Obama Endorses Clinton, Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Important Pension Ruling in New Jersey: P.M. Links


  • Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton for President Campaign Ad

    President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon. He picked the candidate who has promised to serve as his third term? Imagine that.

  • The endorsement came after Obama met with Bernie Sanders earlier at the White House. Sanders said he's going to remain in the race and take his issues of concern to the national convention.
  • The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.
  • Republican Gov. John Kasich (remember him?) signed a bill today legalizing medical marijuana use in Ohio. It will likely take a couple of years for the program to become fully operational.
  • New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was handed a win today as the state's supreme court ruled that retired public employees do not have a contractual right to cost-of-living adjustments for their pensions. New Jersey's public pension system is massively underfunded.
  • The Marines' new policy guidelines on tattoos run 32 pages long.

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  1. President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon.

    Hillary is winnable enough.

    1. Hello.

    2. And, doggone it, people like her!

      1. Hey, here is a suggestion, Reason. Instead of the stupid Solid Opinion thing on top, how about you let the commenters pay for an edit button, a signature line, and a way to check to see if someone replied to any of your comments? Maybe an avatar, too? Although that one scares me.

        1. Contest!

          Suggest an avatar for someone in the commentariat.

          Chipper Morning Wood

          1. That is erotically correct, I would say.

            1. The best kind of correct.

          2. I use this on a couple of sites. Fits the crotchety part of my nature.

            1. I use s picture of Bender saying “kiss my shiny metal ass” on Disqus. Over seem some of you there, I know. Specifically, Lord Humongous.

        2. Maybe an avatar, too? Although that one scares me.

          Gateways to Annihilation?

  2. The endorsement came after Obama met with Bernie Sanders earlier at the White House.

    Sorry, Bernie. No indictment coming down the pike.

    1. I find it hard to believe. I still think an indictment is coming, Bernie is going to get the shaft regardless, and Biden is going to be the nominee.

      Hillary’s list of offenses is long.

      – Never getting permission about setting up her own server.
      – Running the server with unencrypted communication for at least the first 3 months since it was set up.
      – Storing Special Access Program info on that server.
      – Deleting some emails which should have been turned over.
      – Lying about just about every one of the above.

      Can you guys think of anything else?

      1. Gross negligence, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice.

        The list’s going to be long when she gets schlonged.

      2. Cankles.

        1. I don’t think they have leg irons large enough.

            1. Shock collar?

              1. The agony booth is a most effective means of discipline.

      3. Old news, fully responded to inquiries, vast right-wing conspiracy, lying bimbos.

        There, I just successfully refuted every one of your claims. Anybody know where I can get a Nazi-Style Hillary Armband to show my support?

        1. Damn you, Rich.

          I’m going to hear this all night in my dreams.

      4. I still think an indictment is coming, Bernie is going to get the shaft regardless, and Biden is going to be the nominee.

        Agree. I’ve been suggesting that for a couple of months. Probably after the convention so it’s too late to nominate someone else. Any problems about changing names on ballots will be swept away by courts.

        1. Any problems about changing names on ballots will be swept away by courts.

          Along with the Senate, and rest of the old order. Governors will administer their systems directly; fear will keep the systems in line. Fear of the this yet to be announced battle station.

          1. Along with the Senate, and rest of the old order. Governors will administer their systems directly; fear will keep the systems in line. Fear of the this yet to be announced battle station.

            Change that we can believe in!

      5. Howsabout scrubbing the server while it was under multiple subpoenas? Don’t forget that one.

        “Oh, you mean like, with a cloth?”

      6. If the redacted parts of responses to FOIA requests actually contained intelligence operatives’ names, that would be storing classified info on a non-classified network. That information is born top secret.

      7. I still think an indictment is coming

        You sure you and I live in the same plane of reality?

      8. Removing material from a computer not connected to the internet, probably on a thumb drive, and then sending it over the internet.

    2. My fellow Americans, in these troubled and uncertain times, our Republic would be ill served by public spectacle disgracing respected American figures on the world stage. No harm has been done, no blood need be shed. In the interests of our society and the Great American Project, I have, after much deliberation and soul-searching, come to the difficult but necessary decision to pardon Secretary Clinton and declare her cleared of all wrong-doing.

      1. A pardon would assure her loss.

  3. The Marines’ new policy guidelines on tattoos run 32 pages long.

    Someone should tattoo the regulations as a backpiece

  4. Shackford keeps killin’ it with the alt-text. Listen up, youngins, this is how you do links.

    1. He’s the top Reason alt-texter by far. Others really need to start upping their game.

      1. Walker is pretty good, too.

    2. Obama looks in the bag in the photo.

      1. He’s lookin’ old and tired enough to be in a bodybag in that photo.

        1. As opposed to Hillary, who is going to look younger and younger with more power

          It’s hard to find a virgin’s blood to bathe in with Bill hanging around the house. The Secret Service will be able to sneak them in.

        2. That’s preety (sic) good.

          1. Bhararararahara wouldn’t sully his wing tips by visiting ’round here.

  5. The topic of Obama’s closed door meeting with Lynch has not been made public.

    *Pretty sure* it was about getting her to change her name to something less triggering.

    1. Obama: “Can you get this Comey mother f***er to fall in line?”
      Lynch: “No.”
      Obama: (Turns to Axelrod) “What are Biden’s approval ratings?”
      Axelrod: Pretty good. Much better than Trump.
      Obama: “Okay. Indict her the day before the convention.”

      1. There are times I wish I was religious. Belief that my prayers would help bring about Biden-Trump debate would be most welcome right now.


          1. I fear we shall see it only in our dreams, and SugarFree’s works.

            1. Oh god, I don’t want to read SugarFree’s story Biding Time to Trump the Lemon Party.

          2. Finally, Mustang vs. Camaro for all the marbles.

            1. More like Pinto versus Nova.

      2. “History!”

      3. Okay. Indict her the day before the convention.

        After the convention, not before. Lock out Sanders, have your desired successor as her VP, and then there’s no nasty convention fight: your substitute is already there. Let them name their VP, similar to how Eagleton was dropped and Sargent Shriver was appointed in his place.

        No different than if someone were to kill the nominee before the election—God forbid that would happen.

        Indict it before the convention, and you run the risk of the Bernie-bots going even more berserk, and hell, they might nominate her ass anyway. Plus, this way gives you a smidge more time to try and nail down any pay-for-play with foreign powers that is, IMHO, the real offense here.

        1. Incidentally, there was a guest blogger on Volokh Conspiracy talking about this a few weeks ago. What would happen if a major nominee were to die. If I remember correctly, his contention was that there is no current law in place to guide what would happen. It would cause major controversy. That’s the only guarantee.

          1. I don’t get why it would. Why wouldn’t the VP assume the Presidential nomination, while the new-nominee or the party appointed a new VP? Again, like what happened in Thomas Eagleton’s case.

            You’d have to reprint some ballots, and it’d be a PITA marketing the new ticket, but I’m not seeing the difficulties legally.

  6. The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.

    If he was fair and impartial prosecuting the case, surely he would be fair and impartial following through to the end.

  7. The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.

    Shouldn’t this be common sense? Or expected, honorable, ethical behavior?

    Just that this had to work its way up the courts says something.

    1. Shouldn’t this be common sense? Or expected, honorable, ethical behavior?

      No. No. FYTW.

    2. It should have been 8-0.

      1. ^THIS.

        It looks like Kennedy had to step in again.

        1. Who ruled in favor of government power this time? Since it is criminal justice, I am guessing it was the conservatives.

    3. so I guess him getting to stick the needle in is out of the question.

  8. Hearings over Royal Navy warships breaking down during operations in the Persian Gulf

    Warning: auto-play video

    Britain’s ?1bn ($1.4bn) warships are losing power in the Persian Gulf because they cannot cope with the warm waters, MPs have been told.
    Six Type 45 destroyers have repeatedly experienced power outages because of the temperatures, leaving servicemen in complete darkness.

    During the Defence Committee hearing on Tuesday, MPs questioned company executives about the warship failures.
    “The equipment is having to operate in far more arduous conditions that were initially required,” Rolls-Royce director Tomas Leahy said.
    Managing director of BAE Systems Maritime, John Hudson, supported Leahy’s comments, adding: “The operating profile at the time was that there would not be repeated or continuous operations in the Gulf.”

    1. Global warming?

      1. No. Shallow and enclosed body of water with the sun beating down on it.

        1. Yep. The Persian Gulf is generally the warmest body of ocean water in the world. Still holds the world record, iirc.

          1. Probably apocryphal, but it’s supposed to be one of the only bodies of water where survival time overboard is limited by dehydration/desquamation and/or marine life getting you, and not hypothermia.

            One of the reasons it’s so hellish near the Gulf in the summertime. FTL:

            Last Thursday, those breezes blew toward the Iranian side of the Gulf. At 3:30 p.m. local time (1100 GMT) Thursday, the manned observation site at the Mahshahr Airport in southwest Iran reported a temperature of 109 F (43 C) and a dewpoint of 90 F (32 C). Using the American heat index formula, those figures yielded a mind-boggling feels-like temperature of 159 F (70 C).

            It was even hotter last Friday at the Mahshahr Airport when temperatures reached 114.8 F at 4:30 pm local time with a dew point of 89.6 F, leading to a heat index value of an incredible 164 F (73 C).

            1. 109 F (43 C) and a dewpoint of 90 F (32 C). Using the American heat index formula, those figures yielded a mind-boggling feels-like temperature of 159 F (70 C).

              So like Orlando in August then.

            2. Good thing it’s not deep enough for hurricane formation.

    2. “The operating profile at the time was that there would not be repeated or continuous operations in the Gulf.”

      Because who would have ever guessed that there would be chronic unrest in the Middle East?

      1. Because who would have ever guessed that anyone would have cared about it this long?

    3. Unless I’m mistaken the only reason they’re even in the Gulf at all is to pretend they still maintain capability to support the NATO, and insist joining the US 5th fleet in ‘exercises’ and other keep-busy-bunk

      1. The NATO? You mean they’re as self-absorbed as Ohio State University?

        1. technically “the north-atlantic treaty organization” is grammatically correct; even though it was a typo on my part and no one actually uses it that way.

          1. Created to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and Germans down.

            1. Which is why they are in the mid east…

    4. “The operating profile at the time was that there would not be repeated or continuous operations in the Gulf.”

      Seek medical attention for warboners lasting longer than four hours.

    5. Continuing a proud Royal Navy tradition of running on shoddy, shitty ships outclassed by their enemies’ craft.

      1. I read this book about the Royal Navy between 1649 and 1815. In the bit about the War of 1812, the author has several paragraphs explaining that of course the Royal Navy lost most of its encounters with the US Navy during the war. The Royal Navy only used ships against the US Navy which were outclassed by the US Navy frigates of the time.

    6. Oh, Royal Navy?

      Who cares.

    7. During the Defence Committee hearing on Tuesday, MPs questioned company executives about the warship failures.
      “The equipment is having to operate in far more arduous conditions that were initially required,”

      I didn’t know that a Navy’s warships would be designed to operate in one temperature strata of water.

      1. Shit. What happens if someone shoots something at one of them?

      2. Have you not heard about legendary response of British Rail spokesman when being asked about why the dick did the snowfall in winter cause shutdowns of multiple lines, when, you know, it’s WINTER:

        It was a wrong kind of snow

        (as mentioned on linked page, rather unfair but oh so fucking British).

        1. “The front fell off”

        2. was unusually soft and powdery,[3] finding its way into electrical systems and causing short circuits and traction motor damage. For traction motors with integral cooling fans and air intakes pointing downwards ? the type that is still common on British electric multiple units ?

          +1 Prince of Darkness

      3. The US Navy had an entire class of ships designed specifically to operate in the Gulf. The Kidd-class destroyers were originally designed and sold to Iran under the Shah. After the revolution the US kept the ships and the money. The USS Scott (Kidd-class DDG) was a great ship to serve on over there during Desert Storm, we had 4 AC plants, compared to just 2 on the Spruance class.

  9. “>Guy rides his bike too near the Emperor’s motorcade

  10. It will likely take a couple of years for the program to become fully operational.

    If they put stoners in charge of doing it.

  11. The pres looks high in that snapshot.

    1. He just endorsed choom.

      1. He bogarted the joint.

        1. He thought he was endorsing George Clinton.

          1. He thought he was endorsing George Clinton.

            Thread winner.

          2. +1 Atomic Dog

    2. The Spice extends life.

  12. New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was handed a win today as the state’s supreme court ruled that retired public employees do not have a contractual right to cost-of-living adjustments for their pensions. New Jersey’s public pension system is massively underfunded.

    Alternative Headline: Christie puts retired public employees on a diet.

    1. I think we might have to just give up on the current set of pensioners, let them keep their filthy lucre, and instead focus our efforts on stopping this madness with the next generation. No more pensions, no more retiring at 40, no more “free” health care. Pubsec workers have shown in the past that they don’t give a shit about new hires as long as they’re getting theirs anyway so this should be feasible.

      1. Yeah, I never understood why they just don’t ‘grandfather’ those who got their pensions and focus on cleaning things on the front end with new workers coming in with the new terms.

        Taking a pension away from an employee that was negotiated is only bound to invite trouble.

        1. Yeah, violent trouble.

          Also, a contract is a contract. Time to rewrite the fuckin’ contract.

        2. A number of cities (and some states?) are going the “grandfather” route. But I think, in some places, even that won’t stop catastrophe. If your retirement account is only funded at 60% you have a problem.

    1. reason i hate you

    2. He was heading straight into the motorcade. I feel 50/50 on this.

      Also, notice the idiot lady waving at the cars.

      1. I like how the first cop puts a hand on his shoulder almost like, “Hey. You OK?”. The quickly disappears when motorcycle guy comes to drive him into the concrete with his knee.

        1. I saw that too. That’s where they lose me.

          1. This. Hey dumbass, don’t ride your bike there… can it be more fucking obvious?

            Ok, he’s down, he’s the idiotic white guy, I can see that from space, so why the need for the post-takedown takedown?

            1. What fun would it be, otherwise?

            2. He didn’t get to tackle the guy off the bike. It wouldn’t be fair to let the other guys have all the fun.

      2. I’d like to know if any of the cops raised their arms and yelled, “stop!” first or did they just automatically decide to knock a guy off his bike?

        1. That guy was a linebacker or hockey player itching to replay his glory high school days.

        2. He may have saved the guys life with the initial takedown. Dumbass was about to cross into the motorcade which, by the way does not fucking stop. That’s why the close the streets.

    3. I posted more downthread. Obama was in town for an appearance on The Tonight Show!

    4. Great job NYPD. People think they can do what they want when they want. Great take down and probably saved his life.

    5. I see the NYPD cops have dropped their weight requirements.

    6. Oh shit, Citibike, I take it that’s NY’s version of Pronto? I take everything I said back, they should have tazed him.

    7. Guy with a little bag? Tackle and butt rape. Guy with a huge box on his back? Please go the other way, sir!

  13. New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was handed a win today as the state’s supreme court ruled that retired public employees do not have a contractual right to cost-of-living adjustments for their pensions.

    Seems like it was either part of the contract agreement or it wasn’t.

  14. The Marines’ new policy guidelines on tattoos run 32 pages long.


    1. An accurate depiction of every Marine i’ve ever met.

      1. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

  15. Christie’s an asshat, but he’s pretty much the best governor Jersey’s had in decades. That just says more about New Jersey than it does about him.

  16. Airlines making stopovers sweeter

    Ingvadottir is one Icelandair’s 12 “stopover buddies” — staff volunteers who give their free time to offer passengers a glimpse of Icelandic lifestyle as they pass through the island.

    Later in the article:

    Icelandair isn’t the only airline experimenting with peer-to-peer schemes.
    Dutch flag-carrier KLM might not have Iceland’s volcanoes and majestic national parks to capitalize on, but its main hub at Schiphol international airport is barely half an hour away from the center of the buzzing city of Amsterdam.
    The airline’s Layover with a Local app aims to offer transit visitors the chance to briefly escape the airport to perhaps join a local for a drink at one of the Dutch capital’s picturesque cafes.

    1. I was under the impression that Icelandair was fairly explicity promoting the idea of stopping over in Iceland for a couple of days and making a trip to Iceland part of your transatlantic vacation.

      1. They used to. I think they’re sweetening the pot now.

        1. Aren’t the Dutch the ones with the pot?

          And hookers, of course. Can’t forget them!

          1. Oh, I see what you did there.

            Amsterdam is more than pot and hookers. There’s beer too.

    2. Stopover buddies?

      This better be some variant of the f*** buddy concept.

      1. “I thought you said ‘stopper’ buddy!”

      2. /changes travel profile to never connect in England…

        1. Might not be a bad idea, unless you are a chubby chaser.

          40% of U.S. Women Are Now Obese

          1. Are they using BMI to define obese?

            1. Of course.

          2. Fat lesbians more numerous than ever.

          3. John cheers.

      3. Fart buddy? Eww.

    3. I have never partied harder than when i took an IcelandAir flight to Amsterdam, then layover in reykjavik on the way back.

      *Amazingly, i remember almost all of it. Which i can’t say about almost any other part of my life.

      The landing in Reykjavik is scary as fuck. You never see the runway until the wheels are almost on the ground. Think “Speeder POV shots on Hoth”. You’re between mountains of ice and going, “there’s an airport ahead, right? please?”

      1. BLUE LAGOON!

        Anyway, Icelandair from DIA has two options to Reykyavik…one 8 hour layover and one 45 min layover. If you want to spend 7 hours in a hot pool drinking and rubbing white goo on yourself or if you want to just get to Europe then you have that choice. I loved it.

        1. Rubbing white goo all over yourself? Mental note: never share a hot pool with Cliche Bandit.

        2. I did a 24hour layover.

          which happened to be this day

          Serendipity has never been so good.

    1. Fuck the Penguins and the whole city of Pittsburgh.

      1. Philly scum. Pittsburgh is the CITY OF CHAMPIONS.

        1. What, no love for the Bucs?

          1. That picture looks like it was made in 2009, so before the Buccos snapped their 20+ years of below-500 seasons. Pittsburgh sports are doing great now. It still sucks to live there most of the time. But fandom is portable. There’s a Pittsburgh sports bar a few miles from my home in California. It’s aptly named “Cheaters”.

          2. Nobody likes Tampon Bay.

        2. Fuck all of PA. How do you like them apples?

          1. Oooh. Scary.

  17. President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon. He picked the candidate who has promised to serve as his third term? Imagine that.

    Fifth Bush term.

    1. Umpteenth TEAM BE RULED term.

    2. ^THIS.

      Same reckless spending, civil liberties abuses, war.


    3. Seventh Clinton Term.

  18. Family dog nut punch

    A California family’s dog was mistakenly shot and killed by law enforcement officers who went to the wrong home Monday while responding to a domestic violence call, The Los Angeles Times reported.

    The deputies reportedly arrived at the wrong home and rattled the fence to see if there were any dogs outside the home. Once inside the gate, two small dogs approached them and a larger Husky mix, the report said.

    Officials from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the deputies felt threatened and one fired at the dog named Buddy.

    How was it MISTAKENLY SHOT?

    1. He was “aiming” at one dog, and managed to grease another?

    2. If a non-cop felt threatened by a dog and shot it, said non-cop wouldn’t get off so lightly.

    3. Haven’t you figured out by now that police guns fire themselves? Bullets were discharged. Dogs were killed.

      1. “Dogs die of lead poisoning”

      2. Back in frontier days hereabouts (Colorado) it wasn’t uncommon for some bad actor to “become shot.” That was the term that was used when someone just happened to fall down in the street with a few .44 caliber holes in them. You know, one of those funny oddball accidents that could happen to anyone.

        “What happened to Piss Ball Pete? Haven’t seen him in a while.”
        “Piss Ball Pete? The town thug, the guy who has beaten up half the folks in town at one point or t’other?”
        “Yeah, that’s him.”
        “Oh. He became shot.”

        An obliging coroner would certify “death by natural causes,” because if you take three .44 slugs through the lungs, you are naturally going to be dead.

        1. God, I love this state.

    4. The cop was threatened with a strange stirring feeling in his heart as he saw the dog wagging his tail, and so he killed the source of that unfamiliar feeling.

  19. The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.

    Right result, but holy shit. Three Justices think there’s nothing wrong with a judge ruling on appeals of his own cases?

    1. Didn’t Sotomayor do that? I seem to recall her ruling (and reversing her opinion) on an affirmative action case that she previously reviewed on a lower court.

      1. Yeah but … wise Latina.

    2. Ricci v. DiStefano

    3. I can’t find a link/info right now, but didn’t one of the current supremes shepherd Obamacare through a lower court hearing before ruling at the Supreme Court?

      1. Kagan. Advised the White House on both the legislation and the early stages of litigation. A textbook, black letter disqualifying conflict of interest for a judge, right there in the Code of Judicial Ethics.

    4. Didn’t Kagan work on PPACA when she was in the Obama Administration? Didn’t prevent her ruling on Sibelius

      But yeah, just recuse the judge already.

      1. Can’t the Senate impeach her for high crimes etc?

  20. Looking for a new hobby?

    Flesh on the hook: the act of body suspension

    How long a person remains suspended varies, depending on their position and how they feel. “Some people stay for four, five hours, some people need only three seconds.”

      1. Slammer, with a hobby like that you are quite, um, well-rounded.

    1. A Man Called Horse…

    2. I am no champ, but I usually last more than 3 seconds. Sometimes I go for 10 times as long.

  21. “President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon. ”

    So…. Barack Obama, who oversees the Justice Department, just endorsed a candidate for president who is under criminal investigation by his Justice Department?

    Sounds legit.

    1. This is the sort of stuff you see in Indian politics.

      When the average citizen sees this, he’s going to lose his respect for the Rule of Law.

      At that point, the overall stability of the US will start eroding once your average Joe and Jane start breaking the law to the fullest extent they can get away with.

      I really hope Justice comes out of this, because if justice is skirted for political considerations, the Republic will fail.

      1. When the average citizen sees this, he’s going to lose his respect for the Rule of Law.

        HaAHHAHAHAAHahahah! *wipes tear*

  22. Hillary sends terrible tweet:

    Delete your account. https://t.co/Oa92sncRQY

    ? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 9, 2016

    In responses to:

    Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama?but nobody else does!

    ? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2016

    She really teed him up nicely for a response.

    1. That’s, uh, that’s the best her PR team could muster, huh. She keeps this up for five more months and, dare I say it, Trump could win this one.

      1. All the proggie sites are taking it as a SICK BURN.

        1. Oh for fuck’s sake:

          Hillary Clinton’s viral Twitter burn of Donald Trump

          “Delete your account” is a pretty standard joke tweet, especially in political and media Twitter (which both the people writing “Hillary Clinton”‘s tweets, and the people reading them in the middle of a Thursday afternoon, are likely to be familiar with). But this is a well-executed iteration of it.

          You don’t tweet “delete your account” in response to an outrageous or offensive tweet, because it’s not a serious demand. So many of the things that Trump tweets (or retweets) wouldn’t be appropriate targets. Rather, “delete your account” is used when someone has tried to be funny on Twitter ? for example, by attempting to land a sick burn ? and failed.

          1. You’re juss jellos that you don’t have the finger on the pulse of Twitter-Using Youth of Today!

          2. Some Clintonista just got deleted for being stupid.

          3. Staffer: Madame, it’s not supposed to be taken literally.
            Hillary: What?!

          4. It’s a viral burn, and yet Vox has to spill several paragraphs of ink to explain it.

            So, not a viral burn.

      2. My facebook friends are all GO GIRL!

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

        2. Post-indictment:

          GO GIRL… to jail!

        3. I have not seen any of that. I thought the Bernie posters would jump on board even after trash talking her for months but I haven’t seen it yet.

        4. They are GO GIRL for GONE GIRL?

        5. Facebook is soooo 2000s

      3. Again, in the presidential race, you have to win states. Trump isn’t going to win enough swing states. Simple as that. It’s going to be Hillary.

    2. She would know how to delete an account.

      1. Wipe it… with a cloth?

      2. There’s a burn.

    3. And he responds:

      How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up–and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted? https://t.co/gECLNtQizQ

      ? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, 2016

      1. Ok, now THAT’S a sick burn.

        1. That’s how I assumed he would respond, but still well played.

          1. Just wait for the debates. Epic sick burns.

            1. Gonna be dank memes for days, bruh.

      2. Damn, see this is why Hillary ain’t going to beat Trump. She’s crap at these pissing matches, and she doesn’t have Bernies appeal to the progs. She can’t attract the on again off again of her own base, and she can’t convince people outside of her base that she’s a good candidate. Can’t believe the Dems fucked up so bad to choose her over Berny. Despite how glad I am the socialist loss, from a pure tactics point of view they should have been pushing him and not her.

        1. I offer you my concurrence.

        2. Yup, she doesn’t stand a chance.

      3. nice:)

      4. That is pretty good.

        1. Also, I like trying to imagine her response to that…which is probably to throw a flowerpot at an intern’s head

          1. She actually emailed Huma to ask her to tell the intern who makes her tea to throw a flowerpot at the intern who makes Cheslea’s tea.

            1. And underpaid her for it.

            2. She knows how to use email now? good for her!

              1. A Chinese intern taught her.

      5. Why do I get the feeling Trump does his own twatting, but HRC leaves it to staffers?

        1. I imagine neither of them does their own tweeting, but HRC chooses her staff based on how well they suck up to her, not on skill.

          1. Hmmmmm, I think you may be right lap. Before this I was pretty certain Trump was doing his own tweeting because it matched his style so well. Now, though, I’m pretty certain what happened is that Trump just brought over his Tweet staff from when he was just a celebrity to his political career.

        2. “…Trump does his own twatting”…

          Nominated for best typo of the day.

        3. Trump does, after hours.

          Seriously. He supposedly personally takes over the account by 7 pm.

      6. How lucky we are to live in an age where the two candidates for the most powerful public office of the world’s most powerful nation snipe at each other like 6th graders over Twitter. Just fucking shoot me now.

    4. She’s trying to silence her opponent! Shameful sad stuff.

    5. I can’t wait until they exchange smellfies.

  23. If a lawyer can break client confidentiality to disclose child abuse, alert police to an impending assault, or blow the whistle on financial fraud ? well, why not to report crimes against the environment?

    This chuckle head thinks so

    WTF is going on with the greenies? Do they really think that criminalizing things is the way to go?

    1. Yes; yes they do.

    2. They are watermelons. (Green on the outside, Red on the inside). They are Marxists first, so….yes, they think disagreeing with them should be criminalized.

  24. You know what else took a couple of years to become fully operational?

    1. Second death star?

      HA GOT YOU! /Emperor

    2. F-35s?

    3. Ben Carson?

    4. This Doomcock thing I keep hearing about?

      1. Oh, I’m afraid the doomcock will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

        1. LOL

          I’ll have you know I read that in the perfect emperor voice immediately.

          1. Somewhere an Ewok is shitting its little pants.

    5. Robby’s PM links for 5/17?

  25. Canadian Supreme Court Rules Most Bestiality Is Legal

    Sex acts with animals are legal in Canada, so long as there is no penetration involved, according to a surprise ruling issued by the Supreme Court.

    The determination stemmed from a case involving a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts sexually assaulting his stepdaughters – including one count of bestiality. But the man, identified only as “DLW”, was acquitted of the bestiality count with the new ruling.

    1. Did the court define penetration?

      1. Someone or something must be wearing a condom in order for there to be “no penetration involved”.

      2. usually means exactly that. with any part of body or an object.

    2. Hey Rufus, you wouldn’t happen to have a spare couch available for me, would you?

      1. What’s a couch?

        1. A chesterfield

        2. Fine, davenport.

          1. Does that look like a divan to you?

        3. They’re talking ’bout sofas, d00d.

      2. Crusty is itching to scissor an ewe.

    3. Fuck, do we have to be Germany of North America in all the wrong ways?

      1. Yes. Yes we do.

        It’s in our nature, like voting for guys named “Trudeau” even though they’re dumb-asses.

    4. The determination stemmed from a case involving a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts sexually assaulting his stepdaughters – including one count of bestiality.

      I haven’t seen the guy’s stepdaughters, but calling one of them an animal seems a bit excessive.

      1. Damn your nimble fingers!

        (That having been said, humans are technically animals.)

    5. One of his stepdaughters is a non-human animal?

    6. The Northern Territories lobby finally wins one.

    7. “According to court record DLW smeared peanut butter on the genitals of his victims and had the family dog lick it off while he videotaped the act. ”


      “Court documents disclose that DLW attempted to have the dog perform intercourse on the stepdaughter, but that ultimately failed. ”

      So they overcharged. Attempted bestiality.

      1. So it is not illegal inCanada to attempt to force another person to perform an act of bestiality?

      2. This guy should be dead.

  26. Science! Can we just turn excess carbon dioxide into rock?

    A new study conducted by a team of scientists in the United States and Europe found CO2 injected into volcanic rock becomes mineralized and permanently trapped.

    “Our results show that between 95 and 98 per cent of the injected CO2 was mineralized over the period of less than two years, which is amazingly fast,” Juerg Matter, associate professor of geoengineering at the University of Southampton, said in a news release.

    1. Put volcanoes over coal plants?

      1. Brilliant!

    2. Nice, still need to get a cheap carbon capture system for the atmosphere though.

      1. Ever seen a tree?

    3. I’ve got a rellie in The Netherlands who’s investigating the ability of olivine sand to do almost exactly this. He’s pumped about it ? I’m not so sure it can be operationalized in sufficient quantities to make a difference.

  27. New Jersey’s public pension system is massively underfunded.

    It’s because the fund needs a cost of living increase.

  28. plagued by corruption, waste and mismanagement” could be said about almost anything the government does.

    but that’s a doozy of one.

    1. really, the retarded nut of it =

      He said the planned drawdown of U.S. troops could compound the reconstruction effort’s problems and add to the amount that already has been wasted, which he estimated is in the billions of dollars.


      1. “We went into Afghanistan to make it more peaceful,



        Isn’t there a logical fallacy specific to this?

  29. North Korea urges country to pull weeds for better harvest

    “We will devote all our wisdom and energies to solving the food problem under the guidance of the [Workers’ Party of Korea], and finish the rice production as required by the Juche [self-reliant] method of farming and attain the goals of grain production for this year under any circumstances,” the newspaper stated, according to Yonhap.

    North Korea urged people to launch a serious effort to eliminate weeds growing in rice fields across the country. The movement would have an impact on rice production, Pyongyang stated.

    1. “And let me reiterate… under any circumstances…”

    2. I thought weeds were a crop in North Korea


    3. North Korea urges country to pull weeds for better harvest

      I “urge” you, on pain of sending your family to live seven generations in a gulag.

    4. Urge = prod with a rifle

  30. #NationalSexDay: June 9 Marks Unofficial Holiday Celebrating Sex

    According to Urban Dictionary, National Sex Day is held on June 9. The origins of the holiday are unknown.

    #NationalSexDay: Women who use Marijuana have more sex than women who don’t.

    1. “Come on, honey, leave me alone, I told you I only observe Sex Day on February 29.”

    2. Ok, I’ll play.

    3. According to how they did the survey, shouldn’t that headline say “Younger people think that women who use marijuana have more sex than women who don’t”

  31. This might turn out to be false hope, but imagine how awesome it would be if it works out!

    “In an effort to develop new drugs, scientists are searching far and wide for bacteria and other microorganisms that might be used to combat superbugs. Scientists are currently on the hunt for undiscovered critters that may lurk at the bottom of the ocean or in our soil.

    “Or, as a recent BBC Inside Science episode reveals, on a Dalek standing guard at the reception area of the BBC Broadcasting House.

    “In what could be an incredible stroke of luck, scientists may have stumbled upon some rather helpful bacteria after conducting a microbial sweep of the London building….

    “BBC Radio 4 Inside Science host Dr. Adam Rutherford…told the BBC Today program that, “The Dalek provided not one, but four potential novel antibiotics.””

    1. Exterminate!

        1. Nice:) Pretty sure that going to be what kills us all.

  32. U.N. official quits in protest over French peacekeeper ‘child abuse’

    Kompass was suspended last year after revealing in 2014 claims of sexual abuse of children as young as 8 by French troops in the Central African Republic. A U.N. investigation eventually exonerated him and he was reinstated.

    But now Kompass has said that he can no longer work for an organization with no accountability.

    So far there has been limited fallout from the allegations.

    1. …he can no longer work for an organization with no accountability.

      Huh. Doesn’t seem to stop the rest of them.

    2. Why would you join the UN, other than to molest children?

  33. Mount Prospect, Illinois: Residents Protest Store Catering to Adults Who Dress and Act as Babies

    Mount Prospect residents called for Tykables to be closed or moved at the village board meeting Tuesday, outlets reported. Officials said there was no legal basis to stop the business.

    1. So college students?

    2. Have campus leftist academics added “transbaby” to their repertoire?

      Xe is a transbaby. Here is zir pacifier.

      1. transbaby

        Nice band name.

    3. Given the current crop of college kids, they are assured to have numerous customers for a long time.

  34. How can you tell Trumpocalypse is real? When Canadian Journalist Derp becomes indistinguishable from the American one. Goddamit, if I have to help finance a leftist media conglomerate, is it too much to ask that they maintain proper standards of Crazy Leftism?

    Republicans are racists, Trump or no, fuck them

    Because these are not normal times. Or, more aptly put, they are normal, and a lot of the progress Americans thought they’d made on race issues until now has been a sham.

    The fact is, the nation that prides itself as being a beacon of freedom and tolerance, a shining city on the hill where everyone is first and foremost an American, has been exposed as something else altogether, and Donald Trump, rather than the cause, is merely the agent.

    Trump, in his vulgar, plaintive way, has peeled away America’s official lamination of equality and class-free, colour-blind tolerance. He has not just exposed maggoty, subcutaneous race and class hatreds, he has licensed and normalized them.

    Come on, Neil MacDonald, you can do derpier than this! I’ve seen you do it!

    1. I hear that in some American states it’s a crime to use minority languages…or is that Quebec?

      1. Here we go:

        “Product labels, their instructions, manuals, warranty certificates as well as restaurant menus and wine lists must be in the official language. Other languages may be used, provided the official language’s prominence is at least equivalent.

        “Catalogues, brochures, folders, commercial directories and other such publications, must be in the official language. All software (for example, video games and operating systems) must be available in French unless no French version exists.

        “Signs and posters must be in the official language and they may also be in another language provided the official language be markedly predominant.

        “[there are] A number of exceptions to the general rules for commercial products, signs, and advertising…

        “In many parts of Quebec, various signs with bilingual French and English text of equal sizes can be seen (such as in federally regulated businesses), although French is sometimes predominant on these signs. For example, French is located to the left of other languages so that it is read “before” the non-French text when reading left to right. (Formerly, the size and colour of text in other languages were tightly regulated as well.)”

        1. Do you even Progressive Stack, bro?

        2. Yup. And they don’t see it as discriminatory because they *need* to protect a language at the expense of another via punitive measures.

          It’s disgusting but passes as ‘unique’ and ‘fair’.

          When I point out this doesn’t happen anywhere on the continent they just fall to the default ‘yeah but we’re the threatened ones!’

    2. It’s not so bad; I read the whole thing and I feel fine.

      And all that resentment about millions of illegal Mexican immigrants ? never mind the fact that America relies on them to dig ditches and do scut work no one else wants to do ? can now be unapologetically unleashed. After all, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee calls them rapists.

      This snarling, liberated mob is the reason Paul Ryan had to stand in front of the camera and affirm his continuing support for the textbook racist.

      *fixes gaze in distance; head droops forward as clear fluid trickles out of left nostril*

    3. “maggoty, subcutaneous hatreds”

      Would someone kindly translate that into American?

    4. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, NEIL. You wasted your fucking time in Washington on my dime you putz.

      1. It was a vast improvement over his time in Tel Aviv!

    5. Of course America was class-free before Trump.

    6. Trump is quickly becoming the most powerful man on the planet. Driving people to say things they regret, single-handedly reversing 100 years of racial progress, causing global conflict… all before actually being president.

      Imagine all the hope and change this guy will inflict upon the world if he actually gets to the Oval Orifice?

    7. MacDonald’s only saving grace is that he’s one of the few of the Ceeb’s reporters to not constantly give Justin Trudeau a tongue-bath in public.

  35. The endorsement came after Obama met with Bernie Sanders


    1. See that hole that was cut out of the page in the Great American Encyclopedia right after the entry for “sandblasters” and right before the entry for “sandwiches”? That used to be the entry Bernie Sanders.

  36. Clean Air Act: Democrats Say Act Endangered After House Passes Bill Delaying EPA Ozone Regulations

    The House passed the bill Wednesday in a 234-177 vote. Republicans say the bill is necessary to prevent job losses if local governments are unable to reduce ozone levels below the EPA’s new standard.

    1. no foul play was suspected.

      Other than choking the chicken.

      1. That’s legal in Canada now.

      2. Other than choking the chicken.

        That’s FOWL play, you cretin!

      3. You can also face sit the chicken, but you can’t film it and sell the film in Great Britain.

      4. So… “fowl play?”

    2. The little death and the big death in one swell foop — very efficient.

      1. Seriously. I’ve told my wife that I want to go while she’s screaming “Ride me! RIDE ME LIKE WE’S GOIN’ SOMEWHERE!”

        A guy can dream.

      2. +1 Children of the Dead Seed

    3. Adds a whole new meaning to:

      “Oh God. I’m coming.”

      1. Nice.

      2. Lol. You are on a roll today.

    4. That not so bad a way to go

      1. His family probably gets survivor benefits, too.

        1. If he had been a cop there would be a parade.

    5. A hospital worker was found dead in The Bronx ? with his laptop open and porn playing on it ? after suffering a fatal heart attack while apparently masturbating, police sources said.

      A colleague found the 48-year-old man on Tuesday morning at North Central Bronx Hospital.

      He was naked and appeared to be pleasuring himself at the time of his death, the sources said.

      Bronx Homicide was investigating, but said no foul play was suspected.

      Where’s the euphemisms?

    6. You can go fishing with RC Dean, but you may not make it back alive.

  37. McKinney Boyd High School: Texas Valedictorian Reveals Undocumented Status in Graduation Speech

    “America can be great again without the construction of a wall built on hatred and prejudice,” Larissa Martinez, who held a 4.95 GPA and was accepted to Yale University, said her speech last week.

    1. Martinez took 17 AP classes in high school and graduated with a 4.95 GPA. She is now looking forward to a full scholarship to Yale and hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon

      in her native Mexico.

    2. Would

        1. I wouldn’t go that far:) Possibly arraignments could be made. Quid Pro Quo.

      1. I’m hoping she’s one of the rapists.

    3. “After all of these years I have finally mustered up the courage to stand here before you and share a struggle I’ve had to deal with each and every day … I am one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of the United States. I decided to stand before you today and reveal these unexpected realities because this might be my own chance to convey the truth to all of you that undocumented immigrants are people too,” she said.

      I assume the Border Patrol will deport her.

      1. No.. I’m guessing a white house invite.

      2. In the shadows, on stage, giving a speech.

      3. Nope, she made national news. If they aren’t complete morons they’ll hold off on deporting her until she’s dropped off the news cycle. In the middle of the summer between her freshman and sophomore year would be a good time to nab her. She won’t have worked her way into any protests groups as a key member yet, and pulling her when she’s not in classes will prevent the college sorts from rallying around her. By the time they get back to campus they’ll have forgotten all about it.

      4. Texas ain’t got no shadows.

    4. I prefer my walls built with rocks from Thermopylae while using the dead bodies and blood of Persians as the mortar.

    5. Anyone who wants to restrict the immigration of these people is insane. America needs more of her. A lot more of her.

      1. Nobody wants to restrict the immigration of highly talented, productive people. We have innumerable special programs right now, in fact, to grease the skids for them.

      2. Clones of her, in fact.


    6. 4.95 GPA…I get that they are trying to get around the whole take easy classes to get a 4.0 instead of classes that actually teach you something problem, but shouldn’t that have been solved by just listing the number of AP classes instead. I can’t tell you how well or poorly she did in all her classes when her score goes over a perfect. College acceptance boards probably have a handy dandy chart to translate grade point averages like this, but they still bother me.

      1. Just round it up to cinco

    7. I have mixed feelings about this because I just finished re-reading Starman Jones.

  38. Confused Citi biker is tackled by the NYPD trying to ride down a Manhattan road blocked for Obama’s motorcade and is then arrested

    Officers on scene shouted and signaled for him to stop before grabbing him.

    The man was then held down and arrested, as a secret service agent stood close by, as seen in the video.

    Police have not identified the man, however they confirmed he was from New York.

    He was not taken into custody, but given a court summons for disorderly conduct.

    Obama was in New York to tape an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

    Roads were temporarily closed all over Manhattan during peak-hour traffic as the motorcade made its way through.

    Also: another round of “Guess The Cop’s Weight!”

    1. Fuck Obama. He does this shit all the time, everywhere.

      1. Hey, they couldn’t have taped his appearance from the White House. What do you think this is, 2016 or something. He had to go to the studio for the taping so he could feel important. If that gridlocks the entire city of New York, well it sucks to be them and it is as always good to be Obama. And isn’t that what really matters?

        1. He did this shit all the time in LA. 3-4 fundraisers per trip, and then he’d do one ribbon cutting to make it “official business” and have the taxpayers foot the bill.

          Like I said, fuck that guy.

  39. For clarification purposes, I’m dropping the Trouserpod.

    I shall henceforth go by….

    1. The commenter formally known as Trouserpod?

      1. I think he just deleted himself.

      2. I would have, but I didn’t know the HTML code for the proper symbol…whatever it is.

      1. Was that a precursor to the The Peep Show? Because I loooooooooove The Peep Show.

        1. Best. Show. Ever. Nothing comes even close to the number of times I actually hurt from laughing while watching Peep Show.

        2. Mitchell and Webb Show, it’s on Hulu

          I’m sad Peep Show is over

          1. er, Mitchell and Webb Look

            my favorite sketch from it…


          2. Is it over over? They added a couple short seasons the last couple years (again, on Hulu) but of course they did not compare to the earlier shows, especially the last season that I just watched a few months ago.

            Yes, I’ve seen bits of “Mitchell and Webb” but that clip that Sir Digby linked to looked like they were using the POV cameras, which is why I wondered about a “precursor.”

        3. I am guessing so. 1st season for That Mitchell and Webb Look was ’06, if that answers.

          Chipper’s endorsement is prompting me to seek out Peep Show now

  40. President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon. He picked the candidate who has promised to serve as his third term? Imagine that.

    So no indictment for Hilary then, the fine folks at the FBI and DoJ wouldn’t want to embarrass El Presidente.

    1. And to think Obama is dumb enough to believe her. What a rube.

      1. I don’t think he necessarily needs to believe her. Anyone who tells you that her fate is beyond his influence is a liar.

    2. In the past, when was it normal for the second-term President to endorse the candidate of his party? Didn’t it happen after the candidate secured the required number of delegates, but before the convention? If so, then what’s unusual about Obama endorsing her now? It’s not like his endorsement now bars him from changing his mind should the DOJ indict, and it probably has nothing to do with whether the DOJ will indict.

      He can always play the “as new information came out of the investigation…” card. Besides, if it is normal for the exiting President to endorse at this time, and he doesn’t, it’d be like pouring gas on what already promises to be a near-1968 level of political party self-immolation. Why borrow trouble, and further hint to Hillary that the ax is falling?

  41. Ohio’s new Pot law

    “The bill lays out a number of steps that must happen first to set up the state’s medical marijuana program, which is expected to be fully operational in about two years. The law would allow patients to use marijuana in vapor form for certain chronic health conditions, but bar them from smoking it or growing it at home.”


    1. Proper payoffs need to be delivered first.

  42. WH Denies Endorsement Will Intimidate FBI Investigators
    Obama meets privately with Loretta Lynch.

  43. The 9th Circuit. The gift that keeps on giving


    1. You have no right to concealed carry

    2. I wish reason would cover this story.

    3. Four simple fucking words, “…shall not be infringed.” It’s not that difficult, assholes.

  44. The Marines’ new policy guidelines on tattoos run 32 pages long.

    Were I a Marine, I’d have it tattooed across my chest.

  45. It occurred to me why it is opinion writers have gone so insane in their criticism of Trump. The reason is his success represents an existential threat to the entire Washington political hack industry. Follow me here. The entire business model for a place like TPM or the Weekly Standard or the National Review or Reason is based on the same tautology. Why should you listen to them? Because they shape opinion and are opinion leaders. Why are they opinion leaders? Because people listen to them. If Trump wins the election despite every “opinion leader” on both sides hating his guts, the entire thing falls out of the air like Wiley Coyote after he realizes he has walked off a cliff.

      1. You know who I mean.

      2. SUPER Geenius

        1. +1 Acme

      3. You would only know that if you had typed it into pornhub recently.

      4. “Super… Genius”

    1. The reason is his success represents an existential threat to the entire Washington political hack industry.

      It goes beyond that. Jeffrey Tucker says what I’m thinking very well:

      [In the final days of the Soviet Union,] the ruling class could no longer depend on the suspension of disbelief in the sustainability of their command-and-control systems that had stopped working long ago.

      My Trump supporting friends all hate the establishment. They are tired of being lied to by republican politicians. They are tired of pundits telling them that if you are opposed to abortion you should vote for X, who then does nothing actually to stop it. And they don’t think Trump is going to pander to them so much as they expect him to drive the worthless lying scoundrels they hate out of their comfortable little positions.

      My Hillary supporting friends are still suspending their disbelief… barely. My future MIL is pretty demoralized and she’s the biggest Hillary supporter I know (except for the guys in my high-school who went on to work in the liberal NGO/pundit/civil service complex who are beyond saving).

      1. That is a good way to put it. The conservatives I know who are never Trump are still suspending their disbelief. For example today, one of my friends was telling me how Kaisich refusing to support Trump is this big deal that is going to doom his chances in the fall and how the party still may refuse to nominate him at the convention. It was like he was living in another universe where anyone in America still gave a fuck what people like John Kaisich think about anything. They don’t. I don’t know if they are going to elect Trump or not, but I know for certain politicians like Kaisich are going to have no say in what happens.

    2. It’s amazing to me how many people can completely miss the point–not just with Trump but with Hillary, too.

      They’re both walking targets for libertarians to ridicule, but for some reason, they choose to criticize both of them for all the wrong reasons.

      Earlier today, somebody was criticizing Hillary for sending troops to Libya.

      I can think of a hundred things they could legitimately go after Hillary for–why not pick one of them?

      They go after Trump for questioning the objectivity of a judge who belongs to an organization that calls itself “The Race”.

      Why not go after Trump for his mafia ties, his flip flopping on “assault weapons”, his principled stance against free trade?

      I guess these candidates turn into a punching bag for whatever cause the writer in question has banging around in his, her, or its head. If they want to write about how the California sea otters are faring, they flip a coin in their heads, pick a candidate, and somehow hold him or her responsible for it.

      I’m sure Robby will have separate pieces up in the coming weeks about both Hillary and Trump are both responsible and not responsible for campus rape.

      Where’s Cavanaugh? Where’s Julian Sanchez?

      I pay my taxes. Get these kids off of my lawn!

      1. Time and again the don’t make the easy argument and instead choose the stupid and unconvincing one. If there is any easier assignment reason could give a staffer than “The Libertarian case against Trump (or Hillary)”, I don’t know what it would be. Yet, they are so eager to social signal and so anxious to engage in hyperbole, they manage to fuck it up every single time.

      2. Robby is still beta testing his qualifiers for articles that include those points of contention.

    3. I’ve been saying that for months.

      He owes none of the Repub apparatchiks or courtiers anything. They have no assurance they will have a sinecure in the Trump administration.

      That’s the root of the NeverTrump movement. Parasites, fearing that their host will be replaced, and they won’t have a place at the Trump trough.

      1. Yes and on top of that, the political hack industry is being pornified. You can’t make money as a porn star anymore because the internet allowed so many exhibitionist to give away porn for free. The same thing is happening to the hack industry. There are a million people out there who could do what someone like Jonah Goldberg or David French or any of the others do. They just don’t because they are smart people and have lives and other careers. The internet has allowed anyone to write opinion pieces in their spare time. So the only value someone like Goldberg brings is his perceived influence. Kill that, and what does he have that any of the people on this board don’t have? Nothing.

        1. I wasn’t thinking so much about the press/hacks, as I was about the armies of consultants and hangers-on.

          1. The press hacks, have the same problem the hangers on have.

            1. They kinda are same critter any more.

        2. Not to make you laugh, but, quality of writing? I may not agree with Mark Steyn all the time, but I still visit his blog every day.

          1. There are a few that are really good. Steyn is one of them. But most of them are not. Oddly, the ran Stein out of National Review in favor of mediocrities like French and Williamson.

      2. That’s the root of the NeverTrump movement. Parasites, fearing that their host will be replaced, and they won’t have a place at the Trump trough.

        This is why a Trump win would be the worst outcome for libertarians. Trump needs the support of the GOP establishment and he’ll make a deal to get it. He made an extreme opening bid to maximize his leverage claiming he was going to destroy the GOP establishment and now he’s working to make a deal with them which will result in them maintaining their sinecures. He’s going to sell the deal as a great victory and all his chimp followers are going to applaud his triumph, but the GOP establishment is going to remain and they’re going to prove Trump’s point – they’re so unprincipled that they’ll do or say whatever it takes to win, even support a Democrat like Donald Trump. Trump losing, on the other hand, would indicate that there are just enough principled conservatives demanding some restraint on the government that we all ain’t going quietly into that socialist gulag.

        How are libertarians going to influence a party that learns they don’t even have to bother paying lip service any more to smaller government?

        1. They just fucking passed a bill that vastly expands the EPA’s power to strangle industrialized civilization back into the Stone Age, for fuck’s sake! The EPA is bound and determined they’re going to exterminate as many humans as possible and they just got handed a tool that some day, mark my words, will be used to justify banning the internal combustion engine and the use of petroleum products. And Trump is not at all concerned with restraining this sort of shit, he just wants to use that power for his own ends.

  46. A joke for you Fifth Column podcast listeners (so, Paul):

    Where do Reason commenters get their water?

    From a well, actually.

    1. Here you are Crusty


  47. “The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.”

    Was he a member of “The Race”?

    Because if he was, and the Court questioned his objectivity, doesn’t that mean they’re racists?

  48. Police respond to wrong home, shoot Air Force veteran


    1. Stop resisting!

    2. Oh dear. How is French gonna spin this one?

      1. Heck, how are gonna bad ass conservamoms gonna spin this?

          1. DAVID FRENCH!!!!

            Don’t make me take out the French!

            1. Is he a loathsome turd or what? He is such a smug condescending prick, it will make you start to think that David Brooks isn’t so bad after all.

    3. Key quote:

      According to the release, “officers gave verbal commands for homeowner David Powell to drop his handgun which he did not comply with.

      Unless they’ve got it on tape, I’m not believing

      (a) they identified themselves as cops, or
      (b) they actually told him to drop it before they shot him

      1. They may have told him to drop it, but no way did they give him any kind of chance to do it before they shot him. And no doubt took his initial movement to do that as an excuse to murder him.

  49. Sir Digby inspired me to change my handle.

    I went by Notorious UGCC for a while to show I’m not embarrassed by my fellow Ukrainian Catholics. But they might be embarrassed by me, so let me think of something else.

    I’ll pick a handle to show that I’m influenced by the philosophy of Frank Meyer, whose book In Defense of Freedom: A Conservative Credo I would encourage y’all to read.

    “Fusionist” is a misleading term, since it was coined by an opponent of the philosophy to suggest a coalition between incompatible movements. But Meyer thought freedom and virtue were interconnected to such an extent that you can’t have one without the other, so from a philosophical standpoint it’s not really a political fusion at all.

    But taking a term originally used as an insult is hardly unheard of – the Quakers didn’t invent the term “Quaker,” their enemies did, for example, but they have appropriated it.

    1. What is a Ukrainian Catholic as opposed to a Roman one? Do you guys have your own Pope in Kiev?

      1. He’s probably the one that should explain it but fuck it. If I’m not mistken it’s of the Eastern and/or Greek rite subdivisions of the Catholic church in communion with Pope Marx and headed up by a glorified archbishop.

      2. You know the Ukies. Always needing to be *different*.

      3. Same Pope, but the liturgy is Byzantine, instead of what you see in a Western-rite church. And in some cases married men are ordained to the priesthood.

        Byzantine Catholic liturgy

        1. Thank you. So basically they are like the Byzantine Catholics. I like them.

          1. We *are* Byzantine Catholics.

            1. There’s also the Ruthenian Catholic Church and some others, all Byzantine.

              If you want to insult a Byzantine Catholic, try using the term “Uniate.” The Russian Orthodox leadership likes that term.

              1. The Fusionist is an icon of Byzantine Catholicism.

    2. Sir Digby inspired me…

      *sniffs* Thank you!

  50. Most of you nerds and weirdos probably know this. But apparently one of the chicks from Game of Thrones used to be a porn star and went by the name of Sophie O’Brian. She is some fairly cute red headed English Bird.

      1. *Sophie ‘Wiley E.’ O’Brien

      2. Let me guess, that is on your YouPorn autofil.

    1. “Well, I’m only familiar with her work in Star Pork Part IV: A New Grope, and of course in Naughty Schoolgirls Parts I, II, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX, I haven’t seen most of her previous work, but her style remind me of Bertha Grindass in Sorority House Orgy…but really, I’m not an expert on these matters, you’d have to ask Crusty.”

      /Typical H&R commenter

      1. You see, this is an example of what I mean by stuff other Ukrainian Catholics might not want to be associated with.

        1. Its also why there are no women Libertarians and Postrel hates everyone on this board.

    2. I thought you were suggesting it was Ros at first, but no

      it turns out its just some extra.

      Which seems sort of “meh” considering that Shay (the turkish girl) was top billing, and she also did porn.

      1. I don’t watch the show. So, I had no idea how big her part was.

        1. “I had no idea how big her part was.”

          Well, in all fairness to you, I don’t think the camera gets that close.

      2. Oh, sure, I remember her.

        See, Gilmore provides links and proof.

    3. I don’t recognize her and her imdb page says nothing of the sort. Maybe she just appeared in an episode in some small role. I thought you might be talking about Esm? Bianco.

      Sibel Kekilli did some German porn before becoming a ‘legit’ actress.

      1. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4982706/

        She goes by Josephine Gillan now.

    4. Thanks for the info

  51. Language Justice


  52. Doesn’t the fact that his Justice Dept is conducting a number of ongoing criminal investigations into Clinton make his endorsement a conflict of interest?

    1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    2. Either that or the FBI had made its decision to not indict months ago, so technically, it may not be a conflict of interest.

    3. Meh. He convicted Bradley Manning before there was a trial and nothing else happened.

  53. Thesaurus.com: Socialist

    libertarian? Self-ruling? Autonomous? WTF?

    1. You forgot popular, equal, and just. WTF is right.

    2. Oh, I get it, they list four types of socialism, you’re on Democratic Socialism.

      There’s a tab for left-socialism, then one for leftism or whatever, then one for communist.

      The synonyms for communist include “apparatchik” and other negative terms.

      So you see, the lesson is that the communistic kind of socialism is bad, the democratic kind is nothing but rainbow-scented unicorns.

      1. I remember my progressive teacher showing us a list of the differences between socialism and communism. Bottom line: Socialism good, communism bad.

        Curiously enough, I seem to remember a similar list in Herbert Philbrick’s *I Led Three Lives,* about his career as an FBI spy in the Communist Party. I think he was trying to warn his readers not to conflate true-blue American socialists with the foreign commie conspiracy.

    3. Is Dictionary.com the product of random-text-generating-algorithms?

      Example Sentences for socialist

      She’s a democrat, a red republican, a member of the Peace Society, a socialist ?’

      No, it was not due to Socialist agitation that you went out on strike.

      Well, the Socialist brings you better news than that of a lower rent.

      It must wait for the Socialist spirit to be infused into it.

      In short, Maeterlinck is a socialist much as Goethe was a patriot.

      To be a Socialist is the first step; to make Socialist s is the second step.

      This struck Prothero as an inadequate statement of the Socialist project and he made an unsuccessful attempt to get it amended.

      He was a socialist in the sense that he hated oppression of any kind.

      No Socialist propaganda is officially carried on by the trade unions, but as quite 75 per cent.

      Here we are at the very storm center of socialist economics.

      None of these actually even comes close to making any sense. Some are at best ‘poetic’, but which isn’t the style you refer to when providing “Example sentences”

      1. They should’ve asked the infamous truck driver from a few weeks back for an example sentence

        “Every business dealing in recent history that I’ve had with a socialist-minded person, I haven’t got paid,”

  54. Hilary should appoint Bernie Sanders as her Vice President running mate.

    This way, if that bullshit email thing sticks, The Burn will kick in.


  55. OT: Balco WaPo article on New Frontiers in Asset Forfeiture.

    Oklahoma cops are now authorized to seize your debit cards and drain your bank accounts dry if they want suspect you have money that was obtained unlawfully.

    1. News 9 obtained a copy of the contract with the state.

      It shows the state is paying ERAD Group Inc., $5,000 for the software and scanners, then 7.7 percent of all the cash the highway patrol seizes.

      And I love their excuse about identity theft. They are prepaid cards you fucking flat foot.

    2. Balco WaPo

      That was definitely a czech new wave band

  56. This is what Hillary told the Wall Street Journal about Trump:

    “While he may have some catchy soundbites, his statements on the economy are dangerously incoherent,” she said in a WSJ interview. “They are deeply misguided, and they reflect an individual who is temperamentally unfit to manage the American economy.”

    Did you get that? She thinks that the President “manages” the economy. So it’s only logical to infer that if she wins, she plans on trying to manage the economy. ARGH!

  57. Joe Biden wrote an open letter to the Stanford Rape victim:

    This is getting downright embarrassing. Way to lead from behind, Joe.

    Oh, and do you know what an open letter to the victim isn’t???? A letter to the victim.

    1. He’s trying to get the SJWs on his side for his campaign after Hillary is indicted?

      1. I hope this isn’t cutting into his time spent curing cancer.

    2. Damn, he must be worn out if he writes these letters to one of every five college women.

      1. He has Weiner tweet to them.

        1. The johnson thread is over there.

    3. Joe Biden wrote an open letter to the Stanford Rape victim:

      “I know exactly what its like to have leaves and pine needles in the vagina of my soul”

      1. Not to mention waking up dazed and confused behind a Dumpster.

    4. I couldn’t get past the headline.

    5. Holy shit his staff churned him out some textbook vacuous-millenial-activist-derp-poetry

      We will make lighthouses of ourselves, as you did ? and shine.

      Your story has already changed lives.

      You have helped change the culture.

      You have shaken untold thousands out of the torpor and indifference towards sexual violence that allows this problem to continue.

      Your words will help people you have never met and never will.

      You have given them the strength they need to fight.

      And so, I believe, you will save lives.

      I do not know your name ? but I will never forget you.

      The millions who have been touched by your story will never forget you.



        1. Like a rented mule! Well, not a Canadian rented mule, but you know what I mean.

  58. Don’t worry Barry, Hillary will continue your wars of choice and the racist drug war!!!

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