The Bison Will Be Our National Mammal. But Will It Roam Privately-Owned Prairies?


Congress sent a bill to designate the bison the official mammal of the United States of America to the president's desk and, barring one of the strangest vetoes of all time, it will likely achieve that status in the near future.

The largest population of wild bison roam Yellowstone National Park, but the bulk of the U.S. bison population actually are part of commercial herds and are harvested for their meat. And in the not-too-distant future, the majority of wild bison might live on private land.

The American Prairie Reserve is a nonprofit group that wants to establish the largest nature reserve in the lower 48 states, roughly 1.5 times the size of Yellowstone. This would provide land for American wildlife, including wild bison, to thrive, while also respecting the property rights of ranchers and farmers. Its aims accomplish all of this with private funding, some of which comes from the sale of Wild Sky Beef. Take a look at the Reason TV video below to learn more about this massive project.

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  1. The bison will be our national hamburger meat. And it will be delicious.

    1. They make excellent steaks, too. You have to be careful not to overcook them, though. They have a lot less fat than beef, so its really easy for them to get dry and tough.


      1. A local, non-chain burger joint I frequent makes a bison burger, with some beef mixed in to raise the fat %. It is excellent. Ground bison at 6the IGA in town is $12/lb, though. Ouch! We need to raise more and get the price down. – Kevin R

  2. I for one welcome our new Genderqueer cattle

  3. I don’t give a fuck where you’re doing your roaming, bison, just get on my grill already!

  4. I nominate the human for national mammal. Lets see any country try to top that.

    1. You got it mammal

      *roals coals over, mixes marinade*

    2. Humans are an African mammal. Zoological appropriation is not OK.

  5. The Bison can Gambol but I can’t?

    1. Only on Indian reservations.

      1. Also, dude, Indian is not the preferred nomenclature … Native American, please.

  6. These animals sure are tasty!

  7. We’ve got a chain called The Garage that serves bison. The tacos are excellent.

    1. Good to know that dude was able to roll with the rezoning and turn his autoshop into a bisonary.

    1. I have a two pronged plan for my future: I will either work towards a PhD in Geography, centered on the areas of community and environment; and/or I will work towards my plans of developing an Elderflower orchard for a line of aged cider products that I will call “Respect Thy Elders.”

      mmmm. Elder prongs.

      1. Her mother was a hamster, too.

    2. Nobody gave her the right to build her own house! If she couldn’t afford a home, she should have asked the government for help!


    3. and planning taking 2.5 years

      None of which included “what to do when the govt discovers the project” apparently.

      1. Libertarian moment.

  8. An Ayn Rand Acolyte Selling Students a Self-Made Dream

    Mr. Barney, who turns 75 on Monday, arrived in the United States in the 1960s as a jobless British immigrant and went on to amass a fortune running for-profit colleges. All the while, he was guided by the heroic entrepreneurial creed of Ayn Rand, a champion of unalloyed selfishness and remorseless capitalism.

    “She taught me how to live,” Mr. Barney said.

    He credits Rand’s brand of antigovernment libertarianism, hard-nosed rationality and unapologetic self-interest with helping him realize his own American dream ? an achievement he sells to the students at his schools.

    1. What a horrible person. “”People, NOT PROFIT!!””

    2. remorseless capitalism

      I bet Randians have more capacity for remorse than the statists the NY Times hangs with.

      1. But no capacity for hypocrisy. Why does it not surprise me that a Randian breaks his arm patting himself on the back for making a fortune in a business that depends entirely on huge govt subsidies.

  9. So will it now be considered desecration of a National Symbol to refer to bison as “buffalo”? And when will we see a National Reptile, Amphibian, Bird and Fish? And when they get the important work out of the way, is Congress going to take a few minutes to reform Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare and come up with a real plan to pay down the national debt, get rid of half the government and stop spending so much damn money? Or is naming a National Mammal the Crowning Achievement of the 114th that gets a certificate with a little gold star with its own spot on the National Refrigerator next to Paul Ryan’s macaroni and glitter-glue picture of him and Obama having a picnic with Jesus and Santa and a baby unicorn?

      1. The National Drink of the United States should be Bourbon.

        How it is consumed should be a matter left up to the states. Federalism FTW

        1. Federalism means there is no one who has the power to designate a ‘national’ anything.

          1. Commie talk.

            If we do not have a National Bird, a National Mammal, and a National Beverage, we might as well just hand this place back to the Navajos and paddle our way back to Europa.

    1. “And when will we see a National Reptile,”

      Don’t mind me, just sitting on my branch hanging out.

    2. Koch Bros are the national cephalopod.

    3. Eagles, dude.

      1. ^ This

  10. Cuomo Loyalist With Troubled Finances Is at Center of U.S. Inquiry

    When Andrew Cuomo became secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton, Mr. Howe followed him, taking a job as Mr. Cuomo’s deputy chief of staff. He brought with him another Cuomo confidant: Joseph Percoco, whom he had first hired to work for Mario Cuomo in 1991, according to a 2010 interview in The New York Observer.

    Mr. Percoco, who was one of Andrew Cuomo’s top aides until recently and had long been considered one of his closest advisers, has also been identified as one of the main subjects of the federal inquiry. Investigators are examining whether companies with business before the state sought to receive favorable treatment by improperly paying Mr. Percoco.

    I am shocked!

    1. In 2010, he was prosecuted for failing to return a rental car, a felony.

      Rental car, video tape, library book. Tomayto, tomahto.

      1. Well, was he convicted or not? The article doesn’t specify.

    2. When Andrew Cuomo became secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton,

      i was kidding the other day when i said that after Sheldon and Dean Skelos were convicted, that Cuomo would make a nice trifecta of corruption…I had no idea Cuomo had a role with HUD in the 1990s. If theres an org that wins the prize for “most-epic-political-scumbaggery”, its HUD.

      This story from 2006 provides some background on what went down during his tenure.

      “Cuomo wanted either to give the defaulting owners more subsidies or reengineer their mortgages, or both, in such a way that bolstered the value of the buildings and let investors keep healthy tax deductions. In other words, he wanted either to pay higher than market rents in the form of Section 8 subsidies, or insure higher than market debt, all at the expense of the taxpayers, in order to avoid the tax consequences to the owner of financing the projects at market rates. Instead of saying what’s best for the community and taxpayers, to produce affordable housing at the lowest cost to taxpayers, he said, ‘How can we generate fees for our friends.’ There was a tax shelter refinancing pork fest.”

      1. Cuomo is an absolute failed scumbag politician who somehow cannot lose the governorship. He should be in prison, but I highly doubt any investigation gets even close enough for him to sweat. Prove me wrong, Preet!

        1. The fact the above article was written a decade ago is proof enough of your point.

          That said, if there were anyone i considered ‘untouchable’, it was sheldon silver.

    3. Jeez, it’s not bad enough the guy has troubled finances, but now the feds are after him, too? How much bad luck can one guy have?

      /once had some problematic currency myself

    4. Investigators are examining whether companies with business before the state sought to receive favorable treatment by improperly paying _________

      I thought that was the whole point?

      1. Shhhh.

  11. I prefer Sagat. Tiger uppercut!

    1. +1 Ha-do-ken

  12. Debate 2016:

    What you got there, a fur ball?


    1. I would not be surprised if The Donald actually bites some of these lines.

    2. Well, that was a waste of 4 minutes of my life.

  13. This friend speaks my mind:

    “”The irony, of course, is that the major parties have always tried to find ways to close third parties out so it’s particularly difficult to get on the ballot,” said Daniel Franklin, associate political science professor at Georgia State University. “So they’re kind of being hoisted by their own petard. It’s very difficult for third parties to get on the ballot, particularly in Texas.””

    1. …and a whole lotta other states.

      Suck it, you duopolistic hacks.

      1. Remember Chekov’s rule: If Wile E. Coyote is handling dynamite in Act I, with the intent of getting the Roadrunner, then by Act III Wil E. will swallow the dynamite and it will explode in his stomach.


      I guess somebody needs an editor….

      1. Plus the suggested ending is just before discussing the libertarians and other existing third parties. How suspicious…

    3. In recent years, LPTexas has not had much trouble qualifying for ballot access since it routinely got greater than 5% of the vote in one or another statewide races. That was because Democrats failed to nominate a candidate who was certain to lose in one or another race. Having established that it got 5% in the previous statewide election, the LP was qualified for ballot access in the next.

      Unfortunately for LPTexas, the Democrats are running in all 2016 statewide elections.

      The LPTexas candidate for Railroad Commissioner is by far the most qualified for the position, probably not just in 2016, but in history. Mark Miller is a PhD in petroleum engineering, a former professor of petroleum engineering at UT-Austin, and has about 40 years of experience in petroleum engineering. If you’re not from Texas, or even if you are, you may ask what this has to do with railroads. That’s understandable, but the Texas Railroad Commission has absolutely nothing to do with railroads. Instead, it’s involved in defining property rights and responsibilities of property owners and mineral rights owners.

      1. Miller’s position is that the Commission needs to carefully and equitably balance these rights and responsibilities in a manner that respects the rights of surface owners with a minimum impact upon the development of natural resources. He’s running against a Republican crony in the pocket of big oil and a Democrat lamebrain who is against fracking. Any Texan who says that “they vote for the candidate rather than the party” who does not vote for Miller is either a liar or an idiot.

    1. I don’t want to watch another piece of avant-garde cinema, thank you all the same.

      1. Snow Falling on Cedars was pretentious enough, not gonna watch this one.

    2. What a fun continent.

      1. Do you suppose the fish were hungry again 30 minutes later?

        1. What a predictable joke. Also, yes, yes they were.

          1. The same fish could be nibbling on a Chin and a vag at the same time!

    3. Lucky fish

    4. Un Chien Andalou!

    5. So that’s why fish smell like fish.

    6. sounds like the title of a feminist poem, I’ll pass

        1. Do your lips move when you read? Would hers?

        2. Fish nibbles on vulva
          No bicycle is required
          Neither is shaving

            1. Thank you.

  14. Creator for the long shot

    1. Oh well, what fun would it have been to call the fav.

  15. Tatanka

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  17. I’m bored. You all are doing a piss poor job of entertaining me. GF is not feeling well, only friend is an AADD spaz currently mad at me for something or other, and this my god damned Friday! Fine, I’ll just get drunk and watch Netflix.

    1. Your poor girl is sick, so you come here to bitch and moan like a prick. Go fuck yourself with a big fat dick, and after you’re done, give it a lick. Then you can call, crying how you feel so violated and abused, but really feel like you deserve to be used.

      When down on your knees, you look up with an aim to please, but close your eyes bitch, cause it seems like you want applause and cookies. One thing they’ll say is you’re a pro, unlike those loser rookies.

      (Psst, don’t take this personal just rhyming to cheer u up)

  18. Bison Burgers and booze at Vampire’s place!

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