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Hillary Clinton's Terrible Free Speech Record: Matt Welch on Tonight's Stossel

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Shut up! Already. Damn. ||| Reason

I teased this before, but got the broadcast date wrong. Beloved television host (and Reason.com columnist) John Stossel is devoting his whole show this week (9 p.m. ET tonight on Fox Business Network) exploring the many statist facets of Hillary Clinton. As part of that, he was kind enough to ask me to come on for a segment and talk about the presumptive Democratic nominee's long and terrible record on all things free speech. The Stossel team unearthed some truly gruesome video clips to help make the point as well.

You can read about our putative Censor in Chief in my March cover story, and in a couple of follow-ups: "Tech/Gaming Journalist: 'I think' Hillary Clinton's 'war on video games' was 'well-intentioned,'" and "Why Are the Newspapers That Condemn Donald Trump's Free-Speech Rants Endorsing Hillary Clinton?" It's also worth remembering something I didn't mention in any of those pieces: She also led a futile charge to recriminalize flag-burning as recently as recently as 10 years ago this month.

And lest you think Donald Trump is a comparative free-speech champion, read some Damon Root.