Bernie Sanders

Why Sanders Isn't Quitting

The louder the pleas that Sanders leave the race, the more it makes sense for him to stay.


What does Bernie want?
Garry Trudeau

As the returns came in from Kentucky and Oregon last night, Twitter and the blogosphere lit up with pundits wondering why Bernie Sanders hasn't dropped out of the race, or at the very least leveled with his supporters that he won't win. The Hillary Clinton camp has taken to gnashing its teeth testily and issuing calls for party unity, as with Sen. Barbara Boxer's recent remark that she "would hope that Bernie will be a leader and make sure that everybody understands what is at stake." Sometimes they get more explicit, as when Sen. Dianne Feinstein said last week that Sanders' presence in the race has become "actually harmful," since it means Clinton "can't make that general-election pivot the way she should."

The "pivot," of course, is the moment a candidate stops pursuing her party's base and starts chasing the mushy moderates. The pivot is precisely what Sanders wants to block.

It is true that Bernie Sanders is almost certainly not going to be the Democratic nominee. It is also true that he almost certainly didn't expect to be the nominee when he entered the race, and that he has done far better than almost anyone anticipated. He has proven that the Clintonites can't take his wing of the liberal universe for granted—so why, just when the party leaders are becoming actively afraid of him, should he let them take his supporters for granted now?

Throughout his campaign, Sanders has presented himself as a movement-builder. Well, this is what social movements do: They apply pressure on people who disagree with them. The moment Sanders exits is the moment Clinton stops caring what he has to say. Of course he's staying in as long as he can.

The question here isn't whether Sanders will eventually withdraw from the race. At some point between now and the final moments of the Democratic national convention, he will. The question is whether his followers will be able to keep Clinton's feet to the fire after his candidacy ends. It'll help that not just Clinton but Donald Trump is now chasing Sanders' supporters, but eventually the voting will be over and someone not named Sanders will have won. And then they'll have to do a different sort of pivot, from election-year campaign to ongoing movement. What then?

You don't have to be a Bernie backer (*) to be interested in the answer. Any ideologically driven campaign—any campaign with an aim larger than installing a particular politician in office—will want to watch and learn.

(* For the record: I'm not. I do think he's the least bad of the three remaining major candidates, but that's more a comment on his rivals than it is on him.)

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  1. Hey, I noticed that some of the Big Media outlets have begun to stop talking about the inherent violence in the Trumpsters, and have turned their attention to the violence and intimidation that’s very apparent in Sanders’ supporters. I guess there were shenanigans at the Nevada primary which has resulted in a lot of throat-clearing on both sides about what happened, and Sanders has apparently not apologized vociferously enough about the behavior from his constituents.

    1. Now you see the violence inherent in the system!

      1. Bloody peasant…

    2. I’ve heard some very conflicting reports about that. I haven’t seen any video yet. But Sanders supporters are saying that they made it up, that there was no violence. I don’t know yet, but the media is 100% in Hillary’s pocket, so I take everything I hear from them as suspect, until I’ve had time to verify it.

      1. In descending order of probability:

        1. There wasn’t any violence, other than the Bunk incident, and the whole thing is media bullshit in service of Herself.
        2. There was violence and the Clinton campaign was pulling the strings.
        3. There was violence and it was from sincere Bernie backers.

        1. You’ve got your little “descending order” backwards, and with two outcomes that don’t belong.

      2. “But Sanders supporters are saying that they made it up, that there was no violence. I don’t know yet, but the media is 100% in Hillary’s pocket, so I take everything I hear from them as suspect, until I’ve had time to verify it.”

        Yes, and nearly all of Sanders support comes from OWS holdouts and black bloc psychos who have honed the act of violently assaulting others and then whining about how they were “peacefully” throwing molotovs and setting fires, people who the Democrat-owned media are only too happy to aggrandize.

    3. But, seriously, AFAIK, Sanders hasn’t apologized for the violence. Nor should he since he wasn’t a participant, nor has he called for violence. He has condemned the violence, which is an appropriate response. If this continues, he should take a firm stance that any of his followers initiating violence is automatically booted from the campaign.

      1. The most recent report out of Nevada was that someone fired at the Sanders offices.

        1. Was the suspect wearing a double wide pantsuit?

          1. Jesus, Hyperion, she has people for that type of thing.

      2. That anger was heightened by the fact that, despite Sanders’s team having managed to get more people elected to attend the event, more delegates for Hillary Clinton showed up on Saturday. Clinton had about 30 more people in the room — but nearly 60 Sanders delegates were rejected for not being registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline.

        It looks to me like the Declaration of Independents are getting burned by not being members or associating with a political party, then rushing in at the last nanosecond to identify with a political party.

        I agree with Moynihan on this one. These people are dopes. They’re a transient population of young people who, five minutes before an election, “discover” that they had to be registered months prior (hell, in this case, days prior) and now they’re ineligible to participate in the party system.

        1. May 1. Lol

          These people aren’t qualified to organize a school fundraiser. Much less set federal policy.

      3. “nor has he called for violence.”

        He most certainly has.

        “He has condemned the violence”

        If by “condemned” you mean he keeps scapegoating the targets of his followers’ violence.

    4. Bernie’s just doing what he did the last several times; whining about how the violence that follows his fanatical supporters everywhere they go is Trump’s fault because he “incited” them by saying things they disagree with.

  2. Sometimes they get more explicit, as when Sen. Dianne Feinstein said last week that Sanders’ presence in the race has become “actually harmful,” since it means Clinton “can’t make that general-election pivot the way she should.”

    That’s going to play as well with Bernie’s supporters as #NeverTrump did with Trump’s.

    1. She absolutely can make the pivot. She can literally start ignoring Sanders. She could call a press conference tomorrow and say, “I’ve got the delegates, the path to victory is clear, and henceforth, I shall start my general election campaign in earnest, and will concentrate on beating Mr. Trump in November.”

      1. I meant Feinstein’s naked admission that Hillary, to the extent she’s humored Sanders’ supporters, will sooner or later shut the door on them. It’s as telling to Berniebros about the establishment as #NeverTrump was to Trumpettes.

        1. Yup. She basically said “We ready to tell you to go fuck yourselves now.”

          1. “I don’t feel no ways sympathetic to you peasants!”

  3. And then they’ll have to do a different sort of pivot, from election-year campaign to ongoing movement. What then?


    1. The cake is a lie.

      1. So are all of Bernie’s economic schemes, which doesn’t seem to matter too much to his followers.

        1. All of Bernie’s economic policies and every word that comes out of Hillary’s mouth are lies. Democrats, party of the people.

          1. The Democrats are the party FOR The People. As in, they know what’s best for The People, and The People better tow the lion and take it.

          2. Yeah! Only Trump tells the truth!

            Wait a second, no that’s wrong. There is no party of the people. At least Trump and Bernie haven’t been given enough power to actually kill people yet, unlike some other leading presumptive candidates.

            Boy, that escalated quickly! Where’s my trident?

          3. But Bernie is the least bad of the three.

      2. Yet everyone still seems to want it.


  4. You don’t have to be a Bernie backer ( )*( )

    Please, Jesse. The correct nomenclature is “Bern victim.”

  5. No conspiracy theory or anything. But I was watching the election last night. It seems like every time Hillary and Bernie are running neck and neck in a contest, and it’s happened several times, Hillary seems to always pull out this last minute miracle that puts her across the finish line. If not for this and Hillary’s almost complete capture of these super delegates, the race would be a lot close than it is. Hilldawg is weak and getting weaker all the time.

    I was watching her last night give a speech to a few of her adoring fans and to say it was bizarre is an understatement. She was saying something like ‘I know how to win, I can get it done, but I’m not telling anyone how I will do it’! Her voice kept going in and out of different accents and then started getting really shrill and hoarse. She has the look of someone on the verge of insanity. Creepy as hell.

    1. Clinton is an incredibly weak candidate. Trump’s already cut her lead in half before they’re even technically running against each other and that’s before people really start paying attention and notice what a freak she is.

      1. Oh, Irish, you still believe in the myth of the rational voter, don’t you? Poor lad.

      2. +5.2 for Hillary, RCP average. She was up more than 20 points on Trump a couple months ago. That was 5.7 just a couple of days ago and more than +10 2 weeks ago.

        Of course, all of Bernie’s supporters could jump to Hillary soon and independents could split heavily in her favor along with some Republicans, and that could put her over the top. It doesn’t look good for her now, but it’s way too early to really predict the general with Bernie still firmly latched onto and chewing fiercely on her cankles.

        1. When Cruz dropped out I was certain Hillary had the thing locked up; now, not so much, and I think a lot of that has to do with Bernie’s presence. She and the establishment are engendering a lot of resentment among Berniebots, more so than Trump, for all his effort, has inspired among conservatives. I can see a lot of crossover appeal in November as Bernie’s braindead supporters pull the lever for Trump to Bern It Down.

          1. How do we get Bernie to run in the general as a Democratic Socialist, on a third ticket? That would be excellent, and it would be fun to watch HillDog scramble.

            1. Hillary would be fucked if that were to happen. Even in Oregon, Trump got more votes than Hillary in the 3 way contest. She came in 3rd, in a heavily Democrat state. Trump would win every red state and Bernie most blues.

      3. Clinton is a weak candidate, but GE candidates usually get a bump in the polls after they wrap up their party’s nomination. Trump has already done so while Clinton is (technically) still fighting off Sanders. And while the fact that Sanders is still here is somewhat due to Clinton’s weakness, she would have wrapped it up long ago if the Democratic primary process was the same as the GOP’s (there are no “winner take all” states in the Democratic race, it’s all proportional).

        1. Well except for the pre-determined winner take all super-delagates, of course.

          1. That’s true, but Clinton has a large lead even if you just look at pledged delegates, and it would be significantly larger if the Dems used the same winner take all provisions used in many states by the GOP.

    2. I know; isn’t it great to watch this hag inch closer and closer to going off the edge? Will it be insanity that finally takes her, or a stroke? Either way I’m looking forward to it.

      Did I mention that I do not particularly like her?

      1. I don’t have any doubt at all that Trump can drive her over the edge. And I’m sure he knows it too and is fully planning on doing it. She’s never faced what she’s about to face. We’ll see. I just do not see her surviving the campaign, let alone a 4 year term that is sure to be loaded with even more scandals. And a Bill Clinton who is becoming too old, frail, and irrelevant to protect her. The millenials for the most part don’t even know who the Clinton’s are, let alone respecting these old geezers.

        1. I could vote for Hilary if the odds are the stress of office kills her.

          1. She feeds on power; four years in office would rejuvenate her sixteen years in reality. By the end of her second term she would be a youthful forty-something, ready to spend a second lifetime as a political operative.

            1. I fully expect that at some point she unhinges her mandibles and decapitates Bill, then sacrifices Chelsea on some eldritch alter her handmaiden Huma erected. She’ll unfurl her tattered, bony wings and usher in the reign of madness.

              1. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Clinthulu Ch’ppaqua wgah’nagl fhtagn

            2. That is far more horrifying than anything SugarFree has ever written.

            3. So she’s pretty much a succubus, siphoning off of the souls of sentient beings until there is nothing left but a dried up husk of humanity.

              Man, I’m really feeling the power of alliteration today.

              1. Nope. Succubi are capable of appearing attractive.


          2. The thing that scares me most about here is the SCOTUS picks, and there are a LOT of things that scare me about her. I’ll vote 3rd party and none of the shit storm that is about to hit is my fault in any way. Hope it’s better after reset.

          3. So you’re down with Vice President Fauxcahontas taking office after Hillary!’s demise?

      2. Geez, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like her. She’s just the most vile and repugnant person I’ve ever seen. Besides that, she’s ok.

        1. Vile and repugnant’ you are being so kind.

    3. To give credit to NPR, they were able to catch some very interesting man-on-the-street interviews. They found someone who was a stalwart Hillary supporter, who “loved the woman” but was voting for Trump this time around.

      Not sure what to make of that, but it seems that not even NPR can ignore the fact that Trump pulls support from some of the most unexpected corners of the political spectrum.

      1. I think the thing that scares the Dems most is that Trump will pull some of Bernie’s voters and Bernie did get a lot of votes. If the Dems were smart, they’d pick Bernie for VP. They aren’t smart, just saying if they were smart.

        1. That’s probably why Bern hasn’t dropped out yet. He’s waiting for Hil-gunt to make him running mate and she so narcissistic she hasn’t even figured that out yet. She probably wants Bill to be VP as he knows where some of the corpses are buried.

          1. Well, there is the little thing that he’s ineligible to run for VP.

            1. When did the Clinton’s start giving a shit about the Constitution?

              1. In this case they’ll have to care. He’s not eligible.

                1. It would be exactly equivalent to Obama running for a 3rd time. Not going to happen.

            2. Huh. I thought he could still serve 2 terms as VP. To both get NY’s electoral votes, though, one of them would have to move out of state.

    4. “If not for this and Hillary’s almost complete capture of these super delegates, the race would be a lot close than it is.”

      Not really. The Democratic primaries are all proportional so there is very little difference between winning by 1 point or losing by 1 point. And Clinton has had a huge pledged delegate lead since Super Tuesday. The only time Bernie made even a remotely major dent in that lead was the late March and early April primaries, and those gains were completely erased by Clinton’s wins in the New York and the April 26th Northeastern primaries.

    5. Not that she was ever all there to begin with…

    6. She is the ‘anointed’ successor, therefore she MUST win enough delegates to be ‘the one’. Obama, although he lacks the balls to admit it, wants Hillary as the Democratic candidate and has done everything short of a formal endorsement to ensure she wins enough primaries to become ‘THE CANDIDATE’.

      Personally, I think there was some deal made between them to ensure that he would support her candidacy. She knows far too much about the Obama regime, having been an insider for some time, for him to ignore at the end of his inept tenure.

  6. 1968 Democratic Convention, Chicago redux, please! Have not seen better television drama since.

    If so, my wager is on the Sandernistas to out-shove and sucker punch the Hillarians.

    1. Millennials will attack Hillary supporters with their messenger bags.

      1. “Take that, you THING!”

  7. “(* For the record: I’m not. I do think he’s the least bad of the three remaining major candidates, but that’s more a comment on his rivals than it is on him.)”

    I think Sanders is the least *personally* odious of the remaining candidates, but I think the policies he’d enact are at least as bad as Trump and Clinton. He’d probably be less corrupt an individual than Clinton or Trump, but he’s so wildly incompetent that it’s possible there’d be tons of corruption in his administration too, just because he’d have no idea what the fuck people were doing around him.

    1. At this point, the notion that a Bernie Sanders presidency is the one “most likely to not get any shit done” is what puts him ahead of the others in my mind. His policies would be so pie-in-the-sky they would go absolutely nowhere (as opposed to the likely Clinton/Trump incrementalist approach). Of course, that all depends on the GOP holding Congress.

      1. What sort of person would Sanders appoint to replace Scalia?

        1. Elizabeth Warren is the best we could hope for. Think about that.

          1. The Fake Indian? Surly you’re joking?

        2. Jesus. Fair point.

          Good thing I’m voting LP anyway.

        3. Nicolas Maduro?

      2. As we’ve seen from the last 2 or 3 POTUSes, you get shit done with executive branch-level regulations. Yeah, he won’t get any legislation passed, but more damage is done outside of Congress now anyway.

        1. A good point. Normally you could turn to the courts to undo executive overreach, but once he’s appointed three justices that changes things.

        2. And he absolutely would go this route. He doesn’t have any particular allegiance to the conditional order or republican checks and balances.

          And all this talk about bernie being some genteel old man is hogwash. He’s a true believer Marxist. He would execute you petty bourgeoisie without a second thought and would do so with the blessings of his conscience.

          1. Constitutional* order.

            Ducking mobile commenting

      3. If Bernie wins the general election, he would have coat tails, so this assumption that “he won’t get things done” is dangerous. If he wins he claims a socialist mandate.

      4. And Hillary would be any different? If you thought the GOP-run Congress was antagonistic toward Obama now…

        1. That wouldn’t really matter. The present GOP-run congress is an apparent rubber-stamp for Obama as it is. I have leaned Republican for quite a few years, but have completely lost confidence that they would adhere to party principles and consider them now to be the lesser of multiple evils in government.

    2. I think Sanders is the least *personally* odious of the remaining candidates,

      This is just a way of acknowledging that he’s “not a very good politician” because he doesn’t change his bullshit pandering speeches for each audience and say lots of slippery shit where you’re never sure what he means.

      He’s a crazy socialist moron, and he’s *sincere* about it. Which is certainly less disgusting and repellent than your typical politician, but not exactly qualities anyone should want in an executive.

      1. Is being a honest Marxist really that much more appealing than a corrupt Republicrat?

    3. He’d be ineffective in dealing with Congress, and on foreign policy, so not much of a threat there. But three (or more) SCOTUS appointments are what is really at stake here. The next President will define the court for at least the next two decades.

      1. Bern would cave in to every request of the DoD faster than anyone.

      2. He’d be ineffective dealing with this congress, but what about the one full of Democrats he brought along.

        Socialist Mandate. Two years to shake the world!

    4. I think Sanders is the least *personally* odious of the remaining candidates, but I think the policies he’d enact are at least as bad as Trump and Clinton.

      This is the problem right here. Sanders is on a personal level, probably an affable but misguided old man. Unfortunately, his policies, what they’d mean and — this is the most important part– the army of supporters he’d control and would do his bidding, are essentially the scariest bunch of Stalinists you could imagine.

      Once you’d have college professors calling for further radicalization and the imprisonment of the political opposition, things would get scary indeed.

      1. Another good point. But also imagine the appointees the other candidates would bring with them.

    5. Bernie might be fairly harmless as he will not be able to do much because of congress and he might do some good on social issues like the WOD and sentencing reform. Trump is a complete unknown. Anyone who predicts what this guy will do must be kidding themselves. Hillary is extremely dangerous in many ways, war mongering, crony capitalism, police state mentality, complete disregard for the rule of law, corruption on levels yet unheard of in the USA.

      1. You know who else was an unknown before rising to power?

        1. Kennedy? No wait, she was on MTV.

        2. Me? No wait, too soon.

        3. Roger Goodell?

        4. Certainly not Hitler. He had a detailed manifesto, had already attempted a putsch, and was the head of a movement for years prior to ever seeking office.

        5. HS Truman, every step of the way.

      2. If Bern will say “nobody needs 10 kinds of toothpaste” he’d certainly say “nobody needs 10 different kinds of medications”. The WoD would grow exponentially under Sanders because there would be a war on so many more drugs.

        1. That’s something I’d worry about, there being no definition of “abuse” in the CSA. Yes, he might have the att’y gen’l move cannabis down to schedule 5, but who’s to say they wouldn’t declare the ingredients of some of the most innocuous drugs (except those statutorily exempt: liquor & tobacco) to be substances of abuse, & put controls on them? “Drug abuse” might consist simply of “unnecessary” use of meds.

          I’d rather roll the dice (heh) w Trump.

    6. Like Barry? (According to Soave.)

    1. This was supposed to be a response to Irish, but he’s so racist that the ‘reply to this’ button under his comment didn’t work.

    2. Thanks for (re)posting that, Citizen. It’s pretty damning when even your fellow socialists don’t like you.

      1. Not to me. That’s actually a positive

        1. The enemy of your enemy isn’t necessarily your friend, Irish.

      2. Bookchin was an anarchist.

    3. Socialists = Always needing 10,000 words to say what normal people can in 100 (or far less).

      1. That’s how you know they’re intellectuals, dude. I especially like this part:

        “The major corporations in the city and its environs are IBM and GE ? and the GE plant in Burlington makes the only Gatling gun in the United States, a horrendous fact that should by all rights trouble any socialist mayor.”

        Oh no! Clearly Sanders should boot out that plant giving jobs to his constituents in a totally useless gesture that would make no difference since a nearby town would just produce those guns instead.

        Meaningless and impotent gestures are apparently an even more important aspect of socialism than of libertarianism

        1. “Horrendous”? this country would be better if we had more gatling guns (in private hands)

        2. Since when are socialist against violence? If you’re a Quaker mayor, fine, but socialist need violence. It’s all they have.

        3. That’s not an infantry weapon, but a weapon mounted on attack helicopters and the A-10 Warthog, right?

          1. That is correct; it’s called “The Vulcan.”

            And may GE live long and prosper.

          2. You forgot about Blaine in “Predator”.

          3. A Gatling on a Russian ship may be seen operating in the footage of their sinking a pirate ship. It can be found on YouTube in “Meanwhile, in Russia” & elsewhere.

      2. Ah, I see where Sanders might get under the skin of the real commies.

        To spoof him for his unadorned speech and macho manner is to ignore the fact that his notions of a “class analysis” are narrowly productivist and would embarrass a Lenin, not to mention a Marx. To mock his stolid behavior and the surprising conventionality of his values is to conceal his commitment to thirties’ belief in technological progress, businesslike efficiency, and a naive adherence to the benefits of “growth.

        1. “”unadorned speech and macho manner “”…

          …well, if your idea of “normal” is some pipe-cleaner-limbed vegan who takes his cat to the shrink and is allergic to the sun.

  8. Why would Sanders get out? He’s running against an old lady in poor health who is being investigated by the FBI for multiple felonies. All kinds of stuff can happen that would instantly make him the nominee just by hanging around.

    1. make him the nominee just by hanging around.

      It seems to have been the basis for his entire political career = just hang out and wait for people to decide everyone else sucks, so why not go with the crazy harmless guy.

      1. You Know Who Else..?

      2. No way that’ll happen this time. The Democrats will nominate Biden or some other “respectable” figure. The only way they’d allow Sanders the nomination would be if he had a majority of delegates, all pledged.

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  10. (* For the record: I’m not. I do think he’s the least bad of the three remaining major candidates, but that’s more a comment on his rivals than it is on him.)

    Yeah right, we all know Reason’s entire editorial staff are feeling the Bern, just admit it, you commie fagz. /DERP

  11. What Bernie’s doing is delaying the party’s consider’n of Biden, which I’m sure Biden’s just fine with. Hillary needs to finish off Biden, then abscond to Saudi Arabia or wherever, and then the delegates who aren’t committed to Sanders install Biden. Biden benefits from not being the target of Trump’s attacks until the Democratic National Convention, as he’ll feign lack of interest until then. And Bill will be able to trot out all the lady friends he’s got. Everybody wins!

    Jesse, where does Biden rank in your esteem? He’s a total sleaze, but he may come as a relief to the avg. voter.

    1. Jesse, where does Biden rank in your esteem? He’s a total sleaze, but he may come as a relief to the avg. voter.

      Biden is less hawkish than Hillary, so I guess I’d prefer him to her?which is not to deny that he’s a total sleaze with a horrible history and would be terrible.

      Also, the Trump-Biden debates would be hilarious.

      1. Yes, exactly! Maybe worth the price of electing one of them.

      2. Biden came to my att’n as judiciary committee chair during consider’n of Bork. I actually liked Biden for a while on the basis of his appearance there, seemed like a fair guy. But his record’s awful, full of pork & enthusiasm for drug warring.

        1. I’m a sucker for a smile. Mostly from ladies & children (even dogs, cats, birds, horses, & fish), but Biden’s was so glaring it melted me.

  12. Good article.

    He’s not quitting because he is fighting for a cause in which he believes. It’s a lesson Rand Paul should try to learn. Rand could continue the fight if he joined the Libertarian primary. And he could win…both the nomination and the election…if the election got thrown into the House.

    Sad. I guess there is more of a socialist moment than there is a libertarian moment.

    1. No, it’s just that Bernie has always been out on a limb as an independent & Liberty Union pol, so nothing to lose. Rand has the right idea IMO in staying in good w the Republicans.

    2. Jackand Ace|5.18.16 @ 5:35PM|#
      “He’s not quitting because he is fighting for a cause in which he believes”

      Yeah, thugs and mass murder; right up your alley.

    3. So, Bernie should run 3rd party, too?

  13. It’s fun watching democratic talking heads transition from patting Bernie Sanders on the head and taking credit for his grassroots populism, to wishing he’d just go away.

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  17. The Hill and Bern show is just too entertaining to stop it now, I’m flipping the Bern another $20 spot to help keep up the momentum.

  18. If that commie rat bastard can do as much damage to the democrats as trump is doing to the republicans, it will be the only worthwhile thing any commie has ever done in the history of the United States.


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  20. RE: Why Sanders Isn’t Quitting

    Because he’s an clueless, self-absorbed socialist slaver who wants to further enslave us all with his ridiculous failed Marxist ideas.

  21. The answer you’re seeking is, “vapid self-delusion, the sort only found in cult members and socialist totalitarians”.

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  25. “…as when Sen. Dianne Feinstein said last week that Sanders’ presence in the race has become “actually harmful,” since it means Clinton “can’t make that general-election pivot the way she should.” ”

    –In short, “damn it, come on. Clinton has a whole new set of voters to lie to!!”

    The author neglects the fact that the longer Bernie stays in, the harder it will be to hand the nomination to Biden in the event Clinton is indicted. This is a huge factor.

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