electronics more expensive and less reliable. Of course, the solution for EU technocrats is to ban lead solder everywhere.

            1. A small example of the EU not serving its people, that is.

            2. God, I hated RoHS when it first came out. There weren’t any compliant products available and the reliability effects were completely unknown if they weren’t just outright bad. Tin whiskering was a disaster.

              1. It’s fucking stupid. They never managed to establish that lead from electronics was leaching into the groundwater, never mind in substantial enough quantities to harm anything or anyone, yet they had to ban it because OMG LEAD. The CDC in the US is equally retarded about lead but at least they don’t have the power to ban anything (yet).

              2. I remember when RoHS started the rep from the company we get soldering supplies from came and told us we should basically reduce by half warranties for RoHS electronics.

                It’s turned out less bad than I thought, but it still made things more expensive and less good. Lead solder just works better.

              3. The first time I used lead-free solder I had so many cold solder joints. Total nightmare to fix. Eventually my big ol’ spool of lead solder was brought out and away I went.

            3. It’s a bunch of stupid things like that.

              And who can forget passing a law making it a crime to criticize the EU.

              Then they wonder.

        2. My cousins hated the EU way back in the early 1990s when I first went over. I recall a Parisian businessman telling me it’s a matter of time the EU cracks. Both talked about the removal of local culture and streamlining into Brussels and that it couldn’t possibly end well. Prescient or just sober thinking?

      2. I think Americans, at least, were heavily pro-Brexit. I think the proggies just like the EU because of its technocratic inefficiency.

        1. Progressives are decrying the Brexit because it bodes ill for their plans of ever increasing centralization and regulation.

          How can they create utopia if everyone doesn’t agree to be bound by the same rules?

          1. And those in charge in the EU have fully bought into prog things, like AGW. Now they can’t just do a single, top-down implementation.

          2. But isn’t the USA a union of states?

            1. Yes, but that’s not good enough for King Obama. He wants the US to be subservient to the UN (the ultimate in central planning), use the UN to ban weapons, cap carbon, redistribute wealth, etc. and he want to be crowned Emperor of the World using the UN as the vehicle.

              I know the UN has never had a Sec General from the US, but i don’t know if that’s by tradition or it’s written into the charter. I just know that Obama would love to be the world’s Top Man.

              1. All about him. Not about America. No doubt about it.

  14. Cthulhu hit hardest:

    Climate Change Just Opened a ‘Gateway to the Underworld’ in Siberia

    In the heart of Siberia’s boreal forest gapes a monstrous chasm local Yakutians call a “gateway to the underworld,” connecting this life to the next.

    The ominous crater, which looms a mile long and reaches depths of nearly 400 feet, appeared without warning some 25 years ago. According to geological surveys, it’s been growing at an annual rate of more than 60 feet. Yet, outside of Batagai, a rural town in the Sakha Republic’s Verkhoyansk district, little is known about this natural phenomenon.

    Based on what we do understand, the Batagaika crater probably isn’t an entrance to hell. But it is likely a harbinger of something dreadful to come. And, predictably, climate change has a whole lot to do with it.

    1. Based on what we do understand, the Batagaika crater probably isn’t an entrance to hell.

      Famous last words.

      1. Hell, Warty’s dungeon, whatever.

    2. Wasn’t Motherboard a tech blog at some point?

      1. It probably was, just as Ars Technica was once a technology site before being hijacked by the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE mob.

    3. So now AGW is responsible for plate tectonics? That’s impressive.

      1. Apparently it’s also responsible for cutting down trees, which can cause local heating up of the permafrost where it happens due to exposure to the sun.

      2. In northern Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, craters are literally bursting forth from the ground, and many scientists believe that unseasonably warm conditions are to blame.

        1. Sometime during the early 1990s, an industrial facility allegedly cleared a parcel of forest, not knowing that eviscerating the tree stand would kick off a catastrophic geologic event.

          Clearing the forests removes shade, which results in much higher sun exposure which leads to melting permafrost.

      3. It’s nothing to do with plate tectonics. It is subsidence because of melting permafrost. Seems unlikely that it is a new phenomenon at all, though.

    4. In Florida we have many entrances to Hell. We call them sinkholes.

      1. Hell puts up gates at the bottom of those, because they don’t want any Florida to get in and ruin the place.

      2. In Florida we have many entrances to Hell. We call them theme parks.


    5. Did climate change just do it, or did it open 25 years ago?

      1. It’s always climate change. Because it must be.

      2. “The Batagaika site contains a remarkably thick sequence of permafrost deposits, which include two wood-rich layers interpreted as forest beds that indicate past climates about as warm or warmer than today’s climate,” Murton noted. “The upper forest bed overlies an old land surface that was eroded, probably when permafrost thawed in a past episode of climate warming.”

        But it’s definitely because of AGW.

  15. Quid Pro Ho

    Meet the hooker at the center of the NYPD corruption scandal.


    1. Hmm… mannish…

      1. Well, it was a bunch of cops

    2. Reichberg’s lawyer declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara.

      Holy crap, that sheepfucker looms large.

      1. At this rate, by the time he runs for governor of New York in a few years, Preet will have investigated every person on Earth.

        Good thing he got the Reason commentariat out of the way early.

        1. Preet has seen the enemy, he’s stared directly into the woodchipper and he did not like what he saw.

      2. Holy crap, that sheepfucker handsome man looms large.

        I got your back, Preet.

  16. Men are more likely to pass on using condoms when their partner is hot.

    Because hotties are never riddled with disease.

  17. A pilot program will allow up to 12,000 U.S. prison inmates to receive federal Pell grants

    Prisoners procure Pell payments per pilot program?

  18. Rare birds of prey stealing underwear from skinny dippers

    The red kites have taken pants and socks to line their nest, including designer brands such as Armani, which have helped keep four chicks warm this summer.

    Dave Clement, a gamekeeper on the Gannochy estate in the Angus glens, made the discovery after contacting the RSPB to have the kite chicks ringed and recorded.

    It is the second year in a row that he has found a variety of underwear in the nest, high in a larch tree, not far from a gorge in Glen Esk where walkers often strip off to have a swim.

    Mr Clement, a member of the Angus Glens Moorland Group, which promotes the benefits of grouse estates, said it appeared that the kites had become more discerning this year by choosing more expensive pants.

    1. “the Angus glens,”

      Sounds like a phrase that should be in a Biology 101 textbook.

      1. Or a Warty Hugeman story.

        1. Warty Hugeman and the Angus Glens from Hell

          1. I read that as the “Anus Glens,” but if it’s a Warty bedtime story, that totally makes sense.

    2. This is why I always skinny dip with clothes on.

      1. This is why I don’t wear underwear. TRY AGAIN, BIRDS!

  19. Mike Flynn, the original editor-in-chief of the Breitbart Big Government blog and former director of government affairs for the Reason Foundation, has died

    Sad to see a former Reasoner not named David Weigel pass away.


  20. Geneva to get ‘caf? fellatio’ by end of year

    The idea for the sex caf? has been brewing for several months, Bradley Charvet of the Geneva firm Facegirl told Geneva’s Le Matin newspaper recently.

    Modelled on similar establishments in Thailand, the proposed Geneva caf? would add a new dimension to the sex trade in the city of the protestant reformer Calvin.

    Put simply, the business model would see men ordering a coffee and using an iPad to select a prostitute they want to perform oral sex on them. They would then sit at the bar.

    “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained to Le Matin.

    1. “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained to Le Matin.

      They mistranslated “seconds.”

    2. Puts a whole new meaning to “You want cream in your coffee?”

      1. Are you familiar with Washington State’s bikini barista brothel scandals?


    3. Would you like a Tall or a Grande?

      Would you like “steamed milk”?

    4. “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over,” Charvet explained to Le Matin.

      “All over *what*?” asked Le Matin.

      1. [golf clap]

    5. Blowristas!

      1. Winner!

    6. I look forward to complaints about how Starfucks and its bad blowjobs are destroying the local neighbourhood bordellos

      1. +1 Inglorious Hole

    7. “Man, I could really go for a Starbucks, y’know?”


      2. “You like sex AND money?”

  21. Possibly the worst gun control take ever

    This is not white guilt; it’s white shame.

    We started this bloodbath and we allow it to continue. Our warped, thin-skinned and myopic mindsets ensure that we absorb every gun-control proposal as an attack on our constitutional guarantees.

    We’re so far gone on this issue we now believe our Second Amendment rights supersede you and your children’s rights not to be indiscriminately shot.

    We even brainwash people of color, like former 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, who callously said in the days after the Roseburg, Oregon, mass shooting that he would not have let himself be rounded up and killed so easily, that he would have banded together with other classmates to try to overwhelm the perpetrator, because confronting an active shooter is what real men do.

    Guns are the white man’s security blankets, too ?our adult binkies, our middle-aged stuffed animals.

    We say we buy them for just recreational hunting, for shooting competitions. We say they have always been in our family and they always will. We say this as if it is also good to smoke unfiltered Camel cigarettes, glug bourbon and consume large amounts of fried food like our fathers…

    We make every excuse to hold on to our God-given right to bear arms to the extreme that we pathetically call it our “God-given right to bear arms.”

    1. We even brainwash people of color

      No black man ever had a real thought until white men showed them how to think.

      1. + false consciousness

      2. Fucking agency, how does it work?

      3. He doesn’t even see the condescension.

        LH is right. This may be one of the worst gun control articles of all time.

        1. GMSM, not LH.

    2. We’re so far gone on this issue we now believe our Second Amendment rights supersede you and your children’s rights not to be indiscriminately shot.

      The mind boggles.

      1. Where do these morons live? Is there a state that repealed all of its criminal laws?

      2. Yes, but people actually believe this. But these are the same people who believe in a “right” to healthcare (at the expense of others).

    3. “We say this as if it is also good to smoke unfiltered Camel cigarettes, glug bourbon and consume large amounts of fried food”

      You saying it’s not??

    4. Every time I read yet another “ban assault weapons!” tirade I feel like I have this crazy next-door neighbor who keeps ranting at me to make my fence taller to keep the birds from going over to her yard, eating her grass seed, and crapping on her lawn furniture.

    5. These thoroughly blinkered rants are a very good sign. They’re no longer making a pretense of persuading gun-owners. It’s not even moral posturing at this point, just tantrum-throwing.

    6. Guns are the white man’s security blankets, too ?our adult binkies, our middle-aged stuffed animals.

      Yeah. You hold tight to that. You keep believing it every time someone wants you to touch an icky gun.

      You’re such a man.

  22. ISIS is not raping children in Iowa.

    This is what happened to Old Man With Candy.

    1. He’s being raped by ISIS in Iowa instead?

      1. Tortured until he confesses that he doesn’t know the difference between Iowa and Idaho.

        I sympathize- easy to confuse them. It’s the corn that does it.

        1. I thought Idaho was all about potatoes

          1. See, you’re confused, too!

            1. OK, I just googled pics of Idaho…..I’m no longer confused. It’s much prettier than Iowa, whose main use is as a motivator to minimize stops when you’re driving across the midwest.

        2. Tortured until he confesses that he doesn’t know the difference between Iowa and Idaho.

          I sympathize- easy to confuse them. It’s the cornholing that does it.


          1. When my son was about 4 years old, I had served him dinner one night that had corn as a side. He looked at it, grabbed his fork, and as he prepared to dig in, he said brightly, “I’ll see YOU tomorrow!”

            1. Glorious. I hope he is fulfilling this early promise. Or at least still regular in his habits

    1. *saves pic for future use*

      Better than reciting baseball stats!

    2. ‘Maggie Island’ is a piece by leading British artist Marcus Harvey and depicts the former Prime Minister lying on her side with a pig’s head on her hip.

      Hmm. This probably places the fatwa-issuers into quite the quandary.

    3. The breasts are rather…prominent.

    4. Still no match for Glen Beck’s “Piss Obama” – Obama action figure in a glass of Mountain Dew. It was probably the apex of his career. I can still hear the delicious wailing.

  23. The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union. Anti-Brexit Prime Minster David Cameron announced that he is stepping down.

    Judging from the reactions of those I know in the UK, the Remain strategy of fearmongering makes sense. They actually believe things will get that horrible.

    1. And they’ll do whatever it takes to make those prophesies come true.
      Just watch.

      1. And, then, there will be a second referendum. Kind of like TARP, they’ll keep voting until they get the proper result.

  24. The ACLU protests the Dems sit-in effort to deprive people of due process and DU has a conniption.

    The derp is impressive.

    They admit in their quote that “freedom from unlawful searches” and “due process…” irrationally override their protection of public safety. They put your right to not be searched higher than your right to life!

    1. Dude. DU links need trigger warnings.

      1. Luckily, I saw it was DU. I hover over the links here before I click.

        DU: when Salon is just too damn right-wing.

    2. “They out your civil rights higher than my irrational fears and desire to pretend I am safe!”

  25. Men are more likely to pass on using condoms when their partner is hot.

    “Hsst. Use condoms.”

    1. Do the opposite, people. Do the opposite.

  26. Giant python found in Mission Beach Home

    “We’ve got a visitor and it’s f—ing huge,” Ms Hibberd says in the video apparently taken about 4.30am Monday.

    “I mean it’s very big. It’s come in. it goes all the way down over the hat stand.

    “It is massive, oh God.”

    She told the ABC the scrub python had been living in the walls and ceiling of the home for more than a decade and she first saw it 15 years ago.

    “We knew the snake was there but I had never seen it inside, not that I know of,” she said.

    “I’ve never seen it in its full length.”

    Why thank you.

    1. “I’ve never seen it in its full length.”

      Huh, my wife said the same thing.

      1. “Just enough to win, Darlin’.”

        1. +1 Berle.

    2. “Please tell me that was a Boogie Nights reference.

    3. She told the ABC the scrub python had been living in the walls and ceiling of the home for more than a decade and she first saw it 15 years ago.

      *** facepalm ***

      “Where does a f—ing huge python live?”

      “Anywhere it f—ing wants to.”

      1. A friend of mine had a snake (can’t remember what kind) that got lost in the apartment. I’d hate to be that landlord, getting the phone call about the snake . ..

        1. My seventh grade science teacher had a little garter snake in his classroom. It escaped one day and he had all the kids looking for it, until somebody caught a snake in the English class down the hall. They took it to the science teacher, who told them “That’s not my snake.”

  27. Immigration boss who BLOCKED Homeland Security agents from seizing San Bernardino ‘gun supplier’ one day after the attack is to receive an award, but the agency won’t say why

    An immigration official who stopped Homeland Security agents from arresting the alleged gun supplier of the San Bernardino terrorists the day after the attack, and then lied about it to department investigators, is to receive an award for her work.

    Irene Martin allegedly prevented armed officers from detaining Enrique Marquez, who was scheduled to be interviewed alongside his Russian wife Mariya Chernyk, a government report has stated.

    Yet despite her deliberate obstruction, where she seemingly blocked five armed Department of Homeland Security agents, she has been nominated for the Secretary’s Award for Valor.

    Past valor award recipients include government employees who have saved people from burning cars, sinking ships and weapon- wielding assailants.

    1. What is this, I can’t even…

  28. …the American Civil Liberties Union is suing the city of Philadelphia over its Democratic National Convention rules.

    Filthadelphia should countersue that the convention will cause the asshole population in the city to swell beyond capacity.

    1. Some might argue that it is already at capacity…


  29. These swimming trunks stop embarrassing ‘shrinkage’ in cold water

    The Urban Dictionary defines ‘shrinkage’ as “what happens to a man’s penis in cold water. Often a result of cold showers, swimming pools, or the ocean. Very embarrassing.”

    It’s a problem Canadian brand ‘Swam’ have set out to solve, and the result is these rather fetching new swimming trunks. You see, unlike regular trunks, which are lined with the uncomfortable mesh material, Swam trunks are lined with neoprene.

    This has several benefits:

    1. The first is that it acts like a wetsuit, trapping a warm layer of water between your skin and the fabric. This stops the embarrassing ‘shrinkage’.

    2. It eliminates the ‘suction effect’, and stops and potentially unflattering silhouettes…

    3. It’s more comfortable, allowing for an increased range of movement and flexibility.

    1. 2. It eliminates the ‘suction effect’, and stops and potentially unflattering silhouettes…

      They misspelled “flattering.”

    2. Does it come in first lady sizes?

      1. Michelle Obama’s dick can’t be contained by mere neoprene.

        1. We can make hers crotchless then.

  30. In the US, There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines


    1. But who would win in a fight?

      1. Freedom?

      2. Is every bureaucrat a rifleman first?

  31. Britain Exits, Democracy Lives, And Everything Has Changed

    Everything is being revalued. Political institutions, too. Economic issues, fear, immigration?these all caught Britons’ attention and rallied them to the polls. But at its core this was a battle over definitions of democracy and freedom. This may have been Britain’s last chance to exit peacefully and democratically from a democracy-destroying, elite-flattering, and inequality-producing machine. You can say that Britain finds itself in a constitutional crisis today, but that crisis was revealed, not created, by the referendum vote. Most U.K. citizens repudiate the claim of foreign bureaucrats to rule them, and yet, on what turns out to be the defining issue of British politics in this generation, 478 of its elected members of Parliament favored Remain, and only 159 Leave. That will change.

    Britain is, as David Cameron said in his resignation statement, a “special country.” Its citizens are going to pay a price for flouting markets and European bureaucracies. They have gambled that what they now recover?control of their own laws?makes that price worth paying. Look at their history. They are probably right.

    1. I just realized. No one is going to call the EU out on trying to penalize Britain for leaving. They are going to pass ridiculous trade laws and try to harm the country because they are scared others will leave if they don’t. No one’s going to care.

      1. They may want to try the carrot rather than the stick if they want to keep everyone else from jumping ship.

        1. Those people in Brussels, and other EU positions are so misguided and stupid about the way the world actually works, and the reaction they’ll get to their tantrums, that they will not think to use the carrot. They don’t understand incentives in the first place, why would they start now?

      2. Pretty much. Every time I see someone try to answer why this is bad for the UK in the longterm, it comes down to, “the EU will penalize them to stop other countries from leaving.”

        But the EU is the good guy, I guess.

  32. I gotta take my lumps: I loudly and snarkily declared on this very site that the Britons would never leave, and damn was I wrong.

    So now I’m questioning every decision I’ve ever made in my life. If I could be wrong about this, what other things have I fucked up???

    1. I was in the same camp with you – I wanted the Brexit to happened but doubted it would.

      I know this is rather silly, but I’m a huge anglophile. If the UK did “surrender” to the EU, I pretty much thought it was game over for this island nation – one that stood against Hitler and Napoleon. People, I reasoned, valued security and would give into the fear mongering more than wanting freedom. This decision has given me some new hope that (perhaps?) the rise of centralization can be beaten. We shall see how it all plays out.

      1. According to CNN’s UK correspondent, it was only because uneducated, white English people voted leave. And the Welsh.

        1. I saw the map. It was basically London + Scotland against everyone else.

        2. uneducated, white English people voted leave. And the Welsh.

          You repeat yourself.

          1. I mean, as long as the Welsh count as “people.”

          2. Cymru am byth!

          3. Oh, just try calling a Welshman English and see where that gets you.

    2. Being friends with me?

      1. That isn’t a mistake. I keep you around as somebody to rat out to prove my loyalty when the Trump regime institutes the Holocaust here. Next year.

        1. Britons already beat us to the next Holocaust.

  33. Hand surgeon believes texting and gaming causes arthritis at early age

    “All good things in moderation,” Ciaglia said. “Don’t do it 8 9 10 hours straight a day.”

    “And this includes fapping, as well.”

    1. Typing on a keyboard all day can really screw things up. Not too surprising that fiddling with a touchscreen or game controller would do something similar.

  34. Merkel warns EU against kneejerk reaction to Brexit

    “We take note of the British people’s decision with regret. There is no doubt that this is a blow to Europe and to the European unification process,” she said.

    But “what the consequences of this would be… would depend on whether we — the other 27 member states of the EU — prove to be willing and able to not draw quick and simple conclusions from the referendum in Great Britain, which would only further divide Europe,” said Merkel.

    Member states should “calmly and prudently analyse and evaluate the situation, before making the right decisions together,” said Merkel, who will host talks with French President Francois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and European Council president Donald Tusk in Berlin on Monday.

    1. Merkel played her part in this nonsense. Time for her to step down as well.

      1. Without Merkel’s catastrophically bad importation of welfare state foederatti into the whole of the EU, it might not have been possible to get enough public support for Brexit. Fuck yes she played a part, she was the star of this latest act of the show. Her shortsighted arrogance would, and might yet still, destroy western civilization in Europe if European people were do as she would like them to.

        1. My contention is Germany has damaged the EU more than Greece ever could.

          1. Germans are amazing at destroying Europe. It’s like their special talent or ability.
            Class: German Politician
            Special Ability: Wreck Europe once every two generations
            “I choose you Merkel-chu!”

          2. I would absolutely agree with that. The problems with Greece are relatively short term. The problems caused by Germany are potentially irreversible and will haunt Europe for generations.

    2. “The European Unification Process” is one of the creepiest lines I’ve ever read.

      1. That’s one big – albeit delicious – sausage.

        1. You are the wurst.

      2. +1 Greater West Europe Co-prosperity Sphere

  35. Brittney Cooper ?@ProfessorCrunk 2h2 hours ago
    White nationalism gone be the death of us all. #Brexit

    1. Damn I never knew there were so many white nationalists in the UK. Ian Stuart would be proud /sarc

    2. “gone be”, huh? And this illiterate loon was awarded a Ph.D. and an assistant professorship at a major university.
      I don’t think white nationalism is what’s causing our ruin.

    3. “is going to” not “gone”


      1. Check your white male grammar privilege! Stop othering Brittney! LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!1!!!!

    4. “Brittney Cooper is the next generation black intellectuals and Brittney Cooper is currently a professor at the University of Rutgers.”

      I’m sure the current generation (Sowell, Williams, and ?) is proud.

  36. New info. on 9/11 discovered:


  37. I don’t know who is worse in the Black Vagina category. Hillary or Feinstein. Okay, Hillary but man is this hag a close second.


    1. “If that nigger don’t wanna get lynched he can prove his innocence.”

    2. There aren’t sufficient words to describe Feinstein. Maybe HM can help me out here.

      1. Somewhere in San Fransisco, a synagogue is missing its poisonous scold.

      2. Or SugarFree.

        1. no, please nooooooooooo

          1. I second that Nooooo.

          1. Your muse has been a busy minx

    3. Feinstein is 100% pure grade A, unfiltered, unaltered, fair trade, cunt.

  38. Men are more likely to pass on using condoms when their partner is hot.

    ‘Cause if you go halves on a bastard and have to marry her, you wanna get shackled to a hottie. Duh.

    1. Although the study showed guys will do it even if they think she has an STD. I think evolution is at a loss here.

      1. Evolution doesn’t care if you get the clap.

        1. I guess it’s possible you’ll just have a bunch of diseased babies, if the woman doesn’t become infertile first

        2. But evolution does care if the kid is born blind due to congenital syphillis.

          1. (*) Actually, evolution has no feelings; it’s just a description of how things work. Natural selection would have been a better choice.

            1. It’s Bran all the way down.

  39. Various “celebrities” react to Brexit.

  40. [T]he American Civil Liberties Union is suing the city of Philadelphia over its Democratic National Convention rules.

    Honkala runs the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and has actively spoken out against poverty for decades. She says her group is planning the “March for Our Lives”? a demonstration that takes protesters from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center via Broad Street during the Democratic National Convention next month.

    1. Oops, premature post. This is going to be embarrassing for them since they claim to be the champions of the poor. Suspect that they’ll be joined by disaffected Sanders supporters, Greens, unapologetic socialists, etc. We all know how this will end. [stocks up on popcorn]

    2. Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

      That’s a mouthful

      1. “Politburo” for short.

      2. If I thought it was a deterrent to Hillary, I’d be more excited. By this time next year, I’m going to need some PPE to keep myself safe from HRC.

  41. Who cares about what this means for the UK, when my progressive American friends are portending doom. They’re the ones that matter here, right?

  42. I wonder what EU country is going to end up most hurt by the fall out of Britain leaving. I’ve heard some people suggest Germany because they are such a power house within it, but I’m personally thinking France. Germany makes a lot of stuff that people want. They’ll do well with international trade with or without the EU. France on the other hand seems to only be holding onto any money makers at all because they can’t make disastrous trade regulations with surrounding countries (no protectionism allowed). If they lose the EU, the flood of France products first laws would probably crush the country into a Greek like state.

    1. Until France jacked up their tax rates and decided to join the anti-nuclear bandwagon, they had some things going for them. Now they’re on the way to being a large country full of welfare cases with nothing to offer in exchange.

    2. I think it’s Spain. Mostly because not only do they lose a source of money going into the EU that they can take out, but this is going to encourage the Catalan independence types even further.

      1. There are a bunch of ex-pat Brits living in Spain spending money. Depending on which way the currencies and visas go, that could come an end.

    3. They all will lose something. France and Italy both make a shitload of products people want too. They’re all huge invisible and visible economies. There was a lot invested in it. But you’re right, the trade and labor laws are part of the problem.

      1. That’s very true. They all do produce a hell of a lot. I just wish they’d realize the Brits leaving the EU doesn’t mean they need to make tarrifs. They’ll all be better off if they don’t, as they should have realized from the fact that they just had tarrif free trade.

        1. Pshaw. The first thing that must be done is that the political enemies must be punished for their impudence. Damn the suffering of the little people who don’t have friends with diplomatic courier pouches and privileges.

        2. But you see Illocust, the lefty continentals will feel the need to make their fear-mongering about Brexit’s consequences turn into reality so they have to punish the Brits and will make the case that it’s a natural consequence. Just like Obama will feel the need to make a show of putting the Brits “at the back of the queue”.

      2. France and Italy both make a shitload of products people want too.

        Britain has a domestic auto industry that is no worse than Fiat or Peugeot.

        Yeah, so the UK will buy US and NZ wines and then the US will turn around and hoover up all the suddenly-cheap French and Italian wines. Everybody wins!

  43. Just spoke to an international lawyer and professor who teaches in France and Italy. She basically said, ‘Britain is closer to America in its liberalism. We should not be surprised by this decision given, and I paraphrase, the EU failed with its appeal to ‘ideal solidarity’ firmly rooted in theory than reality as well as its static economies and models insisted on by mostly Germany and France.’ I’m doing a quick translation but she pretty much understands and agrees with Britain. The EU is simply too rigid.

    1. Not spoke; read her message.

    2. You’d think after the ascendancy of Britain under the French Norman Kings and the German kings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, Brits would be more excited about being ruled by the French and German.

  44. All my high school classmates are mourning the BREXIT on facederp. All of them. It’s appalling.

    1. I think it’s best to leave the derpbook until the election is over. But I never follow my own advice.

      1. I already did that. It’s a lot harder to keep up with friends (at least, for a misanthrope like me) but i’ve stopped grinding my teeth, and the rage blackouts don’t come as frequently.

        1. Generally, I don’t argue. I just post my rebuttals. Often they are unacknowledged… but in face to face conversations with them they admit to reading them. One guy even is coming around to seeing the Democratic party as an authoritarian rip-off machine. He’s pretty bereft; apparently he thought by supporting them he was being one of the “good guys”, and the knowledge of the evil he supported…

          1. Good for you, T.

            1. In this case, it’s easy. I just post Daniel Hannan speeches.

          2. The last couple of years have definitely revealed the gulf between public and private preferences. Having the “wrong” public preferences will bring ridicule, so people go along until they realize that liberals are full-blown anti-freedom, but keep their public preferences while reacting to the preference cascade privately.

            It’s how we got the Brexit. No one saw it coming. Everyone “in the know” thought Remain would prevail because people’s private preferences didn’t match their public ones.

      2. I left in early 2008 planning to stay away until Jan 21, 2009.

        Still not back.

        1. I only use it for planning events. I never actually read any of the random shit my friends are posting.

  45. The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union. Anti-Brexit Prime Minster David Cameron announced that he is stepping down.

    It’s nice to get some good news every so often. Now back to the nut punching.

  46. The yen-carry traders are getting obliterated today. The yen is surging heavily against the dollar (2.5%). There may be some short covering coming.

  47. It’s interesting to note how the EU has been squeezed on one end of the economic spectrum by Greece and the UK on the other. Will the others pop like a pimple?

  48. My observation on the Brexit and US gun control is that I’ve been impressed with the number of people on several continents who want people to have more power. Except not the people who actually vote. Other people who will balance out those ignorant/gullible/evil rubes who actually do vote. Plebiscite reminds us why plebicide should be legal.

    1. Power to the people when they agree with me!

  49. Here’s How We Fight Racism Now That Brexit Has Won

    This has to be a key moment for making the left-wing case for loosened borders. We need an end to the sort of pandering that says “of course immigration controls are necessary” when that isn’t the problem we’re facing. It might be what people feel strongly about, but it’s our duty to challenge that and not play into the violence of borders. How do we start such an argument? There are plenty of reasons that explain why good jobs are hard to come by, hospitals are being strained and housing is absolutely inaccessible. None of them rely on blaming immigrants. They have a lot more to do with the private profit motives of business owners and landlords. That, and the government’s desire to support them while destroying every bit of state help that made life liveable for many.

    1. it’s our duty to challenge that and not play into the violence of borders

      As if the left suddenly has a some principled aversion to state violence.

      They have a lot more to do with the private profit motives of business owners and landlords. That, and the government’s desire to support them while destroying every bit of state help that made life liveable for many.

      That’s just pure fantasy. It would take a paragraph to unpack all the derp contained in that short argument. No thanks.

    2. Ah, the grand leftist immigration plan:

      “First, we rid business owners and landlords of their private profit motives. Then the following week we teach immigrants not to rape so much.”

      Behold the melting pot.

      1. Not wanting to be ruled from Brussels == racism.

        My brain hurts.

        1. Because the Congolese are total racists too!

    3. These are very stupid people who write such inane blathering.

    4. It’s definitely not the millions of refugees flooding Europe and getting on the dole, leeching tax paying Europeans and bringing their vile cultural sensibilities like rape and making their women walk behind them. It’s those Eeeeeeeeeevul KKKorporashunz!!

  50. “There was no gang rape, there was no Syrian involvement, there were no Syrian refugees involved, there was no knife used, there was no inactivity by the police,” Loebs said, according to the Spokesman-Review. “I’m looking at the Drudge Report headline: ‘Syrian Refugees Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho’ ? all false.”

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/ news/morning-mix/ wp/2016/06/23/ an-alleged-sexual-assault- fuels-rumors-that-turn-an-idaho-town-against- muslim-refugees/

    However, two Muslim refugees, one from Sudan and the other from Iraq, did sexually assault a five year-old girl–isn’t that correct?

    Bit the locals are getting the details all wrong? And that’s so shameful and ignorant!

    Sounds to me like it’s the MSM that’s missing the point. And then they wonder why people ignore them and do crazy things like vote for Trump or vote to exit the EU. Maybe the reason voters do such things is that they’re sick of being disparaged for their common sense.

    Oh look how stupid the people of Idaho are! They thought Syrian refugees raped a five year-old at knife point! None of which is true!

    Turns out it was asexual assault without a knife, and the Muslims were from elsewhere?

    Makes me want to vote for Trump myself–and I despise the man.

    1. Ken, you didn’t just SF the link, you FUBAR’d it. No spaces allowed in URLs. Also, one of the advantages of using html tags is that the url can be as long as it needs to be without worrying about wrapping, unintended insertion of spaces for line breaks, etc. (Use angle brackets instead of square braces)

      [a href=”https://www.wikipedia.org/”]Wikipedia[/a]
      The word “Wikipedia” will appear in orange and be a clickable link to the url enclosed within href=””

      Wapo article hier.

      1. Copy and paste it into google if you’re interested.


        Sheesh, are you really that lazy?

        I’m workin’ with my thumbs here!

        And the link was a bonus. It was already given in the main post anyway.

        1. Sheesh, are you really that lazy?

          WTF? I wouldn’t call it lazy to take my time and effort to try to provide a proper working link for the benefit of all, and to provide how-to information on how to do that properly.

          Link in main post – didn’t see that. So I’m guilty of not reading up and trying to help. Got it.

          Tinyurl and other shorteners: I and many others here will not click on those because you have no fucking idea where it goes – could be a port site or something else that would get people in trouble. Not that you would do that, but still. When you use html tags the user can mouse over the link and the entire url will appear at the bottom of your browser. That way you can verify where the link goes before you click on it.

          You’re welcome.

          1. I was joking about the lazy!

            I’m the one that’s too lazy to go to tinyurl

            I do sometimes, where I have their add-in.

            Making fun of you for being lazy because I”m too lazy to go to tinyrul is supposed to be funny.

            I’d make fun of you for missing the sarcasm, and that would be hilarious–since I miss the sarcasm about 50% of the time.

            I am serious about breaking up the url. Sometimes it is a real pain in the ass–especially when I’m posting from a phone–to get the URL right. Especially if I’m copying someone else’s URL, for goodness sake, just google the damn url as it’s broken up, and link will show up in google.

            P.S. I’m not sure I understand why the software that runs this site limits the size of URL names anyway.

    2. To begin with, the chief said, the victim had not been raped but was believed to have been sexually assaulted.

      Two individuals alleged to have been involved with the assault were arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center.

      The suspects were not from Syria, but from Sudan and Iraq.

      Reports that a knife was used in the incident were also false, the chief said.

      Well, that makes it totally ok, then.

      And this isn’t about islam or muslims per se, but about refugees from backwards hellholes who have no respect for individual rights and a long and sorry tradition of treating women and children as little better than cattle.

      1. Whatever it’s about, how does a story like this get to be about why the people of Idaho (and elsewhere) are so stupid?

        That’s why a lot of people vote for Trump.

        They’re sick of being demonized and treated with contempt. The more they see Trump demonized like they are, the more they start chanting “Gabba Gabba, One of us!” at him.

        The following has been brought to you by the Millennial Education Commission.


        NSFW. Not sexual just . . . if your boss see it, he’ll think you’re a frickin’ weirdo.

        1. Whatever it’s about, how does a story like this get to be about why the people of Idaho (and elsewhere) are so stupid?

          Because they have to deflect from the fact that people being brought in by the Obama administration* are sexually assaulting children, that’s why.

          *I assume that these folks came in under Obama administration as “refugees”.

          1. Two individuals alleged to have been involved with the assault were arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center.

            So, possibly born here, but most likely came here as young children, sexual assaults by young children being extremely rare. Also, possibly came/born here during a previous administration.

            I don’t know if there is any type of assimilation program in-place, or how effective it would be. But I presume these kids went to public schools, which is probably as close to an assimilation program as there is for kids. At least adults have citizenship classes and often come out of those knowing more about civics than many native born.

          2. From the Malkin article which Eddie linked to below:

            The victim: a mentally disabled five-year-old girl. The alleged perpetrators: Three boys, ages 7, 10, and 14, from Sudanese and Iraqi immigrant families (predominantly Muslim) who have been in the country for less than two years ? all but confirming that they are refugees.

    3. OK, so there’s about 374 Sudanese and Iraqis resettled in Twin Falls, and it seems a couple of them have been accused of sexual misbehavior with a non-“refugee” victim.

      Getting that out of the article is like pulling teeth – they surround it with so much huffing and puffing about false reports on social media and Trump and so forth. You have to wade through all of that to get to what we actually know, and which should have been in the first couple paragraphs of the article.

      Then the article says that there have been reports on social media of other incidents, but there’s no discussion of whether these reports are true or not. So I’m guessing that there *have* been other incidents, but making the story about these incidents would deflect from the narrative, so the reader learns about the other incidents in the same context as that other false report about Syrians, implying (though not saying) that the other incidents are BS as well.

      Though I suspect that these other incidents, or many of them, actually are real, but since they don’t fit the narrative, the reader must be primed to dismiss anyone who reports them.

      1. Here’s Michelle Malkin – I’m not vouching for her absolute accuracy, it’s just that in a fight between her and the MSM, the odds of her being right are greater than the odds of them being right.

        1. Thanks, Eddie. And while Malkin is a known hysteric, that doesn’t make her automatically wrong.

      2. The main point of the story is about how stupid the people are who don’t want Muslim refugees.

        For what it’s worth, ENB seems to think that’s something important for us all to know, too.

        If Hazel were here, we’d probably get something about how Trump voters should be rounded up and deported for being so stupid.

        I wish I could get across to people that stories like this, and a thousand new ones are written everyday, is why people vote for Trump, why people vote for Brexit, etc. In the Washington Post, ENB, and Hazel all got together to try to figure out what they could do to help Trump get elected, they could hardly do better than to write stories like this, bring them to people’s attention, and make fun of subjects of these articles for supporting Trump.

        Trump doesn’t even have to pay the Washington Post, ENB, or Hazel to do this for him. They’re volunteers!

        1. The main point of the story is about how stupid the people are who don’t want Muslim refugees.

          ^This. But the absence of articles about “5yo Sexually Assaulted in Twin Falls” is maddening. If this had been a crime against a kid perpetrated by anyone else that would be all over the media.

          1. ^ Double This ^….

            Now imagine size of the turd tornado if the “anyone else” happened to have toy handguns……..

  51. There are plenty of reasons that explain why good jobs are hard to come by, hospitals are being strained and housing is absolutely inaccessible. None of them rely on blaming immigrants. They have a lot more to do with the private profit motives of business owners and landlords.

    Fucking moneygrubbers and their “price discovery”.

  52. Sweet. Alistair Campbell is on Bloomberg lecturing me on how awesomely qualified Hillary is. Apparently, we’d be crazy to pass up the chance to be guided by her.

  53. Honestly, watching the experts shit their pants and run around in circles over Brexit is hilarious.

    I’d like to make a compilation of European experts being interviewed about Brexit, with all their doomsday headlines scrolling below. But I’d speed the video up three times, and replace the sound of them being interviewed with that chase music from Benny Hill.

    The following has been brought to you by the Millennial Education Commission.


  54. Oh man, this is pure fun watching all the socialists wet their pants over the Brexit. You would think Britain voted to eliminate socialism over there. On a personal note, the wife and I are planning a trip next year over there and are excited that there is a sale on the British Pound this morning. I don’t think it will last very long.

  55. Re: the rumors that Syrian refugees are raping children are false. From the linked article:

    Two individuals alleged to have been involved with the assault were arrested and taken to a juvenile detention center.

    The suspects were not from Syria, but from Sudan and Iraq.

    Saying the rumors are false because the alleged rapists are from Sudan and Iraq rather than Syria is pretty Clintonesque. Especially since the media was perfectly happy to throw all migrants from anywhere in the mideast into the “Syrian refugee” brand, when it was convenient to do so.

    Now, other rumors around this attack are also exaggerated (no knife, not an actual rape-rape, according to the cops), but you shouldn’t be surprised when rumors spring up to fill an information vacuum.

    More accurately – The rumors that Syrian refugees raped a 5 year old girl are incorrect. It was Sudanese and Iraqi refugees who sexually assaulted a 5 year old girl. This correction doesn’t really strike me as super-important.

    1. Well, just so long as they get their six months in prison.

      1. The suspects are ages 7, 10, and 14. The 14-yo will probably spend the rest of his childhood in a juvenile correction facility; he will take the brunt of this as the oldest and most responsible. His record may be expunged when he is released. The 11-yo will probably do at least six months, possibly longer. The 7-yo is probably in the custody of his parents and may not do any time; probably will have to do “counseling” and may be painted as a fellow-victim.

  56. ISIS is not raping children in Idaho.

    What about the other 49 states?

    1. Come on, get it right, it’s the other 56 states. Who do you think you are, Dan Qualye.

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