Brickbat: You Were Asking for Trouble


Credit: RubyGoes / photo on flickr

An Austrian woman attacked by four migrants from Afghanistan in a train station says when she reported the crime police officers told her she should not have been using public transportation after 8 p.m. and told her to dye her blonde hair another color.

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  1. This is after the E.U. wants to fine countries for not taking enough ‘migrants’ in.And Him Self in Turkey continues his autocratic ways while the E.U. begs him to behave.Europe’s a mess. I don’t blame the Brits for wanting out.

    1. Britain’s on its own inescapable path to hell, I assure you.

      1. So true,but,I really like Newcastle ale and Samuel Smith oat meal stout. so ,they got that going for ’em.

  2. Meek degenerates. Are cops useful for anything?

    1. Generating revenue.

    2. When Muslims run a country, the cops are there for the prevention of vice and the promotion of virtue.

      And, like Austria, the cops in Muslim countries make sure that dhimmis behave like good dhimmis.

      1. Plus, they share the common goal of putting down as many dogs as possible.

  3. Asked what she would say if she saw the men that attacked again, she replied: “Nothing, I would simply spray pepper-spray in their faces.”

    That’s hate talk. Arrest her.

    1. should replace pepper spray with .380 rounds…

      1. 9mm at a minimum; while there has been significant improvement in bullets and ballistics, I just would not rely on a .380 for effective self defense, though many do.

  4. Must be that culturally-enriching diversity Reason open-borders zealots like Shihka implore Western countries to welcome and accept in the greatest numbers possible (else u r racist).

  5. Law enforcement officers all over the world are the same. They simply want to solve crimes. And the quicker they solve them, the better. So when this person walked into their station so brazenly, with blonde hair and female genitalia, they knew they had their man. Busted. Walking around in public at all hours? BUSTED.

    That why when you call police to investigate your burgled home, they will point out the window you hadn’t reinforced. Busted. Or the valuables you’ve been storing out in the open in your home. BUSTED.

  6. One more data point for feminists to be silent about

    1. walk softly and carry a big fucking gub

  7. *She says*. Let’s not going jumping to conclusions here, remember we’re only hearing one side of the story. We don’t actually know what happened before the woman made the report, these good officers may very well have had good reason to fear for their safety when faced with having to make a split-second decision in a life-or-death situation. If you’ve never worn the uniform, you have no idea what it’s like and really have no business spreading rumors and misinformation and misguided opinions about this matter you know nothing about. Let’s wait for a full and fair investigation before we conclude that the police were following standard procedure, even if unfortunate mistakes were made in this tragic situation. These brave heroes are, after all, under-staffed, under-paid, and under-appreciated and the training budget was severely slashed in the latest round of budget-cutting.

  8. I suppose these are the “civilized” Europeans we’re told by leftists that we should imitate? Someone may want to consult a dictionary; I don’t think “civilized” has quite the same meaning as “castrated”.

    1. Europeans aren’t civilized, they’re decayed.

      1. there you go putting lipstick on the pig…Europe has always been a shithole. Civilized, my hairy red ass

  9. The only glimmer of hope I derive from these sick and twisted events is that it will eventually become so absurd and intolerable that people will take over their ineffective, misguided, perverse, idiotic, pathological and sick governments that do absolutely nothing in their interests.

    Call me a dreamer, but am I the only one?

  10. “Give up your guns”, they said… “We’ll protect you”, they said…

  11. This story seemed so outrageous, I wondered if it were really true, or if it came from a satirical “news” site like The Onion. And it seems I was right to wonder. At the bottom of the linked story, it says

    Story courtesy of Central European News

    And what is Central European News? Apparently, it is not a very reputable news source. See, for example, this article.

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