The Fifth Column

Impotent Gun-Grabbery, Redacted Islam, Deflated Trump, and O.J. All Day: The New Fifth Column

Three-headed podcast argues amongst itself over race, terrorism, and...infrastructure?


Subscribers already know that this dropped yesterday, but for the rest of you, here is lucky number Episode 13 of The Fifth Column, your very favorite podcast starring Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan, and me:

Among the topics:

* Democrats' impotent emoting on guns.

* The rise of the brutal Mangu-Ward reign of terror.

* Whether America is ready to #FeelTheJohnson.

* The Justice Department's laughably awful attempts to redact ISIS out of Orlando.

* Kmele's terrible proposed names for the podcast.

* Donald Trump's lousy week/month.

* Me comparing Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Twitter feed to "putting your mouth on a firehose of bland, flaccid, statism."

* And a whole lot of arguing about O.J. Simpson.

The kids say this one is pretty funny, so click the clicky if you need a laugh. And head over to the podcast website for all the informations!