Part I of interview about "Democracy and Political Ignorance" conducted by Yale Law School Prof. Jack Balkin

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Part I of an interview about the new edition of my book Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter conducted by Yale Law School Prof. Jack Balkin is now available at the Balkinization blog. Part II will be posted tomorrow.

Prof. Balkin is one of the nation's leading constitutional law scholars, and has also written extensively about information technology. Balkinization is prominent left-of-center law and policy blog. I am grateful to Jack for suggesting this dialogue, and for his insightful questions.

NOTE: I do recognize that a large percentage of my posts in recent days have been about the book, or about political ignorance more generally. That is in part because the problem of voter ignorance has great significance for a lot of issues facing the nation, including many of those at stake in the current election. However, I do intend to do more blogging about other matters in the near future.