Brickbat: Knocking in the Doors


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The European Commission says member countries will have to accept migrants under a quota plan or face a fine of 250,000 euros for each migrant the country refuses to admit. Under the plan announced by European Union leaders, Turkish citizens will also gain visa-free travel throughout the EU to reward that country for its role in the migrant crisis.

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  1. Maybe the E.C has over reached on this one? Do they even pay attention to what’s going on in Europe?

    1. In the words of Old Hickory, “He’s made his decision, now let him enforce it.”

    2. When King Canute commanded the tides to turn back, he was trying to demonstrate that he was not all-powerful. The European Commission would expect the tides to turn around and march back out to sea.

  2. The League of Nations has spoken. Everyone will just have to get in line, like the last time the League did something.

    1. You know who dropped out of the League?

      1. Barry Sanders?

      2. Churchill?

        1. I guess Bruce Wayne would be more accurate

      3. Larry Sanders

        Oh, wait, that’s the Association, not the League. Damn!

    2. Pete Rose?

  3. A suggestion that could only be made by unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats who will never be personally affected.

    1. Fuck off peasant, know your place.

  4. This could get fun.

    1. Especially with a new UK referendum coming up.

      1. Yeah,nothing like edicts from on high to fan the flames. Then again,the European political class has no time for the serfs.

  5. Even with the fine, it seems like the xenophobes are getting off cheap. At 250,000 Euros per refugee, that’s still cheaper than setting them up with housing benefits and a K-12 education.

    1. I don’t think they get to amortize the $250k, though.

      1. I think they will simply refuse to pay.

        1. It’ll be interesting to see what the EU does if that happens. Either they double down and start getting even more punitive, pushing disaffected member states out of the union, or they back down and tacitly admit that they European unity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Regardless, the EU ends up weaker.

          1. I bet they will double down.

            It’s Europe. It’s run by technocrats.

          2. One of the problems with the EU, as I understand, is that they don’t enforce their laws. For example, as I understand, immigrants to the EU can only travel so far as the country they land in, but they now roam about the continent shopping for the best welfare. So I suspect there will be no enforcement of this fine.

            1. Enforcement is via the ECB. They don’t need to have authority or enforcement power in the countries themselves, they can get what they want by manipulating monetary policy. The problem for the EU is that at some point people say “fuck it” and decide that being on the Euro is not worth being forced to act against their own interests.

              1. The problem for the EU is that at some point people say “fuck it” and decide that being on the Euro is not worth being forced to act against their own interests.

                Yes, and that may get rolling when/if Britain leaves the EU.

                1. There’s arleady about 50% of the continental member states’ populations that want their own referenda, and that’s before britain has voted.

  6. Free travel through Europe? Who would want that? Europe’s lousy with migrants!

  7. Brexit!!

    Surely this will not affect British citizen’s decision whether to stay in the EU.

  8. I am guessing after racking up huge fines the offending countries will just ask to borrow the money from the EU to pay them?

    Letting Turkish citizens travel visa-free throughout Europe? What could go wrong? I really had to laugh at that one. The Goat Fucker is already using the invaders as leverage to enforce his whims about the minutia of life in Europe and they hand him this trump card? This is like watching a SNL skit.

    1. This is like watching a SNL skit.

      SNL isn’t cynical enough for this.

      Merkel and her EU cronies are bending over backwards for Erdogan so he keeps the flow of “refugees” into Europe in check, meanwhile offloading the cost of bearing the “refugees” onto Eastern Europe, all so they can appear “open” and “tolerant” without any of the messy consequences.

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  10. Wait, is borderless travel for anyone who want it the ideal or a brickbat?

    1. The brickbat is the fine

  11. Do they want to get Trump elected? Because that is how you get Trump elected.

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