Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

L.A. County Sheriff Deputies Get Prison Time for Trying to Hide Jail Beating

It's the latest story of abuse at the nation's largest sheriff's department.


Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's (LASD) deputies received federal prison sentences this week for their roles in covering up a 2009 incident in which inmate Bret Phillips was beaten while waist-chained with handcuffs. The officers were found guilty of falsifying records with the intent to obstruct justice, and they were acquitted of civil rights conspiracy charges. As ABC 7 reports:

Joey Aguiar, 28, was sentenced to 18 months, and Mariano Ramirez, 40, to 13 months. The penalties were imposed following court arguments about their responsibility as public servants to uphold the law.

The incident happened on Feb. 11, 2009. Jail video of inmate Bret Phillips after the altercation was shown to the jury in the guilt phase of the deputies trial.

In December 2013, 18 LASD officers were indicted for jail beatings and cover ups, and since then, former Sheriff Lee Baca has plead guilty to lying to investigators related to those cases, and former under-sheriff Paul Tanaka was found guilty of impeding an FBI investigation.

In 2013, Reason TV spoke with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, which monitored the jails after the 2013 indictments in. Watch:

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  2. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Twin Towers is a 3rd world gulag.

    1. “nobody’s perfect”

      1. Just Robbie’s hair.

        1. I imagine that eventually The Jacket will forsake Nick for Robby.

  3. May they be so lucky to be treated unlike how they treated others during their time served.

    1. Well, they will be guarded by fellow prison guards.

  4. I’m sure everything will be overturned on appeal.

  5. From the ABC link:

    There is a systemic problem in the jail, and Baca was the leader at the time, and he was responsible for those policies at the time,” says Vicki Podberesky.

    Baca is scum, but I highly doubt the policy was to beat and pepper spray a chained inmate on the ground.

    1. It kind of was.

      Baca is in deep shit.

      It’s never been reported AFAIK, but as Sheriff, Lee Baca’s gun didn’t have a firing pin. Multiple domestic violence convictions.

      1. I’m sure that applies to his 50 state concealed carry for life privileges as well.

        1. He can’t carry anywhere.

      2. L.E.O.’s have a very high rate of D.M., it’s something that’s rarely talked about in the news.

        1. D.V.,

      3. It’s never been reported AFAIK, but as Sheriff, Lee Baca’s gun didn’t have a firing pin. Multiple domestic violence convictions.

        Actually i thought Reason reported on that. Or that he was told to stop carrying the pin-less gun because ^.

        (runs off to search reason archive)

        1. not that i can find. don’t know where i saw that before. Maybe someone put it in the links.

        2. I think maybe they did,but,don’t expect to see it on Fox,MSNBC,or CNN. It’s a major problem that shows that many L.E.O’s are not the ‘heroes’ they are touted to be by many.

        3. I probably mentioned it in the comments.

          I know several people who worked very closely with him. I’d blame it on him being a politician, but Tanaka was a lifer and just as bad. Also a politician, though.

        4. Why the fuck are we still paying a cop who can’t carry a gun? Yet another lower standard compared to the military. You get a DD conviction and can’t carry a gun, your out. They kick your ass out.

          1. *DV

          2. The Sheriff is an elected position.

            He can’t be fired, only recalled. And he was pretty tight with the Los Angeles Democratic Machine.

          3. Any Sheriff of a county with more than 500 people who carries a gun as part of his uniform is a showboating showoff.

      4. It seemed like she was trotting out The Nuremberg Defense.

    2. Like you don’t have anyone chained in your basement.

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      1. Also, everyone will be wearing Adidas track-suits in the future.

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          1. LOL

            Dude alphas don’t kiss. I mean, unless its your own biceps.

            1. +1 Jersey shore

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      Hell, the goddamn Poles invaded and installed a puppet tsar during the Time of Troubles.

      Catherine the Great gave Poland exactly what it deserved.

      1. The FSB got to you, too?

        1. It was a honey trap, wasn’t it?

          She seduced you, I bet.

      2. Ever wonder why tiny little countries don’t get gobbled up by their giant neighbors?

        Without exception those little countries are populated by insufferable shits.

    3. Banksy was on that a decade+ ago

  6. Quick! Jump! They threw us a bone!

    1. Too little, too late.

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    To learn more about how to get into our facility, consult the California Penal Code.

    1. Penis code?

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          1. So,he had to get an erection to read it?

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              1. Ike, Mike and Mustard were on a weekend outing staying at The Olde Log Inn resort. Mustard decided to take a nature hike and ended up missing for two days. When he turned up in the local infirmary literally beaten to a pulp Ike and Mike rushed to see what had happened. According to Mustard, he had gotten lost. After wandering around for what seemed like hours he finally spotted a parked car with what appeared to be people in the back seat. Unfortunately, the last thing he remembers was sticking his head through the window and asking “How far is The Olde Log Inn?”

              2. +1 Shorty’s Bar & Grill, Winnemuca, Nevada

  8. a link from yesterday

    “He’s an Atheist. A Satanist. And He Wants Your Vote…

    “[Steve] Hill is a Democrat running for the state Senate in California’s 21st district, and probably the only candidate in the country who embraces both atheism and the tenets of modern-day Satanism. But Hill, who ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate last year during a special election, said this year he’s getting shunned by the Democratic establishment largely because of views the party believes are too extreme….

    “Hill, who also works as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles, is currently helping organize an L.A. chapter for the Satanic Temple, a nationwide Satanic activist organization. Hill said he identifies with the temple’s mission, which he described as a “humanist approach that raises levels of consciousness.”

    “”I don’t go worship Satan and pour milk on me,” he said. “But [Satanism] would influence me greatly because I could deal from a different perspective, as a regular human being.””


    1. He will be getting a visit from Sam and Dean very soon.

    2. “He’s an Atheist. A Satanist.”



      1. It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t catch that one.

      2. I think most Satanists are athiests, actually. They don’t believe in God or Satan and regard the latter as just a symbol.

  9. Joey Aguiar and Mariano Ramirez, eh? Is that some of them Mexican immigrants coming in here and taking jobs from hard-working Americans? If they’d hired American, they would have gotten a high-quality beating instead of this cheap half-assed crap. Only one guy, and they couldn’t even beat him to death? That’s just sad.

  10. And now I’d like the authorities to explain why it took SEVEN YEARS to get these convictions.

    1. A cop has actually been convicted of something and you want to know why it took so long? I’m just in total shock that it even happened.

      1. I’m in shock that they’re actually going to do time.

        “You’re my prison bitch, my prison bitch…”

        1. Since we’re sharing jokes….

          A small, weakly muscled man enters the prison system. After being processed he is directed to his cell. He steps in and encounters his new cell mate; a very large, very heavily muscled black gentlemen. His new cell mate greets him with the following:

          Hi! I’m Bubba. You and I are going to play a little game of House. Since it’s your first day, I’ll give you the choice of which role you would like to play; mommy or daddy.

          The new fish breifly considered his options. All things being equal, he just assume not have an orifice be expanded beyond his comfort level so he said: I’ll be the daddy.

          Bubba sagely nodded his head and replied: Good…NOW GET OVER HERE AND SUCK MOMMA’S DICK!!!

          *told to me by a friend who served time in Leavenworth*

  11. OT, from Spiked:

    “The University of Bristol is now censoring student fiction”


  12. So it took 7 years to convict some pigs of fucking up some paperwork. Not, you know, beating the fuck out of someone. So courts, prosecutors, and legislatures, and legislators have basically said that they are not going to hold these fellow government actors of these intentional, heinous acts accountable. Fine, but they are no longer a longer a legitimate sovereign. A few bucks in tort court. Really judges, a special go fuck yourself to you too.

  13. Guilty of falsifying records, but no charges or punishment for the beating?

    Fuck that noise.


    1. But hey, 18 and 13 months! That’ll learn ’em.

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