RICO Climate Alarmists FOIA Emails Released

How the letter urging a RICO investigation of groups dissenting from the climate consensus was concocted


Dreamstime: Wisconsinart

Remember the Gang of 20? A group of concerned academicians sent a letter to President Obama and Attorney-General Loretta Lynch urging that the government open up Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act investigation against groups that dissent from the consensus that man-made climate change is a big problem. As I noted earlier: 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has referred to the FBI the question as to whether people who question the scientific consensus about climate change should be prosecuted.

Lynch might have been acting on a request from George Mason University professor Jagadish Shukla, who—with 19 others—wrote a letter urging the administration to follow the advice of Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and go after "corporations and other organizations" by using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. As The Wall Street Journal has noted, RICO is an anti-mafia statute written to help "prosecute individuals tied to loansharking and murder-for-hire."

Speaking of rackets: Shukla is the founder and head of the Institute of Global Environment and Society. His wife is the business manager, and his daughter is the assistant to the president. The organization gets 98 percent of its funding from the government, and the Shuklas have reaped more than $5 million from it over the years.

In any case, a free market legal group, the Energy and Environment Legal Insitute have been pursuing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) action seeking emails from the George Mason University faculty members who were the instigators of the notorious letter. Today those emails have been released. Below are couple for your weekend perusal.

First, GMU communications professor Ed Maibach and climatologist Jagadish Shukla were seeking help from various activist groups to get far more than 20 scientists to sign on. They approached the Union of Concerned Scientists who wrote back the following:


The White House Science Advisor John Holdren also wrote back:


For your weekend reading, see links to documents below:






I am still absorbing what the emails have to say, and will report on anything interesting.

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  1. Now THAT’S how science is done. At the barrel of a gun.

    1. I know, the Earth is spinning around Galileo in his grave.

      1. I call on the resting soul of Galileo
        King of night vision
        King of insight

        Think summoning him in that fashion will stop the spinning, or just result in a folk concert with lots of LPGA fans?

      2. Galileo fell in love, as a galilean boy.

  2. Well, if “scientific” illiteracy can be illegal, maybe economic illiteracy is next. Careful what you wish for progtards.

    1. Guess who will be defining “economic illiteracy” for legal purposes?


      Economic literacy will be called illiteracy and banned as such.

      1. Economic literacy will be called illiteracy and banned as such.

        ^ This.

      2. Yea, naive me thought that we would just use our eyes and decide based on empirical outcomes, but in this apparent bizarro universe that will never happen.

    2. If scientific illiteracy can be illegal, then scientific illiteracy is next. Careful what you wish for, progtards.

    3. According to the SJWs, trying to use things like science and logic to figure out how the universe works is part of cis hetero patriarchy. Feels are just as valid a way of understanding the world.

      1. Prof: “Next chapter, ‘Supply and Demand’…”

        Student: “Well, that’s got to go!”

        Prof: “What? Why?”

        Students:”Look at it! ‘Demand’. It’s triggering!” “Plus it’s got ‘man’ in it!” “That’s rape culture right there!”

        Prof: *rolls eyes*

        Another student: “And It’s all about slopes. That’s racist.”

        Prof: “Fuck it, I quit.”

        1. “Those lines are very confusing. Where do they begin and end? Also why is it called an Axis line? Aren’t they like the KKK and therefore racist?”

          1. I don’t know. The Axis fought the US. Doesn’t that make them good guys?

            1. History is up for grabs!

              1. Already happened. After all, everybody knows that the Crusades were caused by a bunch of imperialist Christians attacking a bunch of Muslims who were just hanging out minding their own business.

                1. Mohammed: Hey, Hassan! What’s hangin’?
                  Hassan: Dang it, I can’t get this carpet to take off!
                  Mohammed: Ah, Ablaa is gonna be upset!
                  Hassan: I know. And I had it all planned out so perfectly!
                  Mohammed: What do you mean?
                  Hassan: I was going to take her on a magic carpet ride, get it?

                  Both men laugh.

                  Mohammed: What is that?
                  Hassan: I don’t know.
                  Mohammed: They look…white.
                  Hassan: They look…devilish.
                  Mohammed: OMFG! They’re attacking us!

                  Crusaders singing ‘Song of Rolland’ march on killing everybody in sight.

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                  Mohammed: Crazed looks. We’re doomed!
                  Hassan: Spare us our lives!
                  Mohammed: Why do you forsake us! Have we not captured enough slaves and conquered lands aplenty?

          2. Also why is it called an Axis line?

            Cuz David Frum said so.

    4. Fun connection: this demand originated from the same university that has the largest Austrian/free-market economics department.

      Anyway, wouldn’t the economic illiteracy test mean prosecuting those who are prosecuting the scientific illiterates? On net, this might be a tolerable situation.

      1. You do, of course realize that the “consensus” is that Stimulus and Stimulus II saved the country from Great Depression II, that the Government multiplier is real and ranges between 1.5 and 4, and that the economy is doing very well despite U6 being in double digits, labor participation at an all time low, and interest rates being held at near-zero going on seven years.

        Essentially, Paul Krugman will decide who is economically illiterate. Be careful what you wish for.

        1. Don’t forget: FDR saved us from becoming Somalia and WWII ended the Great Depression I. This is treated as gospel in public schools.

    5. Implementing what I have decided to call the “Piper Protocol” may be in order.

      Named for H. Beam Piper, the SF author who wrote “Lone Star Planet” and originally described the process by which tyrannical politicians may be removed from the equation.

  3. Trofim Lysenko would be pleased.

  4. Ron just gave us homework for the weekend.

    Seriously, though, Ron, thanks for this kind of post. This is the kind of article that makes me donate/ buy books.

    1. For what it’s worth, I buy books and donate based upon the articles that highlight what fat women are shrieking about on college campuses, and the articles that cover the ins and outs of the Twitter lunatic fringe.

      1. We’re not taking about your porn preferences here.

    2. Why would a lazy person like me do homework when I could just wait for Ron or tarran or whomever to post the juicy bits?

  5. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has referred to the FBI the question as to whether people who question the scientific consensus about climate change should be prosecuted.

    The fact that we have a sitting attorney general that would even entertain this as an idea should scare the balls off anyone.

    1. They have shown themselves to be shamelessly authoritarian, how is this a surprise? 5 years from now (if even) it will be openly talked about in congress and before a decade is out we will likely have a vote on it, if we even still vote anymore 😉

    2. And don’t forget, after the California killings, she jumped up with the notion that anti-Islam speech would be prosecuted. She is truly a piece of work. No wonder 1st graders believe they can grow up to be anything they want to be. They can!

      1. Of course, after the San Bernadino shootings it was reported that the neighbors were suspicious of their behavior but said nothing because they were afraid of being called Islamophobic.

        That story was shoved down the memory hole exceedingly fast.

      2. They don’t even have to grow up.

    3. Every senator who confirmed this evil bitch should hop into a woodchipper. For that matter, so should she.

      1. It’s almost over..

    4. I don’t care which side is pushing it …

      This type of thought is dangerous to freedom. We have too many guns in this country to start arresting people based off of inappropriate thought. That will end poorly for everyone.

  6. I find it both fascinating and encouraging that the White House gave them the marijuana talk:

    “Gee, yeah – that’s a real problem, and we’re super-duper concerned about it. The President has said on multiple occasions that he feels real bad about it and wants it to change. Unfortunately, at this time the President simply doesn’t have the authority to direct the Department of Justice to do, well, anything really. Seriously – they’re practically a rogue agency at this point. Perhaps you should write your congressperson.”

  7. First, GMU communications professor Ed Maibach and climatologist Jagadish Shukla were seeking help from various activist groups to get far more than 20 scientists to sign on.

    Couldn’t they also be prosecuted under RICO then? Their whole argument is that allegedly these “deniers” and “heretics” conspired together to mislead the public about the dangers of climate change. So then these assclowns conspired together to get the government to go after the filthy no good heretics on RICO grounds. Is this a case of “it’s OK when ‘right thinking’ people do it?”

    1. Of course. Welcome to 21st Century Jurisprudence.

  8. OT: this has been posted in the comments already, but the FDA fast-tracked a novel cancer treatment.

    The experimental treatment was the brainchild of molecular biologist Matthias Gromeier. By removing a certain genetic sequence and replacing it with material from the common cold virus, the polio would not be able to cause the incapacitating symptoms that once afflicted President Franklin D. Roosevelt and numerous others because it would be unable to reproduce in normal cells.

    However, the altered version of polio could still reproduce in cancer cells?therefore making the cancer susceptible to Lipscomb’s and other patients’ immune systems.

    “All human cancers … develop a shield of protective measures that make them invisible to this immune system,” Gromeier told CBS. “By infecting the tumor, we are actually removing this protective shield and enabling the immune system to attack.”

    While the altered polio virus initiates the fight against the cancer cells, its ability to alert the immune system to the trouble is what often finishes off the virus, the network reported.

    1. Oh, and: yay for genetic modification, right? IFLS and all that.

      1. No sorry, Genetic modification is the devil. Get your Monsanto laced, demon witchcraft out of my sight so I can enjoy my organic, heirloom cancer as intended.

        1. Cancer is the result of genetic modifications, but at least it’s natural modifications and not icky human-directed modification which is always more deadly.

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    1. Did you make enough for the whole class?

      1. Of course not. The whole point was to throw it in people’s faces.

        Although, knowing this crowd, a lot of people here are going to be eating better than me tonight.

        1. I’m eating at the Y. Think I’ll try the skirt steak, too.

          1. You can’t go wrong with skirt.

          2. Dinner at the Y? How early 20th century WASP of you.

            1. Dinner? (Y)

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                ( y )

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          3. Yoshinoya?????

            1. Nice. +1 bowl of salt.

        2. Heh. Pineapple pork and baby field peas with neck bones.

          Not better, but damned good stuff. Took me all of fifteen minutes to prepare.

          1. I have a craving.

            I had satay for lunch at Whole Foods. The beef was dog shit, but the sauce was outstanding. So I’m doing it right tonight.

        3. I like the flavored sculpins but can’t drink more than one or two before I tap out. Then I have the rest of the six pack staring at me for weeks.

  10. It’s very side that he even got a shot at getting this idea to work. Lynch, had she had any real dignity where liberty is concerned, should have laughed this off instead she went with it.

    It’s very bad all around and makes me wonder if they may very well pull this off one day.


  11. OT: Diet used by the world’s oldest woman –

    But Morano mostly cites her eating habits for helped her live so long. “For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk or water,” she said. “Then during the day I eat two eggs ? one raw and one cooked ? just like the doctor recommended when I was 20 years old. For lunch I’ll eat pasta and minced meat then for dinner, I’ll have just a glass of milk.

    Funny, that looks a lot different than the government issued dietary guidelines. Don’t you just fucking love science?

    1. Is she now the oldest woman alive?

    2. Jeanne Louise Calment:

      It has been claimed that Calment smoked cigarettes from the age of 21 (1896) to 117 (1992).[1][15] According to one source, she smoked no more than two cigarettes per day.[16]…

      Calment ascribed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance for her age to a diet rich in olive oil[7] (which she also rubbed onto her skin), as well as a diet of port wine, and ate nearly one kilogram (2.2 lb) of chocolate every week. She also credited her calmness, saying, “That’s why they call me Calment.”[17] Calment reportedly remained mentally intact until her very end.[7]

      Booze, cigs, grease and chocolate. I gonna live forever.

      1. I meant current not all-time.

        Also. Let’s stop talking about this. Don’t want to wake Crusty up.

  12. Man beats woman in the middle of the street as onlookers laugh. Psychologist suggests that people didn’t help her because the man may have had a gun. Evidently guns only protect people who beat women.

    1. It’s Philly. When people continuously put others into power, who then turn around and tell you that you don’t deserve to have guns, eventually, people live their lives that way.

      And no one will do anything to change it.

      1. Everybody knows that everyone in Philadelphia is a piece of shit, because it’s such a piece of shit town. If the people who lived there weren’t all pieces of shit, then the entire city wouldn’t be one.

        Their only achievements in the post-colonial era are a fictional retarded boxer and a sandwich. The Eagles suck, the Flyers suck, the 76ers really suck, and the Phillies suck. Everything about that place sucks.

        1. Now, don’t be shy; tell us what you really think about Philadelphia.

          1. The only cheesesteak shop around me has a bunch of Eagles and Temple shit all over their restaurant. I went to Texas Tech. You can look up the logos for Texas Tech and Temple University online.

            A few months ago, the retarded guy who runs the place (he’s from Philly, of course) confused my Tech hoodie with Temple, and gave me a free side of fries.

        2. I don’t get it.

          Why don’t you like-like Philadelphia?

          1. Hey dude, I not only got to go to the game on Sat., and be the only blue jersey in my section, but went on a drunken rampage Wed. night at the local watering hole, again as the only blue jersey in a sea of green.

            Thankfully they all know me so they put up with it instead of kicking my ass. The troll in my loves it when the city I root for beats the city I live in. So…much…live action…trolling.

            1. *troll in me

            2. You’re one of those, eh?

              1. HAHA, you’re Canadian, and you said, “eh”.


    2. So the it turns out the gang from Paddy’s pub are a fairly representative sample.

    3. Have you met the Philadelphia Police Department?

      Anyone who tries to help the woman risks getting shot by the trigger happy cops.

  13. Good to see UCUSA decline, right Ronald?

    Interesting to note that they condemned Lamar Smith’s attempt at discrediting science because he disagreed with its findings. They had this to say when he attempted to get all emails from scientists involved in a study at NOAA

    ” The most disturbing aspect of the ever more aggressive tactics that Rep. Smith is using to attack NOAA is the effect on scientists everywhere. To me, opening a congressional investigation complete with a subpoena into a single published paper is an effort to turn the process of scientific inquiry and into a legal and political process. If Mr. Smith is successful, it may not be peer reviewers’ comments that will help shape research publications, as much as legal strategies. That is not the way to foster the creativity and spirit of inquiry for American science, inside or outside federal agencies. But isn’t that fostering of science exactly what the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is supposed to do?”

    Indeed it’s what it’s supposed to do. Of course, you supported that attempt at stifling science.

    1. Good grief Jackass. The sheer volume of what you don’t understand is truly amazing.

      Everything about your post is not even wrong.

      1. No surprise that Jackass cites the Union of Concerned Scientist propaganda. Of course for Jackass there is nothing suspicious about adjusting the ARGO buoys temperature readings with NMATs. It’s not like Karl hasn’t been caught supressing data before.

  14. The absurdity of all of this is just astounding.

    If you have a case, make it. If it is a good case it will stand on its own.

    If you are peddling bullshit then tell lies, doctor data, and prosecute people who disagree with you.

    1. Yep that’s how science is supposed to work.The NOAA study isn’t unscientific because of it’s claims, it’s unscientific because the NOAA refuses to release it’s methodology or raw data. And their argument is that some people might misrepresent their data to contradict their findings.

      In every other scientific field, claims not backed by evidence are technically called, “making shit up.” I know that’s a lot of technical jargon for the fucking-loving-science crowd to understand. But the basic idea of every scientific finding is that you put it out there, and if you’re right, you’re right, and if you’re wrong then accept some useful criticism and go back to the drawing board.

      If you don’t like that system, well then I have a cold fusion reactor, a perpetual motion machine, and a tiger repelling rock on my desk I’d like to sell to you.

      1. The tiger repelling rock might actually work, if you can throw it hard enough and hit what you aim at.

  15. Cameron is a cheap, second hand car salesman.

  16. I’m going to still be at work for another two hours. Bummer.

    Who is going to stay here with me?

    Besides Eddie. I know he’s always here, replying to himself in the dark watches of the night.

    1. Shhh… Trying to drink.

      1. Molson keg. 5 bucks a cup.

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          1. Tell me about it. I switched shifts, so I get tomorrow off.

            1. Gonna be chili in the high country tonight. Have fun. Next time, give a brother some notice and I’ll bring the party favors.

              1. Will do. We could always hit Denver at some point.

    2. Sup? I post cat videos.

      1. And a grand calling that is. And the really important thing about Grand Moff’s news story below is that the Angels still lost to the might Cards. Suck it, Welch! Go Blues! Go Cards!

        1. Damn, that’s like half an hour from me.

          I sure as shit hope my cats don’t wind up living that long.

    3. I’m here for you, Gojira.

      *adjusts sights on scope*

      1. Pfft, there’s nothing small enough to take a scope that can hurt a kaiju, sucka!

      2. If there was still such a thing as income tax, then every year when Commodious Spittoon filled out his 1040 form he would put down, as his occupation, “sniper.”

        1. Honestly? I’m not convinced anyone even looks at those things unless you’re making over ninety grand a year.

    4. I’m on the road to Leadville. I’m bringing a keg. Hope you get out of work soon

      1. Colorado?

        1. Yeah, most of my friends live up there.
          /ski bum life

          1. I was a ski bum. 25 years ago. Sigh

      2. (perks up ears) Leadville? Keg?

      1. That steering wheel is on the wrong side.

        1. No, it’s on the right.

          1. Commie.

    5. How do you tell time with dark watches at night?

  17. Top government scientist says reefer is bad for you.

    Heavy marijuana use can boost blood levels of a particular protein, perhaps raising a person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke, U.S. government researchers said on Tuesday.

    Dr. Jean Lud Cadet of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health, said the findings point to another example of long-term harm from marijuana.


    1. Meh, it’s basically saying that smoking weed probably has some of the side effects as smoking. I’ve never been one one of those people who believed the claims that weed cures everything. I’m not saying it’s going to kill you if you take a puff, but like cigarettes, there probably are some long term health risks.

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  21. Now THAT’S how science is done. At the barrel of a gun.

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