Brickbat: You're Out


Credit: Andrew Gray

New York's Hudson Valley Community College baseball team has been playing well this year, and its coach says the team has a real shot at making the college national finals. But even if they do qualify, the players won't be going. The finals are being held in North Carolina. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned all non-essential travel by state agencies to that state because of a new law that requires people to use the bathrooms in government buildings that matches the gender on their birth certificates. The governor's office says the ban doesn't apply to community colleges, but college officials say they are going to abide by the ban anyway.

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  1. I kind of get what the point of these attempts at ostracism is, but at the end of the day I think it’s right that it’s just counterproductive. The people you’re trying to ostracize will just dig their heels in and you’re otherwise just financially punishing people who probably agree with you. I don’t know where specifically this baseball competition is being held but it’s presumably in a college town, and the college towns in NC do not need convincing that this bathroom law is stupid (since southern college towns, in general, tend to be big outliers from the rest of their state in terms of their social views).

    And I do also get that the idea is to try to push people into actively opposing these laws, but again, when you cancel on an event in a place like Chapel Hill, you’re canceling on people who already agree with you and who are going to have a hard time engaging in the advocacy you want them to get involved with since they now have huge money problems from all the business people are refusing to give them, because it somehow punishes the governor of the state to refuse to do business with specific people in Chapel Hill.

  2. The people who are all for boycotting North Carolina are the same people who thought the boycott of Cuba was evil.

    1. The “boycott” of Cuba wasn’t just government not doing business with Cuba, it was government telling private citizens that THEY could not do business with Cuba. Big difference.

      1. Given that the brickbat is about a community college baseball team, the difference gets a little fuzzy in practice.

        1. ok, let’s try this…who the fuck are they to tell anybody where they can go and what they can do absent criminal activity?

          1. “They” are your betters. Show proper respect citizen.

  3. I fall on the side of,if you have a penis ,use the men’s room. You can put lipstick on a washed up athlete ,but,he’s still a washed up athlete.

    1. a really fucking ugly washed up athlete…rarely are the transgendered (pre/post surgery) physically attractive to anyone including their dogs

    2. I always get the sense that people who say things like this think all trans folk are easy to spot, when it’s actually not the case. A passable male to female tranny would make a far smaller ruckus going into the ladies room stall then strolling into the men’s room and hiking up the dress and whipping it out at the urinal. Practically speaking…

      1. Listen I just heard The Duck Commander (if that is his real name) tell me that all trannies are 6 foot 5 and weigh 250 lbs., and they are just itching to whip it out in front of little girls. If you can’t believe a guy who has a TV show who can you trust?

      2. This isn’t Thailand. This is America.

      3. You haven’t seen that many, have you? Trust me… every “male to female” tranny I’ve met (4 that I can think of) you could spot as men from a block away. One still gets his 5 o’clock shadow at noon every day (and that’s with him doing laser hair removal)

        1. I’ve met plenty that would defy your detecto-meter. South Beach in Miami is well stocked with very attractive women who were not always women.

          There is a cognitive bias at work here – “all of the transgender women I know look like men dressed as women.” Well, how likely are you to know that the ones who don’t look like men dressed as women are even transgender?

          My suite mates one summer in college were largely gay and into “the tuck” and taking estrogen. A couple of them looked more like girls dressing as boys when they wore men’s clothing. Some were less convincing than others, but meeting their older friends let me know that there were plenty of folks running about who did not fit the “linebacker in a dress” stereotype.

          1. sounds like wishful thinking on your part

  4. Only government buildings?

    You mean that private establishments can continue to have sex integrated restrooms?

    Who knew?

  5. Looks like the shit is hitting the fans.

    1. I’m sure their pissed off.

      1. Urine trouble for that one.

  6. Meh, can’t manage any outrage over this bathroom access issue. Baking cakes for gay couples though, well that’s a whole nuther thing. My twitter storm for that one continues unabated.

    1. you know who else continued unabated?

      1. Not this thread?

  7. Don’t expect this to change anything, HVCC is seen as a joke around here.

    1. yeah, but BASEBALL or in this case SOFTBALLS

      1. What is the name of the team?

  8. There’s no transphobia in baseball!!

    1. But apparently there is crying now?

  9. This really, really, really, REALLY pisses me off.

    You think you live in a free society, huh?

    Andrew Cuomo and your ilk. GO FUCK YOURSELVES you totalitarian pieces of shits.

    1. It’s especially galling because NY is such a control freak state for IT’S values. I know, I know NY values.

      1. You mean downstate values.

      2. This bullying bull shit as if they’re superior in their ‘values’ is sickening and rotten to the core.

        I’ve learned in life that people who do shit like this bullying people around insisting they do things their way are degenerate morons because you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll turn around and do something dubious themselves.

        Let’s take an OT example. Let’s choose, I don’t know, Drama Boy Trudeau. He babbles on and on about Canadian values and compassion and human rights and Canada’s role in the UN blah, blah. Then his government turns around and signs an arms deal with Saudi Arabia – a country KNOWN to use weapons against its own people.Worse, the Liberals straight up lied to the people when they said they wouldn’t negotiate with the Saudis.

        Of course, the celebrities in on this shameless, gutless act of faux-civil rights pomposity continue to perform in the Middle-East. Apparently this is OKAY. But North Carolina? OMG!

        They can all go fuck themselves.

        Fucking intellectual degenerates.

        1. Come on rufus, tell us what you really think.

          *turns on stasi-issue tape recorder*

          1. Who the fuck are they to determine what is ‘non-essential’. I always hated that fucking term.

            To a kid, baseball is essential.

            If I determine this issue to be low on my totem pole and the reaction to it to be hyperbolic who are they to tell me if I can’t travel? I don’t share the political elites take on things so why should I be compelled to follow their fucking dictum?

            I wouldn’t tolerate a politician telling me where I can’t go because politicians are assholes who constantly live a hypocritical life.

            Sorry kids. No baseball for you because we’re busy bullying a small state over an essential issue.

            Ma, get the fuck out of here.

            1. The following statement is not meant as a disagreement with most of what you said /end disclaimer

              Rufus, this is a community college.

              There are no kids there, just adults.

              1. Whatever.

                GIVE ME MY MOMENT.

                But you get the point.

  10. I don’t have a problem with one state government making little symbolic protests to the actions of another state government by boycotting small economic activities in the other state – but, [insert hyperbole] I could see this as a slippery slope to succession and civil war!

    You know who else wanted to ” dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another”?

      1. That would be entertaining.

        The Duke of Albany’s army facing off against the Oligarchic Republic of Manhattan’s People’s Army.

        1. The Ducal army would at least know how to shoot, and have much better morale than the ORM forces.

          1. yeah but the transgender commandos would be lethal, not to mention the femi-nazi harpy brigade

            1. …who would refuse to take the field because it’s outside their safe space.

  11. It’s not just about government-owned bathrooms.

    From Governor Cuomo’s proclamation:

    “WHEREAS, the state of North Carolina has enacted legislation to bar transgender persons from using bathrooms and changing facilities corresponding to such persons’ gender identities, has excluded sexual orientation and gender identity from that state’s anti-discrimination protections, and has prohibited units of local government from extending such protections to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens”

    IThe Empire State’s governor wants sexual orientation and transgenderism to be “protected classes,” in North Carolina, empowering the government to second-guess private companies’ hiring decisions where sexual orientation and transgenderism are concerned.

    He also wants local governments in North Carolina to have the power to pass “LGBTQ rights” laws which add to the regulatory burdens which private businesses already have under federal and state laws.

    Cuomo – and this community college, by following his lead – wants the government to have the power to put businesses out of business for having the “wrong” preferences regarding which employees to hire and fire.

    1. So tell me again how “cultural issues” and “economic issues” are two separate, non-overlapping things, and how the former are an irrelevant distraction from the latter.

    2. You guys are really pushing my buttons.

      Whereas, whereas, whereas.

      Hey Andrew. Why don’t you take care of your own FUCKING STATE.

      1. We’d rather he not. The man is a malignant narcissist. It’s better if he distracts himself and doesn’t fuck things up any more than he already has.

        1. Yeah, he looks like the sort of salam who pumps iron, drops the weights and tells the girl he’s trying to pick up, ‘and then I pushed NC around for the benefit of all because it’s just the kind of guy I am!’

    1. “Symbolic of his struggle against reality.”

  12. I should note that, in New York, I heard people talk about friends of theirs who used to live in New York but moved to North Carolina. I didn’t hear from people who’d moved there *from* North Carolina (“there weren’t enough regulations on small business, not enough rent control, it was like the frickin’ Wild West!”)

    1. The only people who move to New York are Californians.

      That should put things in perspective.

      1. hey my bowels moved in NY…just sayin

        1. did you use the incorrect bathroom?

          1. only if the side of the road counts…

        2. S..Sandi? Is that *you*?

  13. So? If the team wants to go, why do they have to depend on govt. anyway? Just get the team together on a bus, everybody pitch in for gas, and drive a few hours to the game–and try to win!

    1. Cripes man, you can’t just do that, you have to have government subsidies. I won’t even feed myself breakfast without government permission and a nice sized check to pay for my toast.

  14. So? If the team wants to go, why do they have to depend on govt. anyway? Just get the team together on a bus, everybody pitch in for gas, and drive a few hours to the game–and try to win!

    1. The staff is liable to be on the receiving end of punitive action if they disobey the edict from on high.

      1. That’s why it pisses me off.

        It’s so full of shit to do this to people over this issue.


    What a shocker.

    Honestly, aside from bizarro fruit-loops like Obumbles and creepers who really gives a shit about this issue? When I am out and about and have to take a piss it never crosses my mind who else might be in the restroom. I go in, I piss, I leave. I don’t show my junk to anyone and don’t look at anyone else’s.

    1. How long ago do you think they planned this election year “issue”?

      Do they spin off this crap all the time, just latching on if something finally hits, or do they call their shot? All of this local legislation seems to be designed to troll politicians into over-reacting.

      We have dueling stupid on the left and the right at the local level providing grist for the 24 hour news cycle. And somehow the most stupid seems to get pushed to the front. Whether the issue is immigration or homelessness or minimum wage or obesity or gay rights or police brutality….. they always seem to find some local government to troll everyone. And the one that hits the national scene is usually the worst possible example, so that we can’t have a clear discussion.

      Instead of Kelly Thomas as the face of police brutality, we get the more ambiguous Michael Brown. Instead of clear-headed discussion of the problems caused in small communities by illegal immigration, we get Joe Arpaio. Instead of real discrimination against gay couples, we get a stupid wedding cake.

      I have no doubt that the folks involved in these situations are angry and have had a rough go of it, but do these things really rise to national prominence on their own? Although Thomas did get mentioned on the national news, you would think that video of “Now you see my fists? … They are getting ready to fuck you up” followed by a brutal beating including cries of “Daddy! help me!” would rank above an invented narrative.

      1. But the Kelly Thomas beating was not useful to the Feds as a method of extending their control over local politics and exploiting the overwhelming narrative of “coastal liberals good, flyover racist conservatives bad”.

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  17. The NC law specifically allows private business to decide for themselves how to administer their bathrooms, and it was in response to a NC city passing a law mandating that all businesses MUST allow any person to use the bathroom of their choice, opening up the probability that other cities would pass similar or opposing laws. What NC did was 100% right in order to keep from having a hodgepodge of laws across the state city by city and county by county, but NY would have applauded if they had instead FORCED all private businesses to open their bathrooms to anyone. More, if the citizens of NC want their public buildings, which include campground showers and school locker rooms, to be opened up to whoever wants to use them they can make that change.

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