Obama Endorses Clinton, Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Important Pension Ruling in New Jersey: P.M. Links


  • Barack Obama
    Hillary Clinton for President Campaign Ad

    President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this afternoon. He picked the candidate who has promised to serve as his third term? Imagine that.

  • The endorsement came after Obama met with Bernie Sanders earlier at the White House. Sanders said he's going to remain in the race and take his issues of concern to the national convention.
  • The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that a judge should not be involved in a criminal death penalty case that he had previously helped prosecute as a district attorney.
  • Republican Gov. John Kasich (remember him?) signed a bill today legalizing medical marijuana use in Ohio. It will likely¬†take a couple of years for the program to become fully operational.
  • New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie was handed a win today as the state's supreme court ruled that retired public employees do not have a contractual right to cost-of-living adjustments for their pensions. New Jersey's public pension system is massively underfunded.
  • The Marines' new policy guidelines on tattoos run 32 pages long.

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