Photographer Catches Brawl at NYC Police-Firefighter Charity Football Game

Says he was told he "better not put this out there."


Brooklyn Paper

A photographer at a police vs. firefighters charity football game in Coney Island says a brawl broke out as the firefighters were down 29 to 13 and "really pissed off" about it. He says he saw helmets flying and caught part of the incident on tape, Brooklyn Daily reports.

A police spokesmen said rough-housing was to be expected at an event like that, according to Brooklyn Daily.  "C'mon, they're playing football," Daily quotes the spokesman as saying. "They fight all the time."

Brooklyn Daily also spoke with the administrator of nypdfinestfootball.org. "On the field they don't like each other," Mike Serna said, "but off the field, we're all brothers."

The photographer, Angel Zayas, told Daily that, after the brawl, "they all came after me and said, 'You better not put this out there."

Brooklyn Paper posted the video on YouTube. Watch the first part below: