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Andrew Cash has sued Missouri State University, claiming it kicked him out of a graduate counseling program because of his religious beliefs. Cash says the department barred him from interning at a Christian counseling center and removed him from the program after he said he would not counsel gay couples.

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  1. MSU did not offer comment on Cash’s pending lawsuit, but has faced similar cases in the past. In 2006, the school agreed to an out-of-court settlement with a student who brought discrimination charges after she was allegedly punished for refusing to sign a letter in support of gay adoption.

    I believe I just discovered a great way for Missouri high school graduates to get a partial college education and some pocket money.

    1. The ‘Show Me’ the money state,aye.

    2. Yeah, all you have to do is get admitted to MSU and have a professor assign you to write to the state legislature in support of gay adoption. Then when you refuse, contrive to have a grievance filed against you.

      It’s flat-out extortion, that’s what it is. Before you know it, *every* student who is subjected to compelled speech and religious tests will demand damages from the university.


      1. And in the wake of this suit the head of the social work program stepped down (while continuing his teaching duties) and the President of the university authorized a review of the department’s policies.

        Which is what universities do when they’re faced with totally bogus complaints. /sarc

        1. Well, universities react that way to bogus complaints *from the left,* but this was a complaint from a conservative Christian.

          1. Fist did not say the complaint was bogus nor imply it was without merit.

            1. I’m thinking the university doesn’t seem to be learning its lesson any time soon.

              1. Sorry about that, Fist, I violated a key H&R rule, confusing a commenter’s views with the views of the Reason writers.

                1. Charles Oliver also did not say the complaint was bogus nor imply it was without merit. In fact, the brickbat being posted as such ought to be lauded.

              2. Hey it’s a university, they know everything already, don’t need no new book lernin’ herebouts!

      2. BURN IT DOWN!

    1. (nb – I expect that many of them were simply trying to be nice to someone they assumed was a crazy person. A worthy impulse. Just so long as “uh, that’s nice” doesn’t turn into “I will *punish* anyone who challenges your craziness!”

    2. I really wonder what will happen when that becomes reality.

      We’re already close, what with the bathroom thing and even the super anti-PC warrior Trump being okay with it.

      How will women’s sports exist? Men will be able to claim they are women and play on them.

      Racial quotas, one of the left’s biggest loves, will no longer be possible.

      1. So you’re saying there is no downside?

        1. There’s always a downside to ignoring reality.

          1. not in my special safe bubble!

      2. You *do* know that the Olympics has let transwomen compete in the women’s teams for years, right? There’s some regulations (I think there’s a mininum number of years they have to have been on hormone treatment or something), but the science is on the side that after a point, a transwoman no longer has any undue advantages over born-as-women.

        1. Name one.

    3. So I’m guessing none of the kids replied with:

      “Go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”

  2. [Cash] has lost countless hours of sleep, and lives with gut-wrenching thoughts and fears about his future and ability to enter the counseling profession, and experiences of emotional grief, anxiety and panic,

    What a pansy.

    1. We need a better class of plaintiff who just sucks it up and does what he’s told.

      1. I just hope he can get some counseling.

        1. hope he’s not gay…no counseling for you!

  3. More conservative hypocrisy – a “family values” activist in North Carolina, the head of a conservative group in Charlotte, who spoke out against male sex offenders in women’s bathrooms, is a convicted sex offender who fondled a teenaged boy while he was a youth minister at a Catholic parish.

    Outrageously, the new head of the disgraced activist’s group admitted that the group had known of their former leader’s record. “”We’re like a family, and as a family, it’s difficult for us to see any one of us put in a bad situation.”

    Oh, wait, the guy was President of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Charlotte, and he supported “trans rights” in bathrooms (and he seems to have been a Protestant).

    In that case, never mind.

    1. I guess he figures if he’s in the girls bathroom he won’t be tempted to fondle boys.

    2. conservative hypocrisy

      Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

        1. No. Who is throwing around accusations of “conservative hypocrisy” in this thread?

            1. Your post is obviously a response to an argument. The problem is that no one made the argument.

              1. If he *had* been a conservative activist, we would have been hearing more about it.

                1. What is this argument which nobody has made?

                  1. never mind!

                  2. Who’s on first?

    3. In early March, the group of which this guy was President was “part of the coalition that originally proposed the [Charlotte gay-rights] ordinance” which HB2 was designed to overturn.

      But later, Snopes had all but demoted him to the status of random dude who wasn’t really involved in the whole controversy.

      1. That first paragraph was supposed to link to this article.

        “”The fact that someone can ask me to leave a restaurant because I’m presumed to be gay or transgender ? it seems farfetched, but if it does happen, there’s no recourse,” he said….

        “”When ? individuals see this and look at Charlotte for a place to put roots down, they’re going to second-guess that,” he said.”

        1. And it’s from early march 2015, when the ordinance was temporarily defeated.

      2. Not getting into your whole insecurity over Catholic kiddy-diddling, but Snopes and sites like (Factcheck etc.) need to die. Left leaning rags that try to pass themselves off as objective.

        1. I’m not inseure, I’m outraged – to a Catholic those scandals are worse than to a non-Catholic because a Catholic considers such priestly crimes, on top of everything else, to be *sacrilege.*

          But in commenting on some other group’s sex scandal, if I don’t mention the Catholic scandals someone else will do it for me.

          1. my turn…Catholic Scandals!!! BTW when I was in catholic school, you learned pretty quick who not to go into the confessional with…unless you were really fucking stupid, and in that case you deserved to get diddled as a true learning experience!

            1. Well, these priestly Judases probably made more atheists than Hitchens and Dawkins put together.

              Then there’s the bishops’ blase attitude toward such abominable sacrilege – I’m guessing you weren’t exactly encouraged to report offenses to the principal, the bishop, or the cops?

              1. I’m inclined to believe that, just as the Lord punished the sins of the people of God by turning the Assyrians loose on them, likewise He turned the media loose on the Church when it didn’t deal properly with the sex scandals.

                1. That is some quality mysticism right there.

              2. only if you wanted a principal, bishop or a cop to diddle you…

          2. Well Eddie, it is interesting to me that the kiddy-diddling problem is just as bad amongst the Protestant churches and no one ever talks about that. The same people that scream and point fingers at the CC never seem to mention that kiddy-diddling is built right into many Muslim cultures, that is seriously verboten.

            *my computer seems screwy this morning so if this posts twice it is because the squirrels have invaded

  4. I wonder if MSU would have reacted the same if he was…Muslim?

    And what is it with this place anyway?

    1. It’s Missouri…where there is no CSI, cause there are no dental records and all the DNA is the same.

      1. Oh no, they’ve found the cloning facilities.

        1. only if by cloning you mean fucking your sister/aunt/mother…

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