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Katie Couric Anti-Gun Doc Deceptively Edited to Suggest Gun Rights Activists Don't Have Answers

The cable channel running Under the Gun says it stands behind the "creative and editorial judgment."


"Under the Gun"

A segment in the Katie Couric documentary Under the Gun, airing on EPIX, featuring a question about background checks and terrorists and felons asked to gun rights activists, was deceptively edited to replace a slew of answers from gun rights activists with nine seconds of their silence.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained an audio recording of the original exchange. The nine seconds of silence was taken from elsewhere in the footage the film crew collected. A spokeswoman for EPIX responded to the Free Beacon, saying the company stood behind Couric and her crew's "creative and editorial judgment."

Meanwhile, Couric's director says she added the pause so that viewers "could consider this important question" before providing an answer, according to Fox News' Howard Kurtz, who also tweeted that Couric said she was "very proud" of the film. The question is not presented from a narrator to the viewers, but from Couric to the group of gun rights activists.

Unfortunately, such journalistic malpractice is not uncommon. Documentaries like Blackfish (about SeaWorld) and Gasland (about fracking) twist the truth in the service of an agenda. Such films know their conclusions and go out in search of premises. Under the Gun sounds like it comes from the same genre.

Such shenanigans, of course, tend to fall under the protections of free speech—but they're notable in a climate where some politicians, and their backers, often from the same side of the ideological divide as films like Under the Gun and Gasland, seek to classify political speech and advocacy they disagree with as prohibited, under the guise of campaign finance or corporate regulation or whatever excuse those who wish to silence speech concoct. This makes false but persistent claims of objectivity particularly noxious.

Watch the edited exchange below:

Listen to the original audio at the Free Beacon

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  1. Bring back the schiltron!

    1. Damn squirrels!

  2. I’m not going to watch that bitch. She is most slimey two faced piece of shit talking head ever. I’ve always hated her. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    1. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, sir.

    2. More than Bill O’Reilly?

      1. That’s a good example of slimy. Couric is just a feckless idiot who sadly?and to our discomfort?doesn’t realize it.

        1. Well, it took me a while to come up with slimy. A lot of them are just hacks (Hannity on that side, Harris-Perry on the other).

          1. Thanks, Ted. I’m going to let you have the last word. Well, the last word before I say one more thing.

            1. lol

        2. I saw her interview Olympic Bronze and Silver medalist Michelle Kwan who couldn’t be any sweeter if you poured honey all over her. Couric smiles and acts like she’s her best buddie while she keeps asking her what its like to not be a winner. Kwan like ignored it and went back to her great experiences but Couric kept asking about it like a cunt. Slimy, slimy bitch. Needs a house dropped on her.

          1. That’s not the only time I’ve seen her be a two-faced bitch. It’s who shes is.

          2. Touch?.

            (“Your comment does not appear to be written in an English script. Please comment in English.”)

          3. My takeaway: JB watches figure skating, which is okay and not problematic.

            Doug Dorsey: “Hey, there’s only two things I do well, sweetheart, and skating’s the other one!”

            1. The interview was actually on Couric’s old morning show which I would have never seen if I wasn’t stuck at jury duty.

              1. Couldn’t they have forced some less atrocious morning TV on you, like “Cheaters” or “Judge [Name]”?

                Jury duty is torture. Like waterboarding and tickling.

                1. Yeah, I had it again a couple years ago. Actually got seated. Two week trial.

                  1. Learn to fill out the questionnaire correctly, JB…

                    I noted my 2 DUIs- and wrote about my imcompetent attorney that filed for driving privileges ($20 down the shitter) on the second when he already knew I had totalled my car.

                    I also mentioned the time when I was 15 and a cop told me, “Get on your knees, or I’ll blow your fucking head off!” because I was walking down the railroad tracks.

                    Also- mention “jury nullification”! Of the 100+ called, I was one of 7 who never even got called. I spent 2 1/2 days reading- then was released because the judges were going to some judicial conference.

              2. Couric’s old morning show which I would have never seen if I wasn’t stuck at jury duty.

                So you were the only one.

            2. People watch to see if the skaters will fall.

            3. The thing about figure skaters is that many of them have great legs and ass. I remember being totally in love with Dorothy Hamill when I was a kid.

              1. Me too

                1. The thing about figure skaters is that many of them have great legs and ass. I remember being totally in love with Dorothy Hamill when I was a kid


                  I got into it because of the skill and style and grace of the skaters. I have to admit those costumes are sensational as well – you know I love sequins!

                  My first love was Tonya Harding. Fond memories.

                  1. Tonya Harding was a little hottie, and she didn’t mind breaking a few knees. My kind of girl!

                    1. I do remember this being my first remembrance of hating the meida. The Nancy Kerrigan scandal. They kept going on about Nancy Kerrigan, America’s sweetheart! And I’m thinking, what, who the fuck made you assholes the judge of who is America’s sweetheart? Tonya has a much better ass, so fuck off dickheads!

                  2. Let’s face it: Tonya Harding was ugly white trash and could not arouse Woodrow like Nancy Kerrigan who was taller, prettier, and had better cheekbones.

                    1. LibertyMike has it right. Harding was 100% white trash. She’s about as attractive as the clap.

                    2. Indeed. Have you SEEN that sextape!!?? *shivers* Nasty, and not in a good way.

      2. When O’Reilly says “I’m looking out for you” I always thought he meant that he expected people to attack him on the street for his arrogant bullshit.

        Couric is just another washed up has-been trying to buy another 15 minutes of fame. Like most of the other has-beens she’s selling leftist BS because that’s what her one time inner circle wants to hear.

    3. I agree. Katie Couric is a cunt.

      1. Cuntie Couric.

      2. She’s a piece of shit which is why The European Fecal Standards and Measurements Board uses ‘Katie Courics’ as a standard calculation for sizable loads of crap.

    4. Yea but she’s still attractive for being what? 80, 90 years old?

  3. Was the gun group sitting on their sweet cans?

    Anyways, this is both completely unsurprising and sure to be completely ignored when this documentary is nominated for an Oscar next year.

    1. Truth and facts are not on the list of things to be concerned with for leftists.

    2. Damn, you beat me to it. It seems my mind’s not quite as awesomely unique as I thought.

  4. A reminder of the how awesomely prescient South Park is: their 2007 episode “More Crap” features Randy’s attempt at breaking the world record for largest piece of excrement.

    The unit of measurement for shit is a Couric, i.e. Randy produces 8.6 courics in his first attempt and Bono is composed of about 80 courics.

    1. That’s not prescient. She was a buffoon back then, too.

    2. Damn Google will not convert pounds to courics, bit it does st least show you the urban dic definition of 1 couric = 2.5 fecal pounds

  5. Caught with their pants down.

    1. You mean caught with her adult diapers down?

  6. “Such shenanigans, of course, all fall under the protections of free speech”

    Maybe they do and maybe they don’t.

    If the people she’s interviewing are identifiable, and the viewer is thinking, “wow, Bob Smith couldn’t even answer the question!” then Bob Smith may have a case for defamation, IMHO.

    1. (say Bob Smith is one of the people who actually answered)

    2. That’s been my thinking on this too. They didn’t just edit out a Q&A that might have made the subject’s position seem reasonable, which would simply be bias and not defamation, they straight-up fabricated the Q&A. That they fabricated it with silence instead of a doctored quote is irrelevant; the silence was tantamount to answering either “we’re complete idiots” or “we don’t care if people get murdered”.

      Put it this way: if some newscast interviewed Couric and asked her to name the current vice president and then, despite her answering Biden, spliced in 10 seconds of her picking her nose on B-roll, her lawyers would already be filing.

  7. A spokeswoman for EPIX responded to the Free Beacon, saying the company stood behind Couric and her crew’s “creative and editorial judgment.”

    Also known as ‘lying’

  8. Do the gun activists have any legal recourse?

    Revocation of use of their image and audio? Defamation?

    1. They should be talking to some good attorneys right about now to see what the answer to that question is.

      1. If the attorney makes a cash-register noise and her eyes turn into dollar signs, that means there may be a case.

        1. + Free Coffee and $10,000

          1. Coffee is for closers.

            1. ABC, madafaka!

  9. “creative and editorial judgment.”

    That’s a fancy way of saying deception. Remind me how she is a respected journalist?

    1. Remind me how she is a respected journalist?

      Dubious. She strikes me as one of those people that others in her field put up with but don’t really respect.

    2. No shit. The dumb cunt was voted off the news channel island and is working for the sinking ship called Yahoo. The whole universe of media hates her, and for good reason. She’s a bitter cunt.

  10. Still though…would

    1. Ok. Deceptively edit this.

  11. Hat tip to:

    Injun, as in from India|5.25.16 @ 4:35PM|#

    Has anyone posted this yet?

    It’s really awful.

    Katie Couric Accused of Doctoring Interviews In Anti-Gun Film

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    Well done, Hiawatha, well done.

    1. Thanks Tonio! I appreciate it!

  12. TBF the question was so damn stupid I wouldn’t blame them for sitting there dumbfounded for nine seconds.

  13. Free speech won’t, and shouldn’t, protect Couric from a defamation suit. Nor from losing her job after the public raises holy hell with her network for lying to them.

    On the other hand, the public might take her side, as it seems to do whenever Michael Moore releases another vicious-lie-cumentary.

  14. Like Medusa turning people to stone, if you look at Couric’s hideous jack o’lantern smile your anus will rot.

  15. Couric gave the gun rights advocate the John Stewart treatment.

    1. Did she make a oh-so-lulzy derpy face to an audience of lickspittle quislings after showing the edited clip?

    2. Peter Schiff wants to pay retarded kids fifty cents an hour to mine uranium.

      1. Deal. I need fifty tons a month.

      2. Fifty cents an hour? Is the dude some kind of saint?

      3. That because he’s stupid. Orphans work for free.

        1. Yeah, no shit. And I want my orphans upgrading that shit to plutonium with no protective gear or equipment, I can’t afford that stuff, cuts into my profits.

      4. [drops monocle]

        A whole 50 cents?

  16. Are the rumors that Katie Couric fucks sheep true?

    1. Baa, leave her alone. Baah.

        1. Of course, ewe would say that.

            1. Just go and ram the joke home, will ya?

              1. Chop chop!

                1. Racist.

              2. Your puns are shear laziness.

                1. I herd ya.

                  1. Don’t go out on a lamb on my account.

    2. Would watch.

    1. Enjoy your crappy tattoos in (hopefully) prison ‘Mitch’ you piece of shit.

    2. Alternate reality Hitler from The Man In The High Castle?

  17. The question itself is idiotic. If someone is a terrorist, how could that possibly show up in a “background check”? Known terrorists are arrested and therefore can’t go out buying guns.

    1. Sometimes they get out of jail. Some even become friends with the president.

      1. And some, I assume, are good people.

    2. I was once denied a gun purchase because, like Ini Kamoze, I am a lyrical gangster. However, unlike Ini Kamoze, I am merely the mack* of the mack daddy.

      *My mackness does not compare to Mark Morrison’s mackness, who once again returned to the top of the mack world.

      1. Stupid screwing up my stupid comment. LIKE INI KAMOZE.

        1. That was a lot of effort for not much playoff.

          1. You have terrible taste in music, and your face is dumb, you dumb face.

            1. Yeah, well at least my shit’s not all retarded.

      2. unlike Ini Kamoze, I am merely the mack* of the mack daddy.

        Are you mack daddy or daddy mack?

  18. A spokeswoman for EPIX responded to the Free Beacon, saying the company stood behind Couric and her crew’s “creative and editorial judgment.”

    “Stood behind” has to be one of the best non-answer-answers there is. Its the fancy-man’s “AH DINDOO NUFFIN”

    1. Standing behind, Using as a shield / target / bait… Call it what you will


      1. Ok, how do you post that? Everytime i try, I get the “not in English” thing.

        1. Gotta post some Ingl?s in addition to it, I guess!

          1. See that’s not helpful. I’ve tried putting inside carrots, and it still don’t work. Am I putting the wrong code inside the carrots?

            1. Or, it was helpful, and I just didn’t read what you said

            2. Carrots? Code?

              I just copy-pasted the thing.

              Wish I could be more helpful

  19. Were their answers omitted entirely? Or just delayed 9″?

  20. Is there such a thing as an anti-gun documentary that ISN’T deceptive?

    1. [Polite applause]

      1. *Golf Clap*

  21. OT, please don’t yell at me, but the Hillary thread is from this AM and is more or less dead and how can you people post during the day don’t you have work to do:
    So, here’s the deal: Even if Obama issues a blanket pardon (“I hereby pardon Hillary Clinton for any criminal actions she may have taken from date x to date y”), the Congress can still impeach her (if she wins the Presidency), for crimes she committed as Secretary of State.
    I can’t believe she is still the front runner for the Dems. Maybe her plan is to pick somebody so bad for veep that the Republican Congress decides it’s better to keep her in office.

    1. “So, here’s the deal: Even if Obama issues a blanket pardon (“I hereby pardon Hillary Clinton for any criminal actions she may have taken from date x to date y”), the Congress can still impeach her (if she wins the Presidency), for crimes she committed as Secretary of State.”

      If she wins I doubt they’d have the numbers to impeach, let alone to remove her from office.

      1. There is that. But the Dems have an advantage in the electoral college; they could win the presidency and still not regain Congress.

    2. Denver, her husband was caught perjuring himself on videotape. Congress couldn’t even muster a simple majority in favor of impeachment, let alone the supermajority the Constitution requires.

      There’s a reason no American President has ever been successfully impeached, no matter how widely loathed they were.

      1. Actually, Bill was impeached, he just wasn’t removed from office.
        But your point stands that no president has been removed from office. However, the threat of impeachment led Nixon to resign. And, when a president is under impeachment, it tends to dilute their ability to get their policy enacted. Hell, it brings the admin to a full stop.
        So again, why is she still the presumed Dem nominee?

        1. Beacause it is her turn, damn it. And anyone who thinks differently has been brainwashed by the vast right wing conspiracy trying to keep women down.

          1. I confess my misogynist racism, and will now support the Hildabeast as a pajamaboy betamale.

            1. You mean pajamapachyderm betamale, right?

              1. “pajamapachyderm”
                I like that. I’m stealing it: Intellectual property rights are bullshit.

        2. Nixon lived in an earlier, less-shameless time. All impeachment would do to Hillary is stir up the Democratic base to support her.

    3. Threads on here have a half-life shorter than a libertarian moment.

  22. Liberals don’t like the Bill of Rights, at least when it applies to anyone who disagrees with them.

  23. Of course when this story gets a little bit of wider exposure in places like CNN/NBC etc. they will water down the actual claim of “what the problem really is” the way Clinton has downplayed her own mishandling of govt comms (re: “overclassification”)…

    e.g. “Really, the problem here is that producers really need to ‘over-dramatize’ every thing in order for good stories to run!” –

    Its not the fact that Anti-Gun people have to LIE about basic facts about background checks, creating the impression that we don’t ALREADY HAVE A SYSTEM… and that there’s no such thing as a “perfect(universal~!)” one which would ever function properly in a world where we have laws preventing the govt from collecting all people’s data in one place (like HIPAA)… and that there’s simply no “easy fix” like they’ve been pretending…

    … no, its not that the anti-gun argument needs to fake statistics and/or pretend that ‘pistol grips and barrel shrouds’ affect lethality….

    its that they *need* to resort to this sort of over-dramatization in order to reach people! people who have been numbed by the NRA’s deluge of pro-gun propaganda.

    1. Mistakes were made is always the excuse. Of course the mistakes always go one way. They never make a mistake that makes the conservative or libertarian side look better than it should. No, amazingly every single mistake ends up being unfair to the right. Its just bad luck I guess.

      1. Methinks you’re confused about how progressives operate. When they say “mistakes were made” they don’t mean their actions were a mistake, they mean getting caught lying was a the mistake.

  24. Who, other than the writer of this piece, is under the delusion that documentaries are journalism? They’re propaganda. Someone picks an agenda and crafts scenes to support it.

    1. Not all documentaries are about heated political topics.

    2. Somebody here is trying to us Netflix’s Special Correspondents is worth watching!

      1. *trying to sell us the idea that*

        1. You’ve ruined it.

          1. No, they did.

  25. Here’s a steaming pile of smug after a former McDonald’s CEO states a $15 minimum wage will lead to automation

    This real life John Connor is former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi, and during a recent appearance on Fox Business, he declared that raising the minimum wage will force more and more restaurants to follow Pizza Hut’s lead by replacing human workers with automatic fry-baggers, BurgerTrons, and?eventually?murderous KillBots. Rensi says he recently attended the National Restaurant Show, and he realized that “it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm” than it is to hire a real person and pay them $15 an hour. He believes that “it’s just common sense”… to use machines, and he claims “it’s going to happen whether you like it or not” (just like Judgement Day).

    Clearly, then, mankind’s only hope is to continue paying fast food employees an unbearably low wage that will prevent them from being able to afford things they need like food, shelter, and medical care. Then, the weak ones will die out and introduce a generation of Spartan fast food employees who had to fight to survive and were raised on the idea that a machine will take their job if they don’t work hard enough. They’ll hate the machines, they’ll fear the machines, and they’ll blindly follow orders from mankind’s rightful rulers, the former fast food company CEOs.

    1. When I want some thoughtful economics analysis, I turn to the AV Club.

      1. What kind of a douche bag calls their media site “The AV Club”? Who wants to continue to have the motif of the friendless dork through high school and on into adulthood?

        1. Geeks who are really into television and such. It’s a good site for TV show reviews and discussion, but when it gets political (because everything has to be political now) it’s nauseating.

          1. There is nothing worse than a lefty Geek.

            1. What about a lefty dandy?

            2. I heard that all the Greeks are lefties… oh, geeks.

              1. Leftism/Utopianism is all Plato’s fault, tbh. A Greek AND a geek.

            3. Lefties aren’t geeks anyway, they’re wonks. The dumbest fucking term ever invented by humans.

            4. See also, anything political on Ars Technica.

          1. The fucking T right there.

    2. Sounds like a good plan. I threaten to replace the orphans with monkeys everytime they bitch about conditions in the blood mine.

      1. * blood diamond mine

        1. Damn, I was getting excited about a blood mine.

          1. It’s not a mine, it’s a farm.

            1. Obviously, you’re not going to be the guy in charge of making the brochure.

              1. What? “Our all-Ferric, Non-GMO product is locally harvested and certified sustainable.” I’d kill at that job.

                1. You can have a “sex farm” that works. If it’s blood it has to be a mine. Sounds more impressive.

                  1. “a sex farm that works!” or “an impressive blood mine!” It’s your choice, America!

                    1. I keep telling you we just grow sorghum here.

          2. I was going to ask why they’re mining for blood, and not just grabbing hobos off the street like a normal person.

            1. Richer veins.

            2. All mines are blood mines, mining the blood of Gaia.

              1. Mind your our business, hippie.

                1. Yes, now you get it. It is all our business. The earth belongs to all of us. Let us share orphans and monkeys to mine the shit out of her.

                  1. I’m going to have to replace my orphans and monkeys with robots. It’s not that I don’t love my orphan monkeys and monkey orphans, it’s just the bottom line. These ungrateful beasts keep needing food and sleep. It’s unacceptable to any serious monocle miner. Besides, the orphans and monkeys will now have time to become artists.

    3. Do these people (this guy is not alone) not see the astronomical amount of automation that has replaced manual drudgery over the last 200 years? Or 100 years? Or, hell, the last 50 years? But for some reason, NOW is when automation is going to be the ruination of the world. They remind me of the patent office guy who said that the patent office could be closed because everything had been invented.

      1. You know who else was reminded of a guy who worked in the patent office?

      2. And the patent officer’s name…Albert Einstein! And he was just thinking of an excuse not to waste his time looking over Helmut’s new solar-powered cuckoo clock instead of working on his Theory of Relativity.

        And now you know…the rest of the story.

        Or *would* know it, if it were true.

        1. Look, I have footage of Einstein being silent when I ask him to speak up if the story is false.

        2. I should have guessed that the story was apocryphal. My apologies to Mr. Duell, who actually said something smart in 1902 — a heck of a lot smarter than what the chicken littles are saying today:

          In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness. I almost wish that I might live my life over again to see the wonders which are at the threshold.

          1. Buddy, check out Live Long Enough To Live Forever or something like that. Do your own damn googling. Ray Kurzwell. Singularity. Bridge to a bridge.

            1. Kurzweil works for Google now. Not sure about the singularity, but if politicians don’t manage to send us back to the stone age in the next twenty years, the technology to someone today will be equivalent to someone in the bronze age witnessing cell phones and the internet, it will be mind blowing to some people. I follow this stuff, so nothing will surprise me.

          2. Sorry, I was calling my Einstein story untrue, not casting doubt on the original story.

            1. Einstein as great of a mind as he was, couldn’t accept quantum mechanics strangeness. He was a thoroughly classical physicist. God doesn’t roll dice or something like that.

      3. Nothing new under the sun

      4. Luddites. That is all.

        1. It’s time to replace the Luddites with self-serving bitching kiosks.

    4. Clearly, then, mankind’s only hope is to continue paying fast food employees an unbearably low wage that will prevent them from being able to afford things they need like food, shelter, and medical care.

      Ask this guy how much he pays his gardener or how much does he think the dishwasher at the local Tex-Mex joint is making.

  26. “Unfortunately, such journalistic malpractice is not uncommon. Documentaries like Blackfish (about SeaWorld) and Gasland (about fracking) twist the truth in the service of an agenda. Such films know their conclusions and go out in search of premises. Under the Gun sounds like it comes from the same genre.”

    Let’s not forget gas-fart bag, pig dick sucker, faux-populist slob poo, millionaire limo left-wing douche Michael Moore and his editing ‘creativity’ to pimp out the usual progressive drivel that has ruled the roost for since the early 20th century. Roger and Me kickstarted this technique I reckon.

    Libertarians have to understand there’s a massive crust of prog indoctrination that runs so deep it will take an organized and persistent deprogramming lasting decades. Bad ideas die hard. Like grass weed.

    1. (perks up ears) Grass? Weed?

      1. Are you one of those Lawn Order guys?

        1. You mean the guys whose job it is to keep the Mexicans working on my lawn, you know not taking an all day siesta?

    2. Morgan Spurlock, too.

      Leftists lie for the good of all of us!!!

      1. He got fat for your sins!

    3. I heard recently about Roger and Me on the Dr. Drew podcast that all those times Michael Moore tried to meet Roger Smith were times when Smith wasn’t at the building.

      Smith was willing to meet with Moore. Moore deliberately chose to film attempted meetings when Smith wasn’t capable of meeting with him.

      I’m sure this shocks no one here.

  27. Hillary is getting destroyed in comments over the email scandal at … The NYT. Yes, you heard that right. This is pretty much unprecedented. Will she even make it to the nomination? It would be almost unbelievable that the Democrats would run a candidate who is sinking like a rock. The WaPo forum is so full of Hillary trolls that people cannot even post, there are like 5 posts a second with the exact same cut and paste pro-Hillary talking points. It’s a real fucking shit show.

    1. I wonder if she has a troll farm somewhere.

      1. I think Media Matters pays people 50 cents a post or something.

    2. I am starting to wonder. But if they don’t nominate her the feminist boomer hags will never forgive them. There will be hell to pay. They are so screwed.

      1. Maybe that’s why Warren is rearing her ugly head. She could possibly reunite the tribe. Socialist and envious enough for Berniebums, woman enough for Hillaryhags.

        1. She could possibly reunite the tribe

          A Democratic Party Pow-wow?

          1. Reign dance

            1. *appluse*

          2. Could she smoke a peace pipe or would that set too unhealthy of an example?

        2. The Bernie bums would never buy it. It really is a cult of personality. If it is not Hillary it will have to be Bernie or the Bernie bums will walk.

          1. I hope they’d have that much integrity, but I’m not so sure.

            1. Integrity, severely retarded insanity, it is a fine line.

          2. Bernie bums buy something? Never, those slackers expect everything to be “free”!

      2. While a lot of attention has rightfully been put on the Republicans for going full retard this cycle, the Democrats most definitely have as well.

        Their two candidates are Hillary Clinton and a self-righteous socialist hippie. The Republicans couldn’t pick better candidates to minimize the Democrat’s chance of winning if they tried. I think Clinton’s weakness as a candidate is massively increasing Trump’s chances compared to if he was up against some inoffensive Dem without much baggage.

        1. I think the entire country is massively pissed off and won’t go for anyone who is perceived as an insider. I think your typical R or D stiff doesn’t have a chance this year. The Democrats would have a better shot with Bernie than they would with some typical Dem stiff.

          1. I am still thinking that at some point people are going to wake up and realize that voting for president is a little more serious than electing a class president in high school and then Trump’s 15 minutes will be up.

            But then I’ve been wrong on this one for nearly a year now. (I was pretty well convinced that the idea that Trump was going to run for president was mostly a goof – so I’ve been an early adopter on being wrong on this one)

            Hillary is pretty much the opposite of everything the Democrat voter claims they support (minus handing out money to the right folk and taking it from the right folk). But that being said, she is at least a competent politician. I really don’t think you can claim that for the other two. You can see her putting together a competent administration. Can you really see Bernie putting together a competent team? Trump? What A-players are going to work with either of those guys? Sure, there are plenty of true patriots who would answer the president’s call no matter what, but is that the guy they are going to call? Or is Amarosa getting a call for communication secretary?

            1. They realize that. But they also realize the political class is completely corrupt and broken. They are only voting for Bernie on the left and Trump on the right because they consider the entire political class to be beyond redemption. If you brought Reagan or Eisenhower or even Trump back from the grave, 60% of the country would vote for them. But that isn’t happening. So they are going to vote for what they have. Both Bernie and Trump are in the words of some blogger I read the other day “control alt delete” candidates. The public just wants to clean house and it is pretty hard to say they are wrong about that.

              1. If you brought Reagan or Eisenhower or even Trump back from the grave

                Look, Sargon of Akkad (YouTube guy, not Sumerian monarch) convinced me that there’s no way Trump lives to take an oath of office if elected, but let’s not rush it.

                1. And then say hi to President Christie.

                2. I meant Truman. I am really tired tonight. And yeah, the cat is out of the bag. Trump is a zombie.

              2. Actually can I vote for Zombie Ike? I mean, if dead people can vote, why not vote for the dead.

            2. Omarosa for press secretary!

              I would die laughing. She’s such an unfaltering, hard-nosed bitch.

            3. I think we can guess at what a Clinton presidency would be like by looking at the people in the Clinton’s entourage. So we can look forward to an admin with the high ethical and moral standards that guys like Anthony Wiener, Sid Blumenthal, Terry McAuliffe, and Sandy Berger are all known for.

            4. Amarosa
              Crazy black bitch reference FTW. She was a beautiful level of crazy.

            5. The last thing we want from a megalomaniacal would-be tyrant ? Hillary, or Trump ? is competency.

              Fortunately for us, I am certain we will get none of that from either.

        2. I agree, any decent Democrat could probably beat Trump, but there doesn’t seem to be any to be found. An aging commie and an aging criminal?

          1. Obama absolutely gutted the party. Him and Pelosi and Reid just wouldn’t quit, no matter how many Democrats lost their elections.

    3. Hyperion|5.25.16 @ 9:10PM|#
      “Hillary is getting destroyed in comments over the email scandal at … The NYT. Yes, you heard that right.”

      The Chron down-played it, the e-equivalent of page 8, under the fold, but it’s still getting a ton of comments, and most of them negative.
      And the defenders are beginning to sound like whoever it was asking ‘specificity’ during the Nixon hearings. They’d better watch out, someone will give it to them.

    4. Just went to the WaPo.

      The headline on their front page says,

      State Dept. watchdog criticizes Clinton’s email practices

      “Watchdog”? An Inspector General?
      “Criticizes”? Confirms flagrant violations of State Dept policy, Federal Record keeping requirement.

      The actual article (once you pass the front page) says

      State Dept. inspector general report sharply criticizes Clinton’s email practices”

      Oh, “sharply”. its like a token gesture in the general direction of fact.

      1. In other news Milwaukee authorities criticize Jeffrey Dahmer’s eating habits.

        1. What, are they vegans or something? Do they have a problem with those who have gone paleo?

        2. Hmmm, long pork.

          1. Never much cared for it.

            1. Stop eating the clowns. They taste funny.

      2. The 83-page report reviewed email practices under the past five secretaries of state and found persistent problems with ensuring that records are preserved in keeping with federal law. But the review was sparked by the controversy over Clinton’s email setup, and the report is particularly critical of her practices.

        Its like they have Clinton PR people in the office with them “framing” every paragraph. Seriously, if you scan the article, you can find that “every bad detail”? is preceded by a blanket statement putting it in a ‘softer context’.

        Clinton has long said it was no secret at the department that she used a private email system

        Why, it all sounds like a mix up!

        later, same paragraph

        IT staffers raised concerns in 2010 that the system might not properly preserve records, the official said the system had been reviewed by attorneys and chided the staffers “never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again,” the report says. The IG’s office said it could not find evidence of such a legal review.

        yes, that sounds like an honest mistake.

        1. “The 83-page report reviewed email practices under the past five secretaries of state and found persistent problems with ensuring that records are preserved in keeping with federal law. But the review was sparked by the controversy over Clinton’s email setup, and the report is particularly critical of her practices.”

          Not according to AP:
          “The audit did note that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had also exclusively used a private email account, though it did not name any other prior secretaries who had done so. But the failings of Clinton were singled out in the audit as being more serious than her predecessor.
          “By Secretary Clinton’s tenure, the department’s guidance was considerably more detailed and more sophisticated,” the report concluded. “Secretary Clinton’s cybersecurity practices accordingly must be evaluated in light of these more comprehensive directives.”

          Wonder if the NYT will drag up references to Washington not hiding his quill from those who might oversee his messages?

      3. Shows you just how potent the “Inspector General” is.

        It reminds me of “A Few Good Men”

        Oh, you sharply criticize her email practices? Is that how it works?

        I criticize your email practices.

        ‘Oh, well I’ll just keep doing it that way then…

        No, no, no, no I sharply criticize your email practices.

        Oh, OK then. I’ll take some time to reconsider my actions. I apologize. I’ll stop immediately.

  28. Didn’t Jon Stewart pull this crap?

    1. Yes he did, and the Lord said, be shameless and fruity. And the Lord looked upon the scene, and said fuck it.

    2. At least Stewart was smart enough to not let the interview subjects have their own copy of the interviews.

  29. Leftists lie.

    1. If they had an ounce of honesty and shred of dignity they’d go back in history and read it with a sober and critical mind and learn that progressivism and its policies were usually based on faulty premises, manipulated data, and sometimes outright lies. Progressivism ate liberalism up like a tape worm.

    2. It’s what they do.

      1. They remind me of an old-world coach who refuses to change or adjust to the modern game. Because it worked (let’s concede progressivism had some positives at some point) once long ago is not a reason to keep to it.

        The thing is they’re completely uninterested or oblivious to other options based on their own antiquated notions and ideas.

        Someone has to fire the coach!

        1. We’re not socialists, we’re democratic socialists! We’d never go that far. Hey, it’s working great, let’s go that far!

          It’s like with regulations and drinking wine. A little bit is good, so let’s drink the whole barrel at one sitting, surely that will be better!

          1. Hans Herman Hoppe argues that “democracy is a soft variant of communism.”

    1. They nailed social justice warriors, too.

      “Your tears so more than real evidence ever could.”

      1. “95% of the people believe Homer Simpson is guilty. Of course, this is only a television poll, which is not legally binding, unless Proposition 304 passes, as we all pray it will.”

  30. I didn’t take time to watch the video or read the entire story. But the part where ‘the cunt’, as she is apparently now known, asking about ‘if there aren’t any background checks’. How the fuck do these liars get away with this shit? There are background checks, everyone knows this. How do they go on with this shit and get anyone to take them seriously?

    1. They are arrogant and stupid. I really think they thought these guys were a bunch of dumb hicks and wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. When they claimed the film was doctored, who was the public going to believe? A bunch of crazy rednecks or Katie Couric? They are so arrogant it never occurred to them that these guys might be a bit smarter and onto the game than the average bear and would make their own tape of the interview.

      1. Any conservative who is interviewed by a so-called “journalist” is a moron if they don’t have their own video to show what really happened.

      2. Why would anybody take Katie Couric seriously?

        1. Good question. But rest assured Katie Couric thinks everyone takes her seriously.

          1. You know something, you are right and she just oozes that. I found her insufferable almost from the beginning of her Today stint.

            1. I can’t stand her for the same reason I can’t stand Megyn Kelly. They both got their jobs as news readers because of their looks. That is fine of course. Someone has to read the news and it might as well be a woman who is pleasant to look at as anyone. But Couric and Kelly both think they got where they are because they are so much smarter than everyone else and such serious thinkers. It is both annoying and laughable.

              1. Same thing with ESPN, FOX, and other sports anchor / reporter babes.

                I have so much more respect for Shelley Smith and Doris Burke than I do for the likes of Sara Walsh or Erin Andrews.

                Another female reporter for whom I have lots of respect is Jackie MacMullan who occasionally appears on the Sports Reporters and is a long time Boston Globe reporter.

                Of course, I like eye candy reading the news or sports, but what gets me is that professional, educated women, like my wife, care more about the outfit that the anchor / reporter is wearing, their make-up and whether they have put on a few pounds recently, etc.

                1. I like MacMullan as well. But she is homely as a fence post. You know she got her job on her brains and not her looks. And I don’t mind Andrews too much. I never got the feeling that she has ever forgotten what got her where she is.

              2. But Couric and Kelly both think they got where they are because they are so much smarter than everyone else and such serious thinkers.

                This applies to the vast majority of male and ugly-female talking-heads and even editorialists as well, though.

                1. That is a fair point Slay. Someone like McAdle or your typical douche canoe writing at Vox or the Atlantic is no more qualified to talk about these subject than the drunk sitting next to you at happy hour. Every single one of them is unworthy of the platform they have been given.

      3. They keep going on about background checks, like they don’t exist. There’s been background checks for how long now? Since 1995? So about 20 years? Why are they doing this? Apparently they really, really want to just ban firearms, but it’s political suicide to try so the only thing they have is to keep beating this dead horse and hope people are stupid enough to believe it. And where’s the cases of mass murders where a background check has failed and the person, who was a violent felon was allowed to get a gun anyway? I’ve never heard of that happening. Most of the mass shootings are by people who had never committed any crime. The leftists still think they can engineer the perfect society, and they don’t give a fuck just how awful that perfect society would be, and who gets deprived of what human rights. They’re like a horrible fucking disease.

        1. That is exactly what they want. That is why they want background checks for “gun shows”. It is not gun shows, it is background checks for any private transaction. What they want is for your grandfather to commit a felony if he gives you his shotgun without first going to someone with a federal firearms license and run a background check. And you a felon for accepting the gun. A lot of people don’t buy guns from gun shops. I can honestly I have never bought a gun from a gun shop in my life. Every gun I own has either been given to me by a family member or purchased by me from a friend. That is the way most gun owners are. The idea is that if we can’t ban guns, we can make so many gun owners criminals that it will be effectively impossible to legally own a gun.

          1. Which is of course why they want background checks for ammunition also. None of this is about safety, there’s no evidence any of it will make society safer. It’s all about taking away people’s rights to defend against government tyranny if it becomes necessary. Our forefathers warned about this more than 200 years ago.

            1. The other pathetic one is making gun owners have liability insurance. Just make it a crime to own a gun without insurance and regulate insurance such that it is either unavailable or beyond the means of all but the rich. And guns are effectively banned.

              1. Tyrants and sheep, tyrants and sheep.

              2. All they’d end up doing is creating an unwinnable situation for themselves.

                First red states will nullify and not allow any of their resources to be used in any kind of round-up.

                Second, since the vast majority of people will not turn in their weapons and will continue to buy and sell them as well as ammo the black market that will be created will be huge.

                And that means no legislation will be obeyed in the arms market which means that things got worse from the POV of the left.

                And if they try to enforce things they’ll lose.

                So they can either ignore it and look like weak fools who made the situation vastly worse to their supporters or try and stop it and lose and bring about whatever knock-on effects that would bring.

                1. The black market would be controlled by gangs.

                  And they have a reputation for settling disputes peacefully…

  31. A Federal judge has ruled that, in the case of Planned Parenthood selling body parts, that deceptively edited video is fraudulent and not journalism protected by the First Amendment. Sue baby, sue!….or indict baby, indict!

  32. Who the fuck is Michael Robertson?

    1. An entry on a balance sheet.

  33. Since we’re on the subject…

    Carl’s Documentary Brief Reviews (in no particular order):

    Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (on Netflix): Highly recommended, even if you’re not a bad-movie watching hipster like me. Note: as befitting a documentary on Cannon Films, it contains gratuitous nudity.

    Corman’s World (on Tubi TV): Ehhh… contains some interesting info but kinda cheap and kinda a Roger Corman tongue bath. Recommended only if you know who he is.

    Rewind This! (on Amazon Prime): Not very good but mildly entertaining. Might be better if you’re a bit older and somehow nostalgic for VHS.

    American Grindhouse (on SnagFilms): Mediocre content and mediocre production (Apple stock music galore, ugh). Recommended only if you’re very interested in the subject matter (B-movies and exploitation films).

    Chuck Norris vs. Communism (on Netflix): Highly recommended, a very touching and occasionally humorous experience

    Finding General Tso (on Netflix): Contrary to a couple other commenters, garbage. “Where does General Tso’s chicken come from and why is it so popular?” has a quick, straightforward answer, so it is chock full of filler, some interesting, most boring or irritating.

    Winnebago Man (on Amazon Prime): Recommended. Pretty funny and occasionally endearing, although the filmmaker narrating it can get slightly annoying now and then.

    1. Carl’s Documentary Brief Reviews (in no particular order):


      “Carl’s Brief Documentary Reviews”

      1. Also, “bad-movie watching hipster” should be “bad-movie-watching hipster”. What is with you, Carl?

    2. Watch “Dear Zachary” if you want to feel just terrible.

      Paris Is Burning; Crumb; Amy; Style Wars; Sherman’s March; Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe == favorites

        1. Thank you for giving me a rabbit hole to fall down tonight.

          This is amazing.

          1. It is an incredible impersonation.

        2. That’s fantastic. Must share with other Herzog fans.

    3. Chuck Norris vs. Communism (on Netflix): Highly recommended, a very touching and occasionally humorous experience

      I second this. The part where the guy was talking about the first movie he was saw, which was Lone Wolf McQuade, and describing this scene was funny and touching.

      1. Paramount posted the entirety of Missing in Action on YouTube.

    4. Oh, and “The Lady in Number 6,” which is on Netflix. OMG. Heroine.

  34. Good way to get base fired up tonight eh?

    1. Its cute overload.

    2. Look at Baby’s face! Nonconsensual!

      1. Rape puppy?

      2. Puppy did not get affirmative consent.

      1. If this is another depressing video…

        1. scary, but not as scary as I had anticipated

    1. Cat eats baby chick, cut the video!

    1. I always enjoy watching a pecker get all up in a pussy.

  35. The late nite links have now descended into cat videos. We libertarians are really no different than the rest. It’s just cat videos in the end. This is how the lizards inside the hollow moon control us all, cat videos.

      1. Toho Films already bought the rights. They’re just going to add some toy tanks and put it in theaters.

    1. To be fair, there are some dogs and birds and babies as well.

        1. Quite the palliative after innocently clicking a Quincy link last week…

          1. Then again it was the one horror show he honestly and accurately described, so I really have myself to blame.

      1. I wonder why cats are afraid of something that looks like a giant green dildo. The lady of the house should make sure the cats not in the room first.

  36. Look, they have a good explanation.

    Couric’s director says she added “a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts”

    1. When I worked at a rock quarry, the feral cats loved to sit on the warm motor that ran the conveyor belts intermittently. They eventually were too slow in jumping off and …..I don’t need to go into the details.

      [Curls up in a fetal ball on the floor]

      1. One story my dad tells involves having to clean up shredded kitten after turning on his old work truck to warm it up in the morning…

  37. Look at this thing, it’s obviously a demon from hell!

    Demon thing will send your kids to hell!

    1. That’s one ugly cat.

  38. I’m sure Katie Couric had nothing but nice things to say about James O’Keefe.

  39. Here’s an old lady. Game change.

  40. Spot the Not: Deus sex machina

    1. The black stone inside the Kaaba in Mecca is seated inside a silver vagina sculpture.

    2. A Shinto ritual involves attaching notes with pins to a giant wooden penis.

    3. The medical condition of a painful, persistent erection is named after a Roman god depicted with an erection.

    4. An Egyptian god known as the creator of all has his penis in his left hand and a flail in his right.

    5. A Hindu god is depicted in the pose of auto-fellatio while also fisting an elephant.

    6. This Aztec goddess of adultery and filth is depicted with a rainbow of “holy shit” around her mouth.

    1. 3 is true

      But you can’t fool me with 4, the flail is in his *left* hand, his penis in his *right.*

      Seriously, I’ll guess that 1 is either untrue or unproven.

      1. wiki sez:

        John Lewis Burckhardt wrote a sympathetic account of the Hajj and of his sojourn in Mecca in 1813 or 1814 under Ottoman hegemony, ‘During all my journies in the East, I never enjoyed such perfect ease as at Mekka’. He also wrote, ‘But the holy Kaaba is rendered the scene of such indecencies and criminal acts, as cannot with propriety be more particularly noticed. They are not only practised here with impunity, but, it may be said, almost publicly; and my indignation has often been excited, on witnessing abominations which called forth from other passing spectators nothing more than a laugh or a slight reprimand.’ In the square of the mosque, he reports, ‘I have seen some of the public women take this mode of exhibiting themselves, and of bargaining with the pilgrims, under pretence of selling them corn for the sacred pigeons.’


      2. Fun story about Priapus. Some scholars think that he may have been the original garden gnome. Archaeologists have found a few statues of him in Roman ruins, usually in gardens and on farms, which is a reasonable place to put statues of fertility gods. So the theory is that as time went on, people chose to hide the more defining aspects, until we got the modern garden gnome. So think about that the next time you see one with a fishing pole.

        1. It probably started with a statue with a pointy hat over the wang and then they decided just to keep the hat and put it on top.

          1. A ctually, one of the arguments for the theory is basically, “Does this hat remind you of anything?”

    1. Fuck you, I don’t have a problem!

  41. It’s getting really weird around here.

      1. That’s like cat juggling and sky diving cat combined level abuse!

  42. Taxpayers to be on the hook for one more corporate welfare queen:
    “Faraday Future: A second electric car factory in the Bay Area?”
    “Electric car startup Faraday Future, often touted as a potential rival to Tesla Motors, wants to build an auto factory in Tesla’s Bay Area backyard.
    Faraday, based in Los Angeles, has been in discussions with Vallejo officials to build a factory on the former Mare Island naval base, the city reported Tuesday. Vallejo has been trying to redevelop the base since it closed in 1996.”…..943060.php

    Yep, the market for taxpayer-subsidized e-cars is so great, we (the taxpayers) need to fund several more trough-feeders!

    1. I live in the DC/Baltimore metro area, lots of traffic is an understatement. I’ve seen at least 2 Volts and 2 Teslas, in the last 7 years. I’ve probably easily seen 100 or more Ferraris this year. Everyone obviously wants an electric car, right the fuck now.

  43. And, well, she meant well, dammit!
    “Pelosi defends Clinton, says she acted in ‘good conscience'”
    “”What Secretary Clinton did was consistent with what other secretaries of state have done, including Colin Powell,” the California Democrat said as she noted the watchdog’s reference to Clinton predecessors using private email communications.”

    And including Kissinger, too! But then that sort of bullshit is expected from the hag defending the hag.

    1. No other secretary of state has ever had an email server for handling state department emails in their house. These people are sociopath level liars. Kissinger, yeah, there wasn’t any such thing as email. I suppose Jefferson also used a private email server.

      1. Yep, misdirection.
        ‘You know what Hoover did? Well, he did it too!’ ‘It’s the rethugs fault!’

    2. And if Colin Powell jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?

      Seriously, they have the mentality of 5 year olds.

      1. They’re mendacious pieces of exrcement. HIllary used a private email account. Hey, find someone else that used a private email account. Everyone does it, find another well known person… hey a former SOS, Colin Powel, he had a Yahoo email account! See everyone does it! Wait, what were we talking about?

      2. thrakkorzog|5.25.16 @ 11:48PM|#
        “And if Colin Powell jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?”

        I’m betting that CP broke no law at all doing what he did; the laws at that time did not prohibit his actions.
        So Clintonbots are comparing a perfectly legal activity by a past SoS with a clearly illegal activity by that miserable hag.

      3. One more, posted by the Chron but likely attributable to AP:
        “Opponents of her Democratic presidential campaign pointed to the audit as proof that Clinton has not been truthful about her private email use as fresh evidence she is not trustworthy or qualified to be commander in chief.”

        Note the phrase “had not been truthful”. Is this a suggestion that she is lacking in thruthiness? Will Colbert make a point of that?
        Will any major outlet finally state she’s a liar who broke the law?

    3. If Clinton did nothing wrong, why is the FBI investigating her? Is it a vast right wing conspiracy?

      1. C’mon man – you’re here and saying the FBI only investigates criminals.

  44. In January 930, it was stolen by the Qarmatians, who carried the Black Stone away to their base in Hajar (modern Bahrain). According to Ottoman historian Qutb al-Din, writing in 1857, Qarmatian leader Abu Tahir al-Qarmati set the Black Stone up in his own mosque, the Masjid al-Dirar, with the intention of redirecting the hajj away from Mecca. However, this failed, and pilgrims continued to venerate the spot where the Black Stone had been.[26]

    According to historian Al-Juwayni, the Stone was returned twenty-three years later, in 952. The Qarmatians held the Black Stone for ransom, and forced the Abbasids to pay a huge sum for its return. It was wrapped in a sack and thrown into the Friday Mosque of Kufa, accompanied by a note saying “By command we took it, and by command we have brought it back.” Its abduction and removal caused further damage, breaking the stone into seven pieces.[10][27][28] Its abductor, Abu Tahir, is said to have met a terrible fate; according to Qutb al-Din, “the filthy Abu Tahir was afflicted with a gangrenous sore, his flesh was eaten away by worms, and he died a most terrible death.”[26]

    1. In the 11th century, a man allegedly sent by the Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah attempted to smash the Black Stone, but was killed on the spot, having caused only slight damage.[26] In 1674, according to Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, someone smeared the Black Stone with excrement so that “every one who kissed it retired with a sullied beard”. The Shi’ite Persians were suspected of being responsible and were the target of curses from other Muslims for centuries afterwards, though explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton doubted that they were the culprits; he attributed the act to “some Jew or Greek, who risked his life to gratify a furious bigotry.”


      1. Maybe it time traveled.

        The Demon Core

      2. I can’t help but imagine:

        “Aww, they put shit on it!”

        “You’re not gonna kiss it now are you?”

        “Damn straight, I am. Spent a fortune on this pilgrimage.”


        “Ah…you got some of it in your beard.”

        “Damn it! See any place where I can wash it off?”


        “Well, I guess it’ll just stay in there a while.”

        “Hey you two! Hurry up! Can’t you see there’s a line?”

        1. I’m surprised nobody made a shi’ite joke about that yet.

  45. “creative and editorial judgement”

    i thought this was an interview?

  46. In other words Katie Couris has about as much editorial verity as Stephen Colbert or Michael Moore — i.e. none.

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  49. Couric is a cunt/\.

  50. She is 100% correct 🙂

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