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What's the Libertarian Party's Problem with Isolationism and Ladies?

Matt Welch (and Austin Petersen) talk up the promise of L.P. politics on SoCal public radio


Democracy in action in Orlando. ||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

Yesterday I appeared on the venerable AirTalk program on KPCC-FM in Southern California, talking about why 2016 is likely to shape up as a historically interesting year for Libertarian Party presidential politics, and also responding to host Larry Mantle's queries about how Libertarians can get over their alleged isolationism/wimmenfolk problems. Also participating the 24-minute segment was presidential candidate Austin Petersen, of whom you can read more about here.

You can listen to the whole segment here.

Tonight in Orlando, down the street from where the Libertarian Party Convention is being held, I heard Petersen give a brief talk at a Happy Hour sponsored by the organizers of the annual Freedom Fest convention in Las Vegas. Among his biggest applause lines: "I think it's time for us to stop nominating failed Republicans, and start nominating successful Libertarians."

On a related note, my anecdotal experience of talking to a number of L.P. delegates tonight included a lot of comments like, "It's far from a done deal for Gary," and "His support is softening." There was a lot of sniping in particular about Johnson's selection of William Weld as a suggested running mate. Stay tuned to this space for more coverage!

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  1. “I think it’s time for us to stop nominating failed Republicans, and start nominating successful Libertarians.”

    And then we can find a unicorn to be his running mate. Successful Libertarians. Sheesh.

    1. Petersen is a douche and a loser. You can quote me on that.

        1. Well, he admits to swimming in pussy. But he didn’t add that it’s his own secretions.

  2. “His support is softening.”

    My dear Mr. Welch, I think that guy was yanking your chain.

    1. The Johnson is softening!

      1. The Johnson is hard as a rock! Wait… what?

  3. I hope Johnson’s supporters ordered enough T-Shirts.

    1. So anyway, why can’t there be more female libertarians?

      1. There aren’t any female republicans or democrats either. They’re all just dudes pretending to be women on message boards and AOL chat rooms.

      2. Because pretty much every form of media aimed at women is liberal/Democrat?

        Every talk show. Every women’s magazine. Every entertainment news show. Every figure skating commentator.

        1. You realize that I was drawing a link between Johnson jokes and lack of female libertarians?

          But you rose to my bait.

      3. Because libertarians aren’t all that excited by flexible gender identity?

      4. Autism is more prevalent among males.

    2. If they get or want a puncture on the way.

  4. Seriously, here is a Weld we wouldn’t mind voting for, wouldn’t you agree, guys? Hubba hubba!

    1. Come on, people, do you think this is some sort of joke link and not a half-naked Tuesday Weld?

      1. I guess I’ll have to stop being so obvious.

      2. Damn you! That was *exactly* what I expected. Tease!

  5. Johnson needs a hand. That’s a job, that if we all pull together, can lead to a satisfying climax.

    1. His best running mate died long ago.


      1. Do his supporters hold Johnson Hangouts?

        1. They’d go the Maoist route and have Johnson Struggle Sessions.

          1. Is there a lot of finger pointing?

      2. Wasn’t aware Andy Dick had died.

  6. “I think it’s time for us to stop nominating failed Republicans, and start nominating successful Libertarians.”

    John McAfee 2016

    1. Yes, successful, sketchy libertarians who take pictures for their political ads holding a gun to their own head. Sure, that’s a smart strategic choice for victory.

      1. a smart strategic choice for victory


        Hittin’ the Jemkem pretty hard, eh Spencer?

    2. I second the motion. The LP is a political party in the strange position of trying to convince people that politics is not the way to get where you want to go. A successful politician is one who’s used poitics to get where he wants to go, which sort of belies the argument. Let’s try showcasing a successful libertarian, one who hasn’t used politics to get where he’s at. Do you want to be like John McAfee? Who doesn’t! Well, he didn’t get to be John McAfee by waiting around to see what the government was going to allow him to do. Lead by example.

      1. “I second the motion. The LP is a political party in the strange position of trying to convince people that politics is not the way to get where you want to go. A successful politician is one who’s used poitics to get where he wants to go, which sort of belies the argument. Let’s try showcasing a successful libertarian, one who hasn’t used politics to get where he’s at.

        +3 as a concept, but wondering how to sell it. Most of the low-info-voters/D-voters will see McAfee as a “1-percenter” or as just lucky.
        Gonna guess that not one in ten voters ever tried starting a company, and in SF, there’s a very good reason for that; the gov’t is gonna fight you tooth and nail.
        As a result, most look at the alternatives and hope they benefit from the free shit that D/R parties offer.

      2. Ron Paul was a successful Libertarian, elected 12 times. He didn’t fare so well as a presidential candidate either.

  7. Let’s be honest – the only chance of the Libertarian party being popular is getting a celebrity candidate that gives good speeches.

    And not some 3rd rate celebrity like Penn, someone big. And I don’t think there are any big Libertarian celebrities.

    1. We could get a Kurt Russell movement going… but really we’d all just want him to give speeches in character as Jack Burton.

    2. The time is ripe for Snake Plissken to get involved.

      1. I’d vote for a Jack Burton/Snake Plissken ticket.

        1. Snake Plissken: Got a smoke?
          Malloy: The United States is a no-smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs. No women – unless of course you’re married. No guns, no foul language… no red meat.
          Snake Plissken: Land of the free.

          1. Great Libertarian Party commercial!

  8. Has Austin Petersen disavowed Erick Erickson’s endorsement yet? ’cause it’s costing him a shitload of support.

    1. PeterSen has yet to answer my question of:

      Since you claim youre a christian first, conservative second, and American third, would you fight in jesus’ army if he came down and waged a socialist war on the USA, or would you stand up to your god in the name of individual liberty and your country?

      When he answers that, I will take his nazi cake question seriously. He’s a lower and a hack who’s never accomplished anything.

      1. “We have no king but Caesar!”

  9. Since we’re overdue for a large earthquake anyways, can we have it strike today while jug ears is here?

  10. Johnson doesn’t want any soft money in this campaign.

  11. I really hope the LP delegates do the right thing and nominate John McAfee. Do you really want to compromise your principles to maybe pick up Dana Loesh, Nick Gillespie, Glenn Beck, Conor Friedersdork or Erick Erickson’s vote?

  12. And WTF is wrong with “isolationism”? That’s nothing but a neocon pejorative for anyone not as down with bombing brown people as Barack Obama or Gary Johnson.

    Nationalism is far more preferable (from a liberty standpoint) than the One World, Internationalist, New World Order, globalist road we’re all being death-marched down.

    1. Isolationism is popular.

      1. Just look at the Trump campaign. Trump is the biggest isolationist of all.

  13. Matt Welch can’t stop smiling when talking about McAfee. You can just hear it in his voice.

  14. Tomorrows News Narratives, Today!

    The NYT faithfully delivers the “dog ate the homework” excuse du jour

    Hillary Confesses: Computers Confuse Her!

    The WaPo Extrapolates from Trump Speech on Energy =

    Trump = Promises to Smother Earth In Oil and Coal

    1. You’re catching ’em G!
      Yeah, that hag invented one excuse after the other and every one has been shot down, with the continuing excuse that ‘I’m just a widdle woman who can’t figure these complicated matters out!’. Shall we day not competent to be, uh. dog catcher?
      I’ve yet to see anyone in the DoJ call her on destroying evidence under subpoena, which she admitted doing. That alone is a felony.

    2. “Hillary Confesses: Computers Confuse Her!”

      Math class is tough!

      But I am *entirely* qualified to lead the nation in the 21st century.

    3. “No intent” to disclose top secret emails, so no charges.
      “Violated federal guidelines”, so just a minor infraction.
      Oh wait, those are actually felonies, regardless of intent? Down the memory hole then.

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  16. I was leaning toward McAfee based on the Stossel debate and some interviews, but I just finished watching the Las Vegas debate, and I think Petersen is becoming a better speaker. I like both McAfee and Petersen and could enthusiastically support either of them.

    I could probably vote for Johnson if he gets the nomination, but I won’t be donating or waving the banners like I would for McAfee or Petersen. Given some of his comments, I just don’t trust Johnson to stand up and say “NO” when the Left threatens liberty in the name of some social justice agenda. And while he’s probably a cool guy on a personal level, he just doesn’t seem to have the charisma or eloquence to sell libertarian ideas to the general population.*

    * Although he did win his race for governor… I imagine he probably sounds a hundred times better when the other guys on the stage are proud authoritarians rather than other libertarians.

    1. Petersen is a fine speaker. He should run for city council, or maybe state legislature. He has no business running for president.

  17. wimmenfolk problems

    Libertarians will never entirely get over wimmenfolk problems. Mommy values yield a suffocating nanny state. The best that can be done is making the case to wimmenfolk that Daddy values should be in charge of the guns, as Daddy values are what provide the safety and security in which Mommy values can be exercised without disaster.

    1. We exist. We just don’t talk a lot.

  18. Welch, for an SJW type, you’re awfully myopic.

    Simply have all these identified males (Factory original authenticity is passe, no?) simply identify as females, regardless of inherent biology. If authenticity is of no value anymore, why not simply change the demography of your group by verbal edict? Who is anyone to challenge you? If they do, they are simply unsophisticated rubes whom you don’t need anyway, correct?

    Remember, if they ain’t celebratin’, they by hatin’!

    1. GM, when did you return? And I presume you’ve gotten through the ‘war’ OK?

  19. You lost me at Austin Petersen.

  20. There are four antichoice parties already. Every one of them a shrinking failure women cross the street to avoid. Better a converted republican than a failed antiabortionist or anarchist.

  21. LP will end Obama’s wars of choice and his racist war on drugs.

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