Brickbat: Meet Me Anywhere But Montana


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They call themselves pain refugees. They all suffer from chronic pain that only opioids can relieve. But they say they must leave their homes in Montana to obtain the drugs they need because doctors in the state are afraid to treat patients who require painkillers. Members of the Montana medical community say that state and federal action against doctors prescribing what the government says is too much pain medicine has created a climate of fear.

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  1. Brain connectivity mapping is getting good enough that we probably aren't too far away from being able to quantify pain through imaging. It'd be nice if these bureaucrats had to go through the same pain that these patients do.

    1. Those bureaucrats are the pains that cause people to drink.

    2. Brain connectivity mapping , or as it used to be known: phrenology.

  2. "I would never want to see him lay in bed with torturous pain, with no hope of getting better" she says, "and I have given him permission, if we're ever in that situation, that I would understand if he chose suicide."

    Better ban bullets then.

  3. But opioid addition is a epidemic,just like a virus.I saw it on CNN.

  4. OT: David French discovers Gary Johnson. It's more of an honest shot than I expected from French, but the lol's are still there:

    'But let's give him the benefit of the doubt and presume for the moment that he would not, in fact, transform the Cabinet into a highbrow version of Obama's legendary "Choom Gang."'

    What, no munchies jokes, Frenchy?


    NBC News sat on the Guficer hacking of Hillary's server story for well over a month now. Perhaps longer. When journalists defend the media from attacks of bias, they claim that self-interest is a factor. The media wants to get on a scoop and advance their careers more than protect these hacks. Yet, we see time and again how these fucks sit on stories that would be bombshells, or undersell their own stories to advance a narrative. They exist to carry water for politicians, by and large.

  6. Stay classy, DEA. I have had a chronic pain-having family member completely under my care in de facto conservatorship for the last year. I guess I should be "happy" that there are pain clinics around these parts that were willing to take him in as a patient, but god damn if the situation isn't just as bad and filled with a sense of despair as this NPR article was able to capture. A ridiculous audit every single month, piss tests, and restricted access to actual relief for a person that can barely walk, are what the situation demands just so that records are super tidy in case some dickless DEA flunky might be having a bad week because his old lady isn't giving it to him. The fact that the rare cancer patient from Massachusetts in the article has to take a 7 hour flight, 2 ways, every 90 days, just to get relief, is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of a glimpse into the havoc underway. Massachusetts, the supposed bastion of compassionate governance for the underserved and a global seat of medical excellence, cannot even serve this person, as a result of the "epidemic" of a few hundred extra junkies dying of an OD these last few years; a flare-up of pointless deaths buried in the statistical noise of overall mortality numbers.

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  8. Look, do you want to allow doctors to treat suffering as they deem necessary or do you want to stop people from abusing prescription drugs?

    1. Neither.

      I want to stop people from abusing suffering.

  9. But they say they must leave their homes in Montana to obtain the drugs they need because doctors in the state are afraid to treat patients who require painkillers.

    My doctor told me the same thing is happening in Washington State. Doctors afraid to prescribe pain meds. "It's a big problem."

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