David Cameron Is Done, Brexit Explained, Transgender Studies: P.M. Links


  • Cameron
    Screenshot via BBC News

    In the wake of Brexit, British Prime Minister David Cameron will resign.

  • Brexit vote highlights age gap between the Leave and Remain factions.
  • Why Brexit is good news for the Trump campaign.
  • "What was this whole Brexit thing, exactly?" A primer for confused Americans.
  • Mom arrested for spanking her disobedient kids.
  • University of Arizona students can get a master's degree in transgender studies.

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  1. Brexit vote highlights age gap between the Leave and Remain factions.

    Older Limeys have nostalgia for an independent UK?

    1. Yeah, they were whining about that, too. “Selfish old people.” Like they shouldn’t be allowed to vote or something.

      1. Self determination is for colonized brown people.

        1. Yes, only colonized brown people, and yes progressives really believe this.

          1. Colonization turns everything brown.

            1. Yes self-determination for brown people is noble and progressive, but self-determination for white people is just thinly veiled racism, or something like that.

              Sometimes I think I’ll never truly understand the mind of a Progressive.

              1. And that I was, innocently making a stupid colon joke.

              2. Think of a libertarian, and take away reason and accountability.

          2. “Colorization turns everything brown.”

            You’re doing it wrong

            1. Well look at Western countries after they gave their colonies…

      2. I’ve seen a lot of whining about how older people made a decision that younger people will have to live with (live with longer, anyway). And while there is a grain of truth there, you have to ask, isn’t that the case with every single vote ever?

        1. Not if we vote to triple social security benefits starting immediately.

        2. According to that argument, we should eliminate debt spending completely.

          1. I would think that Sir Keynes might disapprove of your analysis/conclusion.

            He was English, you know.

            1. You know who else was… oh, wait… nevermind…

      3. Allowed to vote?

        Logan’s Run is the only way forward.

        With of course, exceptions for Correct People….

    2. My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries…

      Because of course the european countries won’t negotiate travel visas with the newly independent Britain (which, by the way, is already outside of the no passport required zone) – what a load of dung

      1. Its weird the way these people don’t have any clue how this stuff works.

        1. The had that movement (which is less ‘free’ and more ‘no need for a visa’) because of a *treaty* – one which can be negotiated again.

        2. I don’t know – I’m an American and travel on an American passport and I have ‘no visa needed’ travel between a huge number of countries, including pretty much all of Western Europe. And that’s without a single treaty needing to be negotiated, just individual governments deciding not to be dicks about it.

        3. They don’t get to complain about needing passports after supporting a non-democratic fascist state like the EU.

        1. As an American I take it for granted that I can go wherever the fuck I want because us navy and shit. Pretty sure Britain has a similar history.

      2. travel visas =/= free movement (IMO)

    3. Hello.

      However belated.

          1. Brexited?

    4. Interestingly, those older voters who voted to get out of the EU, were probably largely the same young voters who voted them into it in 1975.

      1. I doubt they were provided with what they were first told what they were voting for.

        1. ^This. There seems to be no consideration among the young that the old folks have live longer, have more experience with EU screwups, and might know something the young folks haven’t learned yet.

          “If you aren’t a socialist when you are young you have no heart. If you’re still a socialist when you’re grown, you have no brain.”

  2. University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.

    Finally, something useful coming out of Arizona.

    1. Because a bachelor’s degree would be transphobic, right??

      1. “Master’s” is problematic as well.

    2. What’s ice tea, chopped liver?

    3. Meet ‘H’ of St. Paul: She’s 5, she’s transgender, and this is her story

      1. ” She loves more than anything to pretend”.
        (her mom)

        Ya think so Mom ?

        1. Munchausen by proxy.

      2. ^This is fucking deranged. She’s five years old! How could it possibly know it wants to change genders?!

        Societal decline has reached an advanced stage.

  3. What’s Brexit? Never heard of it.

    1. It’s a british brand of toothpolish.

      1. Made from coal dust and ‘erring paste, it is!

      2. I use Crelm!

      3. But is it RoHS compliant?

  4. In the wake of Brexit, British Prime Minister David Cameron will resign.

    Winners never quit.

    1. They just declare victory and move on.

  5. Interim Mizzou President: Those Who Didn’t Support Race Protests Were ‘Just Bitter, Angry People’

    Last fall, the University of Missouri was rocked by race protests that helped topple the president and chancellor, and sparked a backlash that included drops in enrollment and a retreat by some donors.

    On Tuesday, the University of Missouri’s interim president addressed the tumultuous protests: There are “some very, very progressive people [who are] supportive of the students? and eager to make changes,” Michael Middleton said?and then there are “people who think that it was out of control? just bitter, angry people over the fact that this happened in the first place.”

    Perhaps Middleton, who was speaking to the National Press Club, shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss that latter group of people, which includes scores of dismayed donors, alumni, parents and prospective students. Mizzou’s interim president acknowledged that the university is facing a $30 million funding shortfall because of decreased enrollment in the fall, which is, in part, a reaction to the protests.

    1. Way to double down on the derp.

    2. It’s bitter angry people all the way down.

      1. Funny thing, though. I live among those “bitter, angry people,” and they sure seem to smile, and even laugh a heckova lot more than the SJW “we look for the worst in everyone we meet” crowd.

    3. This seems to be the argument du jour on the left. They can’t come up with legitimate arguments, so they result to ad hominems.

      1. Du jour? I can’t remember when they didn’t rely on such arguments. They just won’t admit that a sane adult can think clearly and not agree with them on everything.

        1. Or anything for that matter.

    4. So he wants enrollment to drop even further?

      1. He’s just running out the clock for his pension.

    5. Extolling the values of progressivism in the deepest red part of the country might not be such a good way to attract students to your school.

      The progressives who agree with you would never consider setting foot in Missouri and the locals are going to stay as far away from you as possible

      1. Progressive journalist trainees have to go through Columbia for indoctrination and dialect removal before they will let them tell us the news.

      2. Empty dorms get converted to new administrator lounges! #AnswersEverything

    6. 25% down isnt just a decrease.

      I wonder how much it will be down a year from now since they are clearly determined to keep banging the SJW drum.

      1. Hopefully far enough down that the proggie professors there start to draw unemployment and have to use the worthless degree they are peddling.

    7. When challenged everyone is just a bitter, uneducated hick, eh, Middleton you stupid fuck?

    8. “…Mizzou’s interim president acknowledged that the university is facing a $30 million funding shortfall because of decreased enrollment in the fall, which is, in part, a reaction to the protests….”

      Hit ’em in the wallet; gets their attention every time.

      1. Their decreased enrollment is a direct result their retarded SJW prog-fest of censorship, fear, and stupidity. I bet alumni giving is also sharply down.

    9. Prediction: Mizzou becomes the Detroit of the big state universities in about 10 years.

      1. It’s too bad. They have a decent engineering school. Engineering proffs tend to be pretty apolitical.

  6. One of the reasons for the huge prog tantrum about the Brexit vote is that this is the first democratic rejections of prog policy on such a large scale. They cannot tolerate people leaving the collective. (h/t to Epi)

    1. It certainly hasn’t been graceful. Now I’m hearing that people are too dumb for democracy.

      1. I’m enjoying people unfriending me on facederp for the crime of pointing out that condescending and pretending your opponents have no arguments will eventually lead to those opponents deciding to kick your ass to the curb.

        Keep building those echo chambers comrades!

        1. If the “stay” people hadn’t been so condescending they might have won. I think we’re about to see something similar here.

          1. Part of me wants Trump to win just so I can enjoy the rage and insanity from all my law school proggie pals.


        2. But it has worked so well for gun control!

      2. It certainly hasn’t been graceful. Now I’m hearing that people are too dumb for democracy

        The local news interviewed some dessicated Boomer limey who was whining about this very thing.

        Funny how democracy is something to be rejected when they end up on the losing end.

    2. Someone needs to explain to them that Black Plague and then gunpowder made their preferred system of rulership untenable.

      Alternative model does exist, but when something like 2008 Crisis hits, they have to accept they will be bound hand and foot, their throats slit, bodies dumped into the marsh and blood scattered on banks and stock exchanges to placate the White Goddess.

    3. Yep they taking the same attitude that jihadists have off people leaving dar al islam.

    4. h/t to Epi

      Has anyone seen Epi or Nicole lately?

      1. Epi is running Nicole’s political campaign. The slogan: “Why vote for the bad when you can vote for the worst?”

  7. Brexit: Fed set to provide dollar liquidity to offset market pressures

    The US Federal Reserve said Friday it was ready to provide dollar liquidity to other central banks to offset any global market pressures resulting from Britain’s vote to exit the European Union.

    “The Federal Reserve is prepared to provide dollar liquidity through its existing swap lines with central banks, as necessary, to address pressures in global funding markets, which could have adverse implications for the US economy,” the central bank said in a statement.

    The Fed said it was “carefully monitoring developments in global financial markets, in cooperation with other central banks,” after the results of Britain’s referendum on EU membership were announced early Friday.

    1. Print more money.

      1. JANET, get the helicopter to Europe!

        1. +1 Ben Bernake reference.

  8. Brexit is good news for Libertarians. It shows that things can be undone. That the prog dodge of “well sure it hasn’t worked out but its the law now and its too late to go back” just isn’t true. Yes, things can be undone.

    1. That may be part of the panic I hear in their voices.

      1. I think you are right.

      2. Yes, the inevitable “progress” of the human race has been brought into question. We are supposed to be marching towards a world government and universal human rights.

        1. …and reparations for all the evil Europe did over the past few centuries.

    2. Duran Duran has been telling us that for years.

      1. Boy has the reflex to this european union of the snake been wild.

        1. Indeed, all this was captured in Girls on Film.

        2. At least they saved it for the morning after.

        3. Ah, I was going to make a ‘union of the snake’ remark! How cool is that? /high five.

      2. The fatal referendum is all we need.

        1. When it comes undone. Someone blew their last chance on the stairway and is lonely in their nightmare.

      3. Does your post have anything to so with a character played by Milo O’Shea?

    1. Please tell me Tony Robbins was one of them.

      1. Tony has long ago burned away the nerve endings in his feet. And his face.

    2. I guess they missed the Mythbusters episode showing how anyone can do it safely.

      1. If they made a mistake, I can see one or 2 people getting burned. But DOZENS?

        Holy shit, the people who attend those things really are that stupid.

        1. Well, either they trained ’em wrong or they set up the coals wrong.

          1. “If the person in front of you screams from 3rd degree burns, do not proceed.”

          2. It was fucking selfies.

            Stupid idiots kept slowing down to take a picture of themselves.

            1. LOL that’s one way to fuck it up.

            2. I don’t know why, but selfies and the people who take them have started to just disproportionately anger me. And those sticks make me want to cram it up the wielder’s asshole.

        2. It was 40 out of 7,000. Not bad, actually.

  9. Mom arrested for spanking her disobedient kids.

    Well, would you rather she was arrested for spanking her obedient kids???

    1. You’ll be here all night?

      1. He has nowhere else to go.

        1. You wouldn’t either if you got yer arse kicked by Louis Gosset, Jr. whilst fighting in the rain. And you have to sleep with Debra Winger, too….

          1. 1982 Debra? Sign me up!

    2. Mother slaps kid.

      Kid: Ow! What was that for. I didn’t do anything!
      Mother: Exactly. Imagine what you’ll get if you do!

  10. I’m happy Leave won, but this should not be the end. I want to see a whole bunch of countries get on the Leave train.

    1. I think there’s a brit guy who did a song about a train…

      1. Soul Asylum is American, dude.

        1. I was thinking of repurposing “Peace Train,” which would cause all kinds of butt-hurt.

        2. I think Tonio had this in mind.

          1. Tom Waits isn’t a Brit, either.

              1. Is she a true Scot, though?

        1. Now there’s a true Scotsman.

          1. I am going to make him my avatar.

          2. No such thing.

    2. “Leavin, on a Brex plane..”

      1. “Don’t know if we’ll vote again…”

    3. You know who else wanted to see whole bunches getting on trains?

      1. Mr. and Mrs. Brady?

      2. Sir Topham Hatt?

      3. Warren Buffett?

      4. Jerry Brown?

        1. +1 boondoggle

      5. My fraternity brothers? Oh, wait a minute: I thought you meant PULLING a train.

  11. Census: Asians remain fastest-growing racial group in US

    WASHINGTON (AP) ? Asians remain the fastest-growing racial group in the United States, according to new information from the Census Bureau.

    The nation’s Asian population grew at 3.4 percent between July 2014 and 2015, with migration responsible for the majority of the growth, government officials said Thursday. There are now 21 million Asians in the United States, with Hawaii as the nation’s only majority Asian state.

    Sam Garrow, a Census Department demographer, said Asians have been the fastest-growing race group since about 2000, and the main driving force is international migration. In 2013, China replaced Mexico as the top sending country for immigrants to the United States, officials said.

    Other minority groups grew as well. The Hispanic population grew by 2.2 percent to 56.6 million, and New Mexico had the largest percentage of Hispanics in the country at 48 percent. The African-American population grew by 1.3 percent to 46.3 million, with Mississippi holding the nation’s largest percentage at 38.3 percent. And the American Indian and Alaska native population grew 1.5 percent to a total of 6.6 million, with Alaska having the largest percent at 19.5 percent.

    1. Are those from the Middle East counted as “Asians”?

      1. Not sure, but I think that’s unique to the UK.

        1. By Asians in the UK they mean South Asians (Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis).

          1. I thought those were the wogs?

            1. No, wogs are people who haven’t crossed the equator.

              1. Asian is only used to identify islamites when an islamite commits a crime or gangs of them rape thousands of non-islamite minors.

        1. I think the Census Bureau uses “Pacific Islander” for Polynesians (and lumps them in with “Hawaiian Native”).

          1. Filipinos are also pacific islanders.

        1. Interestingly, when the census categories were made, Arabs specifically did not want to be identified as a separate group from “white.”

          1. Initially, when the elites of the country preferred white people, of course they’d want to be considered white if possible. Now the elites of the country prefer “diversity”, and so the preferences of the people under the census have changed.

            1. I hope no one tells the Cenus what “Lebanon” (cognate: labnah, laban, etc.) means.

              1. It means “Mexican hotel of cream cheese“?

              2. *googles*


              3. “I’m half Lebanese.”

              4. JOHN CENUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!

        2. Could you imagine the uproar if Trump came up with something like this?

      2. Again, after Mexico, the top 3 countries of origin of immigrants (legal and illegal) are, in order, China, India, the Philippines.

        Yellow peril is real, bro.

        1. Of course, it couldn’t be S. Korea or Japan.

        2. That is not what I call yellow peril.

        3. I welcome China-men from all countries over there, but then I’m not a racist.

      3. According to the census guidelines, people from the Middle East are white.

        White ? A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

        1. There you have it. Whites are african america.

      4. How about jews?

        1. Let’s not get carried away here !

      5. Jews.

    2. If they grow so fast how come they are so short?

      1. Each one hits his maximum height so quickly that the next gets started while whitey’s still trying to get taller!

    3. Women too? Or just a bunch of dudes?

  12. “What was this whole Brexit thing, exactly?”

    Some Europeans want to pretend they’re not European?

    1. They try, but the greasy takeaway and track suits belie them.

  13. Twin Falls PD: Alleged rape committed by boys of Iraqi/Sudanese descent

    TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury has confirmed that three boys who were allegedly involved in the rape of a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls were of Iraqi and Sudanese descent.

    At a press conference in Twin Falls, Chief Kingsbury addressed community members and the city council about the alleged assault and explained that two of the three boys involved in the incident are at a detention center following the crime. The boys are reported to have been in the Twin Falls area for less than two years.

    Chief Kingsbury was unable to confirm or deny if the boys are refugees.

    “The Twin Falls Police Department does not take allegations of sexual assault lightly,” Chief Kingsbury explained at the press conference.

    The statement comes after allegation arose that the police department took over an hour to respond to the incident.

    Chief Kingsbury also went on to dispel the rumor that the fathers of the boys involved in the incident were “high-fiving,” and congratulating the boys following the assault.

    “We have no evidence that this occurred,” Chief Kingsbury said.

    Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs argued the rape allegations were misreported by social media and other news outlets that targeted the boys as Syrian refugees.

    1. Covered earlier, but bears a repeat. The other story here is the treatment of this story by the legacy media – rumors started that the attackers were Syrian refugees and that there was a knife, and all the media could talk about was “stupid hicks, they weren’t Syrians, and no knife, hurr, durr.”

      1. And after rebutting the knife rumor and talking about the irresponsibility of the Trump-loving racists, one article mentioned that there were reports of other bad behavior by these refugees, but these reports were cited in the context of “stuff racists believe.” Yet there was no rebuttal.

          1. The article said drunk driving, but sure.

            1. No, sorry:

              “Some conservative media outlets reported that Muslim refugees had been involved in hit-and-run incidents and were witnessed spitting on non-Muslims in the area.”

              No attempt to check on those reports, just list them as examples of what evil right-wingers are saying.

              1. This “area” being Red Hook, right?

                1. Is that link what I think it is?

                  1. No, it’s not Lovecraft, it’s about the real-world Yazidis.

                    (Whom ISIS is persecuting)

                    1. Sorry, if I can think of a more witty comeback I’ll post it.

                    2. But the OP was a Lovecraft reference.

                    3. So, I guess I’m confused.

    2. My mom’s good, she got me out of
      Twin Falls, Idaho
      Before I got too old
      You know how that goes

      1. I’ve seen Built to Spill live 3 times and they’ve never played Twin Falls. Still great shows though.

      2. Beat me to it

        1. And considering that my mom got me out of Boise, Idaho before I got too old… this song really resonates 🙂

          1. Too bad. Otherwise you could tell us stories about your own private Idaho.

            1. Spam reported!

          2. I drove through Boise once with my parents over 20 years ago and remember them snarking about it… and we were from Spokane. It’s turned into something of a tech hub and Portland annex now, from what I understand.

            1. With more than a sprinkling of Californian idiocy on top.

            2. My mom used to comment about it being a little backwards, but that was in the early 70s and yeah I’ve heard it’s grown up since then.

            3. It sucks much worse now. Totally proggie. Ada and canyon county are going to turn Idaho to the not so bright side soon. There is no where left to run too.

          3. Did she hate trees?

          4. Did she hate trees?

    3. Saw an update that the perps are back on the street.

      1. Unsurprising for the 7yo, rage inducing for the 14yo. Leaning towards detention for the 11yo.

  14. University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.

    Hopefully, Lou Reed can live to see the day a student writes their master’s thesis on “Walk on the Wild Side”

    1. Few things scream “job offer” like a masters in transgendered studies.

      1. When every government office in the country is mandated to have a transgender counselor on hand, they’ll get jobs.

      2. “So tell us, what skills do you have exactly?”

        “That question is hetero-cis-gendered-normative bigotry.”

        “OK, so none. Thanks for coming in.”

      3. Regulatory compliance is wonderful at job creation.

    2. Are they required to transition as part of their coursework?

      1. That’s only for the PhD

    3. There’ll be a Joe Dallesandro revival.

    4. University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.

      And a generation laments that their original misreading of that ??master’s degree in Transformers studies ??was incorrect…

  15. Expect dozens more of these sorts of bullshit articles in the near-future

    “Brexit” threatens to undermine U.S.-Britain special relationship

    not only does it do no such thing – it actually makes it MORE relevant. because it would be disentangled from EU domestic concerns.

    This is exactly how the Ben Rhodes-faction takes world events, and attempts to spin it in a way which makes Obama’s very-narrow opinion seem like the “Consensus” of experts and Top Men.

    Just because the UK would no longer represent a major voice in EU decisions has *zero* to do with US/UK security or trade relations. The article moans that (gasp) maybe it would be harder to arm twist allies to come along with us on our constant-meddling activities abroad!?

    Which is inadvertently making a very pro-neoconservative argument, btw; why should our bi-lateral relations hamstring anything the US thinks is essential for our security? If something *truly is* that important, we will do it with or without international-coalitions. But the reality is that the US wants its gaggle of flunkies to join it every time they decide to have a bombing campaign NOT because they are an essential aid that the US needs = but we bring them along to pretend our decisions are “widely supported” and in ‘everyone’s interests’. When they aren’t.

    1. it actually makes it MORE relevant. because it would be disentangled from EU domestic concerns.

      ^ This.

      I rode the plane back from the UK in 2000 sitting next to a fellow who was quite skeptical of joining the EU, and he very much saw it as a question of “do we warm up to Europe, or do we warm up to the US?”

      He thought warming up to Europe (and European economic views) was utterly foolish, and he supported applying to be made the 51st state.

      1. “supported applying to be made the 51st state.”

        Fuck no. I don’t want Britain in my country.

        Well, I’d take some parts of Britain. The highlands and the Scottish Isles look nice. But as for the rest of it and the people, they can remain their own country.

        1. Britain would have approximately 100 electoral college votes. They would be super-California.

          And as poor as West Virginia.

          1. Oh fuck. Lol.

          2. And they would vote for Hillary.

        2. It would be the fastest way to get an American James Bond and and American Doctor Who.


      2. Is Wales #52, part of the package, or left behind?

      3. Also, I thought Kurdistan wanted to be #51?

        1. Kurdistan, Puerto Rico and the UK can be #51, but they have to share 12 electoral votes. We’re reserving #52 for Canada.

  16. New Mexico parents force teen to live in backyard tent

    BELEN, NM (KRQE/CNN) – A small New Mexico community has been abuzz with gossip about two parents’ unusual form of punishment for their son.

    Jacob and Angela Boggus have forced their son to live to in a tent in their backyard during the day because he was stealing from them.

    “We’re not doing anything wrong here,” Angela Boggus said. “We’re simply trying to teach our child a lesson.”

    Their 16-year-old son is sentenced to the tent during the daytime. He is provided with water, allowed to use the bathroom indoors and is brought in to sleep at 9 p.m.

    “If he doesn’t learn that now, it’s going to be the whole world’s problem, not just ours, in a couple of years,” Jacob Boggus said.

    Still, some members of the neighborhood find it negligent. The local sheriff’s department has been called out to the home three times recently, but, after inspecting the situation, they haven’t deemed it illegal.

    “It’s not like he’s been banished out to the mesa a hundred miles away from civilization,” Valencia County Chief Deputy Gary Hall said.

    The parents, who said they feel out of options, said anyone who wanted to talk to their son was more than welcome.

    “Anybody who wants to talk some sense into him is more than welcome,” Jacob Boggus said. “We’re not trying to hide from this.”

    1. Good for them. I doubt it will do much good. Chances are he will just learn to not steal from his parents and steal from someone else.

      1. Future Democratic voter.

    2. OMG. Next we’ll find out they cut his allowance!

      1. Don’t trigger me!

    1. I have found my path to immortality.

  17. More anti-Brexit arguments from progressive American friends of mine:

    The main thing that concerns me about Brexit is the white nationalist side to it. When Stormfront is celebrating something I generally find it’s safe to be on the other side.

    I agree, it would be like if the KKK were sponsoring a bill in the Senate.

    UKIP has always been about xenophobia. Brexit to them is about returning to a white England.

    1. Brexit to them is about returning to a white England.

      Not going to happen. Too many Indians, Jamaicans, etc there already and assimilated and intermarried with the locals.

      1. And they arrived in England thanks to its ties to the EU.

        1. At one point all the Commonwealth subjects could go to England.

        2. I am pretty sure colonization had something to do with this.

          1. LOL yeah, I was joking.

      2. Not to mention the stinking Welsh, Irish, and Scots.

    2. It’s amazing how many different ways these guys come up with to just call people racist.

      1. You get that trade in?

        1. Ha, no. I went 10% above ask yesterday after close.

          It’s up 45% today.

          1. the reason i mentioned that alternative approach was also partly because many people have restrictions in 401/IRA accounts that forbid levered ETFs. I think the XIV thing becomes useful after monday.

            1. Yeah, and you also can’t short in an IRA. My IRA is just index and bond funds, though. I don’t play with it.

            2. *ponders jokes to make juxtaposing Playa’s article about the UK’s peace agreement with Ireland and GILMORE’s IRA comments*

              1. As my uncle once said (born in the Real Ireland, not the North): “There may be a few bad people in IRA…MAYBE.”


      1. ^This

        My roommate has literally no idea how the European Union works, what the advantages and disadvantages are, why people might prefer it or have issues with it, etc. All he can say is “hur dur racism!”

      2. I put that right up next to the “Wants more government :: More Government” meme, in terms of brilliant mockery/wit.

        If you can find a waycapitalize* on that, you should do so.

        /I’d buy that t-shirt

    4. So, admittedly I’m not really all that knowledgeable on the subject of European demographics.

      But how does voting to leave the pasty, white-as-fuck, EUROPEAN Union make your country MORE White??

      I was under the assumption that Britain had a lower percentage of white people than the EU as a whole…

      Leaving a Union of European nations populated with tons of white people in favor of a smaller nation with larger amounts of non-white people by percentage seems like you’ve made your country a whole lot less “white”.

      1. It’s funny, but the immigrants that most Brits whinged about were the Pollock tradesmen.

        1. I didn’t know abstract expressionism was in such high demand in Londonistan…

        2. I believe the correct spelling of the polish derogatory is, “Polack” (or 2 Ls if you prefer, but i see no point)

          What you spelled is a kind of fish

          1. Translit is, “Poljak” for male, “Pol’ka” for female.

          2. Well, yes. Fish and chips is best done with cod.

            1. Is that some kind of code?

        3. It’s funny, but the immigrants that most Brits whinged about were the Pollock tradesmen.

          Well, that’s because we Pollack tradesmen are a hundred times better than the British ones.
          True fact: the guy I replaced after he retired was a Brit. Talk about some crappy work.

          1. We also make excellent engineers, and despite what the Ruskies claim, we invented vodka.

      2. I don’t know the exact numbers either but by my observation neither the UK nor most of the rest of Europe is as lily-white as they used to be. IOW, the “racist” angle is really just a deflection from the real issue which is home-rule.

        1. “..the real issue which is home-rule chafing against the bit of feckless Belgian colonial rule”.

    5. “When Stormfront is celebrating something I generally find it’s safe to be on the other side.”

      It’s no surprise that “progressives” are wrong so often when THIS is their idea of reasoning. It’s like they believe that if a bad person or entity supports something, it’s automatically false. I was trying to convince a left-leaning relative of mine that regulations are almost always a bad idea, and his reply was, “I’m always skeptical when I hear ‘government regulations’ cited as a problem, because getting rid of them just helps giant corporations.”

      Yes, Stormfront is wrong on a lot of things, but the fact that Stormfront supports something doesn’t make it wrong. I’m not a racist, but I’m also not a person who makes decisions based on which side the boogie-man supports.

      If Monsanto put out a press release saying that water is wet, Mother Jones would run an article the following week proclaiming that water is actually the driest substance known to man and that its wetness is a piece of clever propaganda cooked up by an evil, for-profit corporation.

  18. Obama = CREATES History with a wave of his hand

    *i believe the proposal to make a monument out of the stonewall has been a thing for 20+ years.

    Also = the idea that the ‘monument’ protects 7 acres??

    Sounds to me like someone is slipping some MAJOR real-estate boondoggle action into that particular “historic landmark” re-zoning.

    1. MAJOR real-estate boondoggle action into that particular “historic landmark” re-zoning

      Considering that the entire area is already inside a historic district, I wonder if anything changes from that angle.

      1. Sheridan Square, yes – but 7ACRES? that’s like a gigantic swath of the W.vill.

        1. I can’t find an exact size but the Village is 220 acres and most of it is “protected”.

          1. What NYC really needs is a govt which ensures that buying property is impossible because its all so hideously expensive.

            1. You can always pal up with the mayor and try to score one of the “affordable” units he commands to be built for the poors.

              1. Trivia tidbit =

                I spent a lot of my teens getting drunk @ the 55 bar, which is next-door to the Stonewall.

                It was a jazz-guitar joint which had a $10 door charge (plus 2 “free” drinks with entry). the bouncer was ‘supposed’ to do the ID-checking, while the service people inside did not. The bouncer did not care. the servers were all college kids. As long as you didn’t bother anyone you could sit through 3 shows and get hammered. So we did. I also saw lots of great players, which was a nice side-benefit. Mike Stern & Wayne Krantz basically lived there for 2+ decades.

                1. “Next door to Stonewall…”
                  So your bi?

                  1. Oops…you are

  19. With Brexit, I see all the swells pivoted quickly to the usual talking point: ignorant racists fail to do the right thing. Keep repeating that over and over, since it seems to be working so well.

    I also like the “death of reason and factual information” angle to it all, since the rubes disagreed with the experts. Exit question: Are these the same experts whose polls claimed Remain would win the day?

  20. The War on Stupid People

    Those who consider themselves bright openly mock others for being less so. Even in this age of rampant concern over microaggressions and victimization, we maintain open season on the nonsmart. People who’d swerve off a cliff rather than use a pejorative for race, religion, physical appearance, or disability are all too happy to drop the s?bomb: Indeed, degrading others for being “stupid” has become nearly automatic in all forms of disagreement.

    It’s popular entertainment, too. The so-called Darwin Awards celebrate incidents in which poor judgment and comprehension, among other supposedly genetic mental limitations, have led to gruesome and more or less self-inflicted fatalities. An evening of otherwise hate-speech-free TV-watching typically features at least one of a long list of humorous slurs on the unintelligent (“not the sharpest tool in the shed”; “a few fries short of a Happy Meal”; “dumber than a bag of hammers”; and so forth). Reddit regularly has threads on favorite ways to insult the stupid, and fun-stuff-to-do.com dedicates a page to the topic amid its party-decor ideas and drink recipes.

    Get over yourselves, snobs.

    1. Reddit spends more time making fun of people who falsely think themselves to be geniuses (/r/iamverysmart is fun)

    2. The so-called Darwin Awards

      Do they call Krugman’s economics award the so-called Nobel Prize?

      1. The Nobel Prize has become the new “Dinner for schmucks”.
        It truly is a wonderful time to be alive…

    3. It is probably a bad idea to make your hiring decisions based on intelligence. Here is the dirty little secret of life; most things are not that hard to do and don’t require that much intelligence. What they do require is tenacity and effort and judgement. And those qualities are independent of intelligence.

      I am quite sure if you administered IQ tests, the staff at Vox or HuffPost would probably do pretty well, as unbelievable as that sounds. But no business in their right mind would hire any of them to clean the toilets. Our obsession with measurable intelligence in place of work ethic, judgement and morality is one of the things that is killing this country.

      1. I don’t know, I’ve always had the opinion that actual smart people tended to be more humble. Only arrogant dumb asses are stupid enough to think they know everything.

        1. Depends on how you define “smart”.

        2. This applies mostly after a certain maturity level.

          Also, John is correct above. Smart doesnt necessarily make a good employee, good work ethics and wisdom do and you don’t have to be smart to be wise.

      2. Our obsession with measurable intelligence in place of work ethic, judgement and morality is one of the things that is killing this country.

        We don’t have an obsession with measurable intelligence. We have an obsession with totems that the priests assure us measure intelligence. Nobody gives a shit about IQ (not that they should) but rather with college degrees.

        1. IQ tests are generally bullshit, I think. It’s pure theory, but I suspect human intelligence isn’t nearly as linear as it’s portrayed. Currently, we measure memory and the three R’s. Some problem-solving ability. Something more like a sophisticated ASFAB could paint a clearer picture. Because how do you tell the mechanical genius who can MacGuyver anything with a toothpick, WD-40 and a pack of jelly beans that he’s stupid because he wasn’t good at algebra? Illogical.

            1. As one who has taken the AVAB and lived to tell the tale – it would have to be way, way more sophisticated.

              When my recruitment officer administered the ASVAB they had a couple of nice-looking Marine candidates in the room with me. Both about 6’4″ with no necks and already wearing their hair high and tight. After I finished the test and gave them notes on three questions that were not correct, I watched them help the dumber of the two do well enough to pass the thing. I swear, I could have gotten a perfect score on that test in the 7th grade.

              That’s not braggadocio, that’s calling out a very, very low bar. They say the SAT doesn’t do well at discriminating at the high end. Well, the ASVAB doesn’t do well discriminating past “just below average”. That probably drives the .20 miscorrelation.

              1. The ASVAB bar is very low. I’ve taken it twice, once in 96 and before I enlisted in 04. The second time I took it I was in the room with a gal who was worried she was going to fail it for the fourth time. If I can pull out a 99th percentile on that it IS really easy. Bit I had a lifer platoon Seargent who didn’t know how to use a chain binder so the military is full of some not so smart cats.

      3. Outside the NFL, it seems its next to impossible to legally give a potential employee an IQ test.

        1. Military does it.

      4. what’s worse is all the dumbass proggies who really think they are smart, yet they couldn’t explain an issue outside a meme they saw on the internet

      5. Boom. I supervise a group of PhDs. I feel like I have to teach them to tie their shoes.

      6. Totally agree. I would love to have been able to memorize stupid stuff in college and get through it, but damn it I tried to think about it and ended up giving up. Screw the degree I have a job.

    4. We must stop glorifying intelligence and treating our society as a playground for the smart minority. We should instead begin shaping our economy, our schools, even our culture with an eye to the abilities and needs of the majority, and to the full range of human capacity. The government could, for example, provide incentives to companies that resist automation, thereby preserving jobs for the less brainy. It could also discourage hiring practices that arbitrarily and counterproductively weed out the less-well-IQ’ed. This might even redound to employers’ benefit: Whatever advantages high intelligence confers on employees, it doesn’t necessarily make for more effective, better employees. Among other things, the less brainy are, according to studies and some business experts, less likely to be oblivious of their own biases and flaws, to mistakenly assume that recent trends will continue into the future, to be anxiety-ridden, and to be arrogant.

      1. I wonder if he’s a fan of the police forces, which have embraced this strategy whole-heartedly already?

      2. And people criticize Ayn Rand’s characterizations of her villains as over-the-top.

      3. Kind of like group exercises in school, where the smart kinds wound up doing all the work, but everybody got the same grade.

        Way to build resentment among the smart people.

      4. The Atlantic obviously doesn’t discriminate against the intelligence quotient disadvantaged. The fact that they paid someone to write this piece, and then actually published it, is proof.

      5. There’s a distinction between making fun of people doing stupid things when they should know better and making fun of genuinely stupid people that the Atlantic seems to be ignoring here.

      6. It could also discourage hiring practices that arbitrarily and counterproductively weed out the less-well-IQ’ed.

        What does this even mean? What’s an example of an “arbitrary and counterproductive” hiring practice based on weeding out the “less-well-IQ’ed”?

        1. Using a ba degree as a resume filter.

      7. You disappoint me. I expect less of you…

  21. Mom arrested for spanking her disobedient kids.

    The issue wasn’t the spanking. The issue was coopting the role of the State, whose job it is to demand obedience and dole out punishments.

    1. “America’s foremost public intellectual” approves this message.

      1. Michael Moore?

  22. FBI = “No Evidence” Orlando Shooter Was Gay

    Of course they’re not ruling anything out. If anything it seems to be a pushback against the media which seems increasingly to want to jump to conclusions because (in the minds of retarded people and journalists) it somehow means, “he wasn’t REALLY a terrorist”. because there’s no such thing as a terrorist with mixed motivations.

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious that this was yet another example of senseless workplace violence.

      1. Look Tarran, we can never know why he did this.

    2. I thought *all* religious fundamentalists were repressed gays.


    3. Nah, I think they’re jumping on that bandwagon because it fits the “every homophobe is secretly a self-hating gay!!” narrative that’s been around since forever. It’s weird, since gay people tend to buy into that narrative as if them being gay is a bad thing…

  23. Remember, progs love democracy and voting and all that jazz, as long as the result is what they want. But if it’s not what they want, insult people for ‘voting against the interests’, made ad hominem attacks, appeal to authority, etc.

    Despite all the structural problems with the EU and having unelected “euro-crats” set policy for you…. instead of discussing any of that, lets just boil everything down to anti-immigrant.

    1. They want to enfranchise as many people as possible, including convicted felons, and get everyone registered and taken to the polls. But it’s not because they actually trust voters’ judgment as a matter of principle; it’s because they want to pay their voters off, get the right people elected, and then proceed to screw the people who voted for them and hope they won’t notice. If they *do* notice, rig the voting so they can’t make an effective protest.

    2. “voting against your interests” is code for “how dare you value something more than money.” And, somehow, we are the greedy ones.

      1. And not just money, but short term money. Voting based on long term financial outlook isnt allowed either. You can only take your current situation into account.

      2. It’s more like “how dare you value something more than money in the short run.”

        1. I ninja’d your correction.

  24. Obama = Young People Need “Right Tools” To Start Businesses

    Presumably these include a higher minimum wage, penalties associated with the ACA, and the enormous liabilities they expose themselves to if their employees mis-use someone’s preferred pronouns, etc.

    Oh! they also include market-distorting subsidies lavished out to any business which meets the administration’s arbitrary percent of female and minority employees. Sweet.

    1. The spoilt, entitled little shitheads are just too goddamn risk averse these days!

      /everybody over 50

    2. They aren’t acquiring these tools in college? Why not, Obama?

      1. (files Title IX complaint against Playa)

    3. The right tool is to get the fuck out of my way jerk.

      I invested in a company in Florida. It was explained to me how Obamacare is a way for the government to put this type of business out of business. It’s been three months we’re waiting for the inspector. It’s a way for the government to force people to keep injecting capital to keep the business rolling (but they can’t bill) until they hopefully decide to close.

      It’s costing me quite a bit in interest alone.

      Obama can go screw himself. He does exactly the opposite of what he says or you will start something humans have been doing for centuries on their own according to his lousy left-wing standards.

      1. A family member is opening a business in Houston. After a year and nearly 100K they are still working on getting it open. As soon as they got started people started lining up around the block with their hands out; inspectors, plumbers, painters, bureaucrats from offices I had never heard of…

        I have run my own business. I don’t think I would even try to start one today.

        1. Only chains with deep pockets can open inside Houston City limits for the most part.

          1. I fully expect it to fail. The wolves will stay at them until they are broke then the pack will be off looking for another victim.

  25. In honor of Brexit, have Sir Humphrey Appleby explain why UK joined EEC.

    1. The Italian city-states did it first.

      1. This is true of a lot of things. Not for nothing did Renaissance start in Italy…

  26. Clinton = Gaps in Her Daily Planner

    An Associated Press review of the official calendar Hillary Clinton kept as secretary of state identified at least 75 meetings with longtime political donors, Clinton Foundation contributors and corporate and other outside interests that were not recorded or omitted the names of those she met.

    The fuller details of those meetings were included in files the State Department turned over to the AP after it sued the government in federal court.

    The missing entries raise new questions about how Clinton and her inner circle handled government records documenting her State Department tenure ? in this case, why the official chronology of her four-year term does not closely mirror the other, more detailed records of her daily meetings.

    1. Maybe if we explore Clinton’s gaps we’ll find a way to finger her.

      1. (picks up phone to rent power-washer to clean the vomit from my walls)

      2. Speaking of a Title IX complaint…

    2. Merrill said that Clinton “has always made an effort to be transparent since entering public life, whether it be the release of over 30 years of tax returns, years of financial disclosure forms, or asking that 55,000 pages of work emails from her time of secretary of state be turned over to the public.”

      The AP first sought Clinton’s calendar and schedules from the State Department in August 2013, but the agency would not acknowledge even that it had the material. After nearly two years of delay, the AP sued the State Department in March 2015. The department agreed in a court filing last August to turn over Clinton’s calendar, and provided the documents in November. After noticing discrepancies between Clinton’s calendar and some schedules, the AP pressed in court for all of Clinton’s planning material. The U.S. has released about one-third of those planners to the AP, so far.

      And I’m to understand that there are people that are *enthusiastic* about voting for this person?

    3. Nixon only had 18 mins of tape missing.

    4. So this is the October Surprise?

  27. “University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.”

    Proggies love changing the meanings of words to make things seem like things they are not.

    Memorizing a narrative and then trying to hammer every observation of reality to fit it and attempting to force everyone else to buy into it is not a ‘study’. It is something more akin to what religions practice in getting their acolytes to memorize holy books and convert others.

    A ‘study’, especially one employing the scientific method, is a means of acquiring new information.

    1. Memorizing a narrative and then trying to hammer every observation of reality to fit it and attempting to force everyone else to buy into it is not a ‘study’. It is something more akin to what religions practice in getting their acolytes to memorize holy books and convert others.

      They give degrees in divinity too.

    2. We will add your biological uniqueness to our own. Resistance is futile.

    3. Oh, it’s a study.

      It’s the study of made up bullshit.

    4. I’m okay with this. Let morons waste their money and time. The market will ultimately respond with education alternatives that cost less and give people better bang for their buck.

  28. “University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.”

    Otherwise known as gender appropriation.

    1. “Master’s degree” is problematic and triggering.

  29. Doc, is that really you? Here, let me test you: Dune, Arrakis, ______?

    1. PRO’L DIB!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. NEVER! A good Fremen *never* wastes water…

    2. (passed Gom Jabbar, controls Shai Halud, and vanquished the Harkonnens)

      1. Welcome back! I, too, have been absent, due to work and GBM, likely caused by too much python consumption. But all is well.

        1. Is your AOL still good?

            1. Otclychno! Much has happened in House Groovus.

              1. I heard a little. But it was the Brian Herbert version, much inferior.

                1. I heard a little. But it was the Brian Herbert version, much inferior.

                  It’s very late here, so’s I have to go to bed. I will email you the Frank Herbert version (abridged accordingly).

                  May you knife chip and shatter.

    3. Well look who decided to show up.

      1. It was the Brexit. I came over this morning to see what you guys were saying about it.

        1. That’s exactly what I figured. You have ascended to a place where you only come out of the High Tower for news of the Highest Importance while the rest of us bitch about bathroom policy.

          1. More or less. Though I do hear things, like how everyone is totally into Trump over here.

            1. I would say “everyone” is an exaggeration, but there is a bit of a populist backlash. While there are a few Trump people who pop in, I think there’s more backlash against Trump Derangement Syndrome which does exist. Then there are the “Why don’t you be as mean to Hillary as you are to Trump”.

              1. I was making a joke. I hear things. Strange things.

                  1. That and the lack of Hestonian Apocalyptic Trilogy quotes. I mean, come on, no “You maniacs, you blew it up?” Sad.

  30. I like to get one of these in every week =

    REMINDER! Still Dropping Bombs in “End Of Combat Operations”-Afghanistan

    The U.S. military has launched its first airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama’s decision earlier this month to expand America’s involvement against the insurgents, U.S. officials said Friday.

    Officials said the strikes began in the last week and were against Taliban targets in the southern part of the country. But Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook declined to provide any details, citing “operational security.”

    One senior U.S. official said there have been “a couple” of airstrikes, but the U.S. does not want to provide more information because there may be more strikes in that area, including missions with Afghan forces who could be accompanied by U.S. advisers.

    I am shocked there are no mentions of this on the front pages newspapers.

    1. It’s a job-creation program for the production crew of Homeland.

    2. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia. It is not, therefore, news.

    3. They’re waiting for Obama to land his fighter jet on an aircraft carrier, and shout “mission accomplished!” before they spike the ball…

  31. Time for the English to stock up on these.

  32. Not at all an opponent of spanking and I applaud the mother for at least trying to apply discipline and having standards for her kids but 10 and 13 are probably and definitely past the point where spanking is an effective punishment.

    The kids are likely old enough that fear of punishment has ceased to be a major motivator and certainly old enough in order to inflict sufficient pain to motivate them to avoid the punishment in the future would require actually injuring them (that is cross the line from spanking to actual physical abuse.

    Still, this is definitely not a criminal matter and her kids should not have been taken from her

    1. That is why she used an electrical cord.

    1. I love Land Cruisers. I am very envious of you owning one.

      1. Mine is a 74. I bought it from a farm, where it sat for 2 years. It started on the first try. I needed to do some things to it to get her going, but it’s better by the day. Some rust in the back, but I’ll get to it before winter.
        My parents bought one as they were getting married. I grew up in a fj60. Loved it.

  33. My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries and the workers’ rights that rescued Britain from the “sick man of Europe” era of the 1970s

    I’m sorry, just not super-convinced that joining the EU cured the ‘sick-man of Europe’ era of the 1970s. At all.

    Also, disentangling yourself from Brussels doesn’t mean jack or shit regarding freedom of movement. There have been many different countries that had treaties or pacts which allowed their citizens to be free to move between them.

    I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the false-dichotomies being pushed in the wake of the Brexit.

    Now, if the EU punishes Britain just to fuck with it, sure.

    1. It’s the left, what do you expect?

    2. For us, there will be no golden age of economic hope and glory.

      Oh come on, Jesus. There can be if you abandon all the things that the younger generation seem to favor: free everything. If you can free yourselves from that bullshit thinking, you young folks have TONS of opportunities ahead of you.

      1. So the older people who remembered the UK before they were subsumed into the EU had the courage to vote Leave, and the ones who have no memory of that time are sure disaster awaits.

          1. Remember, history doesn’t exist before the birth of the young.

            1. For me, real music didn’t begin until Cindi Lauper and Boy George.

        1. Kind of frightening when you apply that to a generation that only knows Obamacare.

          1. Just imagine the pre-Obamacare horror stories their kids will learn in school.

    3. Gosh, who was the prime minister who beat back labour and revitalized the English economy?

      1. Don’t mention the war Thatcher!”

      2. H..Hitler?

        1. I think you mean Mr. Hilter.

    4. The EU started in 1993. They were past the sick man before that.

    5. The UK is home to some incredible universities. According to the QS 2015/16 World University Ranking, four of the top 10 universities in the world are based in the UK. One of these is the University of Oxford, where I have just completed an undergraduate degree. Another, University College London, is where I will be starting my master’s degree in October. It’s safe to say that I have a stake in these institutions receiving the level of funding that have helped them become such prestigious research hubs.

      I do admit I’m learning some cool stuff from this VoxSplainer. Who knew Oxford was a fifth rate community college until Britain joined the EU.

      1. Actually, until the EU spigot turned on, Oxford was struggling with funding.

        1. On the other hand, until Greece joined the EU, it was completely financially sound.

      2. Jack Lennard recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in archaeology and anthropology. He will be beginning a master’s degree in cultural heritage studies at University College London in October.

        And hopefully future Starbucks employee.

        1. Counter at an alternative bookstore.

    6. Neither am I. But these are the people who believe that collectivization creates prosperity. You know, the whole “you didn’t build that” crowd.

    7. These young folks’ only redeeming quality is that they’ll eventually get to be old enough to realize what colossal idiots they used to be.

  34. Well into the article by the Vox writer about the “middle finger” that the Brexit vote is for young people (but without a SINGLE mention of how the Brexit causes ANY economic hardship!) I stumbled onto this sentence:

    “I could go on about the economic hardships Britain will face. Instead, I’ll explain why I FEEL betrayed as a young, 21-year-old student.”

    And suddenly, I couldn’t read another word.

    1. Instead, I’ll explain why I FEEL betrayed as a young, 21-year-old student.”

      I’m glad he described 21 years old as “young”. Without that, I would have naturally assumed he was part of the combover-and-convertible set.

      1. He’s upset about all the time he had invested in ensuring a successful EU.

    2. I admire you for even getting that far into that pile of drivel.

    3. Well into the article by the Vox writer about the “middle finger” that the Brexit vote is for young people

      Has Vox ever published an article about how the votes for Medicare and SS gave the middle finger to young Americans?

      So much fear mongering from the “Remain” crowd.

  35. Robby is linking to Vox without irony? I suppose it could have been Salon.

    “This is a final middle-fingered salute to the young from the baby boomer generation. Not content with racking up insurmountable debt, not content with destroying any hopes of sustainable property prices or stable career paths, not content with enjoying the benefits of free education and generous pension schemes before burning down the ladder they climbed up, the baby boomers have given one last turd on the doorstep of the younger generation.

    My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries and the workers’ rights that rescued Britain from the “sick man of Europe” era of the 1970s.”

    Free education?
    Generous pension schemes
    Worker’s rights?

    These things are being attributed to the European Union, and Robby finds them compelling?

    Is this still a libertarian website?

  36. RE: University of Arizona students can get a master’s degree in transgender studies.

    I’m sure these students will make a lot of money with a degree in transgender studies.
    Can you imagine the look on their prospective employers’ faces when they read they got a degree in transgender studies?
    You can bet your life they will be hired immediately with no questions asked.
    After all, a transgender studies degree is a much better degree than one in public administration, business administration or computer engineering.
    Just ask any job placement officer.

    1. I prefer people get degrees in transgender studies than fucking public administration.

      1. You’re absolutely right.
        I didn’t think it through.
        Not enough scotch.

      2. Where do you think people with Transgender studies go?

          1. ‘I did my doctorate dissertation on “me love you long time: promise or pretense?”‘

    2. They have jobs waiting at huffpo, slate, etc . They can probably get a teaching certificate as well. There’s always an admin job for some democrat politician. Being a dumbass is prefered for some jobs.

  37. RE: Mom arrested for spanking her disobedient kids.

    Nothing but good will come from this.
    Taking away the authority is a wise move by any socialist state.
    We are getting closer to a true socialist paradise every day, and one of the reasons why is having The State make sure they are not allowed to discipline their kids.
    This way the children of the little people will grow up angry and frustrated.
    However, once at the re-education camps of higher education of Amerika, the socialists in charge of indoctrinating these angry children will quite correctly state their anger is justified at a failed capitalist system.
    Then thousands, if not millions, of angry young people will demand we revert to a socialist slave state immediately otherwise they will pout, cry and mess their diapers.
    This is a wise policy because, after all, the children belong to The State, not the parents.

    1. Maybe she wasn’t hitting them hard enough?

          1. Why do I envision the judge looking something like this?

    1. Holy shit for real.

    2. What the fuck did I just read?

  38. Did he get the bag of coffee or not?

    1. I see you have your priorities straight.

  39. Jesus, these people sound exactly like American lefties…….

    “Heartbroken Brits react to Brexit result with #NotMyVote hashtag”


    1. whenever lefty collectivism fails, “Democracy is broken”

    2. One of the reasons why I’d like to see Trump win (even if I wouldn’t vote for him) is just to watch the American left pee their pants and scream.

      1. I’ve decided to vote Trump just for the Lolz. I live in the land of Jesse the Body Ventura, and that actually turned out ok, even though he is personally a giant douche.

  40. I atill don’t understand the role of immigration in this Brexit thing? I know that immigration added to the general discontent but what does UK immigration have to do with the EU? Was Brussels forcing the UK to take immigrants? Or is this one of those lefty spins where the brits only wanted to leave because racism?

    1. Ok. Did some googling. So Britain can only control immigration from outside the EU. Once they’ve been accepted by any other EU country, UK has to let them in

      1. Yes – and i think leaving the EU is certainly motivated by concern about *future* influx of new EU ‘citizens’.

        I just think calling it a “reaction” to immigration is misleading/false.

        1. Understand where this was headed.

          The United States of Europe was the goal.

          Voting to leave wasn’t only about what’s been happening over the last few years and what’s happening right now. It’s also about what people expect in the future.

          That being said, the UK’s refugee rules were dictated by the EU, as well, right? If parliament decided they didn’t want any more refugees, well that was too bad–because that decision is made in Brussels, not London.

          1. the UK’s refugee rules were dictated by the EU, as well, right?

            No, see below = the refugee intake was part of a separate UN agreement. unless they were part of some separate, specific new EU-wide decision re: New arrivals.

            See here from 2003 – Tony Blair in a public-issue about reducing their intake of asylum-seekers. if they were ‘”not in control” of their own intake of refugees, that debate would never have happened.

            1. My understanding is that the EU’s asylum policy has been in place since the ’90s. It’s called the Dublin Rules. Among other things, EU policy has it that the nation where the refugee first requests asylum is the nation where the asylum seeker should remain. A huge number of those refugees were coning through Greece, but also Italy, Spain, . . .

              Because Greece was devastated economically even before the flood of refugees, and, furthermore, because an EU judge ruled that the conditions in refugee camps in Greece were so bad that they amounted to what we in the U.S. would call cruel and unusual punishment, the Dublin rules were out the window.

              So what Brussels decided to do was start sharing the burden and distributing refugees evenly around the European Union.

              And that’s just about refugees.

              We still haven’t talked about how there are somewhere between 5-10 million Muslim French citizens, any of whom could move to the UK any time they wanted. Another few million in Germany were likewise welcome to come whenever they pleased while the UK was in the EU.

              There are millions more in other parts of the EU.

            2. We should remember, too, that people don’t always do things for rational reasons. Even if the people of the UK had no reason to fear Muslim immigration to the UK (refugees or otherwise), many of the Leave supporters may have wanted to leave the EU for that reason anyway.

              Here’s one example:

              I can show you a poll that says some 69% of the American people believed that Saddam Hussein was personally complicit in 9/11 a full six months after we invaded Iraq. A lot of that, apparently, had to do with the anthrax attack. We know that Saddam Hussein wasn’t actually in any way personally complicit in 9/11, but just because what the American people believed was actually false, doesn’t mean the American people didn’t believe it. If I had believed that Saddam Hussein was personally complicit in 9/11, I would have supported invading Iraq.

              The point is that sometimes people believe false things, and it’s entirely possible that the a huge chunk of the 52% of the people of the UK voted to exit the EU because they didn’t want any more refugees–even if leaving the EU makes no difference in keeping out more refugees.

              There are people who want school choice because they believe in creationism. I’m not personally convinced that the earth was created in seven days 6,000 years ago, but some people come to the same conclusions I do (about school choice or exiting the EU) for bad reasons.

    2. That’s kind of the central message of the EU.

      If you’re a citizen of an EU country, then you can travel to, live, and work in any EU country.

      That’s the big beef against letting Turkey into the EU. Once they’re admitted, all of their citizens will have the right to move to the UK (or anywhere else in Europe) as legal residents.

      As it stands now, if France lets Algerian born natives become French citizens, then they have a right to move to the UK.

      If the UK isn’t in the EU, then they don’t have to let anybody in they don’t want to let in anymore.

      “The free movement of persons means EU citizens can move freely between member states to live, work, study or retire in another country.”


    3. I know that immigration added to the general discontent but what does UK immigration have to do with the EU?

      This is a good point. The people who think the vote was “xenophobic” are being naive; the UK imports huge #s of ‘brown people’ from commonwealth nations and the Brexit vote has zero to do with their own refugee/asylum/immigration laws.

      What it changes is the free movement of labor between the continent and UK. The cheap eastern-european laborers who flooded the UK are NOT “Immigrants”, nor are they provoking any ‘racial’ backlash. Opposition to lots of fluid cheap labor is certainly “nationalist/populist/protectionist”… and you can certainly find many pro-Brexit people who ALSO oppose immigration. but the vote itself really has little to nothing to do with proper-immigration.

      1. If you wanted to restrict immigration in the UK, you couldn’t so long as the UK was a member of the EU.

        Now that they’re outside the EU, restricting immigration is possible.

        I see the motivations of anti-EU voters as essentially both anti-immigration and being leery of being treated like an economic backstop by irresponsible countries in the EU.

        I like to see the UK vote itself out of the EU for reasons that aren’t really attached to immigration, but rightly or wrongly, I think that’s one of the two big reasons why they voted to leave. It’s just that the reasons they decided to leave aren’t necessarily the same reasons I’m glad they left.

        1. I think it’s smart to leave. Decentralization of the power structure is always the right direction.

          1. I think it was in this case.

            The EU has turned into an anti-democratic culsterfuck of elitist bureaucracy.

            The problem with central planning isn’t that the central planners aren’t democratically elected. It’s that central planning fails no matter who’s in charge. And the EU was taking it a step further–trying to centrally plan the culture in addition to the economy.

            Yeah, fuck that noise.

        2. If you wanted to restrict immigration in the UK, you couldn’t so long as the UK was a member of the EU.

          I don’t think this is exactly right. The UK still retained control over direct immigration to the country, and whom to grant residency & passports, etc. But they had no control over whom other EU members let in their own countries, and consequently had to offer various rights to.

          unless i’m mistaken.

          Also- the UK has specific rules/laws in place which allow (similar to intra-EU) immigration for people in commonwealth counties who apply. They are also a signatory to UN conventions providing shelter to “refugees”, which has been the source of a lot of migration, the Brexit has zero effect on that.

          This article
          covers much of what i’m talking about. I think there are multiple categories

          – “immigration within commonwealth”
          – “Eu-free-movement”-immigration (mostly from eastern europe)
          – Outside EU, Outside Commonwealth “managed migration” (similar to H1B)
          – “asylum seekers”

          The Brexit only affects the second category.

          1. The point was that the UK could not prevent the citizens of other EU countries from moving to the UK, residing in the UK, studying in the UK, working in the UK, or retiring in the UK–so long as the UK was in the EU.

            And the EU does have rules on asylum seekers.

            “EU unveils plans to reform asylum rules to help frontline members”

            —-The Guardian


            1. “[It] is neither fair nor sustainable given the reality of volumes of people that is putting a huge burden on a few member states.”

              Burden? Dude must be racist.

            2. And the EU does have rules on asylum seekers.

              Yes, but the UK had already subscribed to a convention on asylum which was separate from any EU-specific requirements.

              IOW, leaving the EU isn’t some silver-bullet changing the situation *entirely*; it changes, but not in some sea-change fashion.

  41. Blacks leaving Chicago in droves, Tribune writer thinks it has something to do with the weather:

    Propelling black flight is the search for stable incomes, safe neighborhoods and prosperity, with many African-Americans, similarly to other Illinois residents, flocking to warm-weather states.


    1. The sentence is phrased such that it may not be giving credit to the weather. Parse it again.

      1. I’d believe that were it not for the article’s front page subhead which I didn’t get to copy in time before it disappeared. It pretty much stated exactly that.

        1. Found it:

          Cook County in 2015 recorded the largest black population of any county in the U.S., a title it has held for several years, but its lead grows shakier as more African-Americans are opting to move to outlying suburbs or warm-weather states, according to new U.S. Census Bureau data.

          I know that the article mentions the real reasons for the exodus, but given that why even mention weather?

          1. Because that’s more palatable to,their progressive editors than saying “the south”.

        2. I’m sure the weather can be one reason for blacks just like it is a stated reason for many whites.

    2. Why now and not in the last century? Ah, must be warming Earth.

    3. If that’s the case, they should stick around. I mean, what with global warming and all, Chicago will be the new Houston by 2020. Al Gore told me so.

  42. From the “age gap” link:
    “My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries and the workers’ rights that rescued Britain from the “sick man of Europe” era of the 1970s.”

    Whiny twit doesn’t seem to have heard of Thatcher.

  43. My generation will not enjoy the free movement to 27 different countries…

    Nobody needs 27 countries to go to.
    -retarded socialist

    1. Free movement being dependent on a central government….LETS FREE EVERYTHING BY CENTRALIZING POWER!

  44. Vox manages to accidentally make a fantastic argument for free international markets:


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