David Cameron Stepping Down as British Prime Minister

Wants next prime minister to start negotiations to exit the European Union


Andrew Parsons/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Speaking the morning after the United Kingdom's historic referendum in favor of leaving the European Union, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would be stepping down from office to allow a pro-Brexit Conservative to lead the government as it departs the European Union. He said he would "steady the ship" but that by October there should be a new "captain."

Cameron said he believed the next prime minister should invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which triggers negotiations for an exit from the EU, and that he would be visiting the European Council, made up of the heads of state of European Union members. The Conservative party will meet within four months, and Cameron said a timetable for his resignation and subsequent EU negotiations would be laid out later.

Cameron was re-elected in 2015 after leading a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats since 2010. He promised during his re-election campaign to renegotiate the United Kingdom's place in the EU and bring it up for a referendum, which was held yesterday.

Among pro-Leave Conservatives are MP and former London mayor Boris Johnson, and MP Michael Gove, who was one of the co-conveners of the committee in support of Leave, along with Labor member of Parliament s Gisela Stuart.

Stuart pointed out on BBC earlier tonight that immigration policy, one of the points of contention during the Brexit debate, would be less "discriminatory" with the United Kingdom outside the EU, because more immigrants from Commonwealth countries would be able to enter the country. Daniel Hannan, a Conservative member of European parliament, insisted no one was "pulling the drawbridge up" and that immigration policy would only change moving forward.

Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, said he spoke to the members of the European Council about the possibility of the Brexit and that "on behalf of the 27 leaders I can say we are determined to keep our unity at 27," calling the EU "the framework for a common future." He also proposed a "wider reflection on our union."

Tusk noted that the process would not begin until the U.K. formally invoked Article 50, and there would be "no legal vacuum until the U.K. leaves the EU," with European citizens in the U.K. retaining the "rights and obligations" of their citizenship until that time.

Meanwhile, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, says the bank is ready to spend up to 250 million pounds to boost the sterling, and noting that some volatility was to be expected as the U.K. forges new relationships with the rest of the world.

NEXT: UK Votes to Leave EU

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  2. Shorter Cameron: “You won’t Ole’ Cammy to tuss about, no more!”

    I am waiting for more in depth reportage WRT Mayor Khan’s position now, as he’s a Bremainer.

  3. I like to think ,somewhere,Maggie Thatcher is smiling.

    1. “No! No! No!” (which means yes yes yes)

      1. +1 handbag

  4. Bet many of the scots who voted against independence last year are wishing they had.

    1. Considering that one of the main arguments against independence was that an independent Scotland would have to get its act together in order to join the EU, so it was better to stay a part of the UK. If Brexit actually starts to happen, instead of a bunch of politicians dragging their feet, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see another independence referendum in the next few years.

      1. Yep. The UK (read: Britiain) is holding Scotland’s debt; once Scotland goes independent, they would become the equivalent of Cytotoxic’s Aged Mommy kicking him out and telling him, “Snookums, you need to be on your own; don’t worry sunshine, Zoolander will foot your medical bills, but all your costs are all yours. Warm milk and Timbits for the road?”

        Scotland can’t immediately assume that much debt and survive, so’s they would have to have assurances from the EU (and most likely, the IMF) that EU will assume transfer of Scotland’s UK note before voting on independence and subsequent EU membership.

        How many Greeces can the EU assume?

        1. And what’s Scotland going to pay that back with, anyway? Declining North Sea oil revenues?

          Don’t they export a ton of shit to England as well? Plus, we are talking about Scotland needing to now pony up for border security, army, navy, etc….

          Yeah, I think the Scots haven’t thought this through. Look, before Scotland exported all of its smart, Protestant work-ethic types to other countries, Scottish independence could work, but now they are basically a nation of socialist idiots.

          1. And NATO. Unless they can get Mel Gibson to protect ’em

        2. How many Greeces can the EU assume?

          I think the answer is 3.
          As long as they are in range of Greece/Scotland/Portugal.
          It’s a different issue if it is in the Spain.
          Italy is right out of the question.
          France? Aw France, will you once more look to Berlin for salvation?

        3. None. If they manage to depose Merkel I could see Germany bailing soon too.

    2. Drunk ,fat,and stupid is no way to run a country.

      1. We’re talking about a country whose food is based entirely on a dare. What more do you expect?

        1. That explains the bag pipes.

    3. “It’s shiite being Scottish, we’re the lowest of the low, the scum of the fucking Earth.”

  5. That’s kind of awesome. I never like Cameron’s policies much – but I’ll give the man respect for stepping down and allowing room for a pro-exit government to handle the exit negotiations rather than desperately clinging on to power to influence the outcome.

    1. Yeah, that was a really good statesman like speech. He admitted he lost, and conceded to the new guy.

      1. I can’t even imagine Obama ever showing that much class.

        1. You mean “fuck you guys, back of the bus to the lot of you”, wasn’t classy?

  6. As Thursdays go, not bad.

    Next up: Texit.

    1. Texit is not going to happen.

      Here’s the thing, The French are French, Germans are Germans, Finns are Finns, etc. They have deep and significant differences in culture that the EU project tries to paper over, but those differences still exist, and directives from Brussels don’t really change anything.

      America really doesn’t have that kind of big cultural divide, no matter how much politicians try to make it so. The people in Boise, SLC, and Dallas watch the same version of The Office on Netflix as people in New York or L.A. Compare that to the EU, where you can watch different versions of The Office on repeats depending on whether you’re in London, Paris, or Berlin.

      Sure there are a few obnoxious assholes pushing for it, but it’s a small but vocal minority. Now if the US, falls apart, and everything north of the Red River becomes some Mix and match of Escape from New York and Mad Max, then Texans might seriously start thinking about secession.

      1. America really doesn’t have that kind of big cultural divide, no matter how much politicians try to make it so.

        But it does. The urban South and Midwest differ dramatically in their culture from NE and urban California, and there are precious few values re: the proper role of the state shared between the two. It may have been true in Reagan’s era, or even part of Clinton’s, that Democrats and the GOP shared substantial ideological overlap, but the Democrats and their media arm have gone hard left since BHO arrived on the scene to the point where they seem hellbent on shoving gun control measures down the throats of an already pissy right that spent the past six months pounding the big red Trump button.

        As demographics and voting/social patterns continue to change, there’s an unmistakable feeling among many conservatives that huge swaths of the US are no longer particularly American in values or government. And when you feel as though you’re being ruled by a smug, incompetent empire that shares none of your values, the natural impulse is to leave and do things your own way.

        1. Obviously you have never spent any time among actual Texans. I mean you are going to get more grief for wearing an Eagles jersey than being a socialist.

          1. So in the Real Texas and the Real South and the Real America, white people love Obama, gun control, and the SJWs running the entire Democrat establishment. And the rage behind the Trump movement is just old-fart boredom.

            Real Texas sounds as awful lot like Austin.

            1. Austin needs a purge.

          2. Those generally are the same thing. Fucking Sheagles are all commie bastards.

            Go Cowboys!

        2. You can try to proclaim that all sorts of people are less American than thou, but nobody is really going to go along with that.

          1. Wrong. The right view the left as distinctly unAmerican, moreso after they veered hard left under BHO (whose citizenship is still widely doubted among Trumpeteers and virtually all of my elderly relatives).

            You must be living in a different nation from mine.

            1. Damn, you’re either a troll or retarded. Either way, it’s my bad for feeding a troll.

            2. I think you’re confusing dislike of Obama and democrats with pro-secession sentiment. I’ve lived in Texas since 1997, and outside of some guys who always have a booth at the Ft. Worth gun show, I detect no real strain of a movement to actually leave.

              Note that polls they took when Rick Perry made some noise about that in 2006 indicated overwhelming desire to stay (though granted, that was before BO).

              When you say “conservatives” and “real Texans”, I think you’re confusing the people you happen to interact with regularly for “everyone”. I live in Plano, which is wealthy and conservative, most of my friends are traditional conservatives, and none of them want to leave.

              I’m not denying that the people you talk to express those opinions. I’m saying that you happening to know those particular people doesn’t mean every, or even most, conservatives share those views. The ones I know certainly don’t.

              1. I don’t live in Texas. Just mocking the Tulpa-ish character’s bluster.

                Any sort of serious secessionist movement in the US is a decade plus away under the worst (Prez Hitlery) circumstances. But the gap that’s opened up between the right and left over the past seven years is huge, and there’s a great deal of sharpened rhetoric on all sides of the right.

                But of course the Texit, southit, or any other secession is just a dream. The fedgov would drop nukes before it would allow states to leave the mystical union.

                1. Although we are not yet to a point of secession being a big deal we are to the point that many of us in “flyover country” are now thinking about how it would feel to make it “fly around you fucking costal assholes country”.

                  Also anyone who to my face uses the term flyover country unironically is going to get punched in the face…

      2. Yeah, well, the six different nations that have controlled Texas before we either fought them, changed our minds, or seceded say differently about the culture around these parts friend.

        Though I do agree with you, Texit won’t be a thing any time soon. If Democrats keep hammering on the 2nd amendment, well, we shall see but Waco happened here so…I remain on the fence about Texans actual amount of commitment to ideals. Austin is also a cesspool of idiots, so there’s that to consider too.

        Historically speaking, I don’t think there’s any state in the Union that’s more anti-establishment or prone to violently overthrowing it’s government but I don’t know if that’s really still true today. Lets just say I’d rather not find out, and I imagine Obama, Clinton, and Trump would probably rather not know for sure as well.

  7. The crying about ‘hate’ winning on CNN is hilarious. And the mayor of London want to keep the regulations and th ‘freedoms’ they received through the E.U. Now,if the U’S. would tell Europe to pay for their own defense

    1. Now,if the U’S. would tell Europe to pay for their own defense

      Give it another seven months and you might be pleasantly surprised.

    2. The sad part is back when Trump criticized some of the NATO nations, for not spending enough on defense, Angela Merkel pulled a Margaret Dumont, and said “While I never.” And then the Germans quietly increased their defense budget.

      1. Europeans not sticking to their NATO spending commitments has been a sore point with US administrations for many years; Trump is hardly the first to say it.

    3. “The crying about ‘hate’ winning on CNN is hilarious”

      That’s what drove Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin to break with London, after all, according to CNN.

  8. My funds are doing quite nicely in after-hours trading. Thank you Britain.

    1. *GRINS!*

      You as well?

      1. They’re all “flight to safety” ETFs. GDX jumped about 9% overnight. Wish I had bought some VIX or TVIX (up 48%) though.

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  10. RE: David Cameron Stepping Down as British Prime Minister
    Wants next prime minister to start negotiations to exit the European Union

    Here’s a negotiation strategy.
    The British gets up from their desk at the EU and says, “Goodbye assholes.”
    Enjoy your poverty, corruption, incompetence, economic stagnation and socialist bullshit.
    How’s that for an “exit strategy?”

    1. I sure wouldn’t want to be dictated to by Brussels. So, works for me

  11. Has any libertarian pundit thought Brexit was a bad idea?

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