Audio of two radio programs about my book "Democracy and Political Ignorance"

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The audio of two recent recent radio programs based on the just-published new edition of my book Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter is now available.

The first is an Australian Broadcast Company program of a presentation about the book I did at an event sponsored by the University of Queensland. It includes commentary by University of Queensland professors James Allen and Graeme Orr, who criticized my argument from the right and the left respectively. The audio is available here. The University of Queensland has posted a more complete audio (including my response to the critics, and the Q&A period that followed) here.

The second program is an interview conducted by Marie Conway Stroughter of the African-American Conservatives website. The audio is available here.

AAC has also done a number of interesting recent interviews with other public policy experts and commentators, including economist Bryan Caplan, Juan Williams, Harvard historian Niall Ferguson, Ronald Bailey of Reason, and others.