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What Do Women Want? Hillary Clinton, Not So Much.

There's no mystery about why women are lukewarm on a backward-looking, mediocre pol: Gender is thankfully not as big a deal as it used to be.


Dept. of State, public domain

"I'm Not With Her: Why women are wary of Hillary Clinton," a new story in The Guardian, lays out the meh reception the former secretary of state is receiving from female voters. While Clinton gets the biggest share of overall support from women, it turns out that she actually loses that edge among millennials, with Bernie Sanders taking the gold. "Millennial women now back Sanders by a jaw-dropping 61%-30%," writes USA Today.

Donald Trump has tons of baggage when it comes to wooing female voters, but as The New York Times noted in April, Clinton was only pulling 50 percent of white women, compared to 39 percent for him.

Why the lukewarm support for Clinton, who stands to be the first female president? Among younger women, gender is not as big a deal as it is for women who approach Clinton's age; the younger you are, the less hampered by old prejudices and customs you're likely to be. Indeed, even around the globe, the latest data shows that women working the same job as men make just 1.6 percent less than their male counterparts. That's real progress from the early 1970s, when Clinton entered the workforce. And while the United States has never had a women president, many countries have and women occupy any number of high-profile and high-status roles in the public and private sectors. That might not represent pure numerical equality, but it also blunts the focus on gender as a selling point.

From the Guardian:

"I'm sure for a certain class of women [Hillary Clinton] is perfect," says Changa, who has lived in Harlem and Chicago's South Side and was a single mom throughout college. "But there are a lot of issues that affect low-income women, immigrant women and women of color that her brand of doing things is not going to address."

On the right, women are repulsed by Clinton for different reasons. The Guardian talked with Joy Pullman, a former Ted Cruz supporter, who said:

"[Clinton's] message is that if women don't follow her script for being a good woman, 'well sucks to you, you can just pay taxes to pay for all the ladies who do.'"

Pullmann thinks Clinton, as an ambitious politician, is out of touch with most American women's family values and cringes at the presidential hopeful's attempts to "play up her maternal and feminine soft side".

Thinking back to the 2008 race, I was struck by a clear generational divide among the Democratic women I knew. If they were over 45 or 50, they were totally devoted to Hillary. Younger than that, and Barack Obama was their choice. Of course, there are older women who despise Hillary as well, either for her specific politics or for a perceived lack of back-in-the-day feminism. As Camille Paglia, arguably the harshest critic of Clinton, told Reason:

Hillary is a mess. And we're going to reward the presidency to a woman who's enabled the depredations and exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers? The way feminists have spoken makes us blind to Hillary's record of trashing [women]. They were going to try to destroy Monica Lewinsky. It's a scandal! Anyone who believe in sexual harassment guidelines should have seen that the disparity of power between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was one of the most grotesque ever in the history of sex crime. He's a sex criminal! We're going to put that guy back in the White House? Hillary's ridden on his coattails. This is not a woman who has her own career, who's made her own career! The woman who failed the bar exam in Washington! The only reason she went to Arkansas and got a job in the Rose law firm was because her husband was a politician.

But once Clinton secures the nomination, will her numbers among women go way back up, to the levels of support that Obama drew among blacks in 2008? Probably not that high (which approached 100 percent, for at least a few reasons. First, the experience of African Americans is different than that of women and blacks reliably vote in the 90 percent range for Democrats. The gender gap in presidential races has definitely been in the Democrats favor in recent elections, but George W. Bush essentially split the female vote with John Kerry in 2004 (48 percent to 51 percent) and his father actually bested Michael Dukakis in 1988. Reagan crushed Mondale among women in 1984 and tied Jimmy Carter in 1980. Not only have Republicans shown an ability to win among women, when they lose, the swing is nowhere as big as the racial gap.

And despite Trump's crude and ugly comments regarding women in various settings, he's not giving up the female vote. It may well backfire on him, but by raising rape allegations against Bill Clinton and foregrounding Hillary Clinton's supposedly preferential treatment based on gender ("If Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote," he's said), he's refusing to concede women. From the Times:

"He is 'Swiftboating' her by throwing shade on what should be a strength," [GOP consultant and pollster KellyAnne] Conway said in an email, referring to the 2004 attacks on John Kerry's war record, which turned a strength into a weakness and diverted attention from President George W. Bush's own vulnerabilities.

Ms. Conway added that Mr. Trump could sully Mrs. Clinton's record of advocacy on issues like pay inequity by saying she has accomplished too little on them. "Next he'll say, 'Ladies: She shares your gender and nothing else,' " Ms. Conway said. "'It takes you years to earn what Wall Street paid her for a single 25-minute speech that wasn't even that interesting.'"

Whatever the reasons, it turns out that so-called Vagina Voters, women who will vote for any female candidate over any male candidate, are likely smaller in number than they once might have been. That may be tough luck for Hillary Clinton, but it's also evidence of real social progress, too, when a candidate is not automatically considered to be the anointed representative of whatever group or class they might represent.

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  1. Hill Satan!

  2. Ms. Conway added that Mr. Trump could sully Mrs. Clinton’s record of advocacy on issues like pay inequity by saying she has accomplished too little on them.

    As in, nothing at all? Seriously, exactly what has she done on “pay equity” other than flap her jaws?

    We know that the Obama administration pays women on his staff less than men. I wonder if the same is true of Hillary and her organization?


      Democrats get the benefit of the doubt. Private kkkorporations do not.

      1. Isn’t the DNC a private corporation?

        1. That’s different!

          1. The UAW, IBEW, etc…?

            (This is one of many ways I bait my proggie in-laws)

    2. It absolutely is true, but nobody outside of a couple websites called here out on it.

    3. Seriously, exactly what has she done on “pay equity” other than flap her jaws?

      What has she done on anything? Can anyone name a single piece of legislation that she introduced during her tenure in the Senate? And of course, as SoS all she did was get people killed and then blame it on an idiotic youtube video.

      1. Well, she introduced this shitpile to waste your money enforcing video game ratings.

        Fortunately, it failed. Just like everything else she’s ever done.

  3. The media can deny it and Democrats can deny, but deep down they all take a look at the accusations against Bill, and it kills Hillary. Add to it that the other dirt…

    They are obviously guilty as sin. It’s very easy to make even the most strident Hillary supporters blush even if they then often huff and puff and pretend the Clintons are the best thing since sliced bread.

    1. My experience with Hillary partisans is that they are simply in a state of deep, deep denial. They tune you out, tell you to shut up, anything to avoid even hearing the facts, much less spinning or refuting them.

      1. Well, I’ve encountered two types. The first is the older Hillary supporter, the kind she depended and counted on. A Clinton Democrat like my Mom who has just always voted Dem. I had never heard her say a bad word about Hillary other than she should have left Bill (she is incredibly naive) until this election cycle where, for the first time, she said she didn’t know who she would vote for.

        The other kind is what you describe – in denial. I’m dealing with one of those now. They’ve tried minimizing and denying, but it always ends up in insults being hurled.

        She is in trouble in November. There’s just not enough true believers in her. People may not vote for Trump, but they’ll stay home. People either hate Trump or love him. If Karl Rove taught me one lesson, it’s that politics boils down mostly to getting your base out rather than converting people.

      2. The menopausal Hillbots pull out every entry in their thesaurus for “unreliable” to describe the youth vote that doesn’t trust her. “Oh, well, those Bernie kids aren’t going to show up at the polls anyway,” “those whippersnappers aren’t supporting any down-ballot candidates because what do they know,” “they don’t understand how important her experience is”.

        And the younger Hillbots are angry if you don’t want to vote for her just because she’s got tits. Criticism of any aspect of her record just gets “SEXIST!!!!” screamed at you in all-caps.

        The great news for Hillary, though, is that these retards will believe anything she puts on her website or says during a debate. No questions asked. “She’s been fighting for civil rights for 30 years!” LOL, o-okay.

      3. One person I’ve known for several decades has gone completely insane over Hillary, and she is incensed at anyone pointing out that Hillary has committed several thousand violations of the espionage act.


    2. This goes to my theory that Trump may actually win in a landslide. Trump may be hated overall more than Clinton, but white men are going to eat her lunch, tipping the scales majorly in industrial swing states, where I have no doubt she’ll lose white men 2 to 1, or worse.

  4. If only millennial women voted, that might mean something. But very few voters are pulling the trigger on Hillary Clinton Election Day. No, they’ll be voting against Donald Trump. And vice versa.

    Frankly, I’m surprised you could get any of the ladies to vote for any woman candidate. I mean, you know who women get. Meow.

    1. (And, FYI, that’s a euphemism for voting for, not anything else.)


    2. Word, brah! And that’s if you can get them away from shopping at all, amirte? ::High fives Fist::

      1. Now, if they were voting for shoes…

        1. It would take 6 years and they’d realize they picked the wrong pair right after they got home with them.

    3. Try this simple experiment: READ the abortion plank in the GOP’s 50-page Mein Kampf platform (it goes on and on). Now read the abortion plank in the Democrat platform (half the words, twice the substance). Women do this elegantly. They make a simple comparison between a coalition of nationalsocialist neanderthals and life-begins-at-erection, pro-life-after-death male televangelists and wannabee grandmas versus a party running a female candidate on a platform that says not to point guns at women and order them to reproduce.

      What part of that comparison is so hard for testosterone totalitarians to understand? The cowardly straddle in the LP platform can only alienate women voters under 55. So males outnumber females 2 to 1 in the party of pimples. Antichoice wannabee grannies have four (04) antichoice televangelist parties to vote for.

      1. Are you insinuating that there are no pro-life women?

        1. I believe he was also insulting Neanderthals.

          Not cool.

  5. “Why the lukewarm support for Clinton, who stands to be the first female president?”

    Well, if ~I~ was a woman, I’d prefer my gender’s capacity for the presidency not be judged based on the precedent set by a criminal. A horrible politician landing “first” isn’t that bad, as all politicians are horrible, but it’d be nice for the record of “first female president” to be someone who isn’t a blatant criminal.

    1. Why not? Worked for Obama

      1. maybe, but at least President Obama didn’t become a true shitbag until he’d ‘grown into the job’. Mrs. Clinton has blatantly been one for decades.

  6. On time and with great alt-text! This is why we love you, Nick! /sarc

    1. Is that who that is? Hillary Clinton? Are we sure? Is Nick sure?

      1. I for one am glad for the alt text. Without it, I had assumed I was looking at the mummified remains of Ramesses II that someone had dressed in a suit and wig and placed in front of an American flag for some reason.

        1. +1 look upon my works

          1. Hopefully, after November, “Nothing else remains.”

  7. When people continue to vote for evil, there is no reason for politicians to not be evil.

    I’m so sick of “Everyone MUST vote because America! Duty! Soldiers died for our FREEDUMB!”

    1. I get this all the time from family and friends.

      “You can’t complain if you don’t vote.”

      Uh, yeah I can. Watch me.

      “It’s your civic duty!”

      Uh, what about *their* civil duty?

      “Well, if everyone thought the way you do…”

      They don’t. I don’t have a secret mind control gun to make thousands (or millions) of people to vote like me. If I did, voting in a national election might make a difference.

      1. Seems to me it makes just as much sense to say you can’t complain if you do vote. By voluntarily taking part in the process, you’re implicitly accepting the legitimacy of said process, and agreeing to abide by the outcome. Your candidate lost? Suck it up.

  8. So THAT’S what a cure for priapism looks like.

    1. “If your erection lasts for more than four hours go to the “Meet your Congressional Representative website”

      1. Unless it’s that hottie from Hawaii.

  9. Indeed, even around the globe, the latest data shows that women working the same job as men make just 1.6 percent less than their male counterparts.

    And you can bet President Hillary would take credit for that.

  10. Next! read =

    Election year sexism against Hillary Clinton brought me closer to my mother

    …especially if you’ve recently consumed poison, and lack any other highly-potent emetic

    Also = REAL Progress means we need a Female James Bond

    1. You know how progressive ideology is really just sort of an odd form of neo-luddism, and in some weird way a throwback to feudalism in other ways? I really just think we are dealing with people who lack creativity, and can only conceive of hijacking other characters already created rather than just coming up with something of their own.

      1. That’s the absolute shittiest part of it; Lara Croft and Sydney Bristow already fucking exist!

        1. See also Buffy the Vampire Slayer, River, multiple reboots of Nikita (original and current toothpick version), Electra (Garner version and new toothpick version), Charlie’s Angels reboot, Rebooted King Arthur with ass-kicking toothpick Gwenivere, a handful of Underworld movies, Hansel and Gretel Asskicker movies, Kick-Ass, Black Widow, shows like Quantico where underwear models solve crimes while being martial arts experts after 2 weeks of training, and for heaven’s sakes that’s just off the top of my head in the last minute.

          Holy shit. Can’t we just have our fucking Bond?

          1. No, everything must conform to the Procrustean bed of PC shibboleths.

          2. Thanks my mind was doing the exact same thing and I had to step away from the keyboard for a few min.

            The only part I would add is, at some point, you’re outright insulting your peers by acting like it’s a novel idea or somehow groundbreaking. Jessica Chastain hunts down OBL and wins a fucking Golden Globes four years ago but it doesn’t mean dick if you aren’t historically stepping into the shoes that Sean Connery’s made a career of and had worn thin somewhere between Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

            Fuck you Michelle Rodriguez, fuck you Zoe Zaldana, fuck you Gina Carano, fuck you Kristanna Loken, fuck you Ronda Rousey…

            1. Jessica Chastain hunts down OBL and wins a fucking Golden Globes four years ago but it doesn’t mean dick if you aren’t historically stepping into the shoes that Sean Connery’s made a career of…

              Part of me has to wonder if maybe the fact that Bond is so identified with Sean “sometimes it’s OK to smack a woman” Connery is part of the reason why the SJW grrrrl power brigade has set their sights on Bond.

            2. Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not about making a female action hero (like Buffy, Lara Croft, etc.) but it’s about tearing down the male heroes (especially if you’re talking about a ‘GASP!!’ white male).

              Just typical Proggy-ism. Anything that promotes Western ideals, or contradicts the ‘government uber alles’ narrative must be destroyed.

      2. ^This. It’s bolstered by the unwillingness of studios to take financial risks.

        They take an idea that’s already successful, then hammer the progressive grievance of the week into, and congratulate themselves for being so daring and breaking barriers and such.

      3. I really just think we are dealing with people who lack creativity, and can only conceive of hijacking other characters already created rather than just coming up with something of their own.

        That seems to be the American movie industry in general these days, not a specifically progressive thing.

        1. They don’t even have to come up with original ideas. Just visit bookstore or library and browse the thousands of books not already made into movies.

          Robert Ludlam wrote lots of books that didn’t star Jason Bourne. Lots of people have written decent fantasy besides GRRM and Tolkien. Plenty of excellent sci-fi that isn’t Star Trek or Star Wars.

          1. Oh hell yes. The Chancellor Manuscript. The Jansen Directive. The one with the secret agent who’s boning the Russian ballerina.

            Ludlum was such a badass

      4. I really just think we are dealing with people who lack creativity, and can only conceive of hijacking other characters already created rather than just coming up with something of their own.

        Absolutely. Should’ve skimmed the comments before posting my rant below.

    2. Also = REAL Progress means we need a Female James Bond

      Jesus F. Christ, first gay Iceman, then all-women Ghostbusters, now this? These children won’t stop until they’ve ruined every decent franchise out there by demanding it conform with their PC-agenda. Here’s a suggestion: Come up with an original idea that people will pay money to see.

      1. I sort of hope they do. Movie franchises suck. With or without a PC agenda, they need more new ideas.

      2. It’s cute that they think there has even been a decent Bond movie made in the last 25 years.

        1. I enjoyed Casino Royale, but otherwise agree with you.

          1. I thought Spectre was pretty good too, although I think it was kind of stupid to take 4 movies, from Casino to Spectre, to finally re-introduce Blofeld and tie up the lose ends from Casino, only to kill him off in the same damn movie. Quantum and Skyfall were OK action flicks, but pointless. You can skip them and not miss anything important.

            1. But he’s not dead!

        2. This. I don’t get the hype

    3. That’s just silly. The way he treats and deals with women is a huge part of the character.

      I suppose a female secret agent in the Bond universe could be OK, but why not just make a new movie? Maybe James Bond is played out.

    4. Election year sexism against Hillary Clinton brought me closer to my mother

      I threw up in my mouth a little just from the headline.

      REAL Progress means we need a Female James Bond

      No, it doesn’t. Shoehorning a female into a role that has ALWAYS, for the last 50+ years been a male is not “progress,” it’s pandering and SJW signaling at its worse. This is a pet peeve of mine lately: making a traditionally male character into a woman, or a character that’s always been white, black just to shoehorn in some kind of faux diversity. If you really want a “strong female hero” then create a new character/ story (of course that actually requires more work, not to mention originality, creativity, and talent on the part of the story teller).

      If they want to have a “female James Bond” then why not just create a new character in the same universe? She could be another double-o agent or something. I see no point in making the next Bond a female when they could easily do that.

      Especially since creating a new character and spinning her off into separate movies would mean potentially more money, since you’d have the James Bond franchise and a possible new franchise.

      1. “since you’d have the James Bond franchise and a possible new franchise.”

        James Bond is vastly over-rated as a spy. That was evident from Casino Royale, the first book. Bond had the perfect opportunity to turn Le Chifre and have a mole inside SMERSH. He blew it.

  11. In 2012, the GOP had a tailwind and selected as its nominee the only one it could find who had signed into law an Obamacare-like act at the state level.

    In 2016, there is an appetite for a female candidate, and the Dems will nominate the only female it can find who rode her husband’s coattails into power. A husband who has a troublesome personal record when it comes to the opposite sex.

    1. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell which is the Stupid Party and which is the Evil Party.

      1. I typically refer to them as the “Stupid/Evil Party” and the “Evil/Stupid Party,” but can never remember which is which.

        1. How about the Stevil Party v the Epid Party?

      2. That’s the thing, Citizen X. They’re both the stupid and evil party.

      3. Well, they are both stupid and evil, but in varying proportions.

  12. Nice tax return you got there, Gillespie. Be a shame if someone were to audit it.

  13. Vagina Voters

    I vote for vagina every chance I get. Yahweh commanded us to be fruitful and multiply, and don’t read anything else into the word “fruit.”

  14. Women have been such a disappointment to Hillary. They are such sexists.

    It’s time to create the New Soviet Woman who will vote for Hillary without question.

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  16. Maybe a campaign based on solidarity of common body parts is not a winning strategy. Unfortunately we’re just not as stupid and simple as Hillary needs us to be.

  17. I think it is irrelevant now as its ever been to run on: “I am a woman, vote for me because you are too and you need me!” My wife has a higher income than I do; more women are graduating from college than men, and its been like this for some time. Pay inequity reflects the fact that more women still choose stay home with kids than men do, or work part time, but if this is taken into account, the difference would nearly disappear. For the dems though, and especially Hillary and her followers, it will always be the 1970s and they will forever be victims.

    1. True. The pay gap narrows to almost nothing among women who choose not to have children and who choose intellectually-demanding fields. If you choose to be a waitress, or stay-home mommy, or nail salon tech, or social worker, or medical biller/coder because it lets you stay home with your kids and watch your telenovelas, you are going to make less money, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

      It would be great if women would figure out that this is actually a choice. The stork does not barrel out of the sky and baby-bomb women, kamikaze-style. You choose to have them. And employers and society have no obligation to support your personal choice to breed. Or, let’s just say, we’re already supporting your choices more than we should ever have had to.

    2. The pay inequity disappears among younger women (when you control for other factors) and has been gone for quite some time.

      That could explain why younger women aren’t ‘Ready for Hillary’; because their situation isn’t what Mrs. Clinton claims it is and they’re educated enough to recognize that Princess Felony is a vicious, corrupt, lizardperson (like Morena Baccarin in V, except unattractive).

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  19. BUT, the war boners have her back at least…

    1. These euphemisms are getting pretty graphic, ew

  20. “Hillary is a mess. And we’re going to reward the presidency to a woman who’s enabled the depredations and exploitation of women by that cornpone husband of hers?”

    Bitch, please. What was she supposed to do, Camille, divorce the asshole while he was President and they were raising a teenager?

    1. Very very sexist, will report this to the centralized socialist state, central committee, sexist remarks.
      You’ve been warned -comrade!

  21. Also, Hillary Clinton supports the War on Womyn who smoke Weed.

  22. But Hillary is not wearing the red sash of the GOP’s Senior Antisex League. Women everywhere look to Amerikkka wishing to see an example of freedom and rights. Instead they see cowardly males prostrated–not toward Mecca–but toward cheap, ignorant, male televangelist politicians. Fortunately Canada is there to shine the beacon of freedom, reason and rights.

  23. “the latest data shows that women working the same job as men make just 1.6 percent less than their male counterparts”

    This misses the point. Women and men typically do not do the same job, they do different jobs, and women receive less money for the jobs they do. Do you clean the snotty noses of children while their working parents are elsewhere? Chances are you are a woman and just about any man will get greater pay than you do.

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