Campus Free Speech

The Office of Inclusive Excellence Sounds Like a Cult

Milo Yiannopoulos elicits predictable condemnation from the University of California-Irvine.


Milo Yiannopoulos
Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos / Youtube

The University of California-Irvine's vice provost for academic equity, diversity and inclusion wants everyone on campus to know that he is very distressed about the appearance of some politically incorrect posters on campus. Safe spaces are available, he says.

The posters advertise Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos's upcoming visit to campus. "Make American Gay Again," reads one. "Social Justice is Cancer," says another. Yiannopoulos's speaking series, which has generated similar controversies at a host of other campuses, is called "The Dangerous Faggot Tour." (Yiannopoulos is openly gay.)

Yiannopoulos's shtick involves deliberate provocation. One could even say that he is trying to reclaim faggot, a word that understandably offends a lot of people, although context should matter.

But Vice Provost Douglas Haynes, who heads the Office of Inclusive Excellence, branded these expressions "forms of bias," (a serious allegation at a college campus) and reminded students that "bigotry has no place on campus." His email is worth reading in full. Here it is, courtesy of The Tab:

Screenshot via The Tab

"By expecting equity, supporting diversity and practicing inclusion, each of us can fortify our collective sense of community."

"One way to strengthen the bonds of community is to utilize the programming resources that the LGBT Resource Center sponsors. I myself benefited from Safe Zone training."

"There are now hundreds of staff and faculty who have completed this training. There is always room for more allies."

"Expect equity, support diversity and practice inclusion!"

Two things. First, Haynes' eager repetition of meaningless buzzwords—Inclusive excellence! Collective sense of community! Ideological re-programming!—is both humorous and a little creepy, when one considers that his goal is to eliminate controversial expression from campus.

Second, I might have expected the Office of Inclusive Excellence to support, well, inclusion: inclusion for pro-LGBT activists, inclusion for people like Yiannopolous who have a different opinion on the issues, inclusion for everybody. In UC-Irvine's usage, inclusion appears to mean conformity (the better for "fortifying our collective sense of community," I guess.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: look, college administrators, 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

(Disclaimer for the easily misled: I emphatically disagree with Yiannopoulos on a great many things—including the merits of Donald Trump, immigration policy, and whether the alt-right is just a bunch of racists—which is all the more reason to engage him.)

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  1. Theory: Milo and Robby are the same person.
    ..or share the same fabulous wig

    1. How dare you!

    2. You son of a bitch! That blonde basket is real!!!!!

    3. Then my fanfics make no sense. ;0

    4. ..or share the same fabulous wig

      The Hair shares them.

  2. As a UC Irvine alum I can state pretty confidently that this shit was not a thing a few years ago.

    1. I’m going to take a wild guess and say 85% of the student body laughs at these people.

      1. Does it matter when the 15% run the school?

        1. The 85% laughs to cover up their fear of being seen eating a taco.

          1. And they are still paying for all these worthless PHD administrators that eat up the UC budget and cause the wailing about student loan debt.

      2. That’s a conservative estimate. The people in student government are either social science/humanities majors doing it to pad their resumes or the sniveling little shits that populate the SJW/free shit brigade.

        There’s very little campus life because it’s in the middle of suburbia and a large number of students commute.

        1. Yes, I was the stereotypical UCI commuter student. I mostly minded my own business and kept to myself in between the pub and class, as most of the other students did. Sometimes the snivelers would get a bit in your face with their agenda, during Israeli “Apartheid” week, for example.

          1. We have so much in common!

      3. I probably go (or went) to a school more conservative than most. Small one in the South. Sadly, 85% of the other students weren’t even smart enough to laugh at the idiots. Or at least didn’t have the balls to do so. The fringe leftwing opinions were always given grave consideration and at least lipservice.

        1. Sort of like a Robbie article.

  3. If faggotry was really so offensive, would they have repeated it in the letter? You’d never see them write out nigger in a letter and send it out.

    1. It would be highly amusing to see demonstrations outside this guy’s office building by people who object to him using the word “faggotry” in an email sent to the student body.

      I didn’t think I’d be citing “Life of Bryan” favorably, but some parts of it seem aimed at modern leftism. There’s the Stan/Loretta scene, and there’s John Cleese’s priest presiding at the stoning, who ends up doing the same thing he’s having the guy stoned for – saying Jehovah.

      1. (throws rock)

      2. Look on the bright side, the Stan who wants to be Loretta joke just got much more interesting.

      3. And now you’ve put that song in my head.

        Thanks for nothing.

        1. Perhaps I am incorrect, Rufus, yet Nothing seems to be oft recurring in that song.

      4. I don’t know how or when fag became the f-word. 30 years ago it was the self-descriptive term of art – in the gay community in my area anyway. Remember fag-hags? All of my gay friends referred to them by this term. They also referred to each other this way. It was on par with “you old queen” or other such affectionate appellations.

        Remember Dire Straits “Money for Nothing”? I don’t remember a great hue and cry at the time. 25 years later they started bleeping it out on the radio.

        Who gets to be the arbiter of this stuff? It really is stupid at an epic level. There is no such thing as a magic word. Context is the only thing that matters. Plus we keep tossing aside perfectly descriptive and well-understood terms for less accurate and less useful terms. People as a group really are idiots. (or whatever the appropriate term for “low intelligence” is these days)

        1. Individuals really are idiots too – like those individuals who had never heard of the alt-right before today.

          1. I still don’t think I’ve heard of it. The definition seems to be “things that I don’t like”.

            Anything that lumps libertarians in with white supremacists, nationalists and monarchists can’t be an actual thing.

        2. I remember a cartoon from the 1980’s called “The Horrible Old Fag-Hag”. I think it used to be published in Hustler. I always think of it when I read an article by Nick Gillespie.

  4. (Disclaimer for the easily misled: I emphatically disagree with Yiannopoulos on a great many things?including the merits of Donald Trump, immigration policy, and whether the alt-right is just a bunch of racists?which is all the more reason to engage him.)

    Tired of your faggotry, Soave. The WashPo isn’t going to hire you regardless.

    1. How dare he assume any of us are easily misled.

      The presumptions. Dick move, Soave.

  5. In addition to triggering cissexuals who esteem Roy Rogers and Dale Evans as role models, Haynes prose is enough to scare Roy’s horse.

    1. OK. We get it.

      A ‘Trigger’ warning.

  6. Milo Yiannopoulos

    I keep reading this dude’s name in Reason blogposts like I should know who he is.

    1. If you have to ask, you’re just not With It.

    2. He’s bigger than Roosh-meets-Trigglypuff

      1. I just read his Wikipage. So yeah, looks like he’s a professional troll. Claims he became gay to troll his parents, then when he discovered that gayness was celebrated and congratulated by everyone, he now wants to be straight.

        1. If you’re going to be a troll, a campus is the place to do it.

        2. Pretty sure from his open flirting and what I’ve seen reposted of his twitter page that he is openly flaming gay. Not sure why his wikipage would say otherwise.

            1. Milo is, though.

              1. They are the same person. Robby shared a link saying so.

                1. I’m really not sure where that idea came from. I guess it’s just because I knew of Milo from outside of Reason, so it just seems really weird to compare the two.

            2. And Milo Yiannopoulos is not a cuck. So let’s just call it even.

            3. Reality is a social construct, OK?

      2. I made the mistake of watching a little clip of him in action just because it sounded like the guy might have some good points. I had to watch a couple of minutes because I figured surely the first minute wasn’t some one-off example of when he was badly off his game, but I don’t think so. I have to suspect this is the “anti-SJW” crowd totemizing a gay guy. If he weren’t gay he would be no big deal, but since he’s one of the rare gay guys on “our” side we have to bend over backward to make sure everybody knows how much we love the gays. Like trotting out Ben Carson as the totem black guy or Ann Coulter as the totem woman to show how much we like the blacks and the womens. I’m not sure if they trot out Joe Arpaio as the totem Mexican to show how much they love the Hispanics.

        1. we have to bend over backward to make sure everybody knows how much we love the gays.

          You’re doing it wrong

        2. If he weren’t gay he would be no big deal, but since he’s one of the rare gay guys on “our” side we have to bend over backward to make sure everybody knows how much we love the gays.

          No, they don’t.

          1. Cultural libertarianism is essentially libertarianism of the penis.

            I like this line.

            What’s awesome about being a libertarian – everyone hates you.

            1. Including other libertarians!

          2. If I may be so bold as to speak for TRS as a whole, The Right Stuff has a nonnegotiable objective: the establishment of a White country in North America that will advance our interests. If Whites don’t look out for themselves, nobody will. This is a goal shared to a large degree by Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, and the Alternative Right blog. Most in neoreaction would agree with the premise that race is of great importance to politics.

            Tory Scot doesn’t sound like a generic “anti-SJW” guy.

          3. Well damn, when I was talking about “our” side I wasn’t talking about “that” side.

        3. If he weren’t gay he would be no big deal, but since he’s one of the rare gay guys on “our” side we have to bend over backward to make sure everybody knows how much we love the gays.

          No. People love him because he is effective against the SJWs. One reason he is effective is because being gay makes him relatively immune to the usual identity politics attacks to dismiss anyone that disagrees with him.

          1. Demonstrating that a lot of people hate SJW’s even more than they hate gays. Progress!

    3. He’s a troll who somehow managed to escape the internet, like a reverse Max Headroom.

      1. What’s the problem with Soave? He seems OK to me.

    4. He’s a flaming gay british reporter for Breitbart. He made his name in SJW circles when he did reporting on Gamergate and started posting email chains from video game reporters colluding to spin in the same direction (yes, they were real. They were so real that some of the reporters tried to explain what they had ‘really’ meant.). He has since found that his status as a gay man who won’t toe the prog party line makes him infamous to the campus safe space types. He’s been making bank on it ever since by just showing up on campuses and letting the campus left prove all his points for him.

      1. Pretty much this. He’s got their number and they can’t stand it.

    5. He does do an admirable job of offending and running circles around feminists on the talk show circuit.

  7. Fuck disclaimers and the easily mislead. The easily mislead have called me “racist” “sexist” and every other slur in the book.

    1. I just insult them right back, I don’t waste time trying to defend myself.

  8. Sounds like? This is shit is a cult. Just sit down and do a thorough comparison of campus SJW indoctrination and Scientology or something, in terms of organization, tactics, tools of social control, objectives.

    1. I ran across this a while back. Can’t tell if it is a ‘just so’ story that conforms to my biases or not, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

      1. Damn, I recognize a lot of those techniques of dragging people into your in-crowd cult from back in the day when they were trying to get me to drop my BOC addiction and get into the disco groove.

        Seriously, I think a lot of this is just some mundanely profound explication of what we used to call “peer pressure”. That’s how peer-pressure works, gets you to buy into whatever the in-group is selling and reject what the nerds are into. It works fine on adolescents who haven’t yet figured out what they want to be beyond part of the in-group. And getting people to join your in-group reinforces the idea that it is in fact the in-group. NBD, it’s how the Moose Lodge and the Elk’s Club compete for members too, I’m sure.

        1. I doubt the Moose Club tells you to cut friends out of your life because they are the enemy or to ruthlessly criticize your family.

        2. That’s very true. Many of the things she talks about is stuff that everyone does as part of human beings interacting. I think the part about cutting off family is where it crosses the line, though. When people start encouraging you to stop speaking with your family if they don’t fall in line with some view point or another you’ve moved pretty firmly into cult territory.

    2. Do they have their own navy?

    3. This is shit is a cult.

      It’s not a cult when it *rules*, it is a theocracy.

      The Progressive Theocracy.

  9. I like that they accuse a gay guy who proudly trumpets how fabulously gay he is of being a “homophobe”. You know, self-loathing Jews carry a lot of baggage, but a gay guy who actually is irrationally afraid of himself must be a sight to behold. But I guess at least it’s good that he’s too afraid to beat himself up over it.

  10. So, you would prefer the office of inclusive mediocrity? Which admittedly might actually attain what the title aspires to.

    1. Mediocrity is putting it charitably.

  11. Proud to be a Class of ’15 alum!

    *takes dump in 3rd floor Langson library bathroom*

    1. Which bathroom – the cisgendered ladies’ room, the cis men’s room, the cis and trans men’s room, the cis, trans and allies ladies’ room, or the hermaphroditic Marxist room?

      1. Funnily enough, the only transgender “inclusive” bathrooms I recall from my time there were located in the campus Starbucks.

    2. Go Anteaters!

      *takes dump on apartment carpet*

      1. The tongue of an anteater can have some interesting applications.

      2. They’re mascot is uncircumcised?

        1. The anteater was the first animal that was circumcised in the wild.

          (read it on the Internet)

  12. The dean talks of “fortifying our collective sense of community,” but why should a huge school have a sense of community like a tribe? When I was in school it was ok for the frats to be distinct from the hippies and the technical schools (ag, forestry, veterinary) were different from those. The only thing people agreed on was football, and not even everyone for that. This insistence on college being like summer camp, with group singing and marshmallow roasting is insane. A collective sense of community means that you can’t have 2 political parties, or any disagreements about anything. Only when you recognize that a society means leaving others alone, working to compromise and convince others, and respecting everyone’s rights can a republic function.

    1. A collective sense of community leads to people being more willing to donate to the school in general and a willingness to go along with ideas passed down from the administration. Money and power are best served by centralizing identity on campus.

    2. Goes against the whole point of school as a breeding ground for new ideas, frankly. If everyone’s in this Happy Sunshine World where we all agree with each other, where the hell do we get our Galileos from?

      1. the whole point of school as a breeding ground

        ugh. Rape Culture.

  13. Disclaimer for the easily misled:

    That’s rich coming from the guy who accepts damn near every SJW/leftoid premise before he makes his watered down arguments.

    1. 160, fuck yeah. I gave myself extra privilege points for being an attorney in private practice, thus using my powers for evil.

      1. You’d think i’d be good at this, but it seems to have nothing to do with Equity markets.

      2. I love my white privilege. It’s awesome.

    2. Christ, 25 points for being a Jew? They’re not even trying to hide the jewhate anymore.

      1. I suspect a lot of the SJWs manage to neutralize a lot of their biological/demographic privileges by being honest w/ themselves about their retardation and lack of sex-appeal.

      2. -15 if you can’t add it up? That’s mathist.

      3. -15 if you can’t add it up? That’s mathist.

  14. How brave of you to note your disagreements with Milo. Why, other than virtue signalling. Coward.

    1. virtue signalling.

      you’ve just earned +2 H&R points. Earn 100 to receive a free “Team Misanthrope” T-shirt

      1. a free “Team Misanthrope” T-shirt

        Ooh, I want one.

        1. Me too!

          1. I would’ve wanted one but now that its fucking trending…

  15. “Bigotry has no place here or anywhere”.

    Too bad you’re not the dean of anywhere, asshole.

    1. ^This.

      “Bigotry has no place here or anywhere”.

      Tell ’em, SteveDave!!!

    2. “Unless we’re the ones being bigots.”

    3. Fucken-a.

      Or is it ‘Fucken-A’?

      1. You’re Canadian, so it would be “Fucken-ay”

        1. Now I’m really confused.

          /reaches for Ritz crackers.

      2. It’s Chick-Fil-A

  16. OT: “Trending” behavior on Facebook: going to Bernie’s page, clicking the “report” button, next page clicking the “it’s a scam” button

    1. Done.

        1. I don’t do very well with multiple choice when 3 out of 5 are the correct answer.

  17. The University of California-Irvine’s vice provost for academic equity, diversity and inclusion…

    aaaand I’m out.

  18. “But Vice Provost Douglas Haynes, who heads the Office of Inclusive Excellence”

    Get a real fucking job Dougie. And maybe a hair cut.

    1. Dude, most excellent.

  19. Yiannopoulos is trolling the shit out of them, which is what they deserve. No, the PC Nazi brigade deserve much worse than that, they deserve to be laughed out of society and treated with worse revulsion than plague infested rats.

  20. Can excellence be inclusive? Seems to me that excellence is necessarily exclusive: you can only be excellent at something if you’re better at it then others, which means they are not included in the excellence.

    It should be the Office of Inclusive Mediocrity.

    1. Diana Moon Glampers can be the dean.

  21. I for one am tired of ethnicky sounding names.

    If you want to foster a collective sense of community everyone has to have similar names. You know, to fit in. I mean, it worked for Dean Martin, right?

    So Milo Yiannopoulos should consider dropping his ethnicity. How about Miles Vanberry?

    1. Why do you hate the downtrodden Greeks?

    2. Kilometer VanBerry. He’s Greek-British after all.

      1. Since he’s British, Kilometer LorryBerry.

        1. But if was American… he’d be Kyle Truckcherry. Boom, Milo’s non-ethnic name.

    1. Holy fucking shit, why would you do that to anyone, you sadistic bastard!

  22. Also, this must be noted.

  23. Caption contest!

    “Hey, a black person. Just like the one I know.”

    1. “Oh look, Black Muslims! So cute!’

      1. ‘Keep walking kids. Crazy cracker lady is contagious!’

      2. “Bye bye Fiona and Noah, have a great day with your nanny while mummy protests! Make sure you eat your tofu!”

    2. “Codepink still exists?”

      1. Code: “finally there’s a republican on the stage so we can protest something”

  24. This kind of shit was predicted way back in 1969.…..-prophecy/

    1. It’s just more proof to sane people that we are being led by a gang of imbeciles. They have no idea what to do with real problems, so they bait idiots with shiny objects.

    2. So….commerce clause?

      And I’m sure Gillespie and ENB approve.

    3. The Emperor decrees …

      Let it be written! Let it be done!

  25. Not all gays are faggots, and not all faggots are gay. Some gays are faggots, but they’re faggots for reasons besides being gay. Those same reasons make some straight men faggots, too. Basically, if you don’t want to be called a faggot, don’t be such a goddamn faggot.

    1. A small short faggot was also called a nicket.

      Wikipedia is fun.

  26. How out of touch am I? How long has “alt-right” been a term? Did I have a minor stroke and just lose that part of my memory? I’ve never heard of it before, and suddenly it is something I’m just supposed to know as background knowledge.

      1. Also, I can’t figure out why a decidedly corporatist attitude toward dictating how and who businesses hire, wedded to a nationalist attitude, is considered right-of-center, but apparently it’s “alt-right.”

    1. so wikipedia sez

      Although there is no official ideology associated with the alt-right, various sources say it includes beliefs such as Dark Enlightenment, libertarianism, monarchism, nativism, right-wing populism, business nationalism, identitarianism, white nationalism, antisemitism, racialism, white supremacy and American secessionism.[1][2][5]

      Wait, what? Libertarians are alt-right, along with white nationalists and right wing populists?

      WTF? Who came up with this incoherent mess. Most of those terms are fundamentally incompatible with the word libertarian.

      1. It’s the leftist urge to denigrate libertarians whenever and wherever they can, whether or not it makes sense. I really can’t figure out why we’re so despised as such a marginal group, except perhaps that we’re always proving them heinously wrong.

        1. It is fairly obvious why you libertarians are such a bogeyman to the left: a totalitarian tendency is sweeping through the activist left and libertarian ideals are about as diametrically opposed to totalitarianism as you can get.

        2. Do they not like ass-sex and weed?

      2. It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s just another attempt to forcefully paint those “wacky libertarians” as the party of those “not in touch with the reality of the world and stuff.”

      3. Who came up with this incoherent mess

        Probably SPLC.

      4. It’s how they can characterize all Enemies as part of a monolithic Great Satan that hates all that is good in the world. See, they see behind our facade, and realize that deep down we really want to restore the dominance of White Male Anglo-Saxon Capitalist Christian Nazi Guelphism.

    2. Did I have a minor stroke and just lose that part of my memory?

      Did you wake up in an abandoned hospital? Are you Rick Grimes?

      1. My post was directed at Johnny Canuck, not you LD.

    3. Hmm….how do we square your ignorance with your frequent averments that so many of us here are stupid?

      1. Cyto is not Cytotoxic, Einstein.

        1. He’s not?

          1. Obviously. Cytotoxic is toxic to Cyto.

            1. Or:
              Cyto is not Toxic.

            2. No, I’m the guy who loudly proclaimed to anyone who would listen that there is no way in hell that anyone would actually pull the lever for Trump when it came time to cast a vote that counts. Holy crap did I get that wrong. You could have taken a year’s pay from me on that one.

              Of course, I also couldn’t see how Obama could possibly win re-election having presided over 4 years of a completely moribund economy and with a real (not government numbers) unemployment number that was probably approaching great depression levels.

              I clearly do not have my finger on the pulse of the people. But then you knew that, because we are on a libertarian website. Nobody here has a clue what or how “people” think. It kinda goes with the territory.

  27. “I myself benefited from Safe Zone training.”

    Indeed. “Remember, the rubber lines are for your convenience and protection.”

    1. Kenny Loggins is not impressed.

  28. One way to strengthen the bonds of community is to utilize the programming resources that the LGBT Resource Center sponsors. I myself benefited from Safe Zone training.

    But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

  29. I myself benefited from Safe Zone training.

    Sounds like something a sissy would say.


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  31. “Collective community”.

  32. That they run an event called the Anteater Equity Games tells me all I need to know.


  33. Sadly, Douglas M. Haynes will never understand that he has perfectly captured the tone of a Soviet wall poster.

  34. UCI has long been an embarrassment. Not too long ago, it was a haven for Muslim activists.

  35. Everyone knows that “faggot” has nothing to do with homosexuals anymore. It refers to obnoxious Harley riders who rev their engines and ruin everyone’s nice time. Okay, they *do* look like gay pirates.
    Hat tip: South Park

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  37. That’s because they are.

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