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Ralph Nader on Trigger Warnings: 'Young Men Now Are Far Too Sensitive Because They've Never Been in a Draft'

"Do you know, Lydia, there are no ethnic-joke books in bookstores anymore?"



Ask Ralph Nader about political correctness, and apparently you might unleash a little rant about sensitive kids who never went through basic training.

Lydia DePillis just interviewed the consumer advocate for Pacific Standard, and one question she posed was: "Do you think Trump has a point about political correctness? That we've gotten too uptight?" Nader's response: "Oh, yeah. You see it on campuses—what is it called, trigger warnings? It's gotten absurd. I mean, you repress people, you engage in anger, and what you do is turn people into skins that are blistered by moonbeams. Young men now are far too sensitive because they've never been in a draft. They've never had a sergeant say, 'Hit the ground and do 50 push-ups and I don't care if there's mud there.'"

But the really interesting part of the interview came right before that, when DePillio asked what Trump's popularity suggests to Nader about the electorate:

DC Comics

NADER: [Y]ou see this when you walk past construction sites and you talk with white male workers, they feel they have been verbally repressed. It's hard for someone your age to understand what I'm about to say. They like to stand on a corner and whistle at a pretty lady. They like to flirt. But they can't do that anymore. Multiply that across the continuum. You can't say this about that, and you can't say that about this. And the employer tells you to hush. And perhaps your spouse tells you to hush, and your kids tell you to hush. So they have a whole language that they inherited—ethnic words like Polack. A lot of these people grew up on ethnic jokes, which are totally taboo now. Do you know, Lydia, there are no ethnic-joke books in bookstores anymore?

DEPILLIS: There used to be?

NADER: All the time. There were Negro-joke books, Jewish-joke books, Polish-joke books, Italian-joke books. They used ethnic jokes to reduce tension in the 1930s, '40s, '50s. And they'd laugh at each other's jokes and hurl another one. But it still flows through ethnic America, you know. There are hundreds of things that people would like to say. So here's this guy—he doubles down on them, he blows their minds. So that's the first way he got their attention.

Now, Nader's never been focused on so-called "identity" issues—he takes the usual liberal positions on social issues most of the time, but he's also the man who once responded to a question about same-sex marriage by saying he wasn't "interested in gonadal politics." And he's always had a populist streak and an interest in reaching out to people in other parts of the political spectrum. So on one level, I'm not surprised to see him saying things like this. But on another level…well, if you asked me this morning what Ralph Nader might have to say about catcalling or the Jackie Mason school of comedy, this isn't what I would have guessed.

Bonus Naderiana: For more from Nader on Trump, go here. For Reason's interview with Nader, watch the video:

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  1. well, if you asked me this morning what Ralph Nader might have to say about catcalling or the Jackie Mason school of comedy, this isn’t what I would have guessed.

    I agree, but I’ll also admit that like many other coastal elites, I sometimes get populism wrong, too.

    1. Strange bedfellows in this chap. This is an admitted socialist in the 1996 and 2000 presidential campaigns, I believe, where he called for nationalization of some industries.

      Why is he becoming popular again? Socialists are stupid people and are thus rarely smart in other areas.

  2. Do you know, Lydia, there are no ethnic-joke books in bookstores anymore?

    DEPILLIO: There used to be?

    NADER: All the time. There were Negro-joke books, Jewish-joke books, Polish-joke books, Italian-joke books. They used ethnic jokes to reduce tension in the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s.

    They were around well into the 70s when I was a kid:


      1. You think you’re stating a reductio ad absurdam…

    2. I grew up in the 60’s and even though it was a mostly white neighborhood it was considered then ethnically diverse at the time. Germans, Italians, Irish, English, Polish, etc. A lot of my friends parents spoke their native language in the home. Of course we all kid each other openly with these ethnic jokes. All in good fun, in fact the best jokes were usually told by the person of that ethnicity. It was never considered a mean thing to us. Of course we did see racism. A couple of my best friends were Korean and their family had escaped the war. Our landlord ran them off one time when we were out playing and my mom gave him bloody hell. Was the only time I ever heard her swear.

      1. I think it might be shown that sociologically, things like ethnic jokes may act as a kind of relief valve when you have a multicultural setting. When it becomes verboten to talk about another culture in any joking way, the resentments begin to build.

      2. Dude, those people are just white now.

        So you grew up in a bubble!

        /prog logic.

        1. Koreans ARE white now, it’s true!

    3. Polish jokes were big in the 1970s when I was a kid. It made us Norwegians feel smarter I suppose.

      1. They were the rage in the 80s too along with Newfie jokes.

      2. I’m half Polack – this is a joke some limey told me.

        A guy in a bar leans over to the guy next to him and says, “Wanna hear a Polack joke?”

        The guy next to him replies, “Well, before you tell that joke, you should know something. I’m 6′ tall, 200 lbs. and I’m Polish. The guy sitting next to me is 6’2″ tall, weighs 225, and he’s Polish. The fella next to him is 6’5″ tall, weighs 250, and he’s Polish. Now, you still wanna tell that joke?”

        The first guy says, “Nah, I don’t want to have to explain it three times.”

        1. Awesome.

        2. This when we were yuts. And our parents too. And except for being purely American, I am a lot polack and irish

      1. I think I had it when I was in like 3rd grade – around 1977.

    4. There aren’t any more because white people are pussies, and fuck you, you racist shitlord. The so-called “rights” were a fabrication of white slave owning misogynists of privilege and have no place in a just society that supports positive freedom with a guaranteed living wage and only positive rights.

      Did I sound convincing?

  3. They like to stand on a corner and whistle at a pretty lady. They like to flirt. But they can’t do that anymore.

    Bullshit. They just use jazz hands now.

    1. No, they whistle at them, say “good morning” and smile. This gets a youtube video accidentally showing that black men are the #1 threat to women on the streets of New York.

  4. The trick is being able to hear what people are saying even when they didn’t wrap it up in the proper language.

    1. You mean the ones who spoke Italian?


        1. Bloody eye ties!

  5. Our country presently excels at producing sensitive cunts who can’t take criticism or undertake tasks requiring responsibility over self and others. Considering that the main social and economic change since the 80s has been in massively increasing the number of people who go to college, the products of this educational system are an enormous indictment on the US’ virtues compared to a mere 50 or 100 years ago. America’s educational system is not in the business of cultivating its best and brightest. It is producing slackers, losers, homebodies, and thin-skinned people, and releasing them into the wild. Some young people, I assume, are good people.

    1. America’s educational system is not in the business of cultivating its best and brightest. It is producing slackers, losers, homebodies, and thin-skinned people…

      And some, I assume, are good people.

      1. i know it’s good to refresh before posting, but wait for the page to finish loading.

    2. Public schools run by bureaucrats answerable to democratically elected representatives have a clear disincentive to teach critical thinking.

      1. This.

        The whole message of public school was “shut the fuck up, do what you’re told, and don’t EVER question authority!”

        1. It used to be: “Salute the flag!” Now it’s: “Salute the rainbow flag!”

    3. I would add they’ve been conditioned to believe they know better and can’t handle when they’re challenged.

  6. I don’t think it’s about not going through basic training, but I think it works the other way around. Kids aren’t overly sensitive because they haven’t gone through basic training, but they’re raised differently now that no one expects them to be drafted to fight a war.

    Corporal punishment used to be common in schools–and I mean as recently as the early ’80s. It also used to be common when two guys got into a fight that the Vice Principle would take them out behind the bleachers to fight it out until there was a winner–and then the Vice Principle would make ’em shake hands.

    Every generation right up through the beginning of Generation X expected to go to war–WWII in the ’40s, Korea in the ’50s, Vietnam in the ’60s and ’70s, and Gen X was going to fight the Soviets at some point–right up until the wall came down.

    Schools were meant to instill patriotism and create good soldiers–and that just recently changed. The expectations now is that no one will ever have to go to war unless they volunteer, and that just changes the way you raise boys. You’re just not raising them all to succeed on the battlefield after they’ve been drafted anymore.

    1. Do you think it mattered that many expected to go to war in the form of thermonuclear holocaust?

      1. As long as Jesse Walker broke the ice on Watchmen frames or at least balloons…did it not matter that people’s thinking was affected like that of The Comedian, who said, approximately, “Let me show you just why it don’t matter. [Sets fire to the presentation charts on the easel.] Because inside of 15 years, the nukes are going to be flying as thick as mayfiies. Then Ozzie here can be the smartest guy on the cinder.”? it certainly was said at the time to be affecting people’s thinking.

      2. We fought the Vietnam War with the same nuclear holocaust expectations.

        Historians will look back at the Cold War as a series of engagements through proxies over the course of 40 years, or so–1948-1989.

        They’ll talk about how M.A.D. made such proxy wars possible. I argue the same thing will happen with Iran if and when they develop nuclear weapons and the ICBMs to deliver them. That probably won’t make conventional war with Iran impossible. It’ll make conventional war with Iran through proxies fairly close to inevitable.

        Anyway, from 1974, when Vietnam ended, to 1989, when the wall came down, we didn’t know the Soviet Union was going to collapse. They maintained huge conventional forces, and so did we, and we all thought they were in play. And the grown ups who were running things, through World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, all expected the next generation would have it like the three or four before.

        1. I think by 1974, people decided that since they’d gotten thru the preceding times without blowing up the world, that it’d never happen. Not so up to that time, esp. in the 1950s & ’60s. It was believed therefore by many that young people had a shorter time horizon than had been the case before The Bomb. Like the very spooky kind of “Life During War Time” lyrics, “Why go to college? Why go to night school?”, which apparently were predicated on a war of each against all, where as in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, it does not pay to go by your real name.

          1. Yeah, you’re wrong. Better red than dead was a real sentiment In the early 80s as was the doomsday clock, the day after, and ‘nuclear winter’.

            1. ^^^Indeed it was. I remember being fascinated by a Vietnam vet I worked with at the time who was always ranting about the “God-damned Reds” and wearing ant-commie slogan t-shirts under his work shirts. You could even find quite a few “Better Dead Than Red” shirts in among the Punk scene.

              1. I think Ken and Robert articulate the actual. MAD (a strategy as a result of the Cuban missile crisis) made proxy war the default approach. Proxy wars have always existed but MAD made them the de-facto great powers struggle. By the mid to late ’70’s no body was duck and covering anymore and schools had dropped that exercise in the sixties. PTSD’d vets and punk counter culture fashion not withstanding

  7. RE: Ralph Nader on Trigger Warnings: ‘Young Men Now Are Far Too Sensitive Because They’ve Never Been in a Draft’

    I’m glad young men have never been in a draft.
    No one should be in the armed forces against their will.
    That said, Nader is wrong (as usual).
    The young men are far too sensitive because they have been politically indoctrinated to be hyper-sensitive by their “teachers and mentors” in the re-education camps of our public school monopolies.
    Please do not show this to anyone who might disagree with this writing.
    They may faint.

    1. Maybe they’re so delicate because consumer crusader do-gooders like Nader campaigned to get the government to try to protect them from everything.

      Progressives will never release the dream of universal government service as a means to build character among their slaves.

      1. When I was a kid, if your car blew up, you walked it off and laughed about it later while getting drunk on everclear and diving into the shallow quarry south of town.

        1. South of town?

          *Beats CE with baseball bat, blows up car*

          North side quarry forever! Now let’s go get a beer.

      2. Nader was a piker in that regard compared to what followed. I was going to write “in his footsteps”, but most of Nader’s ideas had at least some grounding in reality. It’s been another order of thing since then. We made such fun of “Nat Ranter” then, but the way he wanted things were like the Wild West compared to the Precautionary Principle & so forth.

  8. I remember being quite surprised when I learned the the Polish word for a Polish man is “Polack”. I had grown up being told that it was rude to use that word. Today, if anyone jumps down my throat for calling a Polack a Polack, I tell them to fuck off.


    1. I remember seeing a book of Polish jokes with a cartoon of two Pollocks walking abreast.

      It was on a leash!

      1. You’re surprised by the leash? I’m surprised that two fish were walking!

      2. It’s in this book that lafe.long posted earlier.

    2. One Polish man is a Polak and a Polish woman is a Polka. Two Poles are Polacy.

    3. When I was little, I always though Polack jokes simply referred to a stupid person. I didn’t know it was an insult to a specific group. When I was about 10 or 11 and playing hockey there was a new kid on the team that was way better than the rest of us. Before the first game coach told us we had to put our names on our helmet ? league rules. Game starts and I notice the kid has Pollack (like the artist) on his helmet. I assumed the pronunciation was like the jokes, making him one, and wondered how the hell that could be since he was such a great player. I figured nigger jokes were the same but caught up around the same time with slightly different hints and realizations.

    4. I always thought ‘Polack’ sounded much more badass then ‘polish’. It just sounds much woodier, not tinny at all.

  9. The “Truly Tasteless Jokes“-series of books was a best-seller well into the early 1990s

    Critic Edward Rothstein, analyzing the books’ success for The New York Times, wrote, “the telling of a joke brings into the light of society that which is hidden; it creates a marriage between the respectable and the unacceptable. Tasteless jokes, though, would seem to have gone far beyond the bounds. These are not subtle expressions, their critics charge, but slurs and violations. They result not in marriage, nor even in an affair, but in a reconnoiter somewhere in the shadows.”[4]

    1. That above-quoted critic of the Truly Tasteless Jokes books?… was my high-school english teacher.

      …however, the rendezvous takes place in full daylight, with prejudices and fears displayed for the pleasure of thousands, and the point being made may not be as obvious as it at first appears. The dumb and miserly and filthy and stuck-up parade across the pages, given ethnic labels, and are read about with a peculiar mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. The ”tastelessness” of these jokes – many of which have been told for generations – is their main point: Prejudice is mocked, distended to a ludicrous degree. The target of these ”outrageous” and ”gross” quips is the very pieties of society that apply such labels. They make us laugh at the pretense that such prejudices do not exist and at the respectable assertion that we are really all the same.

      1. *correction – wrong guy

    2. In the last thread, I gave a link to the author page of Blanche Knott, the author of the Tasteless Jokes series.

      And her name, in case you’re wondering, is 100% real and not made up.

      1. (OK, maybe the author changed his/her name *a little*)

        (And I suppose I should say “compiler” instead of “author”)

        1. “Blanche Knott” doesn’t sound made up to me. Now, “Secura”, or maybe “Tigh T. Knott”.

  10. I was thinking the other day . . .

    I know this guy that got a hard time the other day because he said he really can’t tell various Asian ethnicities apart. I can 95% tell if someone is Japanese or Korean or Chinese just by looking at them.

    I can also generally tell Germans and the Irish apart–but does anybody get offended by making it easier for other people and just going with “white”. If Asians can’t tell Russians and the French apart, do any white people get offended?

    Feel how you want to feel, but “some kind of Asian” really shouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

    1. Outside of albinos, there aren’t any white people.

      1. You’ve never seen THIS descendant of the British Isles in the winter – scary.

      2. We’re all just pink weasels.

    2. It’s ok, people can’t tell me and Tom Selleck apart.

      1. Tom Selleck circa 2015 or Tom Selleck circa 1985?

    3. “Tell Germans and Irish apart”

      Yeah, easy. They both drink a lot of beer, but Germans are better at holding down a job.

      1. Conan O’Brien looks like he should be sitting at the end of rainbow with a pot of gold.

        1. Too tall. He’s not a leprechaun, just an amorphous nightmare.

        2. Too tall. He’s not a leprechaun, just an amorphous nightmare.

          1. A leprechaun infused with reverse Pym particles maybe.

    4. Ken,
      I’m also pretty good at distinguishing the differences you mentioned, but I’ve noticed that much of it is based on cultural traits more than genetic, ie., haircut, clothing style, etc.

      I can spot a Russian mostly because they cut their bangs straight across (men and women) and wear shorts and tanktops from the 70’s.

      The Korean men have those retarded sissy K-pop haricuts.

      And so on.

      1. A lot of Russians have very distinctive facial Ben structure and hairlines. My former neighbor looked like Putin fucked his mother.

        1. You lived next door to Winston?

    5. I can 95% tell if someone is Japanese or Korean or Chinese just by looking at them.

      Usually just knowing their name will tell you that.

  11. “Ideological subversion / psychological warfare ? to change the perception of reality of everyone to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to a sensible conclusion in the interest of defending themselves, their family, their community or their country. ”

    I have been told I am a conspiracy nut for bringing this up, but every damned one of the groups who peddle this horseshit eventually get around to explaining that capitalism must be destroyed. No one looks more guilty than the hacks in academia.

  12. (Trigger Warning: old man rant incoming)

    To be honest, a large part of it is that young middle class and upper middle class men in America and Europe are socialized to never fight or give in to violent impulses. The groups that younger guys in those categories are a part of just don’t incorporate violence in enforcing norms within the group or outside it. When I was growing up, violence was a proper response to one of your friends persistently engaging in asshole behavior in your presense. Likewise, if someone outside your circle of friends did something that merited a violent response it was expected that you or someone else would rise to the challenge. Today that behavior is not accepted and not considered. Anything which requires violent response it to be taken to an authority figure, and that attitude just doesn’t cultivate leaders or people of strong character. I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that most peer groups are mixed-gender, and that in American society feminized values dominate socially wherever there is a conflict between feminine and masculine values in the public square. The result is a group of perfectly healthy men standing by when women are sexually assaulted en masse in a major German city, simply because they don’t know any differently or consider a violent response in the mix of socially-acceptable options.

    1. That is a lot of words to say “We are raising a bunch of pussies”.

      1. I’ll leave pithiness for the people who don’t like to hear the sound of their own voice, heh.

      2. Pretty much. Lazy, weak minded, entitled pussies. They are going to e so much fun when they get stuck holding the bag when the baby boomers die off.

    2. What happened in Cologne followed by no response I don’t get.

      Street justice was in order.

      How do you think early immigrants learned the rules of engagement and the game back in the day? Each had the previous groups to slap them off the side of the heads and tell them what’s up. Dutch/Germans to the Irish, Irish to the Polish, Jews and Italians, Italians to the Mexicans/Puerto Ricans and so on. I could be wrong in my sequence but you get the drift. Not sure where the Chinese fit in this since they often did their own thing and blacks.

      I’m sure someone can refine my point. I’m too deep into my wine to think critically.

      1. Half of Europes countries will be caliphates in a decade or two if they don’t start fighting back. The fact that they won’t fight back will make the new immigrants 10x as aggressive. You don’t fight that kind of aggression with being passive. I keep hearing they’re not going to take it, they’ll fight. Well, I’m waiting.

        1. I shoulda added, who will slap the Muslims off the side of the head to keep them real, know what I’m saying?

      2. Bison are damned difficult to raise. They are ornery, tough and strong as hell. You can get your ass hurt or killed in the blink of an eye around them. Domestic cattle, on the other hand, are much more docile and easy to control.

        The political class here in the US treat the population like cattle but in Europe it is much worse.

      3. The men should have gotten together and beaten a few Muslims to death in retaliation.

    3. Acting like an asshole should elicit a violent response? Fuck that shit. Violence should elicit a violent response. Acting like an asshole deserves ridicule and public humiliation not violence.

      1. Be glad you didn’t live on my block when I was growing up, then. If you called someone’s mom or sister a whore you were guaranteeing yourself a fight. If you were sanctimoniously snitched out people for minor offenses, you’d probably get a punch in the nose for your troubles if you made a habit of it. Most of what would be called anti-social behaviors, including things that are important for libertarians (autonomy and property), would be subject to that kind of response. The positive result is that men in peer groups generally learned to take responsibility for their actions and to a more limited degree even responsibility for others when needed. (The major negative result is that on-the-ground morality and civility as interpreted by teenage boys doesn’t necessarily correspond to the real thing, of course.)

        Naturally, modern society’s response to anti-social behaviors is much more humane: instead of being corrected on the spot by your friend when you pull that shit, you are diagnosed with an anti-social disorder by the state and your friend probably will be, too with your daily dose of soma administered to keep you docile.

        Having seen the results of both, I’ll take the teenage boy version of peer justice over the state’s any day of the week.

        1. Absolutely.

          1. “Gee, Officer Krumpke….”

      2. One good smack cam head off a LOT of problems.

  13. The easiest way to tell Korean from Japanese is to ask them if they like Japanese people.

    1. Mind that bridging an ethnic divide is easier if I’m dealing with a chick who is smoking hot. After that I don’t give a shot about color, country etc.. Seriously, how oppressed was someone like a young Halle Berry, versus almost any ugly fat white chick? Even before she was famous.

  14. I just had an odd experience reading this passage above:

    Now, Nader’s never been focused on so-called “identity” issues?he takes the usual liberal positions on social issues most of the time, but he’s also the man who once responded to a question about same-sex marriage by saying he wasn’t “interested in gonadal politics.” And he’s always had a populist streak and an interest in reaching out to people in other parts of the political spectrum.

    Odd because I forgot it said “Nader”, and thought it’d said “Trump”. Because that’s what I thought. Though I easily believe it of Nader too.

    1. Nader was an early “Nanny-stater” which planted the seeds for the pussification we see today.

      1. Well he is the epitome of a progressive beta make. Which is why he defines Trump the way he did. That Trump is only popular because he fights back against white men being put in their proper place. As opposed to being fed up with central planner progtards like him and Obama.

  15. I don’t know if anyone here watched the Ali G show on HBO. But in my opinion, the only 2 interviewees who did a good job of dealing with the idiocy were Ralph Nader and Donald Trump.

    1. I remember I saw that show first when I was in Scotland, then over here. Too funny. He was interviewing a guy from the FBI, and he kept calling it, “The FB.” And the the guy would say, “I”, and Cohen would say, “I, irie, I….” Too fucking funny. Oh, PS, the FBI guy came off as a complete dunderhead, as did most of the people he interviewed.

    2. I did on and off.

    3. All the time. Ali G was really my favorite character. Although the ALI G movie sucked compared to Borat.

    4. the only 2 interviewees who did a good job of dealing with the idiocy were Ralph Nader and Donald Trump.

      For the same reason? or in different ways?

      I remember Trump w/ Ali G. He nodded and didn’t agree or disagree with most of what Cohen tried on him. he was congenial yet skeptical. He could tell he was being gamed and was neither upset or intimidated by it.

      Nader, I don’t know what that would be like, or can’t remember it if i saw it.

      1. Nader talked down to him. Explained to him why you couldn’t walk around behind a cow trying to catch his farts or something like that. It’s been 10 years, so I’m paraphrasing.

    5. Andy Rooney.

  16. Bah. I didn’t do no basic training and I’m tough as nails mentally. I don’t offend easily at all.

    Once upon a time I did but it took a local sports writer (originally a New Yorker) to explain to me the power of the middle finger.

    1. Like someone said above, it’s not that, Nader is wrong. The problem is boys are growing up in an environment where masculinity is regarded as some sort of leprosy.

    2. I don’t offend easily because:

      (1) often I just don’t “get it”;

      (2) I never consider that people would insult a great guy like me.

      I’ve frequently had the experience of people telling me that mutual acquaintances had insulted me, & that I hadn’t noticed. Frequently my response was that I didn’t care. Daddy was especially bothered that I wasn’t bothered about what people thought about me. To him it was very important what other people thought (although he barely seemed to notice whether other people even acknowledged him?they’d recognize him while he didn’t recognize them), and he thought my lack of care in that regard was a reason I got nowhere in life.

      1. I’m like, if I make people happy by their making fun of me, well, I’ve added to the happiness in the world, because it doesn’t bother me. People being happy makes me happy.

        1. I ordain you…

          Mr. Happy.

          /cue The Rolling Stones, ‘Happy’.

  17. We now live in a society where boys are punished for being boys, where masculinity is discouraged and mocked. This is an incredibly dangerous experiment. We live in a dangerous world, not a safe space for snowflakes. ISIS must be licking their chops looking at the current generation of pussies who will faint if someone says ‘boo’.

    1. Nah, my young Marines are still good. You just have to deal with the Twitter generation differently than guys from the 90s.

      They all get that blood makes the grass grow.

    2. I recently told a progtarded acquaintance of mine that I had no problem closing Gitmo. I said it would be easy. Just execute the remaining detainees. That would send a fucking message to ISIS and every other Jihadi piece of shit. They understand power and ruthlessness. So demonstrate both.

  18. So, a lot of people above have almost touched on this, and I didn’t want to be rude by responding to any one specifically: You are all equal in the eyes of DenverJ (may he long grace the pool halls with his presence. Amen)
    Schools are actively attempting to teach the maleness out of boys.
    School is an unnatural environment, anyway, for a creature evolved to learn by running through the woods hunting small animals and making pretend war on each other.
    The rate of ADD diagnosis has skyrocketed, to the point where one suspects that the true goal is simply to drug normal, healthy, energetic boys into lethargy.
    Grade school teachers are overwhelmingly female. The normal aggressiveness of males is seen as a problem to be fixed.

    1. This is why the Gender neutrality movement is dangerous.

      Also, I’d like to add, I was reading stuff like Robert Crumb when I was 13. Lemme tell ya, that shit grows you up fast where understanding humor is concerned. I was waaayyy out there compared to some of my peers.

      And keep your jokes to yourselves jerks.

      1. I was formed by listening to Carlin, Cosby and Cheech and Chong in elementary school in the 70’s. We’d sneak in records and listen to them on the SRA lab turntables….epic.

        “Young man – give me that knife……..” *shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THUONNNNNNNNG!” “Thank you.” Sister Mary Elephant….lolz

        1. That explains…a lot.

          1. “Hey, man, that looks like dog shit…”

        2. For us it was Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. I was 11.

          1. That was more college for me.

          2. “Norton, I been watchin’ you. And I know you been watchin’ me….”

            1. Goony-goo-goo!

          3. For me, Allan Sherman. Much of which I didn’t get.

        3. My friends and I used to listen to all of the Cheech and Chong records over and over and over again. They never stopped being funny. I think I would narrate every one of them word for word back then.

          Blind Melon Chitlin, lol.

          1. I was a big fan of the Diceman. We listened to his first comedy album over and over in the Gulf.

        4. In college we had to put in X hours in the “language lab” (a big room full of desks with individual cassette players and headphones). There was a grad student monitor who sat up front who could tap in to any desk and check that you were actually listening to a language tape. Most of the time it happened to be the same black guy when I was there.

          I used to listen to Pryor comedy tapes and I could see the monitor listening along trying his best not to bust out laughing. I’m sure I was his favorite attendee.

    2. I remember elementary school, pretty much all of the teachers were women. They seemed to despise us little roughnecks and really favor the girls. If a girl accused you of something, you didn’t even bother with defending it, because you knew the lying little cootie covered alien thing had gotten you into trouble. We would fight every day, every day there were fights. It’s just boys being boys, no one thought anything of it.

      1. So, temper your disdain for Pajama Boy with sympathy: It is not his fault. He has had his masculinity criticized since a young age, and has spent his whole life resisting his “evil” impulses.

        1. I don’t think there’s enough testosterone in pajama boy to fuel an evil impulse. They did a fine job of emasculating him. I can put him to work knitting some gay colored winter blankets for my orphans. Yeah, I know, I let my orphans have blankets in winter, I’m getting soft, sigh…

          1. People like pajama boy just cry out for beatings.

        2. I don’t think Pajama Boy had to resist any impulses.

          1. I’m sure he learned to conquer his gag reflex at an early age.

      2. This is true.

        I remember in 5th grade, we were getting into groups of four for some kind of project. The male teacher actually said, “let’s move Kristin over to this group and get some of that female brain power over there!” All the teachers frequently chided boys who were “acting up” and would point to a female student as an example to follow.

        This idea that boys are just defective girls is really damaging.

        1. I’ll bet that teacher has voted democrat his whole life too.

    3. Biologically and socially, it is very damaging to eliminate experiences and peer groups where men can learn *how* to be violent. Violence used correctly is a boon to society, and it is best when those most naturally predisposed to wield violence also understand when and where to do so.

      I am unaware of any society which has intentionally denied this basic principle of male socialization apart from the modern West, but I am aware of societies which learn to value other things highly enough that they forget how to inculcate the appropriate and effective use of violence in their own populations. These societies are generally called “decadent” by the old-fashioned historians, and what those historians write about their collapse ain’t too pretty.

      1. I think part of the problem is the elimination of all-male spaces and the growing ridicule of strong male friendship.

        Throughout history, there have always been things that only men do and places that only men go, and this necessary for normal social development as men. Nowadays, “diversity” initiatives have forcibly inserted women (no pun intended) into any area that is perceived as being “male-dominated”. In addition, any social gathering of all males is mocked – often by males themselves – as being a “sausage fest” and somehow an undesirable place to be. Even males who are in particularly strong friendships are seen as being “gay” or “homo-erotic”. Try explaining to a “millennial” the friendship between Tennyson and Hallam or Achilles and Patroclus, and it won’t be long before they reply, “lol they sound like a couple of fags!!”

        Meanwhile, female-only spaces and female bonding are held up as wonderful things that we need more of.

    4. to the point where one suspects that the true goal is simply to drug normal, healthy, energetic boys into lethargy.

      Yeah, sticking kids on amphetamines is certainly going to drug kids into lethargy.

      1. Amphetamines are a strange type of “speed”. Yes they make you awake, but you tend to get very focused; there is little bouncing off the walls on small dosages.

  19. Ethnic jokes belong in the dustbin of history with Jews and spics.

    1. Don’t forget those slanty eyed chinks and their dirty businesses.

      1. My aunt Judy who married the Pollack knew ALL the Pollack jokes. Go figure….

        1. My name ends in “ski”. If someone can tell me a Pollack joke I haven’t heard (has to make me laugh), I will donate $20 to Reason.
          And… Go!

    2. “I’d like to tell you an ethnic joke”
      “I think that ethnic jokes are disgraceful”
      “That’s mighty white of you”

      … Hobbit

    3. And those smelly Hawaiins………

  20. Gary Johnson just did a 20 minute(less commercials) spot on Special Report with Bret Baier the old school nightly national news hour on Fox News that every old person watches.

    I informally live commented it here.

    1. Krauthammer call’s him a dope fiend

      I lol’d.

      1. Krauthammer and Chong. Two Canucks by birth.

        We’re EVERYWHERE.


        1. Paul Bernardo was Canadian too. Just saying.

          1. But he was no pundit on TV or in the papers in the USA!

      2. Calls with an apostrophe?

        /breaks down sobbing….

        1. I know I know I know

          I’m going to flee to the old country and hide out as a greengrocer

  21. C’mon now, I am going to be insulted if no one makes a redneck/cracker/hillbilly joke.

    1. We didn’t want to interrupt you fucking your cousin….

      1. If the trailer’s a rockin, don’t come a knockin.

      2. Thank y’all for that. I don’t like to be interrupted. Once I convince her to take her teeth out and get her revved up I don’t like to stop.

        1. You’ll have to be nice and buy her a new tube top after.

    2. How do you circumcise a Suthenboy?

      You kick his sister in the chin.

      1. Shows what you know. See my comment above.

        1. That’s why it’s ragged.

    3. What’s the difference eetween Helen Keller and a redneck?

      Helen Keller became famous for being able to not read.

    4. I watched that move Deliverance with my wife when she first came to the US and it terrified her. She asked me if there are really people like that and I was teasing her, sort of, and told her that everyone is West Viriginia is like and we need to drive up there and see my cousins this weekend. Lol, she was not about to go see my cousins (I don’t really have cousins in West Virginia that I know about), and it was at least a year before I could even talk her into driving through that state. She was reading all of this stuff online about the mountain people and getting all freaked out.

      1. Do you tell her to squeal like a pig, Hyp?

        Hey, you brought it up and I just walked into it.

        1. I was teasing her not trying to get a patch of hair or 2 ripped out.

      2. Have her read some Homer Hickam for an opposing POV.

        1. We watched October Sky.

          1. Watch Tucker & Dale vs Evil sometime. Netflix has it.

            1. That movie is hysterical. I hear there may be a sequel. Also, the blonde (Katrina Bowden) can be seen nude in ‘Nurse 3D’.

  22. If that’s what $12,000 gets Hillary, the joke’s on her.

    I don’t even need a ruling from Gilmore on this one.

    Hillary Clinton took a lot of flak on Monday after a report surfaced that the presidential candidate wore a Giorgio Armani jacket worth more than $12,000 during a speech in April about inequality.

    1. They also complain about her pants.

      So they’re saying she should take her pants and jacket off?

      1. *vomits profusely*

        1. Blink 182 beat me to it, but I arrived at the joke independently.

    2. I will say that’s the nicest burlap sack I’ve seen in a while.

      1. I wonder what a double wide chairman mao pantsuit runs these days?

        1. She’ll feel at home in China. Especially since she’s on the payroll

    3. worth more than $12,000

      No no no no.

      *COST* more than $12,000. Unless its made out of the skins of albino Dodos, its not “Worth” shit.

    4. Who spends 12k on a jacket? How many times is she going to wear it? Do you orgasm when you put it on?

    5. It was a gift from the Clinton Foundation. No big.

  23. Why don’t Polish women like to use vibrators?

    It chips their teeth.

    1. Huh, a woman once refused to give me a handy because she said it would chip her nails.

      1. You asked a woman with sharp nails to give you a hand job?

        1. Begged more like it. I’m not a proud man.

      2. Where were you meeting your chicks? At Wal-Mart?

        1. Right by the rack with the wolf shirts.

          1. More than one or two wolves, I hope.

    2. The funny, coincidental thing is, when I heard that joke, the butt of the humor was Oberlin Students.

  24. Say what Cleveland?


    1. Cheap ass democrats. I think they should be heckled mercilessly if they don’t make it $30 and do it now.

    2. I thought it was going to be about how pathetic the Cavs are.

      1. If they they can’t bring it while at home then may as well hang it up,

  25. You people are horrible, mainly because no one has told any French jokes.

    1. There’s only so many surrender jokes that can be told before they get really old.

      1. There’s also the laziness and rudeness. They are a people rich with stereotypes.

    2. Whaddya mean ‘you people’?

  26. Q: What do you call an Frenchman in the knockout stages of the World Cup? A: A Referee.

    Q: Why wasn’t Jesus born in France? A: He couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

    Q: What do you call a Frenchman advancing on Baghdad? A: A salesman.

    Q: Where can you find 60,100,000 French jokes? A: In France.

  27. Does Ralph Nader not realize that he was the inspiration for Helen Lovejoy?

    1. I’ve never heard that, but it sure is fucking funny.

      “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children!”

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