As Trump Coasts to the Nomination, Remember That the Cartoonist Behind Dilbert Saw It All Coming.

Scott Adams also predicts Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in "a landslide."


Almost nobody saw this coming. The New York Times' Nate Cohn calls it a "black swan" event. Data guru Nate Silver, who famously predicted the outcome in all 50 states in the 2012 presidential race, had to write an essay admitting that he and his fellow prediction experts "basically got the Republican race wrong."

Trump more or less clinched the Republican nomination this week when his remaining two rivals dropped out of the race following his win in the Indiana primary. But as early as August 2015, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame was already calling the race for Trump on his popular blog. And he wasn't calling the Republican primary, but the presidential race. After he spoke to Reason TV in October, he updated his prediction from a tight win over Hillary Clinton in the general election to a "landslide" victory.

Why did Adams believe, against all conventional wisdom, that Trump would win? His prediction had little to do with the mood of the electorate, the weak and fractured Republican field, or the issue of immigration. Instead, argues Adams, Trump's success in the election is due almost entirely to his skill as a "master persuader." On the other hand, Adams believes that Hillary Clinton and her team are remarkably unskilled in the art of persuasion and points out that their first anti-Trump ad simply highlights Trump's anti-establishment qualities.

Trump uses what Adams calls "linguistic kill shots": colorful insults perfectly crafted to highlight a weakness that most observers already subconsciouly felt about a person but never put into words themselves. Think "low-energy" Jeb, "Lil Marco," and "Crooked Hillary." He also skillfully turns criticisms into compliments using "linguistic judo," utilizes repetition and simplicity to make ideas stick, and plants concepts in the listener's mind by picking big, visual "anchors" like "the wall" or "Rosie O'Donnell." 

In other words, what appear to be random insults, erratic behavior, and bluster to most people are actually part of a carefully cultivated technique being applied by someone trained in the art of persuasion, which Adams sometimes refers to as "hypnosis." From Adams' perspective, reason and logic have little to do with decision-making. Rather, he describes human beings as "moist robots" who can be more or less reprogrammed with the right set of words.

It's a wild hypothesis that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom about how elections, and human beings, work. But then again, with Trump positioned as the Republican's presumptive nominee while Hillary Clinton still struggles to lock up the Democratic nomination against a candidate almost nobody expected to compete, note how far conventional wisdom has gotten us this election season. Maybe Adams is right that the Trump candidacy will "change how we see the world, and how we see humans." Watch Adams below, and decide for yourself.

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  1. Almost nobody saw this coming.

    *checks the byline to see if it’s Zombie Pauline Kael*

  2. Broken clocks and all that. Adam’s psychobabble about ‘linguistic programming’ is as much a junk science as ‘meridians’. And no, Trump is not beating Hillary.

    1. I knew you’d be here just to post this.

    2. To provide some substance, yes, this is psychobabble. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Outside of scientific pursuit, perception is reality. And Trump, being what he is, is very good at managing his own image. Hillary, or anyone else for that matter, has never faced an opponent like Trump. Neither are good for liberty, but also neither are going to destroy my way of life. This will be a craptastically entertaining show. You chided me for being a cheerleader for world chaos. So what’s the alternative? Nothing you or I do will have any impact on this election. You even less than me. Instead of being such a cynical little bitch all the time why don’t you just eat some popcorn with the rest of us?

      1. +1 watching the world burn

      2. ” Outside of scientific pursuit, perception is reality.”


        “Neither are good for liberty, but also neither are going to destroy my way of life. ”

        I’m sure you’d say the same thing about FDR vs Hoover, because you’re a mental light-weight.

        ” You chided me for being a cheerleader for world chaos. So what’s the alternative?”

        Not being nihilistic hipster douche. Critical thinking. Guess that’s too much to ask.

        1. Yeah, maybe you should go somewhere more at your level, where your brilliance will be appreciated.

          1. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been around here less because you just haven’t earned as much of me.

            1. Thought it was your mom was cutting off your computer time again.

              1. If you ignore him, he’ll go away.

                1. Nope.

            2. I like the way your jib is carved, cytotoxic. The more time you spend at your pokemon forums, where you are more likely to be appreciated, the less we have to scramble for cover when we are blinded by your brilliance.

            3. … just haven’t earned as much of me.

              Something like time off for good behavior.

        2. nihilistic hipster douche

          Projection much? Please stop proving me right about you or my ego might grow to Scott Adams level.

          1. When you yell out ‘projection!’ because you’re buttmad, it’s real obvious.

            1. Go back to not living in an immigrant neighborhood, twerp.

        3. Irony lost.

      3. why don’t you just eat some popcorn with the rest of us?

        Gets lodged annoyingly in your gums.

        I prefer crackers and cheese. Tastier, and more appropriate for circumstances. A lot of crackers and cheese this election.

          1. Best president ever! I mean, other than the whole genocide thing.

            1. Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs to make a giant wheel of cheese.

            2. He did pay off the national debt by selling off public lands, which puts him leagues above most our or chief executives.

    3. You are spectacularly wrong about so much Cytotoxic. Doesn’t that ever get old?

      You taking this position makes me think Trump will probably win in a landslide.

      1. Last time Toxic was here he spent his time calling everyone cunt-for-brains and chanting “polls are predictive”.

        The next night Sanders beat Shrill in Indiana contrary to all the polls, and Toxic disappeared for a while.

        1. If only he’d leave permanently.

          1. November can’t come soon enough.

        2. Hillary is still going to be the nominee.

          And if you had read what I said-which might be a mean feat for you and your fellow cunt-brains -you would have known that I said that general election polls start becoming predictive in mid-April.

      2. Tell us about the Swedish rape epidemic.

    4. I saw a picture of a fan holding up a betting slip where she had bet 2 moneys on Leicester winning the something at 5000/1 odds, and Leicester won the something. I believe the caption referred to her as a “lucky” fan, not a “genius” fan. I still think Adams is making a valid point about how easily people can be manipulated by marketers and ad men – Adams is conning you into believing Trump is a master conman just to show you how easily you can be conned. But as Trump and Adams both know when you’re selling the sizzle, not the steak, you gotta know your image. However good Ronald McDonald might be at selling hamburgers, Mercedes-Benz would be crazy to adopt him as their spokesman. It’s just not their image. Voting for POTUS is supposed to be Serious Business and Trump is simply Not Serious. However much fun it might be tearing shit up and watching Trump tear shit up, come November I think a lot of his support is going to be like, “well, a joke’s a joke and all, but actually electing the guy might be taking it too far.”

      Me? I have old pictures of me wearing platform shoes and big bell-bottom pants and ruffly-front puffy-sleeve shirts because that was the height of fashion at the time and I thought I looked gooood. You don’t have to tell me how easily I can be conned into believing utter bullshit.

      1. LOL. I’m a few years younger, but I have pics of how ridiculous my parents dressed me in the 70’s. And damn, cut my hair, mom!

        1. When I was a kid in the 1970s, I’d try to color,the people in my coloring books as wearing plaid pants.

          1. LOL, yeah, I have pics of me wearing paid pants and a turtle neck, with a mop of uncut hair.

            1. That sounds rad. Why wouldn’t you keep that brilliant fashion around?!

    5. I take it you’re not very skilled at the art of deduction.

      of or relating to language or linguistics.

      gerund or present participle: programming
      cause (a person or animal) to behave in a predetermined way.

      So, linguistic programming is language used to promote or publicize a particular point of view, or as it’s commonly known: propaganda.

      So, while the phrase linguistic programming is definitively be psychobabble, in other words it’s, “jargon used in popular psychology,” the effects of propaganda isn’t “junk science.”

  3. Interesting! I see a number of things libertarians could get behind.

    To repeat, there is a way forward for the self-proclaimed world class deal maker to move the whole mess out of the hopeless paralysis of governance that now afflicts the nation.

    A President Trump would need to make Six Great Deals.

    A Peace Deal with Putin for cooperation in the middle east, defeat of ISIS, withdrawal from NATO and a comprehensive worldwide disarmament agreement.

    A Jobs Deal based on slashing taxes on business and workers and replacing them with taxes on consumption and imports.

    A Federalist Deal to turn back much of Washington’s domestic programs and meddling to the states and localities in return for a 4-year freeze on every single pending regulation and statue.

    1. More delusion and fever dreams I see.

      1. I must be partial to fever dreams and delusions, and ideas like less government and more freedom. I expect you were one of many who derided notions that Germany would ever be re-united, and that the Soviet Union would ever implode.

        1. …what?

        2. (he wasn’t alive then)

    2. A Jobs Deal based on slashing taxes on business and workers and replacing them with taxes on consumption and imports.

      Or fuck you, cut spending.

    3. Why does it matter which parts of a completely imaginary candidate libertarians could get behind? He’s not even pretending to support any of that, it’s just the random ideas of some writer on how Trump could be better than he actually is (a tactic that Scott Adams uses a lot as well).

  4. A Health Care Deal based on the repeal of Obamacare and tax preferences for employer insurance plans and their replacement with wide-open provider competition, consumer choice and individual health tax credits.

    A Fiscal Deal to slash post-disarmament spending for defense, devolve education and other domestic programs to the states and cities and to clawback unearned social security/medicare entitlement benefits from the affluent elderly.

    And a Sound Money Deal to end the Fed’s war on savers and retirees, repeal Humphrey-Hawkins and limit the central bank’s remit to providing last resort liquidity at a penalty spread over market interest rates based on good commercial collateral.

    1. There is no evidence Trump would do any of this.

      1. There is, however, plenty of evidence that Hillary would do the opposite.

    2. You might like Peter Schiff podcasts, Papaya. He puts out a case for Donald T.

      1. Then that’s the last straw for Schiff. Aside from his housing bust call, he’s been almost a total bust in investing.

  5. Almost nobody saw this coming

    There’s Ben Garrison that’s been selling Donald Trump pretty hard for awhile now, also.

    1. SFed the link

  6. “It’s a wild hypothesis that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom about how elections, and human beings, work.”

    The idea that people, *in their political capacities,* behave irrationally is nothing new.

    Here’s a quote from prominent Founding-era American John Witherspoon, published in 1802:

    “Pure democracy cannot subsist long nor be carried far into the departments of state, it is very subjet to caprice and the madness of popular rage. They are also very apt to chuse a favorite, and vest him with such power as overthrows their own liberty, – examples, Athens and Rome.”

    1. Yeah, let’s credit Scott Adams with the discovery that voters can be motivated by caprice and madness.

      1. But props to Adams for so far having his predictions bear fruit.

        1. I should say “come true,” because “bear fruit” implies that Adams actually caused the result.

          1. Adams once dismissed the Founding Fathers as “cross-dressing slaveowners who pooped in holes.”

            Yet even against his wishes, he’s borrowing their insights.

            1. “cross-dressing slaveowners who pooped in holes.”
              Crusty’s in his bunk

  7. Wait! Hold on here, are we talking about Donald Trump? The reality show guy?

    1. I’ve traveled here directly from 2014, and what is this?

      1. No, traveling directly is the normal path where you should be aware of all the events between point A and point B. Had you stepped through a time portal between then and now, that would be the indirect route.

  8. This guys so good he’s seen it all coming many times.

  9. Nobody saw this coming, because all the people who are claimed to see things coming in politics are part of the establishment that Trumpists are overthrowing. They didn’t see it for the same reason Jeb Bush thought he was the natural choice.

    With the caveat that Trump may yet turn out to be a Clintonist Manchurian candidate, If you think Trump winning is scary, consider Trump losing, and his movement supporters are all still out there. We are in a cold civil war, and it’s two minutes to midnight.

    1. “With the caveat that Trump may yet turn out to be a Clintonist Manchurian candidate”

      That’s not a caveat. That’s a given.

      1. Oh I believe Bill set up Trump to win. Which is why, when Trump wins, it will be so ironically delicious.
        I was one of those saying “Trump’s a clown, no way he wins the nomination.”
        So, here we are. I think that categorically denying that Trump has any chance of winning is badly misreading the mid of the electorate. Yeah, he’s bat shit insane, but people really dislike Hillary.

        1. * set up Trump to run

        2. But why assume Bill wants Hillary to win? It would tarnish his own legacy, reward the woman who has been through lamps at him, and being in the spotlight would cramp his babe-chasing. Those “stumbles” of his that hurt her may be intentional.

        3. Trump is never going to win. Ever.

      2. There’s a difference between an economy collapsing in prohibitionist asset-forfeiture looting versus collapsing in ordinary communist looting?

  10. August 2015 was not “early” among the calls for Trump to win the GOP nomination and the presidency. I have a pretty good idea who “called it ” first, Donald J. Trump

    1. Then it automatically means it wasn’t too early to call it for Clinton.

  11. big, visual “anchors” like … “Rosie O’Donnell.”

  12. Clinton IS gonna be president. That’s decided. Fait accompli. All that can be done is to limit the damage. One of the ways to limit damage is a credible third party candidate. I think Mark Sanford would be perfect, but if he won’t step up then the LP will have to. They’ll probably fail because they always fail. Still here’s the choices:

    1) McCafee: hopeless. The lunatic vote is all going to Trump.

    2) Johnson: almost as hopeless. Terrible campaigner. Douchey and self-absorbed and charisma-less.

    3) Austin Peters: basically winner by default unless someone knows something real bad about him.

    Oh and you have to vote GOP down the ticket unless they’re Steve King bad. Hillary will be prez so best to deny her at least the House.

    1. Why do you care this much?

      1. Because I value freedom as opposed to nihilistic hipster-douches.

        1. I saw the Nihilistic Hipster Douches when they played Cleveland last year.

          1. They beat the Browns 31-14, too, IIRC.

        2. If Hillary’s such a foregone conclusion, there’s no point advocating GOP control of the House.

          1. Uh…yes there is. It’s called ‘divided government’. The last time the Dems got total control, it resulted in Obamacare.

            1. Congress is increasingly irrelevant anyhow with each passing electoral cycle, as presidents simply rule via EOs and unelected bureaucracies.

              A progressive stacked Supreme Court will make an oppositional Congress even more irrelevant.

              The voter demographics of the electoral college render it unlikely that the GOP will hold the presidency ever again (a trend already clear back in the 2000 cycle). And this will only get harder every 4 years.

              The US political system will essentially become this to the extent it hasn’t already:

              Libertarianism is incredibly unlikely to catch on with a general electorate increasingly enamored with openly anti-market politicians like Sanders.

              1. markets are mean

              2. If the GOP controls the Senate they won’t have to approve any SC appointments. The Constitution doesn’t specify any number of Justices. Technically the Senate could let the SC disappear through attrition.

                1. This.

                2. That won’t wash politically. They’ll have to eventually agree to someone. On the other hand, there’s no rush. Just do what the Democrats do and hold pretend hearings.

              3. People join the LP more for the top down image and feel of libertarians more than for the policies and principles that make many of us more ideological libertarians become that way.

                If the LP and libertarianism is going to win the hearts/minds of the electorate, it will be through far shallower reasons than our ideological purity and administrative pragmatism.

    2. I’m not even voting for Johnson anymore. Over it.

      1. Then vote for the LP to get them to 5% so they become a major party.

    3. I am not so sure. She is the least likable person to ever win a major party’s presidential nomination, and that includes Trump. Hillary’s base is African Americans (support is broad, but not very deep), and older, frumpy white women who are still angry because their moms told them to find a nice man, get married, and have kids. Yes there are other various leftards that Hillary is counting on, but these groups might not show up in enough numbers to make a difference.

      Trump, for all of his bluster and general douchebaggery, can be funny and charming. He also knows how to compliment people. Can anyone honestly say that Hillary has these skills? In the end, for the people who decide presidential elections, these are the kind of qualities that make a big difference (think Reagan, Clinton, and Obama).

      Trump has a lot of work to do consolidate support among Republicans, but he will do it. He needs to reach out to Little Macro, Low-Energy Jeb, and Lying Ted and their supporters, and he will. He allow needs to attack the left and Hillary hard, because that is the real reason the Republican Party still exists: they are the only practical alternative to Democrats and a total welfare/warfare state. Make no mistake, the Republicans suck, but the immediate future will be slightly better if the Republicans win. That’s enough for most people to vote Trump when push comes to shove.

      1. You are totally out of touch with the American electorate. Trump is the most politically toxic candidate to ever run. His negatives are stratospheric. He will chase voters into the arms of Clinton.

        1. So says the canuck

    4. Austin Petersen is an antiabortion fanatic who favors the initiation of force–but he is upfront about it. As republican libertarian impersonators go he is fairly passable. But ours is not a party of mysticism of bullying–especially bullying women! We have a women deficit of sth like 16%, and Republican Sharia law ain’t gonna attract anyone but wannabee grandmas.
      Put it this way: how many fertile Republican women do you know personally?

  13. “moist robots”

    Crusty Would.

  14. OT: This Forbes article is about China and their new gold fix. It’s interesting but the author does not do his case any justice with the conspiratorial charges of banks and links to….ugh…Zerohedge. I still think it is worth reading.…..aa1cd01803

    1. Nathan Lewis is the man on gold standard stuff. Both his books on the subject are aces.

      And here’s yet another idiot who doesn’t know how a gold peg works:

      How are they going to pull this off when they would need 3x the entire worlds gold that has EVER been mined to bring their currency to gold standard? They printed way way too much money to pull this off. They should’ve done this lets say before they printed the $20 trillion they’ve been using to prop up their country and stock market?. lol Not happening?.

  15. I sometimes wonder if Adams is just trolling everybody with all this.

    1. Seems likely.

  16. Scott “The Trump Whisperer” Adams.

  17. Cytotoxic has finally convinced me that Hillary will be the supreme unstoppable champion. It’s all so clear now

    1. North America’s Teenage Shame strikes again!

    2. Me too. I guess I just have to vote for Cankles cuz everybody else is. Really, trying to convince a bunch of individualistic, argumentative, freedom lovers to vote for the authoritarian collectivist shitbag because everyone else will is a brilliant strategy.

      “Clinton IS gonna be president. That’s decided. Fait accompli.”

      He certainly has me convinced.

      1. Why believe the evidence of gigantic rallies when we can point to polls, which, oddly, regularly understate Trump’s results? The polls that last year showed Trump 50 points behind Hillary, and now, with six months to go, show him 12-0 points behind? Clearly that trend is nothing to worry about.

        Her health is fine, and those 150 FBI agents have just been wasting their time for many months now.

        As for black swans like terror attacks, immigrant crime, economic shocks, etc.: well, any would hurt Hillary and help Trump, but we can be certain that nothing like that will happen before November.

        And those Obamacare premium increases that will hit just before the election? That will only strengthen Hillary’s argument for expanding it to illegal aliens. How in the world could Trump’s opposition to Obamacare help him win the election? It’s absurd to even consider the notion.

        Of course she’s Inevitable?.

        1. “Why believe the evidence of gigantic rallies when we can point to polls, which, oddly, regularly understate Trump’s results?”

          No they don’t. His results came in right about where they had him in December.

          ” How in the world could Trump’s opposition to Obamacare help him win the election?”

          WTF are you talking about?

          All the black swans in the galaxy aren’t going to make Trump electable. He’s going to get plowed.

    3. Look, it’s nationalsocialist girl-bullier looters versus international socialist looters who offer women full individual rights and then some extra raked off of the rich doctor cartel.
      If you were a fertile woman would you vote for christian mohammedans? It really comes down to that. Just as Obama convinced people the Klan no longer runs America, so Hillary winning will convince people that no Mormon patriarchy rules. Either way, 2% voting libertarian will improve the laws precisely because the looter factions hate each other so. Voters need only listen to what they say about each other and vote against both.

    4. Read the fucking poll data.

  18. I think this analysis by some broad we’ve never heard of also helps explain Trump’s appeal. Never mind hypnosis, it’s actual magic:

    “Conventional explanations miss the glamour of Trump’s message.

    “The word “glamour” originally meant a literal magic spell that makes people see things differently than they are. Understood correctly, glamour is not a particular style ? different styles seem glamorous to different people ? but, like humor, a form of communication that creates a specific emotional response….

    “To tastemakers and TED talkers, Trump may seem impossibly vulgar, with his braggadocio, teased hair and preference for well-done steaks. But one definition of “vulgar” is “of or relating to the common people,” and a lot of folks find Trump their kind of tycoon: a totem of success in whom they can imagine their ideal selves….

    “His branding efforts permeate everything he says, with his repetition on the campaign trail of certain words: “win,” “respect,” “strong,” “powerful,” “rich,” “leader” and, of course, “build.” The right words can cast a spell, even if they don’t really make sense.”

    1. (I simply assumed this article existed and a quick Google search confirmed that it did)

    2. I forget who said it, but Trump is a poor person’s idea of what a billionaire is like.

  19. Putting on my Captain Hindsight costume, I will say that it shouldn’t be surprising to see a successful self-promoter, who’s able to persuade people with millions of dollars to share those dollars with him, and who starred in successful TV shows, use the abilities to get people to vote for him.

  20. Just curious; do any of you self described libertarian bloggers actually believe in anything libertarian? Or do you just show up hoping to out snark everyone else?

    Guess I’m just stupidly committed to the idea that a big central government has no business micromanaging the lives of a free people [from recent quote by Ben Sasse]; otherwise, what the fuck are we doing here but sounding off like a bunch of cynical losers?

    1. Who cares? Vote libertarian if you want less govn’t. If you think a major party is going to cater to your demands of paying them less money, then go for it.

      Why would a libertarian win if a good amount of salaries and pensions rely on bouncing from Democrats to Republicans, visa versa?

      1. We won when Nixon’s party had to abandon the draft. We won when the looter Supreme Court took abortion off the chessboard lest we benefit; we won the censorship wars, kids are no longer shot and jailed for weed in several states, assef forfeiture is being scrupbbed of the books like beer banning was in 1932. The # of federal employees had dropped since our vote share became larger than the Prohibition and Socialist parties together.
        But every party infiltrated by coercive religionists loses. Their market share tanked, and they still have the Prohi, Tea and Constitution parties to fall back on (all identical). We’re winning, they’re losing, things are getting better.

    2. do any of you self described libertarian bloggers actually believe in anything libertarian?

      I doubt any of the writers for Reason are going to respond to you directly here. Maybe you should write them a letter.

    3. “Just curious; do any of you self described libertarian bloggers actually believe in anything libertarian? Or do you just show up hoping to out snark everyone else?”

      Good fucking question. I care and think about issues. Can’t say the same for a lot people.

  21. I predict Trump by a landslide. And I will enjoy having a First lady that is attractive rather than looking at an ugly wookie.

    1. There is hope after all…

    2. I think it’s a longshot at the moment, but Trump may well pull it off. He was the most viable option from this season’s clown car, aside from maybe Kasich.

      Cruz would’ve been an unmitigated disaster, and I’m at least glad that bullet was successfully dodged.

      1. Are you kidding? Cruz looks like inevitability incarnate next to Trump. Trump has NO CHANCE of winning. Period.

    3. Huma’s no Melania, but she’s no wookie either.

      1. Please. Huma looks like Skeletor.

    4. lists dozens of Brit and Irish bookies eager to fade that bet with crisp, green cash right this minute. You can even bet $300 on Clinton to lose, and if you’re right, you win a crisp $100 bill at current one-to-three odds. Granted, she’s no Secretariat, but her platform is more appealing to both sexes than the GOP’s, and the GOP has paid the media tax money to ignore us since the day the LP became a party.

    5. I’m not voting for Trump to be President . . . but I’ll vote for Melania to be First Lady.

      1. Yes, I know that’s shallow and irresponsible. Deal with it.

  22. Jeffrey Gundlach predicted Trump would win the nomination several months ago. He also predicts he’ll win in November. He’s not a stupid man and doesn’t do psycho-babble.

    1. Gundlach on Wall Street Week:…

      1. That’s as good an analysis as you’ll see.

  23. From today’s Yomiuri advise column:

    “I’m a single female, civil servant in my mid 30’s. Lately, I feel the pangs of loneliness.
    Everyone around me is married and busy raising their kids. We used to go out on the town together, but now I go to yoga and travel by myself.
    I’m jealous of their families and don’t know what to do. I’ve tried dating parties but nothing came of it.
    My future is uncertain which is making me anxious. I’m questioning the necessity of living. Tell me how I should deal with this.

    S- In Tokyo”

    1. That’s so sad. Someone needs a cat.

      1. Bingo. My neighborhood is filled with middle aged, single women that push around poodles or chihuahuas in little dog carriers that look like baby carriages.

        1. Alaska: “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

    2. too late. become a rich lesbian and leave it at that.

      1. Let’s not be so snarky – I notice there’s no link on that comment and I have never heard of this “Yomiuri advise column” so I suspect this “S in Tokyo” letter is really straffinrun. Our compadre here really is looking for some helpful advice.

        I can’t help you much, straff, old buddy. Just realize your jealousy over everybody else’s “happier life” is unwarranted – they’re probably all at times jealous of you and your single life. And, too, when you were running around doing all that fun stuff when your friends were single, were you ever thinking how much more fun it would be to be married and settled down? No? Well why do you think that now? Is it really what you want or just what you see everybody else has and figure you should want that too? Right now you have the freedom to try new things, you’ll just have to get out there and try them and see if it’s what will make you happier. You tried a dating club – have you considered a chess club or a rock-climbing club or the Moose Lodge? Sure the future’s uncertain, but it shouldn’t make you anxious, it should make you excited. Who knows what you may find there or what you might enjoy?

        Oh, and also, since you’re a civil servant, your first-class membership in the commentariat has been down-graded to the yellow “Participant” level. You’re still allowed to make Hitler references, but you’re no longer allowed to mock artisinal mayo and deep-dish pizza. Okay, you can mock the mayo and the pizza, too. Just not as much.

        1. Here ya go.. My translation will be better that google translator, however.

    3. Try talking to guys. Most of them are actually interested in single women of child bearing age.

      1. It’s Japan, dude. If they’re not germophobic shut-ins, they’re actually more interested in having sex with an anime pillow.

        1. Don’t forget the coats.

        2. Ah, does not see it was Japan. Yeah, demographically speaking, those people are fucked. I can’t understand a culture where young men just aren’t interested in young women.

          1. As I understand it, It’s not that young men aren’t interested in women; it’s that culturally women are expected to be housewives upon marriage and since the economic crash of the 90s, most young men aren’t financially secure enough to have that as an option. Simultaneously, young Japanese women don’t seem too enthusiastic about selling the milk without the cow having been bought.

            1. Many women are working, but many of them expect the husband to split the housework and child raising equally. They expect that despite the husband working much longer hours.

              1. Where do you think that comes from?

                1. Part of it maybe comes from the lack of grandma telling them not to be a bitch or he’ll leave you. Used to be common for 3 generations to live in the same house. Nowadays, women get most of their advise from their friends or from bad TV dramas.
                  My M-in-Law always takes my side. She’s a life saver.

                  1. My M-in-Law always takes my side.

                    Holy Mother of All that’s Holy and Maybe Some Shit what’s Not!
                    That’s way, way, WAY, better than winning the lotto.

      2. Antichoice republican candidates like Ram Johnston sure are interested in single women of childbearing age…

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  25. For a team that went 73-9 the Warriors are really sloppy at ball handling and they take some inexplicable shots.

    1. These masturbation euphemisms…

    2. Like my pool game? Ha! I lie: I can make that cue ball end to whether I want (kinda)!

      1. “end up wherever i want” Jesus this phone

    3. Steph Curry was out. But I bet you knew it.

    4. it’s almost as if they are missing the league MVP

  26. God I’m bored. Where’s Eddie with the links he saved up all week?
    You people are doing a sub-standard job of entertaining me.

      1. *snort*

    1. So I’m just here for your amusement, am I?

      Robert P. George, the Papist religious-freedom official, coauthors an article denouncing the persecution of atheists.

      1. (the only problem is that Professor George thinks this is an issue of religious freedom, whereas we all know atheism isn’t a religion.)

        1. IDK Eddie, Moldbug makes a pretty good case – http://unqualified-reservation…..seudo.html

      2. Not for my amusement, Eddie, for my education.

        1. That sounds like a compliment, but this is H&R, so one can never be sure…

    2. *JAZZ HANDS*

      1. Tri-color wok!

      2. At last! Some entertainment! Thanks Warren

        1. Yeah, I got some “jazz hands” right here…

  27. this and this (autoplay), a middle school cancelled a Civil War re-enactment for students, at least temporarily. The objectors (apparently a couple of parents) claim the re-enactment is racist and sexist. Students take on the roles of historical Civil War figures, then divide into North and South teams to play a version of capture the flag.

    The objectors apparently didn’t talk to the press, but apparently they discovered that there were some icky things in the Civil War, like slavery.

    1. *according to* this and this

    1. I don’t believe that can even be called food. And people bitch about gmo’s.

    1. First let’s ban lady burka’s, then we discuss penis burkas.

  28. Pro-Israel activist David Horowitz condemns SDSU president at campus speech.

    Strangely, with cops and Horowitz’s bodyguards providing security, there was no disruption. Nor was there any press:

    “Horowitz was invited to campus by the SDSU College Republicans group, which had said the speech would be open to reporters. But as the speech was set to begin, a university official announced that the room was at capacity ? about 70 people ? and there was no space, standing or sitting, for a trio of reporters.

    “Horowitz responded that reporters should be allowed to attend his speech.

    “”Mr. Horowitz does not determine the fire codes,” the campus official said loudly.

    “Reporters were kept in an outdoor area of tables and chairs where students, who were uninvolved ? and seemingly uninterested ? continued studying for finals.”

  29. Posted for the third time this week, because it’s just that awesome.

    1. I can’t argue with that. It is just that awesome.

      1. In recognition of SpaceX landing a falcon 9 on a postage stamp in the middle of the ocean, I’ll share this, which is also awesome…. because I’m both a Tolkien fan and a space science junkie.

  30. (Sotted) in Bruges: construction on two-mile pipeline from brewery to bottler will finish next week, a measure intended to reduce traffic congestion.

    Apparently, if you want to build a pipeline, fill it with booze.

    1. So we could have gotten a Keystone Light pipeline?

      1. *removes belt, hangs self*

        Well done.

      2. Lol:)

  31. Master Persuader? What?

    Ok, I know I don’t think like most normal people think. I’m definitely not part of the mainstream. But you all knew that because you are a bunch of oddballs who hang out on a Libertarian site too.

    But I just can’t see that, not even a little bit. Trump, a master persuader? Entertaining blowhard, yes, but master persuader? I could list a hundred character traits about Trump and never mention the word “persuasive”. Do people really get persuaded by empty braggadocio delivered in the parlance of a mildly developmentally disabled middle-schooler?

    1. His voters would be stumped by words like braggadocio and parlance, so to answer your question: yes.

    2. He’s an amazing persuader – think of how many people you know who’ve always thought ‘Trump’ meant ‘quality’. How many people think *he’s* a builder and that all those Trump buildings were designed and built by teams he oversaw. Think of how many people now, despite him *openly* changing his stances week by week, still think he’s principled. How many, despite his constantly showing otherwise, think that he’s actually got a *plan – that he actually has some idea what the wall will cost or how he’ll get Mexico to pay for it, how he’s going to ‘make America great again’.

      Let’s face it – the Presidential race is not about who will make the better president, its about who can persuade the American people that they will be pat of the in-group, part of the winning team, and will reap the spoils of victory.

      And Trump has blow his republican contenders out of the water. It remains to be seen if he’s got the chops to go against Clinton. Clinton has no charisma but she’ll have Democratic inertia (which the Democrats have faaaaaaar more than the Republicans ever could hope to get in their base) and them media on her side.

      1. Yeah, that’s exactly my point. I was pretty certain that “Trump” meant tacky. Like gold-colored chromed metal accents tacky. I know Trump wants to say it means quality, but I never heard anything other than “faux-rich gaudy”.

        In my version of reality, everyone was in on the joke and thought it was hilarious when Trump would pimp things (his own creations or guests on the show) as “the greatest performer of all time” or “the finest water ever created”. It was like he was miming a bad used-car salesman.

        Did anyone ever think of him as principled? I know some Trump supporters, and they liked that he “kicks ass”. I don’t remember them spending a moment considering principles.

        This is precisely what I mean about not thinking like other people. When something is this obvious, I just can’t imagine people being so thick that they can’t see it. Or maybe I’m so thick that I can’t see his seemingly debilitating personality disorder* as a brilliantly crafted tool of persuasion. Anyway, something is amiss with the rest of us, whether we think he’s brilliant or an idiot.

        *I’m going with narcissistic personality disorder as a preliminary diagnosis. He has all the hallmarks, the grandiosity, the lack of empathy, the vicious counter-attack on even the slightest perceived attack, etc.

    3. You have not read Scott Adams’ blog posts on Trump, I take it.

      1. Wait? Is reading the article before posting allowed? When did we put in that rule? I thought you had to just pull stuff out of your rear and splatter it all over the internet….. People read the articles – and still post this stuff?

      2. It wouldn’t matter it’s still nonsense.

    4. He has persuaded people to stop supporting a border wall. Support for that was steady for years at 45% and in the last poll was…39%. Maybe Trump is really a sleeper for open borders.

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  33. I called attention to Adams’ predictions way before Zack. I now predict that antichoice conservatives assigned to infiltrate Reason with trample each other trying to come up with the most juvenile poo-poohing. I wish Reason staff would realize that the path to success is breaking free of the nationalsocialist mentality that took over the GOP in 1932 and became an open running sore with Richard Nixon embarrassing the White House. Trump has infiltrated and castrated every antichoice fanatic the White Terror could muster, probably in an effort to save his billions from Fabian Socialism. The successful libertarian strategy is Fabian Libertarianism, gradually and consistently forcing the looters and jihadists to change their platforms lest we ruin their chances of getting a hand in the till. In this sense, Trump is more of an ally than an enemy. And Trump LIKES libertarians. The rest of those antichoice Nazis want us dead.

    1. While it is intriguing how you can turn any thread topic into one about “GOP socialism”, it’s also a bit disturbing that you can and do. It’s been mentioned before, but please, get help.

    2. Reason staff don’t care, man. They’ve already resigned to being on the losing end of history. All that’s left are the cocktail parties and the social signaling that gets one invited.

      1. ” They’ve already resigned to being on the losing end of history. ”

        I don’t think they’re cheering for Trump.

    3. I now predict that antichoice conservatives assigned to infiltrate Reason…

      What, what?

      WTF is an “anti-choice” conservative?

      Infiltrated and castrated? Aside from alliteration… what in hell are you on about? You sound like Louis Farrakhan.

  34. It’s a wild hypothesis that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom about how elections, and human beings, work

    I think several behavioral psychologists would disagree.

    The challenge for Trump going forward will be persuading people who aren’t already primed and self-selected for being receptive to his style.

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  36. It’s neurolinguistic programming. Obama did the same thing. Remember the whole “A light will shine down from somewhere and you will say I have to vote for Obama” speech?

    1. “It’s neurolinguistic programming. ”

      NP is pseudoscience.

  37. Where was The Master Persuader in 2012? Trump ran back then and got nowhere fast.

  38. “Almost nobody saw this coming.”

    Nobody except, like, every American that lives more than 30 miles from a city of a population of 1 million or more.

  39. I wouldn’t want to argue with Scott Adams, but… The Democrats are first-rate down & dirty fighters. They have the unions (with their muscle – literally – behind them), they have the Feeders at the Trough – who will always vote for “free stuff” (even when there’s no chance of it coming across).

    The Democrats will unleash the dogs of war against Trump, especially since they have so much to lose. They’ll use every vicious attack, every trick of language and propaganda they can – and many that haven’t been invented yet,

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  42. This is so good it is scary.

    I think Scott has it pinned down fairly well, and although doing so takes some of the power out of what Trump does, it only does that if his analysis and view gets wide distribution.
    Of course since Trump has obtained the GOP nomination, he doesn’t need to worry about his opponents there undoing what he does, only Clinton at this point. And even there everyone has a fixed mindset of how public politicking works, I don’t think they can/will do anything significantly different anyway, it will take newer and more flexible minds.

    I am going to buy Scott’s book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – the way he talks and parses out these things would seem invaluable.

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  45. I like Scott’s analysis, though due to the fact he uses the same persuasion techniques he claims Trump uses blatantly in his own pieces, the fact he constantly shills his book on the topic of persuasion on his Trump posts, and the fact that this is the same man who billed Herman Cain as winning the presidency in 2012, I don’t fully trust that he is 100% truthful or accurate in his analysis.

  46. i love dilbert, but trump isn’t a “master persuader”. he alienates at least one person for every vote he gets. i wonder if a second article will be posted on reason explaining how everyone was right about trump losing the general election except scott adams?

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  50. i wonder if a second article will be posted on reason explaining how everyone was right about trump losing the general election except scott adams?



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