Vox Editor in Trouble for Supporting Riots, Dick Morris Gets a New Job, X-Men Controversy: P.M. Links


  • X-Men
    Screenshot via 20th Century Fox

    Vox editor Emmett Rensin was suspended for a series of tweets in which he seemed to be encouraging anti-Trump riots. He later clarified that he did not support violence of any kind. Here is Vox's statement.

  • "Walking with coffee: why does it spill?" That's the name of a federal study you paid for.
  • Dick Morris joins The National Enquirer (no, he wasn't already working there).
  • Sex researcher Alice Dreger is in trouble again for not holding the most inoffensive, politically correct views about trans issues.
  • Latest nontroversy: X-Men: Apocalypse poster showing the titular villain choking Mystique is promoting violence against women.
  • A transgender high school athlete is winning some Track and Field races. So that's a tough one.