Donald Trump

Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz's Dad of Hanging Out with Lee Harvey Oswald

"You know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being, uh, you know, shot."


Here's Donald Trump on Fox this morning, responding to the news that Ted Cruz's father had said a Cruz loss could mean "the destruction of America":

For those of you who can't play the video, Trump said: "You know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald's being, uh, you know, shot. I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. What is this, right prior to his being shot. And nobody even brings it up. I mean, they don't even talk about that. That was reported, uh, and nobody talks about it. But I think it's horrible, I think it's absolutely horrible, that a man can go and do that, what he's saying."

Wait. Oswald and Cruz were Mormons?

Trump is alluding to a National Enquirer story claiming that Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was the mystery man photographed with Oswald as they handed out literature for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, a pro-Castro group that once was fairly prominent but these days is pretty much only remembered because of its Oswald connection. (For some reasons to be skeptical of the Enquirer report, go here.) While Trump doesn't come out and say it, he's clearly intimating that the senior Cruz may have been mixed up somehow in the JFK assassination.

Kennedy assassination theorists have run for the White House before—John Kerry, for example, doubts the lone-gunman position—but I think this is the first time a leading presidential candidate has implied his rival's father was involved in the affair. 2016: still full of surprises!

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  2. Trump v. Hilary. I’m one step closer to pulling a Yoda and becoming a swamp hermit.

    1. In a hole,hide you will.

      1. Slimy?!? Mud hole?!? My home this is!

        1. Into this,Hillary,do not bring.

    2. Those of us who are already swamp hermits say, why wait?

      1. Which swamp do you live in, Granny? I’m Leaning towards the Okefenokee.

        1. Gators. You got to eat them all before they eat you.

        2. Home of Pogo? He was a presidential candidate at one time, IIRC.

    3. Better beat the rush…..-the-rush/

    4. So, becoming like Ted Cruz?

      Isn’t he identified as a swamp thing?

  3. Every time the National Enquirer factors into the presidential race, someone from the Federal Election Commission should be fired for letting politics get to this point.

    It’s not really their fault, but I can’t fire the American people for eating this shit up.

  4. Cruz trutherism. This is getting fun.

    This might be a good opportunity for the press to educate younger Americans about the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a right winger. Ha ha, just kidding.

    1. I like the zodiac killer truthiness…

      /apparently, Google Chrome thinks “truthiness” is an actual word…

  5. Idiocracy was only wrong in imagining it would take decades to reach that point.

    1. Whycome you got no tattoo?

    2. Yeah, I got a solution: You’re a dick!

    3. Your shit’s all retarded, and you talk like a fag!

  6. I suggest it was Cruz, in the conservatory, with the candlestick.

    1. No, Hillary already used the candlestick, and not even Cruz is retarded enough to pick it up afterwards.

      1. He’s Canadian, of course he picks up after others.

  7. in fairness, the lone gunman theory has always seemed a bit weak. It’s pretty much a conspiracy theory given the legitimacy of a government blue ribbon panel.

    1. That’s sarcasm right? (with Trump in the mix my meter doesn’t work right)

      A former Marine with a military rifle shooting somebody from 75 feet away (that’s 25 yards), is not a stretch to believe.

      1. But a conspiracy theory involving a guy wearing a badge flying high above the grassy knoll with the exact same kind of gun just to shoot a final shot in case that former Marine sniper misses makes much more sense.

      2. It was 175 feet.

        1. With a rifle, anything under 100 yards is an easy shot, especially for a trained user.

  8. I want to hear the story of LBJ buggering JFK’s throat wound again. That was a classic.

      1. “2. Is this simply necrophilia or was LBJ trying to change entry wound into exit wound by enlarging?”


        1. Because those are the only two options, am I right????

  9. There’s no one left to vote for… who won the libertarian nomination? Is that a done deal yet?

    1. Don’t forget the Constitution Party nominee, Darrell Castle.

      “[QUESTION]: In a perfect world, 5 years from now, what actions do you desire to see the United States federal government accomplish?

      “[ANSWER] 1. Return to fiscal sanity and solvency. Do what it takes to bring spending under control so the debt can be brought down and we are freed from enslavement to creditors.

      “2. Take a more non-interventionist approach to foreign policy to build a more peaceful world.”

      1. Family | The Constitution Party

        We reject the notion that homosexuals, transgenders or those who are sexually deviant are deserving of legal favor or special protection, and affirm the rights of states and localities to proscribe offensive sexual behavior.

        And yet everyone tells me I’m paranoid for thinking socons favor state violence toward homosexuals.

        1. I agree with the first half of the sentence – no legal favor or special protection from the Federal government. If the federal government was contained within it’s Constitution limits, almost an irrelevant statement.

          The second half of the statement is where they dive off the deep-end. Proscribing behavior or types of people just doesn’t work for me.

          1. The problem is that there is no Constitutional prohibition on the states proscribing all sorts of behavior that the Feds have no power to proscribe. There is only a very tortured reading of the 14th Amendment invented by avowed shit-stirrers on the SCOTUS.

            The states absolutely have the “right”, in the 10th Amendment sense, to ban e.g. sodomy and to enforce that ban with any penalty up to and including death, provided that Constitutional protections concerning due process, jury trial, double jeopardy, etc. are adhered to.

            The States have their own constitutions and their own legislatures to deal with these matters. As a libertarian, I would absolutely support a state constitutional amendment protecting consensual acts between adults — aka freedom of association. Hell, we probably should have a US Constitutional Amendment on the matter. But we don’t.

            The law is what it says, not what the black robes want it to be.

            1. It’s probably the enthusiasm for banning sexual acts rather than the legality of their position that I find offensive. That and, given the direction of our politics, the probability of vaginal intercourse with my wife being declared a “proscribe(d) offensive sexual behavior.”

              1. I am at the point where I trust absolutely no one when it comes to politics. The veracity of their arguments is independent of their underlying desires, however.

        2. “affirm the right” != “endorse”

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

          I have no doubt a large portion of the membership of the Constitution Party would like to see all sorts of things banned at the state level, but pointing out that the states have the right to do it (and they do!) is not the same thing.

  10. This man mangles the spoken word worse than me. “Prior to Oswald being shot”, huh? Does he mean Kennedy? The rest of the word salad does not clear up the ambiguity.

    I guess technically, Cruz Sr would have hung out with Oswald prior to BOTH shootings. So Trump’s word salad could technically be correct…

    1. Eh? Was Oswald not shot? Was Ruby elsewhere?

  11. We all know that it was Jackie who put the hit out. FROM THE FUTURE.

    1. It was just the SS screwing up.

    2. I heard she was the one actually driving Ted’s car too.

      1. This makes sense. Ted wouldn’t drive into the water. He’s a MAN.

  12. The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race
    J. G. Ballard

    Oswald was the starter.

    From his window above the track he opened the race by firing the starting gun. It is believed that the first shot was not properly heard by all the drivers. In the following confusion, Oswald fired the gun two more times, but the race was already underway.

    Kennedy got off to a bad start.

    There was a governor in his car and its speed remained constant at about fifteen miles an hour. However, shortly afterwards, when the governor had been put out of action, the car accelerated rapidly, and continued at high speed along the remainder of the course.

    The visiting teams. As befitting the inauguration of the first production car race through the streets of Dallas, both the President and the Vice-President participated. The Vice-President, Johnson, took up his position behind Kennedy on the starting line. The concealed rivalry between the two men was of keen interest to the crowd. Most of them supported the home driver, Johnson.

    The starting point was the Texas Book Depository, where all bets were placed in the Presidential race. Kennedy was an unpopular contestant with the Dallas crowd, many of whom showed outright hostility. The deplorable incident familiar to us all is one example.

    1. The course ran downhill from the Book Depository, below an overpass, then on to the Parkland Hospital and from there to Love Air Field. It is one of the most hazardous courses in downhill motor racing, second only to the Sarajevo track discontinued in 1914.

      Kennedy went downhill rapidly. After the damage to the governor the car shot forward at high speed. An alarmed track official attempted to mount the car, which continued on its way cornering on two wheels.

      Turns. Kennedy was disqualified at the hospital, after taking a turn for the worse. Johnson now continued the race in the lead, which he maintained to the finish.

      The flag. To satisfy the participation of the President in the race Old Glory was used in place of the usual checkered square. Photographs of Johnson receiving his prize after winning the race reveal that he had decided to make the flag a memento of his victory.

      Previously, Johnson had been forced to take a back seat, as his position on the starting line behind the President indicates. Indeed, his attempts to gain a quick lead on Kennedy during the false start were forestalled by a track steward, who pushed Johnson to the floor of his car.

      1. In view of the confusion at the start of the race, which resulted in Kennedy, clearly expected to be the winner on past form, being forced to drop out at the hospital turn, it has been suggested that the hostile local crowd, eager to see a win by the home driver Johnson, deliberately set out to stop him completing the race. Another theory maintains that the police guarding the track were in collusion with the starter, Oswald. After he finally managed to give the send-off Oswald immediately left the race, and was subsequently apprehended by track officials.

        Johnson had certainly not expected to win the race in this way. There were no pit stops.

        Several puzzling aspects of the race remain. One is the presence of the President’s wife in the car, an unusual practice for racing drivers. Kennedy, however, may have maintained that as he was in control of the ship of state he was therefore entitled to captain’s privileges.

        The Warren Commission. The rake-off on the book of the race. In their report, prompted by widespread complaints of foul play and other irregularities, the syndicate lay full blame on the starter, Oswald.

        Without doubt, Oswald badly misfired. But one question still remains unanswered: Who loaded the starting gun?

  13. + grassy knoll

  14. So what Trump is really saying is that Cruz is definitelya citizen now?

    Oh, sorry, he forgot about that allegation. He can’t keep track of them all, y’know!

    1. What? Noncitizens can’t assassinate presidents now? What kind of a xenophobic shitlord are you, anyway?

      1. Well, since Ted would be born in 1970 and his father was apparently in the country in 1963 I assumed some things that seemed fair enough given the ludicrous premise. ^_-

  15. So a right-of-center preacher who fled the Communist Castro regime was conspiring with a Communist group plotting to kill JFK because of his opposition to Castro and communism in general?

    Do I have it right?

  16. The sad part is that is not likely to be the dumbest thing Trump says today.

  17. What about the penniless immigrant that came to “this country”. he elder Mr Cruz was passing out pro-Cuba fliers with LHO?! I don’t know if he was pro-communist or just a lunatic!? It certainly does not seem to be the man Cruz has adored all these years, later!

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