A.M. Links: Hillary vs. Bernie, EgyptAir Crash, Trump Eyes Potential Running Mates


  • Credit: Americanspirit / Dreamstime.com

    Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton's poor showing in the polls.

  • Bernie Sanders says the Democratic National Convention could get "messy" if his supporters don't get a voice in the proceedings. "Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle," Sanders said.
  • "The condition of human remains recovered from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 suggests an explosion brought the plane down, a senior Egyptian forensic official told the Associated Press Tuesday."
  • The Transportation Security Administration is replacing its top security official.
  • The French government is seeking 1.6 billion euros ($1.79 billion) in back taxes from Google and today French investigators raided Google's Paris headquarters as part of that case.

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  1. Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s poor showing in the polls.

    Vast Bernie Bro conspiracy.

    1. Hillary’s feeling the Bern.

      1. STD?

        1. No, it just means that her latest clutch of eggs is ready to be deposited into some hapless victim’s torso.

    2. “It’s Burger King’s fault that McDonald’s doesn’t sell more.” /McDonald’s marketing guru.

    3. Hello.

      “Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s poor showing in the polls.”

      Naturally. Blame others.

      1. Hillary’s just not good with poles.

        1. You know who else had problems with Poles?

          1. Amateur bedroom strippers?

          2. Mikhail Gorbachev?

          3. Mikhail Tukhachevsky?

          4. Jurgen Stroop?

          5. Target?

          6. The Turks at the gates of Vienna?

          7. Chris Rock?

          8. Mrs Clause, leading to the divorce?

    4. Morning.

      My father, he of the “Paul Krugman should be Secretary of the Treasury” insanity, believes that, if not Vice President, Elizabeth Warren should be head of the SEC under President Clinton.

      I’m starting to believe he needs a mental competency test.

      1. He’s probably lost his Y-chromosome.

      2. IMO the first is much worse than the second. The big banks do have a lot to answer for, I don’t mind seeing their feet held to the fire, or maybe even broken up at this point. Whereas Krugabe would bring nothing positive, he would just turn us into a banana republic in a few short years.

        Also, I used to get the occasional email from my mother in law forwarded from “School of the Americas watch” about how great everything was going in Venezuela. So you could have it a lot worse.

        1. The only thing the ‘big banks’ have to answer for is doing exactly what the government wanted them to do.

          Its not their fault that the government has no idea what it is doing.

          The problem is the excessive regulation of the banking industry and ridiculous levels of support the large groups get in order to keep them from ‘failing on my watch’.

          1. The banking industry is so heavily regulated that they can only do what regulators permit them to do and every move is watched by the regulators. To blame any failure of the banking system on the bankers instead of the regulators is absurd.

            1. That can’t be right… I have it on good authority that the banking industry is completely free of any regulation. Just like the healthcare and firearms industries.

        2. As head of the SEC, Warren wouldn’t be able to make the banks answer for anything. As Treasury Secretary or Attorney General, however…

        1. He’s a baby boomer liberal who is once again donating money to the DWS congressional campaign. He wouldn’t dare look at a gun.

      3. Warren is no better than those Witch Hunters back in the day. Same brim and stone bull shit she espouses.

        She’s bad news, man.

        Anyone who claims to be something they’re not, should be viewed with natural suspicion.

    5. It could not be that they are nominating one of the most crass and least charismatic politicians available?

    6. I think it is stunning how much SNL has mocked Hillary. You think they’d be in the tank for her, but they have been pretty merciless.


      1. Kate McKinnon is really good.


  2. Roosh: Why The Ladies’ Restrooms In Target Stores Are The Best Place To Meet Women In 2016
    …In other words, men can now legally use the female Target bathroom without any repercussions. I have decided to use this loophole to my advantage and get laid consistently by approaching girls inside the ladies’ room. I’ve slept with six girls from the strategy since the policy was announced on April 19….

    1. Yeah, I bet women just love a guy creeping on them in the bathroom.

    2. I love you man. This is great stuff.

    3. Ladies love it when creepy spergs approach them while they’re poopin’.

    4. lol, does anybody actually believe that this pathetic tard gets any ass?

      1. It does seem like an awful lot of words to admit that he’s been caught jerking it in Target restrooms six times.

        1. This reminds me of the time Mike Riggs wrote that article confessing his love of jerking it in either Chili’s or Friday’s bathrooms.

          1. Who doesn’t? It beats eating the food at either of those places.

            1. “beats”

              *narrows gaze*

          2. Wait…why would you admit that?

            1. “Yeah, everyone does it. You’re a liar if you say you don’t. Yeah, i use the honey mustard.”

      2. Well, there are a lot of sad, damaged women out there with low self confidence.

        1. Not 6 in the Silverspring MD area since 4 weeks ago.

        2. Ding! Ding! I bet he gets all the sad women he wants. After having a few drinks one night, I saw a lady on the train that was stunning. We started talking and I convinced her to get off at my station to go have another drink at a neighborhood bar. Things worked out well at first. We finally made it back to my place and halfway into the action she tells me her father had raped her when she was a child. No. I didn’t finish. 20 years ago, but I can’t imagine she’s any better off today. Sad lady.

          1. Pussy.

            1. something something about sticking it in crazy.

              1. Reminds me of Norm MacDonald’s definition of MILF:

                Mentally ill ladies I’d like to fuck.

          2. I’m like a man who likes to rent pigs. Once I get started, it’s hard to stop me.

            1. Not sure what to make of that one.

              1. Obscure reference to lonesome dove. Also, I like to make things weird.

          3. I bet you don’t even stalk women after they dump you, loser

            1. I’m a sad case. If I ever get divorced, I’ll be masturbating to my old wedding photos.

    5. Somebody tell Roosh that anime body pillows do not count as women.

    6. You know who else could have benefited from the advice of a PUA…

      1. Genghis Khan?

      2. Molly Ringwald?

      3. Magnus Ver Magnusson?

      4. Ben Stiller?

    7. How do I put this…do we know for sure he’s telling the truth?

      1. You’d think a guy like him would have video evidence.

      2. Even if he is telling the truth…in my experience, 95% of the women in the Target restroom are mothers with their children and employees.The truth would just make him that much more of a creep…taking advantage of desperate mothers (or worse…) and bored employees? Good job!

  3. Are Kirk Cameron’s Ideas About Marriage Outdated?
    …Wives are to honor and respect and follow their husband’s lead, not to tell their husband how he ought to be a better husband? when each person gets their part right, regardless of how their spouse is treating them, there is hope for real change in their marriage….

    1. I would think the pain of growing up should have subsided by now for Mike.

      1. He’s still salty that his sister ended up becoming far more famous than he ever did. Not to mention the random family member that was thrown onto his show the last season.

        1. Cousin Oliver?

          1. And the spin-off, Joanie Love Chachi was just awful.

    2. Not outdated enough.

    3. What is a Kirk Cameron?

      1. He used to be dreamy, and then he found Jesus.

        /Kirk Cameron’s life story

        1. I hate when that happens.

      2. The guy who made Avatar.

        And you call yourself “a student of the passing scene”.

        1. He makes pretty good sequels.

          Don’t hold Dancing with Smurfs against him too much.

    4. Like a lot of people who quote scripture but don’t read it: Cameron’s got it wrong. The passage says that husbands and wives should “submit to one another”, or get along IOW. It then gives some examples for each. Originally, Christianity was liberating for women compared to the mores of the ancient world. That’s why they flocked to it and many even refused to get married after accepting their new found freedom. But it too soon was co opted by idiots and has been that way in too many groups since.

      1. Like a lot of people who have a favorite religion but don’t look closely into its history, you’ve gotten it wrong.

        As for it being co-opted by idiots – *everything* is always co-opted by idiots, usually withing a single generation. That’s not an excuse for what came later, its another example of ‘forseeable consequences not being unintended’.

        1. Could you elaborate and say specifically what Hyperbolical has “gotten it wrong”? Cuz I ain’t seeing it. Feel free to dumb it down for me.

          1. That ancient Christianity was ‘liberal’ regarding women’s roles or marriage (compared to its contemporaries) and that that was a major contributor to its successful spread and that it was *later* ruined by idiots co-opting the power structure for their own ends.

      2. The passage says that husbands and wives should “submit to one another”

        Not sure what verse you specifically mean, but the common one is 1 Peter 3. If that’s the one you mean, I think you have it wrong. On the wife’s relation to the husband, the original Greek reads:

        “Homoios hai gynaikes hypotassomendai tois idiois andrasin”

        The word used to command the wife’s attitude to the husband is “hypotassomendai”, meaning “being subject”.

        On husband to wife relations, the Greek is:

        “Hoi andres homoios synoikountes kata gnosin, hos asthenestero skeuei to gynaikeio aponemontes timen hos kai synkleronomois charitos zoes”

        The word used to command the husband’s attitude to the wife are “aponemontes timen”, meaning “rendering honor”.

        So there are two different commands in 1 Peter 3 about the husband/wife relationship. The husband is supposed to render honor to his wife, and the wife is suppose to be subject to her husband.

        Though I agree, by the standards of the time, that was a better status for women.

        1. Thanks for the Greek lesson. I should’ve looked a little closer before making fun of Cameron. Nonetheless, it is people like him that give Christianity a bad name.

          1. No more than people like you who preach without knowing what they’re talking about.

            Hell, at least Cameron was essentially correct in his interpretation, you just shot off without even being right.

            1. Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

              Eph 5:21 NIV

    5. Yes, I agree with it. Guys want respect and they can’t handle criticism well, if they are wrong they have to come to that realization by themselves or, at most, through subtle suggestion.

      Of course, no one handles criticism well from their spouse but I think the reason tends to be different for the sexes. I also think women are more apt to change from it. Guys see it as a threat

      1. I think a lot of women have problems with that because they think it makes them unequal, when really it’s about whether it works. Criticizing a man doesn’t make him change and is counterproductive

        1. Guys [snip] can’t handle criticism well…

          Ha. Ahaha. Try beta reading sometime, and get back to me about this theory that women handle criticism different than men.

          I do see what you’re saying about being able to assess the critique down the road and ask whether it had value. Now I’m curious as to why. Clearly, I can recognize this trait in myself and many women with whom I identify. I think asking the guys if they could say the same (“Why, yes, I do perceive that I and many men with whom I identify, indeed, assess criticism down the road and ask whether it had value”) and if they perceive that to be a male trait would be interesting.

  4. The Transportation Security Administration is replacing its top security official.,/i

    I’d hate to see the line for that job interview.

    1. I hope they like being molested

    2. “I’d hate to see the line for that job interview.”

      Does it pass thru the body scanner?

      Unfiltered, I’ll bet.

    3. +12….hours of wait time

  5. Trump eyes running mates.

    Male gaze FTW!

  6. Parents of Two Children Killed in Paris Attacks of 13 November: We’re Not Paying Our Taxes to a Government That Pays for the Upkeep of our Children’s Killers, and We Demand the Reestablishment of the Death Penalty

    Original article

    At Fran?ois Hollande, they explain that if their children have lost their lives, it is the fault of its “jihadi friends.” Therefore, they now refuse to pay their taxes “which will be used to defend the murderers of our children through guarantee funds allocated to their lawyers, and maintain as well as all individuals of this species on French soil, our country!”. So they warned their tax office and placed the funds in an escrow account.

    These parents, who do not want to appear publicly, indeed deplore “manicured criminals, who would never have been free and killed in the street in any opportunity.” Finally, according to them, their children “victim died because of your laxity and interference,”

    1. all individuals of this species

      Racist or poorly translated?

      1. I’m sure someone here speaks French.

        1. Is that a shot at me?

          1. No. I thought you speak Italian.

            1. I speak Wasp, Frog and Wop.

              1. Poorly.

                1. Yup.

            2. “Pardon me stewardess…”

        2. I’d go with the bordeline racist. At least it is used in an attempt to dehumanize the assassins. Which is… kind of understandable.

          But the letter is badly written. It sounds like a political pamphlet written by a 10th grader.

          Oh and they also say that their dead kids voted for Hollande so…

          1. After thinking about it, I think the best translation would be : ‘these kind of people”.

      2. Multiculturalism has victims. Is that French enough?

      3. I read it as an ideological species since they just referred to ‘jihadi’ in the previous sentence. At worst they’re saying Muslims in general, which is to be sure an ideological group. One that many people, though not enough, have precious little tolerance for.

        1. Which would be an odd usage in English. So maybe just a translation thing.

          A little racism wouldn’t surprise me either. In my experience, Europeans are often far more casually racist than Americans.

          1. When I first moved to Germany I went to the local pub and sat down with my landlord and a couple of his friends. The casual racism towards Turks was… shocking. And this was long before the New Year Assaults.

            1. The Euros throw bananas at black soccer teams. Just try to imagine something like that happening in America.

              1. Where can one find a “black soccer team”?

                  1. “Would you like some beef jerky?”

                  2. …and how often does Cameroon play in Europe?

                  3. To be clear, I’m not saying banana throwing doesn’t happen. It does. It seems mostly contained to Russia, eastern, and southern Europe, and it’s usually directed at opposing players, even as their own team has one or more black players.

                    It’s complicated (and an expression of their deep-seated and rather open racism), but the implication that there are “black teams” and “white teams” is fucking stupid.

                    1. I suspect he might have meant “black players”.

                    2. There’s a significant portion of the commentariat to whom I would not give that much credit. The level to which some people harbor stupid misunderstandings of a sport that is pretty much universally appreciated (yes, I count the US – we’ve hit that point for sure)…

                    3. It’s not about the sport–it’s about the bananas being thrown.

                    4. Which, as stated, is largely isolated to the east and to a lesser extent, the south, particularly Italy and Spain (but only rarely in the case of the last two).

          2. They’re less sensitive about race than Americans are in many ways. It’s a different species of white guilt, one more predicated on the white man’s burden than the white man’s original sin.

      4. Poorly translated.
        A better translation would be “all individuals of this kind”. So they refer to all terrorists.

    2. Good for them. Wish this trend would catch on here.

    3. Those far-right fascists should move to Austria.

    4. which will be used to defend the murderers of our children through guarantee funds allocated to their lawyers

      Something something ‘cut down all the trees to get at the devil and no place to hide when he turns’.

      victim died because of your laxity and interference

      This is going to be harsh – but the victims died because *you* abrogated your self-defense responsibilities, heaped them on a government you refuse to hold accountable, and then let that very government import and abuse the people who killed your children and then disarmed you.

      And your response to this is to stamp your feet and threaten a tantrum?

      1. I am gonna second that with a disclaimer: Parents who lose their children are often sorely lacking in self awareness and clear thinking.

  7. Why all the Hillary haters?

    In this year of political rage, one aspect that baffles me somewhat is the absolute, electrified, apoplectic, blurred-vision hatred of Hillary Clinton. Nor do I get the similar outrage expressed about President Barack Obama, who in Comment Section World makes Donald Trump look like a lovable Disney character.

    I can only ascribe this Rage Against the Clinton Machine to misogyny.


    Why do these guys hate Hillary? I don’t know if it’s that she reminds them of their strict mother, their Catholic school nun, their first wife, their second wife, or their lack of any female presence in their life, but this spitting, aneurysm-inducing venom is spectacularly overblown even in an election year.

    She might even lose to a guy who runs (enables) beauty pageants, which is the human equivalent of a stockyard auction for women. Last poll I saw, 65 percent of GOP women will vote for this sexist clown in November.

    Now that’s enabling.

    1. This one isn’t surprising. Just like any criticism of Obama is racist, any criticism of Hillary was always going to be considered misogynist.

    2. I hate that the Journolist scum like Jack Ohman are foisting this woman on us, when they can’t name even one real accomplishment she has in her life that didn’t involve riding her ersatz husband’s coattails.

    3. I’m proud of the STD Mao gave me.

    4. More and more I’m noticing a gulf between idiot writers like this guy and people who comment on threads. More often than not, I find people are not buying the bull shit anymore. It’s a silent revolution I guess.

      1. I’ve noticed that too. Even on lefty sites, you often see comments calling out the idiocy. Maybe peak derp can be reached, at least as a sort of local maximum.

    5. I would ask rather, how is there anyone who doesn’t hate Hillary Clinton? What has she done that isn’t awful?

      1. “The most hated administration in herstory.”

      2. It’s not that Hillary voters don’t hate her, because they actually know she is a lying, corrupt, incompetent, criminal; they just don’t care enough to not vote for her, because the alternatives are all the devil.

      3. I agree. It’s truly baffling to me that anyone can still support her. Bernie supporters are, by and large, a stupid and/or misguided lot who haven’t thought things through, but to some extent, I get why they like him. Hillary…not so much. The defenses I get from the few Hillary fans I know mostly amount to “Well, it’s not quite as bad as it looks” (regarding her crimes and scandals) or “Yeah, but other people do bad things too!”

        1. Very much this. If you don’t know anything about basic economics then Bernie has a certain appeal.

        2. I agree. It’s truly baffling to me that anyone can still support her.

          It’s not that surprising when you look at her core support outside the party apparatus, which is largely made up of Boomer hippie retirees and older Gen-Xers. These are people who marinated in second-wave feminism and happily overlook transgressions made by political allies as long as the party they support remains in power. She’s also running a mid-90s style focus-group/poll testing campaign to which these demographics are particularly susceptible. For all the faults of Milennials, one thing about them is that they aren’t as likely to be swayed by message-targeting because of their tendency to snark about everything.

    6. In his own words, the writer says it’s “misogyny” while at the same time admits that 65% of GOP women are voting for Trump. How is that possible?

      1. They’re just doing it because their husbands are telling them to.

        /I’m sure someone believes this.

      2. Because women are stupid. If you weren’t such a misogynist you’d realize this.

      3. They are Rethuglikkkans, and are therefore not authentic women. Duh!

        1. +1 Caitlyn Jenner

      4. False consciousness FTW

    7. absolute, electrified, apoplectic, blurred-vision hatred of Hillary Clinton.

      Those adjective don’t go together well …; unless Hillary is the leader of the zombie apocalypse.

    8. If you hate Hillary for being a liar, do you hate Trump for being a liar? He lies incalculably. Do you hate President Ronald Reagan for lying? He lied about things, too. “No arms for hostages” in the Iran-Contra affair comes immediately to mind.

      Seems like what this fellow wants is for people to be consistent in what they hate.

      Looking back on political figures, I can truly say that there are only a handful of people I could really get vein-popping angry about.

      ? Sarah Palin (not because she’s a woman; because she’s a moron).

      If he’s as consistent in his hatred as he wants others to be, his life must be full of self-loathing.

      1. “Vein-popping angry”? Really? Palin? I mean, she’s really irritating, but she’s mostly harmless, not in any position of power, and quite easy to ignore.

        1. It’s all just Team with idiots like this. She’s on the wrong Team and therefore worse than Hitler.

          1. You know who else was… oh… um… nevermind.

      2. I love how “progressives” seem to think that Ronald Reagan is some kind of hero to all non-Democrats, especially libertarians, and that pointing out his shitty policies is an instant debate-winner.

    9. “Holy shit, Donald Trump runs beauty pageants!!!! I’d better vote for the woman who aided and abetted her husband’s serial sexual assaults instead!”

      1. Hillary Clinton is a goodthinker and makes all the right empty gestures. Therefore, her actual actions don’t matter.

  8. Is Donald Trump eying Sen. Bob Corker as a possible running mate? Or will Trump tap New Gingrich as a potential vice president instead?

    Well, you do want him to make you look good by comparison.

    1. Assassination insurance?

  9. “The condition of human remains recovered from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 suggests an explosion brought the plane down, a senior Egyptian forensic official told the Associated Press Tuesday.”

    Given Egypt’s history of denying undeniable facts in past crashes (like EgyptAir 990), you’ll excuse me if I don’t believe a word they say.

    1. a senior Egyptian forensic official

      Um, yeah, I’m gonna want a second opinion on that.

  10. ‘I felt humiliated’: Gym tells Ottawa woman breasts ‘too large’ for tank top

    An Ottawa woman says she was humiliated and “body shamed” when staff at an Orleans gym told her that her chest was “too large” for her tank top.

    Jenna Vecchio, who moved to Ottawa in April from Halifax, said she was working out with her husband on Saturday morning at Movati when a female supervisor confronted her about her attire. She was told other clients at the gym had complained her top made them feel uncomfortable.

    Vecchio says she was confused and seriously embarrassed, especially since other women wore similar tank tops. She and her husband left without finishing their workout.


    1. My first thought was “Perhaps if she wore clothes that fit…

      1. That’s a terrible first thought.

        1. I also didn’t follow the link.

          1. She’s got a tatt sleave and rack. Worth a click.

            1. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers. She’s a bit too ‘conventional’ for Crusty, and way too skinny for John.

              1. I’m starting to lose my yellow fever and getting white fever. Nice looking gal.

            2. Upon reading LH’s post, I envisioned a huge fat lady with extra large cantaloupes hanging from her chest. The kind where I’m distracted by my engineering mind trying to figure out the load on the tank-top straps and calculating the likelihood of failure.

              No, what we have here is a high-quality rack. The kind where I’m distracted for very different reasons.

              Lord Humungus – HA!! this proves he googles for “humongous breasts” all the time.

              1. I am not a large breast man, they just happen to fall in my lap all the time. /that’s my story and I’m sticking with it

                1. fall in my lap

                  That really isn’t something I wanted to visualize today. Especially after you made me visualize extra-large cantaloupes hanging from a fat chick.

                  But I’m curious – can you get them swinging around like two propellers on her chest?

                    1. Where’s barfman?

                2. I am not a large breast man, they just happen to fall in my lap all the time.

                  I RX’d you a Bro(tm) precisely for this reason. Self-delusion won’t help you and it’s not my fault you keep putting off the surgery.

                3. they just happen to fall in my lap all the time.

                  Maybe it’s time to go on a diet?

              2. I can only imagine this was an Islamic or Mormon gym or something.

    2. Good grief. Just how flat-chested *are* most Canadian women? Rufus?

      1. Half these chicks have fake tits anyway. Not my thang.

    3. The bigger crime is she has no ass.

      1. Uncle Warty has a solution.

        1. Warty always has a solution /the horror the horror

        2. AND an injector.

          Well, actually quite a few.

        3. Your solution does solve every problem. If she had been using a squat rack, her boobs would have been facing the wall and no one would have seen them to complain, while also improving her bony ass.

          1. There is not a single woman on the planet who would be less attractive with a 250 pound squat.

      2. Don’t listen to them ladies – keep those asses flat.

        1. Dude, don’t make HM angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

          1. HM is aware of my affinity for the pancaked assed.

          2. He will BURY you in twerking videos.

              1. Please don’t.

                It’s astounding how much the act makes something that should be attractive hideous to behold.

    4. Just give out burkas at the front door.

    5. Damn. My gym would be empty if that’s considered too revealing.

    6. “She was told other clients at the gym had complained her top made them feel uncomfortable.”

      What the fuck kind of losers are these idiots complaining?

        1. Yeah, jealous bitches.

      1. They were afraid they’d be told that their erection was too big for their shorts.

    7. That’s lame. But why would you feel humiliated? You got kicked out because your hotness made the other women there feel inadequate. Should be an ego boost. People love being victims, I guess.

      I’m going to need to see what she was wearing on the day in question to really know what I think, though.

      1. According to the article (finally followed the link) the modest garment in the picture is what she was wearing.

      2. That’s what the pix are of, Zeb.

        1. Oh, look, there’s a caption under the picture.

          That looks like quite an appropriate workout top to me. What do they want? Baggy t-shirt and sweat pants?

      3. “We ask members to be respectful of each other when in the gym, to include wearing modest athletic attire…It is important to us that all members have a positive experience at Movati, and we take their needs and feelings very seriously. As such, on Saturday when some members of our gym voiced complaints regarding Ms. Vecchio’s attire as it made them feel uncomfortable”

        The FEELZ!! Her fit body and nice rack giz them a SAD! So she must change.

        This ALMOST makes me miss the old days when Johnny Barbell and his Roid Ragers would walk around and laugh at people trying to get into shape at the gym- at least that could piss people off and serve to motivate some of us to work harder to reach our goals. This is…this is just…smh… Welcome to The Liberal States of FEELZ

        1. Well, the gym can do what it wants. Making fat, dumpy people feel OK about themselves does seem to be a successful strategy for gyms. Though I don’t think it is a very healthy attitude to cultivate in people.

          1. Making fat, dumpy people feel OK about themselves does seem to be a successful strategy for gyms.

            See also: Planet Fitness, the gym where, I shit you not, they had free donut and pizza days for members. My membership there was not long-lived.

          2. Making fat, dumpy people feel OK about themselves does seem to be a successful strategy for gyms.

            See also: Planet Fitness, the gym where, I shit you not, they had free donut and pizza days for members. My membership there was not long-lived.

          3. Making fat, dumpy people feel OK about themselves does seem to be a successful strategy for gyms.

            See also: Planet Fitness, the gym where, I shit you not, they had free donut and pizza days for members. My membership there was not long-lived.

    8. Judging by the photo, I literally cannot see the problem here.

      1. The ink spoils the view.

    9. staff at an Orleans gym told her that her chest was “too large” for her tank top.

      Not sure. I’ll need a video or a gif of her doing squats and running on the treadmill to know for sure if it makes me uncomfortable.

      1. to know for sure if it makes me uncomfortable…

        in my shorts?

    10. I agree; the to is too tight. She should remove it, immediately.

    11. I thought people went to the gym to see others sweating in skimpy attire? If anything her top is too large.

  11. Ladies, You Need to Stop Husband-Shaming
    …Husband shaming seeks to undo that. Women bring in an outside party, or several hundred thousand online strangers, to tip the scales of petty household arguments in their favor….

    1. Never happen. If they did, then they’d have to start taking responsibility for their own crazy.

  12. Warning to swimmers over ‘vampire fish’ invading rivers this summer

    Those who fancy a quick dip to cool off this summer have been told to look out for one metre long lampreys, with razor-sharp teeth, in Britain’s waterways.

    The ‘vampire fish’ have funnel-like mouths which are designed to clamp on to skin so they can feast on flesh.

    Cleaned up rivers have led to the flesh-eating fish breeding more and record numbers have already been found in the Great Ouse, Trent, Derwent and Wear rivers.

    1. “””””Cleaned up rivers have led to the flesh-eating fish breeding more”””

      So its those environmentalists who are to blame

    2. I read somewhere that Salmon are spawning again in the Thames for the first time in a couple hundred years.

      1. I wonder if lampreys like salmon.

  13. Finally closed on my 1000sqft manor. Changed the locks, bought paint. Now I’m stuck at work while there’s work to do.

    1. Send in the child laborers, quick! Congrats 🙂

      1. UnCivil, if you need a loan of a few orphan slaves, let me know. Mine are great at cleaning.

        1. The house is currently clean – I haven’t started moving in yet (easier to paint without crap in the way)

    2. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      1. I’ll send positive thoughts.

    3. I have a Honduran cleaner if you want.

      1. If only I had a Honduran that needed cleaning . . .

    4. Let the repairs begin!

      Congratulations. Now enjoy walking through your house, touching things. “This is my wall. Mine. Yep. That window? That’s UCS’s window. Yep.”

      1. I am suddenly reminded of the cat from red dwarf…

        1. “Except for that bit.”

    5. Oh you, we know you left a 0 off.

      1. 01,000 sqft – there, happy?

  14. Bernie Sanders says the Democratic National Convention could get “messy”

    I shudder to think what this is a dog whistle/code word for.

    1. SugarFree is painting a word picture for you right now.

      1. Eww! /teenage girl.

    2. The last time a Bolshevik made that threat, the results were pretty ugly.

    3. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for the MSM media to accuse him of “fomenting violence”.

  15. Hoggan received $90,000 in bonuses over a 13-month period, even though a leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security showed that auditors were able to get fake weapons and explosives past security screeners 95 percent of the time in 70 covert tests.

    Well, give his replacement $180,000 in bonuses and surely he’ll get it right this time.

    1. Of course, since this is government, Hoggan will not be fired and will not receive a pay cut. He will be moved to some kind of technical assistant to some other bigwig or moved to another part of the enormous “Dept of Homeland Security”. I know, I was a civil servant.

  16. RoK: Why You Should Never Help Women
    …Prostitution, long held as either the original occupation or the world’s first crime, depending on which side of the moral compass to which your needle swings, has long been used by women to get what they want out of life at the moment. Trading their relative beauty for a relative lack of capability has always been a trade that varies in acceptability to society…

    1. They always get it wrong.

      Prostitution is the world’s *2nd* oldest profession.

      Someone had to beg for it first.

      And we know what the third oldest is.

  17. Is Donald Trump eying Sen. Bob Corker as a possible running mate? Or will Trump tap New[sic] Gingrich as a potential vice president instead?

    I hope Trump/Gingrich call their campaign promises the Contract with America.

    1. Going for the encephalitic vote.

    2. With fingers crossed, Hillary is whispering to herself, “please, please, please, please, please!”

    3. New Gingrich… Same as the Old Gingrich.

  18. I googled France and it came back with shitheads.

  19. The French government is seeking 1.6 billion euros ($1.79 billion) in back taxes from Google and today French investigators raided Google’s Paris headquarters as part of that case.

    If any of the Frog coppers use an android phone or Chrome, they knew they were coming.

  20. Naked vegans covered in fake blood demand Barcelona becomes meat-free

    The Spanish branch of animal rights organisation AnimaNaturalis staged the protest on Sunday, on Barcelona’s Sant Jaume plaza.

    Activists protested completely naked in the busy plaza, lying on large Styrofoam trays, covered in fake blood and wrapped in transparent plastic ? similarly to how meat is often packaged in supermarkets.

    The ‘packages’ were labelled “carne humana”.

    The aim of the protest was to raise public awareness of the benefits of a meat-free diet that is “free from exploitation, animal suffering and death”.

    What’s the going price for carne humana?

    1. When will it be legal to shoot vegans? I mean they’ve got less brains than livestock. There should be a hunting season to keep their numbers down.

      1. +1 Most Dangerous Game

        Also glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read that.

        1. Dude, vegans are not dangerous, unless they pass out from malnutrition and run over you with their bike.

          1. Have you ever been around a vegan who is offered meat? It gets ugly real quick.

        2. Most Lethargic Game

      2. but less meat and I’m against hunting for sport.

    2. Naked vegans

      Nice band name.

      1. Cattle Decapitation

        The band has a quite large fanbase among animal rights/liberation supporters. The members are ideologically pro-animal/environment/earth and strongly anti-human.


        1. For the life of me, I always wonder why these zealots never display fidelity to their religious convictions and off themselves first in some en masse suicide. They always seem to want kill off others instead. In their iron depleted, emaciated state, they are like a reverse sucide bomber.

          They could at least speed up the process if they are so miserable….

          1. Then there wouldn’t be anyone to hector the rest of the world about the animal holocaust.

            Don’t know if you saw my greeting over the weekend, but I was pleased to see that you are still out there in the world. Glad to hear that you and family are safe and sound after all the Russian unpleasantness that’s been happening in Ukraine.

            1. Why thank you, Zebulon! No I didn’t, and it’s very much appreciated, and yes, it was quite (and still is in some parts of the east) unpleasant. I’ll have to check the weekend thread, then.

          2. There was a Calvin and Hobbes strip once, that I now cannot find for the life of me, that had Calvin asking his mom if he could buy the latest album from some Satan-worshipping death metal band. His mom replied, “Calvin, the fact they haven’t killed themselves in ritual suicide yet means that they’re in it for the money, just like everyone else.” I got a kick out of it.

            1. A gift.

              https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/ 736x/a7/63/c9/a763c91d359e0a6071eadecbbee49710.jpg

              (one break after the .com/ )

    3. Meat free? In Spain? That’s never going to work.

    4. veganism would be alright if not for vegans.

      1. Vegans who are not constantly being annoying about it do exist.

        1. Those people are vegetarians.

          Vegans are religious proselytizers, spreading the faith to the unwashed.

          1. OK, so the people I know personally don’t exist.

            As with other religious convictions, not everyone feels the need to be an evangelist.

    5. Yeah, do that in Spain where restaurants regularly hang Iberian hams over the bar.

    6. They can start with the making it meat free by leaving.

    7. I recommend pumping carbon monoxide into the plastic… it’ll keep the meat pink longer.

    8. Protesting meat-eating in Spain is like protesting Anime-schoolgirl-exploitation in Tokyo.

  21. Dalrock: Imperceptible
    …Note that the woman spends the first minute of the video trying to get a fight started between the men, and the three men spend that time trying to avoid taking the bait. Eventually her persistence pays off, but much to her surprise she ends up getting punched by one of the men she worked so hard to antagonize.

    Let’s you and him fight is an old game, as is don’t hit me I’m a girl, yet the Daily Mail can’t spot either game…

    1. Thank you for these helpful and informative articles!

  22. Bernie Sanders says the Democratic National Convention could get “messy” if his supporters don’t get a voice in the proceedings. “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle,” Sanders said.

    Socialists just can’t help but go to the Brownshirts, can they?

    1. Imagine if Trump said this. Reason would have 50 articles about why a fist fight in Timbuktu was the result of his appalling words…

      1. Trump has already said this.

        On the possibility of a brokered convention:

        “I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.”

        1. And there were 50 articles about it.

    2. fast fingers

    3. + 1 Bernie’s Youth

      1. Blut und Douchebags

  23. Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU

    The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties.

    The EU’s top court found that the European Commission was entitled to sack Bernard Connolly, a British economist dismissed in 1995 for writing a critique of European monetary integration entitled The Rotten Heart of Europe.

    The ruling stated that the commission could restrict dissent in order to “protect the rights of others” and punish individuals who “damaged the institution’s image and reputation”. The case has wider implications for free speech that could extend to EU citizens who do not work for the Brussels bureaucracy.

    1. If it’s the official position of the White Star Line that the boat is taking on a little water but nothing the bilge pumps can’t handle, it’s not the place of the crew members aboard the Titanic to contradict them and possibly cause unnecessary concern amongst the passengers. All is well, remain calm and carry on.

      1. Look motherfucker – the EU is all that has stood between Germany annexing France for the *third* time!

        If it weren’t for Brussels we’d be on WW5 by now. If it weren’t for Brussels we wouldn’t know that there is a maximum curvature for bananas sold for direct consumption (not processing). You wouldn’t want to walk into a grocery store and find that all the bananas for sale were excessively curved would you? If it weren’t for Brussels, how would the consumer know the difference between jam, jelly, and preserves? Hunh? Answer that smart guy. And how would they know that carrots can be defined as a fruit as well as a vegetable when being used in a jam if it were not for Council Directive 2001/113/EC of 20 December 2001 relating to fruit jams, jellies and marmalades and sweetened chestnut pur?e intended for human consumption?

        1. Quite possibly the best big-government polemic ever posted here at Reason comments.


          1. I’m picturing spittle and running out of breath towards the end.

        2. +1 the United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company

    2. Wow. Just wow. Wow.

      The EU is a *democracy* in name only now. This is the face of tyranny folks.

      /pulls down pants in front of EU parliament while giving the middle finger.

      1. The EU is not and has never been a democracy – not even a pretend one.

        MEP’s are appointed, the head of the Eu is appointed, all legislation coming from the EU *must, by law, be implements as-is without amendment or discussion in member legislatures*.

        I don’t know where anyone ever got the idea the EU is democratic beyond the ‘you can vote on whether to join or not and if you vote no we’ll just keep having these votes until we get a yes’. The EU is a ‘we’re going to have sex whether you say yes or no, so you may as well say yes’ type of organization.

        1. ‘we’re going to have sex whether you say yes or no, so you may as well say yes’

          Sounds like informed consent?

        2. I honestly didn’t know it was as bad as that. I can’t wait for it to fall apart – it does seem to finally be cracking what with recent events.

      2. They are really helping the #brexit movement and possibly even starting the new #brinvasion movement.

    3. Not that I don’t think such a decision is outrageous, but why post a 15 year old article?

      1. Just as a reminder of how screwed up the EU actually is and how demented our proggie friends are for admiring them.

      2. Heh – that’s what I get for following a twitter link

      3. Surely this ruling has been overturned by now.

    4. Do you know how old this article is?

    5. The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties.

      If this doesn’t propel the Brexit campaign to a victory, nothing will. Fuck the fucking EU.

    6. The timing is peculiar since the Brexit vote is scheduled for June 23.

      I suppose that freedoms of speech and press aren’t much more popular in the UK than they are on US college campuses if the Brits don’t vote “Leave!”

  24. Dalrock: Is fear of women the beginning of wisdom?
    …The reason lonely young men end up delving into the ranks of the pickup artists?either from “professionals” or just in their own peer groups by hanging out with guys who are “good with girls”?is that they have eyes. They can see quite clearly that sending flowers to a crush does absolutely nothing while other guys are known as notorious cheaters and have girls randomly showing up at their apartments.

    But since I’m directing this essay at you, a Christian, I can tell you frankly that these techniques and advice are literally FROM THE DEVIL. Yes, it is true that if you can actually train yourself to look at women (except your mom and sisters, of course) as less than human, so that you are no longer afraid of their opinion of you, then your long career of striking out will be over. You will go from being terrified of beautiful women to knowing how to spot the ones that are incredibly insecure, who spend hours getting ready because they think they need to in order to deserve attention from men. You will laugh at your old self, who somehow was intimidated by a half-naked 115 pound creature in heels. What was your problem?!..

  25. 20,642 New Regulations Added in the Obama Presidency

    These are just a few of the 2,353 regulations of 2015?and there have been 20,642 since Obama took office in 2009.

    The worst of last year’s wave?in terms of cost, at least?was the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan.”

    The rule represents the first direct regulation of so-called greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, at a cost of $7.2 billion a year (and far more according to critics). Despite the huge costs, the plan will do nothing to mitigate global warming.

    America’s problem with excessive regulation did not start with the Obama administration, of course.

    His predecessor George W. Bush was hardly a paragon of deregulation. Although Bush showed restraint during his first term, the number of regulations soared during his final years in office. Under the two administrations combined, their new rules added $176 billion in annual regulatory costs on Americans.

  26. Or will Trump tap New Gingrich as a potential vice president instead?

    Playing bad cop-bad cop with the media.

    1. They’re in danger of making journalists turn on Republicans.

      1. Yeah, the NYT and Wapo won’t be publishing anymore Trump hagiographies if he selects Newt Gingrich.

  27. Snapchat ‘Valued at $22B’ in New Financing Round

    Snapchat is raising about $200 million in a financing round that could put the social media platform’s valuation as high as $22.7 billion, TechCrunch reported, citing sources with knowledge of the deal.

    The fresh fund-raising follows a $175 million Series F round in March that was led by Fidelity and valued Snapchat at $16 billion, in line with its 2015 valuation, TechCrunch said.

    Snapchat declined to comment when contacted by CNBC about the report.

    Snapchat has about 100 million daily users, with around 8 billion video views a day.

    $22B in amateur porn?

    1. If it gets eyeballs on your ads, it might be.

  28. How can we fix America’s broken government?

    Let’s just give the President the power to get things done.

    Why presidents? Because, whether they are liberal or conservative, they are wired to be the champions of effective government.

    1. “effective government” is not the answer to the problem of government. It’s only tolerable now because the government is incompetent.

    2. Bad link.

      *** contacts the President ***

        1. SEE?! The President *does* get things done!

    3. Wait, America’s government is broken? I thought the fact that legislation isn’t getting passed during a time of sharp polarization was a sign that it is working exactly as designed?

    4. Hail Caesar!

  29. “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle,” Sanders said.

    But it’s better than all the rest of the systems of veiled threats.

    1. I don’t know where you’ve been getting your threats, but the ones I’ve seen people like Bernie support are naked.

      1. the ones I’ve seen people like Bernie support are naked

        Bernie is pro-vegan?

    2. Private property is a better system.

  30. In Trump Standoff, Ryan Risks Isolation Early in Speakership

    That sense of isolation began with the unusual path that Ryan took to becoming speaker of the U.S. House and it’s deepening now as his top Republican lieutenants climb aboard the Trump train.

    Ryan faces one of the trickier decisions in his career without the aid of a network of staunch allies. He ascended to the job without working his way up through traditional leadership posts, where past speakers have collected their political teams.

    But a long standoff over Trump risks trying Republicans’ patience, particularly if Ryan, slated to chair the party’s July nominating convention in Cleveland, doesn’t end up endorsing the billionaire.

    It’s not clear how much longer he can hold out.

    1. The loss of the Y chromosome – known as LOY- is known to affect up to 20 per cent of men who are aged over 80, and is the most common genetic mutation acquired during a man’s lifetime.

      I blame marriage.

    2. Why I eat at the Y as much as possible.

      1. Be careful, is all I’m sayin’.

        /Michael Douglas

    3. Y sex chromosone?

      Not sure about that, but I lose the Y sex argument with my wife a lot….

  31. Paul Ryan’s bestest budget deal YET saves Puerto Rico

    Really, it’s amazing that we still have budget woes with the likes of Ryan working his magic.

    1. Time for everyone to bombard their members of Congress and demand no bailout for the island, before they cave.

      1. How is this country even surviving, the way we throw money around? Just read this a.m. that Obama, with the stroke of a pen, sent $500,000,000 to the UN to fight climate change.

      2. I haven’t been following the Puerto Rico situation, but I’m worried about the precedent this would set for cities and states with enormous unfunded public pensions and other liabilities. Is Uncle Sam going to start bailing them out, too? If so, do state budgets even matter anymore, since the federal government would just fix any problems? Seems like (yet another) step down the road to complete submission to DC

        1. Future headline: “Trump to New York: WHERE DO I SIGN?”

    2. Article is short on details and big on authority worship.

      1. Because they’re trying to stab America in the back again, quietly and in the dark night of secrecy, like these scumbags always do.

  32. Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s poor showing in the polls.

    Unrelated, I heard Rockies fans were blaming the Pirates for the Rockies’ poor showing in the game they lost yesterday.

    1. And the Rockies even knocked out the Pirates pitcher by hitting him in the face with a pitch.

  33. Johnny’s on a tear this morning. Must have worn his palm raw again and needs a distraction.

    1. He’s flogged his dolphin so hard it’s on life support. The prognosis is not good.

      1. A combination of Tiger balm, OxyContin, and a 24 hour marathon of the Wendy Williams show help over-flogged dolphin heal.

        1. Wait, isn’t that how the dolphin got over-flogged in the first place?

          1. You fight fire with fire, Chip.

            1. The fire is caused by the friction.

  34. today French investigators raided Google’s Paris headquarters as part of that case.

    I hope that was were they stored “Google +”

    1. The French police just got moved out of the friend Circle.

  35. Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s poor showing in the polls.

    This campaign season is shaping up to be loads of fun.

    Can we please have two heated, brokered conventions?

  36. Clinton bagman McAuliffe is under investigation by the FBI.


    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing two governors in a row go to prison. Virginia, setting the standard for how government officials ought to be treated!

      1. Sic semper tyrannis.

        Not just a motto?

      2. I think they should try to beat Illinois’s current record of 4 out the last seven.

    2. Terry McAuliffe is dirty???

      I have lost whatever faith I had left 🙁 If you can’t count on even Terry McAuliffe to be scrupulously honest, we’re doomed.

  37. TW: Salon

    Donald Trump is going to win: This is why Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what Trump represents

    The neofascist reaction, the force behind Trump, has come about because of the extreme disembeddedness of the economy from social relations. The neoliberal economy has become pure abstraction; as has the market, as has the state, there is no reality to any of these things the way we have classically understood them. Americans, like people everywhere rising up against neoliberal globalization (in Britain, for example, this takes the form of Brexit, or exit from the European Union), want a return of social relations, or embeddedness, to the economy.

    The Trump alliance desires to remake the world in their own image, just as the class representing neoliberal globalization has insisted on doing so. The difference couldn’t be starker. Capitalism today is placeless, locationless, nameless, faceless, while Trump is talking about hauling corporations back to where they belong, in their home countries, fix them in place by means of rewards and retribution, like one handles a recalcitrant child.

    whoah that’s a lot of Neos

    1. +1 Whoa

    2. The “neo” moniker is getting abused by the retards on the left.

      1. It seems to me it’s a dog whistle to signal to your ideological opponent’s how retarded you are.

    3. The neoretardation of the Salon’s neovapidness is quite impressive in the annals of neocriticaltheory. In their fight against neotrumpianism they speak on behalf of neoprogressives who believe in neostatism for the good of all. I really appreciate Salon’s neofetishes for the word neo because it reminds us all that there is no peak derp for neoretardation.

      1. You’re doing it wrong. You should only append ‘neo’ onto words and concepts that you want the audience to view as an evil conspiracy of evil. Which is of course neo-definition of the word ‘neo’ in progspeak.


          Or something.

          1. Spoken like a true neo-Canadian.

          2. you mean neosomething.

        2. NeoSalon?


    4. Trump is talking about hauling corporations back to where they belong, in their home countries, fix them in place by means of rewards and retribution, like one handles a recalcitrant child.

      This might be the first time I’ve ever seen a Salon writer not react with glee at the prospect of handling a corporation like “a recalcitrant child”, albeit the author prefaces the sentence by claiming that capitalism is inhuman.

    5. Well, that seals it for me – if a literary critic at Salon leaning on Tom Freidman is telling me what’s going to happen and why, who am I to question such insightful wisdom?

    6. Man, I wish I were smart enough to make up my own gibberish like “disembededness”.

      1. Yeah, talk about someone bullshitting their way through life.

    7. Neoliberal continues to mean nothing. If neoliberal means ‘libertarian,’ which they often claim it does, then how can a revolt against the socialist EU be anti-neoliberal?

      1. Isn’t libertarianism the original liberalism? It’s hard to justify calling that neo-liberal.

        1. Not really. Libertarianism is probably more anti-government than classical liberalism.

          1. I think of libertarianism as clearly and logically proceeding from classical liberalism, however. More so than progressivism, whose Hobbesian ideas about the social contract are actually pre-liberal.

          2. A strong undivided government that protects property rights of individuals is hardly non-libertarian.

    8. Or people just really hate Hillary

      I actually think a lot of the Trump hate coming from Dems is overcompensation for how much Hillary sucks. They know it deep down. I’m not a fan of him myself but he is not the embodiment of evil that comes once in a lifetime they make him out to be.

    9. Whatever happened to “cryptofascists”?

      1. They never truly descended.

  38. Allies of Hillary Clinton are blaming Bernie Sanders for Clinton’s poor showing in the polls.

    “… if it wasn’t for you meddling Berniebros!”

    1. I think it’s pretty clear that Bernie is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

  39. Is Donald Trump eying Sen. Bob Corker as a possible running mate? Or will Trump tap New Gingrich as a potential vice president instead?

    In my best John McLaughlin voice: WRONG. Trump will follow his pattern and choose the most anti-libertarian choice. The correct answer is Christie.

    1. Sarah Palin, to win back the women.

      1. Trump doesn’t seem the type to listen to her nonsense for more than a few seconds.

      2. Sarah Palin has been my guess as well. See, Hillary Clinton is very unpopular, so to counter her, Trump must ally with a woman just as unpopular.

        It’s an idea just stupid enough to work, dammit!

        1. A Palin v. Warren debate wouldl be ‘uuuge!

      3. He does have an affinity for girls from the pageant circuit.

    2. I can picture him saying it. What I can’t picture is McLaughlin ever being right.

    3. He’ll pick Rick Scott (Florida gov). You heard it here first.

    4. Trump will follow his pattern? What pattern? The pattern of doing unpredictable random crazy shit? Trying to figure out what Trump may do in a rational manner is a sucker’s game. He’s a troll, he’s going to pick a Democrat as a running mate just to stick it in your face that his worshippers will follow him no matter what and there’s nothing you can do about it. But then about a week before the election, he’ll drop the guy and pick somebody else as his veep. Probably Bernie.

    5. I’m thinking Carson or Palin, personally. My money is still on Christie as AG.

  40. The French government is seeking 1.6 billion euros ($1.79 billion) in back taxes from Google and today French investigators raided Google’s Paris headquarters as part of that case.

    Taxes that they retroactively decided that Google owed? Google should just pull out of France, run their French content from another Francophone location. When they aren’t extorting Google, they’re imposing litigious censorship on them. At some point, occupying meatspace in the People’s Republic of France will become more trouble than it’s worth.

    1. At some point, occupying meatspace in the People’s Republic of France will become more trouble than it’s worth.

      That point was 1980.

      1. I thought it was the mid-16th century.

        1. Lets compromise, and list the Republic as being more trouble than it was work in 1792.

    2. I wonder how many proggie brains are grappling with the vision of a beautiful European social democracy coming after a beautiful prog-favored company?

      Of have I lost track of the narrative and is Google now bad?

      1. I believe Google is some sort of publicly traded joint-stock entity otherwise known as a “corporation”… so yes.

  41. Official advice on cholesterol, low-fat diets wrong
    The USDA food guidelines may have literally killed more people than Hitler.

    1. If you’re not getting at least 50% of your calories from animal fat, you’re living your life wrong.

      1. I’ve been trying to convince my wife for a while now that fat doesn’t make you fat, carbs make you fat. She is still skeptical despite the evidence of my diet and my good physical condition, but she’s starting to come around to the truth.

        1. Carbs don’t make you fat either. Eating more calories than you burn in a day makes you fat.

    2. The USDA food guidelines may have literally killed more people than Hitler.

      “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

      1. Wait, aren’t you the guy who recommends getting healthy and strong by doing absolutely nothing?

        I know I’ve seen you telling people to just do diddly squats if they want to get strong. It doesn’t sound right to me.

    3. Want to lower your cholesterol? Go ketogenic. Carbs are teh debbil.

    4. If your diet follows USDA guidelines, it isnt the USDA killing you.

  42. If this country were any more free, I don’t know what I’d do.

    “AG drops climate change subpoena against libertarian think tank”


    1. CEI is still going after that AG.

  43. …will Trump tap New Gingrich…


    SugarFree, pick up the white courtesy phone, please…

    1. Hasn’t my biographer already written about Donnie and Newtie’s carnal Illiad?

      1. No, I’ve sadly missed this erotic combination. I must contemplate this on The Loveseat of Woe.

        1. The Loveseat of Woe

          Good album name.

    2. “Trump goes hoggin'”

  44. Ugh! Sometimes I weep for how urbanized Minnesoda has become.

    A story today in the local paper tells how soy bean farmers are being told not to plant a new variety of Monsanto seed because it hasn’t been approved by the EU yet. The risk is that shipments might be rejected at the border and it could mess with prices.

    The story is sort of frustrating because of the over regulation of GMO stuff. What drives me crazy are the comments. Most of the people I know grew up Outstate and either farmed or lived in a farming community and understood how food was created.

    Read those comments if you dare and tell me that half of those dumb fuckers would last a week in the next zombie apocalypse. They honestly have no idea of how crops are grown.

    1. Read those comments if you dare and tell me that half of those dumb fuckers would last a week in the next zombie apocalypse.

      Natural selection at work. The upside of a zombie apocalypse is that it would cull the stupid.

      1. I’ve often said that a good pandemic might be exactly what we need. Either I’d be dead and not care or I’d be surrounded by a lot less morons. Both would be outcomes better than suffering through this election cycle.

        1. This election cycle just might be the pandemic you’re pining for.

          /Invest in ammo and dry goods

  45. Is the Libertarian debate worth watching? I can’t stand The Blaze. That site is almost as bad as The Daily Caller.

    1. What’s your problem the The Daily Caller? They give Chuck Ross a venue.

      1. It’s the site design that drives my computer nuts. Not talking about the content.

        1. Same here. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a link to the DC and not had my browser lock up.

      2. Fair enough. Web site design seem to be problematic to right-leaners. One exception is Unz.com. This site goes out to lunch a few times each day, but Ron Unz codes it himself. It has an interesting threading algorithm. Comments are not threaded, but you can hover over the link to replies to read them out of chronological posting order.

  46. Off the charts awful story. As a father, this made me physically ill.

    1. Like you, stories where kids get it for no good reason upset me.

      So I’ll make some gallows humor to try to not think of it.

      This story should be a warning to all those mothers who want a nanny, but insist on getting a real ugly scary looking one so that they are sure that their husbands won’t cheat on them with. Only leads to a) scary woman killing your kid and b) your husband will still cheat on you with her because we are all dogs and “any port in a storm” will come into play.

      1. The Schwarzenegger rule.

      2. Not sure about the b). 15 years married come June and never really come close to cheating. I just can’t imagine losing my family over something like that. Try to get my perviness out in the lynx.

        1. I just went by 24 years last week, so I know what you are talking about.

          However, I never had a nanny living in my house. My fear is that at least once in those 24 years Olga Ballbusternov would have looked pretty good after a night drinking beer with my dog on the deck.

          1. Congrats. Out of sight, out of mind. Good policy.

          2. Syntax unclear. Your dog is drinking on the deck with who? Olga? You?

            1. I’m drinking. The dog is waiting until I try to get up to go in and fall down. Then he would come over and lay down and we’d snore the night away dreaming of chasing pheasants down a shelter belt.

          3. Olga Ballbusternov

            I know this woman; it would take you a litre of Aquavit and a fistfull of Viagra for success….

            This is the one woman where Crusty wouldn’t

            1. This is the one woman where Crusty wouldn’t…

              I am aroused by the chance of a nonchalant castration, so of course I would.

              1. Vagina dentata

                It’s a certainty, not a chance, Your Crustship…

                1. Crusty will take up dentistry as a hobby.

    2. The nanny who decapitated a girl, four, and paraded her severed head in the streets of Moscow will never face trial, say sources close to the criminal investigation.
      Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 38, claimed she was inspired to kill the helpless child in a copycat of gruesome jihadist beheadings which she watched online.

      God damn… People like that are why I depart from libertarian orthodoxy when it comes to the death penalty. Insane or not, don’t waste tax dollars keeping that woman alive, just take her out back and shoot her. Or better yet, hack her head off and place it on a pike where everyone can see it. Something tells me if they did that, they wouldn’t have any concerns about any other copycats.

      1. Precisely. The death penalty should be exceedingly rare but still a possibility, saved for such people as this ghoul or James Holmes. There’s not a shred of doubt as to guilt, and the crime is sufficiently horrifying as to merit the taking of life.

        1. Being locked up in a place like ADX Florence is a sentence worse than death.

          I am sure the Russians can do even worse than that.

          1. I saw a documentary on the maximum security Russian prisons. They’re without comparison in the developed world. Prisoners are only allowed to stand upright while alone in their own cell, when walking elsewhere in the prison they’re forced to walk in a stress position with their back hunched over, bowing as far as they can with their hands handcuffed behind their back and holding them up towards the ceiling.

          2. Not that this cunt will see the inside of one of those.

          3. Why waste the money to feed and house her, though? Just get it over with.

            1. Why give her an easy death?

            2. Given the (justifiably) lengthy appeals process, the cost of feeding and housing them through it, and other administrative and practical costs, executions are often more expensive under the current system than a life sentence would be.

              1. Forced hard labor until it’s paid for, then a 7.62 to the back of the head.

    3. “She told one journalist: ‘I saw online how they were cutting off heads. This hatred. There was a voice in my head: ‘Do it to the girl’. ‘
      She said: ‘I saw how they cut off heads and I did it. The voices – I killed the girl, yes. But I don’t need treatment.'”

      She believes the voices were Allah, so she might very well be the definition of insane (as opposed to our normal run of the mill crazy). Still wouldn’t convict the parents if they beat her to death.

      1. Crazy or not, she needs to be put down like a rabid animal.

        1. Eh, depends on if meds can fix her or not. I’ve seen too many people (bipolar mostly) change into completely different people when given medication to not think that it shouldn’t be tried first. Now if there isn’t anything that can be done, yeah, I wouldn’t object too heavily to her being put to sleep quietly and painlessly.

          1. I don’t care what disorders this woman has. She crossed a line that can’t be chalked up as some sort of cognitive malfunction to be corrected. The “Allah told me to do it” defense could be used by literally any jihadi, I’m not moved by it.

            1. They all believe Allah told them to do it. Only a few actually hear and see Allah telling them to do it. A cognitive malfunction isn’t some small thing. Our brains determine who we are and how we perceive the world. My great grandfather went from a honest, if man of his time, to a blatant cheating alcoholic because of a brain tumor. You start fucking around up there and the results you get aren’t going to be pleasant. If this woman could be treated it could very well be the difference between someone who has your reaction to the events described and someone who commits them.

              We are probably arguing over a moot point though. I’m fairly certain there isn’t a treatment for the disorder this woman has. So the choices is really lock her away for the rest of her natural life or put her down.

            2. I’m with Free Society.

              Bullet in the head, fed to the pigs.

      2. Islam is Salem Massachusetts at large. If their weren’t any witches we wouldn’t bother burning them. Take, as thought experiment, the entire globe converted to Islam. A completed project. What would wake us up in the morning? Who would call us to prayer?

        1. I’m really really not certain what your point is, but an entirely Islamic world is not one I would want to live in. I have too much trouble controlling my temperature to get along in a world that required a burqa.

        2. The dude with the loudhailer?

        3. And these are the people that Obama and his useless idiots in the media (including many right here at Reason) want to continue to let in here by the millions.

          1. You don’t virtue-signal enough Comrade Dissident.

        4. I watched a building being constructed in Dhaka, Bangladesh a few years ago from my 4-star hotel window. Even at 6 am the heat and humidity is overwhelming. The workers were awesome. It perfect rhythm, without machines, the workers would toss the bricks up to the brick layer. While the brick layer may have been competent in another situation, all he did was lay another brick on the wall slathered by dripping cement.

  47. “The Transportation Security Administration is replacing its top security official.”

    They will appt someone to fix the problem, like they did Bob McDonald and the VA. I am sure that will clear things right up.

    Here is our political class in a nutshell:


    1. I would appoint Scrappy McWoodchipper. I bet that would actually fix the problem and encourage the others.

    2. TSA is about as effective as a poster politely asking jihadists and other terrorists to please not kill us, only a lot more expensive. It’s only practical function is to divest us of our liberties and slowly erode our resistance to increasingly intrusive subjugation to arbitrary rule.

  48. Or will Trump tap New[t] Gingrich


  49. Last night David Muir reported the latest polling shows Hillary and Trump in a dead heat.
    Trump is ahead by 2%, which is within the margin of error.
    If Hillary were ahead by 2%, the story would be that Hillary maintains a slim lead.

    Or is that too cynical.

    1. I had the same thought yesterday. The thing is, you could actually do a study of how the media reports statistical ties. I’m betting when the Repub has the lead, its “margin of error”, when the Dem does, its “slim lead”.

      But, nothing brings out the confirmation bias like media bias. So a study of something that is actually reasonably quantifiable could be interesting.

      1. I’ve noticed in media reports about the weather, warmer temperatures are almost always reported as “above normal,” while colder temperatures are almost always reported as “below average.”

        1. I’m inclined to agree with you, but am wary of my own confirmation bias.

          That would be another thing you could actually test with some degree of quantification/rigor.

    2. Too cynical? hardly.

      I think the reality no one talks about is that Trump polls probably undercount who actually shows up to vote for him, and Hillary polls (because of the very high support among minorities) vastly over-count stated support, versus who will actually show up in Nov.

      1. Minority turnout is going to be the issue to watch this election, I expect. Democrats have not performed well in elections where Obama’s name is not on the ballot since 2006, but more people generally show up for presidential elections than off-year (on both sides). Have the minorities who voted for the first and second times in 2008 and 2012 developed a pattern to vote in these elections, or was this purely an Obama thing? Will that be enough to overcome the white blue collar voters, especially in Rustbelt states, who stayed home in 2012 but are motivated by Trump?

    3. I think that probably is a thing. Though we should also watch out for our own confirmation bias. It’s easy to only hear things that confirm one’s biases.

  50. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..3b512aa1ec

    Okay, so the gay men’s choir got hosed by the Padres. The Padres deserve the raft of shit that is coming due to their incompetence. However, this quote below is where I throw the bullshit flag:

    “The choir is now calling on the San Diego city attorney’s office and the San Diego human relations commission to investigate the incident”

    What fucking *real* crime did the padres commit?

    1. so the gay men’s choir got hosed by the Padres.

      I was convinced this was some very complex euphemism and i was trying to decode it when i looked at the link and ….oh. “baseball”.

      I was expecting something to do with the Catholic Church.

      1. given how the padres have played this year, it would be an apt metaphor

    2. Okay, so the gay men’s choir got hosed by the Padres


    3. What fucking *real* crime did the padres commit?

      They hurt the feelings of a privileged class.

    4. What San Diego needs to investigate is their own idiocy that’s going to result in giving something on the order of $1.5 billion in tax money to build a stadium for the Chargers (but it’s only from tourists! It’s a net gain! A Super Bowl will bring $3.6 trillion in tax money!)

    5. Wow, it’s freaking weird how many people are absolutely convinced in the comments that this was some huge homophobic conspiracy. They are in fucking California.

    6. The gay men’s choir? I wonder if they’re lispy altos or more Village People style.

      1. Don’t remember if its the San Diego one, but I heard a gay men’s choir awhile back.

        They kicked ass. Really, really good.

      2. They’re a *gay men’s* choir – not just a choir, just a group of guys who like to get together for some close-harmony singing regardless of overt sexuality, but *gay men*.

        You’re damn right they’re lispy altos – none of them are half the men The Village People were.

        1. They should have busted out into a spontaneous rendition of “In the Navy”, which is perfect in San Diego.

        2. There seem to be a lot of gay men’s choirs. It’s not so unusual for people with similar interests to get together for some activity. Plus, what other kind of club is there where all members are potential sexual partners?

          1. Plus, what other kind of club is there where all members are potential sexual partners?

            If you have to ask….

            1. I missed the update. Can a brother get a link?

              1. RC, I will be emailing you personally, assuming your email address is still valid.

                In the meantime… here’s the update thread.

                Here’s a bit more info as well.

                1. Bljat’ Matja!!!!!

                  Sugafree’d the link….

          2. I guess – except I don’t join ‘heterosexual’ clubs because being heterosexual is not something I consider as a ‘similar interest’ when joining up in clubs.

            People’d freak if if was a ‘White Person’s Choir’, why would sexuality be a ‘similar interest’ while race would not?

            In any case – they’re lispy altos not because they’re in a choir, a men’s choir, or even in a choir where all the members are gay. They’re lispy altos because they’re in a gay men’s choir.

            1. why would sexuality be a ‘similar interest’ while race would not?

              I can think of a few reasons. At the risk of promoting the promiscuous gay guy stereotype.

              As for lispy altos, I’ve probably met as many straight people as gay people who talk like that. And a lot of very good singers who are gay.

        3. The one gay men’s chorus I encountered (in Buffalo) was full of burly bears. Probably not a lispy alto in the bunch.

    7. Yeah, seems ridiculous. It sounds like a technical fuckup. I would never have assumed that it was deliberate slight against gays. If that were an issue for the Padres organization, why they hell would they invite a gay chorus? No high profile company that requires the goodwill of the local people and government to operate is going to do something like that on purpose. And if the fans are assholes, what is the team supposed to do about it?

  51. Staff meeting at Reason? Two-and-a-half hours since AM links and no new posts.

    1. Those Cosmos don’t make themselves (unless they are made on the backs of foreign labor, donchaknow).

      1. Foreign labor, interns. Tomayto, tomahto.

        1. If they’re making Cosmos with tomatoes, they are doin’ it wrong.

          1. It’s OK, I’d rather have a bloody Mary anyway. Just change the lime to lemon and the triple sec to worcestershire sauce and horseradish.

  52. My apologies to Groovus. I noticed you had returned this past weekend and commented but I was visiting my Brother in east Texas and only had my outdated iPhone. I did read your update, thank you.

    It is a great pleasure to have you back and know you are doing well.

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  54. Ah – socialist vs socialist !!!

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