Johnson-Weld Officially Libertarian Nominees, Trump Calls Bill Kristol a 'Loser' Who Just Wants to Start Wars and Kill People, Iraqi Forces Launching Operation to Capture Fallujah: A.M. Links


  • Reason TV

    Gary Johnson and William Weld were selected on the second ballots as the Libertarian party's nominees for president and vice president, respectively.

  • Bill Kristol teased the announcement of a third party candidate this weekend; Donald Trump slammed him, calling him a "loser" who was only interested in going to war and killing people.
  • Bernie Sanders called the Democratic primary process "really dumb."
  • Iraqi forces are launching an operation to retake Fallujah.
  • A gorilla was shot and killed after a four-year-old apparently jumped into the enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo.
  • A seven-year-old boy in Japan is missing after his parents left him in the woods as punishment.