Donald Trump

Capitalist Pig Comes Out For Hillary

Or at least against Donald Trump.


"I start with the premise that the only thing that can save the country is capitalism," writes Capitalist Pig hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig in a recent blog post titled "Why Hillary Has My Vote." The problem, according to Hoenig, is that Donald Trump seems to represent capitalism, while being explicitly anti-capitalist on numerous issues.

For nearly a decade, leftist intellectuals have spread the mythology that free markets were tried — and failed — under George W. Bush, necessitating greater government controls. But it was President Bush who started the bank bailouts in 2008, Obama just picked up the ball and kept running.

In Hillary Clinton, voters get another term of Obama, and Bush before him. She's a mixed-economy power-luster, same as the old boss. If they are to survive, Republicans must present a capitalist alternative. Right now, they can't.

And when Hillary's policies fail, as they will, her socialist ideas will rightfully be denounced.

But President Donald Trump would be the standard-bearer for American capitalism, despite the fact his ideas are exactly opposed.

…And when Trump's policies fail, as they will, American capitalism will unquestionably get blamed.

This is why I'm supporting Clinton: Long term, the damage levied by Donald Trump to capitalism in America will be immeasurably worse than that wrought by Hillary Clinton.

For more on Hoenig, watch our 2012 Reason TV interview below: