Vox Editor in Trouble for Supporting Riots, Dick Morris Gets a New Job, X-Men Controversy: P.M. Links


  • X-Men
    Screenshot via 20th Century Fox

    Vox editor Emmett Rensin was suspended for a series of tweets in which he seemed to be encouraging anti-Trump riots. He later clarified that he did not support violence of any kind. Here is Vox's statement.

  • "Walking with coffee: why does it spill?" That's the name of a federal study you paid for.
  • Dick Morris joins The National Enquirer (no, he wasn't already working there).
  • Sex researcher Alice Dreger is in trouble again for not holding the most inoffensive, politically correct views about trans issues.
  • Latest nontroversy: X-Men: Apocalypse poster showing the titular villain choking Mystique is promoting violence against women.
  • A transgender high school athlete is winning some Track and Field races. So that's a tough one.

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    Wait, I don’t care about that movie.

    1. Hello.

    2. Who cares about X-Men Apocalypse or spoilers.

      I just want more pictures of JLaw.

      1. Yes, more pictures of Jude Law please.

        1. Yes, more pictures of Jude Law please.


          1. That’s bad teeth? Fuck, I couldn’t afford braces either.

    3. The Black Knight is actually King Richard.

    4. The mysterious old lady with the love letters was actually Marlene Dietrich in old lady makeup.

    5. Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.

  2. Vox editor Emmett Rensin was suspended for a series of tweets in which he seemed to be encouraging anti-Trump riots.

    So suddenly you’re not allowed to make news happen?

    1. He later clarified that he did not support violence of any kind.

      It would probably be more accurate to say that he redefined the word “violence” to exclude the things that he supports.

      1. Even more accurately, his definition of “violence” did not include punching people he disagrees with, and also did not include property damage.

        1. The only thing he categorically excluded was murder.

        2. And notably, “murder” and not “homicide.” So if, say, you kill in self-defense against the literal violence of supporting Trump and saying things that hurt your feelz, it seems to be okay…

          1. the literal violence of supporting Trump and saying things that hurt your feelz

            *waits to hear stories of Rensin crying because of a college professor’s words*

            /Rensin…..ins’t that an ingredient in Certs?

              1. “Just pop a couple in your mouth!”

    2. Suspended with, or without, pay?

    3. Looking at his tweets, I find much to agree with.

      He thinks Trump is a fascist.

      He asks what the appropriate response to fascism is supposed to be. Fight back, or not?

      If Trump *isn’t* a fascist or an existential threat to democracy, fine. But then let’s stop saying that he is.

      Yeah. He’s calling out the hypocrisy of the Left, and he has a point. If Trump really is “Worse than Hitler”, then violence is appropriate. If not, they should stop saying that he is.

      Me, I hope they keep saying it, as their hysterical pants shitting only serves to discredit them in the eyes of most Americans.

  3. Romanian town has 3 candidates for mayor, all with same name

    In a Romanian town, residents have a choice of three candidates for mayor in an election this weekend – but only one name.

    Vasile Cepoi is running for a fourth term as mayor of Draguseni, a northeastern town of 2,500 people. Both of his challengers in Sunday’s election also are called Vasile Cepoi.

    1. Vasile Cepoi 2016!

      1. Prediction: David French finishes last.

        1. What is the InTrade spread on whether French outperforms the Natural Law Party?

          1. French will finish behind the Rent’s Too Damn High Party.

          2. Will definitely be beat by Vermin Supreme.

    2. Thanks to the folly of central planning, Draguseni’s entire supply of names ran out during the Ceaucescu regime.

    3. I think Mr. Capoi’s 3 cent titanium tax goes too far!

      And I think Mr. Capoi’s 3 cent titanium tax doesn’t go too far enough!

    4. “You Americans, all you have is hanging chads. Romania has true voting challenge.”

    5. Soon to be made into movie starring John Malkovich.

    6. Where does Trump fit into all of this?

      1. In the back, with his hair.

    7. Nope, no inbreeding in that town.

    8. The one in the middle.

  4. X-Men: Apocalypse poster showing the titular villain choking Mystique is promoting violence against women.

    But she’s a mutant who sometimes morphs into a man. Oh, wait, I guess that makes it even worse.

    1. She’s just genderfluid…

    2. Mystique’s powers are not as impressive as they used to be.

    3. tititular villain

      That’s so sexist.

    4. Why doesn’t she just morph herself into an Apocalypse clone and choke him in return?

    5. Of course you cannot show a female superhero even temporarily losing a battle.

  5. Single. Payer.


    After spending years and money on yapping on about preventative measures are key, the government now wants to blow out annual check ups for ‘healthy’ people. Chicken before the egg and all that. We have to cut and save money somewhere, right?

    Thankfully the politburo bureaucrats are leaving private options available!

    1. But, how can you tell if people are healt…..

      Nevermind. It’s Quebec.

    2. You can also get single-payer by allowing all the insurance companies to merge.

    3. The #1 preventative measure is lifestyle, and doesn’t require once stepping into a doctor’s office.

      Exercise, and stop eating food-like products.

    4. The annual checkup is pretty much a stone cold waste of money. There’s no downstream savings from running diagnostics on asymptomatic people.

      The fairy tale is that they’ll catch enough people who are early-stage whatever to save money on their treatment. Its a fairy tale told by the people submitting bills for the checkups and diagnostics. I know – shocking.

      1. Ok. But it’s not what they say. Prevention is key!

  6. A transgender high school athlete is winning some Track and Field races. So that’s a tough one.

    Not if said student athlete is female-to-male.

    1. East Germany tried that already. There were… complications.

    2. Stella Walsh for the win.

    3. Sports are supposed to be segregated by sex to account for the actual physiological differences between male and female athletic potential. What the person identifies as an utterly irrelevant characteristic that there is no sensible reason to have different classifications for.

    4. What’s tough about it?

      If being all gendery means that people should be treated as the sex they declare, rather than the sex they are, well, isn’t this not only predictable, but good and right and true?

  7. “I’m glad that this person is comfortable with who they are and they’re able to be happy in who they are, but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100-percent fair.”

    “I support the Second Amendment, but ….”

    1. So, you’re glad that your competition isn’t fair? I mean, isn’t that what’s left when you boil down that sentence?

  8. The Swiss Are About To Vote ‘No’ On Basic Income

    The Swiss are holding the first national referendum on an unconditional basic income, a simple but radical idea to streamline the welfare state by guaranteeing everyone an income.

    The measure is most likely going to fail. Two recent polls by gfs.bern, a private research firm based in Bern, Switzerland, projected more than 70 percent of likely voters would vote “No” while about 25 percent would vote “Yes.”

    1. Economists hardest hit.

      But if it’s really this kind of blowout, damn. I’m far more optimistic about direct democracy than most people, and even I don’t expect more than 60% “No” at the outside.

      1. I think most people understand that it can only work if you get rid of all other welfare. And I highly doubt that is what’s being proposed.

      2. It’s Switzerland. No every Tom, Jose, and Muhammad gets to vote.

        1. Far as I know, any citizen can vote and there’s no citizenship test. Only differences from other Western countries is that citizenship is passed by blood, not soil, and that requirements for acquiring citizenship are more stringent.

          So unless Swiss have some kind of genetic superiority (only Swiss person I know is definitely in the ‘got some awesome genes’ category), their mob should be exhibiting same kind of stupidity, fickleness and propensity for mass murder as any other.

          1. their mob should be exhibiting same kind of stupidity, fickleness and propensity for mass murder as any other.

            True. But not welfare.

            1. Why not? If rich people are a resource to be plundered, Switzerland is like, Saudi Arabia of Europe.

          2. Does the gaze narrowing gene qualify as superior?

            1. They don’t have it. That’s why the hire/create servitors who do it for them.

          3. Only differences from other Western countries is that citizenship is passed by blood

            I thought that was the rule in the West, and the US was one of the outliers using soil.

            1. Far as I know, Germany changed that around 2000ish and was one of the last holdouts.

              In lot of countries, it will pass by blood BUT being born on their soil will now get you citizenship.

  9. “Walking with coffee: why does it spill?” That’s the name of a federal study you paid for.

    Seems like haiku missing the middle line and a filler syllable.

    1. deep volcanic pool sloshes

      1. momentum acts on liquid

    2. Walking with coffee
      Distracted by pretty girl
      oh, why does it spill

      1. Nice euphemism, Unicorn.

  10. This Is How Much Water You Save When You Pee in the Shower

    Flushing the toilet accounts for around 27% of Americans’ water usage, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Standard toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while older toilets use between 3.5 and 7 gallons.

    Those saved gallons of water add up over time ? especially when everyone gets on board.

    That’s right – I’m an environmentalist.

    1. How much is saved if you pee in the sink?

      1. How much is saved if you pee into the Brita jug?

      2. How much saved is I pee in my neighbor’s yard (hypothetically of course)

    2. Unless you also number two in the shower, I am not impressed.

      1. I go number three and four in the shower. How impressed are you now?

        1. Get back to me when you can do irrational and imaginary numbers.

    3. You know who else encouraged people to do it in the shower?

      1. Not me, man. Not after i slipped, knocked a tooth out, and got a concussion.

        1. You are supposed to aim for the drain.

        2. I did a woman standing up in the shower. She wrapped her legs around me; I slipped a bit and to this day, some 30+ years later I still feel the effect of a pulled groin from time-to-time.

          True story.

          1. “Sean Connery has the arms of a 15-year-old boy. Seriously, it looks like he’s never even tried shower sex.”

          2. Lifting people, altered states of consciousness, soap, water, and tile sounds good in theory, but dangerous in practice.

      2. The Board of Directors of IG Farben?

    4. If you drink your piss even more water can be saved.

        1. So does Venezuela.

    5. Just pee outside, like the dog does.

      1. In non-freezing weather (and at night, when nobody can see me) I go outside and pee on the compost pile. It actually creates good conditions for bacterial growth, which results in faster decomposition.

    6. It’s always funny how people talk about saving water as if the water is going away. Unless you live in a place where water is scarce, or with an overburdened sewer system, it doesn’t matter at all. Water is a very local resource. My flushing less will not help out people in California one bit. But I still have no choice but to buy stupid low-flow plumbing fixtures when water sometimes flows out the top of my well.

      1. This.

        Groundwater is filtered through 200ft of rock before being drawn up in my well. Water is then discharged into my septic system where it is filtered through 200ft of rock before drawn up in my well. I’m just borrowing it for a while.

        … Hobbit

    7. peeing in the shower is only a water savings if you continue to lather/shampoo/etc while you pee. If you’re just standing there peeing while the shower runs, I’m pretty sure you’re using more than 1 flush worth.

      I’m sayin, pee in the shower, just don’t think you’re saving the planet.

    8. How much water is saved if you whizz in Jordyn Taylor’s Wheaties?

    9. Whatever happened to “if it’s yellow let it mellow”?

      Those saved gallons of water add up over time ? especially when everyone gets on board.

      Wouldn’t that just lead to more sea-level rise?

    10. I’ve never understood the “saving water” thing. Isn’t the supply of water pretty much unchanged, regardless of what we do with it?

      If I flush my toilet, I think we have just as much water after as we did before, right?

      1. The total amount of water remains constant in the hydrologic cycle, but it can take centuries for rainwater to permeate an aquifer (the source for ground-water treatment systems).

    11. “Let’s all kiss our sisters!”

    12. “Let’s all kiss our sisters!”

  11. In the spirit of NAFTA, here’s some prime Canadian derp for you Americans:

    Does supply management really mean Canadians pay more for milk?

    Answer: of course not. Ever. How could it?

    Comments are, of course, more hilarious than the article itself. Lots of people whose position on trade deals is identical to Trump’s but would be horrified if you told them.

    1. I heard some local pundit talk about how subsidizing dairy keeps prices stable unlike those godless Americans who have to put up with price fluctuations. Of course, she didn’t seem to grasp if left to market forces, our milk would persistently be hire priced; and never mind that price fluctuations tend to average out over time.


      1. Huh? American dairy farmers are hugely subsidized.

        1. Yes. That is somehow much different then setting up government-controlled cartel that limits amount of milk that can be produced, and amount of milk that can be produced per farm, and the price that milk can be sold for.

          Said cartel is also strategic national interest, and each free trade deal must protect it with barriers and quotas on imports.

        2. I know; agriculture in general is but, and I could be wrong, I don’t think it operates like a cartel as it does here.

          1. Get Linnekin on it for tomorrow morning.

            1. Would be interesting to know.

        3. I thought USDA sets a price floor for milk in the states.

      2. Maybe I’m not paying attention, but dairy prices seem stable enough here.

        1. That’s only because there are so many hormones pumped into the milk in US that you no longer recognize reality.

          This is also the explanation for Trump phenomenon.

          1. When I hear some “progressive” “environmentalist” going on about hormones in milk, I like to ask them, “which hormones are in the milk, and what do they do?” They NEVER have an answer. It’s really funny.

        2. They were reacting to a spike in milk prices in Plattsburgh, NY where plenty of Quebecers shop.

          1. Plattsburg is far away from everything (everything American, anyway). Not surprising that they might have higher and more variable prices than less far flung places.

  12. Latest nontroversy: X-Men: Apocalypse poster showing the titular villain choking Mystique is promoting violence against women.

    I wasn’t planning to see that movie before, but now that I know some women get beaten around in it, it seems like it’s the kind of movie I’d like after all. I hope they really glorify it! /progtard’s apparent understanding of how all non-proggies think

    1. I dunno. When they show Mystique on screen I *do* tend to think “I’d hit that” so maybe they have a point?

      1. Meh. JLaw as Mystique doesn’t do anything for me. She’s miscast for that role.

        1. Sorry, I’m showing my lack of geek cred on these. I was referring to the Rebecca Romijn incarnation of Mystique. I’m with you on JLaw, but Ms. Romijn was something else.

          1. Agreed.

        2. Having Rebecca Romain prance around in body paint and not talk was a better casting decision.

    2. you might be right but i think their view is more like…

      “I was finishing my day of exercising man privilege by drinking bourbon at the office and gender oppressing all the foxy secretaries and bashing gays when i saw the Xmen poster — it made me rush home to choke my mutant wife more and vote for Trump and hate animals + the environment.”

    3. So, do we want equality for women or not? Make up your damn minds.

      1. Yeah, they addressed this in Deadpool: “Is it sexist to hit you, is it MORE sexist to not hit you?!”

      2. They want Mary Sue characters who have no flaws and no struggles.

  13. Sex researcher Alice Dreger is in trouble again for not holding the most inoffensive, politically correct views about trans issues.

    I don’t care. She was still great as the Borg Queen.

  14. An outstanding piece by the much loathed former Reasoner Michael Moynihan: Donald Trump’s ‘Secret’: Americans Love Bullsh*t Peddlers and Miracle Cures

    The question, of course, remained unanswered: if Trump has such a fraught relationship with reality, why are voters?those stolid and honest middle Americans?so easily charmed by his lies? There now exists a significant literature on this question, most of which forgoes simple explanations in favor of needlessly complicated ones. The boring truth is that Americans of all backgrounds believe all manner of dumb things. Why would we expect voters to exhibit a degree of rationality they rarely display in other aspects of life?

    1. Did TDB get rid of its comments? That’s a shame. They were always reliably even worse than the comments here.

      1. I wondered the same. Also, how dare you!

    2. Thanks, that’s a great piece. I declare it the definitive essay on Trumpmania.

    3. Another Reasonoid in denial that Americans don’t want open borders.

      Can’t be that Americans wants immigration law enforced. No. Can’t be that.
      Can’t be that they want a President that puts Americans first. No. Can’t be that.

      So Trump must have some evil voodoo magic that makes people support him. It’s the only possible explanation.

  15. “Walking with coffee: why does it spill?”

    Somebody on Youtube already explained it to me.

    1. I’m guessing inertia and maybe your stride frequency being close to the standing wave frequency of the mug.

      1. Yeah, that was it.

      2. Walk without rhythm.

        1. Or risk summoning Chai Hulud.

          1. fucking. A.

    2. Because you don’t have a cover on your mug.

      1. Make everybody walk around with sippy-cups, will ya? Behold, the infantilization of America!

        1. I bring a 16 oz. travel mug of coffee with me to work every day.

    3. Somehow I manage to walk with a cup of coffee every day without spilling.

      1. It’s half full, isn’t it?

        1. More than half. Probably 1/2 to 3/4″ down from the top.

          Maybe the answer is not to fill your cup right up to the brim.

          1. Alert the FedGov!

        2. No, it’s half empty.


    “The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” said Logan Autry.

    For three days straight the third grader wore the hat to class. But each day, more and more classmates began confronting him at recess.

    “I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” said Autry.

    Autry 2044

    1. I’ve never been to nor heard of a elementary school (or even a middle or high school) that didn’t ban hats altogether.

      Anyways, I hate everyone involved here. Not the kids, it’s not their fault. I hate the parents for involving the kids in their own political BS, and I hate the principal for encouraging it.

      1. Yeah, we always had to remove hats.

      2. I hate the parents for involving the kids in their own political BS

        I don’t know, the article says his family has been trying to get him to replace his hat with an American flag hat as a compromise but the kid refuses. He’s only 9 and has a lot to figure out, but he seems to actually know what he wants right now.

        I could be wrong, but reading into it, it seems like the kid has his own thoughts.

    2. it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” said Autry.

      This is more self-awareness than most people are capable of. I like this kid.

      1. ^^ This. He might be an advanced life form.

    3. Stand your ground, Autry!

      “I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” said Autry.”

      This statement saddens me a little but the kid is a champ.


      Seriously though, the kid just wants to “be himself.” I thought proggies were all for that?

      1. They’re all for saying it, just as Team Red is (on occasion) all for talking about smaller government.

        Be you. Just be the you that we’ve picked out for you.

      2. Seriously though, the kid just wants to “be himself.” I thought proggies were all for that?

        If you are a proggie. If not, you are an evil sinner who must self flagellate for the crime of being you continuously.

    5. hm, sound’s like we found a jucy target for the libertarian fairy. That demonic creature who visits innocent and pure little children in the night and corrupts their minds with the devil’s dreams of people doing what they want. Eventually, the little fairly might so corrupt the child’s mind that he reads one of those black magic books by the dark wizzards Hyak, Adam Smith, and Freedman.

      And then he can become one of us as the vast Libertarian conspiracy to take over the world, forever lost to his correct thinking parents and relatives.

  17. I congratulate Robby on generating the first PM links I have ever seen which are entirely bereft of anything even-remotely newsworthy

    *normally there’s something “vaguely political” – though stupid… which would be debatable. These links are almost *transcendental* in their utter lack of connection to anything that might possibly matter to someone somewhere.

    1. The vox thing doesn’t count?

      1. 1 – intra-journalism squabbles mean nothing to anyone except other journalists
        2 – this was a Vox writer, which means that it doesn’t even rise to that already-meaningless level

        Quick show of hands (and be honest) = who knew who this was before today?

        1. I just assumed it was Sadbeard writing under a pseudonym. I’m pretty sure everyone at Vox is actually just Klein or Yglesias.

          1. You mean they’re not all Tulpa?

          2. Which one is derpier?

    2. But they were on time for a change, so there’s that….

      1. For that we are always thankful, for we know that the lord is capricious, and can take them away from us if we are undeserving.

    3. It feels like we’re just living in a world of bullshit and can’t escape.

      Or maybe we’ve always been living in a world of bullshit, but are now only realizing it for the first time.


  18. A transgender high school athlete is winning some Track and Field races. So that’s a tough one.

    I dunno. I had a friend in high school who was six feet tall. Six feet tall! She wore heels to prom, too, bless her fucking heart. My brother was 5’5″.

    We can control for size disparity, we can control for exposure to human growth hormones, but at some point I think we need to chill the fuck out and just play sports. She won third, for crissakes. Not exactly a blow-out across the board.

    1. in b4 the women’s sports bashing

      1. Juwanna Mann was my favorite movie. I look forward to a future where the WNBA is staffed entirely by NBA washouts in drag.

        Am I doing it right?

    2. 3rd in Prom?

  19. Yay! More absurdity from the trans people. This bonfire is just a fad. When is it going to burn out?

  20. Never get involved in a land war in Asian, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line, and never enter into a penis size contest with a Russian

    Sore loser: Russian man chops off his friend’s genitals with an axe after coming second in competition to see who had the largest penis

    1. He faces up to eight years in jail if convicted.

      A more just sentence would be to marry a Thai woman.

      1. He faces up to eight years in jail if convicted.

        In a Penile Institution , I presume…

    2. competition to see who had the largest penis

      That’s not gay at all.

      1. +2 crossed swords

      2. “Even when slappin dudes was fashionable, that shit ended in a duel. Somebody had to die.”

        Along those lines, the Penis Axing could make it not-gay.

        Depends if he held dude’s dick when he swung the axe, or if he did it two-handed dwarven slayer style.

    3. Well, the good news is that he’ll win next year.

  21. Pakistani father of 35 aims for 100 children

    Surely *some* Western community will offer this family sanctuary!

    1. Antonio Cromartie is jealous.

    2. What kind of rifle is he using?

    3. He needs to aim it somewhere else.

    4. I guess they don’t have alimony laws in Pakistan?

  22. L.A. County Is Proposing To Tax Millionaires In Order To End Homelessness

    The proposed tax would take a half-percent of personal incomes exceeding $1 million annually countywide, and devote the revenue towards funding the county government’s 47-point plan for ending homelessness in Los Angeles.

    According to a poll conducted for the county government, a whopping 76 percent of L.A. County residents favor the proposed tax on L.A.’s many millionaires. The proposed tax is estimated to produce anywhere from $250 million to $300 million annually. While this isn’t enough to fully fund all the programs the county wants to enact to fight homelessness, it’s enough to fund significant progress.

    “The proposed tax would take…”… well, at least that’s the most honest wording I’ve ever seen in an article about taxation.

    1. Laffer laffs.

    2. Once the homeless problem is cured for good, I’m sure they’ll repeal it.

    3. If Vegas had odds on this succeeding I’d bet two whole Big Foot silver coins against it.


    4. Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more.

      Of course, you’ll be left with even more poor than you started with.

  23. Dick Morris joins?The National Enquirer (no, he wasn’t already working there).

    Huh. I thought he was. Still, it makes sense. Talk about a washed-up has-been.

  24. A boy pretending to be a girl and of course kicking the girls asses in track and field is “problematic”? Really Robby. You don’t say.

    1. He’s trolling us, John. Don’t bite.

    2. Don’t worry, John. I’m sure the progs will soon argue that anything short of gender-neutral sporting events is sexist, transphobic, morally backwards, etc.

      Aren’t you curious to see what women playing in the NFL will be like?

      1. Will it be like Kathy Ireland kicking in Necessary Roughness? Because I could get behind that.

        1. More like Melissa McCarthy playing center.

        2. I dunno, that whole “Welcome to foot, ball!” seen made me wince pretty hard.

      2. Mostly concussed, I assume.

      3. I had a female friend in high school who was on the football team. She did kind of have the build for it, but I don’t think she was exactly the star of the team.

        1. When she got hit did anyone complain that they were promoting violence against women?

        2. Nick Mangold’s sister played on a pretty good high school team. I do think she played some. She is now trying to be an Olympic weightlifter.

      4. Actually, no, not a chance the progs will adopt that argument. Because the problem isn’t that women may not play in the NFL — there’s no rule against it — but that they can not. Gender-neutral sports leagues are indistinguishable from men’s leagues.

    3. How long before a dude is crowned Miss America. Lol

      1. Mx. America, shitlord! Xe is so brave!

        1. Fucking millennials:)

  25. Ok, this is fucking bizarre =

    Have you ever seen baby-tigers in a jar?

    This is what you call “third-world-problems”

    1. I have been absolved of the crime of having posted the worst kitty pictures ever. Whee!

    1. And yet they still wear yellow ribbons….

  26. So this morning there was some brief talk about the labor participation rate and such. I can’t remember the exact quote but someone said something about who can work.
    How do the commenters feel about those who don’t have need to work? They aren’t “productive” in the creation idea, but they are purchasing things.

    1. Are you talking about people living off my tax dollars?

      1. No. I was thinking of people who live on parents or trust fund kids. My roommate is one. He hasn’t had a job for about 6 months. He has money. He spends it

        1. I have no problem with that at all. If they’re not doing anything at all to better themselves then I’d consider that a waste. But it’s their life to fritter away as they wish.

          1. Except what happens when their private and voluntary gravy train runs out of steam?

            1. In a perfect world, they would say, “oh shit, there’s no plethora of welfare programs for me to sponge off of; I better go get a job.”

    2. If someone retires because he can afford to since he has accumulated enough wealth to live on, that’s fine. Wealthy people voluntarily spending their own money is awesome and contributes tremendously to the economy.

      But if someone “retires” to become a permanent dependency case and they’re just spending money that is either being forcibly taken from others or created out of thin air (devaluing the currency), that doesn’t contribute nearly as much to the economy. In fact, if you’re a welfare case for a long enough period of time, you’re a net minus and not a net plus, and an overall drag. And the more people who drop out of work, the more productive everyone else has to become just to stay at even par.

    3. That’s fine. I can’t imagine they would make up even 1% of Americans.

      Also I want to amend my previous horror at the current LPR to admit the possibility of “stay at home” parents – I have no idea what their percentage is but it’s a fine thing to do so long as I’m not paying for it.

      1. I wasn’t offended by anything. I do think there’s some small percentage that doesn’t have the need to work. I imagine that at some point, the effects become noticeable.

    4. Many people who are wealthy enough not to need to work probably have most of their wealth invested, which is productive.
      As for people who aren’t rich, but have managed to swing it so they don’t have to work (and aren’t depending on welfare handouts), I’m mostly just envious. Good for them. I don’t think there will ever be enough of them to really matter one way or another.

  27. “Vox editor Emmett Rensin was suspended for a series of tweets in which he seemed to be encouraging anti-Trump riots.”

    What people say is so frightening sometimes!

    It makes some people want to run around in circles.

    . . . like little ninnies with their panties in a wad.

    Somebody said something today, and it was awful–oh my!!!

    1. That’s like 90% of the internet.

      1. I can’t believe you’d say that!!!

        Can anybody here believe AlmightyJB would SAY THAT!!!

        1. Oh I believe it. I never have liked that guy.

  28. Headline Suggests Hate Crime = Reality is More Fucked Up, Less PC-clickbait

    Bias against a transgender person had been a possible motive in the crime, but officials now believe the motive was retaliation.

    “We believe at this point it fits into a wider pattern of aggression against fellow homeless rather than targeted aggression motivated by Beede’s transgender status,” del Pozo said at the press conference.

    He said Averill and the others had beaten Beede after Averill learned that Beede had dumped bottles of urine inside Averill’s tent in reaction to feces being spread on another tent.

    Shortest version = Dont Fuck W/ Crusty Punks

    1. Are you using “Crusty” as a verb or a noun?


        1. “Crust-punk” may mean something different than Crusty Punks, which are a subculture of teen-hippy-drifter-bum-scumbags

          1. We used to call it “traveling”.

            Don’t you mean “gutter punks”?

            1. Yes, people also call them that, but the term “Crustypuml” seems to be in wider-circulation / common usage. Same thing really.

              i think its something people may be flip about, but depending where you live… they can be a real “thing”.

              In Wburg, they were a seasonal phenomenon. every few years one would end up dead.

              1. Crustypuml crustypunk

                1. no, no, Crustypuml is how it transliterates from Cyrillic. all good.

            2. “Oogle” is also an acceptable term.

    2. Don’t fuck with Crusty Juggler, either.

  29. Google has developed a ‘big red button’ that can be used to interrupt artificial intelligence and stop it from causing harm

    “If such an agent is operating in real-time under human supervision, now and then it may be necessary for a human operator to press the big red button to prevent the agent from continuing a harmful sequence of actions ? harmful either for the agent or for the environment ? and lead the agent into a safer situation.”

    Let’s see. How does the reaction speed of an agent compare to that of a human?

    1. Until it learns how to disable the button.

    2. Google has developed a ‘big red button’


      1. What the HELL was that at the very end? Am I on some sort of list now?

    3. For fuck’s sake, that’s exactly what the Quarians did! And how did that end, huh?

      1. With Shepard putting the moves on Tali, if you were doing it right, so overall it was probably worth it.

        1. Not worth putting up with Mark Meer over Jennifer Hale voice.

          And the answer I was looking for was “Three different color beams, made by someone who saw the end of original Deus Ex and didn’t understand it”.

  30. The people at Vox are so stupid, God knows what Rensin actually meant. He likely doesn’t know. But he may have been making a valid point that if you don’t want people rioting and going ape shit over Trump stop calling him a fascist and claiming he is a threat to the Republic. And assuming he understands that Trump isn’t such a threat and was just calling out the half wits who claim he is without thinking it through, then I agree with him.

    1. Did you not read his twits?

    2. I’m shocked that Vox can sell enough ads to keep all these terrible writers paying unemployment taxes instead of claiming unemployment. Anyhow, somehow the violent people at the rallies are all National or International Socialists but think the other guy is the Nazi.

      1. AFAIK, Vox itself loses money. They make money on SBNation and some of the other sites they own.

      2. I’m going to abbreviate International Socialists as “iNazi”.

      3. This morning Vox published this about how Trump rallies are going to get more dangerous. “Here why this keeps happening.” Fuck this entire horrible headline trend.

        A lot of political commentators recognize that Donald Trump poses a categorical threat to established norms of American democracy, governance, and society. They believe that he represents (whether intentionally or not) an ideology that is hostile to groups of nonwhite Americans

        In other words, they believe there are Americans to whom Trump poses an existential threat.

        You don’t have to agree with protesters beating up Trump supporters, or even sympathize with them, to understand this. There are people who feel Trump’s rise puts their lives in danger. And many people make decisions about what actions are “appropriate” differently when they feel personally under threat.

        “In other words…”

        1. Well if political commentators believe something…

          1. I feel that 99.99% of politicians put my life in danger, so I should go out and kick some ass? How about if I go out and throw some eggs at Vox writers, because they support Obama? That murder-droning maniac threatens me.

        2. Well now we ALL get to use the “I feared for my life” defense.

        3. Dear American progressives,

          If you really, really think people who oppose you are evil, to the point where violence is warranted…


          Fucking hell. At least Hitler and Mussolini knew that you arm your street thugs before you start fighting.

          1. They only support violence against inanimate objects: “Trump makes me so mad I want to destroy a Chevrolet!”

            1. Ah, so French Youth variant!

        4. Fuck this entire horrible headline trend.

          Amen to that. Gee, thanks for explaining it to me so bluntly in the subhead, because I HAD NO FUCKING IDEA THAT THE REST OF THE ARTICLE WOULD EXPAND UPON THE HEADLINE. Modern journalism increasingly seems like it’s written for toddlers.

          1. Sorry, my html skills were born in a barn.

        5. There are people who feel Trump’s rise puts their lives in danger.

          And yet these are the kind of people who don’t think that Trayvon Martin pounding George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement gave Zimmerman any reason to think *his* life was in danger.

    3. Emmett Rensin Verified account @emmettrensin
      Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.

      (someone points to an earlier statement he made decrying all “political violence”

      Emmett Rensin ?@emmettrensin 17h17 hours ago

      @Zack_Parker_ Property Destruction Is Not Violence

  31. Freedom From Religion Foundation: Federal Lawsuit Regarding Religious Decals Settled, Organization Says

    The lawsuit was filed over cross decals on sheriff vehicles in Brewster County, Texas. “The five Latin crosses…were taken down almost immediately,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said.

    1. I hate those people (the FFRF), but I guess they have a point there.

  32. Surgeon Simulator: Expansion for Video Game Allows Users to Operate on Virtual Donald Trump

    Gamers can choose to perform open-heart surgery and give the patient a heart of gold or stone. The expansion is available for both the 2013 and anniversary editions of the game.

  33. Princess Leia: New Episode of ‘The Star Wars Show’ Features Political Attack Ad Targeting Character

    “Leia thinks she’s for alien equality, but why doesn’t she think Wookies deserve medals? What else is she trying to hide?” asks the narrator of the ad, a tie-in for the “Star Wars: Bloodline” novel.

    1. Wait, are they retconning the canon explanation, which is that Chewie refused the medal because wookies don’t believe in them?

  34. Hokkaido, Japan: 7-Year-Old Boy Left in Forest by Parents as Punishment Found Alive After 6 Days

    Yamato Tanooka was found Friday in an abandoned military building, police said. The boy’s father, Takayuki Tanooka, apologized, saying, “My excessive act forced my son to have a painful time.”

    Free range kids FTW!

    1. He escaped from the witch? Where’s Gretel?

  35. Woman’s racist Facebook rant leaves her with lots of time for more rants, because Bank of America fired her.

    An Atlanta-based Bank of America employee has some thinking time after she lost her job because of a racist Facebook rant. Hundreds of people, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, commented on the post before it was removed before urging Bank of America to fire the woman. See if you can make it through the woman’s confusing post.

    1. Weird.

      Sometimes you just have to wonder if mental illness kicks in.

  36. Just going over Emmett’s Twitter page. Nice pic he has going.

    I’m sure Twitter will suppress his right to free speech like they want to do to conservatives, right?


  37. He later clarified that he did not support violence of any kind.

    Of course, because that kind of rioting is not violence. We’ve been over this!

    1. Which is probably bull given he seems to admire Soviets if I interpret his Twitter page pic correctly.

  38. Sex researcher Alice Dreger is in trouble again for not holding the most inoffensive, politically correct views about trans issues.


    …when Dreger asked [Everyday Feminism] why, she got this response:

    What happened was that we decided to pull the article from circulation shortly after it went up. When we asked permission from it we weren’t aware of some of the articles you’ve published on trans issues and after a reader brought it to our attention and we looked into them. We then realized that while we very much valued the information in the article on teaching children that sex is about pleasure, the views expressed in several of your other articles directly conflicts with the work we’re trying to do in Everyday Feminism. For that reason, we decided to pull the article.

    Yes, that nearly incomprehensible mass of text was produced by someone who works for an online magazine (the “program coordinator”, not necessarily a writer, but still, sheesh).

    1. What she actually says in the last sentence is,

      “While nothing in this particular article is objectionable, we’re rejecting it because you have previously said things we disagree with, therefore you are being un-personed”

    2. Basically, people on the PC left will inevitably fuck themselves because they’re always demanding that “Science” conform to their arbitrary political ideas.

      they are the essence of “anti-intellectual” by definition.

      1. She made the mistake of studying physiology, which is wrongthink to the post-gender crowd.

  39. Airbnb: Lodging Rental Website Bans North Carolina Host Who Used Racial Slur, Reports Say

    An unidentified black woman was initially approved for a room by Todd Warner in Charlotte, N.C., who then canceled her request and called her a racial slur, news outlets reported.

  40. I’m sure people have seen it, but =

    Gawker = FOR SALE


    No researcher interviewed for this article could recall any pressure applied by Koch or his foundation over a research finding. For example: Earlier this year, at the American Economic Association conference in San Francisco, the Mercatus economist Alex Tabarrok presented a paper on the relationship between government regulation and American entrepreneurship. He had expected to find that regulations chill entrepreneurship in highly regulated sectors. Instead, he found that they appear to have no effect at all.

    Tabarrok said he never heard any criticism from Koch or his network about the results. Koch said in the interview that he welcomed them: “We’re trying to find the truth.” (A few months later, a separate Mercatus study found that increased regulations hurt economic growth.)


    1. Just went through some of the comments.

      We’re doomed.

    2. “Moore and Sanders know what the world needs now and it is not what the fossil fuel/chemical industries are pushing.”

      We just need to Socialism HARDER!!!!

  42. Guy trying to treat his jock itch fails to read directions, destroys his ‘sex olives.’

    The medication goes on wet then dries to a white film, enveloping my dick and balls with a soothing, wintery coat. Ahhh…relief. No, wait…FIRE!!! Jesus Fucking Baldheaded Christ! What the fuck is happening to me?! It felt like Lucifer himself was giving me a blazing handjob from hell.

    1. Apparently, after emptying an entire can of Lotrimin before reading the directions, I realized I used a two week supply of anti-fungal medication in three days on my now blistering fuck-plums

      Ah. Directions.

    2. Has he considered trying out for the women’s track team?

  43. HBO put out a full-page newspaper ad for Jon*h Ryan in New Hampshire.

    Smart advertising. Spend a hundred bucks for local newspaper ad space, knowing that every entertainment blog would find it and advertise it for you.

    1. His pheromones make the bitches moan.

  44. Sam Liccardo: San Jose, Calif., Mayor Says Donald Trump Needs to Take Responsibility for Rally Violence

    “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo told The Associated Press after violence broke out at the candidate’s rally Thursday.

    Warning: autoplay video

    1. Really? Trump needs to take responsibility for his supporters being the victims of totally unprovoked attacks? Just like I’ve been saying, the left are going to resort to violence and the media will start not only condoning it, but encouraging it.



      2. Progs believe that hispanics and blacks are lesser humans that can’t be expected to operate in a civilized manner. Of course they have absolutely no self-awareness on how truly racist/bigoted they are for their views.

      3. Yeah, really. He was wearing his skirt too short, so he was asking for it.

  45. My head is full of fuck.

  46. “A transgender high school athlete is winning some Track and Field races. So that’s a tough one.”

    ATHLETE: “But, Coach, I wanna try out for the *men’s* track team!”

    ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: “Shut up, Biff, I mean Beatrice, you’re trying out for the *women’s* team.”

    ATHLETE: “You’re not gonna cut off my junk, are you?”

    ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: “Oh, you women are always so hysterical, you can keep your junk so long as you sign this form, so I can notify the Vital Records Office that you’re now a girl.”

    1. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: “You want this school to start *winning* again, don’t you, Beatrice? You’re not a *loser,* are you?”

      ATHLETE: “Well, OK, if you put it like that…”

      ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: “Plus you get to undress with the other girls.”

      ATHLETE: “OK, coach, I’m in!”

  47. I’m not a big fan of stupid studies, most of which I think occur on the humanities, but this coffee one isn’t necessarily one of them. Studying fluid dynamics by putting focus on a particular fluid (coffee) doesn’t make it a waste of money. That’s how a lot of science works. You study enough special cases until you can generalize results to broader principles.

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