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University of Melbourne
Credit: Moriarty.L

The University of Melbourne says three openings in its School of Mathematics and Statistics must be filled with women. Women account for just one quarter of all math professors in Australia, and Aleks Owczarek, the head of the school, says it is taking applications only from women in an effort to help change that.

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  1. The Act specifically permits an organisation to engage in what is overtly a discriminatory act, but for the purposes of ensuring that there is equal opportunity overall, Mr Skinner said.

    Is there an opening that must be filled with men? Mr. Skinner seems willing to bend over backwards to accommodate his students.

    1. You know who else bent over backwards to fill an opening?…

    2. but for the purposes of ensuring that there is equal opportunity overall

      The Opportunity is not equal when you exclude three quarters of the available talent pool on nonsensical criteria.

      Or in other words “You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means”.

      1. They don’t want equal opportunity. They want equality of outcome.

  2. This bloke thinks he’s going to be able to use his down under affirmative action to rewire sheilas’ brains to understand numbers? I say good luck with that, mate.

    1. Wow two in a row…

      You know who else had affirmative action down below?…

    2. It is simple; men, just say you are a transgender and wear a dress.

  3. They’re only being honest and explicit about the general bias toward women in STEM hiring.

  4. This is why the police will always be popular in the country:

    A couple days ago, two young men carjacked a woman, her kid, and a pregnant woman. They shot the woman, who later died, threw the pregnant woman out of the car, then took off. Later when they realized they had a baby in the car, they threw him out, too.

    Today, the police tracked him down and killed the shooter. Only reddit, about as liberal as the Huffington Post or Slate or what have you, people were overjoyed.…..-shooting/

    1. Based on your summary, I got the impression that the baddies threw the baby on the pavement or something. The kid was uninjured and still in the car seat on a street corner.

    2. This is why the police will always be popular in the country:

      Because they’re ignorant of history? This plays out exactly like a “dead or alive” bounty, except that the various and sundry officers involved likely cost more in salaries and pensions than a bounty would, and would likely have faced no repercussions had they accidentally shot bystanders in the altercation.

      people were overjoyed

      Would they have been in the murderer-killers were not wearing badges?

  5. I assume there are also seats in the women’s studies and education programs that must only be filled by men, in order to address the discrepancies there. Because any discrepancy is obviously due to discrimination which must be corrected.

    1. What about seats reserved for the sorely under-represented conservative viewpoints?

      1. Look, diversity of appearance and genitals is all that matters, because badthink is not legitimate speech so diversity doesn’t apply. Check your white-cis-hetero-shitlord privilege!

    2. No kidding. Can you say hypocrisy?

  6. Well, it is not as if the definition of “woman” is limited to females nowadays.

    1. This is Australia, they have their own definition of Woman there.

      1. Down under definition?

    2. Indeed.

      The simplest solution here is simply to have the requisite distribution of males simply “Identify” as so-called “transgendered women” – meaning the claim here is all that is necessary. That’s the basic minimum qualification. Didn’t say anywhere that the women here have to be authentic, factory original, XX possessing females. What matters here is external, desired proportional outcome, the definition of “fairness”, no?

      Remember, fraud is merely a dustbin concept for a greater SJW good in a post-sexist and racialist world, i.e. if you don’t have the required minority you need for a quota, simply have an existing and future employees “identify” as one. “If you ain’t celebratin’, you be hatin’!”, yes?

      From 1 August 2013 it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status under federal law… …The Commission will be able to accept complaints alleging discrimination on the new grounds that occurred on or after this date. The Sex Discrimination Amendment,, ,,Bill Act 2013 (Cth) amended the Sex Discrimination Act [of]1984 (Cth) to introduce these changes.

      (emphasis mine)

      Two SJW issue birds hit with one stone. You’d think some maths brainiacs would have arrived at this solution already.

      1. unless they’re wymen of course…too much estrogen destroys the brains ability to numerate…actual sciencey stuff there

  7. What about math professors with penises who identify as women? Are they eligible? Is there a genitalia check?

    1. I feel pretty, oh so pretty…does that qualify me or will I have to take an adding and substracting test

      1. Differential equations, integrals and derivitives, probability and statistical analysis.

        1. You silly! Maths are whatever I feel they are, and whatever I say they are!!!! 2 + 2 == 5.167, and if you don’t agree with my wholesale and complete redefinition, you are a cis-gendered, transnumeric, statistically normed bigot!

          Remember, if you ain’t celebratin’, you be hatin’

        2. sooo a substracting test…2-1=6.02x10E23?

    2. Already addressed.

      In answer to your question, yes they are, and yes there is. Apparently, Austrailia has a caste system for their women and men who masquerade as the opposite sex: all are considered “transgendered” by verbal, familial, and society edict, i.e. they and others simply claim as such. The ones who invest in a complete surgery reassignment, they get state approved fraud, i.e. “Recognised transgender”, in NSW, for example, including updating official document recognition, regardless of what the factory original birth medical records state.

    3. Excellent question!

  8. Well, he sort has the math right.

  9. As suggested above, have some male mathemeticians identify as women so as to qualify for the positions.

    If that isn’t enough, create some professorships in the math department to study “feminist math” and fill those position with women to make the statistics look good, but tell math students not to actually take their courses.

    1. short arm inspection at 0600 every day…

  10. I would have expected the law to require the three openings be filled by four women.

  11. If University of Melbourne insists on XX’s, either it will have to pay yuge salaries to outbid more prestigious schools of their XX mathematicians, or it will have to accept a less than mediocre math department. If it’s the first option, who’s going to pick up the tab? If it’s the second, potential math students and their parents will catch on pretty quickly.

    1. ha ha ha ha…you presume that this “school” gives a steaming crap about the quality of its math department? it’s all about dicks and cunts and how many of each and what flavor…not a damn thing to do with mathamamatics in any shape, manner or form. Any other interpretation is likely delusional.

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