Minimum Wage

Is the $15 Minimum Wage Coming to Cleveland?

The city is considering a bill backed by a union PAC.


On Monday, the Cleveland City Council will consider legislation to boost the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour. (The wage floor in Ohio is currently $8.10.) The bill is the result of a petition by Raise Up Cleveland, a union-affiliated PAC.

California just voted to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022—but why not $25? Or how about $35?

Reason TV recently posed that question to L.A. residents:

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  1. In the Mistake on the Lake, they never run out of mistakes.

  2. Did they not listen to Drew Carey?

    1. Poor Drew is like a battered spouse at this point who just won't leave him.

    2. All the little chicks with their crimson lips go Cleveland rocks!

  3. I would like to extend an invitation to all of the sausage and pierogi places and any other great little eaterie and brewery (I'm looking at you Great Lakes Brewing) to move to Columbus where you will be very welcome.

  4. I wonder if the Casino will end up being exempt.

    1. If the employees are unionized, you can bet on it.

      1. There are. They get paid service industry wages so they rely on tips for most of there income.

  5. Gotta hate the SEIU

  6. If we really want to lift people out of poverty, just raise the minimum wage to $100 an hour. That'll show those kkkorporashuunnss

  7. You know, I think it's wrong to hit women. But the cunt in the leopardskin really tempts that standard.

    1. I did appreciate that a few of the people were actually trying to give the issue some thought even if not very successfully.

  8. Cato Institute Honors Free Speech Advocate Flemming Rose with 2016 Milton Friedman Prize

    1. In 2005, Rose, then an editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, sparked worldwide controversy when he commissioned and published 12 cartoons meant to depict the prophet Muhammad.

      just think of the awards Reason missed out on for "Draw Muhammad Day"

      The prize will be presented during a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on May 25, 2016. Angus Deaton, renowned economist and 2015 Nobel Prize winner, will deliver the Keynote Address.

      I wonder if NYC 'activists' will get wind of this and protest the event's 'islamophobic' character.

      1. I'm guessing they won't be getting inside the Waldorf to do it, but yeah I'm sure there are plenty who would if they knew about it.

    2. Speaking of Islam and unemployment: Germany to spend 94 billion euros on refugees in next five years. But I'm sure the "investment" will pay off, right...?

      1. Well if it doesn't, it's because they didn't spend enough.

      2. The notion is accepted as if it were not open to any question that if you help the inefficient and vicious you may gain something for society or you may not, but that you lose nothing. This is a complete mistake. Whatever capital you divert to the support of a shiftless and good-for-nothing person is so much diverted from some other employment, and that means from somebody else.

        ...William Graham Sumner, "The Forgotten Man"

      3. The overall amount of 93.6 billion euros also includes money set aside for efforts to combat the reasons people flee their home countries to seek refuge in Germany in the first place.

        I'm not sure whether that means they want to spend more money destroying ISIS, or stopping NATO efforts to destroy ISIS

        They themselves are sort of in-between as far as NATO activities go

        As far as managing-incentives goes, you'd think the cheapest way to stop people seeking refuge in Germany would be to do it the Balkan way - just shut the door and say you'll shoot anyone sneaking across the border.

      4. That really is laughable.

        94 billion down a rathole and in return they get rape and murder? Sounds like a good investment to me.

        1. "94 billion down a rathole"

          Can you imagine how great the world economy would be if we could just shut down government spending. What a waste of productivity.

          1. One thing the government damn sure does not anyone to find out, is just how much better off and happier everyone would be if we would get rid of 99% of what they do.

        2. But think of all the jobs created for police and firemen. And EMTs. And ER physicians and nurses. And lawyers and social workers! Try to grasp the Big Picture!

          1. Don't forget the diversity experts and anti-racism activists.

  9. Cleveland: Detroit, but 5 years behind.

    1. I don't know about 5 years. Detroit has been in serious decline for decades. Cleveland is no where close to being Detroit yet. But yeah local government there is pretty atrocious. Give them enough time.

      1. I've noticed that Cuyahoga County is where Democrats always do best in elections, so yeah, just give them time.

    2. This video is pretty emphatic that Cleveland is not Detroit.

      1. That's pretty funny. To be fair the river has been cleaned up since the early 70's when it did actually catch on fire, every major city has areas you do not want to drive through and are seemingly under constant construction. There are a lot of cool little restaurants and bars and local attractions in and out of the dowtown area. People in the suburbs enjoy a decent quality of life and people still move there altough I'm guessing more leave. Lakefront weather can be a bitch in the winter for sure. I sure as hell wouldn't move there although I will visit. For all it's problems it isn't Detroit. Detroit is a total shithole.

        1. I will say that as far as Ohio cities go, I would rather live in Cleveland than Dayton or Toledo.

          1. Cleveland is pretty fucked up, but I'm not one to cast stones from a glass house. My favorite city is St. Louis, which is in pretty much the same shape.

            1. Yeah, I'd like to check out St Louis some time. I'm only 6 hours away. Actually I'll be in Western Ky in September so probably be only 3 hours then.

              1. Where at in western Kentucky? I grew up in Paducah. St. Louis was the nearest major city, and since we were poor, except for a few times that we went to the beach, we always took "vacations" in St. Louis, or would go there if we needed major medical work.

                1. Owensboro. My daughter's fiance is from there and they are getting married there in September. We're off the whole week so we were talking about maybe spending a couple nights in Louisville and doing the whole Louisvile to Lexington bourbon trail thing. Then probably down to a cabin we like on the KY/TN border in Big South Fork Run.

          2. Cincy is better that any of those, and better climate. Cleveland, Toledo *shudder*...

            1. oh god, its like someone just picked up a chair in a midget-cripple-fight

              1. I'm from Ohio, so I get to assert myself into the conversation as an expert on all things Ohio. Cincinnati is only technically in Ohio anyway, in reality it's part of Kentucky. Akron is the worst city in Ohio.

                1. Cincinnati has really cleaned up. We were down there last year for a weekend and had a lot of fun.

                  1. It's a beautiful city but the economy in Columbus is so much better.

                2. Yeah, I don't even count Akron. Youngstown is pretty bad too.

                  1. Youngstown is only made bad by it's proximity to Akron.

                3. Akron is the worst city in Ohio.

                  Which by some logic must means its at least *interesting* in its exceptionalness.

                  Like, "the best party-scene in Akron is this parking lot behind the water-treatment plant where people drag-race tractors on acid". There's an entire music-scene built around it! TractorSmashPsychCore. DJ Harvester bring the OG jams.

                  1. You pretty much desribed the whole state

                    1. Plus, motherfuckers can REALLY bowl down there. I mean, they raise some real pros.

                    2. If you're talking about football bowls.

                  2. "the best party-scene in Akron is this parking lot behind the water-treatment plant where people drag-race tractors on acid"

                    I actually believe that.

                  3. Wouldn't the acid do bad things to internal combustion engines, such as degrade the cylinder seals? (Yes, I still listent to the Car Talk reruns on NPR.)

                4. Hey!

                  You misspelled Youngstown.

  10. As the economist Dave Boudreaux says: if the minimum wage is such a great idea, why phase it in? Why not raise the MW immediately?

    1. You have to give the corrupt regime in power time to exempt all of their favored cronies from it while trying to make sure no one really notices.

  11. I must be a hick. To me, that video shows an ugly, semi-urban environment that is expensive and depressing and covered in asphalt. It ain't the L.A. shown in most movies. And one guy says that he once spent over $200 for a shirt, yet there he is, like a high school senior, wearing a logo-ed tee shirt. Guess I'm not only a hick, but a curmudgeon as well.

    1. Get off my lawn.

      1. Damn right.

        Y'all are talking about favorite cities. I hate cities. They wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so full of people. I get along really well with trees. And bass. I get along really well with bass.

        1. Are those Bass Trees? (city dweller).

        2. I'm gonna 100% agree with you that the worst thing about cities is more people.

          1. I mean, there are really only 2 good things about living in or near a large city. 1 only applies if you are single. 2 is jobs, telecommute if you can.

            1. I really want to be out in the country but I do like bar hopping and socializing with an array of different people all within a mile or two of where I live. I think I would miss that.

            2. Museums, concerts, art shows, restaurants, night clubs, airports, festivals, amusement parks, plays, sporting events, shopping, films... Nope, cities don't offer much.

              1. To add to Denver's statement of the obvious ....there are also some perverse types who actually *really enjoy* being around lots of different kinds of people (even if they bitch about them constantly)....and feel agoraphobic in places were everyone seems 'mostly the same'.

              2. Unless you are living in a nice neighborhood where you can walk to things, I don't see that as an advantage. Big cities also offer snarling traffic every day. You could live 50 miles from a city like that and just drive in when you wanted to experience any of that. I mean, I'm 15 minutes away from all of that, but I still have to drive and see little or no advantage outside of the shorter commute to work.

      2. You didn't build that lawn.

    2. I'm near Marietta,nice down here

      1. I have family from there. Great childhood memory of steering the big steam boat from the Ohio on to the Muskingham. Also, visiting a friend of my Great Uncle who had a shop where he made custom flintlock rifles.

        1. Marietta is actually part of West Vagina. I was born in Portsmouth, another river town which is actually part of Kentucky.

          1. "West Vagina"

            No wonder I loved it so much.

            1. Nothing like trailer park girls in tube tops.

              1. I miss tube tops

              2. Aint that the truth. Just the thought makes me smile.

          2. When we stayed at the lodge at Shawnee State Park we spent a little time in Portsmouth. Loved the little Portsmouth Brewery with the bar made out of umpainted plywood. Seriously a fun little spot with great pizza and red ale. Ohio river smelled like dead fish in the hot sun. Not sure if it was like that when you were there.

            1. Unpainted

            2. When I was there, there was no such thing as a brewery, not in the way there is today. I mean it was a large old brick building making some nasty concoction and there was a large fence around it to keep non-employees out. I haven't been back there for more than 20 years. There were bars which you could go to if you were brave enough to step through the door.

              1. Yeah there was a bar across the street from this place that had some folks hanging out front that I wouldn't have gone in without knowing someone. I certainly wouldn't take my wife there.

  12. "Is the $15 Minimum Wage Coming to Cleveland?"

    If so, it'll arrive along with the REAL min/wage of $0.00 for many of those affected.
    Of course, the gripe will be that the greedy business owners could pay the new min/wage if they'd open their wallets, the gripe coming from those who scream about the prices at 'Whole Paycheck', where the help gets benes.

    1. If so, it'll arrive along with the REAL min/wage of $0.00 for many of those affected

      But it feelz good, so we have to do it anyway.

      /Gov Moonbeam

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