Campus Free Speech

Profs Take Brave Stand Against Harvard's Latest Anti-Privilege Witch Hunt

Let students join fraternities if they want to.


Drew Faust
Screenshot via The Aspen Institute

Twelve members of Harvard University's faculty have filed a motion in opposition to the university's new policies, which punish students for joining single-sex clubs and private fraternities. 

These professors include psychologist Steven Pinker—author of The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined—and former Harvard College Dean Harry Lewis. 

"Harvard College shall not discriminate against students on the basis of organizations they join," the proposal reads. 

According to The College Fix

The resolution is a shot across the bow for the administration, which would need faculty approval to implement the sanctions policy if it requires a change to the student handbook. 

Faculty leaders interviewed by the Crimson said they weren't consulted before the school announced the new policy. 

Earlier this month, Harvard President Drew Faust announced that students who joined single-sex organizations would be subject to punitive measures. They would be ineligible for certain scholarships and could not accept formal leadership roles in official campus groups. The policy is intended to quash the existence of politically disfavored extracurricular groups, like fraternities. It will also hurt female-only clubs

As I wrote previously: 

Harvard is a private organization, and is entitled to place as many ridiculous limitations on students' lives as it wants. But it doesn't get to discriminate against students who join finals clubs while simultaneously touting itself as an institution that respects liberal values. There's nothing liberal about discouraging free association.  

Good for the faculty for resisting this misguided crusade. 

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  1. I enjoy listening to Pinker’s voice. I have no idea why. I always learn something new too when I listen to him.

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          The thing is this – Jihad is a flexible concept that has been used by Islamic rulers in various contexts. It’s meaning is not concrete, and it is possible that early Islamic expansion was mostly a bunch of bedouin who were only superficially Muslim. But when the only source material you has documents Jihad as a motive, you cannot completely throw it out. There’s reason to be skeptical, but as far as I’m aware no direct evidence to refute it. No paper I’ve seen has done so. But you’ll find articles that desperately attempt to downplay it.

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  4. Earlier this month, Harvard President Drew Faust announced that students who joined single-sex organizations would be subject to punitive measures.

    I assume this includes sports?

    1. Well it’s Harvard so. Although I do think they won 1st round of tourney last year

    2. D’oh!

    3. sororities and frats most affected.

  5. I hate tgis guy. He makes Kasich look libertarian by comparison…..r-in-2018/

  6. Thought being an Eagle Scout would help pad that Harvard application? Think again. What’s that? Went to Boy’s State or Girl’s State? Out. High School sports team? Not Harvard material.

  7. Harvard will form correct groups,they shall be called ‘Soviets’.

    1. Aha! Yes, tovarish! And these groups will all report to one bigger, centralized group; let us call it the Supreme Soviet! And this soviet will inform and guide the others in making decisions for the betterment of mankind!

      1. at Harvard, it’s fair to say the Supreme Soviet part already exists. It’s populating the rest of the heirarchy that has taken some time.

    2. A five year plan for every student!

  8. “…Harvard is a private organization, and is entitled to place as many ridiculous limitations on students’ lives as it wants…”

    As a lefty organization, why would we expect anything but hypocrisy?

  9. If Harvard men want to gather together to discuss how they are going to run the world while playing a male-only game of bumpaddle, they are welcome to do so at my place.

    What happens at Crusty’s stays at Crusty’s.

    1. I knew you were into guys named Tadd.

      1. And Wentworth. And Brannington. And Beckett. And RC Dean…

        1. Chadwick, oh Chadwick…

    2. You mean ‘those who go to Crusty’s stay at Crusty’s’?

      1. That’s not a wax museum.

      2. Don’t you mean “Warty’s basement” or “STEVE SMITH’S MOUNTAIN LAIR”?

  10. If Harvard is against single sex groups, what is their opinion on, say, Wellesley?

  11. There’s nothing liberal about discouraging free association.

    Liberal. Bias.

    Bias. Sewing.

    Sewing. Reaping.

    Reaping. Grim.

    Grim. Liberal.

  12. “Zaphod did not want to tangle with them and, deciding that just as discretion is the better part of valor, so was cowardice is the better part of discretion, he valiantly hid himself in a closet.”

  13. students who joined single-sex organizations would be subject to punitive measures.

    You meaning like MADD* or NOW?

    Why not single-race organizations?

    *I understand the M in MADD currently stands for Mammals.

  14. “There’s nothing liberal about discouraging free association.”
    Ah, I see the problem. You think the students are the only ones with that right.
    You are wrong.

    The students can associate as they want. And the school can, seeing their behavior, disassociate from them.

    Freedom of Association, of Speech, or Religion, and so-on does not come with any guarantee that other private entities might exercise the same rights to criticize you or distance themselves from you. The only guarantee is that the *government* will not.

    1. I think you missed the part where he said, “Harvard is a private organization, and is entitled to place as many ridiculous limitations on students’ lives as it wants.” And, the sentence immediately after that.

    2. I think you missed the part where he said, “Harvard is a private organization, and is entitled to place as many ridiculous limitations on students’ lives as it wants.” And, the sentence immediately after that.

  15. Let me skip the article and venture a wild guess – the profs are upset that the new policy frowns on women’s-only clubs, right? Because it’s about women having their safe spaces?

    In which case I would actually agree with the profs (minus the sarcastic term “safe spaces”), and I would expand their insight to endorse the value of male-only clubs.

    Or single-sex colleges, for that matter, not that this will make a hill of beans’ worth of difference when we’re all getting our education through virtual-reality capsules installed at home.

  16. Look, I don’t know if you heard, but colleges are rapefests. Therefore, we are going to insist that men and women be placed in as close as possible proximity to each other as often as possible. That is the only way to make sure rape doesn’t happen. By placing them together. The genders. Naked. Derp.

  17. Harvard is a private organization, and is entitled to place as many ridiculous limitations on students’ lives as it wants. But it doesn’t get to discriminate against students who join finals clubs while simultaneously touting itself as an institution that respects liberal values. There’s nothing liberal about discouraging free association

    Umm, yeah, it actually does get to to that if it chooses to do so as a private organization.

    What we’re seeing here is the faculty on some of these campuses now realizing that the monster they created is going to turn on them and destroy their careers. They should have known better to start with.

    Back to the drawing board on how we can create the next perfect commie revolution without being the first to the gulags. /derp

  18. Good for the faculty for resisting this misguided crusade.

    I think the word you’re looking for is “bigoted kangaroo court”, Robby. “Misguided crusade” implies there’s an ideal behind it other than attacking people based on race and class stereotypes.

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