Millennials Love Canada

They're also into Australia, the U.K., the U.S., and the former Axis powers, but not so hot for Israel or South Africa.



O Canada! True patriot love in all thy sons command—and in sons and daughters around the world, too, apparently. A new survey finds that Canada outranks many more exotic locales when it comes to capturing young people's fancy. 

The survey, commissioned by U.S. News and World Report, polled people around the world about their attitudes toward and perceptions of 60 different countries, with questions covering economic, cultural, and other matters. U.S. News then used this data to rank countries in global popularity.

Among 18- to 35-year-olds—a group that yielded about 5,800 survey respondents—Canada came out on top, with the United States landing in fifth place. Among people of all ages, Canada came in second, with Germany taking the top spot and the U.S. at number four.  

Here are the 15 countries that millennials viewed most positively, based on U.S. News' aggregated scores: 1) Canada, 2) Germany, 3) United Kingdom, 4) Japan, 5) United States, 6) Australia, 7) Sweden, 8) France, 9) Denmark, 10) Netherlands, 11) New Zealand, 12) China, 13) Italy, 14) Spain, and 15) Austria. Asked directly which country they they thought would be best to live in, millennials chose Australia most frequently. Canada came in second here, followed by Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, the U.K., the United States, Ireland, and Spain. 

"Compared to perceptions of the broader population, millennials are especially keen on Latin America," U.S. News noted. "Argentina jumped nine spots up to No. 31 in the Best Countries ranking when assessed by millennials only, while Panama and Chile ranked five and six spots better, respectively." But millennials were significantly less keen on Israel and South Africa than the general population was. 

Brazil was seen as the best country for millennial dating, followed by Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. The countries viewed as best for dating millennial women were New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, while the countries seen as best for courting millennial men were Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, and Spain. 

Thailand was the country seen by millennials as having the most "economic potential," followed by India, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore. China was viewed by millennials as the best place to start a career, followed by Germany, the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. 

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  1. When I think of good places to date, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t even cross my mind.

    1. Saudi girls are easy. Just let her hold the wheel for a few minutes while letting her hair flow in the breeze.

      1. Saudi girls are easy.

        “Hey baby, I won’t viciously beat you.”

        It could work…

    2. But they do have a large millennial generation.

      Does seem an odd one. I have a hard time imagining coming up with that in response to a question about dating.

      1. Easy: girls want to marry an oil sheikh.

          1. I was more specific with my answer!

      2. Lots of Filipinas go there to work as basically indentured servants, and don’t have any legal recourse when pervy dudes perv. A certain type of male, who may or may not post PUA shit on libertarian blogs, is way into that.

  2. Canada came out on top

    Yes, because it is America’s hat. It is on top of America.


  3. Canada has a much better national anthem than America’s droning flag-dirge.

    1. As usual, Hugh, you’re wrong. “The Star-Spangled Banner” is set to a tune that was written specifically to be sung while getting plastered and having generally an awesome time. “Oh, Canada” is just something you say when you remember Canada exists.

      1. Oh…Canada.

      2. And at the start of certain NHL games.

        1. But not playoff games.

          1. You have to travel to Russia to listen to it these days.

      3. Alright … time for an oldie but goodie, and I hoep Rufus approves.

        You know where the name Canada came from, right?

        Used to be the Commonwealth Northern Dominions. Long ass name, a real mouthful, and the Brits formed a Royal Commission to study the matter. They had lots of ideas, all dreadful (Sir Hugoland, etc), until some local wit suggested they just abbreviate it. “What do you mean, old chap?” “Well, C, eh? N, eh? D, eh?”

        And so it was.

    2. Solo and Ensemble Contest.

      Drummer sets up for his solo piece. A drum roll… that went on…. and on… and on… and on… and on… and then a sharp military flourish! The judges were scrambling around the tables, and one looks up and says, “I’m sorry, young man, I don’t seem to have the sheet music. What was your piece?”

      And the drummer says, “You mean you’ve never heard the Star-Spangled Banner?”

      1. That sounds like every drummer i’ve met.

    3. Russia has the best national anthem, period, the end.

      1. The Dukes of Hazzard have the best National Anthem.

    4. But content-wise the Star Spangled Banner is pretty sweet, we are a nation born of war and will fuck you up. Musically, yeah…meh.

      1. I thought that was just the NASCAR theme song.

      2. But content-wise the Star Spangled Banner is pretty sweet

        ? ? ? and some shit bleeeeeewww up, and some more shit blewwwwww up, and then weeeeee fucking won, so you can suck it England ? ? ?

      3. My favorite thing about it is that the whole first verse is a question.

        1. Can you see our flag, bitch!?

    5. I don’t know Hugh. “O Canada” is pretty droning. And I’d hardly call “Star Spangled Banner” any kind of dirge.

      I used to be pretty down on the Star Spangled Banner as an anthem, but I’ve come to appreciate it in recent years. It’s good because it doesn’t say anything about anything except some old battle. And the whole first verse is a really weird run-on sentence and a question. I think it’s great that the part of the song that anyone actually knows is just asking “can you see the flag?”.

    6. Dirge? You know it was originally a drinking song? Just added differing lyrics.

  4. China was viewed by millennials as the best place to start a career

    Must be a lot of millennials with the right nepotistic Party connections, if they’re able to even think building a career in China.

    I’m starting to think that “what millennials think” isn’t all that reflective of reality.

    1. I concluded long ago that what other people think, Millenials or otherwise, is completely irrelevant.

    2. “China was viewed by millennials as the best place to start a career.”

      Cool! I have this great business idea about opening my own Falun Gong training studio!!
      What’s that, local party official? Yeah, I think my liver and kidneys are healthy…Why do you ask?

      1. “Yeah, i’m pretty sure my family has enough money to cover the cost of a bullet, but that’s kind of a strange question.”

        1. That bullet should be covered under ObamaCare.

        2. “Then your family has too much money!”


    3. I don’t think it’s so wrong. It didn’t say “start a business”. I know several non-Chinese people who successfully got careers started working in China.

  5. What, no Venezuela?

    1. Well, the dating scene is pretty good there. All you have to do is wave around a 4-roll pack of toilet paper and the ladies will follow you home.

      1. How many Miss Universes to I get for 16 rolls?

        With the Zika thing, you could probably get a harem going for a few bottles of DEET.

  6. “Compared to perceptions of the broader population, millennials are especially keen on Latin America,”

    More evidence of what complete ignoramuses most of them are, though we already knew that given how much they love schmucks like Obama and Bernie Sanders. They should try paying a little more attention to what’s going on the world, because Latin America is a total basket base.

    What percentage of millennials have even been to more than one or two countries outside their own anyway? I bet it’s miniscule.

    1. Dude, they like totally back-packed around Europe for a year and really got in touch with local cultures and stuff.

      1. You mean they USED TO do that.

        More recently it’s been concluded that backpacking around Europe while trying to live on a shoestring budget is cultural appropriation of the Gypsies — er, I mean the ancient Roma people.

        1. Gypsy!? Way to microagress the proud Romani people!

        2. I think you are good as long as you aren’t also picking pockets or trying to read everyone’s palms while your children pick their pockets.

        3. You mean they USED TO do that.

          Yeah, backpacking Europe was somewhere between boomers and Gen X.

          Millenials have towed their airstream from Northern Texas to the Pacific Northwest.

    2. I don’t think politics are the driving force behind how most people rank these countries. And among the countries listed, Chile has been doing pretty well the last couple decades, and having been there, I can say that Argentina would be a very nice place to live if it wasn’t for their idiotic government. Can’t speak about Panama as I don’t know too much about them.

      1. I’m not sure what is. I’ve never been to most of the countries on that list, and neither has the average man on the street. Many Americans still go their whole life without ever getting a passport.

        As for Latin America, there is nothing inherently wrong with the place, except for the fact that for whatever reason, the majority of the people there continue to have a tragic, fatal attraction to socialism and communism (I’ll grant that Chile seems to be a significant exception to the rule).

        Instead of what SHOULD have happened, which is the example and ideas of the United States spreading (belief in freedom, capitalism, and free markets), the exact opposite is taking place and these crappy ideas that should have died many years ago are increasingly infecting and spreading throughout America like a disease we can’t control. And the consequences are going to be disastrous for us all.

        1. A lot of Latin American countries have shifted to the right or the center in the last couple decades, though some (like Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, etc.) still hang left. The left got a lot of appeal there for a few reasons: high poverty, and the corruption and oppression of nominally capitalist governments that were often supported by the US and other western countries. Of course, the leftist governments haven’t been any less corrupt or oppressive, and the success stories have come from countries adopting free market reforms while limiting corruption and tyranny.

  7. That alt text makes live worth living.

    1. It’s Shackford-quality, and I don’t give that praise lightly.

  8. So, we have a poll of young people with limited life experience that questions them about the countries, most of which they have never visited, let alone lived. Must be very insightful.

    1. the countries seen as best for courting millennial men were Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, and Spain.

      You just need to get your ass to Saudi Arabia to find yourself a young, millennial man.

      1. I doubt there are many blond guys with blue eyes there. I’ll pass.

        1. Do you like me:

          [ ] Yes
          [ ] No
          [ ] Maybe

          Your phone number [ ]-[ ]-[ ]

  9. Thailand was the country seen by millennials as having the most “economic potential”

    Millennials, back in my day we were coy about our sex tourism, and it would be behoove you to act in a similar fashion as well.

    1. Crusty, sex tourism means you go pay for sex, not you go make money by selling your body.

      1. Crusty does both. He’s a sexual middleman.

        1. So he is the meat in the sandwich?

          1. If that’s what you want him to be.

          2. Miracle Whip.

      2. “You have your choice of ladyboys, twelve-year-olds, and this weird bald dude (‘sup).”

        1. Oh, sweet, I didn’t know you were a ladyboy. But why did you bring John with you?

          1. And cytotoxic?

          2. twelve-year-olds

            AND Cytotoxic?

          3. I didn’t know you were a ladyboy

            The more you know.

      3. True. If you sell your own body for sex, that’s now called human trafficking — even if you are a sole proprietor and have never been coerced by anyone.

        Next up will be charging any teen caught masturbating with sexual assault of minor.

        1. Cytotoxic hardest hit.

          1. “hit”

            I approve of your comment.

  10. Why was this poll conducted? I wish the US was viewed lower, I’d hate to have more of them here.

    1. Millennials are the future!

      1. Teach them well and let them lead the way…

        1. Show them all the beauty they possess insiiiiiiiiide.

          1. Hey, I thought we were through talking about woodchippers….

      2. Even if that’s true, why are their views on nations themselves worth noting? Are we to make the US more like Australia and Canada to become more popular in their eyes?

        1. Single payer, bitches. It’s all the rage with the Snapchat set.

  11. What’s Venezuela, chopped liver?

    1. Millennials love toilet paper and beer, Paul. They are just like us!

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  13. OT: Saw this link to RedState about supporting Austin Petersen.

  14. Something that’s crossed my mind repeatedly recently….

    When people conduct these sorts of polls, they always leave out the most important facts

    They’re so obsessed with getting the “output” they want that they don’t bother to qualify the data.

    They just want a list of countries ranked. Because that makes good-headlines.

    What they do not do, is ask, “Which of these countries have you actually BEEN TO?

    Or even, “how many countries have you actually visited in your life?”

    Because what are we really polling? Young people’s geographic *imaginations*? And we should care about that….why?

    *disclosure =

    I canoed through northern Ontario for 6 weeks when i was 16. it was awesome but i was half-starving most of the time, freezing at night, and i learned that shallow lakes have leeches, which was a real disappointment. The big-take-away for me was, “A Lot of Canada Is Empty (*or, full of Animals! but no Pizza Huts)”. Which is nice! But its probably not what these kids are so bullish about.

    1. . If a participant indicated that they were not familiar with a country, it was removed from their survey.


      Still not the same as attesting “firsthand experience”. Its more of an opt-out than any actual qualification of a person’s ‘impressions’, because it leaves open anyone to opine away about the relative-Awesomeness of places they likely have never been to.

    2. These are unimportant technical details.

      For instance, I’m retiring to Mexico. Why? Because when I watch Univision or Telemundo, there’s always a dumpy, middle-aged man in a brown suit standing next to an IMPOSSIBLY hot-as-the-sun woman.

      This is how Mexico is. That’s why I’m retiring there.

      1. Portaging

        It sounded easy on paper. Carrying a canoe (and then the ‘wannigan‘/box-full-of-gear) through a few miles of trackless brush while being swarmed by mosquitos isn’t really the ‘Experience with Nature’ a young man necessarily wanted.

        1. Mosquitoes? What about the horsefiles, deerflies and blackflies?

          1. Oh, man. Backwoods Canadian horse flies… Jesus. Jesus fucking Christ on a pogo stick.

    3. What they do not do, is ask, “Which of these countries have you actually BEEN TO?”

      That’s not even enough, just visiting Australia is great, living there, yeah, not so much. It’s just a more boring, more expensive version of America.

  15. WTF

    “Ted Cruz doesn’t rule out restarting his campaign if he wins Nebraska tonight”

    If this is true, I don’t know what to make of it.

    1. What’s Ben Carson, chopped liver?

    2. Does Ted Cruz seem like a man who keeps his word?

    3. Meh. If you actually listen to the audio (*triggerwarning -it contains both Glen Beck and Cruz) it sounds like they are joking.

  16. Apparently my state gov still celebrates Confederate Memorial Day.

  17. “millennials chose Australia most frequently”

    Why the hell does anyone want to live in a country where all water is spiders??

    1. Why? Because all the women look like Yvonne Strahvoski, and all the men look like Paul Hogan, that’s why.

      1. I think its more to do with the fact that all American millenials *wish desperately* that they had a ‘cool accent’, and its a country where they (wrongly) assume everyone is Super Progressive, and it never rains or snows. It like L.A., but with more Nature!

        1. I think its more to do with the fact that all American millenials *wish desperately* that they had a ‘cool accent’, and its a country where they (wrongly) assume everyone is Super Progressive, and it never rains or snows.

          That could also be said of most of Western Europe.

          1. Yes, but they do not actually have to go through the trouble of learning another language besides English.

    2. Australia is always the cool country for some reason. I’ve never really understood it, but it is enduringly popular with younger people.

      1. Its Anglophone, therefore accessible; better weather than England; and the people are (in truth) no where near as uptight as the Brits, drink twice as much, and (half-myth) everyone is good-looking and super-slutty.

        1. Anglosphere is best sphere on earthsphere.

        2. And drinking twice as much as Brits is no small accomplishment.

      2. A hellishly hot desert continent that is an entire day’s flight from anywhere, populated solely by deadly monsters and the sunburnt, alcoholic descendants of Irish convicts? No thanks.

    3. Rachael Taylor, Miranda Kerr and Margot Robbie?

  18. “”Thailand was the country seen by millennials as having the most “economic potential””

    Yeah, countries in danger of lapsing into military dictatorships are always the ones that are primed for an economic breakout.

    “Thailand was the country seen by millennials as having the most “economic potential,” followed by India, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore. China was viewed by millennials as the best place to start a career, followed by Germany, the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. ”

    Couldn’t you have just titled this “Millennials are retarded, don’t know anything about anything” given that that’s basically what the poll discovered? What sort of an idiot thinks India and Brazil are two of the top three countries in economic potential and wants to start a career in China?

    1. That was my first thought as well. Since Chan-ocha took over, the Thai economy has been in a nosedive. Fucking Myanmar is outpacing Thailand in GDP growth.

      1. Well, I suppose you could argue that a really shitty economy means lots of unexploited potential. India does have a lot of potential. It’s just that their government continuously does everything they can to make sure the potential is never realized.

        1. a really shitty economy means lots of unexploited potential.

          Well, in Thailand’s case, it is being exploited. By the kleptocracy generals of the junta who are sucking every state industry (like Thai Airways or Petroleum Authority of Thailand [PTT]) dry through naked embezzlement.

          1. I don’t know much about Thailand. But I do know that the two worst countries to try to export anything to are India and Brazil.

            1. If I remember correctly, Thailand is the world’s largest rice exporter, which might be the only thing keeping it afloat right now.

            2. Yes, Brazil’s tariffs on imported electronics are downright criminal. A 13in MacBook Pro down there costs about $3,290 USD.

              1. They have huge tariffs on imported vehicles too, which is why so many manufacturers have an assembly plant in Brazil.

              2. That’s the sort of thing I’m involved in exporting to Brazil. We sell mostly to educational institutions there. Anytime we ship anything there, we can count on about a two week wait from when the order is ready for them to make sure they have all of the paperwork absolutely perfect so they don’t have to pay the full tariff.

              3. Smart Brazilians buy electronics in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

    2. Or start their career in Germany. I like Germany a lot. But their system is set up to benefit people who already have careers. It is fucking impossible to break into a high paying corporate job in Germany. People who get those jobs never quit them and can’t be fired.

      Yeah, millenials are retarded and apparently think if the Daily Show didn’t tell them something, they don’t need to know it.

  19. OT: Bernie rallies are a disgusting and sordid affair where every shit-progressive cause is trumpeted out in a litany of complaining. I turned on the stream to see some and I wanted to puke. Also it caused me a traffic backup on my commute. Thanks Bernie!

    1. The one Sanders had here a couple of months ago was attended almost exclusively by the creepiest elderly hippies imaginable, according to a friend of mine who went.

      I was gonna go with him for shits and giggles, but unlike Bernie himself until he was 40, i have a job.

      1. One of my many local enemies, James Cromwell, wore this hat to my local Bernie rally.

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    2. Also it caused me a traffic backup on my commute. Thanks Bernie!

      Because of all the Priuses?

      1. Isn’t the plural “Prii”?

    3. Sacramento?

      1. Yup. 90%+ of people in my age group are feeling the Bern. Fifteen thousand went to this rally, tons of young people. These people will not vote for Hillary, they will simply not vote. But this is California so what difference, at this point, does it make?

  20. No I don’t.
    And I’d much rather see Cape Town and Tel Aviv than anywhere in Canada.

    /breaks survey

    1. No kidding. Cape Town is beautiful. And Tel Aviv pretty cool from what I hear. Millenials are anti-Semitic in addition to being retarded.

      1. Bro, it’s totally smart to think that Brazil is in better economic shape than Israel. Brazil is fleek af and I know because I went there during my gap year, but, like, all the BDS activists on campus are always telling me how Israel is oppressive and now that I am woke I understand that I must stand with the plight of the Palestinians! Thankfully, there is no one being oppressed by the state in Brazil, so it is a much better and more functional society.

        1. It’s like 4 reais to a dollar bro!!! Brazil is swole af in like the economy and stuff

        2. Thankfully, there is no one being oppressed by the statecorporations in Brazil

          Fixed for accuracy.

      2. I see many millennials around me that are outright obsessed with Europe for some reason, going for months at a time to “study abroad.” 10 days at a time maybe, but I much prefer the wealth and purchasing power back in the good ol’ US of A.

        1. but I much prefer the wealth and purchasing power back in the good ol’ US of A.

          this and a refrigerator larger than my keg-a-rator.

        2. Being a college student spending your parents’ money is not living in Europe. Trust me I have done it. You are not living in Europe. You are living in a fantasy land. A lot of fun but not reality.

          1. That’s true of almost every expat experience. I knew folks that lived in Asia for 30 years but couldn’t speak the local language. They also ate their home country’s food (usually British) every day.

            1. If you can go home any time you like, you are a tourist. I don’t care how long you live there.

              1. If you can go home any time you like, you are a tourist.

                Or you have money and a passport. Or perhaps those people are tourists wherever they go.

            2. home country’s food (usually British)



            3. their home country’s food (usually British)


            4. If you’re in Asia and willingly eat British food, your decision making is suspect.

              1. At least with British food, you can usually recognize which kingdom of life it comes from.

                1. Look at a picture of a full English breakfast and tell me that again.

                  1. The blood pudding is a bit mysterious if you don’t know what it is. The full breakfast is one of the things they do properly. But I seem to have more affection for British food than most.

                    I’m sure it’s mostly my cultural bias, but in my extremely limited experience (a week in Hong Kong) a lot of Asian local food smells and looks like rotting garbage. I can get into the weird looking sea creatures and I’m not above eating some bugs, but a lot of the street food seemed very unappealing. And everything seemed to have the same weird flavor lurking somewhere that I was never able to identify.

                    1. Nah, it’s just that a lot of Hong Kong smells like rotting garbage. Though dim sum is the shit.

                      Thai food is delicious. Japanese cuisine is fresh, clean, and healthy (though if you don’t like seafood, you’re up shit’s creek), other areas of China have great food. Malaysian food is like Indian food but less sauce based. I could go on and on.

                    2. Yeah, the dim sum was fantastic. As was the fresh seafood. But it took me weeks to get whatever that weird flavor was out of my mouth. And the smell. I found myself hanging around by the harbor a lot just to find some other odor for a while.

                      I’m sure there is a lot I would like in Asia. I’m fairly open minded about food. I feel like kind of a dick when the first things I have to say about Hong Kong are the stink and the weird food flavor. But I was talking to someone from HK who lives in NH now and he pretty much said “yeah, that’s why we live here”. It’s really a great city, but I couldn’t do it.

              2. If you’re in Asia and willingly eat British food, your decision making is suspect.

                Fixed for truth.

        3. In college I was able to study a broad or two right here in the good ol’ You Ess of Eh!

    2. I feel the same way, would also like to visit Istanbul but probably not a good time.

  21. How I went from middle class to homeless

    Ha! Ha! You should have fucking STEMed you dumb idiot!

    Oh, wait. It’s a blue-collar white guy who looks like your uncle Steve.


    1. Joe’s worked all his life, starting at age 11 pushing a broom around an uncle’s shop. He earned two associate’s degrees in electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology and built a “blue collar” career as a technician, tester and machine operator. He loves factories and figuring out how things work.

      Jesus, he didn’t even college correctly.

      1. I think he did. It sounds to me he has actual skills and can build and maintain things. That is a whole lot more valuable than some nerd with a pocket protector.

        1. It sounds to me like whatever skills he had were either paid at a highly inflated rate, or were something a robot could do easily. I’m saying he didn’t college correctly because he should’ve ditched that Associate’s degree crap and gone to a trade school, so that he could learn a highly skilled trade that neither a robot nor a Chinaman could out-compete him for. He even admits as much in the article, “If he could do it all over again, he would go back and learn more of a trade like auto repair or plumbing.”

          1. I think the associates degrees are trade schools.

            1. Associates degrees are typically from community colleges, not straight-up trade schools.

            2. They may be, but I was talking more along the lines of something very skilled and specialized that requires a 3-4 year apprenticeship, like, as was mentioned, plumber, electrician, operating engineer, etc etc.

            3. There are plenty of pointless and useless associates degrees too.

    2. A couple of those people are in IT. And it doesn’t matter. If you are over 50 and lose your job, you are fucked. No one will hire you. It doesn’t matter what your field is. And even if you are under 50 after you have been out of work for more than six months, no one will hire you.

      There are a lot of people out there who have been royally fucked. I know the Kevin D. Williamson school of jackassery teaches that only meth addicts and people who refuse to work are ever unemployed or lose everything, but not everything they teach you in school is true.

      1. but not everything they teach you in school is true.

        True that. I learned that “Life’s a bitch, and then you die” at summer camp.

        1. This economy sucks and is a crime. The assholes who created it and got rich doing so, need to be shot. None of the people in Washington give a fuck or even know anything is wrong.

          1. But John, didn’t you see Obama’s created lots of jobs? Sure they’re all total shit and lots of them are part time and 3 times as many people are on food stamps as before the recession. And also wages have been totally stagnant.

            What was I saying?

    3. The fact that Joe can’t find ANY job is highly dubious. It’s possible he can’t find a job HE wants at the pay he’s used to. That’s certainly a thing to look at. But if this is true:

      He earned two associate’s degrees in electrical engineering technology and mechanical engineering technology and built a “blue collar” career as a technician, tester and machine operator. He loves factories and figuring out how things work.

      There’s something out there for him.

      1. HVAC for the win,we can’t be replaced by anything, although an inflatable Helper would be nice

  22. South Africa is dark net. Rebellious whites there, right or wrong, have been censored. I don’t mean like Facebook or Twitter demoted your stars or loosing your password. Really censored. The southafricasucks blog is only availible from some screen captures. The hope was that SA would not go the way of Zimbabwe.

    1. This is the first I heard of South Africa Sucks. But a former colleague of mine visited his wife’s family there for three weeks and reported pretty much exactly what this blog purportedly presented. South Africa does indeed suck. The roads are crumbling, there are blackouts every third day, and many places are too dangerous to travel. Seems shitty.

    2. It is sadly on the brink of doing that. And it could be a great country. The truth that no one dare utter is that the place was better run under Apartheid. Everything the white nationalists said would happen if Apartheid ended, has happened or is happening. that doesn’t make Apartheid right, but it is the truth.

      1. There is a new political party called the Economic Freedom Fighters over there with millions of supporters that is trying to go Full Zimbabwe and kick out all the whites so they can nationalize the land.

        Incidentally, the head of the party’s been convicted of hate speech twice, which kind of proves that hate speech laws do jack shit to stop racism.

        1. The current president’s campaign theme song was a little ditty called “Bring Me My Machine Gun,” which is both awesome and terrifying.

        2. This is the good kind of racism that undoes the wrongs of the past, sheesh. I am so fucking lucky I don’t live in South Africa.

        3. Economic Freedom Fighters

          Those words must mean something different over there.

          1. Freedom FROM economics, duh.

      2. Living standards and crime rates were better under Apartheid somehow too. I think there’s a case to be made that integrating too much too fast has produced a sort of whiplash effect on the institutions and the culture that haven’t been good for most.

    3. Moldbug has written about this.


      Moldbug is a computer programmer and computer language enthusiast. He has been doxed by SJWs in venues even when he offers to give a talk strictly related to programming.

  23. while the countries seen as best for courting millennial men were Italy, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, and Spain.

    I’d ask how in the flying fuck Saudi Arabia made that list but then I remembered that whole population replacement thing going on in Europe.

    1. You know who else tried to replace a population in Europe?

    2. It’s pretty obvious: Brown dudes are hot.

      That’s it.

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