Everybody Sues over N.C. Transgender Bathroom Law, Donald Trump Maybe Doesn't Want to Raise Taxes, Bernie Sanders Would Make $18 Trillion Deficit: P.M. Links


  • Restrooms
    Credit: Wonderlane / photo on flickr

    North Carolina and the Department of Justice are suing each other over HB2, the state law that (among other things) requires transgender people to use the bathrooms of whichever gender is on their birth certificates in government buildings and public schools.

  • The latest Donald Trump ¯\_(?)_/¯: Maybe he didn't actually mean he was willing to raise taxes on the rich after all.
  • A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders' spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026, even when accounting for the candidate's plans to increase federal revenue.
  • A Muslim student whose name is Bayan Zehlif was rechristened "Isis Phillips" in her California high school yearbook. The school says it was mistake and that there's another student at the school who is actually named "Isis," and this might not have been intended as a reference to the terrorist group. But they're investigating.
  • The new speaker of Brazil's lower house of Congress has annulled the vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.
  • Austria's chancellor abruptly resigned Monday citing lack of party support and decreased popularity of the Social Democrats.

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  1. Maybe he didn’t actually mean he was willing to raise taxes on the rich, after all.

    Or really anything he says.

    1. Hello.

      1. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

        (Sorry. Saw that movie recently, had to say it.)

      2. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

        (Sorry. Saw that movie recently, had to say it.)

        1. Nice. My first squirrel.

          1. You always remember your first one.

            1. Hey!

    2. They should have an AM link about something Clinton or Trump says, then a PM link where they change their position. They could make it a daily challenge.

    3. Your comment does not appear to be written in an English script. Please comment in English.

  2. TRUMP/YOUR COLON 2016!!!!!!

    1. That’s two asses, right there.

    2. How does one trump one’s colon?

      1. First, you get good and drunk. Then you go on Craigslist…

        1. Go on….

  3. The latest Donald Trump ?\_(?)_/?: Maybe he didn’t actually mean he was willing to raise taxes on the rich, after all.

    It’s bizarre to me that people still sometimes act as though he has any policy whatsoever besides being an enormous orange middle finger.

    1. He does love his Cheetos.

    2. Greatness is achieved by being able to make decisions on the fly.

    3. Never italicize the shrug. The Italians are lazy enough as it is.

    4. I heard someone talking about the differences between Trump and Hillary that she might possibly highlight in her campaign speeches and I just had to laugh. There is nothing she can compare/contrast with Donald’s positions on anything whatsoever that he can’t simply reverse his position on right in the middle of a sentence and thereby deflect her criticism. She gets applause for wanting to do x? Donald’s on record as always insisting doing 2x is a top priority for him. Unless it turns out that’s an unpopular thing, in which case if anybody knows anything at all about Trump it’s that he’s always insisted we should never under any circumstances do x. How can you argue with somebody who makes so little sense it’s hard to even understand what the hell he’s saying and when you do find a glimmer of an actual factual statement it’s something he likely has also said the complete opposite of sometime in the last 24 hours?

      1. In a representative democracy, isn’t it sorta required that the candidate do whatever the public wants rather than just what she/he wants? A “whatever the public wants, I’ll do” candidate sounds better than a “I’m gonna do what I wanna do and I know what’s best” candidate.

        1. Nope.

          Down that road lies Judicial Deference and the Imperial Presidency.

      2. This is, ironically, a great tactic in warfare because when you’re constantly changing your posture, it’s nearly impossible for the enemy to get a bead on what you’re doing and they’re forced to be reactive instead of proactive by setting the terms of the conflict. I doubt Trump’s team is thinking on that sort of level, but one of the things that will make this election entertaining is watching Hillary pull her hair out trying to pin him on anything (other than the wall, and even then he’ll probably say it’s open to debate).

        And when she rightly points out that Trump doesn’t have a consistent position on anything, he’ll just come right back and say, “She hasn’t exactly been the model of consistency on anything either, except when it comes to ruining the women her husband assaulted. God forbid she should stand up for women when it might hurt her political ambitions.”

      3. Well for one, she’s not an apologist for Putin and doesn’t have several of his flunkies as “advisers”.

        But then given many libertarians foreign policy views, sticking up for Putin might be viewed as a plus.

  4. The school says it was mistake and that there’s another student at the school who is actually named “Isis,” and this might not have been intended as a reference to the terrorist group.


    1. +1 Madysynn

      1. Is there a mathematical formula for correlative value of number of Ys in a name and probability of pole-dancing as profession?

        1. I’m sure it’s a simple linear regression.

    2. Even if it was a mistake, the SJWs are going to make hay out of this…

    3. What’s Alaska Nebraska up to these days? Is she all grown up yet?

      1. iunderstoodthatreference.gif

      2. My daughters are named:
        Reason Sophia
        Liberty Ordeth Cranberry
        And Justice Forall Sloopy Juneteenth

        So I’ll avoid this subthread.

        1. I hate my stupid libertarian parents.

          1. He should have named at least two of them “Lyle and Erik.”

            1. “This is my daughter ‘Lyle and Erik’, and my other daughter ‘Lyle and Erik’.”

            2. Walker and Texas Ranger.

        2. Elizabeth Nolan James Brown

  5. The new speaker of Brazil’s lower house of Congress has annulled the vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff

    I’m sure that will be the end of that.

  6. Austria’s chancellor abruptly resigned Monday citing lack of party support and decreased popularity of the Social Democrats.

    You know who else – oh, I don’t know – abruptly left?

    1. It’s interesting that in some countries politicians leave office when they are no longer popular.

      1. Most of them just go on to Brussels.

    2. Your dad?

      1. Shit, dude.

      2. He was never there.

      3. 🙁

      1. +1 nice shot

      2. Hey man…

      3. BOOM! HEAD SHOT!!!!

    3. Snagglepuss?

    4. Kurt Schuschnigg?

    5. Nikki?

    6. Not before they saved his brain, you mean.

    7. Cartman?

    8. Nick Saban.

    9. Nick Saban.

    10. Seven?

    11. Heath Ledger?

  7. “A Muslim student whose name is Bayan Zehlif was rechristened “Isis Phillips” in her California high school yearbook.”

    I’m sorry, a Muslim was *rechristened* Scott? What’s it like to erase her identity, you cis-white bigot?

    1. And since “christening” is a synonym for baptism…

      1. … it’s time for a crusade!

        1. Well at least an inquisition….

          1. I was not expecting it.

      2. Did they hit her with a champagne bottle?

        1. Yeah, but that meaning is only applied to things, not people. Fricking pedants…

  8. A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders’ spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026

    Fire up those printing presses, boys, we’re all gonna be rich!!!

    1. Fiduciary media is wealth!

    2. You have no vision for the future.



  9. “North Carolina and the Department of Justice are suing each other over HB2, the state law that (among other things) requires transgender people to use the bathrooms of whichever gender is on their birth certificates in government buildings and public schools.”

    What a stinking mess and waste of resources. Over, what, 1% of the population?

    1. Jews are only 2% of US population. Rights are rights, Rufus. Don’t go all utilitarian on us.

      1. Rights? That’s a funny word to use when the federal government wants to force private entities to cater to the whims of customers.

        1. sloop, I’m not pressing the case for transgendered rights here so much as I find the “only 1% of the population” to be a lame-ass justification.

          1. You don’t find all this hoopla could and should have been avoided?

          2. I do too, but any challenge is a bullshit attack on private property rights and free association.

            1. I was asking To-To!

        2. I believe the federal lawsuit is about this: “requires transgender people to use the bathrooms of whichever gender is on their birth certificates in government buildings and public schools.”

          Rather than private discrimination. That’s why they are challenging the NC law and not the many others that don’t have that mandate in government facilities/have no law at all.

          1. I understand the challenge as a full on civil rights case where the Feds are going to try to redefine what is a protected class (in this case, redefining the word “sex”). They are not limiting the challenge to federal or state buildings because they have already expanded those definitions to cover anything deemed a public accommodation.

            So fuck the Feds. Fuck this challenge. And fuck anybody that would force someone to conduct business or build a bathroom under threat of imprisonment.

            1. I agree it is a test case and it is bullshit because the statute clearly doesn’t protect transgenders but NC still overreached and that is partially why they are getting so much more attention than other states.

              So fuck the Feds, and fuck anyone who would make some retarded bathroom mandate on government facilities. I think it is important to distinguish between private and public discrimination, tying the two together is not going to help the cause of freedom of association. There is no reason for that part of the law and everyone should just mind their own business when using a bathroom in government facilities instead of freaking out about what genitalia the person in the stall might have or might used to have.

              1. They’re getting the exact level of attention the Obama admin would have given them if they’d just passed a law superseding/nullifying Charlotte’s law. Because the current administration believes in imposing its will on states under threat of cutting off education funds or some other bullshit to take America’s eyes off of every single failure he has, from Obamacare to the Syrian line in the sand.

                This is a craven attempt to impose his will, no more no less.

                1. I don’t know, other states have no such protections or have laws overriding municipal level laws but it doesn’t matter. I don’t see why I can’t be critical of both the Feds and the NC legislature/governor. Just like I don’t see why I can’t be critical of one portion of the law and support the other portion.

                  1. I’d like to be as optimistic as you, but when you said “other states have no such protections”, my immediate thought was that this is the first law of its kind, period. And the Obama DOJ went after them immediately. So why would you think limiting it to the (federally-designated) private properties would have mattered a whit?

                    This is a strong arm tactic that would have been exactly the same regardless of what the law said. And it’s why they’re threatening withholding education funds rather than quietly challenging it and trying it in the court as opposed the media.

              2. I think it is important to distinguish between private and public discrimination, tying the two together is not going to help the cause of freedom of association

                That die was cast with public accommodation laws. Don’t blame the states for playing by the rules imposed upon them.

                1. Don’t blame the states for playing by the rules imposed upon them.

                  Noone forced them to include the mandate in government facilities, they could have just stuck with the other portion of the law. This isn’t an either or thing. They drafted and specifically included that portion of the law when they had no need to other than that they wanted to.

                  1. I’d have included it in it had I written the law…specifically because the Feds have nullified all private property rights and imposed de facto “public” facility status on anybody deemed a public accommodation. Had they not done so, the Feds could have easily sued any private business under CRA discrimination statutes that were really only meant for government entities all along.

                    I’m telling you, the state is being forced to react the way they have due to the capricious manner in which the Feds have gone after private actors with public accommodation laws.

          2. Well, from NC’s perspective, the lawsuit is about federal government agencies enforcing an extra-legal interpretation of Title 7 despite that chosen interpretation having been rejected by Congress for over two decades.

            So, you know, regardless of how you feel about who pees where, there’s the whole concept of administrative agency fiat we should be fucking with a chainsaw every chance we get.

      2. I read that as ‘Jaws’.

        Shark rights now!

        1. That is silly. So silly, in fact, that from now on this shall be the date that the SJW’s jumped the shark when it comes to demanding “rights”

    2. Yeah its pretty sad that the NC legislature couldn’t just stop at overturning municipal laws banning private discrimination and just had to make a bathroom mandate in government facilities.* Such a waste of resources and I can only imagine how expensive it would be to enforce, some kind of TSA type agent at each bathroom door as in that South Park episode?

      *Note, I do not thing the current federal statute is being correctly interpreted to include transgenders so that is also a waste of money.

    3. one wouldn’t think that we need a law to say that men should use the men’s room and women should use the women’s room but when lefties attack common sense that’s what happens.

      and there’s no way in hell that trannies are anywhere close 1% of the population. at least not until its mandated by Obamacare.

      1. Well we didn’t need a law, which is why they shouldn’t have passed it instead of sticking to just banning restrictions on private discrimination.

    4. More like 0.3%.

      1. And this assumes that, to a person, they carded outside every bathroom they use now and/or are having trouble finding places where the requirements to use the restroom are much more stringent than buy something.

    5. Um, yeah not even close to 1% of the population.

      The entire LGBTWTFBBQ spectrum is only 5% to 10% of the population and that entire range is dependent on how strictly or loosely you make your definition of bisexual to be. The actual lesbians, gays, and trannies combined make up only 2 to 3% of the population with trannies being about 1% of that population so we’re talking about 1 in every 2000 to 3000 people or around 0.25%.

      The of course even among those actual Transgender individuals a good chunk of them go around their day to day lives actually dressing and presenting as their biological sex and would still likely be using the rest room that matched that appearance if for no other reason just to avoid drawing attention to themselves so you are really probably only talking about one tenth of one percent of the population at any given time.

      1. make believe statistics ftw!

        1. Corpse-fucking for the losers!

    6. I finally return to NC and all people want to talk about is fucking bathrooms

    7. I maintain that if you have adopted the clothes/hair/style of the gender you “identify” with, nobody is going to notice or care about which restroom you discreetly go into. If, however, you want to stir up trouble by calling attention to how stunning and brave and extra special you are, you will no doubt succeed in stirring up trouble.

    1. Well, it’s nice to see some feminists taking this seriously, as opposed to the Gail Dynes approach.

      I am kind of annoyed that they go with the PC phrase ‘sex-worker’ though. All the old words are so much more evocative – harlot, slattern, whore, woman of ill repute. Just own it. #Makehookingcoolagain

      1. I prefer night walker.

        1. I go with “your mom.”

        2. Chatelaine

          1. Roundheels

      2. Well, it’s nice to see some feminists taking this seriously


        1. But only some. The dworkinistas are still powerful.

        2. How long before we start hearing about beauty privilege?

          1. Yeah this might not be a good thing.

            If it is legal then it becomes just like any other job and that means discrimination lawsuits.

            Turn down the hooker because she isn’t good looking enough for you, that is a discrimination suit, gods forbid you have a specific racial preference.

            On the flip side being legalized to lead to prostitution services being ruled a public accomodation which would mean that the prostitutes would have fairly narrow grounds on which to turn away a potential customer without themselves facing a potential discrimination suit.

      3. fille de joie, fallen woman, journalist…

      4. Today’s “that word has two meanings which can be kind of funny”:

        hooker: sl. for prostitute
        hooker: playing position on a rugby team

        1. hooker: sl. for steel mill rigger/ crane director/ crane follower (J&L Steel Aliquippa Works, Seamless Pipe Annex)

      5. +1 “Painted Lady”

    2. It’s nice to see that their cause cycles have synced up.

      1. [narrows gaze]

      2. Meh. I’m sure this period of cooperation will pass after a weekend or so.

      3. Hope this doesn’t get messy.

        1. It’ll be a bloodbath..

        2. I’d rather be hit in the face with a sockful of pennies.

  10. A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders’ spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026

    It’s a good thing that debt doesn’t matter/is a good thing, or this would be worrisome.

    1. The crazy thing is that is deficit only. He would raise the deficit by almost as much as our current TOTAL DEBT.

    2. Only $18 trillion?

    3. The annual deficit? Or the total national debt? Or the sum of deficits for 8 years? Or 10?
      18 trillion a year makes no sense at all.

      1. It does if you’ve read any of his insane proposals.

    4. No doubt this is a huge underestimate, as the vast majority of government spending estimates are.

  11. The latest Donald Trump ?\_(?)_/?: Maybe he didn’t actually mean he was willing to raise taxes on the rich, after all.

    is this a first?, where AM and PM links *collide* in contradiction?

    Trump’s reversals will soon get so fast that he will include both potential outcomes in a single tweet. Stupendous!

    1. Sad! Great!

      1. What a loser! [Endorses] Great guy!

      2. Trump Bar makes the best noodle bowls. Sad!

    2. We are reaching the singularity!

      1. You’ll know we’ve entered the tesseract when he starts backtracking before laying out a position.

        1. I’ll vote for Trump if he promises to build a tesseract around the White House.

      2. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

        1. Did I miss something? Wasn’t there sin long before this thesis antithesis idea?

    3. “Trump’s reversals will soon get so fast that he will include both potential outcomes in a single tweet. Stupendous!”

      Didn’t Schrodinger (sp?) have something to say about this?

      1. That’s only if we never see the actual tweet.

        And the tweet eats Purina.

        1. And the tweet eats Purina

          Tender Vittles or GTFO

  12. What about Hillary? Has she decided yet whether she wants to raise taxes? What about Bernie?

    1. She wants to raise taxes in those districts where it polls favorably.

    2. [golf clap]

  13. So can we at least admit that just talking about who gets to use what bathroom actually DID cause chaos?

    1. People won’t be happy until there’s a TSA agent outside every public restroom checking which one you get admitted to.

      1. We are all going to get good at holding it to the point of kidney damage if that happens.

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    1. I waited all night, but she was in the other bathroom.

      1. You didn’t tap your foot hard enough.

        1. Blah blah blah, punchline = “wide stance”

  15. I was wondering has anyone ever left a comment that mysteriously disappeared?

    It’s the third time it’s happened.

    For example, I left my usual useless comments here:


    Only – Poof!

    Is it because I’m Canadian?

    1. Hey everyone, our plan to drive Rufus slowly insane by randomly deleting his posts is working! Just a little more…

      ….er, I mean, how interesting! Never saw that problem before.

    2. Did you mean to leave a blank space there?

      1. It’s always a risk asking for help around here.

        1. Still nothing.

    3. Reason has hired some Facebook news feed moderators to oversee the comment section.

    4. We have to delete every 4th post due to the conversion factor for Canadian posts vs American posts.

    5. Your comment didn’t mention anything about, oh, say, possible sheepfucking, did it?


      1. Sealfucking.

        I don’t see what’s so bad.

        1. Heh. *Exactly.*

        2. If he was good enough for Hedi Klum, he is good enough for Rufus.

    6. Only when I make an error in the post, hit submit & assume it went through, then go off to another page.

      1. No it was THERE.

        I know because I admire my posts for a while.

        In fact, I print and laminate them. My wife is not pleased with what’s become of the house.

        1. “I print and laminate them.”

          Makes for easier cleanup?

    7. Probably. It’s happened to me from time to time as well.

  16. Electric sex, fiery sermons and free love: Inside John Humphrey Noyes’ 19th-Century Oneida NY commune where people believed sleeping around was the ultimate medicine

    Noyes was the first to coin the term ‘free love’ and his fiery sermons talked about creating the millennial kingdom on earth that embraced sex with multiple partners and no restrictions.

    The more sex one had, the less sick one would become because sex was electric and sexual energy was the ultimate healer as it spread throughout the whole body – so he believed.

    And intercourse was the highest form of ‘spiritual interchange’.

    To prevent pregnancy, men simply had to pull out before having an orgasm while having intercourse.

    1. Would join.

    2. What’s wrong with acoustic sex?

      1. Yeah, who doesn’t like aural sex?

        1. Is that where you pass your wife in the hallway and you both shout “FUCK YOU”?

          1. I thought that was “hallway sex”.

            1. No, that’s banging your mom after Fleet Week.

    3. Noyes was against traditional morality and, in one of those amazing coincidences, he happened to be a “utopian socialist.”

      1. “I know you’d like Candice, but Bertha here has seniority.”

        1. lol

          1. I’m just repeating a joke I heard elsewhere.

        2. From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.

          1. So, one Costco-size package of toilet paper for one barrel of oil.

    4. I think the band Oneida was about either that, or something else involving Indians

  17. Austria’s chancellor abruptly resigned Monday citing lack of party support and decreased popularity of the Social Democrats.

    And he was probably sick of the kangaroos.

  18. Why Newt Gingrich has emerged as a contender for Donald Trump’s running mate


    Trump, Newt, Chris Christie – what could go wrong?

    1. Hitl, uh, nothing?

    2. Say, shreek, i notice that the Facebook news aggregator seems to be censoring news of Jeb’s imminent victory in the Republican primaries. Care to comment?

      1. Look, I picked Jeb to win upon Trump’s imminent meltdown. Some picked Lil’ Taco, someone picked Cruz. We were all wrong.

        Back then the conventional wisdom was that Trump would implode at some point.

        I forgot The GOP Axiom. Their voters will pick the worst possible choice when given multiple choices.

        1. “Lil’ Taco”

          This is a postmodern commentary on Republican racism, I suppose?

          1. Oh, no. Just your garden-variety racial hypocrisy.

          2. I’m independent. I can say anything I want to.

            1. You are not independent. You always vote for the third party.

    3. When they mate, their offspring will be horrendous.

  19. A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders’ spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026, even when accounting for the candidate’s plans to increase federal revenue.

    The *deficit*?

    as in, “annual gap between inflow and outflow” will now be 6X larger than the entire federal budget?

    Or do you mean federal debt?

    1. The article says deficit. Our current debt is $19T, so our deficit would increase by almost as much as our current debt.

      1. There’s no way that’s right. I can see him adding $18 trillion in 10 years, but it doesn’t seem possible to have an 18 trillion dollar deficit.

        1. Every major city gets its own Gerald Ford class aircraft carrier.

      2. In a single year. Let that sink in. I assume it will grow to $18 trillion/year and then surpass that mark after 2026**.

        ** Caveat: I don’t put much stock in any forecast that is 10 years out.

        1. Like we’d ever last 10 years in that fucking wasteland.

          By then Hummungus will have been killed while seeking a tanker, and Charlton Heston will eat people crackers, fight off zombie/vampires, and then him and James Franciscus will have already blown our Monkey Planet all to hell.

          1. Heston’s Dark Period right there

            1. Damn you all to Hell! (1968 Linda Harrison is a pretty good consolation prize, though)

  20. A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders’ spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026…

    But they refuse to tout its benefits, like maybe national parity with Venezuela.

  21. Bayan Zehlif was rechristened “Isis Phillips”

    Ugh. PHRASING??

    1. He couldn’t decide if the proper term was “remuslimmed”, “reislamed”, or “remohammeded”, so he went with what he knows.

      1. Egyptianized.

    2. Shackford is nothing if not a provocateur for the religious right. He’s probably baptizing the girl in absentia as we speak.

      1. Or in absinthe.

        1. Absinthe maketh the heart grow fonder.

          1. I prefer “Ansinth maketh the brain grow fondue”

            1. AB!!! AB!!!
              grumble grumble

      2. I think the kids call that a “tribute,” Fisty. No chariots or wreaths, unfortunately.

  22. According to MSNBC, Clinton was only alleged to have had sex with Monica Lewinsky


    1. Ha.

    2. It depends on what your definition of “had” is.

    3. IIRC, his actual legal defense was that she had sex with him because she touched his private parts, but he did not have sex with her because he didn’t touch her private parts. His team cited some definition that had been codified to describe what was and wasn’t sexual contact for the purpose of harassment and assault cases.

      Really grasping at straws. I thought at the time “yeah, right. Like any husband would be ok with another guy giving his wife a tongue bath and wouldn’t consider it cheating.” But then again, Bill would probably consider it a favor.

  23. OceanOne, a Mer-Bot Dive Buddy With a ‘Friendly Face’

    It has arms and hands of a sort, and a head with wide eyes to accommodate two cameras that give it stereo vision ? the better to watch what its hands are doing. It is equipped with artificial intelligence so it can do things like avoid obstacles on its own. But a human does operate it from the surface. And, as Oussama Khatib, who designed OceanOne points out, “It has a friendly face.”

    That is the face of your future killer.

    1. *in my best Linda Belcher impersonation*

      Awww…I bet he sounds just like Brent Spinah.

    2. your future killer

      Underwater sex-bot. Crusty’s planning on going out by drowning.

  24. Baywatch’s new blonde bombshell recruit Charlotte McKinney patrols the beach in tiny bikini

    My God is that good stuff. Seriously, she looks really, uhhhh, talented. And stuff.

    1. She looks like she acts well and will do a great job conveying emotions to the audience

    2. Why is she wearing a granny swimsuit?

    3. I think those might be real. And wow are they amazing.

      1. For some reason I now want to eat a pie at a picnic.

        1. Me too only without a fork. I just want to stick my face in the entire pie.

  25. One trillion deficit a year, eighteen trillion deficit a year; when are we gonna start talking real money?

  26. Radley Balko’s writing a new book called “Dr. Death and the Country Dentist: A Story of Corruption and Injustice in the American South”. I’ll assume it’s about Steven Hayne and Michael West. I’m going to buy the book when it comes out, but it’s going to be a 300 page long nutpunch.

    1. I thought it was Django Unchained fanfiction.

    2. Some of us miss the days when Radley would speedbag our nutsacks until we bled out our eyes.

  27. Ray Romano is writing a new show.

    ‘Everybody Loves North Carolina’.

    1. Who is the overbearing mother figure?

      1. Zombie Anita Bryant

    2. Donald Trump is writing a new book, “The Art of the Steal”

  28. In this case, I am supporting the NC law as I know it. The Charlotte law started it with criminalizing discrimination for some private entities and for some minority groups ( dscriminatory itself).

    The failure of transgenders to define themselves in manner that includes those they want to include but not others (what they call “pretending” to be transgender) makes any plausibility of awarding them rights beyond their individuality hard to accept and maybe to even apply.

    Finally, libertarians must recognize that almost all public property discriminates from the get-go as they are built and used for a purpose which implies there will be discrimination on some ground. The equality before the law principle either does not apply or is not possible under the concept of public property.

    1. The failure of transgenders to define themselves in manner that includes those they want to include but not others (what they call “pretending” to be transgender)

      Oh, this’ll be rectified by SCOTUS eventually.

      1. If by ‘rectified’, you’re applying the ‘rectum hell, damn near killed em’ meaning.

        I mean they’ll totally ass it up.

    2. The failure of transgenders to define themselves in manner that includes those they want to include but not others (what they call “pretending” to be transgender) makes any plausibility of awarding them rights beyond their individuality hard to accept and maybe to even apply.

      That’s a really good point.

    3. Nothing a few thousand TSA agents can’t enforce.

      1. “I just needs to check your … you down there.”

  29. Russian ‘Victory Day’

    Feels like an extremely well-armed Gay Pride event

    Other evocative images = Raising a Libertarian Child

    1. ‘I don’t want the people who love me to avoid the reality of my body’

      ‘I don’t want the people who avoid the reality of my body to love me’

    2. Lindy West is on a roll

      Break the period taboo: my name is Lindy West and I bleed

      1. On a cinnamon roll, no doubt.

        1. The rolls are on her.

      2. Keep ’em coming, Lindy!

      3. Remember: She’s ovulating so that you can mate with her.

        1. If you don’t mind having your head eaten off afterwards.

          1. Hell, from the looks of it, she’ll start snacking during foreplay.

      4. That never bothered me. Extra lubrication.

    3. Triple Lindy

      1. +1 No respect, I tell ya.

  30. Austria’s chancellor abruptly resigned Monday citing lack of party support and decreased popularity of the Social Democrats.

    Stupid Austrians don’t understand that their supposed to enjoy being inundated in a sea of Muslim migrants.

    1. +2 Gates of Vienna

    1. Worked well in Baltimore. And kept BLM out of Toronto.

    2. Well if you haven’t been paying attention, it’s clearly a problem of white people’s racism. Nothing at all to do with the government-agents-do-no-wrong sophistry and legal environment. Now that white people have been cast out of the upper echelons of the police department, we can begin to heal.

    3. So, is it still racist to criticize rioters and looters, now that suppressing said rioters and looters will be the front-line responsibility of a black guy?

  31. So speaking of the bathroom bill does anyone find it disturbing all the talk about “not enforcing” or “not defending” the law. So people no longer want to repeal laws they don’t like? WTF? Or just have some bureaucrat or SCOTUS interpret it the way you want? This will end well…

    1. *** snort ***

      Everybody knows the term “repeal” applies only to Obamacare.

    2. If they think the law is so blatantly unconstitutional that they can’t ethically defend it in court…

      You know, like Obamacare or the federal war on drugs.

      Wait, never mind.

  32. The funny thing is she was called “Isis” because she beheads people, not because she’s a muslim.

    1. I thought she was named after the networking protocol.

  33. I swear, I thought the first word of this headline was “Homeless” for a minute

    Harmless gas released in New York subway

  34. http://www.forbes.com/sites/cu…..a93a0c34b5

    Paul Johnson is one of the smarter and more wise people out there. He seems to have missed the memo requiring one to shit their pants over Trump.

    1. “THE MENTAL INFECTION known as “political correctness” is one of the most dangerous intellectual afflictions ever to attack mankind. ”

      Wow. There’s some serious hyperbole jammed into that first sentence

      1. Well it’s sort of, kind of, maybe, sometimes, possibly strangling western civilization to death. But other than that it’s total hyperbole.

        1. From a species that’s given us communism, fascism, Islamic extremism, the Hindu caste system, Japanese totalitarianism, and various religions that do things like cut albinos into pieces so they can use them in magic charms, yes, I’d say it’s hyperbole.

          1. I would say you just don’t understand how PC thinking and the abuse and domination of language enabled those things to happen. Johnson, however, does. Do you think they just started killing people one day? Or was the killing the result of a way of thinking that was partially the result of the destruction and perversion of language and by extension thought?

            1. I’d say I actually understand the situation better than Johnson given that he says things like this:

              “Nowhere has PC been more triumphant than in the U.S. ”

              This is just not true. In most of the Western world, you can be jailed for hate speech. There is no possible way the US is worse in this regard than Scandinavia or Britain. In Iceland they actually banned porn on PC grounds and in 2013 they were trying to stiffen penalties on feminist grounds. Australian retailers took Grand Theft Auto 5 off the shelves because feminists complained.

              Add to this the fact that he says we need a president to ‘scare the world back into decency,’ which is a vision of the president that is simultaneously ludicrous and so nebulous that I’m not even sure what it means, and I really don’t think this guy’s quite as sharp as you’re claiming.

              1. Add to this the fact that he says we need a president to ‘scare the world back into decency,’

                Sooo….+1 Golden Path?

                That’s what it sounds like.

                1. So… the orange hue comes from the sand-worm exo-skeleton?

              2. There’s a pretty strong case to be made that the current crop of political correctness is a direct product of the cultural Marxism of yore. Not to say that it’s more evil than cutting apart albino babies, but it is an extremely serious social disease and arguably the only one of the aforementioned species of sophistry that’s in a strong position to obliterate Western civilization by tearing down our intellectual immune system that protects against your aforementioned ideologies.

                As evil as Sharia or albino baby mutilation is, neither of those things would be remotely capable of disintegrating western civilization in the absence of the present strand of political correctness.

              3. I think he means more the American academy and politics. There are parties and politicians in those countries who would never be tolerated in America. Both US major parties are utterly dominated by PC or the fear of the PC police in ways they are not in the rest of the world.

                That is what Johnson is talking about.

          2. It’s too bad they cut out the real ending to Powder where his body was used to solve America’s energy crisis for generations to come.

      2. PC is a social sickness – not so much a political one.

        The PC police chase me down even here but no law will.

        1. Hey, did you pay your debt yet?

      3. How is that hyperbole? Understand Johnson is one of the world’s foremost historians of the 20th Century and of the various totalitarian regimes in it. He is also an enormously knowledgeable intellectual historian.

        Compared to Johnson, you and I are like one of those chimps they teach to do sign language. So, I am afraid you are going to have to do a bit better than “that is hyperbole” to overcome the benefit of the doubt Johnson has earned in this regard.

        1. I guess learned people can’t be hyperbolic or ideologically motivated.

          It’s an endorsement piece. Of course it’s hyperbolic. Don’t be silly.

    2. I presume this is Paul Johnson the historian – a very smart guy.

      But you wouldn’t know it from this article.

      “[Trump] is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for themselves again.”

      Oh, pull the other one, I don’t need Trump to teach me how to think.

      “The world is disorderly and needs its leading nation to take charge and scare it back into decency. Donald Trump fits the bill.”

      You want political incorrectness? OK, then – let the rest of the world scare *itself* back to decency, America needs to look out for Americans.

    3. How is Trump politically incorrect? He sticks up for trannies. He’s for abortion.

      The only way he is politically incorrect is that he’s racist and apparently misogynist

  35. ENB Helpfully Responds, Clarifying….. That She’s Never Actually Responded to People Constantly Bitching about her Bustle Article Saying “Free Association is Basically Bullshit

    If you’re still confused, don’t worry… its not you.

    1. That’s one hell of a non-answer answer.

      So I’ll ask her, in good faith, does she believe free association is bullshit or does she believe any business owner should have the same rights as prospective patrons and only give their business to people they choose to?

    2. Well she did clarify that you don’t need to have free association rights as long as you have the “right to not go into business” at all.

    3. I suspect that she might eventually respond if in each Reason article she writes, people repeatedly post the money shot from that Bustle article.

      If you’re in business in the United States, you shouldn’t be able to choose what classes of people you will or will not do business with. You have the right to not go into business, to choose a profession that will allow you to never deal with whomever it is you don’t want to deal with; you don’t have the option to go into business and then discriminate based on basic, immutable things ? or you shouldn’t have that option, anyway.

      1. Uh, if you read her reply, it seems that people’s constant reference to that excerpt is exactly the reason SHE DOESNT want to respond.

        Sort of a catch-22, really.

        You see…. bringing it up at all is a self-evident example of “Bad Faith”, ergo there is no need to explain whether she’s changed her mind or not.

        Which seems an extremely convenient position to take. You’d think if you were a ‘well known writer for a libertarian publication’, you might at some point want to proactively address some of the prior (*and recent) things you’ve written which suggest very un-libertarian beliefs.

        1. That’s why I say the comments section of every one of her article should have numerous posts of that quote. I think it will wear her down.

    4. ENB, Longtorso J would like you to write about the best ways to take advantage of women. OK?

      Oh, you turn this down? To jail with you!

  36. http://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/…..s-wrong/3/

    This is a hell of a good article on Ty Cobb. Holy cow was Al Stump a piece of crap.

    1. Cobb would have voted for Trump.

      1. Well, then I guess he was a monster. WTF does that have to do with anything?

    2. Interesting that Ty Cobb’s support for integration and bookishness have been memory-holed. The former messes with the “Ty Cobb was a huge racist and the anti-Jackie Robinson” and the latter messes with the whole Redneck stereotype since if he a Southern racist then he must have been a redneck too since Southern rednecks have been the only racists throughout history.

      Holy cow was Al Stump a piece of crap.

      Sold lots of forged memorabilia including forged diaries!

      1. He slandered a basically decent person. Cobb comes across as a bit of an early 20th century Michael Jordan. He was just obsessed with his craft and not always a pleasant person but nothing like Stump made him out to be.

        1. Did you see the remarks by Stump’s son to Freakonomics a few years ago? Considering what he have learned about Stump I’m going to need more evidence beyond “everybody knows Ty Cobb was a racist anti-semite”.

          1. Everyone knows it after my father made it up.

            1. Lots of biographers reuse stuff from other biographers without researching into it. This causes a problems when one biographer makes shit up and other biographers repeat it. It becomes widely believed and how can so many researchers be wrong?

              1. http://www.freakonomics.com/2013/01/0…..ers-son-2/

                There is no question on my mind that Cobb was a racist. There is just too much evidence beyond what even Al Stump reports. He had a particular hatred of Jews. It is well known, also outside of Al Stump’s writings too, that Cobb was generally disliked by his teammates and even managers.

                I don’t know, I would like to see this evidence rather than some vague “There is too much evidence” and “it is well known” since I wonder how much of this “evidence” and “knowledge” is from Stump’s writings.

              2. +1 dose of bath salts

  37. I’m eagerly awaiting six more months of “Hillary/Trump is the real TOP MAN lying crook who is a secret libertarian because…erm well why not?”

    1. Aren’t they supporting the Iraqi Army in a non-combat role?

      1. the Iraqi Army


        Wrong continent bro

    2. They’re spending the money. That’s why they’re there.

      1. That’s as good an answer as any i’ve ever heard.

  38. So, between Trump and Hillary, I’m trying to figure out which one will most likely make my job (if I still have my job a year from now) least miserable. The current Administration has been a nightmare of frat house culture and blue flamers.The frat house stuff I can deal with, though I prefer a more professional and circumspect environment. It’s the direct-from-the-White House eager beaver ass-kissers that worry me. In order to make their mark and make themselves seem important, they cause all kinds of chaos and taxpayer $ abuse. And the micro management! Oh! The micro management!

    I tend to lean toward Hillary on this. The person in charge before the current boss was a FOH and, while they had some really stupid ideas, generally let us technical people go about our business without too much interference. I think Trump is surrounded by nothing but blue flamers.

    (to be clear, I’m not voting for either of them, if I vote. Just trying to figure out who will cause the least/most upset in our little corner of the Fedgov)

    1. I agree with you. Hillary will not be cutting much; and if you deal with classified — well, there you go.

      1. Trump won’t be cutting anything, either. It’s just a matter of who sends who to be in charge of our bureau. It used to be a foreign service officer, who generally let the technical people do their thing (bureaucrats are terrible with technology, and FSOs are the most old-fashioned. I’ve had FSOs tell me they refuse – REFUSE – to learn any HTML or even the ins-and-outs of the front-end WordPress admin, because they would get pigeonholed in their careers). That technical retardation generally means they’ll leave us be.

    2. Hillary is a total machine candidate. Logically, this means if you vote for her, the status quo is most likely to be preserved, if not even made more status quo-er.

    3. What is a “blue flamer”?

      1. An ambitious, overly-eager, do-anything-to-get-ahead n00b who has a fire under their ass. It’s cop/FBI slang.

        1. Huh, I thought it meant gays in the Democratic party.

          1. Obviously you’ve not spent enough time around propane or propane accessories to appreciate what a real blue-flamer is.

            -Hank Hill

  39. “Isis,” and this might not have been intended as a reference to the terrorist group. But they’re investigating.

    Well thank god.

    1. God *willing*.

  40. “The latest Donald Trump ?\_(?)_/?: Maybe he didn’t actually mean he was willing to raise taxes on the rich after all.”

    Got here late, did he ever actually say he would? I only saw his interview with Chuck Todd and he made it clear on the show what he meant.

  41. Freddie DeBoer Dropping Mad Science as Always

    W Bush got elected with a socially conservative/fiscally populist base. Socially liberal/fiscally conservative has never won anything.

    1. He is right. If people will remember W ran on ending nation building and being a compassionate conservative whatever that is.

    2. How does that investing disclaimer go?

      Past performance is not evidence of future results?

      Further, outside of the Pauls who have their own issues has there been an actual Presidential candidate within our own lifetimes who could really be said to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative?

      I know there was Goldwater back around the time I was born, but since then? I can’t think of a single one.

  42. So how are child labor laws going to be enforced? Couldn’t they just self-identify as older? That’s what chorus girls and other old actresses used to do.

    1. You can get away with inaccurately self identifying as:
      Man to woman or woman to man
      Illegal immigrant to legal immigrant

      You cannot get away with:
      White to black
      Minor to adult

      Get your privileges straight, shitlord.

  43. For the confusion above i think Sanders proposals would lead to this:

    If starting now, he would add an additional 18 trillion onto our debt by 2026 (thus doubling it). The deficit thus be 1.8 trillion per year more than now times the next 10 years = 18 trilllion. This does not take into account that the deficit is already 700B thus he would be closer to 25 to 30 trillion added onto the debt

  44. So why does Reason and Gary Johnson act like “independent” and “libertarian” are the same thing? Is there some poll?

    1. Where did they ever say that? They are just associating the two because libertarians tend to be independent. In terms of a Venn diagram, the libertarian circle would be, for the most part, but not all, inside the independent circle.

      1. https://reason.com/blog/2016/05…..s-independ

        Gary Johnson Pitches Himself as Independents’ Choice for President

        Who represents the majority of Americans who don’t affiliate with a party?

        Johnson noted that more than 50 percent of Americans identified as independent. “I happen to think they’re libertarian but don’t know it,” Johnson said.

        You were saying?

        1. That doesn’t contradict what I said.

          1. Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch wrote a book that strongly implied it.

          2. Did you read that article? That is exactly what he is saying.

            “At the end of the day, 50 percent of Americans say they’re independent. Well, where’s their representation?” Johnson asked. “I think it happens to be Libertarian.”

            Sounds like he is saying that all of those independents are libertarians…

            Also Welch called his show “The Independents”.

      2. Except what matters is how much of the independent circle does the libertarian circle cover. It does not matter if the libertarians are independents if libertarians are only a small percentage of independents.

  45. Gawker calls Facebook biased

    I’m sure this has already been posted and I SFed it, but felt the need to share.

    1. and I SFed it,


      1. Someone, reboot Gilmore!

    2. SF’ed but pot meet kettle.

    3. Posted, discussed and forgotten.

  46. This will teach kids to Respect Authority!! =

    Man gets jail for pretending to be senator on school tour

    1. Ninja please!

    2. Well, another cos-playing LARPer busted at the gate. USA! USA!

    3. Oh, please, airplanes are hijacked by ninjas all the time. They are so stealthy, you don’t even know you’ve been hijacked.

    4. The second season of Daredevil never fucking ends.

      1. It does, just about 3 episodes too long.


  47. A pair of studies claim that Bernie Sanders’ spending plans would increase the federal deficit by $18 trillion by 2026, even when accounting for the candidate’s plans to increase federal revenue.

    It’s pretty much par for the course that every ten years the debt doubles, so Bernie isn’t all that much worse than Bush or Obama. However, Bernie’s batshit crazy programs have potential to cause the US economy to crash and burn, and I’d wager this pair of studies do not model Armageddon.

  48. The Ivory Coast is having themselves a gold rush, people are finding it to their advantage to abandon agriculture to go work in the mines. Which is a good thing for them or they would not be doing it.

    However, see if you can spot all the appeals to Top. Men. bullshit and the “idiot peasants don’t know what they’re doing” shit.

    Artisinal mining!

    1. It ain’t worthwhile until the man wearing a tie gets a cut.

  49. lol, sounds like we are dammed if we do and dammed if we dont.

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